Moonlightaholics Guidelines

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Moonlightaholics Guidelines

Post by Phoenix »

Moonlightaholics Guidelines

As administrator, I will attempt to keep my control-freak urges to a bare minimum. All I ask is that we treat one another with respect. We’re all adults. We don’t need to be told how to behave with others and, unlike some sites, your opinions are welcome here. Even so, there are a few specific points I will address.

Apart from the “adult-rated” areas of The Library, please keep your language PG-13.

No spamming.

No solicitation of money or gifts is allowed. (If you are approached for money or goods, please notify me or any of the mods immediately.) A thread to draw attention to a charity or cause is fine.

No campaigning for Moonlight – either as a TV show or movie. (Discussing re-runs or the DVD sales is fine.)

No real person snark - no exceptions.

Please avoid hotlinking pics whenever possible. (Posting pics linked to another member's photo storage account e.g. Photobucket.) This is regarded as good practice at all forums.

Please be respectful of differing opinions. “I disagree” is fine, “You’re wrong, moron!” is not acceptable.

No threats or personal abuse will be tolerated. (We are capable of resolving differences in a mature manner.)

No pornographic images are allowed.

If you are looking to join an NC-17 rated discussion / picture posting group, you would probably enjoy yourself more at another forum.

Apart from that, make yourself at home, have a seat, kick off your shoes and have fun.

The Moonlightaholics administrator and moderators.
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Re: Moonlightaholics Guidelines.

Post by DareStJohn »

im glad to be hear because i do love mick and moonlight vampire solidarity rah,rah,rah
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Re: Moonlightaholics Guidelines.

Post by wpgrace »

Yes mam!

These seem fair... so heard and understood...
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