Justice Leak could use our support

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Justice Leak could use our support

Post by Lilly »

I’m sure you all remember Justice Leak from his guest starring role as Ray Fordham and his very gracious interview for our forum.

Although he is still acting, Justice has more recently taken on a very serious new role – that of full-time caretaker for his beloved mother. Last year, he started a Go Fund Me fundraiser to seek assistance. He shares in great detail what they’ve been going through, but the first 2 paragraphs of the fundraiser summarize the situation well:

“It was January of 2020 when a man in a white coat told us that my mom was rare amongst those who call this world home. Not because she lovingly inspired kids for forty years in the public school system and lived to tell about it. Or because she had endured unspeakable violence and hardships in a poor Alabama town and never stopped seeing the best in people. No, she was unique because of three letters, P.C.A. A rare form of what is already considered one of the more frightening ways to die, Alzheimers disease.

Dardee is among a small percentage ever diagnosed with Posterior Cortical Atrophy. A strange condition which causes the brain to misinterpret what the eyes see like a shifting psychedelic landscape. Words in a book drift off the page and swirl like a dandelion swept up by a breeze. The faces of family contort and shift as her consciousness struggles to make sense of what her eyes are seeing. A unique kind of blindness that doesn’t make the world go dark, but creates a reality based on its best guess from past experience.”

What was once manageable has now progressed to a heartbreaking and terrifying reality. She requires constant supervision and extensive support that typical “Memory Care” facilities are not able to provide.

Please, keep Justice and his mom in your prayers. If you are able to help or want to read more, this is the GoFundMe link:


Thank you :heart:

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Re: Justice Leak could use our support

Post by allegrita »

Oh, man... I'm so sorry for Justice and his family. :Mickangel: I've dealt with the ordinary kinds of eldercare issues with my and Mr. A's folks, and that's hard enough--but this condition sounds horrible. :hankie: Bless him for being such a loving son. :comfort2:
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