The Musician (A Mick/Cora drabble)PG-13

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The Musician (A Mick/Cora drabble)PG-13

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I own nothing...CBS and Silver Pictures own Moonlight. No infringement intended.

With each strum of my fingers, I feel you. Your flesh reverberating with each motion…your melody dancing in front of me. I want you. Your flirtatious sway, a turn, a pass…all the engagements to tempt a hot blooded man. I will have you. Your finger beckons me…I follow…as somehow I know I always will. You command me with a look…and your name, always the condition, you purred. Your lips against my skin, my heart stops. Your scent, your body revealed so nonchalantly. You taunt and tease…then disappear with the dawn. You will be mine, but I am yours…forever.
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Re: The Musician (A Mick/Cora drabble)PG-13

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All that lovely and intense attraction, because of what we now know is forever a prelude to betrayal.

Nicely done

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Re: The Musician (A Mick/Cora drabble)PG-13

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If only we all captivated a man like Mick. Yummy!
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