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Law and Order

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
Law and Order
Rated PG
By: Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Claude Brewster is found destroyed and Josef is put on trial for his murder. :pray:

At 11:59am the entire world knew. Claude Brewster, former Vice President of the United States, Billionaire, medical advocate and the kindest man ever known was found murdered. Decapitated. And the world was in shock.
"I can't believe this! I really can't" Josef said in his office to Brian
"Yes. I just can't imagine anyone hating Claude this much unless it was by some extremists group hellbent on killing vampires" He said.
"And Claude wouldn't have put up a fight. Although he was old in vamp years he didn't have the will to protect himself or kill anyone else. He just didn't have it in him" Josef replied.
"Have the police come to speak with you yet?"
"No they haven't. They're probably still investigating as are Isabelle and her crew. Somebody will contact us soon".

Police Chief Paul Hernandez looked at the report and couldn't believe it! Josef Kostan's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon. This was not good. And Paul couldn't think of motive for the killing.
Josef was much much richer than Claude so this wasn't about money and everyone knew that Kostan and Brewster were old friends and there was no bad blood between them. He went Ben Talbot's office to get his thoughts.
"What do you have for me Paul?" Talbot asked.
"We need to speak someplace privately, Not here and not at the police station" Paul said looking around thinking that he was being tailed. "Meet me here" He said placing the strip of paper into his hand. "And burn it after you've looked at it" He said walking out of Talbot's office. Ben quickly glanced at the paper then set it aflame in his trash can until it was nothing but ashes. He had a very bad feeling about this and he knew he wasn't going to like it at all. He changed out of his suit and went down to the garage to grab something that no one knew he had. He quickly put his helmet on and started his motorcycle and drove off to meet Paul. He pulled up to the small diner in Ojai near Santa Barbara and saw Paul sitting at a back table.
"Ok. How serious is it?" He said in a whispered voice.
"Josef Kostan's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon we found near Claude Brewster's body". He said. Ben looked up at him in shock.
"Bullshit!" He said. Paul reached into the bag and pulled out the forensic report and slid it in front of him. Ben looked at the findings and pushed it back in front of him.
"This is a frame up. No way in hell was this done by Josef"
"Look, I don't think it was either but someone's doing a bang up job of making it look like it was Josef and this is going to suck with the new Governor in office. You know how he feels about vampires. He's going to try and push this through as quickly as he can"
"We need to speak with Josef about this. Has anyone else seen this report?"
"No. As soon as Forensics handed it to me I came to see you"'
"Well, let's get back to Los Angeles and speak with Mick and Josef" He said picking up his helmet.
"I didn't know you rode a motorcycle?"
"Nobody does. And I like to keep it that way. If we're burning notes then that means you think you have a tail. I don't want to take any chances" He said putting his helmet back on and walking out the door. Paul finished his coffee and roll before he left wanting to put some distance between himself and Ben.

Brian was walking across the lobby to speak with someone when he saw Ben Talbot And Chief Hernandez getting off the elevator.
"Here it comes" He muttered to himself as he went back into Josef's office. "Ben Talbot and Chief Hernandez are coming to see you". He said standing by Josef's desk. Josef's assistant rang and was told to show them in.
"Josef......."Ben started to say.
"What happened? Was Claude murdered?" Josef asked.
"Yeah he was. The murder weapon was found near the body and"
"Josef was implicated" Brian finished already coming to that conclusion on his own.
"Your fingerprints were all over the weapon" Paul said shaking his head. Josef said nothing. By now he was used to people trying to frame him for almost everything.
"What was the weapon?" Josef asked.
"A Katana. From 1572. A very rare and very expensive murder weapon. And one that traced back to you".
"I also have documentation of the sale of that particular item. I haven't had it in my possession in over 20 years" Josef said unlocking his file drawer and searching for the paperwork on the sale. "Here it is" He said handing it to Ben.

Ben glanced over the form and passed it over to Paul.
"He's telling the truth. He sold it 20 years ago to a collector of Japanese swords from New York".
"Jesus! You sold it for $700,000,00?"
"It was actually worth a little over a million but I cut the guy a break. He really wanted it for his collection"
"Well, let's find out what we can about the seller. Do you have a contact name?"
"It should be listed at the bottom of the receipt"
"Listen Josef, no one is going to think you were behind this. I promise" Ben said. And as they walked away both Josef and Brian knew that many would believe he did.

Things soon went from bad to worse when Claude's will was read in probate. All controlling interest in his corporation went to Josef Kostan. Claude had no heirs and wanted all that he had accumulated to go to ensuring that vampire issues remain vampire issues. But mortals immediately saw something they couldn't understand so began to do what they always do. Blame someone. And that someone was Josef Kostan. Ben tried to deflate the situation as best he could. He presented to the Grand Jury that the murder weapon in question had not been in Josef's possession for over 20 years. He gave them the name and information of the buyer and the Auction House in charge of the sale. The gentleman who purchased it was robbed a month ago and the sword was taken. Ben included the Police Report from Tokyo when the theft was reported. And when he had given them all the information he had acquired, he left it in their hands. With all the holes Ben thought he had given them to come to the conclusion that there wasn't enough to bring this to trial, he was sure they would return with the right verdict. They did not. Josef Kostan had been charged with the murder of Claude Brewster.
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Re: Law and Order

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"Please tell me this is some sort of joke!" Bridgett wailed as started to come at the policeman who put the cuffs on Josef.
"Bridgett. Calm down, he's just doing his job. I will be released on bail soon" Josef said softly as they led him away. The press snapped many pictures but not one reporter yelled out a question. They had learned the hard way that jumping to conclusions where Kostan was concerned came with a hefty price tag. When that young woman who had accused Kostan of rape, many of them printed outlandish stories to sell more papers and they had all been sued. Their publications would not go through that again.
Some newbie reporter began to shout out.
"Mr. Kostan!! Mr. Kostan!! Why did you kill him?" He yelled out. Josef simply looked at the reporter and said nothing. Another reporter jabbed the newbie in his side.
"Chill out dude!! No one's going to give you any answers right now, but when this all over you will be fired for that stupid question" He predicted.
"I was just asking a question! I mean that is my job" He said defiantly.
"Thinking that way is what's going to get you fired". He said walking away after taking one last photo before turning to leave.

Josef stood before the Judge who asked Josef to surrender his passport and have his jet grounded and set bail at 5 million dollars which Brian paid immediately and escorted his boss out the back way. Mick was waiting with his car and they quickly got in.
"I can't believe they want to hang this on you!!" Mick yelled while banging his hand on the steering wheel "Somebody's framing you for this murder! How can they not see that!?"
"Governor Carlyle is behind this. We have to figure out why". Brian said.
"Carlyle? Why in the hell would he be doing this after all we've done for this city?" Josef said out loud.
"I agree with Josef. What would be his motive? I mean Josef has the only corporation in this city that pays taxes. The amount of taxes from Kostan Industries alone keep Los Angeles in the black for a very long time, so why would he do something so foolish?"

"Governor why are we going on with this case when we have no evidence? Kostan didn't need Brewster's money and according to every witness we've talked to they say the same thing. Kostan and Brewster were very good friends. Not to mention that Kostan sold that damn sword 20 years ago! We literally have no concrete proof that Josef Kostan was anywhere near Brewster's house. Even Brewster's household staff have all said that Kostan hadn't been there for over 6 months!" Ben said.
"I think your friendship with Kostan is clouding your judgement. Our first priority is to protect the people of Los Angeles not form alliances with people who commit crimes" He said firmly.
"Nothing clouds my judgement where the law is concerned, but following through with a bogus case is definitely something I can't pursue. I could be disbarred simply filing this"
"Then may I suggest you find some more evidence" The Governor said hanging up the phone in anger.
After his phone call ended Ben definitely thought that Josef was being framed, but by who would take this chance? It was definitely someone higher up on the food chain than the DA's office. This who situation reeked to high heaven. It was time to call in some favors he decided.

Robert Monroe did his time and now it was time for payback. Brian Petzer was responsible for tricking him to violating FEC regulations and after serving his time in the Federal Prison, he had nothing but time to come up with the perfect plan. Cristov and Carson LLC which was also now no more thanks to Brian were all on board to make them all pay. He sat back in the chair in his tiny studio watching the footage of Kostan being arrested. He laughed out loud at the sight. Oh yeah, this was just the beginning.
"Have you checked the numbers?" Robert asked.
"Kostan stock has dropped but a fraction, but I sense that people are becoming anxious about this all" Tyler Cristov replied.
"Trust me, it will drop at least 40 points and that's enough to buy up enough stock to own controlling interest in Kostan Industries and there's nothing that either of them can do about it" Robert said with a wide grin.
"This better work, because I'm not going to jail again!" Tyler said hanging up the phone.
"Oh it's going to work" Robert said to himself.

Josef couldn't go to his office. The ankle monitor they had given him allowed him free roam around Kostan Towers only. Bridgett was trying her best to keep his spirits up but it was hard going.
"I just don't understand why someone is doing this to you!" She said in frustration.
"I know. Finance is a cut throat industry and everyone is trying to destroy whoever is on top and that happens to be us my love. If you've got all the toys from day one, that's going to make a lot of people angry and very jealous. I'm just sad that Claude was included in this ruse. He didn't deserve this. He really didn't". Josef said looking at Bridgett who seemed to stop listening and was intently focusing on something.
"This has to do with someone from New York City" She finally said.
"Well, you're going to have to be a tad more specific. We have constant dealings with clients in NYC".
"But this one worked for you" She said snapping out of it.

Gabriel had booked multiple interviews so Josef could openly say he did not kill his friend. The public needed to hear it from him. His first interview was with David Muir of ABC World News.
"Mr. Kostan why do you think you keep finding yourself in these situations?" He asked politely.
"Honestly David I have no idea. Claude and I had known each other for over 200 years. We had nothing but love and admiration for each other, that's why I chose him to be my running mate. When he first decided to come to States, he had survived already survived both WWI and and WW2. The Nazis had seized all of his income and I was the person who made it possible for him to live in California. All he ever wanted to do was help people which is why he was so involved in medical research. I had to practically beg and guilt him to go into politics with me. He was a good man who didn't deserve this. Now I know I have lots of enemies. There's no way to be successful in this business without having people hate you on some level and knowing that someone hated me so much that they killed a really good man........saddens me. It really does" Josef said. And by the end of the first interview Kostan Industries stock prices exploded as Gabriel knew they would.
"Whoever you are, it's your move now" Gabriel said to himself.

Josef had made his way to countless interviews and he showed enough sadness coupled with righteous indignation that had everyone believing he was 100% innocent. Robert turned on the television to see how his plan was working and his chin fell to the ground when he saw that Kostan stock had jumped 68 points! After watching the news he saw that Kostan had pimped himself out to every news outlet that would have him but more importantly, everyone believed him. It was time to step up his game and he knew exactly who would be next. Grace or also known as Helena Grange. The bitch that tricked him into thinking she was on his side! Yeah she would definitely be next.

After much thought Ben finally made the call.
"Hello Kevin" Ben said.
"How's it going baby bro? Did you finally decide to drop working for the state?"
"Yeah.....I think it's time"
"Well meet me for a drink after work today. How about we meet at The Dubliner?"
"That sounds great Kev. See you later" He said hanging up, then proceeded to write out his resignation letter. While Ben had never wanted to go into private practice, he certainly didn't want to work for the state any longer. The way they were going after Josef was criminal and he wanted no part of it. Maybe he could convince his brother to take on a few pro bono cases....
"Josef, Ben Talbot. I wanted to let you know that I resigned today" He said.
"Look Ben, I don't want our friendship to undermine your job." Josef replied.
"No. That has nothing to do with this. For some reason the state is really pushing this case forward even though they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that you had anything to do with Claude's death. Hell I didn't even have enough to take to the Grand Jury and somehow the Grand Jury said we had enough to charge you. Something's going on Josef. People don't ignore rules like that, but they will if they're being paid".
"So you think this is coming from someone higher up on the food chain?"
"It has to be. There's no other explanation".

Kevin Talbot was a show off. Ever since he and Ben were little he always had to outdo his good two shoes brother and now his older brother was coming to him for a job. Oh he would relish in this for a while before offering him a position and when he saw his brother walk into the pub he put his game face on.
"How's it going Kevin?" Ben said wrapping him in big hug before sitting down.
"So did they sack you?" Kevin said getting right to the point.
"No. I quit. The politics that are involved started to make me sick to my stomach. I just couldn't take it anymore". Ben replied. "But that doesn't matter now, as I've accepted a position at Kostan Industries. They want to expand their Pro Bono department and he wants me to run it" Ben said with a wide smile. He saw his brother's face frown like the air had been let out of him.
"Kostan Industries? W......well congratulations. That's great news" He said with a half smile seeing his plan to gloat being washed down the drain. Ben knew that his brother was very competitive and that it had always been his goal to outdo him in every way and that sadden him quite a lot.
"You know Josef wants me to find other attorneys to help me with the work. You wouldn't be interested would you?"
"What's Kostan offering?" He asked becoming curious. Ben pulled a letter out of his jacket pocket and slid it in front of his brother. He saw his eyes widen as he read the contents.
"You're joking!" Kevin said finding it hard to believe that the salary was that much.
"No jokes and no lies. Come on, help your big brother out. You're a fantastic litigator" He pleaded. He finally saw his brother smile and hold out his hand.
"The Talbot brothers are back!" He said laughing.

Elisa French walked slowly into the police station.
"I need to speak with someone regarding the Claude Brewster case" She said shyly as she was show into Capt. Hernandez's office.
"You said you had information on Claude Brewster?" He asked.
"Well......I'm sorry I didn't come forward sooner but I was scared.." She said.
"It's okay. You can tell me"
"Well, you see I was visiting my friend and her family lives right down the road from the Brewster House.....and well....I saw Josef Kostan running out of the house...and I was going to say something, but that guy is a vampire and....I mean...I" She stammered. The Captain stared at the young woman. She seemed sincere and a little frightened.
"What time did you see him leaving?"
"Around 11:15 11:20pm" She said. Paul let out a sigh. That time ties in with Medical Examiner's report on time of death.
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Re: Law and Order

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"Are you serious!!!!?" Josef roared when Paul told him of the witness. "I can't believe this is happening! Someone is trying to ruin my reputation" Josef said.
"And doing a damn good job of it. Josef you got to know absolutely everyone on the force thinks this total BS and I swear I'm going to get to the bottom of this" Captain Hernandez said before leaving.
Within seconds Mick, Brian and Gabe were at his side.
"What do you want us to do?" Brian asked quietly.
"Mick, I want you to find this witness but on the DL. I don't want your pretty face plastered all over the morning paper for following a murder witness. Brian and Gabriel I need you both to go over the employee records and find this person who used to work here. I'm talking firings only" Josef said.
"Consider it done" Brian said as he and Gabe took off to view records.
"Find me anything and everything on this witness"

Elisa French smiled as she left the police station. She thought her performance was on point and as she thought about it, there wasn't a single thing about it she would change. She displayed just the right amount of hesitancy along with fear to be believable. Robert was right this would be a peace a cake. And the money he had offered her was mind blowing! She quickly turned around as she got in her car. She could have sworn she heard something, but no one was around this area. She pulled out her keys and made her way home, but first she would talk to Robert again and let him know how well things turned out. She didn't even feel guilty about putting some rich jerk in jail. He had to be an asshole to get that much money in the first place she thought to herself driving away never knowing that Mick was right behind her.

"You should have phoned Elisa! Were you followed?" Robert asked starting to panic.
"No. And I made sure. It took me almost an hour to get here. I drove like I was lost and kept making unnecessary turns everywhere. Trust me I wasn't followed" She said confidently. Robert peeked out his window once more before sitting down.
"So how did it go? Tell me everything"
"It went perfectly. I told them I was in the area visiting a friend and when I was leaving I saw Josef Kostan run quickly out of Claude Brewster's home. I told them it was around 11:15 to 11:20 and the police captain looked like he was about to faint" She said with glee. "So what's the next move?"
"Josef Kostan will go trial and you the star witness will disappear under suspicious circumstances making it seem like the all powerful Kostan had you killed. Vampire or no vampire, he will serve a long stretch of time. His stocks will plummet and his name ruined. And we will be sipping drinks in Antigua" He laughed. "Get your shit together because as soon as the cuffs go on Mr. Kostan we're taking off with a boatload of money!"

Mick kept a close eye on Ms. French. He followed her into the cheap looking apartment building. He saw her talking to a man he had never seen before. This had to be who was behind Claude's murder. The man was very well dressed and looked to be someone perhaps Josef had had business dealings with. Mick silently called for Brian to identify this man. Brian very quickly appeared at his side.
"You have something dad?" he asked.
"Yes, who is that man?". Mick saw Brian's eyes narrow.
"Tyler Cristov. We took his company from him when it was discovered that he was plotting with a former Kostan employee on an insider trading scheme. We made him an offer. Either he sold his company to Kostan Industries or he would be reported to the authorities and serve time for his crimes". Brian explained.
"Well, there's another guy I found who's in on it. Heavy set, New York accent as think as a cabbie"
"Robert Monroe. He was the former employee. As he had nothing to offer us, he was sent to prison for his crimes, but I see he's been plotting this for a very long time" he said. "I'll let Josef know we've found who's responsible" he said taking off. Mick would stay and watch.
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