Girl Talk, G, Champagne Challenge #154

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Girl Talk, G, Champagne Challenge #154

Postby LaughtersMelody » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:35 am

Title: Girl Talk
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight, nor am I making any money from this, though I'm certainly having fun playing with the characters. No infringement intended.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Cynthia did not approve of Coraline's plans to marry Mick.

A/N: Written for Champagne Challenge #154: New Year, New Life, 500 words of dialogue only. :blinksmile: I originally started this fic back when the challenge was first issued in 2014, but I never could seem to finish it. But, I got inspired tonight, and it's finally complete. I hope you enjoy it!

A/N2: I might have a vague memory of another author mentioning or including a discussion about Mick between Coraline and Cynthia somewhere in another fic. But, I can't remember where I might have seen it, and I don't remember any details. In any case, I just wanted to say that if there are any similarities to another work, it's completely unintentional.

As always, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the source of all inspiration.


Girl Talk


“I’m sorry, Coraline, but I must have misheard you.”

“You didn’t. He proposed, and I accepted.”

“You can’t honestly be serious.”

“Why not, Cynthia?”

“He’s a musician.”

“Is that really such a bad thing? He can serenade me for eternity.”

“That’s less appealing than you might think. I turned a musician once. He sang incessantly. Besides, have you heard what they call 'music' these days? I can’t stand it.”

“Cynthia, you have no sense of fun. I don’t mind the new style. It’s playful. Besides, I have a feeling it’s here to stay.”

“I shudder to think.”

“I suppose you preferred the waltz.”

“I preferred music when it was elegant. Refined. Tasteful. It’s none of those things now.”

“You sound like an old maid.”

“Oh, very funny. Your human must be rubbing off on you.”

“As I said, absolutely no sense of fun. Mick is much more entertaining.”

“Mick. Mick! He doesn’t even use his proper name! If he went by ‘Michael,’ he would at least sound respectable.”

“Michael is too formal. Mick suits him.”

“Of course it does. He’s an American musician with barely a cent to his name. You know your family won’t approve. Your sire won’t approve. This musician of yours isn’t like you, and I don’t just mean that he’s human. He’s common, practically a pauper.”

“You were common once too.”

“That’s an entirely different situation and you know it. I’m still a servant of your house, even if my circumstances have changed. But Mick? You would make him your equal. Your sire will not stand for it.”

“I don’t care. Mick belongs with me.”

“I simply can’t persuade you otherwise, can I?”

“No one can.”

“It sounds like someone has tried.”

“Josef had quite a lot to say.”

“Josef. The Elder you told me about?”

“Yes. He doesn’t think Mick should be a vampire. But Josef doesn’t know Mick the way I do. Mick’s strong. He’ll be fine.”

“And how does Mick feel about all this?”

“We haven’t talked about it.”

“About any of it, you mean? He doesn’t know what you are?”

“Not yet.”

“And will that change before wedding? Or do you plan to tell him after?”

“Does that really matter? We love each other. We always will.”

“But what if his love for you leaves with his humanity?”

“That won’t happen.”

“I hope for your sake that it won’t. You’re risking so much, and I just…I don’t understand. What could you possibly see in him that would be worth all this?”

“Maybe it’s what he sees in me.”


“I won’t hear another word about it, Cynthia. I love him, and I want him by my side. I’ll deal with the consequences later.”

“You’re honestly going to marry him.”

“I am. You won’t try to interfere, will you? Even though you don’t approve?”

“Tempting as it is…no. You have my loyalty first, as always. But when I meet him, don’t expect me to be friendly.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”



A/N: Thank you for reading, and of course, please let me know what you think!

And if you're interested, this could be considered a prequel to another response I made to the challenge back in 2014, Bloodguilt.

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Re: Girl Talk, G, Champagne Challenge #154

Postby allegrita » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:01 pm

Ooh, I love Cynthia's disdain of Mick... especially the fact that he's a musician! :snicker: (Having fallen in love with, and married, a musician, I am on Cora's side here. :winky: ) Cynthia is absolutely right that Coraline's sire and family will never accept Mick. But her loyalty is to Coraline first, and I love the ending of this story. Cynthia is a faithful servant to the end. I wonder if Coraline appreciates that, or just takes it for granted? :chin:

This is a great answer to the "New Year, New Life" challenge, Laughter! :clapping: I'm so glad you finished it. :rose:
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Re: Girl Talk, G, Champagne Challenge #154

Postby Shadow » Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:30 am

What a nice conversation to get to eavesdrop on! I was always a little disappointed that we never saw Coraline and Cynthia together in the show, except for a couple of seconds in a flashback, and we never got to see them talk to one another. This rings very true to me, as to what Cynthia would think of Coraline's marriage announcement. I had to smile at Cynthia's horror at Mick being a poor musician who did not use his full name. Cynthia feels much older than Coraline here. In light of that it was certainly interesting that Cynthia considered herself still a servant of the house, though her circumstances had changed. Now I'm curious about Cynthia's changed circumstances...
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