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Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:31 am

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Here Comes the Bride
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

It's time for Darrian and Gideon to wed when an Angel from Heaven comes uninvited.

Alma walked into her apartment exhausted and poured herself a stiff drink.
"Should I ask what has brought this on?" Brian asked with a small smile.
"Have you heard the term bridezilla?" She asked. Seeing the perplexed look on Brian's face she shook her head. "Of course you haven't, it's a slang term for a bride to be who behaves like Godzilla from the movies, roaring, breathing fire and leaving a trail of bodies behind her" She said with a heavy sigh.
"And Darrian is this creature?" He asked.
"Is she? Do you really have to ask Brian? First of all, since she doesn't leave her apartment, everything has to be brought to her and of course she hates everything because she isn't familiar with what's current and frankly doesn't want to know! And she hates shoes! Even slippers which I found out they do make for brides, but she doesn't want those either. The woman is driving me crazy!!" Alma finished throwing herself down onto the sofa.
"You know you can resign and let Darrian handle all of this herself" Brian offered.
"I tried that! It lasted all of 24 hours before she called on me and begged to be helped with corsets! Corsets!! Can you believe that! The woman doesn't know how to conjure up a bra and pantie set? She can make food appear out of nowhere but somehow the concept of underwear is lost on her?"
"Could you ask someone for help? A professional?" Brian asked finding the whole thing hysterical.
"She will have no mortal helping her with such things. Her words not mine!"
"Then the solution is your own words suck it up" Brian said kissing her on her forehead and walking towards his office. He heard the pillow hit his office door just as he shut it.

"How is everything?" Josef said kissing Bridgett when he returned home.
"Better now that you're home. Darrian is a mess. For a divine being, she is the worst bride I've ever come across" Bridgett said with a laugh. Josef chuckled.
"Well this bridezilla can bring down this building with a wave of her hand. What are you having problems with?" He asked.
"Mortals. She really hates mortals and since there are no vampire only caterers or dressmakers, or wedding planners Alma and I are at a loss. Then she just kept making all of these wedding dresses appear and they all looked horrid on her. We told her she had to have a fitting and she dismissed that idea saying that hands other than Gideon's would ever touch her" Bridgett said laughing to herself.
"You know you can leave it all in Darrian's hands. She is a fairy after all, she knows what she wants" Josef said.
"But she doesn't" Bridgett said pulling out her mobile for Josef. "She has called 80 times and that was just today! If I didn't know her already, I would say she had the pre-wedding jitters"
"She's marrying our son! Maybe she doesn't think she good enough for him which she isn't" Josef joked.
"No woman would be, so that's not it. I truly believe she is suffering from not knowing. These things never bothered her because she never had to deal with them and let's face it, we do have quite a few mortal friends and there's no getting around that. Can we really uninvite Carl and Angela and their kids to the wedding just because Darrian thinks mortals are deplorable, her words not mine"
"I'll talk to her and Gideon" Josef finally said.

Michael stood on the desert sand and looked around. It had been a millennia since he had come down to Earth. The first thing he saw were a group of young mortals on some large vehicles heading his way very quickly.
"Out of the way dude!" One young man screamed at him as the vehicle sprayed him with sand. Michael brushed himself off and stared at the group halting their vehicles.
"What the hell!" One said turning his key again and again with no suck luck.
"What the hell happened?" Another said. "They rented us some busted wheels!" He said jumping off the seat and kicking the tires.
"How are we supposed to get out here? It's an hour ride back to the city!I don't even want to know how long that is walking!" He said grabbing a water bottled and taking a swig and looking around. "Hey! Where did that guy go?" He said noticing that the man who had been standing in the middle of the sand was now gone.

Michael appeared in front of the building where the fairy resided. He stood in front and looked up to the sky. Darrian dropped the magazines she was holding. Gideon ran up to her.
"What is it? What's wrong?" He asked urgently.
"The Father has sent a spy" She replied furrowing her brow.
"Why would he do that? We are doing as we were told" Gideon said.
"I do not know" She said.

The Doorman for Kostan Towers walked out of the building to speak with the man.
"Hey, is there something I can help you with?" He asked. The strange man said nothing. "Do you need some help? Are you lost?" He asked looking at the man's clothes and thinking him a visitor to Los Angeles. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and his finger burned like he had touched a hot stove. He quickly pulled his hand away and ran back into the building making sure the building was securely locked before calling the police.

Michael knew the mortal was going to ring the authorities so he vanished before the man looked back at him to to find him gone.
"Come!" He heard the fairy reply as the door opened. "What do you want?" Darrian barked out.
"You know why I am here" Michael replied. He looked over at Gideon and took off his sunglasses. "So you are he?" He asked softly.
"I am Gideon Mishka Kostan" Gideon said slowly realizing he was in the presence of divinity itself. "May I ask your name?" He asked.
"This is the Archangel Michael" Darrian answered. "So The Father still has trust issues with the Fairy Folk"
"With good reason fairy. Don't disappoint him. He will not be lenient with you forever." Michael replied.
"Please take me to your father" He said to Gideon. "I must see him" He finished, walking towards the door. Gideon kissed Darrian.
"I will be right back" He said stiffly as he willed himself towards the door. It was becoming harder and harder to leave her, but he knew that would happen. Men who had fallen in love with fairies have gone insane because they could never leave the side of one.
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Re: Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:31 pm

Josef opened his door to find Gideon with another gentleman.
"Hello son. What brings you by?" Josef said hugging his son.
"Hello Abaddon" The man said with a smile. Josef looked over at the man suddenly.
"Michael" Josef said softly.
"Will you invite me in?" Michael asked.
"Of course. My apologies. Yes, come in" Josef said allowing them entrance. "You've come a long way"
"Yes. This world is not for our kind" Michael replied looking at the luxurious abode.
"No, but you make the best of it" Josef answered. "Would you like something to drink? Perhaps a glass of wine."
"No thank you" Michael said.
"What brings you?" Josef asked.
"Father wants to make sure...." Michael started to say.
"He wants to keep Darrian in check." Josef interrupted. "She will not like this at all" Josef said.
"She knows" Gideon said .
"This is my son's wedding. Why are you doing this Michael. Why can't they have their happy day?" Josef said.
"Because I am content to do as I'm told Abaddon" Michael said. "I also wanted to see Adriel and Kiramad. We have been apart for so very long"
Brian and Gabriel appeared in Josef's penthouse and stared at Michael. Gabriel ran to him with glee and embraced him.
"Michael it's been so long" Gabriel said with tears in his eyes.
"Kiramad, hello my friend" Michael said embracing him tightly then looking over at Brian. "Adriel" He acknowledge. Brian nodded his head in affirmation.
"Why are you here?" Brian asked
"Darrian" Josef answered.
"What has she done?" Brian asked in surprise.
"The fairy has done nothing, but I was sent to insure nothing she continues to do" Michael said. "The Father will not tolerate any other antics"
"Agreed" Brian said. "But your mere presence here may cause her to do something she cannot take back.......I see" Brian said understanding "Trials. Darrian will have to prove herself again and again"
"Michael, you do know if you press her like this she may do something to my son?" Josef said becoming alarmed.
"Gideon will be safe always. He has things he must do" He said. Josef looked around and saw that Gideon was gone.
"Where did he go?" Josef said walking towards the stairs.
"He went back to the fairy. He is deeply in love with her. To be away from her will soon cause him pain" Michael explained thinking that fairies were problematic to say the least.

Darrian was furious of course. Yes she understood why The Father did not yet trust her, but she had been obedient since returning. She smiled to herself thinking of all the things she had done in the past. Her hatred for mortals caused her to act out in the most atrocious ways. The black plague had been a particular favorite of hers, but she had done nothing to mortals in a long time. Mortals were their own worst enemy. There was nothing she could ever do to them that they would not do to themselves willingly.
"Hello" Gideon said in a soft voice walking towards her.
"Everything is as it should?" Darrian asked taking a sip of her brandy and sighing. Mortals, whatever their faults may be, certainly knew how to do somethings right.
"I don't know. I left to come back to you. Being away for even a few minutes pains me" Gideon said.
"I am sorry for that Master Gideon. Perhaps we can work on a spell" She said.
"No. That's something I don't wan't. To make it easier to leave you? No. It should be painful and miserable. I don't know why I think that way, but there it is" Gideon said walking to the sideboard to pour himself a drink. He picked up the brandy bottle and shook it. "Really love, you drink too much" He said with a smile.
"I always hope that today will be the day, but it never is" She said waving her hand and Gideon saw that the bottle was full again.
"So you really can't get drunk?" He asked.
"No, and it looks like a jolly good time and all, but I imagine The Father made fairies this way for a reason. Can you imagine the destruction we would cause being intoxicated?"
"It would give new meaning to the phrase "mean drunk" Gideon said bursting out laughing.
"Yes it would"
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Re: Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:13 pm

"What plans do you have today?" Josef asked Bridgett.
"Darrian has agreed to a fitting." She replied.
"I feel sorry for the mortal" He said.
"Actually Jinx is in town and she offered to help out"
"I don't know why I didn't think of Jinx before, but she would be perfect" Josef said hoping his young protegee' could harness Darrian in, he thought walking toward his door. "Well speak of the devil! Jinx! How are you?" Josef asked with a smile, giving her a brief hug.
"Things are great Mr Kostan. Gates and I just opened our first boutique in Tokyo" She said with a bright smile.
"Good, good" Josef said. "Let Bridgett and I take you out tonight when you're done" Josef said walking out of the apartment. She looked up and saw Bridgett walking down the stairs.
"Jinx! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you're here. The wedding is is less than a couple of weeks, and the bride still hasn't made a decision on a gown" She explained.
"And if I'm remembering our conversation correctly, you said the bride is a fairy?" Jinx asked with shocked expression.
"Yes. An honest to goodness fairy."
"Do I want to know how this all came about?" Jinx asked.
"Would you like a glass of wine? This will take a while" Bridgett said pulling out two wineglasses.

"Whoa!" Jinx said laying her sketch book down and finishing the glass of wine in front of her. "And Josef has a son?"
"I know it's a lot to take in. So much has happened" Bridgett said.
"So where is Isabelle?" Jinx asked then wishing she hadn't. This looked to be a sensitive subject with Bridgett. "I'm sorry. It's none of my business" Jinx said.
"No, it's alright. At first I felt so guilty for everything that happened; but Isabelle went back to her sisters, we still see her from time to time but I realize that this was God's plan. I don't understand any of it, but all I can do is hope for the best" She said.
"So I'm designing a wedding dress for a powerful fairy who doesn't want to be touched? This is going to be interesting" She said picking her book back up and finishing the sketch.

"Come!!" Bridgett and Jinx heard as the door opened. "Who is this?" Darrian demanded.
"Darrian this is Jinx Monroe. A fashion designer and very good friend of Josef's. She's here to help you with your wedding gown" Bridgett explained carefully as she saw Gideon walk into the room.
"Hi mom" He said stooping down to kiss her cheek.
"Gideon, this is Jinx Monroe a fashion designer. She's going to help Darrian with her gown.
"Good luck" Gideon said with a smirk and a roll of his eyes, looking just like his father.
"Well I made some very rough sketches for you to look at" Jinx said handing the sketch book to Darrian as Gideon sat at her side to view the drawings as well. She saw Darrian's eyes open wide and a smile begin to spread. "These are exquisite!" Darrian said.
"I really like this one" Gideon said kissing her cheek thinking his bride would look amazing wearing the gown.
"Then this one I shall have!" She said giving the book back to Jinx.
"I will have to get your measurements but your man can assist me with that" Jinx said professionally, as she pulled a measuring tape from her bag and tossed it to Gideon. She dealt with people all the time who did not like to be touched. Darrian stood up and took off her robe. Standing naked in front of everyone. Jinx looked up from the sketch in surprise. "Ok.......let's get started" She said with chuckle.
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Re: Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

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"You're fiddling" Duncan said as he watched Mila tug on her sleeves. "You look beautiful. Me mum's going to love you" He said kissing her cheek.
"Maybe we should wait.....I mean she's getting married...and.." Mila said nervously.
"You amaze me love. You spend everyday with vampires but a fairy terrifies you" He joked.
"Well, it's not that she's a fairy, but she's your mother. I want her to like me" She said.
"Again, she's going to love you" He said as they reached Kostan Towers.
Mila held Duncan's hand tightly as they reached the door which opened all on its own.
"My son!" Darrian said with a bright smile. She gave him a big hug and looked at the small woman standing next to him.
"You look just like your father" Darrian said.
"You know my dad?" Mila asked in surprise.
"Yes. He does very good work for the boy king" Darrian said. "Drinks!" She called out and drinks appeared. "My son tells me you are a whiskey connoisseur. I hope this satisfies" Darrian said handing Mila and Duncan a glass."It is a pleasure to meet you. Duncan's thoughts are on your constantly" Darrian said with a knowing smile as Duncan rolled his eyes. Mila smiled.
"I wanted to thank you for saving my life" Mila said. Darrian waved her hand in the air.
"No thank you's are necessary" She said dismissively. "Please sit down"
"So, are you ready to be Darrian Kostan?" Duncan joked.
"I shall be no such thing! My name shall always be Darrian O'Toole! My intended has no such notions" She said with a laugh.
"Did you find a gown?"
"Oh yes! A friend of the boy king's made me the most beautiful dress to wear. Gideon loves it so"
"Well, I can't wait to see it. You deserve this mother, more than most" He said seriously, knowing that this was indeed a big deal for her.
"You mean to be in The Father's favor again? Yes, that is wonderful although he has sent an angel to spy on me" Darrian said with a frown. "That I do not like at all. But enough of that, when will you two be wed?" She asked with a sly grin. Mila's cheeks turned beet red.
"Ma! You're embarrassing Mila!" Duncan said with a chuckle.
"Pish posh! I know what's in both your minds!" She said pulling a small velvet box from her robe. "I'd like you to have this Duncan. My Connor gave this to me. My first marriage. Oh I was envy of every lass in the village" She said placing the box in his hands. Duncan opened the box and inside was a beautiful round Amethyst stone the color of Mila's eyes.
"Oh my God! It's beautiful" Mila gasped.
"Duncan! What are you waiting for?" Darrian demanded. Duncan smiled and dropped down on one knee.
"Milagra Katherine Ferguson, would you please do me the honor......" He began to say.
"Yes!!" Mila said jumping up as Duncan slid the ring onto her tiny hand. It fit perfectly.
"This pleases me" Darrian said with a smile.

Michael knew Darrian's thoughts and so far he had nothing to report. It did seem that her and the Kostan boy truly loved one another......perhaps all would be alright after all, he thought.

Gideon brushed Darrian's long hair from her face.
"Are you sure you're ready to be seen in public? Something tells me that judging by my father wedding, this will be no small affair" He said remembering all the preparations that went into Josef's nuptials.
"It is time Master Gideon. I have kept myself hidden for too long, it is time to be active in the world again. What The Father has in store for you cannot be accomplished from the bedchamber but how glorious it would be if it could" She said teasingly.
"Indeed" Gideon said with a sexy grin. "Have you decided where you would like to go on our Honeymoon?"
"I have been thinking of that and the Corfu Islands are very beautiful if I remember it correctly" She said.
"Have you truly been everywhere?"
"Yes I have, but to share it with that's an adventure!" Darrian laughed taking him into her arms.

Wister looked all around. She saw the sacred stones which had been her home for over thousands of years. Had she not been strong enough, she would still be trapped within the ground beneath it. Longrier had been close but gave up trying. Wister spied a mortal couple walking towards her home. What were they doing here? Surely they knew that mortal were never allowed on these sacred grounds! She angrily waved her hands and took human form and walked towards them.
"Oh look! There's someone over there! Let's ask her!" A woman said loudly, waving her hands at Wister trying to grab her attention.
"Yes. What is it you want?" Wister said with contempt
"Our apologies for disturbing your walk, but it appears we have lost our tour group. Might you have seen them?" The handsome man standing next to woman asked. Wister stared at the man as the stirring in her loins began.
"Tour group? What is that?" She asked in confusion.
"We came here from Trinity College in Dublin with our Professor" The man began to say. Wister smiled and the effect bewitched the handsome man.
"You are from Ireland? So am I. I am actually trying to find my sister, this is her favorite place" She said. The young woman looked at her boyfriend ogling the strange woman and placed her hands on her hips.
"Look, we're sorry but we can't help you find your sister. Perhaps you should ring her" She said angrily. Wister quickly turned in anger to stare at the woman who began to choke and cough violently. The young man made no attempt to save the girl but continued to stare at Wister with unbelieving eyes. When the girl finally fell to the ground, Wister came around and took the young man's hand.
"What are you called?" She asked in a seductive voice.
"Fergus" He said.
"Come with me." She said leading him away from the site.

Wister looked at the handsome man as he lay unbreathing beside her. What a waste. At first glance she thought him to have more stamina.
"But I did have to make up for lost time so maybe that was it" She said herself. She had learned much from their conversation. First she would have to find something called an internet cafe which housed all the information in the universe. The last thing she remembered hearing from her sister was Mick St. John. This had to be someone who was helping her. She would find Mick St. John and demand to be told of her sister's whereabouts! Oh what fun they would have! Mortals of course remained the same. Still only thinking of themselves and what they had done to the planet made her want to exterminate them all! Honestly what did The Father see in these creatures?

Mick woke up suddenly. He quickly sat up and looked all around. Beth was sleeping quietly and undisturbed, but he felt like someone had pushed him hard. He stood up quickly and looked all around the room seeing nothing, but he had this feeling that trouble was coming and he knew he wasn't going to like it. Not wanting to risk going back to bed, he got dressed and decided to take a little stroll around the perimeter of the building just to be on the safe side. Why take chances he thought.

Michael too felt a shift coming. Something was coming into this plane and it was something that was not suppose to be. He quickly went to where the dead fairies lay and saw evidence of a resurrection.
From what he had observed he did not think Darrian had released any of her sisters, especially with her upcoming marriage and her renewed favor with The Father..........but could anyone really know the mind of a fairy? He would wait and see what transpires before alerting him.
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Re: Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

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"Michael. What brings you here so early in the day?" Josef asked allowing him entrance into his home.
"A resurrection has occurred at the tomb of fairies" Michael said calmly. Josef's eyes opened in surprise for a brief moment.
"Surely you knew something like this would happen when you arrived?" Josef asked, feeling that Michael's appearance would mean a lot more trouble.
"So, you think Darrian has done something?" He asked as he watched Josef carefully, monitoring his expression.
"I'd say no. I can't see Darrian attempting this again. As someone who was also without Father's favor, I know how precious it is to receive it again. Darrian would never betray him this way. Not now" Josef said confident in his words.
"I have to agree with you. I have seen nothing whatsoever in this fairy that would cause me to think otherwise, but the resurrection stands. And if it was not by her hand, someone else has caused this" He said.
"But only a divine being would have the powers to do this. Has The Father sent another?" Josef asked seeing that the Angel was contemplating if that was possible.
"I was told only I was needed, but I will you need you to return to the tomb with me. With your experience on this plane perhaps you will sense something I cannot" He said.
Grabbing his jacket and putting in on.
"Let's go" Josef said.

Within moments they were at Stonehenge and Josef saw immediately what Michael could not.
"A few years ago when Darrian first attempted the resurrection of her family it was through a vampire" Josef said.
"So the blood of the dammed is responsible for this!" Michael said in anger.
"No. Indirectly. She was enthralled with the father of Kiramad and planned to use him for her plan but we were able to thwart her attempt by using a clone" Josef explained. Michael nodded understanding what had truly happened.
"I sense that only one of the fey folk had the strength to free herself"
"Only one can......." Josef began to say.
"Yes. That is why we must find her" He said.

"Must we go out?" Gideon whined puling the covers back over his head.
"Yes we must. You are becoming like a Fairy my love" Darrian laughed to herself. "One cannot do what you must naked in bed" She said with a smile. Gideon turned on his side and watched her dress and thought watching his woman put clothes on was one of the most depressing things he had ever seen.
"Oh how easier it would be to have no clothing, ever!" Gideon sighed.
"Life is never easy Master Gideon! Even in Cap d’Agde they have so many problems" She replied.
"What is Cap d’Agde?"
"It is the largest nudist colony in the world, or at least it was years ago. With anything, at first it is very freeing, then of course troubles arise. Someone wants what they can't have or they introduce drugs into the fold. Then you have something that was meant for beauty and truth becomes sordid and unbecoming. Look what happened with the Hippies! I think that was when I was most impressed with humanity. They were truly choosing to live as they should have been, but in a very short while, they messed up their own movement with drugs and vileness......but that was long ago and while things have changed, they are still very much the same" Darrian said with a sigh. She then pulled the covers from Gideon. "And you must..........." She started to say but lost her train of thought. "You truly are a beautiful man" She said laying down next to him again.

"Hey Josef! What's going on?" Mick asked as he opened the door to let him in and saw that he had man at his side.
"Mick, this brother Michael" Josef said trying to find the right words to describe the angel. Mick looked at the man and noticed he and Josef looked nothing alike, but he smiled and offered his hand.
"Please to meet you Michael. Can I get you two something to drink?"
"My usual Mick...Michael doesn't drink" Josef replied. Mick nodded and walked over to the bar to pour Josef a drink, then sat down on the sofa.
"Something tells me this is bad news" Mick said softly.
"It is indeed quite bad" Michael replied.
"What is it and what do you need me to do?" Mick asked.
"Mick, a fairy escaped from their tomb....and well since the clone was specific to you, we both think this escaped fairy will come to you" Josef explained. Mick sat up straight.
"Crap!!" Mick said loudly. "What do you want me to do?" Mick asked knowing that the man Josef had brought was someone who could handle this fairy.
"For now, it is best if you remove yourself from the City of Angels" Michael said.
"Beth's not going to like this." Mick said shaking his head.
"I know man, but this how the situation will go if you decide to stay. The fairy will find you and you will become entranced and do whatever the fairy tells you do, even if she said destroy yourself. You will." Josef said. "There's nothing you can do and you'd be helpless."
Mick stood up and pulled out his mobile phone and told Beth to come home immediately.

Fergus looked all around. This was his first trip to the America's. So many people he thought to himself seeing nothing but people everywhere. Wister too looked all around and could not believe how mortals had multiplied and how much nature had been destroyed just to house these imbeciles she could not imagine. She knew she was in the right place because she could sense her sister alongside all this noise and foul smelling bodies all jammed into the same place!
"Come Fergus! We are close! I feel my sister near!" She said anxiously. Fergus took her to something called a library. Now this she liked. Quiet. Tranquil. Fergus led her to the machine he said would help her on her search. He quickly typed in the words Mick St. John and began to read each topic that popped up.
"I think this might be he. Mick St. John Private Detective" He said.
"What does that mean?" She asked.
"He is.......someone you hire when you want something Sherlock Holmes" he tried to explain but seeing that she didn't understand. "If me mum went missing and I couldn't find her, I would hire someone like him to find her" He said.
"And how would he know? Do they have the sight?" She asked wondering.
"No.......I don't think so, but some might......but they usually just have a talent for finding whoever you're looking for". He replied.
"Then let's see this man who knows such things" She said turning from the building with young man jogging to keep up.

"NO!!!!!!" Darrian cried out in anguish and Gideon was right at her side.
"Darrian! What is it?" He asked becoming frightened. Darrian turned slowly to Gideon, needing him to see that this was not her least not intentionally.
"A sister has freed herself and will soon be here" Darrian said in hushed tones.
"The Father will not be pleased! He will blame me and take away all that I treasure! He will take you from me!" She said with tears streaming down her cheeks. Gideon stared at her, amazed that she was crying. He had never seen Darrian display any emotion this way before. Gideon wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.
"He won't do that. Of that I'm sure......." Gideon said, hoping that his words were true. Surely he wouldn't do that to Darrian now would he? He thought to himself.

When Darrian had calmed down her and Gideon were trying to think of a plan.
"I must ask you Darrian and please tell truth, if this sister must be destroyed.....well, are you going to be okay with that? I must know before we go any further..." Gideon began to say. Darrian took his face in her hands.
"You must do what you can.....I will not go against The Father again. We fairies....well, we had our chance..." She stuttered as she began to cry again.
"Shhh. You don't have to go. Just stay here" Gideon said.
"No. I must go. She will want to hear it directly from me" Darrian said quietly.
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Re: Here Comes The Bride Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu May 17, 2018 3:52 pm

Wister knew without entering that the man she sought had already left.
"What a bore this is becoming" She said opening the door to the man's apartment. The young man with her went inside first thinking that the beautiful woman would want his protection. "You fool! out of my way!" Wister said with annoyance. She spied a photo on a table. She gazed at picture of Mick and Beth.
"I really hope you are everything that they say about you Mick St. John" She said in a low seductive voice. She turned to look at the young man by her side. "You are no longer needed" She said and with a wave of her hand he fell to the floor. "I will find you Mick St. John and I will have you" She said as she began to go through the entire apartment.

"I want to thank you Darrian for this. I know it's really an imposition for you" Beth said.
"It is what must be done. She would find your husband no matter where he went and it is for the better if he is surrounded by those who can protect him" Darrian said as she looked all around. "She will be here soon" She said with a deep sigh. Her door opened and Brian and Alma entered.
"Good your here Dad. Alma has been communicating with Emma most of the day so we're prepared" Brian said walking over to kiss Beth and give her a tight hug.
"I just don't get what the fairy wants from me. It looks like she was able to find Darrian on her own" Mick said really wanting all of this Supernatural stuff to just disappear from his life.
"No can do Mick" Alma said. "She has seen you and suffice to say, your face sealed your fate. Again." Mick closed his eyes briefly and started to shake his head. Darrian looked at him sharply.
"You truly have no idea how beautiful you are do you?" She asked in surprise. "Remarkable....well everyone drink up. There is nothing wrong with a little liquid courage. Drinks!" She called out and drinks appeared. Suddenly the door burst open.
"Sister!! At last!" Wister said running towards Darrian and embracing her tightly. "I've missed you so!" She said kissing Darrian's cheek. She slowly pulled herself apart and glanced all around the room, her eyes looking at both Gideon and Mick St. John. "Mick St. John!! You are truly more beautiful in the flesh!" She said seductively.
"He belongs to another" Darrian warned.
"When has that mattered?" She said starting to make her way towards Mick.
"I said No sister!" Darrian ordered.
"Is this man something to you sister?" Wister asked but not caring for the answer. She would have Mick St. John or kill him if she couldn't.
"You've been gone a long time Wister. The Father will not turn a blind eye to the antics of the Fey. as he has done in the past" Darrian said.
"Nonsense! The Father will do nothing as he has always done" She replied. "It is this man I want. I will try not to rob him of his life, but it has been a long time for me and I shall have what I desire!" She said turning again towards Mick.
"Go to Hell!" Mick shouted out, then regretted it. Wister stopped and stared at him hard.
"What did you say Mortal?" She asked with contempt in her voice.
"He said go to hell" Gideon said calmly.
"Why do you let these mortals get away with speaking in the presence of the Fey?" She asked pointedly to Darrian. Darrian just shook her head and closed her eyes, not willing to watch what was about to happen.
"Life has gone on without you. Do you really think the Father will allow you to kill at random? He will not. Your fate was sealed when you escaped your prison" Darrian said sadly
"You sound weak! You've become like those you associate with! When I awake the others, you will be dealt with according to our way, but enough of idle chatter, Mick St. John! Come!" She ordered. Mick stood in place shoving Beth in back of him.
"Spéir Mhaithe! Come now!" She ordered again staring hard at Mick trying with all her might to compel him to her will. Seeing that Mick St. John either had the ability to ignore her commands or Darrian had enchanted him to make him hers alone, she smiled slowly at Darrian. "So he is yours after all. Pity. He is truly beautiful, but I will take this one" She said pointing at Gideon and looking at him from top to bottom. "He is beautiful as well......his eyes are....familiar........." She said still staring at him. Gideon quickly looked at Brian who nodded his head slightly. "I feel I know you. What being are you?" Wister asked.
"I am vampire" Gideon said. Wister stared at him in disgust.
"Ungodly immortal! And here I thought you worthy of coming together with a Fey!" She said waving her hand to destroy him. When nothing happened she stared at him in anger. This was not going the way she had hoped. "Fine! Unholy filthy being that you are! Sister, we must leave this place. Mortals have destroyed our world! We must rebuild" She said holding out her hand for Darrian to take. Darrian felt the pull of her fairy blood to be with her sister and take shape and make the earth beautiful once more with their words and their music and their kisses. Gideon could see his beloved struggling with her emotions, but did nothing. This was her trial alone.

Michael hovered in the shadows waiting to see what the fairy would do. With all his being, while he had never liked the Fey Folk, he hoped that this one would be the one who finally chose the living God and not mayhem. This would be a most difficult trial for her, but the one she is to wed needs a Godly wife at his side.

Darrian opened her eyes and looked up to the heavens.
"Your will be done" She whispered. Upon hearing her words Gideon smiled brightly and turned to face Wister.
"By his hand you are no more" Gideon said as he blew towards her, and she saw what he was doing, she tried to fight it, yelling words that only made sense to Darrian who still had her eyes upward. She would not watch her sister blown apart. And when she could hear Wister's screams no more she looked at Gideon who gazed upon her with such divine love, she wept. The Father had truly forgiven her.

Josef looked at his son one more time then straightened his tie for a third time.
"I thought I was suppose to be the one who was nervous" Gideon said with a chuckle.
"I'm not nervous......I just want you to look perfect" He said. Gideon rolled his eyes and continued to laugh.
"I think he looks nervous too" Mick said with a smile. "Lighten up Josef. It's not everyday your son gets married. Trust me I know" He said remembering how nervous he and Beth were for both Gabriel and Brian's weddings. Josef ignored Mick and placed his hands in his pockets.
"There. You look like a million bucks" He said.
"Thanks Dad. For everything!" Gideon said as he threw himself into Josef's arms.
They all turned when Brian came in to tell them that it was time to begin. Gideon squared up his shoulders and confidently walked out of the room. Alexander was waiting for him in the hall.
"Are you ready?" Alexander asked. Gideon nodded and the two walked into the beautiful hall and took their places.
"So I suppose you will be doing this next?" Gideon said to his friend with a bright smile. Alexander shrugged his shoulders.
"I really hadn't thought of it much, but Beth told me how wrong it was to not think of Connie's reputation and how tawdry it makes her appear" He replied.
"I think Beth wants for everyone to find that special someone and settle down forever" Gideon said.
"Forever is a long time" Alexander said seriously.
"That's what makes it glorious" He said as he heard the opening of the wedding march and turned to see Darrian looking ethereal and positively beautiful and he thought to himself that God was indeed good.

The End
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