You know you're a Moonlightaholic when...

Re: You know you're a Moonlightaholic when...

Postby allegrita » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:50 pm

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Beautiful Mick banner by the talented choccyterri (thanks, lovely!)
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Re: You know you're a Moonlightaholic when...

Postby nutmegger911 » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:50 pm

kath40 wrote:OK I'm a serious Moonlightaholic when watching this inspirational Girls Inc commercial then at :30 into the ad I see....The Hotel Rosslyn! :yahoo:
Sorry what was this commercial about??? :laugh: Girls screaming and celebrating because they are standing where Mick stood in Fated to Pretend as they throw "I LUV U" letters to Mick off the roof?.....I think? :chin:
No, I remembered cause I immediately ran to YT to see if I could find the "Girls Inc" commercial...Now that is addiction! Moonlightaholisum at it's best!!! That's ME!
I SEE MOONLIGHT EVERYWHERE! This show is a part of me and everything in it still has an effect no mater when, where or what bits I see of it. I'll never be the same. :hearts:

What an inspirational PSA. That it was filmed atop the Rosslyn Hotel, a set for our most inspirational ML, just makes sense. :hearts:
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