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The Old Country Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:47 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
The Old Country
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Bridgett must return to Romania to care for a very sickly aunt and steer clear of vampire hunters

Bridgett stared at the letter hardly believing it. Her mother's sister had finally passed on. Auntie Daniela was a stern woman, who had out lived her three husbands. People whispered that she had killed them, but all three men had been in poor health due to the hard work they had to do, but when they died, she did all the work on her small farm with no help from anyone. She both worked and played hard and was well liked by everyone. She could bear no children and often thought of Bridgett, Braun and Nadia as her own children. Bridgett closed her eyes thinking of the fun they had visiting her in the summer months. Oh the fun they had. Now she was gone and Bridgett had to go back to settle her affairs. Bridgett swore she would never return to Romania, but not it looked like she must.

"I really don't want you going alone. At least take Alma with you" Josef said.
"Josef, I've known everyone in town since I was a weeun. I'm just going to meet with the lawyer and sign some forms and come right back." Bridgett said thinking he was overreacting.
"Your home country has a history with our kind. A rather unpleasant history truth be known. I don't want you going alone. Take Gideon. Show him where you were born. He'll love it" Josef said knowing that Gideon adores anything relating to history.
"Alright I'll call him, but I think you're worrying is of no matter" She said picking up the phone and calling her son.

"You must take care Mater Gideon" Darrian said when he was done talking to his mother. "Romania is like no other place. They do not just know about vampires, they know you. Your kind have been studied for generations upon generations. You must take Drago's wife with you so she can cloak your true selves". Darrian said urgently
"I think you worry too much my love" Gideon said with a smile.
"And you choose to worry not. Do not be fooled. These people are not to be meddled with" She replied.

"Are you nervous mom?" Gideon said as he placed his hand over hers.
"Yes. When I left Romania, I made a vow to never go back" She replied.
"But this is surely different"? Gideon said.
"I know, but Romania is like stepping back in time. The customs, the traditions. It's like time just passed over this little pocket of the world. In fact, I will change before we land. This attire will simply not do in my village"
"You're kidding! You're not wearing anything revealing" Gideon gasped.
"A skirt or dress above the knee is considered scandalous and my hair must be covered with a Ştergar although now that I am married I can wear a bonnet. And there are no high heels". Bridgett replied.
"Are you going to be okay?" He asked.
"I'll be fine. Let's just hope that Alma's cloaking spell works for the duration" She said with a small smile.
"Where will be going?"
"Sighisoara. It's a small city located in the historic region of Transylvania"
"I was wondering when that word was going to come out"
"It looks exactly as you imagined"

Gideon looked all around and deduced that his mother was right. Sighisoara looked exactly as he had pictured. He felt like he had just been transported into the silent film Nosferatu. All the women young and old wore some kind of scarf covering their hair and their skirts were to the ankle. And everyone stared at them as walked over to their lodgings.
"Ești american?" They were asked.
"Da. Avem camere. Fitzgerald" Bridgett replied. "They asked if we were American and I told him that we were and gave him the name we're travelling under" Bridgett said. The man wrote down some information and handed them a set of keys with a grunt.
"I don't think he likes Americans" Gideon whispered to her.
"A lot of countries don't" Bridgett muttered watching him throw open the room door. "mulțumesc" she said shutting the door behind him.
"This looks like a nice room" Gideon said taking in the size and stark decor.
"Welcome to Romania." She said with a sigh.

After unpacking Bridgett suggested that they take a little tour of the village, pointing out various buildings.
"That structure over there was were they held Da gratis for young women.....Give away is the translation. The parents find a good boy to give their daughter away to" Bridgett explained.
"Were you ever given away mom?" Gideon asked fearing the story she would tell.
"No. My family was considered bad stock. No one wanted us" She replied.
"I don't want to offend you mom, but I hate where you're from" He said, thinking that the quaint little village was now tainted.
"As do I Gideon" She said. "We may want to think about getting something to eat before people become suspicious" She said taking his arm and leading him to a nearby small eatery. Bridgett explained the menu and tried to steer her son to milder options. She knew he hated eating mortal food even when it was delicious.

After dinner, they walked back to their lodgings.
"Now that we've been seen, we can go to the Solicitors office first thing in the morning" Bridgett said, thinking she was ready to rest.
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Re: The Old Country Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:14 pm

Michali opened his window and peered out. His senses were on high alert. Some kind of supernatural power had come to his sleepy village. Perhaps it was Daniela's niece who he was told would be arriving soon. Daniela's family were of bad stock. Meaning they were born with demonic powers. The power of sight. Seeing things that normal people could not. That was most likely what had alerted his hunter senses. His neighbor said they were staying in the local lodgings. Heinrich knew how to deal with supernatural beings. He had cameras installed in every room in his building to make sure people weren't practicing the devil's craft.

Gideon rarely slept and something about this trip made him want to stay awake throughout. He heard Darrian speaking to him.
"You must take care Master Gideon. The boarding you have taken has hidden cameras throughout the building, so you must continue to eat mortal food. And turn off your mobile phones. They see these things as tools of the devil. A silly culture yes, but it is their own and it must stay as it is" Darrian said.
"And close your eyes. If they see that you do not take rest they will have the stakes and torches ready"
"Alright my love. I will take rest as you say" Gideon replied, knowing that while his eyes were closed he would still be able to see all.

Heinrich watched the tape. The couple were not in carnal relations and appeared to be more like family than friends. He saw them both kneel at their beds and say prayers followed by the sign of the cross. This certainly didn't look like a cursed family as he was told. Michali worried too much.

"What do we know so far?" Michali asked.
"They do not appear to be anything other than what they are" Zolkia said. "They ate a hardy supper and drank wine. The female led the prayer so she is at the head of the relationship. The boy looks young. Perhaps in his 20's" She finished.
"I watched them all through the night and observed nothing. They talked for a while, then they both got ready for bed. They kneeled and said prayers. They seem to be devoted to Christ. Perhaps the curse of this family is no more. I heard that both the older sister and brother had died. In all likelihood it was they who were responsible for the bad blood" Heinrich said.
"Let's continue to watch. I feel that something is not right" Michali said with concern.

Bridgett and Gideon made their way to the old farmhouse as Daniela's neighbors came out slowly to greet them.
"În sfârșit!" An old woman said to her throwing her arms around her and kissing her cheeks. "Acolo" She said taking her arm. Gideon followed slowly behind them, not sure what he should do. Bridgett walked into small bedroom where an old woman lay.
"Bunică!!" Bridgett said with tears in her eyes taking a seat next to the bed. The old woman slowly turned her head to look at the person sitting next to her, suddenly her eyes grew wide with fright!
"Diavol!!" She cried out. And while Gideon didn't speak a word of Romanian, he guessed pretty quickly that old woman had called his mother Devil. The neighbors that were there stood up and screamed quickly and began to cross themselves. Bridgette quickly grabbed the old woman's hand.
"Nu mai. Nu mai" Bridgett said softly to her then began to rub her temple. "Nu mai" Bridgett said again.
"What did you say to her?" Gideon asked.
"I said no more" Bridgett said bringing the old woman's hands to her lips. The old woman who had before welcomed Bridgett now turned her back to her. "There's no more that can be done. We must leave" She said taking her son's arm and walking out of the cottage. She stopped suddenly when she saw the hunters in front of them.
"I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but it is true you are a child of demons!" Michali yelled out to her.
"No!" Bridgett barked out. "I am not, nor have I ever been. This is something that was made up about my family long before I took breath and it stops now!" She screamed.
"Why then did the old woman call you Devil? She saw what you are!" He yelled holding his blade and his stake tightly in his grip. He began to slowly approach them with the others close behind. Bridgett held onto Gideon's hand tightly. She didn't have the energy to fight this anymore.

Gideon stared at all of them, so frozen in such hateful ways. So unwilling to admit they were wrong. With a wave of his hand everyone froze.
"Say goodbye to this place mom. To this life. It's no longer a part of you" Gideon said softly.
"What will you do to them?" She asked her voice choking up with sadness.
"I will not destroy them for that is not why I was brought into this world, but their hard hearts cannot be changed, but dad is coming to show them exactly what we are" Gideon said with a smile. He waved his hand again and the crowd continued to advance upon them. Suddenly there was a bright light and standing in front of them was Josef, Gabriel and Brian with glaring while wings for all to see. The crowd screamed and all fell to their knees.
"Iertati-ne!!" They all screamed.
"You all have sinned" Brian said to them in a voice that seemed to echo on the cool breeze that blew around them. "What has this woman ever done to you that you must end her life? And who but God has the right to take a life? Are you more than he who created you?" Brian asked, but the crowd said nothing.
"What should we do to them?" Gabriel asked in a teasing way.
"What say you?" Brian asked Josef.
"I think they should pray. Fast and pray. For 48 hours." Josef said.
"You have heard!!!" Brian said in a booming voice and in a flash they all were gone.

The story would be told all around Romania until the end of time of Bridgett coming from blessed stock. The Angels of heaven themselves sent down to protect her! Her name and the name of her family written in the highest of all places in the church. God was coming soon to judge and that made some people very nervous and some people very happy

The End
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