The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:25 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mick sighed as he drove down Hollywood Blvd. Consumerism at its worst was on display every Holiday Season. He thought back to when he was child and Christmas was about so much more than just new gadgets and toys or a brand new car with bright red bow on top. It was about family and friends and love! How could people forget the simple things that made life worth living? Or maybe Mick only thought of them because he was.......not living so to speak.

And in that moment Mick made a decision. He would have his perfect Christmas Day! With all of his friends and family. He started making calls as soon as he pulled into his garage.
"Hey Carl, say what are you and Angela and the kids dong to Christmas?" Mick asked
"Well, last year we flew back East to spend the holidays with Angela's family, but since they decided to take a Christmas Cruise this year to Montreal, I guess we're staying in town. Why?" Carl asked.
"Beth and I are having a huge family and friends Christmas complete with a huge feast and we want your family to join us" Mick said with a grin, thinking Beth was going to be thrilled at the idea.
"You know Mick, that sounds like a great idea. Jackson keeps asking when he can see Uncle Mick again" Carl laughed. "Can Angela and I bring anything?"
"Just your family" Mick said hanging up with a smile. Just 2 weeks til Christmas....Mick had a lot to do!

After speaking with Gabriel, Brian, Ted, Josef and Gideon they very first St.John Friends and Family Christmas Celebration was on! First thing he did was book the the large space in their building that was specially for private events and reserved seating for 30+. Beth worked with booking a caterer who would be willing to squeeze them in so late in the month and all that was left to do was to find a Christmas Tree.

Mick drove out to a Farmer's Market that sold the ever popular Noble Fir. He parked his car and began to look at all the trees on the lot. Some were rather skinny which made him think of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but as this was their first big family affair he wanted something large. And tucked in a corner he saw the perfect tree. He walked quickly over to claim it, and saw what he thought was a scarecrow that had fallen down, but one whiff and he knew it was dead body.

Merry Christmas Mick! He muttered to himself as he pulled out his mobile to call Carl.

Carl and his officers met Mick at the crime scene.
"You are planning on having people over to your house right? Why are you getting involved in a random murder?" Carl asked with a grin.
"I just drove up here to buy a Christmas Tree man. The body was behind the tree I wanted to purchase. Was I supposed to just leave him there?" Mick said
"Of course not, I wouldn't expect you to do that, but it seems ironic is all" Carl said looking down at the man who appeared to have not been dead very long. "What you got Felix?" He asked.
"Well, I don't see anything. No blunt force trauma, no wounds to indicated he was murdered. It could be a heart attack or seizure. Something along those lines. I'll know more once I open him up. Anyone know who he is?" Felix asked motioning for his man to zip up the body and place him in the coroner's van
"The owner of the lot said he didn't look familiar" Mick said.
"Can you make sure to get a good photo so we can pass it on to the news crew?" Carl asked. Felix nodded his head and turned away. "Mick, I'll have my lead detective take this case. You've got a party to get ready for" Carl said with a smile.

Mick walked over to the counter to pay for the tree he wanted.
"The owner said to let you have the tree for free" A young man said to him.
"Why?" Mick asked wandering what he had done to deserve the gift.
"The back lot is where we house the really large trees that we don't sell a lot of. People always go for the 6-7ft. trees. We usually know ahead of time if somebody wants a tree over 9ft. So that guy could have been there for a know....rotting. Something like that would've driven the customers away." He explained. That made sense Mick thought.
"Well tell him I said thank you" Mick said as two employees picked up the tree to tie on his hood.
Mick got into his car and thanked God that this was an open and shut incident. The man had a heart attack. No crime and nothing sinister. He turned on his radio and drove away.

"You won't believe what happened today?" Mick said to Beth as he walked into the apartment.
"I probably won't" Beth said smiling at him as he gave her a kiss.
"I drove to Frosty's to buy a tree and spent a great deal of time trying to find the perfect one. Well, I found the perfect one and there was dead body behind it" Mick said shaking his head.
"Of course you found a dead body! I'm not surprised by this at all" Beth said rolling her eyes seeing how this was going to play out. Carl would call and ask Mick to look into the case, Mick would do whatever he could to find the murderer and their first Holiday Feast would be cancelled.
"It's not a murder. Felix said it looks to be a heart attack" Mick said with smile.
"Well, I don't want to say I'm glad to hear that because someone lost a member of their family so close to Christmas, but I'm glad that your services won't be needed. Now let me see this perfect tree" Beth said.

"Hey Carl, can you come to the morgue for a second?" Felix asked still looking at the Toxicology report. His John Doe had been poisoned by heavy doses of Ricin. It looks like it was ingested, so it looked like they had a murder right before Christmas as always.
"What is it Felix?" Carl said walking through the door. Seeing who was on the ME's table he closed his eyes.
"He was murdered" Carl said to himself.
"I don't know that yet. He was definitely done in by poison. Ricin to be exact" Felix replied.
"Ricin? From Castor beans?" Carl asked.
"Yeah. But you would have to thoroughly chew several castor beans to kill your self, but this looks like a boatload of it in his system which makes think someone tied him down and injected it which explains the bruising on his upper arms, but I can't find an injection point" Felix explained.
"If he was murdered by a pro, look under the fingernails and toenails" Carl said with a heavy sigh. "Do we have an I.D. yet?"
"I was just about to run the prints" Felix said.
"Let's find out who this guy was and why he was poisoned" Carl said.
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Re: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:33 pm

Helen Monroe knew that something had happened to her husband. She called all of their friends, family and neighbors and no one knew where he was. She finally alerted the police and was told to come down to the station.
"Captain." Carl heard an officer call out to him.
"Yes, what is it?" Carl replied.
"You told us to alert you to anyone reporting a man missing, well we have a woman by the name of Helen Monroe who reported her husband missing. Said he's be gone for over 24 hours" The officer said.
"Okay. Leave the report on my desk" Carl said.
"Captain, you might want to talk to this lady. He husband worked for Donovan Bio-Labs" He said. Carl stopped suddenly and thought of the Ricin poisoning.
"Call Felix and get him up here. Where is the wife?" Carl asked as the officer pointed to a bench where the woman sat patiently. Carl walked up to her.
"Hello, I'm Captain Carl Davis would you come with me?" He said leading the woman to his office and sitting her down. "Mrs. Monroe you want to report your husband missing I was told." Carl said.
"Yes. My husband is a Biologist at Donovan Bio-Labs and he never came home from work and no one has seen him" She said.
"When did you last talk to your husband?"
"Yesterday morning early. He stayed at the lab all night working but called me first thing to let me know he would be home by 6pm that evening. I waited until 7pm then called his office and got no answer" She said.
"Was this normal for your husband?" Carl asked.
"Yes. He's very dedicated to his work, if there was a pressing matter he would stay at his office sometimes two-three days in a row" She explained.
"Do you know what your husband was working on?"
"I'm not husband's work was very complex...I remember it was a poison they were testing for something...." She said trying to remember what it was. Carl didn't like to interfere when people were giving statements, but he had to ask.
"Was it Castor...." He started to say.
"That's it! Castor Beans! I didn't even know that stuff was poison, and I told my husband that my mother gave me Castor Oil whenever I ate something I shouldn't have to make me throw up." She said.
"Mrs. Monroe......I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but a body was found today at Foster's Farm and it appears to be death by poison" Carl said sadly. The woman was trying to hold herself together but Carl saw the tears start to form in her eyes.
"Can I see him?" She asked as Felix came into Carl's office.
"Mrs. Monroe, this is our Medical Examiner Felix Hawthorne" Carl said turning to Felix "This is the victim's wife" He said quietly.
"Mrs. Monroe, I'm really sorry for your loss." He said respectfully.
"Can I see him?" She asked again.
"Felix take her down to view the body" Carl said.

Not wanting to bother Mick with this case but he needed help quickly and Mick was quite frankly the only man for the job.
"Hey Mick, how's the party planning going?" Carl asked.
"I'm glad this will be a once a year type deal. What's up?" He asked.
"That body you found earlier..." Carl heard Mick sigh.
"Its a murder" Mick said sitting down so he could hear the whole story.
"It looks like it. The man was a biologist from Donovan Bio-Labs. His wife came in today to report her husband missing" Carl explained.
"How was he done in?"
"Death by poison. Ricin to be exact. His wife said he was working on a project with ricin, but she didn't recall what it was for, but Felix said this guy had a pretty heavy dose in his system. Look Mick , I know your busy trying to get this party put together but I need some serious science on this one" Carl said.
"Let me make a few calls" Mick said hanging up and calling Abigail and Zach.

"Hey Abigail, I've got some questions about poisons" Mick said.
"You do know you are a vampire, you don't have to poison anyone" Abigail joked.
"Funny. Listen Carl has a case. A man, a biologist to be exact was found poisoned by something called ricin"
"A very interesting way to kill someone" Abigail said.
"Why do you say that?"
"Well, just the extraction of ricin is a very dangerous thing to do, unless you're a vampire I wouldn't recommend it. Was ricin what he was working on?" She asked.
"His wife said yes he was. Do you know of any reason why anyone would be working with the stuff to begin with?"
"Ricin was being used in cancer patients to eat away cancer cells, but that was before the vampire cure, so as far as I know, ricin trials have been halted......unless he was working on some kind of biological warfare type weapon".
"Do you and Zach know anything about Donovan Bio-Lab?"
"They work mostly on A single domain antibody. It's an antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain, and lacking the light chain and CH1 domain of the heavy chain". Abigail explained.
"I have no idea what that means" Mick said shaking his head.
"Isn't that illegal?"
"Yes and no. There's no Federal Law that states you can't work on reproductive cloning but 15 states have banned it and one of those states is California" Abigail said.
"Thanks Abigail, I owe you" Mick said hanging up then driving over to the police station to speak with Carl. Mick stopped on the way to the garage. "I might as well check out this Bio-lab" He said to himself looking up the address on his mobile.

The head of Donovan Bio-Labs called Helen Monroe to find out where her husband was.
"Helen, I've been trying to reach you for hours" He said anxiously. "Now you know we here at Donovan's have been very patient with your husband's specialized work for us, but not showing up when he feels like it is not acceptable" He said.
"You haven't heard. I'm sorry, I thought the police would have contacted you by now....Samuel is dead. They found his body earlier today" She said starting to choke up.
"What? Are they sure it's Samuel?" He asked.
"Yes. I made the I.D. He was poisoned by that Castor Bean stuff he was working on for you." She said.
"Helen we are doing no work with ricin" He said.
"I have to go. I'm going to pick up my children" Helen said not wanting to discuss the issue anymore with the people she knew were responsible fr her husband's death.
Conor Douglas looked over at his assistant.
"Samuel Monroe is dead" He said coldly, then began to grin.
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Re: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:14 pm

Beth looked over at Mick suspiciously.
"You're working on a case aren't you?" She asked after hanging the last wreath above the entry way of the hall.
"What? Me?" Mick asked with a puppy dog stare that made her heart melt."
"Don't try that innocent look with me buster. I do believe that it was you who said and I quote "nothing is going to keep me from pulling off this party" unquote and there you are buried in your laptop" Beth said with accusing eyes and he quickly closed his laptop.
"I'm not working a case... Carl needed some information on the body I found. He was murdered by Ricin, and I asked Abigail to gather some information for him" Mick said innocently.
"Ricin? I didn't think anyone was dumb enough to mess with that stuff again" Beth said.
"Abigail said it was highly toxic"
"Toxic doesn't even begin to explain how dangerous that stuff is. Just to extract oil from the bean requires special licensing and a full hazmat team willing to actually do it. A drop Mick, just a drop of the stuff can put you in intensive care for a month! Was the dead guy a scientist or something?" Beth asked.
"Yeah. He worked at Donovan Bio-Labs" Mick replied.
"DBL?" Beth asked. Mick shrugged his shoulders.
""What's DBL?"
"Back when I was at Buzzwire, Steve and I did a story on an Anthrax scare at Donovan Bio-Labs but then they were known as DBL, Inc. Seven employees had to be rushed to quarantine. 3 people I believe died. They were charged with everything that OSHA could throw at them, not to mention a wrongful death case by the families of deceased"
"Well, if DBL reopened as Donovan Labs, I think the authorities need to notified" Mick said.
"Let me call Steve. I know he still has all the records on the case" Beth said pulling out her mobile to call Steve.

"Hey Steve, it's Beth do you remember that story we did on the Anthrax deaths in 2009?" Beth asked.
"Yeah DBL. Are they up to their old tricks?" Steve asked suddenly.
"Looks like it according to Mick. An employee of theirs was found poisoned" Beth explained.
"Anthrax again?"
"Nope something worse. Ricin. Steve I need to see those files if you've still got them." She asked in an anxious voice.
"Give me an hour and I'll be right over Steve said hanging up.
"Babe, Steve's on his way with the files, but until he gets here, why don't you help me with his garland" She said with a smile.

Steve pulled up to Mick's apartment with files in hand.
"Thanks Steve! You're a Godsend" Beth said letting him in. Mick grabbed the files and began to pour through them. He shook his head sadly when he read about the people who had died.
"I don't get! Anthrax I understand but this stuff seems to be a death sentence to anyone who handles it and what the hell are they going to do with it? Do we really hate Russia that much?" Mick said grabbing his mobile. "I'm sorry babe, but I have to look into this" He said walking into his office.
"So no Christmas party?" Steve asked.
"He's not backing out of this. He's going to finish what he started" Beth said firmly thinking that the caterers, DJ and servers had already been retained.
"Great, because Lisa and I are really looking forward to it. She said she'd even endure wearing heels!" Steve laughed.
"I'll get those files back to you today" Beth said with smile.

"Hey Logan, it's Mick. I have a job for you and Lucky, but it needs to be done quickly" Mick said
"I thought you working on this party" Logan asked.
"I'm juggling both. I need you to get me everything you can on a guy named Samuel Monroe. He's some kind of Biologist. Logan I need everything on this guy from the cradle" Mick said.
"You got it. What the hell did this guy do?"
"I'm not sure, but something's not right here" Mick replied.
"Okay, give me a few hours. I'll call you back at 2pm"
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Re: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:35 pm

Mick tried to concentrate on what the caterer was saying about menu options but he kept looking at his watch wondering what was taking Logan so long.
"Babe, did you here that?" Beth was saying.
"I'm sorry....what did you say?" Mick asked suddenly looking down at her.
"Mick he was asking whether we wanted just champagne or a combination of sparkling wines!" Beth said in frustration as Mick's mobile started to ring.
"Look, I'm sorry, I have to take this" He said walking away. "Logan, what have you got?" He asked.
"Mick......first of all this guy Samuel was either a vampire or some sort of immortal because he was born in 1910 in San Francisco. He owned an Apothecary that was very successful when San Francisco was still rebuilding from an epic earthquake followed by the great fire. He falls off the grid so to speak for about 20 years but then pops back up in Vienna in the 1950's working with renowned Biochemist Richard Kuhn. Kuhn died in 1967 and Samuel arrives back in the States. I see he worked with Clark Densmore on credentials from Harvard. He used the alias Marvin Heathrow from 1968-1990, then back to Samuel Monroe" Logan said.
"So if this guy was immortal why is he dead?" Mick asked more to himself.
"I also found out some pretty scary stuff about his boss Connor Douglas. This guy was very familiar with vampires before we outed ourselves. His mother was killed by a vamp in the early 70's, although it was chalked up to one of the Zodiac killings, but the M.O. was way off! I'm surprised the M.E. signed off on it. From what I could read of the autopsy report, it was definitely a vamp attack. So this Douglas guy is obsessed with deadly poisons. I think he was trying to find a way to get rid of the undead" Logan said with a heavy sigh. "Mick this is serious." He said finally. Mick swore to himself quietly as he hung up his phone. Beth could tell right away that something serious was going on. She quickly walked over to him.
"Honey what's wrong?" She asked. Mick sat her down on a nearby chair and told her everything. He watched her bright blue eyes grow wide in shock, then fear. "Mick this is.......frightening!" She finally said, getting up and beginning to pace the room. "What are we going to do?" She said.
"First thing is alert Josef and Julian. Can you call Abigail and Zach? We're going to need some serious science" Mick said as he looked around at the room which was beginning to look so beautiful for their party, but now it looked like everything would be on hold. Mick put on his jacket and left for Josef's office.

Josef and Brian listened very carefully to what Mick was telling them.
"So it appears that vampires aren't as indestructible as once thought" Josef said shaking his head slowly.
"Indeed" Brian replied. "What else is known about this Connor Douglas? His personal life, where he lives? Is he married?" Brian asked.
"Son, you can't be thinking about killing his wife and family?" Mick asked in surprise. Brian turned to face his father.
"The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few" Brian said seriously.
"What is it with you and Alma and that Star Trek quote?" Josef asked throwing his hand in the air.
"It is a statement that rings very true in this regard, though I wasn't thinking of killing anyone, but we will need leverage to force this man to stop what he's doing." Brian finished.
"I'm afraid I agree with Brian on this one Mick. This man has figured out a way to destroy all vampires and I for one want to continue existing" Josef said with a grimace.
"What are you suggesting exactly? Kidnapping?" Mick asked. They all looked up as Abigail and Zach walked through the door.
"Please tell me you found something out?" Josef asked.
"First of all there is no antidote for ricin. This poison is not like snake venom when all you need is a shot of anti venom and you're good to go. If someone is exposed to the toxin, all you can do is wash it off your skin immediately and pray for the best, but if you're a vampire this comes with being already dead. We have no immune system to help fight off the toxin so much like silver washing it off is all that can be done, but traces will still be in our system and those traces will eventually kill us" Zach said.
"In 32-76 hours to be exact" Abigail replied.
"I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish I was President again!" Josef said in frustration. "This is what we need to do. End this guy and destroy all his research so it never sees the light of day again". Brian stood up.
"Consider it done" And he vanished before anyone could speak.
"And don't give me that look Mick! This is something that has to be done!" Josef said.

Gideon quickly looked at Darrian as she rested and spoke to her mind. He saw her eyes slowly open.
"What will you do?" She asked placing her hand on his arm. Gideon said nothing for a moment.
"Only what is required" He said getting out of bed and rising to dress. "We should have intervened when this first began" He said.
"Well, you were not born yet and I truly cared not for vampires" Darrian said.
"And look at how things have changed" Gideon said with a smile.
"But sadly Master Gideon, things always stay the same" She said kissing him goodbye.
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Re: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:44 pm

Brian appeared at the Douglas house and very quickly checked all around the house for any trace of anything deadly. Finding nothing he appeared in the house and saw the wife folding laundry. She looked up suddenly in shock.
" you want?" She said beginning to shake in fear. "We don't have much money....I mean I c..can give you what I have" She said, thinking how foolish she sounded by the look of the man, who obviously wouldn't be breaking into houses dressed in a designer suit. Brian slowly walked over to her and saw the fear in her eyes as he placed his hand on her head and she fell to the ground.

"Connor was late again for dinner and he knew his wife was going to tear into him for it. He slowly opened his front door and walked in slowly.
"Mara, before you yell at me, I have a perfectly good reason for being late.." He began to say noticing that he didn't smell any food or hear any sounds coming from the house. "Mara!" He called out walking around. When he didn't see her he immediately began to panic. Then he heard his phone ring and he calmed down. She was mostly likely shopping with her friend Vivian and forgot the time.
"Now it looks like you're the one who's late" Connor joked with a smile.
"I have your wife" The menacing voice said to him.
"Who is this? Where my wife?" Connor said becoming scared.
"Let me tell you how this is going to play out. You will stop your experiments with ricin immediately. If you do not agree, your wife will be fed to a group of very hungry vampires that I happen to be well acquainted with"
"Don't hurt my wife!!" Connor yelled out in anger as he paced trying to figure out what he should do. Vampires were using his wife as leverage so they must know that his formula works. "My wife has nothing to do with my research!"
"But she has everything to do with you. I suppose I should tell her that you really didn't love and would choose your precious work over her know she's sitting right here in front of me. Should I tell her?"
"I don't believe you" Connor replied thinking that this vampire was playing a game.
"Connor don't let them hurt me!" He heard his wife yell out before the phone was taken from her.
"Mara!!! Don't touch her you bastard!" He screamed.

Gideon walked into the research facility. Security guards ran over to him but with a wave of his hands they fell to the floor. He walked from room to room doing the exact same thing until he came to the room he sought. Stupid mortals. He thought to himself. So much power they had and so little intellect to use that power effectively! Gideon fell to his knees and lifted his eyes up and said the words. When he opened his eyes and stood everything was turned to dust. He pulled out his mobile and phone Brian.

Mick looked all around the room, happy that he was able to get his holiday wish after all. He watched all of the people he loved and cared for eating, talking and laughing with one another.
"You did a great job Mick" He heard Beth whisper to him.
"Thanks" He said placing his arm around her. "This is what I always wanted. A loving family. I kind of took a round about way to get here, but I wouldn't change a thing" Mick said beginning to choke up.

"Sir. Where is Gideon? I thought he would be here to celebrate" Brian said.
"He's here in spirit. He can't spend too much time away from Darrian. That's just the way their relationship is, but trust me, he's here" Josef said .
"I don't know how he did it. I thought everyone associated with that facility would have been ripped apart" Brian said.
"No...he's the bringer of peace. Tearing people apart is not his way. Father has something else planned for my son. Besides tearing people apart is our job" Josef said with smirk.

The End
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