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There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:29 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
There's Always Work
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When a powerful vampire faults Mila for losing his case he plots to get rid of her and her firm.

Laurence Hamilton was impeccably dressed as always, but today he took extra care. The IRS had discovered his "creative way" to deal with taxes owed and they weren't thrilled about it. And now he had to appear in court to answer for it. Answer for it? Humans were so delightful when they were angry about money. When he first received the notification he was amused by it, but when they sent one of their men to his place of business to do an audit, he became concerned. Now it seemed they were asking for more!

At a friend's recommendation he consulted with Ferguson and Associates. Their reputation was outstanding and he had heard that they handled all legal matters pertaining to vampires. He had his reservations when he spoke with the head attorney. She looked to be a mere child. Surely this had to be some kind of joke, but after speaking with her he discovered that she was one of those gifted children that parents cross their fingers and hope for. She promised to take his case and commit her very best tax attorneys to finding out what had displeased the IRS. The disdain in her voice when she spoke of humans very much mirrored his own and he felt quite confident in her abilities.

"Mr. Hamilton" The judge said to him as Laurence stood up. "We the court find that you are guilty of Income Tax Evasion and find that you owe the United States Government 1.3 billion dollars" He said striking the gavel down. "This court is adjourned." The judge said walking out of the courtroom.

Laurence stared in disbelief not believing what he just heard. He turned to look at Mila who appeared calm.
"I thought you were able to fix this?" He said in a low growl.
"I told you I would try. This was a slap on the hand compared to them bankrupting your entire company. Tax laws are finite. They can't be overwritten. All you can hope for is a lower cost fee which I got you. That's all anyone can do Mr. Hamilton." Mila said gathering her files and placing them in briefcase.
"Bullshit!!" He said loudly banging his fist on the table. The bailiffs looked sharply over with their hands on their weapons. Mila held her hand up and shook her head at them.
"Mr. Hamilton. If you wish to contest this verdict you will have to file an appeal and if you wish for the vampire Counsel to become involved, I will initiate that for you as well, but my hands are tied. Legally those are your only options" Mila said calmly.
"You are no more than a grifter!!" He said quickly taking off. Mila rolled her eyes. But she wasn't surprised. Where money was concerned vampires and mortals were exactly the same. They both hated giving it up. Laurence Hamilton knew that he had to pay taxes on his corporation and chose not to pay them. The repercussions were on him and him alone.

Mila needs to unwind. She went to one of her favorite watering holes. She walked in and all the men looked up as the very pretty blonde walked in and sat at a table by herself and ordered a bourbon.
One clean cut, professional young man approached her table with a bright smile.
"Would you like some company?" He suavely asked. Mila looked up from her iPad.
"No" She said firmly and went back to what she was doing. The guy looking disappointed walked back to where he was seated at the bar.
"She shot you down huh?" The Bartender said with a joking smile. "Yeah, you're not her type" He said.
"Oh yeah? And just what is her type?" The man asked.
"She comes in here every now and again and takes some lucky fellow home, but she never sees them again. And trust me a few have tried giving her the hard sell but no can do. She only likes the blue collar sort. Policeman, Fireman, Construction workers." The bartender explained looking over at Mila, thinking again that maybe it was time for him to approach her. But he knew he would get turned down like all the others.
"Who is she?" The man asked.
"Nobody knows. She doesn't tell anyone about herself".

Mila laid back in the comfortable bed on her boat sighing in satisfaction. She looked over at the man named Jimmy who was a very honest, hard working on leave Marine.
"That was amazing" She said with a smile still breathing hard.
"You almost killed me" He said jokingly breathing as hard as she was.
"It's been a rough week. I needed this" She said. Jimmy rolled over on his side and began to kiss her nipple.
"You know, I'll be here all week before I'm shipped back to the base" He said with hope in his eyes.
"Best to save your energy for what you must do in Afghanistan". Mila said already becoming bored with Jimmy from Pennsylvania. "Now you have to go" Mila said sitting up and grabbing her robe from the nearby chair.
"I still have some time" He said playfully pulling the sheet back from his beautiful form showing her he was ready for her again. Mila smiled.
"A second time would surely kill you" She said. Jimmy didn't know what it was about the way she said it but it scared him completely. He quickly got up and gathered his uniform and started to put it on.
"How do I get back to my hotel?" He asked in a shaky voice.
"You will see a taxi in the parking lot by the docks, waiting for you" She said sitting down at her vanity brushing her hair from the beautifully tangled mess she had acquired. Tying his laces on his combat boots, he stood rigidly.
"I'll see you around" He said stiffly and awkwardly turning to leave the beautiful boat.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:00 pm

Laurence had Milagra Ferguson followed for the next 6 months and the young woman worked hours that very few vampires could compete with. And she was very consistent in her schedule. She arose early, stopped at a French Bistro for coffee and an almond croissant, worked for 12-16 hours depending on her case load, then went to the gym for martial arts kickboxing, finally ending with a visit to her parents house, then home.
"You have been following the woman for 6 months all you have to show for it is she works hard?" Laurence thundered at the PI, barring his fangs.
"Sir!" The detective said backing up against a wall. "I have more! I promise you! She likes to pick up strange men in bars" He said flipping through his notes. "Every other month or so she will go into a bar and leave with a man who was either there when she arrived or came after she arrived. She takes them to a boat that she owns and its permanently docked at Pier 57" He stammered.
"Now that is very interesting information" Laurence said a plan forming in his mind.

"Have you seen the news?" Abigail asked urgently.
"Abby you know I don't own a tv" Mila responded typing up her notes for the day.
"My dad is on his way over to talk to you" She replied. That got Mila's attention. Something serious must be going on if Brian was on his way. She went into the kitchen and poured a glass of blood for Brian and heard the knock on the door.
"Hi Brian. What's going on?" She asked handing him the drink which he waved away.
"A young man was found murdered. A young firefighter who was last seen with you" Brian said. Mila knew who Brian was talking about.
"Do they know who killed him?" Mila asked in surprise.
"They also found another man a Lt. in the LAPD, also last seen with you." Brian continued.
"Crap! They don't think it's me do they?" Mila replied.
"It makes you a person of interest" Brian said taking a seat in her apartment. "Tell me about these men" Brian said.
"Brian, no offense, but my private life is....well, private" Mila said.
"If the police suspect you, your private life is about to become very open to the public" Brian confided.
"Look Brian, I don't know if I can tell you anything, other than I had sex with both of them, anything else I haven't a clue" Mila said feeling uncomfortable about discussing her sex life with Brian.
"And you never saw them again after your initial contact?" Brian asked.
"No. And I prefer it that way. I don't want to be in a relationship. Everyone knows that" Mila said.
"Carl will be asking you to come to the police station and answer some questions, it would be favorable to go and not protest." Brian said.
"Uncle Brian, of course. In fact, I'll drive there right now to get this over with" Mila said picking up her purse and her keys. Brian grabbed her hand.
"No need" He said and within seconds they were in the police station. Carl saw Brian with Mila in tow and waved them over to his office.
"Mila, sorry to have you come in like this but we saw you leave with the victims on the Brass Tavern's surveillance system" Carl said.
"No problem Carl, I understand completely" Mila said taking a seat.
"Tell me about these two men?" Carl asked .
"Danny O'Brien the firefighter I met at the bar. He came in with some other firefighters from his squad. We started talking and we hit it off immediately and I invited him over for drinks on my boat at Pier 57. We had pretty good sex and he left." Mila said in all honesty. Carl looked at her in surprise remembering that Mila was of age.
"How did he leave?" Carl asked.
"He left a little too pleased with himself. He really wasn't great in the sex department...I.."
"Stop!!" Carl and Brian both said at the same time.
"I meant what method of transportation?"
"Oh, of course. I have a taxi on hand for these interludes so they can leave right afterwards" Mila said.
"I'm going to need the name and number of the taxi service you use. Other than his profession did you know anything about him. Did he tell you about himself?" Carl asked.
"No. I try to discourage that sort of thing for 3 reasons. 1. I don't care, 2. Sharing promotes intimacy, which is something I don't want from them and 3.I don't care". Mila said. "He tried to tell me about his life but I placed my hands down his pants to shut him up" She said with a smile of remembrance. Brian shuddered. This was very much the same feeling he had when Abigail told him she wanted to have sex. But the Nosferatu blood in Mila's system which had helped her heal as an infant had now become a part of her sexuality. "How were they killed?" Mila asked with curiosity.
"They were shot. 22 caliber to the back of the head" Carl said watching her response and seeing that very much like Brian her face was unreadable. "Listen Mila, I want you to stay away from the Brass Tavern until we find out more about these two guys. Can you promise me that?" Carl asked staring hard at her so she would understand the situation was serious.
"Yes" She said standing up. "Can you take me home?" She asked Brian. He nodded but Carl stopped him.
"Did any of these men know where you lived?"
"No. They didn't even know my last name." She said.
"Alright" Carl sighed. Brian took Mila back to her apartment but came right back to Carl's office.
"You thought of something?" Brian asked.
"Well, what if we're dealing with a jealous ex. He's eliminating all of the men that Mila chooses. It's happened before". Carl said. "I'm thinking of this because we may have to place Mila in protective custody, because if that's what we're dealing with, the jilted lover usually ends his murderous spree by killing the woman he claims to love" Carl finished.
"I will take some time off and watch over Mila myself" Brian said.
"That's a great idea Brian" Carl said.

"Sir. Milagra Ferguson was seen at the police station. She was questioned but released." The PI said.
"So let's up our game" Laurence said with grin.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:56 pm

Two months had passed by and the police had no information or motive as to who shot the men who were found.

Mila had heard nothing about the murders so she carried on with her life as usual. After a rather long meeting with Judge Pennington on an impending vampire case of fraud that was coming up, Mila needed a stiff drink. She walked into the The Dubliner Irish Pub in downtown Los Angeles and ordered a Jameson's neat. As she sipped her whiskey a handsome, rather muscular man walked up to her.
"Now in Dublin where I'm from, a man who's mother raised him properly would ask the woman sitting alone if she wanted company so the bottoms of the dregs wouldn't bother her" He said in his adorable Irish accent. Mila smiled at the man.
"If you're offering, then have a seat." Mila said motioning to the empty seat across from her own.
"I'll let no man lay a hair upon you" He said giving her a little bow at the waist before sitting down.
"I've haven't been to Ireland, are all men as gallant as you?" Mila asked teasingly.
"I'm afraid, I am the last of me kind" He said holding out his hand to her. "Duncan Walsh at your disposal" He said.
"Mila. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance" Mila said accepting his hand and shaking it firmly.
"You have a strong grasp for such a wee woman" He said. "So what brings you out this fine evening?" He said sipping his own whiskey.
"Simply having a drink to wind down" She said.
"What ya drinking there?" He said pointing at her glass
"Jameson's. Is there a better whiskey?" She joked knowing an Irishman would stand behind a product of his own country.
"No in my opinion although a friend told me that everyone here was partial to the Scottish whiskeys" He said.
"Perhaps, but my choice will always be this" She said holding her glass to clink against his.
"What grand taste you have lassie" He said with a wide smile. After Mila finished her drink she turned her glass upside down signalling the server that she was done.
"So you're on your way then?" He asked with a grin.
"Alas, I am. It was very nice meeting you......" She said then stopped.
"Would you mind a wee bit of company?" He asked standing up. Mila smiled demurely.
"I think I'd like that very much" She said.

"Hi Mom, Dad!" Mila said as she walked into the house.
"Hey Mila" Amy said walking towards her to give her a hug. "How are things?" She asked taking Mila in the kitchen with her.
"Everything is well. Work is very busy" Mila said taking a wine bottle from the fridge and began to open it. "Where's dad?" Mila asked noticing that he wasn't around.
"Oh he's in his office finishing up a job for Mick. He'll be out in a minute" Amy said flipping the pork chops over and placing some apples in the pan.
"That smells great mom" Mila said looking over her mom's shoulder amazed at how everything she cooked was amazing!
"Hey M! Give your dad a hug" Ted said walking into the kitchen.
"Hi dad" Mila said giving him a big hug.
"What's this I hear about a boyfriend of yours getting shot?" Ted said looking down at his daughter.
"Wait! What?" Amy said in surprise.
"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. And they weren't my boyfriends." She said.
"They? You're losing me sweetie" Ted said shaking his head in confusion.
"Two men that I went out with were shot. Carl had me come into the police station to answer questions. It was no big deal, but I thought I should tell you" She said grabbing the plates and starting to set the table.
"Do they have a suspect?" Ted asked thinking he would call Brian after dinner. Mila shrugged her shoulders.
"Who knows. I didn't know anything about them really other than what they did for a living, so I could tell Carl very little" Mila replied.
"Maybe you should move back home Mila....." Amy started to say.
"Mom I'm fine. Honestly I am. Its just weird that I knew both men" Mila said.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

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When Mila finally left her parent's house she decided at the last minute to stay the night on her boat and when she pulled into her reserved parking space, she saw a figure leaning against her boat. She angrily got out of her car and walked quickly over.
"Hey asshole!! Get off my boat!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. Henry Corea who also had a boat docked at Pier 57 came quickly out of his boat with his shotgun in hand.
"You need me to call the police Mila?" He shouted out to her. As Mila got closer to the boat she saw it was Duncan. She let out a sigh of relief. He was leaning against her boat with a grin on his face.
"Did you just call me an arsehole?" He said chuckling to himself.
"Yeah I did. What are you doing here?" She asked in surprise.
"Mila! Are you okay!" Henry called running to her side and looking at the man trying to size him up.
"Please don't shoot. I mean the lass no harm, I promise" Duncan said holding up his hands.
"I'm fine Henry. I know him." Mila said laying a hand on his arm. Henry took one last look at Duncan before turning back to his boat.
"That's one hell of a security system you have" he said jokingly.
"Answer my question. Why are you here?" Mila asked again.
"Well considering that this is your very own boat and I only just became acquainted with Old Henry there, I'd say I'm here to see you" He said with a smirk.
"Ok. What do you want Duncan?" Mila asked finding his surprise visit daring and idiotic at the same time.
"Well, I was on me own in this very strange city, wondering what to do with myself, when just out of nowhere came an idea. I have some mates that are playing tonight at The Lark and I thought if I only had a bonnie lass to accompany me the night would be right perfect" He said with a dazzling smile.
"And I take it, I am said bonnie lass?" Mila asked with grin.
"Right you are! What do ya say?" He said holding out his arm to her. Mila stared at him for a few seconds, many thoughts going through her mind. She had never dated before, finding the whole ritual ridiculous. Why put up with all of that nonsense when what you basically wanted was sex? But there was something different about Duncan Walsh. Something very different.
"Alright. I accept." She said walking over to him and taking his arm. Duncan looked down at her office apparel. The suit and the high heels.
"You might want to change darlin'" He said looking down at her.

"Have you found her?" Laurence asked.
"She has not been seen at her usual haunts. I have three men checking locations next to her apartment and next to the Pier" The PI said.
"Good" Laurence replied.

Duncan looked at Mila in the tight jeans, short sleeved blouse and ballerina flats and smiled.
"Much better." He said with a big smile. "Now you look like a lass who's up for a drink and a jig" He said taking her hand.
"Am I supposed to know what a jig is?" Mila asked with a smile.
"I need to take you to Ireland, you poor deprived lass" Duncan said shaking his head.

The PI saw Mila walking off her boat with a young man. He quietly took photos from afar, thinking that Laurence would love this.

When they arrived at the Lark the place was just starting to fill up. Duncan took her quickly to the bar.
"Duncan you eejit! Where on earth have you been?" The bartender called out to him.
"Hard at work. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Mila. Mila this ogre is me best mate Colm" Duncan said.
"Now how does a loser like you get a beautiful lass like this?" He joked pouring Duncan a whiskey. "What can I get for you?" Colm said leaning towards Mila.
"I'll have what he's having, no ice" Mila said.
"Woman knows how to drink her whiskey" Colm said pouring her a drink. "The band is about to start. You two best grab a table" He said. Duncan found them a table right in the middle with a clear view of the stage. When the band came out the bar went wild. Everyone began to cheer and dance. Mila had never seen anything like it in her life. Her bright blue eyes were wide with excitement.

"I must say Mila, you are a rare one" Duncan said smiling down on her as they left the Lark. "Was that your first concert?" He asked.
"Yes it was as a matter of fact" Mila said still in wonder at what she saw. "I work quite a bit"
"There's a lot more to life than just work. Now don't get me wrong, me mum used to say its grand to be blessed with work, but all the time is not good for the body or soul" He said with a smile.
"Maybe you're right" Mila said hardly believing those words came out of her mouth. And to make things more unbelievable, she actually wanted to know everything about this man. "So what do you do Duncan Walsh?" She asked. Duncan stopped walking and stared down at her.
"I thought knowing about each other was frowned upon?" He said with a raised eyebrow. Mila shrugged her shoulders.
"Now you have me interested" She said in a nonchalant way.
"I run me own carpentry business. I build things for the Hollywood elite" He said.
"That's it?"
"Ahh, the lass wants more. You are living on the wild side tonight aren't ya? Well me da was a carpenter. A very good one. He taught me the tricks of the trade and when I decided to come to America, I'd saved a pretty good sum to start my own business. Got a great crew together and got to work. But so far so good" He said. "And you? What's your story?" He asked with teasing grin.
"I'm an attorney for Ferguson and Associates." Mila said thinking how much she wanted to tell him everything.
"I know I'm new to the States, but don't they have age limits?" He asked.
"I was a child prodigy. I had passed the bar exam before I turned 19" She said.
"Impriúil" Duncan said falling back into Gaelic. "So I suppose there's no pulling the wool over on you" He joked.
"I would say it's impossible" Mila said
"So are ya working on some big case?" He asked.
"No comment" She said in all seriousness looking up at him.
"I only ask because that eejit over there has been following us for a while and taking pictures. Don't turn around. Do you want to call on Henry or will you trust me to bring him over to you?" He asked.
"Don't bother. I'm sure its nothing." Mila said as they got closer to her boat. "Would you like to come in?" She asked.
"More than you know" He said placing his arm around her shoulder.

The PI saw them get on the boat and knew he could do no more for now.

Mila felt different. And her vampire partners were the first to notice.
"What has happened?" Malcolm who handled her civil litigation department asked. "You look......unfocused" He said finally. Mila looked up at him realizing that she had heard nothing of what he said.
"I.....I'm sorry Malcolm. What were you saying?" She said sitting up in her chair and staring at him.
"Mila......are you blushing? I do believe you are. What has come upon you? Surely that blush is not for me, for I am old enough to be your........." He said with a grin.
"I do not blush!" Mila snapped at his insinuation. "If anything, I'm tired." She said picking up her coffee which was now cold.

Laurence set his final plans into motion. By the end of the day Mila Ferguson will be in jail and his case will be thrown out. He could hardly wait to see her pretty little face on the evening news!
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

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"So, it is good to hear that you are not in prison" Abigail said.
"Well, I didn't kill those men so that may have a lot to do with it" Mila replied to her best friend.
"But you know there are so many who are in jail for crimes they did not commit, so that is an invalid point".
"True Abigail. But it has got me to wondering if someone was trying to set me up. It has to be a mortal. No vampire would go against me in this fashion, knowing that Kostan Industries would see personally to their punishment" Mila said with a smile.
"That is very true. I can't see a vampire taking that kind of a risk, but your dealings with mortals are very limited, sexual relationships aside. So why this grand escapade? Did you steal someone's boyfriend?" Abigail asked.
"That's very possible. But I do make a point to ask if they are in a relationship, but mortal men will lie to get what they want" Mila said thinking if any of then men she shared her bed with had been lying.
"Logan!" They both said at one.
"At least you know if you're on the right track" Abigail said.
"Yes. I wouldn't want anything to happen to Duncan...." Mila said absently then stopped talking.
"And who is Duncan?" Abigail asked listening to Mila's rapid heartbeat. Mila said nothing at first. "you might as well tell me because the normal heartbeat range for someone your age is 100-170 beats per minute and yours is now registering at 230 beats per minute" Abigail said with a small smile.
"An Irishman I met last week. He's very nice. That's all!" Mila said in frustration.
"As you wish Mila. But when this is over you will tell me then" Abigail said confidently.

The PI went to Mila's boat on Pier 57. After checking whether anyone was around he slipped onto the boat and installed the surveillance camera making sure it was well hidden.

"You know, I'd very much like for you to see my place. Its very special to me as it was the first thing I had done all on my own when I first relocated here." Duncan said holding her hand over the dinner table.
"I'd really like that" Mila said with a smile.
"Really? Tonight?" he asked hopefully.
"I'm all yours." Mila said placing her napkin down on the table becoming very excited to see his place. It had been over a week since they had met and they had not been sexually intimate. They had laid on her bed and talked for hours or listened to music, but it always ended with a passionate kiss at the door and his promise to see her again. "Where do you live?" Mila asked as Duncan paid the tab and Stood up to offer her his hand.

"I have loft space right off Pershing Square. When I first moved here, the warehouse space was in despair. I purchased it for a very low price, then I proceeded to refurbish the entire structure. I even got a write-up in the L.A. Times". He said smiling at her as they walked away from the restaurant.
"I can't wait to see it" Mila said becoming very excited to see his work.
"Well, wait no more lass" Duncan said moving her to a building that was around the corner from where they just ate. Mila stared up at the building. Since she had no idea what the building looked like before all she could do was stare at the gorgeous structure in front of her.
"Duncan, this is amazing!" She said as he led her into the building.
"The lower levels are used for my business and the top two floors are mine". Duncan said pressing the button for the elevator.

Mila stepped inside and had to admire the layout of the loft. It was breathtaking.
"So what do you think?" Duncan asked with a smile.
"I'm starting to hate my condo" Mila said walking around the space. "With all these large open windows, don't you ever worry about privacy? This is the age of drones you know?" She asked with a grin. Duncan pressed a button on the wall behind her and she
watched as shades began to lower on every window.
"Problem solved love! No bastard will be selling shots of me in me birthday suit!" He joked pulling her into an embrace. "And they definitely won't see me doing this" He said as he bent down to kiss her.

The PI and a partner of his stood by the docks waiting for Miss Ferguson and her boyfriend to come back. They waited all night long and nothing. He called his other partners who were staking out her apartment building and they hadn't shown up there either. He'd have to call Laurence and tell him that his plan was placed on hold for the present.

Mila fell back on the bed trying to catch her breath. Duncan had done what no other man had been able to do. He made her feel something. When the orgasm washed over her she cried at the beauty of that perfect moment. Duncan pulled her into his arms.
"I will follow you anywhere Mila. Forever" Duncan said.
"How do say promise in Gaelic?" Mila asked looking into his eyes.
"Gealltanas" He said. The words sounding like music to her ears.
"I love you" She said wondering how the words came out of her mouth.
"And I love you Mila Ferguson" He said. He saw her eyes open wide. "There aren't too many child prodigies in the legal field love" He said with a smile hugging her tightly. "I'll never let you go and I will protect you with everything that I am" He said.

"WHERE IS SHE?!!!!!" Laurence thundered. "I want her found!! The Courts are asking for payment at the end of the week! Find her and kill whoever she's with! I want her face plastered all over the media and a murderer!! I've paid you a fortune to make this happen so make it happen!!" He screamed, eyes glowing bright red and fangs that looked primed to take everyone in room out. The PI hired one more person that he knew could be counted on to make things happen.
"Roland, I need your help man" He said.
"How much?"
"Quarter of a mil" He replied.
"I'll see you first thing in the morning" He said hanging up. The PI hated calling Roland. He was effective but messy, and messy was always hard to explain away.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

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Roland sat down in the PI's office.
"Who's the target?" He asked. The PI pulled out a folder and laid photos onto of his desk.
"This woman here. Her name if Milagra Ferguson. She's an attorney and let's just say that my client was very unhappy with her services."
"I take it your client lost their case" Roland said with a smirk. Typical rich guy stuff. He thought to himself.
"Yeah. Anyway, the only way my client gets off scot free......"
"I got it. You want her discredited" He replied.
"Yes. My client wanted her brought up on murder charges. So a couple of guys she hooked up with were murdered, but it didn't produce the results he wanted. He needs something quick. The courts are requesting his payment by the end of this week." The PI explained. "This is a guy she's been with lately. It must be serious because she's still seeing him. The others were one night stands. This guy means something to her. I figured you could use that as leverage." He finished sliding all the information over.
Roland picked up the folder.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked. The PI reached inside his desk drawer and pulled out the envelope.
"There. $250k as we discussed" He said.
"2 days tops" he said walking away.

"How do your parents feel about you representing vampires?" Duncan asked throwing his fishing line in the water.
"They're fine with it. All of their best friends are vampires, so it made sense to me to start a firm that handled the needs of vampires now that they're mainstreaming so to speak" She explained.
"You are a remarkable lass Mila. Truly remarkable" He said.
"So how long does this fishing last?" Mila asked.
"One never knows. Most times it takes hours to catch anything..." Duncan said as he felt a tug on his line. "Or it can happen right quick, like now!" He said standing up and reeling the fish in. "Aye! Look at that beauty!" He said holding up his line. "That's an Eagle Trout. That'll make a grand supper" He said.
"I don't know how to cook. In fact, I've never tried to cook. Ever" She said.
"So that's why you kept me around!" He joked.
"Mr. Walsh, you are a man of many talents" Mila said with a smile.

Roland saw the female attorney and her companion dock at Pier 57. The woman looked young. So young that he could hardly believe that she was an attorney, but he had found out that she was one of those freak genius kids who skip elementary school and attend college. He saw her and the boyfriend wave to an old man on another boat also docked. He thought for a moment and then he saw the perfect plan unfolding in his mind. When the couple got into their car, he waited until they had driven away and then he took off to go get the things he would need.

"You know, I can build you a small kitchen on your boat" Duncan said. "So next time, I can fix you up a grand seafood feast without ever leaving the ocean" He said with a smile.
"You know, I was going to go for a larger boat, but I knew no one would really be on it with exception to me, so......" She started to say.
"Aye, but that was before true love came and knocked you over!" He said laughing.
"That it did" Mila said thinking that she was so remarkably happy right now and she never wanted it to end.

"I really like him" Amy whispered to Ted when Mila showed Duncan the kitchen so he could get busy cooking.
"He is really nice" Ted whispered back. "This is good for Mila. She is always too focused on her work and all the things that go on in our world. She needs this" Ted confirmed. In next to no time Duncan sat a perfectly braised trout in lemon butter with green bean and shallots with thick slices of olive bread.
"You know Duncan my mother is a fabulous cook and this rivals some of her cooking! Sorry mom" Mila said smiling.
"She's right Duncan! This is delicious! So flaky!" Amy said closing her eyes as she savored a bite. "Are you sure you didn't study somewhere?"
"No one but me own ma. Herself could make a five course meal out of potatoes, Guinness, Quail and button onions! The woman was a marvel" Duncan said with pride.

After dinner Duncan insisted on cleaning up while Mila visited with her parents.
"Mila I adore him!" Amy said softly.
"I do too mom. In fact, I love him" Mila said with a shy smile.
"And he returned the sentiment?" Amy asked.
"Of course he did! She's our beautiful intelligent daughter!" Ted said standing up so he could hug Mila. "I am so happy for you" He said kissing the top of her head. Duncan came back from the kitchen.
"Well I've tidied up all that I mucked up!" He said with hearty laugh.
"We have to go, we promised Duncan's friend that we'd stop by to hear a band he's auditioning for the bar". Mila said running over to her mother and giving her a big hug. "He said he loved me too" She whispered. Duncan walked over to Ted and held out his hand.
"I promise to take grand care of her sir. No harm will ever come to her" Duncan said sternly.
"Thank you Duncan" Ted said with a smile.

Mila and Duncan arrived back at the Pier and saw a flurry of Police activity. They quickly go out of the car and an officer approached them.
"I'm sorry but this pier is blocked off." He said.
"But that's my boat!" Mila said anxiously. "Was there a robbery? Is Henry alright?" She asked, thinking that maybe the guy who was following her and Duncan got into an altercation with Henry.
"Mam, what is your name?" The officer asked.
"Milagra Ferguson" She answered.
"Lt! This is the Ferguson woman!" He called out to another officer.
"Milagra Ferguson. You have the right to remain silent" He began to say. Mila said nothing as they placed the handcuffs on her.
"I'll get you out of here" Duncan said in anger as they led her to the squad car.
"Sir, what is your name?" The officer asked.
"Duncan Michael Patrick Walsh" He said. The officer who was also Irish, froze at the familiar name.
"I'm sorry sir, but the Lt. said she was to be taken into custody the moment she returned" The officer stammered.
"On what charge?" Duncan asked.
"Murder. Her neighbor Henry Corea. A witness placed her at the scene" The officer replied.
"Who is this witness? I'd like to hear this from him!" Duncan said.
"I don't know sir. I really don't." The officer said.
"I want to know who the witness is so I can rip them apart! Mila has been with me from sun up to sun down. We just came back from dinner with her parents" Duncan said. "When did this witness say he saw her?"
"They said she was seen around 11am coming from Mr. Corea's boat with blood on her hands" The officers replied.
"But she was with me!" Duncan thundered. "Have you spoken with the Harbor Patrol?"
"Yes. The Harbor Patrol is the witness" The officer finally said.

Duncan sped away for his car and called his mate Colm.
"What's up you eejit!" Colm said loudly.
"The police have arrested my girl" Duncan said.
"What for?" Colm asked in concern.
"Murder. They said she murdered her neighbor Henry Corea, but Colm she was with me the whole of the day and evening. Never left me sight for a moment"
"So you're thinking a frame up?" Colm asked becoming excited knowing that Duncan would want some help taking care of the rat bastards that did this.
"Yeah. The police said they had a witness that saw her coming from the dead man's boat around 11, but I picked Mila up at 10am and we went sailing the whole morning and afternoon" Duncan explained.
"Who's the lying bastard?"
"The Harbor Patrol. Colm they are the witness!"
"So much for keeping the docks safe."
"Who is in charge over there?"
"A complete waste of a man named Conrad Barns. Which means somebody paid him to say this garbage. What do you want to do?"
"I'm going to get my lass out of jail but you can do what is right" Duncan said.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:33 pm

Mila was calm all through the booking and didn't say a word to protest her innocence. Then she was placed in a holding cell with some women who looked like they were just itching for a confrontation.
"Hey Blondie!!" One of them called out to her with her posse slowly walking behind her. "What the hell did you do to get locked up?" She asked with a chuckle. "Let me guess! Tried to buy some drugs off an undercover? Yeah that sounds like something an airhead blonde would do" She joked. Mila didn't say anything, but she could already feel her anger boiling. "You offed your daddy because he didn't buy you that cherry red corvette?" She joked again. Mila still remained silent. "What? You think you're too good to talk to us!!" The woman screamed at her. Mila stood up to all of her 5'3" and faced the woman.
"Yes I am too good for you if you want to know the truth, but you already knew that, didn't you?" Mila said staring straight at the woman.
"You're not in your penthouse anymore Blondie! You're in my town!" The woman said walking up to Mila and standing mere inches from her.
"You come here so often that you call jail your town?" Mila asked with a joking grin. The woman balled her hands into fist and proceeded to try and punch Mila in the face, but Mila caught her fist in her tiny hand, grabbed her arm, and pushed her to the ground with her arm behind her.
"You're breaking my arm you bitch!!" The woman screamed with tears in her eyes.
"I can't wait to tell my Uncle Josef Kostan about you" Mila said Looking down on the woman. "Tell him about all of you. Trust me, he won't be pleased" Mila said letting the woman's arm go and walking back to where she had been sitting. All the women started to whisper to each other discussing the ramifications of having someone like Josef Kostan after them.

Duncan walked into the police station carrying a duffel bag filled with cash.
"I need to pay bail for someone" He said to the officer at the desk.
"Name of the person you're paying for?" The officer asked without looking up.
"Milagra Ferguson" Duncan replied.
"Bail hasn't been set. You'll have to come back tomorrow" The officer said.
"Then I'd like to speak with who's in charge" Duncan said.
"Wait right there" The officer said as he picked up the phone.

"WHAT!!!" Carl thundered when he got the call. He hung up the phone and ran all the way to booking.
"Officer Tate, I'm ordering you to release Mila Ferguson right now!!" Carl ordered.
"Sir....she was arrested for possible murder!" The officer said.
"Release her now!" Carl ordered again. The officer turned around and walked towards the cells to let Mila out.
"Mila!" Carl called to her when he reached the jail cell.
"Carl!" Mila said walking towards him.
"Mila we have to talk" He said walking her back to his office. Duncan saw Mila walking with a man who looked to be a detective.
"Mila!!" Duncan yelled out. Mila quickly turned and ran to Duncan wrapping her arms around him. "I've come to bail you out" Duncan said kissing her lips.
"Who is this"? Carl asked.
"I'm her boyfriend Duncan Walsh" Duncan said confidently. He watched Carl's eyebrows shoot up.
"Boyfriend"? Carl asked looking at Mila with a grin.
"We were together all day, so this murder charge is bullocks!" Duncan said in anger.
"Come on, let's go to my office and talk" Carl said ushering them into his office and shutting the door. Mila took a seat and held onto Duncan's hand.
"Carl I seriously don't know what's going on. I could never hurt Henry! He and I were really good friends". Mila explained.
"Look Carl...." Duncan began to say.
"I know you want to help but I need to hear this from Mila right now" Carl said. Duncan nodded. "Someone is obviously trying to frame you so we need to go back a bit. What are working on?" Carl asked.
"Nothing at the moment. The last case I had I won in favor of my client." Mila answered.
"Have you lost any cases recently?" Carl asked. Mila looked up at Carl suddenly. How could I not have thought about this sooner Mila thought to herself. "What is it Mila?" Carl asked
"Laurence Hamilton! I defended him in an income tax evasion case. He was ordered to pay back over 1 billion dollars! He was extremely upset, although when I took the case he was looking at filing for bankruptcy. The guy simply never paid taxes and thought that because he was vampire, he could get away with it. I never told him that I could get the charges dropped, but what he was ordered to pay back was a mere fraction of his wealth" Mila said.
"When were you at the Pier last?" Carl asked.
"Duncan and I went fishing at around 10 in the morning and we didn't dock back until 3pm. We picked up some grocery and drove to my parents house for dinner and were just getting back when I was arrested" Mila replied. Carl was busy writing everything down then he reached for his phone.
"Mick, it's Carl. Can you come down to the station?" He said.

Mick saw Carl talking to Mila and a young man he had never seen before. Carl waved him over.
"What's going on?" Mick asked.
"It looks like someone's trying to frame Mila for murder. A couple of months ago two men that Mila dated were found with gun shots to the head. The trail is cold on both those cases, but now Mila's neighbor was murdered and the Harbor Patrol said Mila was in the vicinity." Carl explained to Mick.
"Who are you?" Mick asked looking at Duncan.
"Mila's boyfriend" Carl said with a small smile. Mick looked surprised for a moment before holding out his hand.
"Mick St. John" Mick said shaking the young man's hand.
"Duncan Walsh" He replied. "Please to make your acquaintance"
"Okay, first things first. Do you have an alibi Mila?" Mick asked.
"We went fishing early in the day around 10am, came back to the dock at 3pm, went shopping for dinner at The Farmer's Market, then showed up at mom and dad's at 5:30pm. We'd just gotten back when I was arrested" Mila said.
"Wait? You were arrested"? Mick asked in surprise.
"Yeah. Finger printed and everything" Mila said sadly thinking about what this would do to her career not to mention her reputation.
"Mila told me that she handle an income tax evasion case for Laurence Hamilton and the outcome wasn't to his liking" Carl said.
"He didn't pay taxes" Mila said simply.
"Laurence knows the rules. He should have known better". Mick said.
"I don't think he cares about that if this is any indication" Carl replied.
"Looks like I'm paying Larry a visit" Mick said. "Duncan, you think you can keep an eye on Mila for me?" Mick asked.
"Me word is me bond" He said in all seriousness.

Roland knew the young attorney would get bail, so he had a fool proof way to see her pretty butt taken care of. He would shoot her execution style then lead the police to the vampire stooge he had picked out. Hamilton's case would be overturned no problem he thought.
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Re: There's Always Work by Ella713 Rated PG

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"A Mr. St John to see you" Laurence's assistant said to him. Laurence stood up with a bright smile. He had always enjoyed Mr. St. John and always praised Coraline on her choice.
"Well, well, well!" He said as he saw Mick stride into his office. "Mick St. John! Looking as good as ever!" He said with a seductive grin. Mick rolled his eyes. Laurence Hamilton had been flirting with him since Coraline had first introduced them.
"Laurence. We need to talk" Mick said.
"Finally!!" He said clapping his hands.
"Taxes" Mick said sternly. "Is it true? You know that if you're going to set up any kind of a business, you have to pay your taxes! Counsel is very clear on this" Mick said. "And stay away from Milagra Ferguson! She was trying to help you and your penalty fees aren't her fault they're yours!" Mick said loudly.
"Mick, I have no idea what you're talking about. I paid my paltry fine two days ago" Laurence said innocently. Mick watched him carefully and knew he was lying.
"Whatever. It's your funeral" Mick said turning to leave.
"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Laurence asked.
"It means that Josef Kostan helped Milagra start her firm and has a very keen interest in what's going on surrounding it. I'll send him your love" Mick said walking out of his office and slamming the door shut. Laurence stood in his place frozen. He had no idea that his attorney had Kostan's backing. He quickly picked up his phone to ring the PI and tell him the job was off.

The PI listened to what Hamilton was saying.
"It's too late. You said you wanted the attorney dead, so I called in a favor. It can't be stopped" The PI said sadly.
"I don't care what you have to do to stop it, but do it you must!! Tell your contractor, I will pay him 2 million dollars to call this off!" Laurence said.
"I'll try.......what do I get for....." The PI began to say but Laurence interrupted him.
"Two million for you as well!!" Laurence screamed as he hung up the phone. The PI smiled as he phoned Roland to let him know that the hit was called off and he would be getting a fortune for his troubles.

"Listen, I have to get back to the office. Malcolm has a conference call from India that I must join" Mila said to Duncan as they pulled up to her building.
"I know you are a hardworking lass, but I will be at your side until this is finished" Duncan said opening her door and helping her out of the car. "The police Captain's friend made me promise to not let you out of me sight and I always keep my word" Duncan said.
"Your word is your bond" Mila replied with a smile.
"That it is" Duncan said.
They walked into the office building and pressed the button for the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors opened a shot rang out and Mila was laying on the floor with a gun shot wound to her stomach.
Duncan quickly took off his shit and pressed it to Mila's wound. He yelled out to his mother praying that she would hear him and come quickly. He saw a bright light and a young man in a suit knelt down at his side.
"Did me mother send you?" Duncan asked anxiously.
"Yes. Don't worry. Mila will be alright" He said touching her wound lightly with his hand. Duncan watched as he saw the wound close up and Mila's eyes open.
"I think I just got shot" She said looking at Duncan.
"Aye, you did, but everything is well and taken care of" Duncan said taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. Mila felt all along her torso, then sat up and saw that there was no wound at all!
"B....but how?" She began to ask.
"Me mum sent someone to help" He replied.
"What are you?" Mila gasped.
"Just a man lass. Me mum on the other hand, is quite extraordinary" He said with a smile.

Laurence Hamilton realized too late that he just should have paid the fine and gone on with his business and existence in tact. But as he watched Katrina tear the PI, the Harbor Patrol Officer and Roland apart with her bare hands, he couldn't fathom what would be done to him. Katrina's face was drenched in blood as she slowly walked towards Laurence smiling.

"I want to thank you for all you did" Ted said with a small smile.
"Of course" Darrian said with a wave of her hand. "I knew my son would be a good match for her. They will be very happy together" She said.
"Well, I better get back to work. Would you thank Gideon as well?" Ted said before turning to leave.
"I didn't know you had a son!" Josef exclaimed.
"I actually have a few hundred scattered around the earth." Darrian said dismissively. "But Duncan was always my favorite" Josef shook his head and laughed.
"Is there anything else you're not telling me?" Josef asked taking his leave.

"Lots" Darrian said to herself.

The End
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