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$1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:12 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
$1000 Bet
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Josef makes a bet with Mick that he couldn't solve a crime without using his powers and Mick accepts the challenge.

"Look, all I'm saying is that your vamp abilities give you a bit of an edge." Josef said with a smirk.
"I don't always have to use my abilities to close a case. There's a lot more to the detective part than vamp abilities. You have to trust your brain and your instincts" Mick explained. "Carl solves dozens of cases and he has no abilities whatsoever, other than he's a damn good cop"
"So you're saying you can solve a case without using any of your vampire prowess whatsoever?" Josef asked in surprise.
"Yeah. I'm confident enough to answer yes to that question" Mick said smiling.
"Alright, let's make a wager. The next case you get you have to solve it with no vamp abilities at all! No throwing suspects around, no smelling, no fang showing to scare the crap out of anyone". Josef challenged.
"Am I allowed to defend myself or run quickly away to avoid being shot?" Mick asked.
"Of course, but that's all. Do you accept?" Josef asked.
"What will I get other than the joy of rubbing your face in my success?" Mick joked.
"Let's say $1,000. And you can't cheat!" Josef said pointing at Mick.
"I never cheat" Mick said in surprise.
"That's exactly what a cheater would say" Josef joked.

Carl was glad that the Summer was winding down. Even thought he lived in Los Angeles where it was sunny all throughout the year, crime still climbed during the Summer months, so when he got the call that a well known City Council member had been found in his car stabbed multiple times he wasn't surprised.

"Ok Felix, what you got?" Carl said walking towards the Medical Examiner.
"A dead Councilman's what I got" Felix said.
"You recognize him?" Carl asked.
"Nah. His credentials told me that." Felix said holding out the dead man's wallet. "It was lying on the seat across from him. Picked clean. No credit cards, cash, photos. Everything taken but his court identification card" Felix answered. "Cause of death is stabbing as in over 20 times! Somebody really wanted this man dead" He finished
"Well this location is kind of isolated, and i can't see a council member driving out here by himself. He had to be with someone, maybe a woman that wasn't his wife." Carl said thinking this was something that happened all the time.
"Yep, most likely a woman. Most of the wounds are not forceful enough to be a man, unless it was a boy and this was his first killing" Felix said.
"Well, have the scene taped off and get me a tox screen as soon as you can" Carl said walking away.

The word got out pretty quickly that Councilman Don LaForge was found murdered in his car and everyone was shocked because Don LaForge was actually someone people trusted. He was an honest man who worked hard for the citizens of Los Angeles, making sure that big business and corporations didn't destroy his city. He helped get the area homeless into shelters and got them involved in work programs so they could earn their way in life and he was the sure shot for re-election and now he was dead.

As an officer the spouse was always the first suspect, but after Mrs. LaForge had been notified of her husband's murderer she had to be sedated and admitted to Mercy General and also after checking her whereabouts, her alibi was rock solid. After moving on to friends, neighbors and co-workers, Carl had hit a brick wall. Finally he did the inevitable. He called Mick.

Mick was sitting in his office listening to Bessie Smith and going through his old case files when the phone rang.
"Mick St. John" He answered.
"Hey man, its Carl. I'm sorry to call you on a Sunday but I need your help with a case. Councilman Don LaForge was found dead in Laurel Canyon. 30 stab wounds. And the Mayor wants the perp found and hogtied. My men have already spoken to everyone connected with with the councilman and we've hit a wall. Basically man, this guy was an honest to goodness saint and we can't find anything that would suggest that someone had it in for him" Carl said with a sigh.
"When you first looked at the scene what were you thinking?" Mick asked.
"Well between you and me, I thought a woman was mixed up in this. Either he was cheating on his wife and was trying to break it off and the girlfriend got mad and stabbed him in a fit of rage, or it was a hit. Someone had him drive to a secluded area." Carl explained. Mick listened to Carl and what he explained was most likely the cause.
"I'm more inclined to agree with you. It's not pretty but it isn't rocket science" Mick said.
"Can you still swing by and take a look at what we got?" Carl asked.
"Sure thing. See you in 15 minutes" Mick said grabbing his keys.
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:37 pm

Mick looked down at the man's body and shook his head.
"That's a whole lot of rage." Mick said quietly. "It looks like it's definitely a woman. He was hit on the head with a blunt object to knock him unconscious, then he was stabbed. If he had of been attacked by a man there would be more bruising" Mick said looking at the large gash on the side of the victims head.
"That's what Felix and I were thinking" Carl said. "Can you tell anything else?" Carl asked. Mick started to do what he always did, but stopped himself.
"No". He said
"Come on man! You don't smell anything?" Carl asked anxiously.
"I don't detect anything" Mick said shrugging his shoulders. "But give me the case and I'll find out who's responsible" Mick said. Carl handed him the file with a sigh.
"Thanks man" He said.

Mick was walking back to his car when his phone rang.
"Hey Mick!" Josef said. "Did you hear about Councilman LaForge being stabbed to death?" he asked.
"Yeah I did. I just had a meeting with Carl about it" Mick said.
"Ahh, did he give you the case to solve? Did he?" Josef asked and Mick could tell from the sound of his voice he was smiling.
"Yes Josef! He gave the case to me!" Mick said under his breath.
"Great! Now remember, no vamp skills whatsoever" Josef reminded.
"Got it!" Mick said hanging up on him.
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby MickLifeCrisis » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:06 am

Does Mick really have to inhale deeply to scent the scene? Can't he tell anything by, you know, just breathing normally? :snicker: That's not really using his vamp senses... :whistle:
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:17 pm

MickLifeCrisis wrote:Does Mick really have to inhale deeply to scent the scene? Can't he tell anything by, you know, just breathing normally? :snicker: That's not really using his vamp senses... :whistle:

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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:50 pm

Mick decided his first stop was Logan's.
"Hey Logan. I got something for you" Mick said handing Logan the file which Lucky snatched away from him.
"Councilman LaForge is dead?" She asked in a shocked tone. "He was a decent guy" She said.
"Lucky, do you mind?" Logan said taking the file back from her with a smile.
"Wow! Stabbed 30 times? Somebody didn't like this guy" Logan said thumbing through the file.
"I need a full work up of the guy, from birth to death. And if you can get into City Hall files that would be even better. I want to know what this guy had on his plate". Mick said.
"End of the day alright?" Logan asked.
"That would be perfect. Thanks guys!" Mick said turning to leave, but stopping. "And see if you can find out he was having an affair". He finished as he walked out the door.
"Lucky, you said he was decent guy, what did you mean?" Logan asked.
"As far as politics were concerned, he wasn't a slime ball. He always seemed to be on the up and up. Like when everyone was talking about how awful South Central Schools were, he found the money to overhaul the bulk of the schools and started a charter program. Not to mention he talked all the Hollywood bigwigs into forking over a butt load of money for the free lunch program." She explained.
"Well, let's see if we can find out if anyone had it in for him" Logan said sitting at his computer.

"And where have you been all morning?" Beth asked with a teasing smile.
"Carl wants me to find out who killed Councilman LaForge" Mick said.
"I heard about that this morning. He was a good guy Mick. Josef and I met with him regarding a ton of issues affecting Los Angeles when he was in office". Beth said sadly.
"What was he working on?" Mick asked.
"Well this was a while ago, but he was working on fixing up the docks and you know that most of that at the time was in the hands of the mob. He was trying to demolish all the vacant buildings and rebuild them as shelters for the homeless or bring older buildings up to code" She said. "You don't think the mob is responsible do you?" She asked in surprise.
"I doubt it babe. LaForge was stabbed 30 times Felix said and I can't think of a mob hit being done by stabbing. Blowing someone up in a car/building sure, but stabbing, that feels personal." Mick explained.
"And I really have to solve this case due to a bet I made with Josef. He said that I can only solve cases so well because I'm a vampire and bet me one grand that I couldn't solve a case without my vamp powers so to speak." He said.
"When will Josef stop playing games?" Beth said shaking her head.
"Never. But this going to be difficult for me. So much of what I do is vamp related and to turn that off is....." Mick said.
"Could mean the case not being solved" Beth said seriously.
"Yeah" Mick said sadly. "I'm going to go visit the councilmen's wife. She had an episode after she was told of her husband's death. She got checked into Mercy General." He said.

Mick showed the nurse his credentials from Carl and was shown to Caroline LaForge's room. Mick was shocked to see the press there with camera's and recording devices.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!" Mick said loudly. "You're not supposed to be in here!! Get out before I call the police!!" Everyone looked at Mick in surprise trying to figure out who he was and what he could actually do.
"You're not with Administration" One Cameraman said. Mick walked towards the man planning on smashing his camera to bits when Caroline spoke up.
"Get out all of you!" She said grabbing a tissue from the nightstand and dabbing at her eyes.
"You heard the woman!! Get out!!!" Mick thundered and the tone sent all the men running out of the room. "Are you alright?" Mick asked.
"Yes. I'm fine. I'm just surprised anyone would want to talk to me" She said sadly dabbing at her dry eyes.
"My name is Mick St. John and I'm working with Captain Carl Davis of the LAPD. Can I ask you a couple of questions?" Mick asked softly. Caroline nodded. "Can you think of anyone who wanted to harm your husband?" He asked.
"No. That's what makes this so unbelievable. Don was a good guy. He was on great terms with everyone who came into contact with him." She said tearing the tissue into shreds in her lap.
"Was there anything that he was working on that could have caused bad feelings?" Mick asked.
"I don't think so....I mean he was still trying to get those abandoned building at the dock taken care of." She said. "Oh" She said in surprise. "There was one building that he was having trouble with. It belonged to a man named Boris Krub...cav...something like that" She said. Mick looked up suddenly.
Boris Krumchicav" Mick said.
"Yes, that's it. He called one evening and said that Don wasn't going to touch his building or he'd be sorry" She said.
"Do you know which building it is?" Mick asked. She nodded.
"Don said it was the last one on his list. 66 Downing by Pier 25" She said.
"Okay, you get some rest and I'll have an officer stand by your door to keep the press away" Mick said turning to leave then stopping. "I know the police have already asked for this information but I left my notes in the car but can you tell me where you were the night of the murder?" Mick asked. She looked up for a moment.
"I was at home waiting for Don to come home" She said sadly.
"Did you talk to anyone?" Mick pressed.
"Why are you interrogating me!! My husband was murdered in cold blood and you're interested in where I was?" She yelled loudly.
"I'm just trying to get as much information as I can so I can solve who killed your husband" Mick said looking at her suspiciously.
"Of course.....I'm sorry....I know you're just doing your job" She said making an about face. "I'm really tired if you don't mind" She said absently.
"Sure. Do want a nurse to come in?" He asked.
"No. I just need to rest." She said. closing her eyes. Mick nodded and walked back into the hallway. He now knew that LaForge's wife was a liar.
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:37 pm

Mick stopped at the nurse's station on his way out.
"Excuse me, is there any way you can stop the press from bothering Mrs. LaForge?" Mick asked.
"We were going to do that when they arrived but Mrs. LaForge said she wanted to speak with them" The young nurse said.

And with that piece of information Mick knew the wife was responsible for the murder of her husband. Now he had to find out why.

"Mick! Did you solve the case yet? Time's a ticking" Josef joked.
"Screw you Josef! There's no time limit on our bet" Mick said.
"True. I suppose I should allow for more time since you're handicapped at the present" Josef teased.
"Look, I need some information on the councilman's wife Caroline. You met her right? What was she like?" Mick asked.
"What was she like as a married woman or what she like apart from her husband?" Josef asked.
"Either" Mick said.
"Well, with her husband, she was perfect in every way. She had her part to play and played it very well. But she was a bitch. Any time the camera wasn't pointed at her, she treated most people like crap." Josef said. "When I was Governor I hosted a party for the National Endowment for the Arts and she pretty much humiliated a server for bumping into her. Keep in mind the place was packed and the server in question didn't spill or drop anything, just lightly bumped into her and she lost it. The poor server was crying in the kitchen" Josef said.
"Thanks Josef" Mick said walking out the door. "I'll want my $1,000 dollars in the morning. Cash" He said shutting the door behind him.

"Alright Mick, Lucky and I dug up everything about LaForge and then some. Let's start with the basics. Born in Flint Michigan relocated to California to attend UCLA, majored in Business. Worked for Aecom Technology Corp. for about 5 years. Met his wife there. They got married in 2003. They have one child Leif, he was adopted. Then he went to work LA Metro, worked his way up to Managing Director. He left transportation at his wife's nudging that he run for City Council. He did. Won by a landslide over Hughes, well because of his dipping into the public funds and has been in that position ever since." Logan said.
"Now for his other life" Lucky said. "I really hated finding this information, but so be it. He's definitely cheating on his wife. When we checked into any flights he's taken without his wife, which are many, the same name kept popping up. Elisa Barnett. They're never sitting together, but wherever the councilman has booked a flight, her name is also on the flight listing. So we looked up her background as well and guess what? She's a friend of his wife's! They went to college together at the University of Washington. So our money is on the wife!" Lucky said confirming what Mick already thought was true.
"Great job guys". Mick said taking the file that they gave him to show to Carl. "This should be enough for a warrant" Mick said as he left.

"Carl, it's Mick. I think you should get an arrest warrant for the wife. Logan and Lucky were able to put together a pretty compelling case." Mick said.
"No can do Mick. Caroline LaForge was murdered last night" Carl said. Mick didn't respond at first. "Mick are you still there?" Carl asked.
"Yeah, I'm still here.....how did she die?" Mick finally asked.
"She was stabbed in her home. She was released later this afternoon and we received an anonymous tip that she was dead. We broke into her home and found her on the kitchen floor. Cause of death multiple stabbings. She was pronounced dead at the scene" Carl said.
"But this makes no sense Carl. All the evidence pointed to the wife as the killer. Logan and Lucky found out that LaForge was having an affair with a woman his wife knew in college. Whenever he had to travel somewhere, she was on the exact same flight each and every time." Mick explained.
"Can you bring me what you've got?" Carl asked.
"Yeah. I'll see you in a bit" Mick said heading for the police station.

Carl had a glass of scotch waiting for Mick when he arrived.
"Thanks Carl" Mick said taking the glass and taking a measure sip. "This is everything Logan and Lucky were able to find LaForge" Mick said laying the file on Carl's desk. "Everything in there points at Caroline as being the perp." Mick said.
"Life would be so much better if people didn't cheat on their spouses" Carl said shaking his head. He had admired Don LaForge at least what he knew of him and saw him as positive force on City Council.
"I've gotta find this Elisa woman" Mick said absently."You know Carl.......what if what we have is two perps? Say Caroline found out about her husband having an affair and killed him, but the mistress knowing the wife killed her boyfriend, turned around and killed the wife?" Mick said finding that conclusion ridiculous once he said it out loud.
"Maybe.......I mean, it's happened before...but I guess this theory depends on what you find out about mistress" Carl said. Mick finished his scotch and stood up.
"I'm on it Carl" He said turning to leave.

Bridgett smiled at Josef for a moment.
"You should probably give Mick some slack." She said.
"Fat chance of that happening!" Josef laughed.
"Okay....but you know he's going to solve this case right? So when he rubs that in your face, what will you gain?" She asked.
"Newfound respect for his prowess" Josef said smiling. Bridgett shook her head and walked away to write some letters.

Mick called Clark Densmore who was the vampire to speak with regarding all things in Academia.
"Mr. St. John! What can I do for you?" He asked.
"I need some information on a former student by the name of Elisa Barnett. She went to the University of Washington." Mick said. "I want to know the year she started, graduation and anything she was involved in during her time there. Especially clubs. And see if there's a connection with her and Caroline LaForge"
"Anything else?"
"Let's see what turns up" Mick said hanging up his phone. Clark called Mick back in two hours time.
"What you got Clark?" Mick asked anxiously.
"Miss Barnett was one interesting young woman. She was born in Orange County California, Her father owned the Swift Dry Cleaning chain. She graduated from UW in 6 years." He said.
"Why so long?" Mick asked.
"She changed majors 5 times and had a hard time with the curriculum, but after her roommate committed suicide she was Pass by Catastrophe which refers to a claim that if some particular catastrophic event occurs, students whose performance could have been affected by the event are automatically awarded passing grades, on the grounds that there would then be no way to assess them fairly and they should not be penalized for the catastrophe. After she finally graduated she bounced from jobs in Marketing, Communications and finally ended up as an Executive Assistant for a Judge Calhoun in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. There she became reacquainted with Caroline LaForge. From what I gathered, they were quite close until the death of Elisa's roommate". Clark said.
"So something happened between these two women when they were in college......the roommate that committed suicide, what was her name?" Mick asked suddenly.
"Jennifer Thomas". Clark said.
"Clark, where did Jennifer grow up?" Mick asked.
"Santa Barbara" Clark said. "I have the address of the parents?"
"Yes!" Mick said jotting down the information and going to find out if the parents still lived in California.
"Hey Clark, how did Jennifer die?" Mick asked suddenly but already thinking he knew the answer.
"According to the Medical Examiner in Seattle, she slit her wrists open" Clark replied.
"Did they have any suspects?"
"Well the roommate Miss Barnett was out of town at a Renaissance Festival in San Francisco with Caroline LaForge nee' Walters"
"Thanks Clark" Mick said.
"Sure. Let me know if you need anything else" Clark said hanging up.
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:11 pm

Mick pulled up to the large house tucked inside Montecito, an ultra wealthy section of Santa Barbara, making Mick think that he and Beth paid too much for Dry cleaning! He walked up to the door and rang the bell. A nice looking woman about 55 years old answered the door slowly.
"Yes, may I help you?" She asked.
"My name is Mick St. John and I work for LAPD, here are my credentials" He said showing her his paperwork. "I'd like to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Thomas. It's about their daughter Jennifer" Mick said.
"I'm Mrs. Thomas" She said looking at Mick very suddenly. "Why are you bringing up Jenny's death?" She asked in anger.
"Mrs. Thomas I don't want to cause you any further pain, but I'm investigating her roommate Elisa Barnett" He said. Mrs. Thomas let out a heavy sigh.
"It's about time someone started to look into Jenny's death properly. Please come in" She said opening the door wider and offering Mick a seat. "I told the police back then that my Jenny didn't commit suicide! It was that roommate of hers and her girlfriend that killed my Jenny!!" She said as tears fell down her cheek.
"Who was the girlfriend?" Mick asked.
"Caroline Walters she was known then. Is this about her murder?"
"Yes mam it is" Mick replied.
"At first Jenny thought Elisa was a great girl and they did a lot of things together, but when she met Caroline Walters, Elisa changed. When my husband and I drove up to Washington to visit her during her Junior year to make sure she was alright, she introduced us to Elisa and when we went out to lunch Jenny told us all about her. The girl cried day in and day out and would have these explosive outburst for no reason at all, at times threatening Jenny. We told Jenny to transfer dorms but there were no open spaces. My husband and I were willing to find her an off-campus apartment, but Jenny said she was going to try and work things out with Elisa and soon after that, Jenny was dead!" She said sobbing.
"Was Elisa questioned at all?" Mick asked in surprise.
"They said that she'd been in San Francisco at some film festival and they only had Caroline to vouch for her" She said. Mick handed the woman a handkerchief.
"I'm going to find out what happened to your daughter Mrs. Thomas, I promise" Mick said standing up.

Mick got back into his car and decided to pay a visit to Judge Calhoun. He called his office and was told that the Judge had time to see him later in the afternoon, so Mick drove back to Logan's.

"Back again?" Logan said hunched over his computer.
"Yeah, I need anything you can find on Elisa Barnett and Jennifer Thomas. They both attended The University of Washington with Caroline LaForge. It's on record that Jennifer committed suicide, so see what get on that as well." Mick said.
"Are you thinking a torrid love triangle?" Logan said.
"Possibly, but I'm leaning more towards something else.....let me know as soon as you can Logan". Mick said.
"You got it" Logan said getting to work.
"Where's your partner in crime?" Mick said looking around for Lucky.
"She went shopping with a friend. Look at my bathroom Mick! It's filled with dainty bottles of stuff everywhere!" He said shaking his head.
"Welcome to coupledom Logan" Mick said with a smile.

Josef and Bridgett were having drinks with Alma, Brian, Darrian and Gideon.
"I think Dad will find the killer, the only difference is a length of time" Brian said sipping his club soda.
"That's kind of unfair Josef to have Mick solve this crime without his abilities". Alma said.
"Why are you all trying to make feel guilty about this?" Josef joked.
"Well, you should feel guilty Josef!" Darrian snapped at him.
"Look, if he really is having a hard time, then I want him to find the killer at any cost. I was just playing devil's advocate, but hey, if he succeeds then it really will be a testament to his crime solving skills."
"Mick already knows who's responsible". Gideon said.
"What? Are you serious?" Alma asked.
"Yep. Carl will be very pleased" Gideon said.
"Tell us who it is Gideon?" Brian said.
"I will let Mick tell you that. But I can tell you he didn't use his abilities at all. He was true to his word as he always is" Gideon said.
"Yeah, I get it. Mick is perfect!" Josef grumbled with a smirk.

"Man, do you find the most interesting cases!" Logan said when Mick returned. "Let's start with Elisa Barnett. This chick is a piece of work. She barely graduated from UW and if her roommate hadn't of offed herself, she would have flunked out. She was born in Oregon her parents were members of a movement called the Rajneesh movement. Look, I don't even know what these people believed but they were deemed a cult by the state and then the Feds. The fact that she grew up on the commune is something because the Rajneesh didn't believe in marriage or families and very few women got pregnant. So I'm thinking that she was born and grew up there due to the high standing of her parents. Her and her parents left the Rajneesh movement after their leader Osho died and moved to Los Angeles and joined The Children of God cult, you know that one that River Phoenix's family was a part of." Logan explained.
"Yeah I remember" Mick said.
"Well, you know what went on in that cult right? Elisa ran away multiple times, but always came back, finally leaving for good at the age of 18. She got her GED then heard that her parents had died. The circumstances are iffy at best on how they died, the church got all their money. Something like over $600 grand. But the life insurance was still given to Elisa to the tune of $2 million. She paid her way to the UW, but just couldn't keep up with courses, due the minimal schooling she received. She fell in love with Caroline Walters though they were one of those can't live with em can't live without em kind of couples. Non-stop drama. She graduated after Jennifer sliced her wrists. Now, Jennifer Thomas came from a moneyed background, parents were successful in dry cleaning. She was smart too. Was studying to be a Clinical Psychiatrist. Was active in sports, student council and charity events. All around good girl. I thought she might have been gay, but she wasn't. Had a boyfriend by the name of Scott Alan Walker. She was perfect and had no reason to kill herself. I hacked into the Medical Examiner's files and she had opiates in her system. So she was mostly doped then someone cut her wrist. She was found in the middle of her dorm room floor on Sunday, but the examiners said she had been 48 hours". Logan said.
"So she was murdered on Friday but wasn't found until Sunday. Who found the body?" Mick asked but he knew the answer.
"The boyfriend. Scott Walker" Logan said as he printed out all the information and handed it to Mick.

Mick made it to the Federal Courthouse with a a few minutes to spare as he waited to speak with Judge Calhoun.
"Mr. St. John, Judge Calhoun will see you now" His reception said. Mick walked into the office.
"Thank you sir for agreeing to see me" Mick said. The Judge looked up from his file and stared at Mick.
"Yes. What is this about?" he asked in a deep voice.
"This is about murder. The murder of a college student named Jennifer Thomas and councilman LaForge's wife Caroline." Mick began. The judge nodded his hand and motioned for Mick to take a seat.
"And I see from the message you left with my receptionist you are here on behalf of the LAPD?" he asked.
"Yes your Honor." Mick said.
"Ok. Tell me what these murders have to do with me? I don't handle capitol crimes" He said.
"I know you don't but the murderer of these crime is under your employ" Mick said. The judge looked at Mick sharply.
"Who?" He asked.
"Elisa Barnett also known as Elisa Calhoun your daughter" Mick said staring hard at the judge. The judge stared at Mick trying to see if there was anything he could do immediately, then he saw the two uniformed officers walk into his office and his head fell down.
"How did you know" He asked.
"I didn't at first because none of it made sense, but when I heard who had found Jennifer Thomas' body, it became crystal clear" Mick said. "Where is your daughter?" Mick asked.
"She's in our Huntington Beach home" He said softly. The officers walked around his desk and placed the cuffs on him.
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Re: $1000 Bet

Postby Ella713 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:43 pm

Everyone met at Josef's place to discuss what Mick had found out.
"Alright Mick you have to tell me how you figured it out about the judge" Carl said sitting back with his beer.
"You know at first, everything about this case seemed so random, like it came about in a rush, but in actuality it was a well thought out plan. Judge Calhoun and his wife faked their deaths, but whose names are on the death certificate? Barnett. Not Calhoun. Barnett was an alias the family had used for quite some time. The judge and his wife reverted back to their given name Calhoun when they left The Children of God group. You see the judge was an attorney. A very brilliant one in Los Angeles but he and his wife were intrigued by the commune life and honestly thought that it would be a great environment for children. Of course with any cult group the real purpose of it always comes down to drugs, sex or money and the judge was able to accumulate a ton of it when they were with the Rajneesh movement. I mean the leader of that movement had 93 Rolls Royce's'! I mean that's an epic amount of greed. So I already knew that Elisa wasn't just some girl done wrong type, so when Logan told me about her background that's when I got really interested in her and the murder of her roommate at the University of Washington. After talking the roommate's mother, I noticed she said her daughter thought Elisa was great and they did lots of things together, then enters Caroline LaForge. They become lovers and Jennifer get's a boyfriend. I think that's when Jennifer lost it. How dare the woman she loved get a boyfriend. So her and LaForge slip Jennifer something to knock her out then slice her wrists. They take off for the weekend, knowing that Scott Walker would be picking her up on Sunday and find the body. They wanted to hurt him for having the audacity of falling in love with Jennifer.
Now we come to Caroline LaForge. I'd heard from many people that she was a terrible person, so I already suspected her of killing her husband which I believe she did, but when her murder came about I had to re-think some things. Why would Elisa kill her? It didn't make any sense. But knowing what I knew of Elisa's background, it started to make sense. Elisa got $2 million from a life insurance policy from her parent's death. This was about money all along. Caroline was going to get a check for $7 million dollars for her husband's death and now that she's dead, Elisa gets it all. She had Caroline make her the beneficiary. You see Elisa thought that Jennifer would be her first mark. She would get her in a relationship and talk her into making her the beneficiary, but Jennifer got a boyfriend and that's when she threw all of her efforts into Caroline. It was Elisa's idea that she marry Don LaForge a brilliant attorney like her father. Caroline was an awful person because she was playing a role that she despised. And she never knew what Elisa's complete plan was. If she had succeeded her and her family were looking at a $9 million payout" Mick concluded.
"Whoa" Carl said. "That's some messed up shit" Carl said.
"So what happens to them?" Brian asked.
"Well, the Judge and his wife will do time for insurance fraud and be about 5 years, but when you add on conspiracy to murder that adds on 25 years. Elisa who did the actual murders will be in prison for life, no possibility of parole" Carl said.
"Well done dad!" Brian said raising his glass to him.
"And I believe its time for Josef to pay up" Beth said with wide smile. Josef sat his drink down and walked over to his desk.
"Fine! Yes, yes, Mick is a great detective" Sitting at his desk. He noticed a Fed Ex envelope on his desk. "Where did this come from?" He asked Bridgett.
"Oh, that came yesterday, I thought you had already seen it" Bridgett said.
"I don't recognize this name." He said opening the envelope. Inside was a letter from Gideon.

"Mick has told you already that the killer was Elisa Calhoun and she did it for money. And speaking of money, pay up! Love Gideon" Josef read out loud. "Did you discuss the case with Darrian?" Josef asked Mick.
"No. The only person I spoke with was Logan and Lucky" Mick said. "How did Gideon know?" Mick asked.

Josef rolled his eyes as he wrote the check. Mick St. John was going to be really full of himself for at least 3 weeks!!

The End
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