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Hack Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:07 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When Kostan Industry's computer server is hacked, Logan is requested to find the culprit, but when things prove too much for him he enlists an extreme hacker from his past.

Josef got the call at 4 am from his IT Management.
"Mr. Kostan, everything is frozen! And when I say everything I mean everything! Security, payroll the whole thing" He said in a scared voice. "I've never seen anything like this before and anything we try will unleash a virus that will wipe out everything connected to the servers"
"I thought we had installed firewalls to protect everything?" Josef yelled.
"We did sir. State of the art everything. Whoever this was, they manged to hack into all of our firewall protection!" He said. He could tell that Josef was going to fire him, even though none of this was his fault. Hackers will always find a way if they're very motivated to do so and this hacker wanted to cripple Kostan Industries.

Brian was at the office a half hour after the call to Josef. Brian met with the IT Department and saw that this was not a matter of fault on their part. They were up against someone with phenomenal computer programming and hacking skills. There had been no response for what had been done so it was either an accident or the person responsible wanted something in particular and if that was the case, all they could do was wait.

Bridgett was trying to calm Josef down, but having no such luck.
"Can't you see who's doing this?" He asked. She concentrated hard, closing her eyes trying hard to see anything.
"I see hands on a keyboard typing really fast, but no face or location.......the hands are small and dainty, so you're most likely going to find a woman is responsible" Bridgett said opening her eyes. "I think you should pay Darrian a call" She said finally.
"I'm going to have to close every Kostan office!" Josef said picking up his phone to make the call.

News reports were going out about catastrophic results to the Dow and NSDAQ with Kostan Industries being shut down and repercussions were felt all over the world.

Ted and Sam worked non stop trying to find any evidence left behind by the hacker but could find none.
"This guy is amazing!" Sam said as she continued to type. "I mean if all hacks were like this, we'd be out of job for real!" She said leaning back in her chair and rubbing her eyes.
"I know! The only person good enough to pull something like this off would be Logan and I know he's not responsible for it!" Ted said.

Logan was as always in his basement playing Call of Duty and laughing at how lame the other players were. "It's like shooting ducks in a barrel" Logan said under his breath when he heard his buzzer ring and saw it was Josef Kostan and Brian. "Hey! Did you swing by to watch me destroy 3 separate teams simultaneously?" He said with a smile.
"He hasn't heard" Brian said again finding Logan's way of not knowing anything about what was going on in the world surprising. Logan looked up from his game.
"Heard what?" He asked.
"Kostan Industries was hacked. All the offices are closed. Everything is frozen and all the attempts that IT tried almost put us at risk of a virus" Josef said.
"What did Ted and Sam say?" Logan asked.
"Sam said to tell you that it was cleanest she had ever seen and their were no tracers" Brian said. "I'm hoping you know what she's talking about"
"Look, hacking is like fingerprints and all hackers leave one. A tell sign that leads you right back to them. Now sometimes a really smart hacker will intentionally leave a whole mess of tells and have you running all over town trying to find who was behind it, but even leading people on a wild goose chase will leave tracers to your location, so Sam saying she didn't find any, tells me that whoever did this is a top shelf professional. And people that good are from 3 locations. Russia, China and America"
"Great!" Josef said sarcastically throwing up his hands.
"It's not as hopeless as it sounds. If you know where the hackers commune (which I do) it's easy to break the information down. So give me an hour, then I can get started on breaking that information down to lead me where this guy is" Logan said with a smile loving a challenge.
"Bridgett said it looked to be a woman" Josef said remembering what Bridgett had seen.
"That's even better! All female hackers will leave a definite trail even when they're trying hard not to" Logan said getting to work. He stopped and looked at Josef. Josef rolled his eyes and reached in his pocket for his wallet. He handed Logan $500.00.
"Thanks! I'll call you in an hour" Logan said going back to his computer.

"So what do people do when they're not working?" Josef asked.
"You're not asking me are you?" Brian said in surprise.
"I guess not." Josef joked looking around. "Well, I'm guessing I should give a press conference" Josef said finally.
"I'll help you with that" Brian said glad to have something to do.

Logan started by trying the obvious procedures. He knew right off the bat they would fail, but in how they failed is where you start picking up the trail. And his first trick was through the back door, which he had set up for Josef and when he saw that that had been compromised as well, he knew what he try next. And after the first hour, this hacker had him running in circles. Logan was stumped. For first time ever!! He called Josef immediately.
"Josef, this girl is beyond good. So far all I got was general location and that's Presidio Parkland, which is the upper peninsula of San Francisco, but any move I try make to will cause a white out virus which can strip everything from your system. She kind of has me in chokehold." Logan said with frustration.
"Why would a person even do this? Why hasn't she made a demand or something?"
"Josef, you gotta understand that most hackers aren't in this for money. They're just trying their skills to see how good they can become. Your company means nothing to them" Logan explained.
"Logan, I'm giving you the green light to find this woman and take her down!" Josef said.

Logan knew before he hit the brick wall that he would call her, but he didn't like calling her. And she would be expensive.......but Josef said he was giving him the green light...."Crap!" Logan said typing the email and pressing send before he could change his mind. Within 10 minutes he received a response.
"What do you want" The message from librarian_7 read.
"I need your help. It's serious" Logan typed.
"It must be or you wouldn't have contacted me. Are you at the same place?" The message read.
"Yeah" Logan typed.
"Be there in 20 minutes"
Logan sighed. He really did not like working with her.
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Re: Hack Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:22 pm

"So what mess have you gotten yourself into now?" She said barging into Logan's basement.
"Look librarian, I only asked for your help because this hacker is like nothing I've ever seen and I bet you haven't seen anything like it either" Logan said. She rolled her eyes and sat down.
"Show me" She demanded. Logan pulled up what he had so far. He watched her type up of formula but it was denied. She tried another and it was denied. He could see the frustration on her face. She tried one more and it was denied.
"This is unheard of!" She said looking at Logan finally grasping what this meant. "Do you have any idea who this might be? I mean have you come across anyone with skills like this?" She asked.
"The best person I can think of doesn't even compare to this! Either this girl is a freak genius or an amateur who's not even aware she did anything! Either way this is really messed up" Logan said.
Librarian_7 pulled her laptop out of her bag
"Where can I plug in?" She asked getting ready to set up.
"What are you thinking?" Logan asked.
"I figured we'd start with the Minefield then move onto Hopscotch" She said.
"I can't believe I didn't think of that!" Logan said smacking himself in the head.
"That's because you're an idiot" She said as she got started.

Logan and Librarian worked for 4 straight hours before taking a break.
"How is she that fast? There's no way she planned that far ahead in her hack?"
"That does seem unlikely. And the location is correct?" She asked.
"She could be just piggybacking on a satellite connection in San Francisco. But if she's doing that, she could be anywhere!"

Librarian_7 fell asleep around 3 am on top of her keyboard. Logan was surprised she made it that long. Together they had made some definite strides in tracking this hacker down and he had to be honest, he couldn't have done it without her. But he certainly wasn't going to share that information with her. He didn't know why she infuriated him so much. They were equal in their skills in spite of her jokes that she was better, but there was something else. But as the sun started to rise he knew he needed to get some rest, so he left her a note and went into his bedroom.

She heard him go to bed as she was waking up. She quickly rummaged through his kitchen and found some coffee and started to make some. Vampires may not need caffeine but human did! She savored the first drink, then sat down to pick up where she left off. Maybe she could do this without Logan's help, she thought to herself.

Brian and Josef spent their time trying to ease the fears of investors and clients who thought Josef was stealing their money. The tabloids were running stories on how Josef acquired his wealth and none of it was good or true. And when the press wanted to know how Josef Kostan had acquired all his wealth Josef told them the truth.
"First of all, I can't believe you're asking a vampire about his wealth. If I were say 30 years old and had all this money then yes, you should be suspicious, but I am almost 500 years old! I had purchased stocks in IBM when it first went public, Hoover, not to mention that I contributed to Jeff Bezos dreams to open Amazon as well as Bill Gates and Tesla and you know how rich they are" Josef replied. "So understand, I don't need more money, and everyone will get their money back as soon as we find this bastard who thought it would be funny to shut down my company!" Josef said in anger, hoping that would settle all the rumors regarding his motives.

"So Master Gideon have you given any thought to what you like to do when you are older?" Darrian asked.
"I don't know yet. I think dad would like me to start working at Kostan Inc, but I don't know if I want to do that." Gideon said.
"You have to figure out what you would enjoy. If you don't like what you are doing why do it in the first place?" Darrian replied.
"I don't have a passion to do anything yet. I mean I know Alexander will become a scientist. That's his passion and all he ever think about." He said.
"Well that is changing now" She said with a smile.
"Yeah, but you know what I mean. He truly loves science and biology and he's really good at it"
"So you are wanting to know completely?" Darrian asked. Gideon nodded his head. "Then let's find out" She said reaching for his hands. Gideon held out his hands for her. She gripped his hands. "Let's close our eyes and focus" She said. Within seconds, visions came on strongly. Gideon gripped Darrian's hands so tightly he heard her hand snap. He quickly pulled his hands away from hers.
"Darrian! I am so sorry!!" He said jumping up out of his chair, but Darrian said nothing and still had her eyes closed. She turned to look at him.
"Did you see?" She asked.
"No! I broke your hand!" Gideon said.
"You did no such thing." Darrian said holding up her hand for him to see.
"I heard it, I felt it" He said.
"No Master Gideon! You heard a trick. The evil in this building doesn't want you to know your true calling and purpose. As long as you don't know, the more they can take you far off point" She explained.
"So tell me." Gideon asked.
"I cannot. You're calling is something that you have to see. I cannot cheat this" She said sadly.
"But we can try again?" He asked.
"Of course we can" Darrian said patting his hand.

By 5pm Logan and Librarian were at it again.
"I think we got a location!" She screamed. Logan came quickly over.
"Alright!!" Logan yelled giving her a hug, then stopping. "Cool. I'll call Josef." He said trying to be cool.

Josef and Brian were in the house with in minutes. They heard laughter and a television so they ran up the stairs and saw two boys around the age of 13 laughing at cartoons. They saw the two men standing in front of them and knew they were in trouble.
"You're going to take us to jail aren't you?" One of them asked looking like he was going to burst into tears.
"No. That's what humans do". Brian said. "We are vampires so we can do whatever we want to you"
"We'll tell my dad!" The other one said standing up determined not to be afraid.
"I'll kill him right after I'm done with you!" Josef hissed barring his fangs. The boys screamed and Brian grabbed them both and took them to Kostan Industries.
"You see this building? Inside this building over 1,000 people worked, until your little stunt put them out of job. Most of these people have children and bills to pay and you took all of that from them!" Josef yelled.
"We were just playing" They said still crying.

"Now that we have an exact location we can piggy back the hacker's wifi and and reverse what they've done" Logan said sitting down at his computer system. Librarian joined him and within an hour Kostan Inc was up and running again.

"Looks like Logan got us up to speed. Now all I have to do is decide what I'm going to do with you" Josef said staring at the boys in anger.

"Well, looks like out work is done" Logan said trying to sound cool. "And thanks for you help" He said looking away.
"You're welcome. I guess you really know what you're doing" She said gathering her things.
"I always know what I'm doing" He said before he could stop himself. Why did she always bring out the worst in him?
"I just said that you ass!" She said in anger grabbing her laptop and shoving it in her bag.
"Hey! I didn't mean that they way it came out. I'm sorry" Logan said stopping her. "I couldn't have done it without you" He said softly taking her hand. Librarian looked at Logan for a while before responding.
"Ok" She said placing her bag over her shoulder. She walked to the door but turned around once more. "You can kiss me if you want" She said looking down at the floor wondering if she had read him wrong. Logan walked over to her and took her into his arms. All the frustration and anger he felt towards her left him as his lips met hers.

Josef had tried to call Logan all day to thank him but he didn't answer and when their was no call the following day Josef and Brian went to check on him. They didn't here his Guitar Hero game which was odd.
"Open the door Brian" Josef said. Brian vanished and appeared on the other side and opened the door to Josef. "Logan!" Josef called out. They heard scuffling and suddenly Logan appeared.
"What are you guys doing here?" He asked in surprise tying his robe.
"I've been trying to call you since yesterday afternoon, but you weren't picking up, we thought something was wrong" Josef explained.
"I'm fine. I was just wiped out." Logan said.
"Well, now that I see you're okay, we'll be taking out leave. Oh, and this is for you" Josef said placing the check in his hands. Noticing the look of shock on Logan's face Josef smiled. "I know we don't say it enough, but you're great at what you do Logan. I just want you to know that" Josef said as he and Brian walked out the door. Librarian stood behind him and looked over his shoulder.
"Are you coming back.......shit!! Is that a real check?" She asked.
"Yeah. Josef gave it to me as a gift" He said still not comprehending that in one day's time Josef Kostan had made him a multi millionaire.
"I get half" She said placing her arms around his shoulders.
"Of course you get half" Logan said turning to kiss her. "Are you going to tell me your real name since we're in business together?"
"Lucky" She said with a smile.
"That's your name?" He asked. He saw her nod her head. Logan pulled her close to him. "Looks like I really did get Lucky today" He said kissing her and leading her back to his bedroom.

The End
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