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The One by Ella713

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
The One
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Josef marries Bridgett in one of the most elaborate weddings Los Angeles has ever seen!

"Bridgett and I are getting married next month" Josef said looking up from his computer.
"Congratulations sir" Brian said with a small smile. "Have you picked a location?"
"I've booked the Hearst Castle" He said with a smug smile. Brian looked at Josef for a few seconds.
"Do you think it's big enough?" He said with joking smile.
"Buckingham Palace denied me" Josef said with shrug.

Beth, Haley and Zoe took Bridgett shopping for a wedding gown. Bridgett tried on a third gown and she still didn't feel like one spoke to her. She assumed that she would try on a gown and suddenly she would feel like everything made perfect because of this one dress. Her wedding dress should show her love for the man who was inspiring her to wear it. But this.......she felt nothing and she looked just
a thousand different women who all would choose this style.
"I don't really like this one either" Bridgett said becoming frustrated because she thought this would be a lot easier. Sensing her frustration Beth walked towards her.
"I know this is overwhelming, but if you really don't see anything here, I suggest that you contact whoever your favorite designer is and asked for an original" Beth said.
"Can I do that?" Bridgett asked is surprise.
"You're marrying Josef Kostan Bridgett! You can pretty much do whatever you want!" Zoe said with a smile!
"So who's your favorite designer?" Beth asked.
"Ralph Lauren" Bridgett said.
"Consider it done." Beth said sending a text to Josef to make this happen.
"Let's grab a bite and by then we'll be driving to get your perfect gown designed." Beth said. "Now go get changed and let's go".

"One month is not a long time sir." Brian added.
"One of the benefits of being the richest man in the world, I can make things happen" Josef said.
"I'm thinking Todd English for the catering" Josef continued.
"Yes Mr. English is quite the chef" Brian replied.
"And see what you can to do about securing a french singer by the name of Benjamin Biolay to play at the wedding". Josef said. "He is one of Bridgett's favorite singers"
"Anything else?" Brian asked.
"I want as many Gardenias as I can buy for the wedding hall and book Demeure de la Vignole, near Saumur, Loire Valley for our honeymoon"
"This is quite the expense" Brian said.
"I want this to be special for Bridgett. She's had to give up so much to be with me. I want this day to be perfect for her" Josef said.
"And so it shall" Brian said with a smile.

Mick looked at all the tuxedos and frowned. Josef had given him carte blanche on the style of the tux with one requirement, it had to be navy blue. Who had ever heard of a navy blue tuxedo? After looking at everything he was finally approached by a sales associate.
"May I help you sir?" He asked in a soft voice.
"Yes. I need to buy a navy blue tuxedo. Do you have them? I know it's a weird request." Mick said.
"Yes, if you'll follow me" He said leading Mick to an upper level of the store. And there Mick saw the tuxedo he was looking for. "Do you know what size you'll need?" The salesman asked looking at Mick trying to guess what size he would need.
"I have no idea" Mick said honestly. He rarely bought new clothes. The salesman pulled out his measuring tape and told Mick to turn around as he took his measurements. "Okay. We can have the tuxedo ready for you in about two weeks and the price comes to.........." He said typing in numbers on the cash register. "$4,795.96" He said waiting for Mick to change his mind. He didn't really look like the type of guy who had ever worn a tux, but Mick reached into his pocket and pulled out his American Express card and handed it to the man. "Will you need shoes as well" The salesman asked. Mick rolled his eyes. He forgot about shoes!
"Show me what you have?" Mick said as the man pulled out 4 different styles of dress shoes.
"I'm going to kill you Josef" Mick muttered to himself when he saw his bill was over $6,000!

"Hello Mrs. St. John" Ralph Lauren said inviting them into his studio. "And this must be the blushing bride" He joked kissing Bridgett on the cheek.
"We tried to find her perfect wedding dress, but could find nothing that was appealing." Beth said. The designer picked up a sketch book and began to walk around Bridgett looking at her figure then he asked them to both sit. He made them a cocktail and began to make conversation. He's trying to draw Bridgett out, Beth thought to herself. Finding out about her personality so he could make a dress that suited her perfectly. After two hours he showed them his first idea for her wedding dress and it was perfect indeed!
"This is it!" Bridgett exclaimed. "It's perfect"
"Now, in keeping with the Art Nouveau style we will need to shy away from virgin white. I would suggest a more creamy color" He said looking at skin tone which was pale but with hints of olive which most Eastern Europeans possessed. "Or to be a bit bolder, a champagne color would suit you quite nicely". He said with a smile.
"You decide. I trust you" Bridgett said still looking at the drawing wondering how much this dress would cost.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Bridgett was thrilled when her family had finally arrived. Her sister Nadia flew in from Quebec where she lived and her brother Bram flew in from Warsaw Poland. Josef was nice enough to place them in the best rooms in a swank Beverly Hills Hotel and they had a chauffeured limo service wherever they wanted to go. They arrived at the penthouse and Josef greeted them at the door.
"Welcome to Los Angeles! I'm Josef Kostan and it's a pleasure to meet you all" Josef said with a charming smile. Bridgett came running from the kitchen.
"Nadia! Bram!" She said hugging them both. "Please come in" She said. Her siblings walked in cautiously. They knew that Josef was a vampire so they were on their guard.
"Ill pour some drinks" Josef said to her.
"Whiskey and keep it coming" Bridgett said with a smile. They all sat and were sipping their drinks.
"So. You are vampire?" Bram said to Josef.
"Yes I am"
"How old are you?" He asked.
"Coming close on 500 years" Josef said with a smile deciding not to tell them of his angelic state. Nadia said nothing. She just kept staring at Josef in wonder. "So what do you do Bram?" Josef asked.
"I am a computer programming for Warsaw Energy and Power" He said with pride.
"And what about Nadia?" Josef asked.
"I do a little bit of everything" She said with a seductive grin. Josef saw trouble headed his way so he immediately stood up and walked over to Bridgett and kissed her.
"I have to make a call to one of my clients before it gets too late. If you will excuse me."
He said going into his office at the end of the corridor.
"He is very attractive. You will have worries with that one" Nadia said with a smile. She loved her sister, but a man like Josef Kostan was too much man for someone like Bridgett she thought to herself.

Bram saw the way Nadia was looking at Josef Kostan and he knew that she would take the man for her own. His first thought was to reprimand her, but if he chose to sleep with her, then Bridgett would know before she tied herself down to this monster! And he could tell that Josef Kostan was a man of many secrets.

"Alma, would you come with me for a second?" Brian asked.
"Sure" She said standing up and walking towards him. "Where are we going?" She asked but within seconds they were in front of Hearst Castle. "Wow!" She said staring up in amazement.
"We have to do a walk through" Brian said walking up to the guard who standing at a booth in front of the property. "We have an appointment to view the castle" Brian said showing the man his identification.
"Yes Mr. Petzer" The man said handing him his I.D. back. "You can go on and enter the property" He said.
"Let's go." Brian said as they walked up the stairs to the heavy wooden doors. The entry hall was elaborately over the top.
"Hearst really wanted to slam people in the head with his wealth" Alma said shaking her head.
"Yes. This is not a happy structure. Can you feel it?" Brian asked his wife.
"Yeah I do. They can't get married here. This place is awful" Alma said rubbing her arms as if experiencing a chill.
"What do we tell Josef?" Brian said.
"I'll tell him he's nuts to get married here! The house alone goes against everything his Father started. "He can't get married in the golden calf so to speak" She said.
"Agreed" Brian said taking Alma's hand and going back to the city.

Nadia sat on the sofa in the Penthouse waiting for Bridgett to come down. Suddenly two boys came flying down the stairs. When they saw Nadia they stopped.
"Hi. I'm Gideon and this is my friend Alexander" Gideon said politely. Nadia looked at the two boys. Gideon looked to be 12 and the other boy Alexander looked to be 15.
"I'm your aunt Nadia. it is pleasure to meet you both" She said. Gideon stared at the woman, seeing what was in her heart and not liking it one bit.
"Whatever" Gideon said walking away from the woman he had just met but already hated. Alexander sensing his friends anger jogged to catch up with him.
"What has she done?" Alexander asked looking back at the woman.
"She's plans on trying to have sex with my dad" Gideon answered.
"Are you going to tell your parents about it?" He asked.
"No. I'm going to stop her" Gideon said.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Bridgett opened the door for Connie Mayer who lived downstairs. She was the official babysitter of Kostan Towers. She was saving money for a trip to Europe that her parents said they wouldn't pay for, so she opened her own babysitting business and she was doing very well. She had mentioned to Bridgett that she had made over $5,000 so far.
"Hi Bridgett!" She said with a bright smile.
"Hello Connie! I'm taking my brother sister sightseeing for a while. We won't be gone long" Bridgett said.
"Take your time, have fun!" Connie said standing at the stairs. "Hey Gideon!" She yelled. Suddenly there was a rumbling and sound of footsteps.
"Hi Connie!" Gideon said with wide smile. "This is my best friend Alexander" Gideon said pointing at he him.
"Pleased to make your acquaintance" Connie said smiling.
"Hello" Alexander said stiffly, well a little more stiffly than he usually was. Gideon would have to ask him what was the matter.

"So what would you like to see first?" Bridgett asked.
"Rodeo Drive!" Nadia said with a firm nod of her head.
"Ok. Harold would you drop us off on Rodeo?" Bridgett asked and they were on their way.
"So tell me about how you became involved with Kostan?" Bram asked.
"There is not much to tell. I was his personal secretary for 7 years and then we just fell in love" She said giving them the condensed version.
"But he's a vampire! He's an abomination!" Bram said.
"So am I brother" She said sternly. Bram looked at her again. He had forgotten that his own sister was now an undead demon! He just couldn't sit here and let that fiend Josef Kostan get away with what he'd done. "Calm yourself Bram, or you will have to leave" She said with a warning in her voice.
"Bram! Behave! Bridgett has made her decision! She is a vampire and she is a mother and I for one am happy for her" Nadia said. Bram said nothing. He knew Nadia would win in the capturing of Josef's attention and Kostan's relationship with Bridgett would be over with.

"Did you not like Connie? She's really nice" Gideon said quietly.
"She's quite pretty" Alexander said looking up from his experiment. Gideon sat up straight and stared at his friend.
"You like her?" Gideon asked.
"I don't want to drain her" Alexander replied.
"Well that's a step in the right direction" Gideon said laughing.

Bram felt like he was not in the mood to run from dress shop to dress shop with his sisters, so he opted to go back to the hotel.
"Don't worry Bridgett. Bram will understand eventually. He is very much of the old world. He still clings on to customs and traditions of our grandparents, he fails to see that times and people have changed" Nadia said coolly sipping the prosecco she was handed.
"But he was to give me away" Bridgett said .
"He still may. There is time." She said looking around. "What else are you going to show me?" She asked.
"Well there are some very good clothing stores on this block you might like to see, my treat" Bridgett said with a smile.

The walked into almost every store on Rodeo. Bridgett treated her sister to several dresses and three pairs of shoes. Nadia was amazed at the prices they charged here for clothing. She was even more amazed that her little sister was in a position to purchase whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. This Josef Kostan was rich beyond measure. That really made things all the better.

Gideon and Alexander sat in the theater room watching an old series named In Search Of. When it came to theories of science or biology, Alexander would comment on how many advancements had been made since the 1970's. Gideon could comment on how many people in an episode were lying which seemed to be all of them.
"Gosh didn't check the backgrounds of any of these people before they turned the cameras on them? That guy talking about he and his daughter seeing Bigfoot was lie!" Gideon laughed. Connie quietly came in an offered them drinks or snacks.
"Are you two watching In Search Of?" She asked in wonder.
"Yeah. We like to point out the inaccuracies." Gideon said. "You wanna watch?" He asked.
"Sure" She said sitting down in between them. Alexander held the arm rails tightly, trying not to look at the pretty girl sitting next to him. Connie sensed that Alexander was tense and she laid her hand over his.
"Are you okay?" She whispered in his ear sending shivers up and down his body.
"Yes" He replied taking in a deep breath. Gideon watched them and laughed quietly to himself. Boy Alexander had it bad!
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Bridgett and Nadia walked into the penthouse with tons of packages. Bridgett flopped down on the sofa and took off her shoes rubbing her feet.
"I don't think I have ever shopped so much in my life!" Bridgett said. Nadia didn't look tired at all as she walked over to the side bar and poured herself a whiskey.
"This is not bad" She said taking a long drink. "What is this?" She asked.
"It's Glenfiddich 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch." Bridgett replied. "It's quite good but it doesn't hold a candle to Țuică!" Bridgett smiled.
"Oh! It would be worth going back to Romania for Țuică alone!" She said with a laugh.

Josef came in the door, taking off his jacket and walking over to Bridgett and kissing her.
"Hello beautiful" He said. "I see you girls had fun shopping" He said with a smile.
"It's not as easy as it looks" Bridgett said.
"My sister was ready to call it quits after the first hour. Amateur" Nadia joked.
"Actually, I was going to suggest we go down to the spa for a couple of hours. Connie is upstairs with the boys" Bridgett said.
"Surely they don't need a babysitter or are you just trying to beef up Connie's go to Europe slush fund?" Josef said with a raised eyebrow.
"Of course not. And those two boys as you call them are capable of doing a ton of things. Don't even get me started on the science experiment they were going to attempt with fungus spores!" She said laughing. Connie came down the stairs.
"Hey guys, did you have fun?" She asked then she looked at all the bags on the floor. "Looks like you did" She said with a smile.
"What are the boys doing?" Bridgett asked.
"Watching a marathon of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of." She said. "I think Alexander is coming down with something. He was shivering the whole time" Connie said. Both Josef and Bridgett looked at each other knowing that was't possible.
"I'll go check on him" Josef said walking quickly up the stairs. Bridgett reached for her purse and wrote Connie a check and handed it to her. "Thanks a lot on such short notice." She said.
"No problem. Any time" She said looking at the check and blinking. "Oh no. This is too much" She said shaking her head.
"No its not. You do a wonderful job here for everyone. I think this is more than fair" Bridgett said walking her to the door.
"How much did you give her?" Nadia asked curious about the amount.
"$1,000. She's trying to earn enough money to go to Europe next summer." Bridgett explained.
"You are very generous little sister" Nadia said with a small smile.
"Come on. Let's go downstairs to the spa. Josef added that to the towers a couple of years ago." She said dragging Nadia out the door.

"Hey guys" Josef said opening the door to the theater room.
"Hi dad!" Gideon said pausing the series.
"I heard that Alexander wasn't feeling well" Josef said walking towards the boy who looked surprised.
"I feel perfectly fine" He said.
"I was told you were shivering which sounds like the flu, but since you don't get sick what's up?" Josef asked. Gideon started to snicker and Alexander eyed him in anger.
"Alexander likes Connie" He said laughing out loud.
"I never said that. I simply commented that I did not want to drain her" He said standing up straight.
"Well that's nice to hear. Please don't drain our babysitter" Josef said with a smile.

Bridgett and Nadia were lying on the massage tables enjoying the royal treatment. When Josef first told her of the spa, she was hesitant to go there. It seemed like such a trivial sort of thing, but at Beth's urging she finally tried it out, and now she was hooked. Yes, she knew it was hedonistic and decadent and it did make her feel a little guilty that most women would never enjoy being pampered this way.......but denying herself didn't make the matter better for anyone and she was pretty sure her sister agreed.
"So if you ever grow weary of Mr. Kostan, please toss him my way" Nadia laughed.
"Josef is not the kind of man I'd imagine anyone growing weary of!" Bridgett said laughing thinking of the many ways that Josef was the most exciting man she had ever met in her life. The only person in her opinion that came close was Josef's best friend Mick St. John.
"Well, you have done quite well for yourself sister. Very well indeed. Our parents would have been proud" She said closing her eyes as the masseuse began to work on her shoulders.
"Mama and Da would have been horrified. Married to a Vampire and having a vampire child? They would have chopped off my head and buried my headless corpse on consecrated ground" Bridgett said recalling the dealings with vampires in Romania.
"Perhaps, but I think they would have changed their minds seeing the wealth of your intended" She said sighing.
"You think too much of riches Nadia. When you have as much as Josef has, you worry constantly about those who wish to take it from you. And that happens often. Or the never being alone, because you fear being kidnapped and held for ransom. It's not easy" Bridgett said.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Josef noticed that Bridgett's sister Nadia was a little too flirty for his peace of mind and he would have to speak to his soon to be wife about it. A woman desiring him was nothing new, but now he was afraid for his wife. He didn't want her to be exposed to this and especially from her own sister. Nadia was playing a very dangerous game and he didn't like it one bit. He heard them come back from the spa so he left his office and came to speak with them.
"I knew that building a spa onsite was a great idea! You look beautiful!" He said walking towards Bridgett and taking her in his arms. Nadia waited to see if Josef would compliment her as well. "Did you have fun?" He asked looking at both of them this time.
"It was very luxurious Mr. Kostan" Nadia said staring at Josef and lightly licking her lips.
"Where is Bram?" Josef said noticing for the first time that day he wasn't with them.
"Bram wasn't up for shopping, so he went back to the hotel. No matter, men are not as fun to shop with in any case" Nadia said flippantly. Bridgett laughed.
"You've never been shopping with Josef. He could make you change your mind about that statement" Bridgett said.
"Really? Well, I'm sure a man like Josef Kostan could make me do whatever he wanted" She said. That statement couldn't be ignored by Bridgett who looked at her sister suddenly as her eyes narrowed. She was about to say something back but Josef turned to face her and very softly placed his lips to her ear.
"I wouldn't allow your sister to bring me my coffee" He said softly in her ear. "So, Harold has taken all of your purchases and placed them in the car and he's ready to drive you back to hotel" Josef said and before Nadia could respond his phone went off. Josef quickly looked at the display and placed it back in his pocket. "I need to go down and speak with Brian and Alma. I'll be right back" He said kissing Bridgett deeply, then turning to leave. Nadia sighed.
"Well, I guess I'm ready to leave" She said turning towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow night" She said with a wave of her hand. Bridgett stared at the door for a long time.
"Mom, are you okay?" Gideon said taking her hand in his. "You look really angry" He said in a worried tone.
"No. I'm fine" She said looking at the two very handsome boys. "So what do you two want to do tonight?" She asked.

Josef walked into Brian and Alma's apartment.
"Okay, what was so dire that I needed a text in all caps?" Josef asked with a smile. Brian looked at his wife.
"You can't get married in that place!" She said.
"Why not? Is it not available for the date....they kind of assured me that it would" Josef said.
"Josef that place is straight up tacky! And inside hangs this air of misery and unhappiness. I don't think your Father wouldn't be too pleased with one of his Angels getting married in a Pharaoh's palace" Alma said.
"Alright. Now tell me how you really feel" Josef joked.
"Seriously sir, it was awful, very much beneath you and your bride"
"Well do you have another place in mind?"
"The Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove" Alma said. Josef smiled brightly. He had done business in the 1930's and 40's with Lewis W. Meyers who built the home for his wife. It was a magnificent structure!
"That is a wonderful idea! Can you two make this happen? I don't care about the costs, hell I'll buy the place if I have to" Josef said thinking that he just might do that. Alma was looking at him in a way that Josef recognized immediately. "It's bad news isn't it?" He asked closing his eyes wanting very much
for bad things to stop coming his way.
"What is up with Bridgett's sister? I mean is this tramp for real? Trying to seduce her sister's fiance'"
Alma asked in surprise. Brian looked at Josef also in surprise.
"Is this true sir?" Brian asked.
"Yeah. Dodging her advances is becoming tiresome for sure" He said with a sigh kind of glad that
the only thing Alma saw was a pretty woman trying to sleep with him. "She is going to break Bridgett's heart and look out for the brother as well. He is having a very hard time with the whole vampire thing and as they are from Romania, this isn't exactly as new as it is here in California. They have very specific methods of getting rid of our kind and he's on the road to making up his mind about your life with his sister." Alma said......still staring at Josef but not seeing him at all. "Yep. He's planning on destroying you" Alma said snapping out of her trance.
"Of course he is" Josef said shaking his head with smile.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Bram woke up early eager to do a little shopping of his own. He found out that there were some Romanians living in Los Angeles who were very much familiar with the old ways. He would go there and purchase what was needed to destroy Josef Kostan! How he wished that the things that worked in films were true in real life, but he had been told a long time ago that throwing Holy Water on vampires was a myth and nothing more. As was garlic, but staking was very effective, paralyzing the vampire while you took his head off. But he needed a secluded place and in a city of this size that was very hard.

Alexander was perplexed. He wasn't quite sure what it was he was feeling. It was odd. But whatever it had been seemed to be dying down until he heard Gideon ask if it was alright if he stayed another night. And Bridgett said she would call to see if Connie was available again. Then it started again. He
sat on the bed in the guest room trying to pull himself together when Gideon knocked on the door.
"Alexander are you up?" He asked. Alexander walked over to the door and pulled it open. "Hey,my
mom said you could stay another night so we'd could go to the World of Life Exhibit" Gideon said sounding very excited.
"Will your mother be taking us?" Alexander asked slowly.
"No. She has a fitting for her wedding dress. She said she'd call Connie" Gideon said with smile.
Alexander quickly grabbed Gideon's arm and pulled him into the room and shut the door. "Ouch!"
Gideon said rubbing his shoulder. "What's wrong with you?" He asked.
"I don't think I should come into contact with Connie" He said seriously.
"Why?" Gideon asked although he knew why. Alexander liked Connie. But that was no reason not to go
to the science center.
"She makes me feel" He said "And I do not understand why" He finished.
"We need to talk to Steve Balfour. He knows all about this stuff" Gideon said confidently.

"Mom, can Harold take us to the News Station so we can see Steve Balfour instead of science exhibit?" Gideon asked innocently. Bridgett stared at her son knowing that something was up.
"What are you two up to now?" She asked placing her hands on her hips.
"Nothing at all. We just need some information from him" Gideon said.
"What kind of information is that?" She asked.
"Mom! It's boy stuff!" Gideon wailed.
"Wouldn't you rather talk to Josef about this?" She asked nervously thinking about her son having sexual feelings was really something Josef should handle.
"It's not me mom" Gideon whispered.
"Got it. I'll call Harold." She said nodding her head as he ran back upstairs.

Nadia didn't sleep very well last night. She was rather upset that Josef rushed her out of his penthouse last night and when she tried to talk to Bram for a bit she was told at the front desk that he had gone out for the evening. Nadia hated being alone. She always had and being in a new city made her feel even more alone. She thumbed through her planner and saw Bridgett was her own today for a dress fitting. Maybe she would just tag along. Who knows, maybe Josef would be there.

Steve was working on editing some footage when the receptionist said he had visitors. Steve wasn't expecting anyone, but he left the editing room and walked out into the lobby.
"Hi Steve!" Gideon said with a smile.
"Hey little man! What are you doing here?" He asked seeing Alexander slowly walk up beside him.
"We have to ask you a question. Privately" Gideon said. Steve looked at the boys wondering what they were up to.
"Alright. Come with me" Steve said leading them to his office. After he had shut the door and they had taken a seat, Steve sat at his desk. "What's on your minds?" He asked. Alexander looked down at the floor almost ashamed.
"It's okay you can tell him" Gideon said. Alexander sat straight up and looked at Steve.
"I think I am wanting intercourse" Alexander said. Steve's eyes widened.
"Um......Zach and Abby haven't said anything to you about this?" Steve asked in wonder.
"Not particularly. In spite of my appearance, I am still quite young" Alexander explained.
"Well age doesn't really count for much in the vampire world.....what is it that you want to know?" Steve asked.
"Everything." Gideon said.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Nadia called Bridgett as soon as she returned from the hairdresser.
"I am bored, you must allow me to come with. You will need a woman's help" Nadia said soothingly. Bridgett was still a bit suspicious of her sister's motives.
"You will be bored there as well. This is only a fitting, there will be nothing for you to do there" Bridgett said. "There are scores of things to do in Los Angeles. Museums, shows, tours. Josef's driver will take you wherever you wish. Take Bram on one of many historical tours that he loves so much. I'm sure he would like to spend some time with you" Bridgett added.
"You sound like you don't want me to come with you" Nadia said.
"I don't. I'm surrounded by people constantly and right now, I'd just rather be alone. I'm sure you understand." Bridgett said not budging from her decision. Seeing that she was getting nowhere Nadia gave up.
"Alright. I will do as you wish" Nadia said hanging up the phone, more determined that she would make Josef Kostan hers and hers alone!

Alexander and Gideon sat there with eyes wide open at what Steve had just shared with them.
"That doesn't sound like something I would want to do at all!" Gideon said in disgust.
"Trust me, that will change" Steve said.
"I agree with Gideon. Darrian made it sound magical" Alexander said.
"The fairy right? Well I imagine that a fairy would make everything sound magical. But listen, you have to understand that when you're in love, and I mean truly in love, it will be the most beautiful and amazing act ever" Steve added.
"So do I just walk up to this female and tell her what I want to do?" Alexander asked.
'......You could but it won't work that me I tried any case, I'd say go to a movie or something like that with her. You'll have to take things slow." Steve explained wishing they would have wanted to talk to Mick instead. "How old is she?" Steve asked becoming curious.
"I think she's 18" Gideon said. "She's saving money by babysitting so she can go to Europe"
"Going to Europe huh?" Steve said coming up with an idea. "Give me a couple of days guys, I think I may be able to come up with something" Steve said making both Gideon and Alexander smile.

Josef came into his apartment quietly, listening for voices. Hearing nothing he walked in and shut the door. Taking off his jacket he walked to the bar and poured himself a drink. He heard a door open upstairs and figured that Bridgett was back from her fitting and was hiding her dress someplace that Josef wouldn't see it. He undid his tie and downed his drink waiting for her to come down. He heard her coming down the stairs, so he started to undo his belt and turned to face her and saw Nadia completely naked standing in front of him!
"It's about time" She said with seductive smile.

Bram spoke to the old woman in their native tongue and she knew exactly what he needed. She too had thought that vampires behaving like regular folk was dangerous. Never would they have welcomed the existence of vampires in Romania, but here in America they very much liked to hold their arms wide open never thinking about the danger or the harm.
"Do you know what to do with the body once you have destroyed the abomination?" She asked.
"Remove it's head and dig a burial hole very close to a church so it cannot rise again" Bram said. "But do not bury the head and the body together. The head must be destroyed." Bram finished. The old woman was nodding her head.
"That is right" She said going over to a drawer and pulling out a piece of cloth. She slowly unfolded the cloth and inside was a lang dagger with a curved top. "Now this dagger is from the Romanoff clan. They had been fighting the undead for over 100 years. "Use this dagger to kill the beast. The silver will kill it" She said taking a large silver medallion on a chain. "And put this around your neck" She ordered. "Now you are ready to do battle. And do not show fear. Vampires already know what scares you, do not give them more." She said lastly, making the sign of the cross on Bram's forehead and sending him on his way.

"Nadia put your clothes on and get the hell out of my apartment!!" Josef thundered making Nadia jump a bit in surprise.
"Do you not like what you see?" She said smiling and turning around so he could see all of her. Josef pulled out his cell phone and quickly alerted Brian. Within seconds Brian was standing next to Josef. He saw the naked woman and turned around.
"Take her back to her hotel. Have her bags packed and drop her back off in Quebec!!" Josef said in anger. Brian grabbed her hand and they vanished. Josef called his security to find out how Nadia got into his apartment!
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Re: The One by Ella713

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"Take your hands off me!!" Nadia screamed at Brian as she saw they were standing in her hotel room. Brian tossed her a robe that was lying on the sofa.
"Pack your things" Brian said to her.
"You can not tell me what to do!! And I am going no where!" She said in a huff
"Let me explain your current situation. You are being taken back to Quebec. You will not be in your sister's wedding and if you do not do as you're told you will be staying here permanently but not in a way you would wish" Brian said watching her as she collected her things and threw them into her suitcase. Brian shook his head slowly in disgust.
"You're own sister" He said sadly.
"You know nothing about me!! You know nothing about Bridgett" Nadia said.
"I know that if we told her of your actions, she would kill you herself, but Josef wishes to not upset his love. I suggest you accept that" Brian said taking a checkbook out of his jacket pocket, wrote her a check and placed it in her hand. "Do not come back" He said.

Nadia looked at the amount and smiled.
"Then I guess I will be on my way. Give Bridgett my best" She said running to the bathroom to change.
By the time Brian had returned 3 people on Josef's security team were fired.
"Is she back in Quebec?" Josef asked.
"Yes. Along with a check for 750k and an order to never return" Brian said.
"Thank you Brian" Josef said but Brian could tell he was still very upset that Bridgett's sister would do something like this. "Now all we have to worry about is the brother who is dead set on killing me" Josef said.

Bridgett came through the door with her dress in hand.
"Oh, I didn't think you'd be home this early!" She said in shock. "Don't look!" She said trying to cover the dress up and hurrying quickly up the stairs. Josef and Brian shook their heads and chuckled. Gideon then walked into the apartment.
"Hi dad, hi uncle Brian" He said walking up to Josef and giving him a hug.
"Where have you been and where is Alexander?" Josef asked.
"We went to the station to talk to Steve. It's very cool over there" Gideon said.
"Why on earth were you two at the television station?" Josef asked "And what does it have to do with Steve?"
"Alexander wants to have intercourse with Connie and Steve was telling him about it" Gideon said.
"Oh, is that all" Josef said with a grin. "Your mom is upstairs hiding her wedding dress. Tell me what it looks like" Josef said whispering.
"Mom said you would try that and the answer is no way Jose'" He said running for the stairs.
"Bridgett knows you all to well sir" Brian laughed turning to leave.

Bram held the items tightly in his hand. His first thought was to kill the vampire before the wedding, but how much more sense would it be to kill him after he was married to his sister. With the bloodsucker dead, his sister would inherit wealth beyond his wildest dreams!

After hiding her dress Bridgett noticed her sister's scent. What the hell was Nadia doing here, although she could guess. Bridgett slowly walked down stairs and stood in front of Josef and Brian.
"Why was my sister here? I want to know." She asked softly.
"She sweet talked security to get into the apartment, then she took off all her clothes and waited for me come back. I was in the process of greeting my special way when I saw it Nadia. I alerted Brian and he got her out of the apartment and took her back to Quebec" Josef said.
"I should have known." She said sadly. "I was so happy to see them both and now I see it was a mistake. Sometimes it's best to never look back." She said going back upstairs, when suddenly she turned around. "And I'll have to get rid of Bram as well. He's going to try to kill you" She said not looking back.

"Your wife is very strong sir." Brian said and Josef had to agree.

Gideon sat in Darrian's apartment talking to her.
"I think Alexander really likes Connie and Steve Belfour is going to fix them up or something" He said.
"Well the charming Mr. Belfour certainly knows what he's speaking of. The number of women that man has had simply boggles the mind" Darrian said.
"When are you coming back Darrian? I miss you" Gideon said sadly.
"Soon. Father is quite angry with me at the present, but he thinks I can still be of use, but worry not Master Gideon, I will always be with you" Darrian said.

Josef was kicked out of the apartment for Bridgett's Bachelorette party. Mick was taking the guys to The Federal Bar which he knew Josef would love with the mafia type vibe of the place, so when Josef was suited up and looking his most dashing he was ready!
"I will miss you" He said taking Bridgett in his arms!!
"I will miss you to...." She said
"You were going to call me Mr. Kostan again weren't you?" Josef joked. "Are you ever going to stop that?" He asked. She stared up at him.
"I will call you whatever you like handsome" She said feeling bold.
"Now that I like!" He said pulling her close and wrapping his arms around her. The knock on the door indicated that Mick was there to pick him up.
"Don't get too crazy" Bridgett said teasingly.
"I'll be the perfect angel" Josef said kissing her passionately.

"Alright Josef, let's get this party going!" Mick said looking drop dead sexy in his black suit. He gave Bridgett a hug. "I promise to bring him back in one piece" Mick said with a dazzling smile leading Josef out of the apartment. "Wait til you see what I have planned" Mick said.
"I can barely contain myself" Josef joked.

Connie's parents went away for the weekend so she was all too excited to have another babysitting job from Bridgett. She rushed around the apartment making sure that all breakable items were placed far away from rambunctious boys! She checked to make sure she had enough blood on hand and all the videos they could watch in an evening. She heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door and saw Gideon and Alexander with a man standing by them.
"Hi, I'm Steve Belfour, I'm the station manager for JK News" He said with a smile." She let out a breath, because she knew that JK News was Josef Kostan's 24-hour news station.
"Hi! I'm Connie Levin! Pleasure to meet you" She said holding out her hand.
"I brought the boys down because I was told you were saving for a trip to Europe" He said walking into the apartment.
"Yes I am actually" She said closing the door.
"Well, JK News will be filming a story on the progress of the brexit and if you wanted to do some research work for us we'd be willing to fly you to Europe and pay for your food and lodging" He said.
"Are you serious?" She yelled in surprise
"Yes. I talked to Josef about it and he thought it was a great idea."
"You're freaking kidding!!!!" She said jumping up and down "What exactly would I be doing?" She asked.
"Well, you would have to look up information in the Bodleian on different subjects and make a few copies. All in all, about 1 day out of your trip and the rest of your time is your own and of course you'll be paid" Steve said.
"Wait a minute. You're going to pay all my expenses plus pay me for one day's work?" She asked in disbelief.
"Yep. We were going to go through a temp agency, but that's always iffy. When we can get someone who already knows about it, well it's just much easier this way" He explained. "You can take some time to think it over and discuss it with your parents" Steve said.
"Yes!!!" She said immediately. Steve smiled.
"Cool! I'll send Gideon down with the paperwork next week" He said waving goodbye to the boys and walking out of the apartment.
"Now you don't have to babysit us anymore" Gideon said walking towards the door.
"Not so fast mister!" Connie said in mock anger. "Your mom is having her ladies only party! No boys allowed" She said. Walking to the fridge to get them some drinks.
"Alright" Gideon said sitting down on the sofa looking at the videos she had pulled aside.
"Did you want something Alexander?" She asked.
"A beer would be fine" He said confidently. She turned around and looked at the boy who didn't really look like a typical boy. In fact he looked like a young man her age or a few years older, but she didn't want to get in any trouble. He could see her weighing the pros and cons in her head.
"Trust me. The laws of mortals mean very little to vampires" Alexander said. She took one of her dad's beers from the fridge, opened it and handed it to Alexander who took it from her as he sat down and took a drink like Steve had shown him. He looked at the label. This was actually pretty good.

Beth, Zoe, Amy, Haley, Lisa, Abigail, Angela and a few ladies from Kostan Industries all came to the Penthouse to throw Bridgett the party of her life!
"Okay, we can't get too crazy! Remember what happened at Angela's party" Beth said laughing.
"What happened?" Bridgett's co-worker Mandy asked.
"They all ended up in jail" Bridgett said laughing out loud.

Bram looked at himself in the mirror. The suit Josef had purchased for him was the most amazing thing he had ever owned. He felt his inside pocket where the dagger rest comfortably. "Soon Josef Kostan. Soon" He said to himself as he walked out for the Bachelor Party.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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Bram prepared his mind for what he was going to do. Tomorrow was the wedding and he had to be ready. Nadia had called him and told him that she was back in Quebec and wouldn't be attending the wedding, so he was guessing that her little seduction trick didn't work and she was banished. Pity that, he hadn't known many men who could resist his sister's charms, but it seems Josef Kostan was the exception to the rule. It was of little matter. Kostan would not be alive for long he thought confidently.

Bridgett and the other ladies were playing a game where they tested Bridgett on how much she knew of Josef.
"Okay!! My turn!" Zoe said flipping over her card. "Josef was friends with this famous writer in London England. Name the writer and one of his books" Zoe said thinking she had finally stumped Bridgett.
"Hmmm.....let's there any date you can give me that would narrow this down a bit?" She asked taking another sip of her drink.
"1800's" Zoe said carefully.
"That narrows it a bit......but there are so many....but I'm going to say Charles Dickens Bleak House!" Bridgett guessed.
"Right again!" Zoe said. "You really do know everything about Josef don't you?" She asked.
"Well, I had a front row seat to most things and heard way too much sometimes." She said grinning.
"I've got one that I know she doesn't know. Okay, which famous Pastor did Josef almost kill?" Beth asked. Everyone looked at Bridgett, but after a while she had to say she didn't know the answer.
"Wow! I've never heard any mentions of preachers excluding the Blood of Christ Church" She said. "Alright, I give up" Bridgett said.
"Jim Jones" Beth said. Everyone stared in shock!
"No way!" Zoe said.
"Yes. Before Jim Jones settled in San Francisco, he wanted to purchase some land that belonged to Josef but Josef refused. He thought Jones was a sleazy man and no where near being the man of God he told people he was. Josef knew he milking people out of their savings and he decided that he was going to kill the guy, but Jones took off and was in San Francisco building the People's Temple". Beth said.
"Wow! That's amazing!" Haley said.
"How did you find this out?" Lisa asked.
"Josef told me when he had this church group at the White House and Josef said the Pastor reminded him of Jim Jones" She said.

Mick had arranged for Harold to drive them to and from.
"So who all is going to be there?" Josef asked.
"Everyone who loves you will be there" Mick said not wanting to give up any information.
"Okay. So just you and Brian. That's alright. I love small groups" Josef joked looking at both Brian and Mick trying to get something out of them.
"I'm sorry sir. I made a promise". Brian said shaking his head, stopping Josef from retrieving the info from his thoughts.
When they pulled up to building, Josef's eyes widened in surprise.
"Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!" Josef said.
"You know this place?" Brian asked.
"Yeah. In the mid 1920's John Dillinger hit this bank twice in the same week" Josef said.
"You're kidding?" Mick said.
"I kid you not. The man knew what he was doing." Josef joked stepping out the limo. When they pulled up to the entrance, Josef noticed it looked dark. He listened keenly for any sounds coming from the inside but heard nothing. Mick opened the door and turned on the lights. Inside were at least 100 people that Josef knew and cared for.
"SURPRISE!!!!!!" They all yelled out, then music began to play. Mick had assembled old friends and dear business contacts that Josef had accumulated over his many many years. Claude Brewster who served as Vice President along Josef's side came walking over.
"Congratulations Josef!" He said taking a sip of his brandy. "Bridgett is a most beautiful and devoted young woman. I'm sure you both will be very happy in life" Claude said.
"Thank you Claude and I agree, Bridgett is really something special" Josef said with a smile.

Bridgett opened up many presents that everyone had given her. She picked up a small gift that wrapped beautifully. Inside were two booklets marked His and other Hers. Bridgett looked down at the little booklets in confusion. She opened one up then started to laugh hysterically. She took them out of box so everyone could see what they were.
"Wow!! This is perfect!!" Beth said out loud. "Where did this come from?" She asked.
"Mandy" Bridgett said walking over to her co worker and giving her a big hug. "Thank you so much for this" She said.
"You're welcome. I kind of figured you already had everything you could possibly want, so I wanted to give you something that you didn't have" She joked.
"This is brilliant Mandy. A Bridal Coupon Book! Josef's going to get a kick out of this!" Lisa said browsing through the coupon book she had made for Josef. "Oh my gosh, Josef gets a coupon for a complete day of silence !" She said cracking up! "Mandy, you have make these for a living!!"
"Look at this coupon "Just buy me some shoes and no one gets hurt" coupon!" Haley said laughing.
"I love this one, "One night of romance" Angela read with a smile. "This is a beautiful gift"

Bram walked into the address he was given and saw at least 100 men packed within.
"Can I have your name" A man said to him with a list right in front of him.
"Bram Dumitru, brother of the bride" He replied. The man checked off his name. "Have fun" He said allowing him entrance. Josef spied him immediately.
"The prodigal brother returns!" Josef said loudly over the music.
"I am sorry for not partaking in the other events" He said.
"No apologies needed. Not all men want to be dragged through every store on Rodeo Drive." Josef said.
"But you're here. Would you like a drink?" Josef asked. "We managed to find a bartender who knew where to get his hands on Țuică! Bridgett said it's best drink ever made"
"My sister is correct on that point" He said with a small smile.
"Alrighty then" Josef said leading Bram to the bar.
"Ce pot să-ti aduc?" The bartender asked.
"Țuică" Bram said and watched the bartender pull out the familiar looking bottle.
"So what do you think of Los Angeles?" Josef asked.
"The weather is very pleasant, but........." He paused trying to find the right words.
"It is a Godless place" Josef said knowingly.
"Yes" Bram agreed. The bartender placed two glasses of the plum liquor down in front of them.
"So how is this consumed?" Josef asked.
"Very slowly. Țuică is 65% alcohol by volume." He said. Josef's eyebrows went straight up in surprise as he took a small sip. The drink was very strong, but quite delicious.
"Nu serviți asta nimănui altcuiva" Josef said to bartender, telling him not to serve this to anyone else.
"You speak Romanian?" Bram asked suddenly.
"I speak quite a few languages. It helps in my work." Josef said.
"Have you ever traveled to Romania?" Bram asked.
"Yes. I never lived there, but I did travel there. I mean as a vampire you kind of have to. So much of what people think they know about vampires comes from the imagination of Bram Stoker and his take on Transylvania." Josef said.
"I agree. Most of what he wrote was rahat....I mean shit" Bram said. "But people in my country know vampires and have had many dealings with them" Bram said pointedly at Josef.
"I remember that from my travels" Josef replied finishing the drink. "I think there is something you wish to say to me" Josef said.
"Yes. Did my sister want to be turned into vampire?"
"Only she can answer that, but I will tell you the truth Bram. Your sister and I made love and she conceived. The baby was a vampire baby. She would not have been able to carry the baby to term. Vampire children grow at an alarming speed. She would have died giving birth".
"And you think that was your only option?" Bram asked becoming a bit angry.
"It was my only option since I loved her. I wanted her with me always." Josef said. "I know you plan to destroy me, and I really wish you didn't. One your sister would never forgive you, which is kind of silly since you are doing this out of love for her only to have her hate you for a long time." Josef said. "And there are some things you don't know" Josef added.

Gideon had fallen sleep watching the movie Amadeus. Connie and Alexander were caught up in a conversation about GMO's in food.
"I mean I see why it's necessary especially since we are dealing with overpopulation of the planet, but in the end I think it will do more harm than good because mankind has no idea what they're doing" Connie said.
"I agree. It is very easy to come up with a plan, but very difficult to execute the plan while monitoring
the effects, which is where I think man creates catastrophic mistakes" Alexander said.
"Can I ask you a personal question?" Connie asked.
"Of course" Alexander replied.
"How old are you truly?"
"I am 7 years old" Alexander said.
"7!?" Connie said in shock.
"As I said before, the mortal guidelines of ages don't really apply to vampires as our rate of growth is so accelerated. I will continue to look this age as long as I exist." Alexander said.
"And you can do everything that a mortal guy can do?" She asked with her eyes down.
"Yes. I can even eat food, but I don't wish to very often" He said.
"Why not?"
"It's not the taste as I happen to enjoy some foods very much, like steak. But there are some digestive problems for us, so although we can, it has to be spaced out"
"Do you kiss girls" She asked quietly, thinking that from what she had heard about vampires, they seduce a lot of women!
"I can kiss girls, but I haven't ever" Alexander said. Connie looked at Alex. He was gorgeous and smart, and polite! But what if he tried to turn her? "I'd like to kiss you" Alexander said shyly standing up and taking her hands so she was right in front of him. He could hear her heart beating faster as he lowered his head towards her and captured her lips. Steve was right. He told him that his body would know instinctively what to do and he was finding out that that statement was very true. Everything he was doing seemed like second nature. Connie placed her arms around Alexander and discovered that she didn't want to let this young vampire go.

The day of the wedding, Bridgett was whisked away to Alma's apartment where the other women were waiting to start her wedding makeover. Alexander and Gideon showed up after 10 am so they could get ready. Alexander felt alive for the first time in his undead life and it had him thinking about so many more other things he had never considered. Gideon looked at his best friend and knew.
"You really did it didn't you?" Gideon asked. Alexander nodded his head slowly. "And? How was it?"
"I cannot put it into words to describe it, but it was utterly amazing. Never have I felt anything that compares. It was life defining simply put. I see now why it is so popular" Alexander said trying not to smile, but failing.
"I'll take you word for it"

Nadia was kind of furious she couldn't see her own sister get married.....but she knew where they were going on their honeymoon and Nadia thought how fun it would be to book a hotel room in the same place they were staying. She thought about Josef Kostan and what she would love to do to him and the moment she had that thought her heart stopped and dropped to the floor. It would be five days before anyone noticed that Nadia Dumitru had died.

Bridgett looked amazing in her gown! The very simple sheath design was remarkably elegant and tasteful. The champagne color Ralph Lauren suggested was perfect!
"Bridgett you look like an Erte' drawing!" Beth said. Lisa came out in her Maid of Honor dress, not complaining about wearing uncomfortable heels.
"Alright. Let's do this!" Lisa said taking Bridgett's arm.

Bram was conflicted. Josef it seemed was very honest with him about how his relationship with Bridgett came about and it did seem like it was a decision that couldn't be helped. But he had heard many stories about vampires tricking people into thinking that they would not spill blood or cause any harm only to find out they had been tricked. The old lady said vampires are not to be trusted ever.

Darrian appeared in her apartment and Josef had not changed a thing so perhaps The Father perhaps had told him that she would return. Today was the wedding, and Bridgett's brother had destruction on his mind. She was glad that Master Gideon had taken care of the slut sister!
"Dress!" She yelled out and a lovely pale gray dress was produced. Time to get ready.
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Re: The One by Ella713

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The Grand Island Mansion was decked out for the wedding. Brian and Alma had hired the very best decorators for the event and they proved themselves to be the best in the business. Todd English was with his crew unpacking all the things he had made and all of it looked decadently delicious. Steve was busy taking tons of pictures to capture this special day.

Alexander ran down to Connie's apartment and knocked on the door.
"Alexander, aren't you supposed to be at the wedding?" She asked looking at him all decked out in his suit.
"I'd like you to get dressed in something very pretty and come with me" He said. Connie stared at him in shock.
"You want me to go to the wedding with you? Like as your date?" She said trying to clarify his request.
"Yes. And you're wasting time" Alexander said with a smile. Connie smiled and took off running for her room. She was done in 10 minutes time and Alexander stared.
"Connie, you look beautiful" He said tightly.
"Thanks. Now you're wasting time" She joked.

The guests started to arrive when Brian intercepted a phone call. Bridgett's sister had died of a heart attack. Brian closed his eyes and said a silent prayer for the woman then walked to give Josef the bad news.

Bram answered the call in anger. The phone always managed to ring when you were leaving to do something.
"Hello!" He said rudely. He held onto the phone tightly as he received the news. Nadia was dead. Apparently of a heart attack. He should have warned her not to mess around with vampires! Now they had killed his sister! He wasn't going to take the dagger to the wedding having decided that Bridgett had chosen her own fate, but now he was convinced of something more sinister. He placed the dagger inside his suit jacket and patted it firmly.

"Crap!!" Josef said out loud.
"Hello Josef" Darrian said appearing in front of them.

Josef and Brian were frozen for moment wondering how Darrian O'Toole was alive and standing in front of them.
"I see you made up with the Father." Josef said without emotion.
"This is not about you Josef!" Darrian said with anger. "This is about a promise I made to Master Gideon. I promised to protect him but now danger is at the door of Kostan" She said.
"You're talking of Bridgett's brother." Josef said. Darrian rolled her eyes at Josef.
"You are adopting a rather annoying habit of mortals always asking obvious questions" She said dismissively. "Of course I am speaking of that idiot. He plans on stabbing you with a very ancient Romanian dagger that has killed many before you. Of course I would care not for your destruction, but this vile man tends to harm your offspring as well and for that I will not spare him" She said sternly.
"Well thank you for your sentiments regarding my existence." Josef said with a smile missing the banter he had with the fairy.
"Are you going to marry this woman or not?" Darrian said looking at the clock on the wall. Gideon and Alexander came in and also stopped short in surprise.
"Darrian! Is it really you?" Gideon said running to hug her.
"Yes, Master Gideon, it is I" She said kissing the top of his head. Darrian glanced quickly at Alexander and laughed. "And Alexander has become a man! And I can tell from your expression that it was very much to your liking" She said. Alexander said nothing but couldn't help smiling at what she had said.
"Wait! Are you telling me Alexander bedded my babysitter?" Josef asked.
"Really Josef. Again with the questions" Darrian said with a wave of her hand. "Yes. He has fallen in love with the girl named Connie. He brought her here for the wedding" Darrian said.
"That's what we were coming to tell you dad" Gideon said still holding onto Darrian. Mick came into the room.
"Hey man are you ready?" Mick said to Josef then stopped in shock at the sight of Darrian.
"Hello Mr. St. John". Darrian said with a smile. "Do not fear. While mortals have the Father's never ending grace, fairies do not". She said.
"Meaning one screw up and she will be no more" Josef said.
"Well......they're waiting for you" Mick said as he heard the music starting.
"You got the rings Gideon?" Josef asked.
"Yes" Gideon replied.
"I'm missing a groomsman!" Josef said looking around for Carl.
"Calm down Josef. He's in the hall waiting." Mick said.

Josef and his groomsmen took their place at the head of the room, waiting for the bride's arrival. The door opened and through the door walked Beth, then Mandy, followed by Lisa as the Maid of Honor. Then everyone stood and Bridgett came in slowly wearing the most amazing wedding gown Josef had ever seen. He looked at Mick who gave him the thumbs up sign. The judge stood in front delivering his message on marriage before reading the vows to each of them. Gideon gave them both their rings as they slid them on each other's finger.
"And by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride!" The judge said. Josef took Bridgett in his arms.
"This is forever" Josef said looking down at her.
"You promise?" Bridgett asked softly.
"As God and these people are my witness" Josef said capturing her mouth while over 100 people cheered and yelled.

Bram got up quickly and got in the Receiving Line with the other guests. He watched as everyone shook the vampire's hand, actually congratulating him on his nuptials. The more he thought about what Josef had told him, the more it didn't make any sense. He never said that Bridgett wanted to be turned, only that there was no other choice! A choice that had been forced upon her! He stared at Josef Kostan and his son! A son born only 3 years ago but who was walking talking and behaving as a child of 13!!

Josef could hear Bram's heart racing and while he really wasn't thrilled about the death of his wife's brother, he was prepared to defend his son. He noticed that Bram had unbuttoned his blazer getting ready to strike. Darrian stepped forward and with a wave of her hand, everyone froze. She walked up to Bram and removed the dagger from his hand, walked back to where she was standing and waved her hand again. Bram suddenly looked at his hand and saw that the dagger was gone. He quickly looked to the ground and behind him. His eyes looked wild and frantic.
"Have you misplaced something brother" Bridgett said to him. Bram stood staring at his sister not sure what to do or say.
"I.....I'm sorry....I mean...c..congratulations" He stammered holding out his hand. Bridgett held his hand tightly then pulled him close to her.
"You will leave Los Angeles brother, and never return" She said almost hissing in his ear. He quickly pulled his hand away and walked out of the mansion.
"I'm sorry this didn't turn out the way you'd hoped" Josef said.
"I should have known it would turn out this way, but this doesn't matter. I have the life I have always wanted" She said kissing Josef again.

Darrian had followed the brother. She didn't trust him one bit. He was sitting by the rose garden along the side of the house with his head in his hands. She walked over towards him.
"Why are you not with your sister?" Darrian asked.
"My sister has chosen a wrong path in life" Bram replied.
"Perhaps, but it is her choice to make" She said.
"Do you know my sister?" He asked.
"I do". Darrian replied.
"Then you can talk to her, tell her she's making a mistake!" He pleaded.
"I am confused. Your sister has met the love of her life, the man she loves is successful beyond measure and they have a son who has her heart and soul, I fail to see what mistake it is she has made". Darrian answered.
"You do know that Kostan is vampire?" Bram asked.
"Yes. What of it? If you dislike vampires so much then surely you don't care much for your sister or your nephew. So what will you? Kill the whole happy family?" Darrian said.
"If it comes to that, I will kill them all" He said in anger. Darrian sighed. She had given the idiot many chances to go another course but he appeared to stay on the course he was on.
"I feel sorry for you" Darrian said as she clenched her hands into a balled fist, crushing his heart until he fell over dead. Darrian got up and walked back inside.
"Hello Darrian!" Steve called out to her. Darrian sighed.
"Hello Steven" She said quietly.
"How are you? I had hoped I'd see you again" He said walking closer to her. Darrian held up one hand.
"Silence Young Steven. There is nothing between us. What was is no more and will never be again." She said firmly looking him in the eye.
"So that's it! You just used me!" He said loudly.
"I asked you for silence, please do not make me render you silent forever" She said walking away from him. Gideon came running over to her.
"Was he bothering you?" Gideon asked staring daggers at Steven.
"No. He is no bother whatsoever. So tell me all that you've been up to" Darrian asked and smiled as Gideon told of a slew of things that had happened in her absence. When he had finished he held her hand.
"You killed the brother didn't you?" Gideon asked.
"Yes. He was going to kill you and Josef and most likely his sister as well" Darrian said.
"You killed the sister?" Darrian asked.
"Yes. She was evil. She was trying to break up my parents! And after Uncle Brian gave her a ton of money to stay away, she was planning on coming back for the wedding! So I stopped her" Gideon said defiantly. "Marriage is supposed to be taken seriously. Our marriage will be perfect" Gideon said with a nod of his head. Darrian turned to stare at him.
"I see The Father has been talking to you as well" She said with a smile.

The End
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