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Moonlight Fan Fiction
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Josef and the other vampires find out more about the "Fairy world"

Josef sat behind his desk missing everything about his office and his corporation. He smiled when Brian and Mila came int to speak with him.
"Welcome back Uncle Josef" Mila said giving him a hug.
"Thank you. Fill me in on what's happened in the absence" Josef said sitting back down.
"Well, we have a new Public Relations Manager. His name is Steven Asim. He was instrumental in finding the traitors in the company and he's proven himself to be very skilled in handling the press." Brian said.
"Good. Schedule a time this week so I can meet him" Josef said.
"He's getting married sir" Brian said.
"Married? He's an intern isn't he? Kind of young to be tying himself down" Josef replied.
"He's getting married to Darrian sir" Brian said with a smile. Josef looked up suddenly.
"Are you serious? Is that even allowed?" He asked.
"Is anyone going to tell Darrian what she can and can't do?" Brian asked. Josef just shook his head slowly sensing that Steven wouldn't be among them for much longer.
"Alright Mila, what up on your front?" Josef asked.
"I fired one trader Mr. Reuben Barg. The man was an ass" Mila said.
"Has he been replaced?"
"Yes. Gordon Locke was moved into his place four days ago and is doing very well" Mila answered.
"Good. Anything else?"
"Yes. I have retained Mila for strenuous vetting of our employees. We cannot have another traitor among us" Brian replied.
"I'd like to thank you both for helping out while I was away. I know it's not easy." Josef said allowing them to leave. He would have to call Darrian and set aside some time to see her.

"So how were things?" Bridgett asked Josef when he came home.
"Mila and Brian kept Kostan Inc. in perfect working order, so no complaints. How would you feel about going to Darrian"s? I have some things to discuss with her" Josef said.
"Sure. Right now?" She asked.
"If you don't mind. She's expecting us" Josef said picking up his keys. Gideon came running down the stairs all dressed in his best suit.
"Darrian wants us to hurry up". He said with a smile.

Josef was getting ready to knock on the door when it slowly opened on its own.
"The Boy King returns to us!! Welcome Josef! And Master Gideon, look at how much you've grown!!" She said quickly walking towards him and taking his hands in hers. "And dressed as a proper villain just like your father!" She laughed bending down to kiss his cheek. "And how are you Bridgett? Was your sojourn relaxing" She asked.
"Yes it was. Very peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful" She replied.
"That is good to hear. One must always take time off for themselves. It does wonders for the soul." She said. "Drinks!" She yelled out and again drinks were supplied and they sat down. "So I take it you have cleaned your house? It is so hard to find mortals who are honest" Darrian said dismissively.
"It's hard to find an honest vampire as well" Josef put in with a smile.
"Mr. Lennox was foolish and very greedy." She said.
"So I've heard there are to be wedding bells for you! Congratulations." Josef said shaking his head.
"You fear for Young Steven's life Josef?" She asked.
"Not at all. From what I'm told, Steven Asim knows exactly what he's getting into" Josef said.
"Yes, that surprised me as well. He is most fascinating" She said with a smile.
"I have a present for you Master Gideon!" Darrian said. Gideon smiled and walked over to her and placed his hand in hers. She used one of her long painted black fingernails to cut both her palm and Gideon's then pressed their palms together and began to chant. Bridgett looked quickly at Josef, startled to see what the woman was doing to her child, but Josef held up a hand to silence her.
"Wow!" Gideon said still looking at her.
"Now what you do with this knowledge is up to you, but in all things be wise". She said with a small smile.
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Re: Excitement

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"Hey Mick, I was just going to call you" Josef said with a smile as he saw his friend walking into his office.
"Were you going to tell be about how you've been hiding a fairy in your building for I don't know how many years" Mick said taking a seat across from him.
"Well, she really doesn't like for people to know about her and I respect her privacy. She's a powerful sorceress, even more so than Katrina." Josef explained.
"Can I meet her?" Mick asked very interested in seeing what she looked like.
"Hell No!" Josef said loudly. "You are not going show up with that face and muck things up and cause a riot! Sorry man, but the answer is no!" Josef said standing up. "I'll show you a photograph" He added.
"Alright fine. No introductions." Mick said.
"We had enough trouble getting The Changeling out of your hair, I'm not going to add a more powerful being to the mess of Mick St. John fan girls!" Josef joked.
"Alright!" Mick said again. "But you have to tell me about her. Where did she come from?" Mick asked.
Josef pointed up in the air.
"They are creations of the Father. She may be the only one left of her kind. Fairies were trial runs so to speak before you were created. Kind of like a first draft" Josef explained.
"Wow! I can't even fathom that! That's unreal. I mean when I think of fairies I think of Tinkerbell and stuff like that. I never thought any of it was real". Mick said sitting back in shock.
"Yeah. Fairies are real and they're nothing like a Disney cartoon. They can be deadly! And you never want to cross one." Josef said.

Gideon went over to Abigail's to see Alexander.
"Gideon. You have grown a lot" Abigail said looking at him.
"Jeez! You're like a foot taller than the last time we saw you!" Zachary said. "Alexander's up in the attic, doing who knows what" He said as Gideon took off for the stairs. he opened the attic door and saw Alexander looking at something through a microscope.
"Hey Gideon, you have to look at his" He said calling him over.
"What is it?" Gideon asked walking over to the table and looking into scope.
"It's Mycelium. A fungi. I'm going to do an experiment on it" He said with a smile.
"Forget about that, I've got something to show you. And you can't tell anyone. Not even your parents."
"Sure" Alexander said. And Gideon believed him, because Alexander never lied about anything. Gideon picked up the scissors and cut both their hands and put them together before the wounds could heal. Alexander stared at him, his eyes wide in shock.
"I know! It's really cool" Gideon said.
"That's incredible! I never thought any of that was true" Alexander said brushing his hair away from his eyes. "Can I meet her?" Alexander asked.
"I don't know yet. She said she would tell me when it was okay" Gideon said. Alexander sat back in his chair thinking about what this could mean.
"You've gotten taller" Alexander said as if noticing just now. Gideon looked at him with a smile.
"That's really all you have to say?" Gideon said. And Alexander being very much like his parents shrugged all thoughts away, wanting to focus on his fungus.
"You want to help me with this or not?" He asked standing up and walking back to the table.
"Ok" Gideon said taking off his jacket.

"I have to go to work tomorrow" Steven said kissing Darrian's ear.
"I want to take you to England for our consummation affair" She said.
"It's called a Honeymoon these days" Steven laughed.
"I have a retreat very close to Stonehenge. Have you ever been to that area?" She asked.
"I've been to England, but I've never seen Stonehenge....that's in Wiltshire isn't it?"
"Very good Young Steven! Yes it is. That is where we were meant to live after the Father made you"
"Did you.....I mean did fairies create Stonehenge?" Steven asked in wonder.
"No. That was made by the ones before us" She said sitting up to take a sip of brandy.
"There were others before you? You're kidding?" Steven said staring at her. "Who was before you?"
"Oh many many creatures, but only a handful of beings on other worlds where they still live" She said sighing getting bored of answering Steven's many questions. Steve sat up. Was she talking about alien races?
"Wait. I know you're getting tired of questions, but are you talking about what we call aliens? Little green men?" He asked.
"Yes. Some were green at first I believe, then there were others." She said. Steven kept staring at her in disbelief. "I need rest Young Steven" Darrian said closing her eyes and Steven knew there would be no more questions. In fact, he could tell that he had asked too many. He really needed to pace himself with her, but the things she knew were incredible!
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Re: Excitement

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Beth, Zoe, Haley and Lisa got together to chat about Josef's return.
"Well, I know you guys don't really know Bridgett, but she's a wonderful person, and she really cares for Kostan, Inc and what it stands for. In laymen's terms, she's not a gold digger" Lisa said.
"No ones saying that Lisa!" Haley said. "But come on" She said.
"I love Josef, so I hope it works out. Especially since they have a child together" Zoe said, who very much like her husband, had issues with changing spouses like you were buying a new set of tires.
"Look, Josef is an Angel and that's serious. He can't do the things he did with Isabelle now. They lived a truly hedonistic lifestyle you know. As much as I hate to admit it, this could be good for both of them" Zoe said."Gabriel said Isabelle was heart broken. He could hear her thoughts and it broke his heart". Zoe said.
"Do you think if we called her she would talk to us?" Haley asked.
"I think she needs time away from Josef. She'll come back to us when she's ready." Beth said sadly thinking that Isabelle wasn't coming back. Ever.
"So what's going on with the fairy?" Zoe asked looking at Beth.
"What fairy? What are you talking about?" Haley and Lisa asked.
"Josef has a real life fairy living in Kostan Towers." Beth said.
"You're joking!" Lisa said laughing out loud.
"No joke" Zoe said. "Gabriel was telling me all about her. She's most likely millions of years old and very powerful. She's a wood sprite so she's as old as whatever was first made here. There's nothing on fairies in the scrolls, so that tells you something right there". Zoe finished.
"How does Uncle Josef know her?" Haley asked.
"Probably knew her when she first created, if you believe fairy lore." Zoe said.
"Keep in mind none us studied this stuff so you're going to have to go into detail" Lisa said with a smile.
"Oh right." Zoe said. "Well, in the beginning God made the world. And not just Earth, he made everything. Other planets, universes, solar systems. Then he wanted to make man in his image, and created quite a few different prototypes before settling on Adam. So out there in the universe are beings that were made. Which is how we have aliens, little green men and The X-Files" Zoe explained.
"You're serious? Haley asked, her eyes popping wide open.
"Yes. Fairies have some divine powers which is why they were discontinued. Since God had already had trouble with Angels getting a little too big for their britches, fairies were primed to follow down that same path. From the fairy files I have read, they are always beautiful, but very selfish as well. They are more of the eat drink and be merry sort of entity"
"Just when I think I've been told everything!" Lisa said still laughing.
"Well, you'll get a charge out of this as well. She's getting married! Married to a Kostan employee" Beth said.
"Get out!" Lisa shouted. Everyone was laughing at how silly it all sounded. Fairies were real and getting married! While everyone laughed at the thought, it was Zoe who didn't join in.
"What's wrong Zoe?" Haley asked.
"There's never been anything documented on fairies getting married. In fact something like that would be deadly. To the person they're marrying that is".
"That doesn't make any sense. If they're in love...." Beth began to say.
"You have to understand about the nature of fairies. They are divine beings. They require a kind of love, that can't be matched. Jesus had to die on the cross to save us because we couldn't achieve the righteous demands of God. Fairies are the same. This man she is marrying is kidding himself into thinking he won't do anything wrong or hurt her. He will because mortal are fallible. And when that happens....Hell Hath No Fury doesn't even begin to describe what will happen" Zoe explained.
"Do Josef and Brian know this?" Beth asked.
"Alma will have told them" Zoe said still frowning as she thought some more.

"So tell me about your work" Darrian said as they were eating a delicious meal of prime rib, and rosemary potatoes.
"I'm in charge of Public Relations, so I am the voice and the face of the company. If something goes array, I speak to the public and try to reassure them that all will be alright. But it becomes difficult because the public demands to know everything! It's insane" Steven said.
"I want you to show me the television tonight" She said, not really asking but not really demanding.
"Do you have a television?" Steven asked.
"Alma showed me so it is where we rest" She said.
"Is there anything in particular you're interested in viewing?" He asked smiling at her.
"I will leave that up to you Young Steven" She said.

Zoe kept thinking about the fairy and the more she thought about her, the more she had reservations. So she picked up her phone to ring Alma.
"Alma, are you free for a few moments?" Zoe asked in a hurry.
"Sure. Brian's not home yet so come on by if you want." Alma said wondering what Zoe wanted.
"I'll be there in 20 minutes" Zoe said hanging up the phone and rushing out.

"Thanks for seeing me Alma. I really need to speak with you" Zoe said walking into the apartment.
"Sure. Is something wrong?" Alma asked noticing the look on Zoe's face.
"The fairy. I'm sorry I don't know her name since I just found out about her, but does Josef and Brian know how dangerous these beings are?" Zoe asked.
"Dangerous? Well, she certainly has amazing powers, but what do you mean by dangerous? I would have sensed something" Alma said.
"What I'm sensing is more of a theory, but it's one that definitely needs to be examined. What if this employee can't love her the way she expects? Or heaven forbid, fall out of love with her? If that happens, we are talking about wrath on a biblical scale. Divinity is nothing to be trifled with" Zoe explained.
"I don't think Josef or Brian have thought of it that way. Let's light the seeing herbs and see what is revealed" Alma said taking Zoe into her meditation room.

Steven and Darrian walked into the bedroom so she could see television for the first time. Steven spied the 60" screen on the wall.
"Well, it's certainly big enough" He chuckled.
"Sometimes my house misunderstands my commands" She said sitting down on the bed.
"Do you have a remote control? It works the television. Turns it off and on and changes the channels" He explained.
"If you are hooked up to cable or satellite devices, you will have hundred of channels to choose from".
"Which is best?" She asked.
"I've always liked satellite better" He said.
"Play satellite television" She said loudly. The set turned on and was playing a music video. "What is this?" She said.
"This is a music station." Steven explained.
"And mortals listen to this? It is awful!" She said in disgust.
"Well, not everyone listens to this. Some do. Mostly younger people." He said looking down and seeing the remote control. "I'll change the channel and you can see something else." He said changing the channels. "OK. This here is world news. It tells you what is going on all over the world" He explained.
"Everywhere? Truly?" She asked. At Steven's nod she patted the bed for him to sit with her.
"I very suddenly wish to know what is going on in the world" She said staring at the large screen.
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Re: Excitement

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When Steven opened his eyes he saw that Darrian was still watching CNN. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
"Have you been up all night watching the news?" He asked.
"Yes. A lot of it was very trivial. One could hardly call refer to it as news, but there were a few things that were of interest. Who is in charge of this mess?" She asked, her eyes still staring at the television.
"In charge? Of the country or the news?" Steve asked still rubbing sleep from his eyes.
"All of it" She said motioning with her hands.
"Well, we are living int he United States of America and we have a President who is elected by the people who live here. Of course other countries like England for example have their own elected officials in charge. And that's the way it is everywhere" He tried to explain.
"Turmoil I believe it's called. Well, Father's little playthings have certainly made a mess of things haven't they?" She said looking at him for the first time since he had woke up.
"The downside of free will I suppose" Steven said kissing her neck.
"You must leave me now" She said pushing his head away. Steven was stunned by her reaction, but he gathered his things and left the apartment. He had a feeling that Darrian was coming up with a plant of some sort. And it wouldn't be pretty.

Brian noticed that Alma had not come to bed last night. Something serious must be going on for her to stay in her meditation room the entire night. He got up and went to the bathroom to get ready. He smelled coffee brewing, so he walked into the kitchen and saw Zoe sitting in the kitchen with Alma.
"Good morning" He said walking over and kissing Alma's cheek. "What's going on?" He asked with an arched eyebrow.
"Zoe had some questions about Darrian and brought up some things I think you and Josef should be aware of" She said.
"Like?" He asked sitting down in the empty chair at the table.
"Divinity can't be controlled. And I don't even know if it could, but this fairy will become a very huge problem not just for vampires, but for mortals alike" Zoe said. "She is already educating herself on how things are run. She is gathering information, but we couldn't see for what exactly" Zoe said.
"You have to let Josef know." Alma said to Brian.
"Did you see any harm coming to Steven?" Brian asked.
"She has become more interested in other things. She will send him away, but for now he's safe." Alma said.
"Yes. I will have to speak with Josef." Brian said getting up and going to their room to shower and change. When he had finished he came back to the kitchen. "Would you two stay here and see what else you can find out. I'm going to see Josef." He said walking out the door.

"Brian, you're here awfully early, so let's hear the reason" Josef said letting him into the penthouse.
"Darrian sir" Brian said.
"I see. Is Steven dead?" He asked.
"Zoe and Alma said for now he's safe, but I'm thinking he could be more useful in the Miami office" Brian said.
"Agreed. What is known so far?" He asked.
"She appears to be getting herself familiar with how the world works now and once she's learned what she needs to...." Brian said.
"I suppose it's time to get ready for our plan" Josef said.

"Did you hear from her?" Alexander asked when she saw Gideon walking up the attic stairs.
"She said she doesn't want us to come over!" Gideon said plopping down in a chair.
"Did she say why?" Alexander asked.
"No and she was kind of mean about it. I think something's wrong with her. Maybe her and her boyfriend broke up. Girls get weepy about that stuff" Gideon said, but there was something going on in his mind that didn't make sense.
"Oh well. It would have been fun bringing dead fairies back to life." He said shrugging his shoulders and starting to get back to work. He noticed that Gideon didn't say anything. "Are you seeing something?" He asked walking over to him. "Gideon!" He said loudly in front of him.
"We need to talk to my dad!" Gideon said standing up and heading for the stairs with Alexander close behind him.
"Dad, can you drive us to see Uncle Josef? It's rather important" Alexander asked his father.
"Do I want to know what this is about?" Zachary asked looking at both of them. Gideon knowing that Alexander would never fib to his father he knew he would step in.
"We need to speak with Marlene in the Kostan lab. She knows all kinds of stuff" Gideon said. Zachary smiled at the boys, feeling proud that they were both interested in science.
"Sure thing. Let me tell your mom and I'll meet you in the garage" He said.
"Thank you Gideon" Alexander said quietly as he turned for the garage.

When Darrian felt she could stand no more she shut the television down. She took off her robe and closed her eyes. Slowly her true form began to take shape and she fluttered away. She within moments stood in front of Stonehenge, stooped down and placed her hands on the wet earth.
"I am coming for you brothers and sisters. Soon we shall be as we once were and life will be as it should of been". She said softly feeling the essence of so many wood sprites beneath her. "We will heal this planet and show Father his mistake". She said, lying in the grass and letting it lick her entire body, then she ran around the stones touching each one, laughing.

Josef was shocked when his receptionist told him that his son was in the office. Josef quickly got up and opened the door and saw Gideon and Alexander walking towards him.
"What are you two doing here?" Josef asked allowing them to enter his office.
"We have to tell you something about Darrian" Alexander said taking a seat across from Josef's desk.
"You remember that time she cut my hand to mingle our blood together?" Gideon began to say. Josef nodded his head. " Well since then Darrian was able to communicate more clearly to me. Not long ago, she said that me and Alexander would be helping her in an important task. She didn't clarify but we did know that it would be resurrecting something. So we were really excited about it. I think she forgot that we were kind of synced together because I saw all of her plans. And it's really scary. She's going to bring all fairies back to life, then they will kill mortals and things will go back to God's original plan before mortals. Before she just thought mortals were funny, but after watching the news she made up her mind".
"Why didn't you tell me this before Gideon?" Josef asked.
"She told me not to tell you or mom, because you wouldn't understand" Gideon said his lip quivering.
"Ok, listen son. You have to tell me everything! Even when someone says it's a secret. I'm your father and I have to know these things". Josef said looking at the both of them. "Did Darrian tell you what your part would be in this plan?" Josef asked.
"She said that I was to find my most trusted friend and let him in on the secret, then she would call us and we would go to the fairy burial ground, then we would cut ourselves and let the blood seep into the ground and the fairies would be reborn and they would do whatever we told them to do. Even grown up stuff when we we're ready". He said.
"I think she was speaking of sex" Alexander said with very little emotion. Josef simply stared at them. He could not believe what he was hearing.
"We'll talk about the grown up stuff later, did she tell you how these fairies were to be re-born?" Josef asked.
"Her husband" They both said simultaneously. Now Josef understood, but how long had Darrian been planning this? Probably from the existence of mankind. Which meant that her plan would work.
"I've got an idea. Would you two like to go to the California Science Museum?" Josef asked with a smile. Gideon smiled brightly and nodded his head. Alexander just stood there.
"What kind of science?" Alexander asked solemnly.
"Space exploration and I do believe they have an exhibit on viral infections" Josef said knowing that Alexander would love to see that.
"I would like that" He said finally. Josef called Abigail and Zachary to let them know then called to arrange for Harold to take the kids there. Then he called Alma.
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Re: Excitement

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"She promised them what?!" Alma asked in disbelief. Surely Josef was joking or perhaps hadn't heard the story properly.
"I don't care about that part Alma, what I do care about and so should you, is Darrian trying to revive divine beings on Earth! This will tear apart everything Father has created! We can't let her do this!" Josef said.
"I agree......." She said thinking about what she could do. "Do you a time frame in mind? I would need at least 48 hours" She said.
"Do whatever you can as quickly as you can" Josef said hanging up the phone and sitting the boys down to explain to them what Darrian had promised.

Alma drove to Mick's apartment to suggest something that he would refuse outright.
"NO! How could you even ask me something like that?" Mick said in anger.
"Mick calm down. I wasn't asking you to have sex with the fairy. But I do need you to meet her. And after she sees you....I mean......come on! Do you EVER look at yourself? She's going to desire you. I will conjure up a clone and then Josef and Brian can do what they need to.
"How powerful is this fairy?" Mick asked because if she could do something to him that would make him cheat on his wife, they would have to find someone else for the job.
"Very, but something tells me that if she revives all of her people, she will be harder to stop" Alma said laying it all on the line to he could see what was at risk.
"Damn!" He said loudly running his hands through his hair. "I will need to talk to Beth" He said finally.
"Ok. I'll go prepare the spell" She said getting up quickly and reaching over to pluck a hair from his head.
"Ouch!" Mick said in surprise.
"I need it for the spell. I'm making a clone of you, remember?" She said, taking a tissue from her bag and placing the hair on the tissue and folding it up. "I'll call you when it's done. As soon as you speak with Beth go to Darrian's apartment and ask for Josef" She said heading for the door.
"That's all I have to do?" Mick asked.
"Yes. That beautiful face of yours will do the rest." She said shutting the door behind her.

When Beth was told what was going on she didn't look surprised. She simply nodded her head.
"That's it? You're not going to say anything?" Mick asked in shock.
"Would it make a difference? Sure there are things I don't like about this, but something has to be done and I'm not surprised that your beautiful face was chosen" Beth said resigning to accept that when it came to seducing women, Mick would always be the first choice. Mick frowned a little a t her words. "You really don't know how beautiful you are do you?" She asked with a smile, thinking how lucky she was.
"As long as you think so, that's all I need" He said taking her into his arms.

Steven walked into Kostan Towers, not sure if he should stop by to see Darrian. He paced outside the building for a few minutes then went inside. A young woman approached him.
"You're Steven right?" She said holding out his hand to shake then taking it back. "I forgot. No handshakes. I'm Alma Petzer, Brian's wife." She said with a smile. "Can I talk to you for a moment?" She asked. At his nod she led him to the elevators to her apartment. She said nothing until they were safely inside. "You can't see her right now. You know that right?" Alma asked him.
"I don't get it. She said she wanted to marry me, then she's telling me to leave" He said shaking his head.
"Look, I'm sure you already know that she came close to killing you right? That's what her kind has always done". Alma said sternly making sure he got the point.
"Yeah I know. But she said my love for her stopped her from killing me" Steve replied.
"It stopped her from killing you then and there, but your death was already planned when she saw you. Her goal is to bring all of her fairy folk back to life and if she accomplishes that, mankind is done for". Alma said.
"How the hell is she going to do that?" Steven asked in surprise.
"She will use vampire blood to awaken then that died and then she will transfer them into a vessel. A human vessel. You Steven" Alma said. She saw his eyes grow wide at the thought.
"What the hell!!" He said loudly. "She's going to make me give birth to an entire fairy population?" He yelled. "Do I even want to know how anything like that is possible?"
"It's better if you do not know" Alma said. "But more importantly, we have to get you out of here. Someplace she cannot travel to" Alma said.
"Can't she just pop up anywhere?" Steven said.
"There are quite a few places fairies can't be and one is churches. They can't be on hallowed ground. So Brian is going to take you to the Vatican. She won't follow".

Darrian waited for Steven to show up. Surely he is done with work by now she thought to herself. She tried to focus her mind on him, but came up with nothing. She shouldn't have given so much of herself to her family today. She needed to save all her energy for what was to come. She heard a knock on her door and thought immediately Steven had finally arrived. She opened the door and stared at the vision in front of her.
"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I was looking for Josef." Mick said to her. Darrian was speechless. Never had she ever seen a man this beautiful in all existence. "Miss, are you alright?" He asked.
"Forgive me......you surprised me.....you say you're looking for Josef"? She said in a flustered voice.
"Brian said he might be here?" Mick replied. Darrian stared at the beautiful man in front of her and suddenly her plans had changed.
"Would you like to come in and perhaps wait for him?" She said with a seductive smile. Mick looked all around trying to decide what to do. Suddenly his mobile began to ring and Mick answered it.
"Hey man, where are you?" Mick asked into the phone. "Ok. I'm on my way" He said putting the phone away in his pocket. "Listen, I have to go and I'm sorry for disturbing you" Mick said in an apologetic voice.
"I would like to see you again......what are you called?" She asked.
"Mick St. John" He said with a slow smile.
"And I am Darrian O'Toole" She said holding out her hand to him. Mick eyes widen a bit.
"Are you of the O'Toole's in DĂșn Laoghaire?" Mick asked.
"I am as a matter of fact. How did you come to know this bit of information?" She asked
"I studied Mythology and Folklore in my mortal days" Mick replied.
"So you are immortal? How delightful!" She laughed. "Please come back after your meet with the Boy King" She said putting her finger to her red lips.
"Sure. I gotta run, but I'll see you later" Mick said giving her one last dazzling smile and turning to leave. Darrian froze in place. She couldn't stop looking at the man. He literally took her breath away with a smile!
"Oh yes! He is the one!" She said to herself closing her door getting prepared for the night.
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Re: Excitement

Postby Ella713 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:59 pm

Mick met Alma at Josef's penthouse.
"So how did it go?" Josef asked pacing in front of where everyone sat.
"She wants me to come back to her place" Mick said.
"I knew she wouldn't be able to ignore that face" Alma said with a smile. Mick shook his head ignoring the compliment.
"So what the plan? I still don't get why I had to meet her" Mick said.
"Her plan all along has been to give life to fairies and she figured the way to do it was via vampires. Now she can't simply drizzle vamp blood on these spirits and they pop up like fairy zombies, they have to be birthed. And now that I think about it, I'm not even sure if that method will work. The way God made beings was by breath. His holy breath. Fairies while divine in some regards, can't just create. So it is her hope that her folk will be brought to life in a mash-up sort of way. It may work, but if it does, they would be frightening entities" Alma explained.
"So what does Mick have to with this?" Josef asked.
"She desires Mick obviously, so she planned to use vamp blood for the resurrection but now she thinks she can use Mick for the birth as well. But with a clone....." Alma said.
"The fairies will die" Josef finished. "A clone is a copy nothing more. A cardboard cut out" Josef said. finally seeing the plan in its fullness. "Well done Alma. So once she's done with her artificial insemination, Alma destroys the clone and fairies along with it. I will take care of Darrian" Josef said.
Alma thought Josef would want the woman destroyed. Trying to use little boys for her vile plan.
"Is there any way she can be spared?" Alma asked. Sure she thought the woman should be punished in some way, but she was the last of her kind. Sort of like a priceless treasure.
"She was never meant to be around for this long. Perhaps Father thought she would change. In any case, look at all she's done. Unless its by the father's hand, she must be destroyed.

Mick walked back to Darrian's apartment and knocked on the door.
"Mr. St. John! Please come in!" Darrian said with a wide smile. She looked Mick over noticing he had changed into a white long sleeved shirt and tight black jeans with a black blazer.
"I hope I'm not too early?" He said walking in.
"Right on time I would say. Would you like a glass of wine or something else?" She asked walking over to a side table that held glasses and nothing else.
"A scotch" He said with a smile.
"Scotch!" She said loudly and a glass was produced. She walked it over to him.
"That's a pretty cool trick" He said taking a small sip of drink. She sat down close to him.
"You must tell me about yourself" She said running her hand along the sleeve of his blazer. "Who made you?" She asked.
"Ex wife. She turned me on our wedding night." He said taking another sip.
"Really? I had no idea that was allowed in your world" She said.
"Its not" Mick said looking at her with a lazy smile. "So what are you? I don't know any vamps who can produce things out of thin air" He said finishing his drink.
"Oh, what I am is not very important, but I am the last of my kind" She said looking into his eyes.
Mick's head felt a little heavy. "You are very beautiful" She said bringing her head down to kiss his lips.
Mick grabbed her neck and kissed her deeply. He felt like he was flying but he couldn't open his eyes. He felt a sharp pain and knew that he had been cut, but Darrian held his arm in a tight grip, squeezing his arm letting the blood flow.
"Come! Come! Arise!" He heard her say. He tried to get up but he was pinned to the ground. He forced his eyes open and saw they weren't in the apartment any more, but laying on the ground. Darrian was naked and she looked completely different. He felt his clothing being removed. He tried to speak, but Darrian had lowered herself onto him. She kept chanting some language he didn't understand.

When Darrian had fulfilled herself Mick saw thousands of small flecks of light come bursting through the ground. They were flying all around him.
"Yes brothers and sisters! Enter this vessel and be reborn!" She yelled. The flecks of light surrounded Mick's face. He shook his head violently. He tried to scream but the flecks of light were in his mouth! He could feel them going down his throat! He tried to close his mouth but Darrian stuck her nail in his womb and he yelled out as more entered his mouth until they were all gone. Darrian stood taking mortal form.
"So Mr. St. John, you will give birth to a new generation of fairy folk!" She laughed and clapped her hands. Mick felt something in his stomach.
"What did you do to me!!? " He cried out in pain. Darrian could see the movement in his belle and saw that they were trying to break free. "God! What did you do to me!!!?" He cried louder and suddenly he fell silent.
"Oh no!!" She yelled and she patted his face and tried to wake him up. "No! You must wake up!! You're killing them!!" She screamed. "No!!!!" She screamed out in the night! Darrian looked down at Mick's lifeless body. She quickly picked up the body and threw it with all her might. "No!!" She screamed again with tears falling in waves down her cheeks.
"It's time" She head someone say from behind her. She quickly turned around and saw Josef.
"Do you have any idea what you have done?" She said sadly with a great heave of her shoulders.
Josef just looked at her and shook his head slowly.
"You can't get rid of me Josef! I am immortal! I am divine!" She said laughing at him. Josef took his true form and stood in front of her in blinding light. Darrian gasped and fell to her knees.
"No! You must tell him I am sorry! I was tired of being alone. You must tell him!" She pleaded.
"No Darrian. He will not hear your words." Josef said closing his eyes and blocking out her screams.
Then he walked to where the clone's body was thrown and set it ablaze.

Josef sat beneath Stonehenge and prayed.

Bridgett met him at the door when he came home. She said nothing but lead him upstairs and helped him out of his clothes and laid down next to him, cradling his head in her arms singing a Romanian song he had never heard.

The End
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