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Home Sweet Home

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
Home Sweet Home
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Josef, Bridgett and Gideon return to Los Angeles

Alain was afraid for the first time. His efforts to silence Sandy had been halted. The Feds had her and they weren't going to let her go. He had called in all his contacts and they all told him the same thing. They couldn't find Sandy Chen and they had no idea where she was. If Sandy decided to talk then them, his corporation would be seized. Also he kept trying to get a hold of his clients in Saudi Arabia and was told that they were away for Ramadan which was one of their holy holidays. It lasted a month and they would be unavailable until then. He would have to think of something fast.

Steven looked over at Darrian. Even though her eyes were closed he wondered if she really did sleep. She always called it "taking rest" He admired everything about her. Her intelligence, her wit, her sense of humor. All of that and she was an amazing beauty as well. But who was he fooling. She would never feel the same way about him. He wasn't a supernatural being. He had no power. He had nothing to offer her.

Darrian heard Steven's thoughts. He never stopped thinking or worrying about things. All mortals appeared to be that way. But Steve was exceptional. Out of the many mortal/supernatural relationships she had had, Steven brought her the most joy. But now she had to make a decision. After her coupling was complete, the person in question was to be killed. Usually she had no problem with this and that always came from the fact that they were trying to kill her, but Dragos had told her that he knew what he was getting into from the beginning. And that changed things.

Brian picked up his keys and was heading for the office when Alma stopped him.
"Darrian and Steven are falling in love" She said. Brian stopped and turned around to look at her.
"Seriously?" Brian asked.
"Yeah. She usually kills her lovers when she's had enough, but she doesn't want to kill Steven" Alma continued.
"Good, because I would definitely kill her if she did" Brian replied. "And Steven is in love with her?" Brian asked.
"Very much so. He's waiting for her to broach the subject" She replied.
"Were things ever this hectic when Josef was here?" Brian said closing his eyes. Alma walked over and kissed him.
"Be strong. It will work itself out" She said with a small smile.

When Brian made it to the office he was handed the report he was waiting for. He read the entire report then smiled.
"Alain, it's time to pay the piper" He said to himself going into his office and locking the door.
Brian's assistant had multiple calls for him throughout the morning, the most important one from Claude Brewster.
"Brian. I was wondering when you would get around to phoning me." Claude said.
"Then you know why I am calling?" Brian asked.
"Alain has done something terribly stupid. I warned him how this would end" Claude said.
"I know that you care for him as a friend, but I am going to crush him." Brian said stoically.
"Yes. And so you should. You will get no arguments from me. I have heard already that the contacts in Saudi are changing their minds." Claude said.
"That matters little to me. Of course for their betrayal they will suffer, but that will be for another time. Now, I will deal with Alain. Kostan Industries is now the leading shareholder for both Handelsbanken
Avanza Bank. They are now calling in his bank loans. Immediately" Brian said standing up.
"Very ruthless of you Brian" Claude said in surprise.
"No one comes against Kostan Industries without repercussions" Brian said forcefully.

Steven was drinking a cup of coffee when Darrian came up behind him.
"I know my time with you is over" Steven said not bothering to turn around. Darrian quietly hid the knife she was holding in her robe. "It's okay you know. I'm not afraid. For however short it was, I truly loved you" He said still staring ahead.
"You love me?" She asked softly. Steven turned around to face her finally.
"Yes, I do. I did from the start" He said reaching for her hands as he did when they first met. Darrian could sense his love for her. Never had anyone loved her. Sure they desired her, but not one ever said they loved her. How could this young mortal man love an ancient fairy like her? She thought.
"Now I cannot kill you" She said. "Because you love me" She finished.
"Well the relationship works better if I'm not dead you know" He joked. Darrian smiled.
"Loving me comes with responsibility my love. My heart has been only my own. Now it belongs to you and you must take care." She said sounding like she was giving him a warning.
"And I will treasure it for as long as I breathe" He said.
"You are mine" She said with her eyes glowing bright yellow.
"Yes" Steven said taking her into his arms and removing her robe.
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Re: Home Sweet Home

Postby Ella713 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:55 am

Mick and Beth sat on the Terrace of their apartment looking out over the city.
"A penny for you thoughts" Beth said.
"I was just thinking about Josef." He said.
"I miss him too". Beth said with a smile remembering how vibrant and funny Josef was.
"I know this is hard for you. I know you loved Isabelle and she was your best friend." Mick said.
"Yeah she was and I don't think we'll ever be close again". Beth said sadly.
"I feel bad that this happened to you twice" Mick said rubbing her shoulder.
"Well, Sarah's death was a shock, but this is something else. Look, I know that Bridgett gave Josef a son but I just don't think it should have happened this way" Beth said trying to explain how she truly felt.
"You know Gabriel told me that Josef's being an Angel and all was really hard for Isabelle to deal with. She thought that Josef would be the same ruthless heathen he had always been, but things have change drastically for him". Mick said.
"I never thought of it like that before......yeah I imagine they would have had little in common anymore" Beth said finally understanding the situation.

Josef, Bridgett and Gideon boarded their yacht for the main island and their return home.
"I really love this place" Bridgett said taking one last look at the beautiful home Josef had built for them.
"We'll come back often, I promise" He said kissing her.
"You guys kiss too much!" Gideon said covering his eyes. "That's gross!"
"In a few more years you won't think so" Josef smiled at his son who now looked to be 11 or 12 years old. "Trust me" Josef said.

Alain knew that Mr. Petzer was on to him. When he had been told that the banks were calling in his loans, he knew. His first instinct was to phone Claude. Their friendship has lasted over a hundred years.
Would Claude help him? Perhaps if he had no choice.........He thought thinking of a plan.
"Sorry old friend. I hope you understand" He muttered to himself taking off for his secret home.

"Must you go?" Darrian asked.
"Mr. Petzer is going up against Alain Lennox. I speak for the company now thanks to you" Steven smiled wrapping his arms around her tightly.
"Alright. I will release you young Steven. But 7pm tonight. No later". She ordered.
"Of course" Steven said kissing her again.

"Steven, good you're here. We need to schedule a press conference for this afternoon. We need to make an official statement to the press regarding Mr. Kostan" He said swiftly sliding some papers in front of him. "Study up on these items" Brian said. Steven glanced over the papers and smiled brightly.
"It will be an honor Mr. Petzer" He said leaving for his office.

A woman he had fancied quite a bit when he was hired passed by him.
"Hello Steven. How are things?" She said standing in his path.
"Hello Eva. I'm fine. How are you?" He said staring at her wondering what she was up to.
"Congratulations on the promotion!" She said smiling and leaning over to give him a brief hug. Steven stopped her with one hand.
"Thank you. Excuse me, I have to go" He said suddenly and walked away quickly. When he got to his office he locked the door. That was just the sort of innocent action that Darrian kill over. He would have to stay alert. Something like this could very easily happen again.

Steven stood in front of the press looking every bit the sharp executive, ready to relay to them all the security of Kostan Industries.
"If you would all be seated, I'd like to start" Steven said calmly as he watched everyone take their seats.
"There have been many rumors floating around regarding the state of Kostan Industries and I am here to let you know truthfully what's going on. First and foremost, Mr. Kostan is not selling his company as there is no one in the world who could afford it's price. Second, Mr. Kostan has simply taken some much needed time off. Nothing more, nothing less. Usually when rumors like this occur they are started by a competitor which we believe this one was. And lastly, anything that is going on at Kostan Industries, we will announce what it is and how it is being handled". Steven said firmly. "Now for questions. And since I really don't like people shouting questions out at me simultaneously, I will simply go in order. Anyone not abiding by this simple rule will be escorted off the premises and not allowed to return" Steven finished. Then pointing at the very first reporter. "I will start with you" he said.
"Mr. Asim, you said that Josef Kostan has taken some time off, could this have anything to do with his impending divorce?" The reporter asked.
"Trust me when I say you will get a better answer to those sort of questions by posing them to Mr. Kostan directly." Steven said then pointed to the next reporter.
"You stated that the rumors were started by a competitor, do you know which is was?" The reporter asked.
"We are currently working on that task" Steven replied.
"Is there any truth to the rumor that Josef Kostan sired a son with another woman?" A reporter asked.
"All questions regarding Mr. Kostan's personal life are to be directed to him and him only. I will not feed gossip mills." Steven said sternly.
"When will Mr. Kostan return?" Another asked.
"All of you have been dealing with Mr. Kostan for a long time so I'm sure his return will be mind blowing". Steven said with a smile. Everyone laughed at that. And when it was all over everyone thought Steven handled himself very well.

"Well done Steven. You stayed in control the entire time and wouldn't allow off topic questions" Brian said.
"Thank you Mr. Petzer. Is this how it is in the United States? It seems all they cared about was Mr. Kostan's personal life and nothing about his company" He asked.
"Unfortunately, that is the way it is and will be fore a very long time. The news of today is more about a person's private life then their accomplishments". Brian said sadly. "So, how are you? Are you ready to be among us again?" Brian asked.
"I'm fine. She didn't kill me, so that's great" He said jokingly.
"Yes. That is good. But, if there......" Brian began.
"No. It's best if you don't speak those words. Once I hear them, they'll be with me and she will know and that's not good for anyone, especially me. I love her and she told me that she loved me as well, so I'm just going to go with that". Steven said.
"Is there anything you need from me?" Brian asked.
"Well, I do have what could be a large problem. Eva congratulated me on my promotion..and" Brian waved his hand.
"Say no more. I will take care of it" Brian said knowing that Eva was what people would call of a handsy sort.
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Re: Home Sweet Home

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"How does this look?" Darrian said turning around so Alma could really see the dress from all angles. Alma frowned.
"When did you buy this dress?" She asked.
"Oh heavens, I don't recall. I believe William McKinley was President then" She said.
"You really need to get out more Darrian" Alma said pulling up some dress styles on her smartphone for her to see. Darrian looked at the photos in surprise.
"Mortals have really changed haven't they?" She said with a laugh.
"What size are you? I can pick you up a few things" Alma said looking at her trying to figure out what size she appeared to be.
"Absurdo!" She said waving her hands in the air. "Dress!" She said out loud and the dress they had been just looking at appeared on the table. Darrian quickly put the dress on and turned around again for Alma to see. "I do like this" She said looking at her reflection in the mirror.
"It looks perfect" Alma said admiring the way the dress fit her. "So you're really going out? In the mortal world? On a date?" Alma asked with a grin.
"Yes. It is what people do when they are courting, although we lack a chaperone" She said carefully taking the dress off and placing her robe back on.
"Courting has also changed quite a bit. What are you going to be doing?" She asked.
"Young Steven said we were going to dine and watch a moving picture" She said. "Do you have any words of wisdom for me?" Darrian asked.
"Let "Young Steven" do the ordering of the meal. In the mortal world men are expected to take charge of most situations". Alma chuckled thinking she wished she could see what was going to happen!
"Why would I ever do that?" Darrian asked in surprise.
"It makes them feel good. Men have an image to keep up. It's very important to them. You can't take that away from them" Alma said.
"Feelings, I suppose. It is times like this I wonder what was Father thinking?" She laughed "Does Dragos have such feelings?" She asked.
"No. My husband is another type of beast altogether" Alma said with a smile.
"Consider yourself lucky." She said.
"Well, best of luck to you. I have to prepare for Josef's return" Alma said heading for the door.
"Ah yes! The boy king returns" She said looking in the mirror again "Should I wear my hair up or down?" She asked.
"Up. Men like looking at a woman's neck" Alma said shutting her door.

"Only 7 days to go" Josef said to his family.
"Can I see Darrian?" Gideon asked.
"Of course you can. I'm sure she would love to see you and hear all about your travels" Josef said.
"You're going to take care of Alain aren't you?" Gideon asked.
"And how did you come to know that bit of information?" Josef said looking down at his son.
"You were thinking about him" Gideon said. "He is really jealous of you" Gideon finished saying.
"Yes. Jealousy causes lots of trouble" Josef said.
"Mom get's jealous a lot. She doesn't like women looking at you so much" Gideon said then stopped talking when Bridgett walked into the cabin.
"You two are talking about me" She said with a suspicious grin.
"Yes. Gideon said you don't like women looking at me so much" Josef said with a wide grin. He watched her eyes grow wide.
"I never said that!" She said.
"But you thought it" Josef said walking up to her and wrapping his arms around her.
"Yuck! No more kissing!" Gideon said running out of the room.

Alain had always loved Cuba and he was glad that many people and vampires had a definite distaste for the country. Castro had really ruined this beautiful little gem, but it was a grand place to lie low until he figured out what his next move would be. He had to stay one step ahead of Josef Kostan.

"If there's nothing else you need Mr. Petzer, I will be leaving" Steven said. Brian looked up and nodded his head.
"Have fun on your night out" He said looking back at his computer screen.
"How did you know?" Steven asked.
"My wife was helping her with a dress" Brian replied. "Apparently she looked like a "Rock star" in the dress to quote my wife" Brian said with a smile.

Steven stood at the door with a large bouquet of white roses in his hand. The door opened and there standing in front of him was Darrian in a beautiful teal off the should dress that hugged her body to perfection. Her dazzling red locks were pilled high on top of her head showing of the graceful slope of her neck.
"You are beautiful" He said almost speechless and he handed her the the bouquet and stepped inside.

When Brian came home Alma was waiting for his anxiously.
"Brian, did you send assassins to Alain's home?" She asked in a hurried voice. "Call them off! It's a trap! The entire structure is rigged to blow up!!"
"I had not sent anyone yet, but thank you for that information" Brian said calmly.
"He had fled. He is no longer in the United States.....I can't get a handle on the location....I will try something else". She said walking away quickly.
"You can run my friend but you can not hide" Brian muttered to himself.

"So, going out to dine didn't happen the way we planned" Steven said turning on his side to face her.
"We will have to try again I suppose" Darrian said running her fingers down his chest. Then she sat up suddenly staring at the wall.
"What is it?" Steven said sitting up next to her.
"I am surprised and that does not happen. Mr. Lennox is quite clever" She said walking towards her phone and making a call.
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Re: Home Sweet Home

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"I have just spoken with Darrian" Alma said to Brian.
"I thought she was on her date?" He replied.
"Oh yeah, I knew that wouldn't happen. But it seems that Mr. Lennox has escaped to Havana. She said that you would know the significance of that location"
"Raúl Castro hates Josef. I mean with an insane hatred. It had to do with some business dealings while his brother was ruler. Alain knows that Josef will not retrieve him as long as he is there".
"But surely that doesn't mean he cannot be brought back here to face his crime?" Alma said.
"No it does not, but he will be surrounded by vampires who will protect him. That would be a battle on their land and since we no little about the numbers there we could very well be walking into a trap" Brian said.
"Does Zoe have their exact numbers?" Alma asked.
"I doubt it. You're talking about a country that has removed itself from the modern world. It is that way for a reason. They have been forgotten". Brian explained. "Her numbers would be out of date not to mention they do not report to Counsel"

Alain fed from the freshie that was given to him and wiped his mouth.
"Do you think Kostan will come for you?" Ramon asked.
"I do not know. He may send another. Perhaps the Cleaners" Alain said in all seriousness. "They are quite formidable"
"We are not afraid of battle. The Americans do not scare us" He said confidently.
"They do have Dragos, remember" Alain reminded.
"He will be no problem" Ramon said with a wave of his hand.

Mick, Beth, Gabriel and Zoe were busy getting Josef's penthouse ready for his return. Gideon wouldn't be needing his crib anymore so it was replaced with a twin bed with bed sheets that were covered in musical notes. They switched out the baby decor and made it more suitable for a boy entering his teens.
"I think Gideon's going to love it!" Zoe said. Gabriel was almost finished with the bookcase he and Mick were building. "You know you two just could have bought a bookcase?" Zoe said with a grin.
"Anyone can buy a piece of furniture, but it takes a real man to build one" Gabriel said.
"That's right Gabe!" Mick said with a smile.
"Well, can you at least make sure it's done before Gideon goes to college?" Beth said laughing.
"Not funny mom!" Gabriel said.

"Two more days guys and we are back in California!" Josef said.
"I can't wait!" Gideon said. "Wait til Alexander see's how big I am!" He said standing taller.
"Everyone is going to surprised at how big you've grown!" Bridgett said giving him a big hug. Josef received a call on the yacht phone.
"Guys, I have to take this" He said walking towards the bow to speak with the Captain.
"They're going to get the guy who tried to take over dad's company" Gideon said.
"Do they know where he is?" Bridgett asked.
"Kind of. They know he's in Cuba but they don't know where, but I do" Gideon said proudly.
"How do you know?" Bridgett asked almost i a whisper.
"Darrian told me." He said walking away.

"Do you think we spend too much time in bed?" Darrian wondered but not caring for the answer at all.
"You're seriously asking a man in his sexual prime if he thinks he and his woman spend too much time in bed? I never thought there was such a thing!" He laughed pulling her closer.
"You have many things to do. I distract you. Dragos needs you. His utterances are becoming tiring". Darrian said getting out of bed and throwing on her robe. Steven groaned.
"You're making me go to work" He whined.
"Yes I am, but only because Dragos needs you. But I will need you back right after" She said with a smile.
Steven got up and began to get dressed. He actually hated leaving Darrian, but she told him that the more time they spent together the harder it would become until he would rather die than leave her side. She said that loving a supernatural being came with lots of surprises like that. Then he thought about the future. He had never thought of it outside of securing a good job and maybe buying a new car. He never thought about falling in love, or marriage or children. But he didn't think those things would be possible with Darrian.
"You can ask me if you really wish to know. I will never lie" She said to him, pouring herself a drink.
"Alright. What is and isn't possible?" He asked.
"Marriage is possible. I myself have been married over 72 times, but decided a long time ago that I would never marry again. Children are possible if I make it so, but I feel I would be horrid at the endeavor. And love....well, I can tell you I had given up all hope of anything associated with love. Carnal needs can be easily met if both parties are willing and able, but you Young Steven have changed my way of thinking and I think we will be able to enjoy all the things you were wondering about" She said with a smile. Steven smiled brightly and walked towards her.
"I want to marry you" He said kissing her neck.
"And so it shall be done" She said, letting her robe fall. Steven quickly closed his eyes.
"I must see Mr. Petzer and you are trying to tempt me" He said laughing and walking to the door.

Brian had made a call to Mila to discuss Cuba.
"Well, its not easy to fly there. I mean you would be better off just popping there instead of going through the system. The U.S. distrust of Cuba is still very strong and let's face it, they don't like us much either. My only concern is your status. You are running the largest corporation in the world! The vast riches alone will make their government suspicious of you. They feel that Americans will bring all of their social ills to Cuba. You're dealing with a communist regime Uncle Brian!"Mila explained.
"Well, the only solution seems to be "popping there" as you suggested" Brian said with a smile.
"Wait........there may be another way" Mila said with a smile. "And it just may work" She said staring at Brian.

The next days reporters were busy informing everyone of a young girl by the name of Benita who had been illegally brought here from her native Cuba. California had granted her asylum, but the young girl wanted to go back to her country. Cuba had tried to find the girl's parents but had been unable to. So this girl had to be the product of one their many farmers living in the back lands of Havana. Whoever her parents were Cuba demanded that the girl be returned to Havana. Homeland Security , which was under new administration preferred to have the little girl sent back to her country, thinking that this was probably a situation of a young girl hoping to become rich by marrying some much older man who had promised her riches that she couldn't fathom. And something happened and whatever it was the deal had been called off. So Benita Pérez was given a ticket back to her homeland, where Cuba waited to greet her with open arms.

Mila sat behind Brian's desk and marveled at the sheer size of the surroundings. Sure she had been in Brian's office many times, but sitting behind his desk made it seem even larger. She readied herself and stood up ready to let Kostan Industries know that she would be looking over things until Brian returned. She quickly called Security and Brian's Secretary. They came quickly to Brian's office.
"Good Morning. My name is Milagra Ferguson and I will be overseeing everything until Brian returns" she said.
"Yes Miss Ferguson. Security was informed of your arrival. Welcome. Lets us know what we can do for you." Michael Muller said who was the head of Security.
"I will be making an announcement momentarily, but wanted to introduce myself to you beforehand" She explained as she walked out of the office and stood in front of the main floor. "Quiet!!!" Mila yelled in a loud voice that was shocking coming out of her small frame. Everyone stopped and stared a the woman who looked to be no more than 19 years old. "My name is Milagra Ferguson and Brian Petzer has requested that I take his place while he is away on business matters overseas" She said. Mila heard a snicker from her left side. She quickly turned her head and face the man who thought this announcement so funny. "And it seems that Mr Barg is going to entertain us all!" She said with a smile looking quickly at the name plate on his cubicle. "Please go on Mr. Barg. Tell all of us what is so funny" She asked. The man stood up and cleared his throat.
"Look I'm sorry for the disrespect, but you look like a college girl" He said still chuckling. Mila smiled at the man and turned to Mr. Muller.
"Please see him off the premises" She said and watched Mr. Muller and his assistant take Mr. Barg by the arm to escort him away.
"Hey!! It was just a freaking joke!!" He screamed. "You can't fire me! No one is going to listen to you!!" He screamed as he was being led away.
"Is anyone else as entertaining as Mr. Barg?" Mila asked. When no one responded, she turned to go back to the office and get some work done.
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Re: Home Sweet Home

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Benita Pérez stepped off the plane into Cuba and was met by the Police and Government Officials.
They told her that they had found her parents and they were waiting for her at the station. When she arrived at the station she was greeted by and older couple and about six children who all ran to her with tears in their eyes.
"OhTe extrañamos!" The mother said to her.
"¿Podemos llevarla a casa?" Said the father.

After much questioning, Benita was allowed to go home with her family.

After a delicious meal they discussed serious matters.
"We have been told what you must do, but I say you must be very very careful" Her pretend father said.
"Yes, I know." She said.
"Ramon is a very strong vampire and he will be the one you will have to destroy first. Alain, is weak and fearful. He will follow whoever offers protection." He continued. "Alain also is very fond of girls your age, so you will have no problem getting chosen. Do you understand?"
"Yes. Where do I need to go?" She asked. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the address.
"Here" he said pointing. "You stand with the other girls and make sure they pick you" He said as he walked away.

Steven knocked on Brian's door and heard a female voice say enter. He opened the door slowly and peaked inside.
"I'm sorry, where is Brian?" He asked in confusion. The woman turned to face him and smiled.
"Hello Steven. I'm Milagra Ferguson. I'm filling in for Brian. He had to take a few days off." She said. "Please have a seat" Steven looked at the young woman in confusion. She looked like someone....
"Is Ted Ferguson your father?" He asked.
"Yes he is" She replied.
"You look a lot like him"
"I know." She said as she looked through a file. "With Brian being out, everyone is going to be calling wanting an explanation. Can you work on a statement that gives absolutely nothing away? Brian was called away on business. Nothing more. I think humans are too nosy as it is, but Brian said we are to be cordial" Mila said.
"How about Mr. Petzer has been called away on business matters that for security reasons we cannot discuss at this juncture?" He offered.
"That is perfect" She said with a smile.
"Can I ask a question? How old are you?" He asked. Mila was now used to being asked this question.
"I turn 22 next month"
"That's impressive" He said with a smile.
"That's what they keep telling me" She said. "Anything else?" Mila asked looking up at him from over her file notes.
"I apologize but I am made of questions right now.." Steven said
"Mr. Petzer is my uncle. I am what's known as a child prodigy. I graduated college at 16 and passed the bar before I was able to purchase a beer. I run Ferguson and Associates. We handle Civil Litigation, Contract and Intellectual Property law." Mila said.
"Wow! I don't know what to say to all that" Steven said.
"Brian had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. So I'm sure you do a great job." Mila said

Benita Pérez went to address she was given. It looked like an ordinary house but she knew that this was a place of vice. And the oldest vice it was. She saw many young girls, all between 12-15 years old. There were also a few young women in their upper teens to early 20's. An older gent looked her over with careful eyes writing down her description. He then told her to stand where the other girls her age were. Benita noticed that the other girls were dressed up in make up and revealing clothing, to make themselves look older.

Another older man walked into the room and looked at all the girls who were lined up against the wall. He passed on all the girls he saw until he came to Benita. He looked her over then nodded to the host.
"Este es perfecto" He said taking his cigar out and stomping it out on the floor. Benita was then given to the man who placed her in his car.

It took a long time to go to wherever they were headed and Benita actually fell asleep in the back seat and didn't awake until the car was no longer moving and it was very dark. The driver had motioned her to get out of the car and she did as she was told. She followed closely behind the man, not really afraid but making sure not to miss any detail. They entered a very large old house and two more men walked out.
"Esto es todo?" One man asked wondering if this was the only young girl he had brought.
"Si'" The man said as he motioned for the girl to stand in front of the men. The one who appeared to be in charge nodded his head and they brought the girl inside.
"Give her a little glass of rum." Ramon said in disgust. Alain's needs repulsed him, but the money he was giving Trinidad would be beneficial to the entire region.
"Cuál es su nombre?" He asked the girl handing her the glass of rum.
"Benita" She said taking the glass and drinking the entire contents, then coughing when the liquid went down her throat. Alain came out of another room and saw the young girl standing in the middle of the room. He slowly approached the girl and touched her shiny brown hair. He sniffed her neck. She was indeed unspoiled.
"Leave them!!" Ramon barked out to his men. They all left the house.
"This is the last one Alain." Ramon said also taking his leave. Alain looked at the girl with carnal lust in his eyes. He held out his hand to her and when she touched it, he realized he had been tricked. He was now standing in what looked to be an underground dungeon type room.
"Well, well, well. Alain Lennox. I'm really glad we're getting a chance to talk" Josef said walking towards him with eyes glowing bright red.
"Kostan!! How did I get here? Where is the girl?" He asked in confusion looking all around.
"She's right there" Josef said pointing. Alain saw the little girl he had wanted but she slowly changed into Brian Petzer!!
"Hello Mr. Lennox." Brain said in his deep voice.
"Kostan, let me explain........I was merely thinking of my legacy....s..surely you can understand.." he stammered.
"Alain. I do understand. Trust me I do. I would have done the exact same thing if I were you" Josef said calmly. "Brian can you leave us alone, we have things to discuss" Josef said. Brian nodded his head and took his leave. And as he was walking away he heard Alain let out a terrifying scream that echoed all throughout the cavern and when all was quiet, Brian walked back in. Alain Lennox lay in pieces all over the floor and Josef was covered in blood from head to toe.
"Yeah, I would have done the exact same thing, the only difference is, I wouldn't have gotten caught" Josef said looking at the remains.

Josef stood in front of the press at ease as he always was.
"Whatever did you all do without me?" He joked.

The End
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