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Change of Venue By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Fri May 19, 2017 9:44 pm

Moonlight Fanfiction
Change of Venue
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

:Josef makes a decision that turns the vampire world on its ear. :confused2:

"I'm sorry Josef. Did I just hear you correctly?" Mick asked in shock.
"Look, I know this comes as a huge surprise but I need some time off. Permanent time off" Josef said.
"I get it Josef, but this isn't like giving your two week notice at the firm. You employ hundreds of thousands of people!" Mick said.
"I know and this wasn't an easy decision to make. But I've got Bridgett and Gideon to think of now and as hard as it is for you to believe, I'm thinking of them." Josef finally said.
"What are you going to do man?" Mick asked thinking that Josef would get bored after a month and then things would go back to normal.
"I don't know. Enjoy being a dad. Keep them from all of this madness that seems to follow us around like a shadow. Brian can take over until all the paperwork is filed." He said.
"How does Bridgett feel?" Mick asked still getting used to not saying Isabelle's name.
"She said she supports whatever I need to do". Josef said with a smile.
"You know Josef, we never talked about this before, but are you okay with the whole Isabelle being out of the picture? I mean you guys were good together" Mick said.
"Yeah, I know. But that relationship now that I know who I am, would have been hard to maintain. Isabelle would never grasp that there are things I simply can't do anymore. The adjustment was hard on her. And what she was faced with, was someone she no longer understood." Josef explained.
"But are you and Bridgett happy?" He asked.
"Yeah. We are". Josef said.
"And this isn't just about lust?" Mick asked raising an eyebrow.
"You know what? For once, it's not about me or my needs and desires. I look at Bridgett and Gideon and there's no place I'd rather be than with them. Everything else just doesn't seem as important anymore" Josef explained. Mick couldn't believe he was hearing those words from Josef Kostan. Just then the door opened and Bridgett and Gideon came in. Mick saw Josef's face change immediately and Mick knew that his friend had found his peace.

Brian went through all the paperwork making sure he didn't miss a single thing. He couldn't believe that Josef was going liquidate all of his assets. There would be no more Kostan Industries.

Mick and Beth met Josef at his dock.
"Let me take your luggage" Harold said picking of their bags and taking them to their room below.
"Great! You guys made it!" Josef said. Gideon came running out to hug Beth.
"So, are you ready for a grand adventure?" Beth said to Gideon. "Maybe we'll find some Pirate Treasure" She joked. Gideon thought about what she said.
"Perhaps......I don't know if Pirates made it to the Penal Colony" Gideon wondered thinking he would have to look it up.
"Then we'll just have to find out for ourselves" Beth said taking his hand and getting onto the ship.
"Where is Bridgett by the way?" Mick asked.
"She's in the Galley making something french. The woman is one hell of a cook!" Josef said.

The ship was amazing! It held 5 cabins, all with personal baths, a full sized kitchen, dining area and move theater. When they set sail Josef opened up the champagne.

"Oh honey, I'm so glad we decided to do this" Beth said looking at the view ahead.
"Me to. Josef was right. There was a lot of madness surrounding us, it was time to break free" Mick said.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

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When Claude Brewster heard the news about Josef Kostan he couldn't believe it. Did Josef realize what this would do to all vampires? After disclosure was made vampires had more or less promised not to cause undo harm to mortals, and closing an entire corporation that produced almost a third of Gross National Product was insane! Had he even cleared this with Counsel?

"Well this is going to suck big time!" Jennifer said knowing she would never find another job like this one.
"I heard from Judy in Accounting that Mr. Kostan is offering one heck of a severance package" Mandy said trying to look on the positive side of things. "But I get it. He's a father now. That's his first priority. he can't expose Bridgett and Gideon to all the dangerous things that surround him" She said.
"He didn't care about that when Isabelle was around" Jennifer pointed out.
"Isabelle was a warrior. She could handle her own. And she wasn't child" Mandy said.
"And look at how well Bridgett is going to be doing all shacked up with the richest man in the world! I knew she was up to something all this time. Always at Kostan's beck and call" Jennifer said. Mandy had had enough of Jennifer and her snide comments about everyone.
"You know Jennifer, you need to just shut up! I'm so tired of listening to your juvenile digs at everyone, just because you're jealous. You really need to grow up!" Mandy said walking away, feeling proud of herself for finally telling Jennifer off.

"Dinner is served!" Bridgett said taking a seat next to Josef and Gideon.
"This smells wonderful" Beth said "What is it?" She asked.
"It's Bouchée à la reine. It's basically a puff pastry with sausage and a cream sauce" Bridgett said.
"This is amazing Bridgett!" Josef said after tasting it and kissing her lips.
"Where did you learn to cook like this?" Beth asked who hated cooking but always admired people who could.
"Well my parents were from Romania so my diet was a steady stream of sauerkraut. I mean it was on every dish. So I took a class in French cooking and I loved it so much, I ended up taking the entire series on French cooking". She said. Josef leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"Attends jusqu'à ce que tu vois ce que je vais faire pour toi" He said with smile. Bridgett smiled and looked away.
"What are you going to do to her Daddy?" Gideon asked. Beth and Mick started to laugh.
"Gideon, you speak french?" Beth said still giggling.
"Yeah. Daddy said wait til you see what I'm going to do to you" He said with a bright smile.
"Yeah so Josef, what ARE you going to do to Bridgett?" Mick asked.
"None of your business!" Josef said in mock anger.

Claude Brewster arrived at Kostan Industries with Alain Lennox who was the Head of Mercantile Steel.
"Mr Petzer. Thank you for seeing us on such short notice." Claude said.
"Of course." Brian said offering them a seat. "What is it I can do for you?" Brian asked although he knew exactly why they were here.
"We need clarification. Surely Josef is not selling Kostan Inc.?" Claude asked. Josef and Brian had rehearsed what would be the official response.
"He is looking into options" Brian replied.
"Come now Brian. We're both businessmen of the world. We need no fallacies" Alain said.
"None are intended". Brian said. Seeing that they would not get the information they needed they tried another tactic.
"Brian you yourself must know about the many vampires that are heavily invested in the businesses of other vampires, to keep this information from us stops us from making sound financial decisions that we need to make." Claude said trying to appeal Brian's voice of reason.
"What I have been told was to manage Kostan Industries as I have in the past. When a final decision has been made I'm sure all of Josef's investors will be the first to know" Brian said. "Now if you'll excuse me" Brian said standing up and dismissing them.

"I knew that tight lipped bastard wasn't going to give us any information!" Alain said in anger.
"Perhaps it would be best just to wait until Josef is back?" Claude offered.
"If you're stupid enough to wait for Kostan, have at it!" Alain said turning from his friend.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Mon May 22, 2017 6:59 pm

Cook's Island was a self governing Island country in the South Pacific, and it was beautiful perfection as far as the eye could see.
"I booked us a couple of bungalows for the rest of the week while the ship's being serviced" Josef said as he stepped off. There was a car already awaiting them. "We'll be staying at the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort. It's right on the beach" Josef said with a smile.

Brian was busy fielding calls from every vampire in the world. He was amazed at what Josef was able to accomplish in his over 400 years. The scope of Kostan Industries was vast and he doubted that a total sum could actually be calculated. So far he knew that Kostan Industries had hands in shipping, telecommunications, motor vehicles, airlines, Hollywood, pharmaceuticals and real estate. Selling the company as a whole would be impossible because no one would be able to afford it, but Brian supposed that selling off each department would be the way to go. Brian closed the files and rubbed his temple.
"Everything will be okay. Josef knows what he's doing even when he doesn't" He heard Alma's voice say to him and he knew she was right. He had his assistant hold all his calls while he went to get something he hadn't had since he was in high school. He drove up to Original Tommy's Hamburgers and ordered a double cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake and ate in his car.

The bungalows were amazing! And they were right on the beach mere inches from the ocean! Bridgett and Gabriel immediately fell into the sand and began to make sand castles. Harold and Carson stood close enough to keep and eye on them but far enough away to allow them privacy. Mick and Beth unpacked their things thinking they would wait until the sun set before taking a swim. They sat under a canopy and laid back in the lounge chairs provided.

Alain had been making calls non stop trying to find out what Josef Kostan was up to. There was no way he was selling his corporation! Only one maybe three people could afford to buy it outright and he knew that those people weren't interested in acquiring any more weight. So......what he trying to manipulate the stock market? A scare like this might cause people to panic sell their stock, but what was his angle? Someone had to know he thought to himself.

As the sun started to set, tiki lights were lit all along the beach at the fire pit was lit for grilling. Mick and Beth had jumped into the water enjoying the sunset on the horizon. Bridgett and Gideon were finishing up the massive castle they had been working on all day.
"Do you like it daddy?" Gideon asked with a smile.
"What's not to love? You and your mom did a fantastic job" Josef said picking his son up and hugging him. A group of people who had the bungalows further up the beach had decided to meet the other people who were vacationing at the resort.

"Somebody's coming" Gideon said standing up. Bridgett quickly stood up, pulled Gideon closer to her and looked for Josef. Before she could call his name, 5 men stepped out from where she didn't know, but they ushered her and Gideon into the bungalow before they were seen.
"Sir. You have some visitors" One of the body guards said to Josef.
"Find out what they want, but inform them that this entire stretch has been rented and is off limits" Josef said, thinking that he should look into buying an island for his own use. The bodyguard came back and said they had just wanted to meet the other people at the resort.
"I think they were just curious sir, but they were told that they were trespassing" He said.
"Keep a look out for anyone else. We were told by the owners that they would let all of their guest know that this part of the beach was off-limits this week. And see if they can rush on the ship service. We may have to leave sooner than later" Josef said.

"What's going on? I thought we were going to grill out on the beach?" Beth said as they noticed Josef, Bridgett and Gideon were no where to be found.
"I just heard from Security that some guest from the resort were getting a little too close for comfort" Mick explained.
"Well, I guess that leaves just us" Beth said looking all around then taking off her bikini top and bottoms. Mick looked at his wife in surprise.
"You are beautiful" Mick said his eyes taking in every inch of her body.
"Now it's your turn" She said pointing at Mick with a wicked smile. Mick quickly stripped off his swim trunks and kicked them to the side.
"You like what you see?" He asked turning around so she could view him from behind. Beth slowly walked up to him and attacked his lips in a deep kiss, before taking his hand and leading him back to the water.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

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Brian kissed Alma as soon as he walked into the apartment.
"Brian, you smell like cheeseburgers!" Alma said with a grin.
"Yes, I do, but I come bearing gifts" He said as he pulled out the bag from behind his back. Alma burst out laughing.
"You come bearing cheeseburgers? Some ladies have all the luck!" She joked snatching the bag from him and pulling a cheeseburger out "So if you're hitting the cheeseburgers, somethings bothering you" Alma said looking at him.
"Do you have any idea how large Kostan Industries is?" He asked.
"No not really, but I'm guessing it's pretty large" She said with a small smile.
"That doesn't describe at all. There are Gold mines, in South Africa, Dominican Republic, Australia. Oil Refineries all over the Middle East. So 900 years from now, Josef Kostan will still be the richest man in the world. And this doesn't change, because we are always making more. This wealth can't be calculated. It's impossible" Brian explained. Alma was stunned. Yeah she knew that they were rich, but what Brian was talking about, was hard to imagine for anyone! "And not only that, it can never be stolen"
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"You know how a company, any company can be hacked and their funds stolen? That can never happen to Kostan Industries. The way Josef has diversified is really genius. The diversity is so vast, it would be impossible to hack. It would take a coordinated effort composed of an entire network of the most skilled computer hackers to break a firewall protector. And if they were able to get that far, the information is not easy to find. But my point is it can't be sold. It would be like trying to sell The United States". Brian said.
"Yeah. That definitely makes this a cheeseburger day" Alma said kissing his cheek.
"You cut all your hair off" Brian said looking at Alma and not understanding how he didn't see it.
"Yes I did. What do you think?" She asked turning around. Brian smiled. He had always like women with short hair.
"I love it! You look like Mia Farrow!" Brian said staring at her.
"Mia Farrow? Really?" Alma said running to the mirror to try and see what he saw.
"I had the biggest crush on Mia when I was young" Brian said walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.
"You are so beautiful!" Brian said kissing her deeply.

Alain had meet with his contacts in the Middle East. He could tell they were angry when he told them of Kostan's intent. How could Josef even think of selling without letting his investors know? And when no one could answer that question they began to plot the destruction of Josef Kostan.

"Where are we?" Bridgett asked looking at the lush island.
"I believe its Monuriki Island. We're right off the coast of Fiji" Josef said. "And I just bought it. So it's ours" Josef said with a smile.
"Are you serious?" Bridgett asked in shock. "That's what you were doing in your office last night?"
Josef smiled as they pulled to the shore to drop anchor.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

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When Brian walked into the office he knew right away that something was wrong.
"Steven, what's going on?" He asked. The young intern looked up in surprise. Brian Petzer was speaking to him?
"Uh....sir...from what I can tell, our clients in Saudi Arabia are speaking of pulling their investments" He said.
"How did you hear this?" Brian asked.
"Roberts sir, was speaking to Hakim......I'm fluent in Arabic sir" He explained. Brian looked at the intern, thinking he needed a raise.
"Come with me Steven" Brian said walking with him to his office. Steven closed his eyes for a moment. He knew he shouldn't have been eavesdropping. He followed Brian into his office and closed the door behind him.
"Sir, I'm sorry for eavesdropping on the conversation...." He started to say.
"Does anyone here know that you speak Arabic?" Brian asked.
"Sir, I'm an intern. No one knows anything about me" He said. Brian knew what he meant. The interns weren't treated very well by staff. They were gophers or grunt workers.
"Well, I would like you do something for me. I need you to continue to monitor Robert's phone calls. If he's speaking Arabic, I want you taking notes" Brian said.
"Okay." Steve said.
"And I'll take care of the shoddy treatment of interns" Brian said.

Dean Roberts knew something was going on at Kostan Industries, so when Alain Lennox had called seeking information, Dean knew he wanted to be in the know. Mercantile had offered him a lucrative employment package in exchange for some slightly illegal business practices. After he spoke with Hakim, he looked all around. No one was in his section who would cause problems for him, but he saw Steven the intern get called into Brian Petzer's office. If he was found out this early, he was out of both jobs!. He saw Steven leaving Brian's office and judging by the look on his face, he was being let go.
"Hey Steven. What did Brian want with you?" He said half joking.
"They are letting me go next week". Steven said softly.
"Oh man! That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that" Dean said.
"Well, at least they're letting me finish out next week" He said sitting down.

Josef and Mick decided they would take Gideon with them while they walked around the island. Gideon felt like a grown up walking around the island with his dad and his uncle. They spied a few feral goats which were taken care of quickly.
"Did you see me daddy?!" Gideon yelled.
"You handled yourself really well Gideon. That goat didn't stand a chance" Josef said.
"I wasn't even scared was I Uncle Mick?" He asked proudly.
"You were really brave Gideon!" Mick said holding out his hand for the "high five" that would follow.
"We have to keep the woman folk safe" Gideon said placing his hands on his hips.
"Woman folk? Where did you hear that?" Mick asked looking at Josef with an arched eyebrow.
"You two are taking up too much time with all that chatting! Come on! We have to check the other side of the island" Josef said walking away.

Dean left for lunch on his way to meet with Alain.
"So tell me what Hakim is saying" Alain asked him picking up his drink and taking a small sip.
"Well, he's more confused than anything. He had no idea that Kostan was thinking of bailing and he said that if you could guarantee the same terms as Kostan, he would have no worries turning over his assets to you." Dean said. Alain smiled. Everything was working out exactly as he had hoped.

Brian thought it was time for him to seek out Darrian. Perhaps she could help shed some much needed light to this situation. Brian knocked on the door not knowing what to expect.
"Enter Dragos!" She called out to him from behind the door. Brian turned the the knob and walked in. What he saw was Darrian posed naked on a settee and a mustached man painting her image. Brian quickly closed his eyes.
"My apologies. I had no idea you were busy" Brian said nervously.
"No worries. What do you think? If it's horrid I shall kill him!" She said. Brian looked over the man's shoulder and what he saw was a very striking portrait of her.
"It is very good. I think you will be pleased" Brian said. "Do you have a moment to speak?" Brian asked looking at the artist.
"Oh, you can speak freely. My friend here is deaf. He hears nothing." She said with a wave of her hand. "I assume you're here because of Josef?" She said. "That young man is most troubling". She said with a smile.
"I'm having a hard time trying to do what he wants" Brian tried to explain.
"You know Josef is stuck in between two places right now. The first is his vampire life which had very few rules and was simply survival of the fit. And the second is his heavenly life. This one has many rules and for one who was apart of Lucifer's inner circle, it is hard. Josef will not sell. That is impossible. You know that. But Josef will have to step down, which he will and you will run the corporation as you did before. Josef truly trusts you. In fact, where his business is concerned, there is no one he trusts more than you" Darrian said looking at the artist who turned the painting around so she could see it.
"Does that make me look old" She asked pointing at the picture.
"No. I don't believe so." Brian answered truthfully.
"I believe you. I can tell you loathe lying. And so you should" She said picking up her robe and throwing it around herself as she dismissed the artist. "I do approve of young Steven. That was a wise choice. There are many diamonds in the rough so to speak at Kostan Inc. But this Steven is exceptional and so very handsome" She said with a smile. Brian didn't know how to respond to that comment.
"You are very much like your wife you know? You both need to trust yourselves more and do not be afraid of the power you posses" She said staring at him. Brian knew what she said was the truth. He had never come to terms with who he truly was.
"Your right" Brian said.
"And knowing is half the battle" She said. "When you know, you do. Now go do what needs to be done" She finished. "And send young Steven to see me" She smiled. Brian left and decided he would have to talk to Josef about Darrian.

"I think you have made an extraordinary mistake Alain!" Claude Brewster said. "There has been no confirmation on this rumor. You should have stood still until speaking with Josef!" He said.
"Many of us cannot wait until Kostan returns from wherever he has taken off this time and frankly, I'm tired of being ruled by Kostan!" Alain said in anger. Claude said nothing. He had learned a very long time ago that second guessing Josef Kostan was a fatal mistake and Alain Lennox would soon learn what he should have already known. "Your problem Claude is that you fear Kostan too much" He said.
"You confuse fear with respect and that will be your downfall" Claude said and walked away from his friend.
Alain watched his friend walkaway. It had been his hope that they both would stand against Kostan, but no matter he thought. With Hakim and the bulk of the Middle East behind him, Kostan would be no more.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

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"Well, that's it" Josef said looking over the horizon.
"So what are you going to do with an island Josef? I mean really?" Mick asked knowing that Josef was up to something.
"This is where I will build my super villain lair. Every super villain had one. Lex Luther, every James Bond bad guy, hell even Batman has his bat cave" Josef joked.
"Batman is a good guy" Mick reminded.
"Or so he would have them believe!" Josef laughed. "Look, all I was interested in was privacy and nothing says "Keep Out" like a private island" Josef said. "Bridgett and Gideon are going to be followed and harassed every day in Los Angeles. Paparazzi in their faces trying to get photos. And bodyguards can only do so much without going to jail. I want to be able to take them away at anytime it starts getting to them" Josef explained. What Josef said made a lot of sense and Mick got it. Even before he became President, people were always interested in the life of Josef Kostan and now that he had a family, the press would be all over Bridgett and Gideon.
"Well, it's beautiful Josef. A bonafide paradise on earth" Mick said smiling, but Mick sensed that someone else was on the island. "Josef! Someone's on the island!" Mick said going into attack mode.
"Calm down Mick. Those are work men I hired. I wanted to get started on the building of my home as soon as the ink dried on the deed." Josef said.
"Already? Josef when are you thinking of coming here?" Mick asked.
"We're not leaving. I'll have you and Beth flown back to the Caribbean and get you back to the States, but my family and I will stay here. I've hired two crews. One to work during the day and the other to work at night. The house will be ready in a matter of weeks" Josef said.
"How long are you staying?" Mick asked seeing that his best friend was serious.
"I want to say forever, but forever's a long time" Josef joked.

Brian looked up when he heard the knock on his office door. He had told his assistant that he did not want to talk with anyone today.
"Sir, I know you didn't want to be disturbed today, but there are some employees that would like a moment of your time" His assistant said poking his head in. At Brian's nod he let the 5 employees in.
"What can I do for you?" Brian asked.
"Well.......Mr. Petzer......uh....we'd like to give our notice" Dean said. Looking at the other four men who didn't seem as sure of the decision.
"Granted" Brian said notifying Security. "I will have accounting issue you a final check and we will have someone collect all of your things and send them to you" Brian said. "Good luck"
"Do you want to know why we're leaving?" Dean asked, wanting so badly to tell him.
"No I don't" Brian said as Security came in and stood at the door waiting to escort the men out. "Will you see these gentlemen out." Brian said as Security led them out of the office. Brian walked out into the main office.
"There appears to be some rumors in the office that need to be dealt with, so I will put it to you in this way. "If you do not trust Josef Kostan, you may leave now" He said loudly as he watched the expressions of them all. One younger associate stood, gathered his things and headed for the elevator. "Anyone else?"Brian asked around. When no one said anything, he left for the other floors to convey the same message.

Alain felt confident when at least 20 of Josef Kostan's employees came to him. He could smell blood in the water and it was time for him to make his move.

"Mr. Petzer, I have something to tell you!" Steven said as he saw him walk by. Brian took him into his office. "You told me to take special notice of Dean Roberts. I paid close attention to his phone calls and he's accepting employment with Alain Lennox. He said that Sandy in Accounting, who he's sleeping with by the way, said that Mr. Kostan is on his yacht sailing for the South Pacific" He said.
"Thank you for this information Steven. Keep and eye on her for a while" He said picking up the phone to call Ted.

"What do you need Brian?" Ted asked with a smile.
"We have a traitor in the Accounting Dept. Ted. I would like you to really show Josef what a very smart man can do to traitors" Brian said.
"Name?" Ted asked.
"Sandy Chen" Brian said.
"Give me 20 minutes" Ted said letting Sam know they had to take care of someone.

Sandy had seen her boyfriend leave and at the end of the day she would be joining him. She loved working at Kostan Inc., but Dean had told her that the company was about to be taken over and when that happened, everyone including her would be out of a job. Well, she wasn't going wait around for that to happen. She had a mountain of student loan debt she had to pay off but she was close to having her loans paid off due to Josef's Employee Debt Program, if you stayed at the company for 5 years, the firm paid off your loan balance and she had one more year to go. But what if this takeover happened soon? She would be out of job and still have loans to pay off. Yeah, she was making the right decision, she told herself.

Sandy was deleting her personal email when she heard someone ask for her by name. She stood up and saw a woman in her mid forties coming her way.
"Hello. May I help you?" Sandy said pleasantly.
"Sandra Elizabeth Chen, you are under arrest." She said pulling out her handcuff and turning Sandy around. "You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney...." The Officer said.
"Wait!! What have I done? Why are you arresting me?" Sandy wailed, tears forming in her eyes. "The charge is two counts of Corporate Espionage" The officer said signalling to two uniforms to take her away. Brian came out of his office to see what was going on. He saw Sandy Chen being led out by police officers thinking Ted worked fast. Ted and Samantha stepped off the elevator and Brian waved them over.

"What did you do to her?" Brain asked.
"Well, it was apparent she was dishing out information to her boyfriend, but when we found out that the boyfriend had been making calls to Saudi Arabia......let's just say the Justice Department and Homeland Security became very interested in Sandy Chen and Dean Roberts" Ted said.
"The truly poetic thing is that Homeland Security can hold her for a lifetime and all she did was fall for the wrong guy." Samantha said shaking her head. "I hope she rats Dean out, but I can tell just by looking at her she won't" Brian had to agree. Sandy looked like the sort of woman that would follow the man she loved down the wrong path no matter what the consequences were.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

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Brian was thinking about what Darrian said and he did trust Josef. He trusted Josef more than he had trusted anyone else ever and his life was devoted to him as it was in the beginning. He sighed and called Steven to his office again.
"Yes, you wanted to see me sir" Steven said reminding Brian of himself when he first started working here.
"I have something to speak with you about" Brian said motioning for him to take a seat. Brian quickly looked to see if he was in a committed relationship. "I see your not married" Brian said as he took a seat.
"No sir. I really want to put my career first before I tie myself up with a wife. I 'd like to make sure I'm financially stable" He said letting Brian know that he was up for any task.
"How do you feel about vampires Steven?" Brian asked.
"Well, like everyone I was shocked when the announcement was made, but I have no animosity towards them" He said.
"Working for vampires can be a frightening thing for some people. The world we live in is not easy and we are surrounded by all kinds of supernatural beings" Brian explained.
"Like Kimberly the Changeling" He offered.
"You know?" Brian asked.
"Mr. Petzer, I am from Egypt. A country born of supernatural beings. Trust me, nothing surprises me" Steven said.
"And that bring me to my next topic" Brian said. He watched Steven's face as he told him of Darrian her background and how she wanted to meet with him. Steven's face remained stoic all through the telling of the story.
"So she wants to have sex with me". Steven said with a chuckle.
"She did not say that, but she did ask for you" Brian said hoping with all his heart that Steven would say no.
"You said she was a wood sprite and from the myths in Egyptology all they want is sex" He said with a smile. "You honestly don't expect me to say no do you sir?" He asked.
"Yes, I expected and wanted you to say no." Brian said.
"I would really like to meet her" He said. Brian took his hands and in an instant they were outside of Darrian's apartment.
"Come Dragos!" he heard her voice call out. The door opened and there Darrian stood. "And young Steven! Oh Drago's this is indeed a treat" She said
"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you" Steven said taking her hand and holding it in his so she could rest assured that he would not do her harm.
"You are a delight" Darrian purred running her hand up his arm.
"I better go" Brian said feeling very uncomfortable.
"Wait!" Darrian said. "A man by the name of Alain Lennox is behind this betrayal. He is building an army for a take over of Kostan Industries" She said still looking at Steven.

Brian went back to his office and started making phone calls.

"How are things?" Alma asked Brian when he came home. Brian sat down as Alma poured him a glass of blood.
"An intern named Steven found traitors in the company". Brian first said. "I saw Darrian who was being painted by a deaf artist in the nude. Then she told me that Josef would step down from Kostan Industries and I was to take the reigns and she also wanted me to bring Steven to her. Then I had Ted and Samantha make sure the traitors were arrested which they were. And finally, I brought Steven to see Darrian and I am now with the woman I love completely" Brian said closing his eyes.
"This Steven must be knock out!" Alma said.
"I suppose he is" Brain answered.
"So this makes you kind of a Pimp" Alma joked. Brian's eyelids flew open and he sat up.
"She didn't say she wanted to have to sex with him!" Brian said.
"I guess you don't know about the sexual appetite of fairies? They are truly insatiable. Did you tell Steven about her true self?" Alma asked.
"He's from Egypt...he" Brian began to say.
"Ahh. He already knows about these things" She said.
"Yes. And he wanted to meet her. He knew she would want him for sex and still wanted to meet her" Brian said. "So that does not make me a Pimp" Brian finished laying his head back down.
"Anything you say Big Poppa" Alma joked walking away.

"So how old are you truly?" Steven asked rubbing her bare shoulder.
"I am no age. There is no number to calculate. That would be like asking the age of your sun god Ra. It is impossible" Darrian replied thinking how mortals asked so many questions all the time.
"You know we no longer worship many gods. Most Egyptians are monotheistic." Steven said.
"Really? Well that's a surprise. I always thought that father giving you beings a free will would be problematic and look what happened?" She said with a hearty laugh.
"Yes, but would I be here if it weren't for free will?" Steven challenged.
"So young Steven, you are a philosopher?" She said with a bright smile as her lips captured his.

Alain had found out that Dean Roberts and his girlfriend Sandy had been arrested and were being detained by the FBI for questioning. Those two were weak, they will eventually tell all just to save themselves. He would have to do something.

After a month of sailing around the South Pacific Beth thought she would tire of the breathtaking views and deep blue water, but she wasn't. She loved diving into the ocean and seeing all the creatures beneath, but it was time to go home.
"I'm really going to miss this" Beth said her head laying on Mick chest, the little hairs tickling her ear.
"So am I. Everyone should see this part of the world at least once" Mick said looking out the window.

Gideon had grown quite a bit in a month's time. And to others would look like a healthy little boy of around 3 years old.
"Daddy, these pants don't fit!" He said frowning.
"Well, you're growing faster than we can buy clothing for you". Josef said.
"I've got an idea" Bridgett said pulling out a pair of scissors and turning the pants into a pair of shorts. "Now how's that?" She asked.
"Thanks mom!!" Gideon said jumping off the bed. "Are we all going on the airplane?" He asked.
"Nope. Just Mick and Beth. They have to get back to California" Josef explained.
"But they're coming back?" Gideon asked.
"Of course they are" Bridgett assured.
"The house will be finished then" He said walking out of the room in search of Beth and Mick.

Agent William Brown waited for the woman to stop crying. He really didn't think this woman had done anything other than choosing the wrong man to be her boyfriend. Yes, she had agreed to leak information to her boyfriend so he could take it to another company, but she knew nothing of calls to Hakim Johassauf in Saudi Arabia. He was going to recommend that she be released. But her boyfriend? He was in quite a bit of trouble.

Alain had found out from his contacts that they were releasing Sandy. He would need to speak with her first. He found her apartment quite easily. The young woman who opened the door looked to have been crying. He eyes were swollen and bloodshot.
"Sandra?" He asked in a soft voice.
"Who the hell are you?" She barked wiping her eyes with a tissue she held in her hand.
"My name is Alain Lennox" He said.
"I don't want to talk to you! All of this your fault! Now I'm out of a job!" She yelled as she tried to shut the door.
"Please wait. We must talk" He pleaded.
"I've spent all night talking and I'm done!" She said pushing harder on the door. "Get off my door or I'll scream" She threatened.
"As you wish. I will call you tomorrow. Perhaps you will be less melodramatic" He said dismissively walking away. Something would have to be done to Miss Sandy Alain thought.

Mick and Beth arrived in Los Angeles with a sigh. They had spent over a month in the Garden of Eden and now they were smack dab in the middle of the smoggiest most humid day that Los Angeles had to offer.
"Welcome home" Mick said with grin.
"Yep. Home sweet home" Beth replied seriously thinking that Josef had the right idea all along.
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Re: Change of Venue By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Fri May 26, 2017 9:25 pm

Brian was bombarded by calls throughout the day. And every call was the same. Is Josef Kostan selling his corporation. Finally Brian had to set up a press conference to set the record straight.
"Mr. Petzer! Tell us the truth. Is Josef Kostan selling his corporation?" One reporter asked.
"As no one could possibly afford to by Kostan Industries, I consider this question to be moot?" Brian said.
"Where do you think the rumor came from?" Another reporter asked.
"Possibly from someone wanting to manipulate stock." Brian said.
"Do you suspect anyone in particular?" Another asked with a grin hoping to get a juicy reply.
"Everyone" Brian said simply. "But there will be no speculation on my part." He said. "What I can tell you is that Kostan Industries has never been stronger and everything is as it has always been"

When the press conference was over some thought Brian was hiding something still, but most walked away satisfied that someone had put an end to all the rumors. It had helped Brian that Claude Brewster also said that Kostan Industries was not being sold and that people should not believe what they hear from others. But in the end, people still wondered. Where the hell was Josef Kostan?

Steven had not been to work all week. So when he walked in the office on Monday morning, everyone was shocked.
"Hey Intern! I thought you got sacked!" One of the more nasty traders said to him. Steven looked at him and smiled but continued to walk towards Brian's office. "Intern! I'm talking to you!" The man shouted, making everyone turn their heads in that direction. Steven stopped and turned towards the man.
"Shut up!" Steven said loudly with a smile as he walked away. The man turned back to his desk and began to work again. Everyone giggled and laughed silently applauding the intern for finally finding his voice.
Steven knocked on Brian's door and peeked in.
"Hello" He said.
"Steven welcome back. Have a seat" Brian said. "How are you doing?" Brian asked.
"I'm quite well sir". He said with a shy grin. "She did something to me". He said.
"I'm sure she did" Brian said.
"Not that. I mean....she did that....of course, but I was telling her how the traders treated me and she said from now on, all I would have to do is simply say shut up and they would leave me alone. And I just tried doing that on Carter and it worked." He said. Brian smiled. He always thought Carter was a very unpleasant person.
"Carter shutting up is everyone's wish" Brian said with chuckle.
"She also told me to tell you, that Josef has decided not to come back. So you are on your own" He said.

Brian stared at Steven letting his words sink into his mind.
"Steven, you are promoted. You will head our Public Relations Department effective immediately.
"Are you serious sir?" He asked in surprise.
"Yes" Brian said picking up the phone and having his things sent to the large office on the other side of the main floor. He hung up the phone and looked at Steven. "Alright Steven, let's make Josef proud" Brian said standing up and shaking his hand.

The End
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