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Papa Kostan

Postby Ella713 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:40 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Papa Kostan
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Josef tries to adjust to his relationship with Bridgett and baby Gideon

Josef looked at his son who seemed so tiny at first but was growing by the second. As if sensing his father's presence Gideon opened his eyes and turned to look at his father as if saying "hey, what are you doing here?" Gideon then raised his arms up.
"Alright, alright" Josef said picking him up and walking out of the room that would be a nursery in the morning. "I suppose you're hungry again?" Josef said laying him gently on the recliner while he rolled up his sleeve. He picked Gideon up and held his arm out for him. There was something so truly magical about feeding his son. He heard Bridgett stir and wasn't surprised to see her walking towards them.
"Do you ever sleep Mr. Kostan?" She asked watching their son feed.
"I do, but tonight I thought I'd forgo it. Why aren't you resting?"
"It's hard to explain, but I feel like a part of me was stolen. It's hard to sleep" She said.
"Well, a part of you was stolen" Josef said with a chuckle. "Oh, Bridgett......thank you so much for this gift...I..I never really thought of myself as a father. I thought children were....unnecessary. I even started a rumor about them" Josef said.
"Flying potion. Yeah, I heard that one" Bridgett giggled. "That's pretty awful" She said trying to hold her laughter seeing that Gideon had fallen back asleep. "I'll lay him back down" She said reaching down to pick him up and walking away. Josef watched her as she walked towards the spare room. She was wearing one of his shirts again. She did that in the Alps. She'd get up and grab his shirt off the floor or chair or wherever he left it and just throw it on like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like she'd been doing it forever. He actually liked her in his shirt. Then he noticed the difference in his feelings for Bridgett over his feelings for Isabelle. What it came down to is that Isabelle was like an intoxicating vacation to Vegas or Monte Carlo and Bridgett......well....she felt like home.

Josef Kostan was finally home.

Beth stood there with the phone still in her hand. And that's where Mick found her.
"Babe, are you okay?" He asked. When she said nothing he gently shook her. "Beth, what's wrong?" He asked.
"Josef and Bridgett had a baby last night.......a little boy" She said slowly as if she were in a trance.
"Is this a joke?" Mick asked holding back his laughter. "Seriously, who was on the phone?"
"Brian" She said. Mick immediately saw that this could very well be true, since Brian would be the last person to joke about childbirth considering what he had gone through twice.
"Wow! Josef's a dad? I don't know whether to be ecstatic or very afraid" He joked.

Bridgett was lying down when Josef walked into the bedroom. She was so beautiful Josef thought to himself. He quickly got undressed and laid down beside her. His body loving the feel of her against him as their bodies gently molded together.

By the time Josef and Bridgett had risen from their rest, the word had gotten around. And when he answered the door, he saw everyone with shocked surprised looks on their faces
"Okay Josef. You have a lot of explaining to do!" Mick said as he walked into the penthouse carrying a large box.
"Yes I do. What the hell is that?" Josef asked pointing at the box. Mick quickly looked down at what he was carrying.
"Oh. That's a Floral Swag French Crib. Beth picked it up" Mick said as if that would explain everything to him.
"Uncle Josef!!!" Zoe, Haley, Lisa and Mila squealed.
"We got all the clothes you'll need for the little guy!" Mila said
"Where's Bridgett?" Lisa asked walking into the penthouse with balloons and a chilled bottle of Moet. Sitting everything down, everyone was quiet as they saw Bridgett coming down the stairs with Gideon in her arms. Everyone peered over Bridgett's shoulder to see the little baby.
"He has your eyes Josef" Mick said smiling at the baby. Gideon looked calmly at everyone sensing they were exactly like him. His smile turned upwards into a little smirk.
"Good heavens!" Lisa said out loud. "That's definitely Josef!" She laughed. "How do you feel Bridgett?" Lisa said having developed a bond with the woman after their plan to kill the Succubus.
"I feel great actually. He woke up only once" Bridgett said.

After everyone took a turn holding him, Josef popped open the champagne. Everyone talked about decorating ideas for a nursery and Josef's plans for handling work and fatherhood. It was Lisa who brought up the topic that everyone wanted to discuss.
"So, how are things going to work out with Isabelle?" She said looking all around her. It's not like they were a high school clique who could kick her out of the club. "Is she still working at Kostan Inc.?"
"We haven't discussed that. There was too much going on last night. Then Bridgett went into labor."
"Isabelle delivered the baby?" Alma asked although she knew the answer already.
"Yes she did" Josef said sadly, thinking what a remarkable woman Isabelle really was.
Everyone was stunned and none of the women present thought they would ever be able to do something like that! "She has gone back to Katrina and the Cleaners" Josef said hoping everyone would see that she was back with her true family.
"Good for her" Gabriel said although he knew that Isabelle was heartbroken over losing Josef. He heard her thoughts all through the night.
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Re: Papa Kostan

Postby Ella713 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:46 pm

After a week of setting up the nursery and making sure everything was secure, Josef decided to go back to work, although he knew that things were going well under Brian's rule, but he missed working.
He walked into the lobby and all the Security Guards wished him a hearty congratulations and gave him cigars. And when he made it to his floor everyone screamed surprise and handed him many card and gifts for the baby!!
"Welcome back sir!" Brian said giving him a brief hug. "Everyone has missed you" He said.
"Let's see how I can change that. What's on the agenda?" Josef asked.
"Tesla's new prototype has hit a snag. They are asking for more money. I told them to wait until you returned for an answer. They are already 15 million over budget" Brian explained.
"How much are they asking for?" Josef asked.
"8 million." Brian replied. "They are having difficulty with engineers it would seem"
"Call them and tell them to fire all their engineers and I will supply them with the very best engineers in the field, to finish this product. That's my offer." Josef said, heading to his office.

Bridgett had just finished bathing Gideon. She laid him on his changing table and reached for a diaper. When she looked back Gideon was gone. She immediately checked all over the room calling his name loudly.
"Oh God! Where are you?" She cried out. She saw something move quickly past the door and she ran after it. She found Gideon at the top of the stairs sitting, looking at the stairs trying to figure it out. She quickly scooped him up in her arms.
"Gideon, you've got a long while before you're able to do that" She said kissing his cheek. She took him back in the room, placed the diaper on him and put a little short set on him. "There you go! You wanna go to the playroom with your mom?" She asked. Gideon said nothing but was still trying to look past the door at the stairs. She picked him up and started for the stairs, when Gideon leapt out of her arms falling on his bottom. He quickly crawled to the stop of the stairs, then turned himself around and slid on his belly down the flight of stairs. He sat there with a big smile, laughing.
Bridgett looked down at her son in wonder. She ran down the stairs.
"Gideon! Don't ever do that again! You scared me to death!" She said picking him up and hugging him.

Josef walked into his apartment and heard sultry jazz playing lightly, with the smell of something delicious wafting through the air. He saw Bridgett in the kitchen with Gideon sitting in a high chair listening to his mom sing a French jazz song.
"So you cook and speak French?" Josef said coming up behind her.
"Oui M. Kostan" She said with a smile.
"How's the little man?" Josef asked walking over to Gideon and kissing him on the top of his head.
"Full of surprises. I found him at the top of the stairs just looking at them. He must have been studying them and working out a way to get down them, because he leapt out of my arms, turned around, and slid on his stomach all the way down" Bridgett said.
"Yeah! Smart and handsome!" Josef joked.
"And he's talking. Well not talking more like mimicking. And doing it quite well" She finished.
"Really?" Josef asked in surprise.
"Really?" Gideon said looking at Josef.
Josef smiled brightly and Gideon did as well. Josef ran his hands through his hair and Gideon did the same.
"Qu'est ce qu'on a" Josef asked as he watched Gideon concentrate on what he said.
"We are having Barigoule of Spring Vegetables and Coq au vin" Bridgett said. "Would you like a taste?" She asked.
"Oui" Josef said tasting the vegetables. "Bridgett, this is fantastic!" He said kissing her passionately.
"Thank you" She said breathlessly.
"I will feed the comedian here" Josef said taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeve.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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Each day Josef noticed something else about his son. If there was something he wasn't familiar with he would stare at it for a very long time, as if he was coming up with options for how the item could be used and when he came to one that he thought fit, he would then pick it up. And so far, he hadn't be wrong. So it was no surprise when after a month Gideon was talking and walking.

"Daddy!!" Gideon yelled as he ran to Josef who had just come in from work.
"Hey little man!" Josef said picking him up and kissing the top of his head. "So what did you accomplish today? Perform an operation? Find a cure for the common cold?" Josef joked.
"Daddy! I'm not a doctor!" Gideon giggled as Josef tickled his sides.
"Not yet. But come on, I know you mastered something today" Josef said.
"I played Chopin nocturne" Gideon replied with a smile.
"You played Chopin? As in Frédéric Chopin?" Josef asked. Gideon nodded and jumped out of Josef's arms, running to the piano and pulling out the sheet music.
"This told me how to do it" He said triumphantly. Josef turned when he heard Bridgett approaching.
"I see he told you already?" She asked with a smile.
"Yeah, but I don't see how? Chopin ain't exactly Chopsticks" Josef said.
"We were watching PBS which was running a documentary on Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg. And I told Gideon that that was the man who made the piano downstairs. Then he said he wanted to play it, so I downloaded a video on reading sheet music. He watched the video then came downstairs and taught himself to play Chopin" Bridgett explained.
"Why Chopin?" Josef wondered.
"You keep your sheet music in alphabetical order" She reminded.
"Well Gideon, let's hear what you've been learning." Josef said with a broad smile. Gideon ran over to the piano and took a set. "Hang on Maestro, you forgot your music" Josef said.
Gideon shook his head and sat down and played Nocturne. "Now that's impressive" Josef whispered to Bridgett.
"Our son appears to have an eidetic memory. He's learned all the songs that you have on hand" Bridgett said.
Josef stared at his son in wonder.

Everyone at Kostan Industries looked at Isabelle as she cleaned out her belongings. She said not a word to anyone apart from the Security staff and Cleaners who stayed with her as she collected her personal things.
Gabriel was just coming into the office when he saw her.
"Isabelle will you come speak with me before you leave? Please?" He asked. He saw her eyes soften for but a second before being replaced with the cold demeanor she now possessed.
"Of course "little one" She replied handing her boxes to the other cleaners and following Gabriel into his office.
"So you're really leaving? Any chance you might come back?" Gabriel asked sadly.
"No. Working here has been interesting, but I must be with be my sisters" She said although she couldn't recall how she ever came to work for Josef.
"Will I ever see you again?" Gabriel asked.
"I do not see why not. Of course I do not suppose you will need my professional help" She said with a smile.
"May I hug you?" Gabriel asked, quietly walking up to her and giving her a hug like he used to when he was little and Isabelle was his very best friend in the whole world. She slowly placed her arms around him.
"I will miss you little one. I believe you were the one and only thing, I ever got right" She said whispering in his ear, then turning to leave. Gabriel watched her walk out of his office and he cried for a good portion of the morning.

When Josef waked into the office everyone was quiet. His head of security approached him.
"Mrs. Kostan came with her sisters and collected her belongings" He said quietly. Josef nodded his head and walked into his office to think about what all that would mean. He soon heard a knock on his door and both Gabriel and Brian walked in.
"Sir, do you have a moment?" Brian said poking his head in.
"Sure." Josef said taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves. "What can I do for you?" He asked.
They both spoke simultaneously.
"Tesla" Brian said
"Isabelle" Gabriel said
"Well, one of those I can handle and the other........I can't. Brian, tell me about Tesla" Josef said.
Gabriel stared at Josef. Could he really be that cold and heartless? He shook his head and stormed out shutting the door behind him.

Bridgett was taking Gideon out to buy more clothes. All the clothing Haley and Lisa had purchased all had to be donated because of his growth. So she decided she would buy clothing in multiple sizes. When they reached the lobby floor, a tenant in the building stopped in front of them.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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"Hey little guy" He said to Gideon stopping down to look at him. Henry Hooper knew that this must be Josef Kostan's new lady. He had heard that Delectable Isabelle had been given her walking papers and had been replaced by a much younger replacement. Now that he saw the young woman in front of him, she did look young. She had a very wholesome beauty that men rarely found attractive these days. Though he had to confess, he preferred Isabelle. But it looked like the younger woman had given Kostan something he wanted. A child. He went to pat the little boy on the head, when all of a sudden the boy let out a ear splitting squeal! Bridgett tried to hush him, but he kept on squealing until she ran with him in her arms out the door. The moment they were outside Gideon stopped screaming.
"Okay mister!" Bridgett said to him in anger. "You want to tell me what that was all about?" She asked looking at her son.
"He's a bad man Mama" Gideon said looking at the man from the curb as he spoke to the Security Guard. "Really bad" He said.

Henry Hooper glanced out at the little boy smiled at him. He noticed the little boy did not smile back. In fact, he frowned. Henry rolled his eyes. Spoiled little brat! He thought to himself.
"I'm doing some Spring Cleaning and have a lot of trash to send down the chute. What time is it turned on?" He asked the Security Guard.
"You know we used to do once a week, until Mr. Kostan found out that someone was disposing of dead cats in there. So we run the furnace nightly" He said. "I'm guessing it get's turned on around 11pm" He said. "You're not throwing away dead animals are you?" He jokingly asked.
"Nope. Severe allergies I'm afraid. Mostly personal papers and outdated clothing" He said.
"Then toss away my friend" He said.

"Are you okay Miss?" Harold asked when he saw Bridgett and Gideon staring at the building.
"Oh. Yes. We're fine." She said getting into the Limo. When they were secure in the back seat she turned Gideon to face her. "What do you mean that man is bad?" She asked.
"He does a lot of bad things to girls like you. They think he's nice but he's not" Gideon said.
"Gideon, what does he do?" She asked becoming scared.
"He cuts them" Gideon said.
"Oh my God!" Bridgett said pressing the intercom. "Harold take us to Josef right away!" She said. "Baby you have to tell this to Daddy" She said holding him in her lap and hugging him tightly.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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Bridgett came running into Kostan Industries flying past all the people she knew and once worked with. A few tried to get her attention but she had to get to Josef's office. Hopefully Brian would be there.
"Bridgett! What are you two doing here?" Josef asked standing up. "Is something wrong?" He asked suddenly. Gideon slid from his mother's arms and ran over to Josef.
"We saw a bad man Daddy" Gideon said.
"What man?" Josef asked.
"We were leaving to go shopping and this man was at the Security desk and Gideon let out a piercing scream and wouldn't stop until I took him outside" Bridgett said.
"He cuts girls". Gideon said.
"Do you know who this man was?" Josef asked knowing he would have to alert Brian to this situation.
"I've never seen him before, so he could have been a visitor" Bridgett said feeling a little better if the man was visiting someone.
"I'll have Security send me the surveillance footage and find out who this guy is" Josef said. "Look, why don't you go on and get your shopping done and have Harold bring you back here. I should have the footage by then" Josef said, but noticing the look on Bridgett's face, he knew that them going back to the apartment wasn't going to happen. "Why don't you check into my suite downtown? We can stay there for a couple of nights" Josef offered. Bridgett blew out a long breath.
"Thank you Mr. Kostan" Bridgett said as she walked out.
"Bye Daddy!!!" Gideon yelled waving his hand like crazy.

All her co workers came running towards her to sneak a peak at the child that looked exactly like his father.
"Bridgett, he is so beautiful! And the spitting image of Mr. Kostan!" Mandy said
"Well, you certainly pulled the ultimate coup. Booted the wife right out of the company" Jennifer said with malicious smile.
"I didn't do anything" Bridgett said calmly who still thought that Jennifer's tongue would get her in a lot of trouble.
"It doesn't matter. It's always cool to see the regular folk like us get a chance to do something spectacular, and this IS awesome!" She said. "So are you coming back to work?"
"I don't know yet. It depends on the little guy here" Bridgett replied.
"So what's your name Beautiful?" Mandy asked with a smile.
"Boys aren't beautiful. Boys are handsome!" Gideon said.
"Okay Handsome, what's your name?" Jennifer asked.
"Gideon" He said proudly.
"Like the Prophet" Mandy said. Gideon nodded his head.
"Gideon was the son of Joash, from the Abiezrite clan in the tribe of Manasseh and lived in Ephra. As a leader of the Israelites, he won a victory over a Midianite army even though there was a numerical disadvantage, he led a troop of 300 men!" Gideon said with a smile
"Wow!" Mandy said staring at Gideon in absolute wonder.
"What the Hell!" Jennifer said staring at both Bridgett and Gideon "Where do you know that?" She asked Gideon. Gideon rolled his eyes as if everyone knew this stuff.
"It's in the bible. Everybody knows that" He said.
"Gideon is kind of a genius. He has an eidetic memory" Bridgett explained nervously
"Handsome and smart! The little girls are going to be all over him" Jennifer laughed. The scared look on Gideon's face at Jennifer's words made her laugh even harder.

Henry had cleaned up his entire apartment. This girl had more fight in her than the others. He'd have to be more careful in his choice next time. When all the trash bags had been tied, he walked to the trash chute where her remains would be burned to ashes. He went back to his apartment and looked around again with fresh eyes. He could find nothing out of place. He went into the bathroom and the spare bedroom and checked every nook and cranny and couldn't find one single spot of blood! He's have to think about finding another place for his work.

Bridgett had no problem getting Gideon to try on clothing. He was the most complacent child she'd ever seen. But he had definite opinions on what he wanted to wear, which told her once again there was no doubt he was Josef's child! While trying on a pair of shoes, Gideon suddenly stopped and leaned over to his mother.
"He got rid of her mommy. He cut her up and threw her away" He said. Bridgett turned and looked at her son.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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Katrina watched her sister carefully since she came back.
"You are not yourself Isabelle. You are still clinging to the world of Josef Kostan" She said bitterly. Damn Kostan and his ever wandering libido! She thought to herself.
"No!"Isabelle said turning towards her. "You will not blame Josef. It was my choice to follow Josef, mine alone." She said making sure Katrina understood.
"You will be no good to us like this sister" She said.
"I will have a Purging" Isabelle said finally.
"So it shall be done." Katrina said walking making the call. It saddened Isabelle to think of it. Purging was basically a rebooting. Everything is wiped from your memory and you can start anew. But the process was frightening and very painful. She had only known two vamps who chose to be purged and one of the two was Katrina.

When Brian received the call he immediately went to Josef's office.
"Isabelle has requested a Purging" Brian said. Josef looked up quickly, then closed his eyes.
"Are you going to do it?" Josef asked.
"It has been requested sir. I can not refuse". Brian said. Josef nodded, but he was so devastated that it all had come to this. Isabelle didn't want to remember anything about him and he couldn't blame her.

When Josef arrived at his suite he called Security for the footage.
"I'm sorry Mr. Kostan. Someone really should have rang you. The video equipment was damaged by the crew installing the new cooling system. We were not even aware that it wasn't working until this morning" The Guard explained.
"It's 6pm now, I don't care who you have to call and bribe but I want someone here within a half hour!!" Josef said.
"Right away Mr. Kostan" He said picking up the phone immediately and calling the first name electrician he saw on the list.
"Call me when you reach someone" Josef said hanging up the phone.
"Okay Gideon. Are you ready?" Bridgett said.
"I'm ready mama" He said. They had heard the door open and knew Josef had already arrived.
"Bridgett! Gideon!" Josef called out. Suddenly flashing lights came on and music started to play.
"Welcome to the runway debut of up and coming model Gideon Mishka Kostan!" Bridgett said. Then Gideon walked out looking suave in his new Polo II Pinstriped Suit. He walked in front of Josef, then turned around and changed into what Bridgett called Preppy Wear. Josef laughed through the whole showing finally picking up his son and kissing his cheek.
"You look wonderful Gideon!! He said.
"Did you like it daddy?" Gideon said.
"I loved it!" Josef said hugging him tightly.
"Alright, go take those off and put on pajama's" Bridgett said walking towards Josef.
"Hello Beautiful" Josef said to her taking her into his arms and kissing her deeply.
"I have to tell you something before Gideon get's back" Bridgett said. She told him everything that Gideon had told her and saw Josef walk over to the phone to call Brian.

The company that Security called to fix the surveillance system had finished in a little over and hour and it was now up and running again. After thinking about things for a while, Josef decided to do some investigating. First he had to find out about the company that installed the new cooling system.

Bridgett was reading Gideon a story as she watched his eyelids flutter closed. She gave him a kiss and very softly shut the door. She saw Josef on the phone so she sat next to him on the sofa as Josef finished his call.
"Gideon all tucked in?" He asked placing his arm around her shoulders.
"He had a busy day. He was tuckered out on the first reading of Jungle Book" She said with a smile.
"It occurred to me, that I didn't say I love you today" Josef said rubbing her hand.
"No you didn't but I'd scarcely believe you if you had" She said with a small smile. Josef smiled and held her face in his hand,
"Believe me" He said softly taking her into his arms.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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Henry saw smoke blowing from below and he knew that they had started burning the trash. That was one of the many selling points on this building. Effective trash removal. All evidence burned into ash! Things just didn't get any better than this, he thought with a smile. And after taking another last look around making sure there was nothing he missed, he left his apartment on the hunt for another before the weekend.

Brian met with Josef early the next day.
"Did Gideon give any other information? Description?" Brian asked, hoping for any extra information because Kostan Towers boasted over 175 tenants.
"No. But from what Bridgett said this man is dangerous"
"Well, now that the security feeds are all up and running we will be able to spot him. Too bad Dave couldn't remember who the tenant was especially with Gideon screaming his head off. You think one would remember that" Brian said.
"You're right about long has Dave been with us?" Josef asked. Brian flipped through the files.
"12 years sir and other than yourself and Margaret Tooms, no one else has been in the building that long" Brian replied. "No one has reported any disruptions?" Brian asked thinking about an attack like that, someone would hear screaming.
"Nothing, but that doesn't really mean anything. Jack the Ripper strangled his victims before he sliced them, so no one would hear screams" Josef said, hating to bring up that infamous murder case that was so close to him.
"True" Brian said thinking of a plan. "It has been a long while since we have hosted a building soiree. This will be the perfect opportunity to speak with the tenants. Trust me, they will know who the bad man is" Brian said.
"That's a great idea Brian! Can you set something up for this weekend? And we'll make sure the building is on lockdown the evening of" Josef said.

Henry read the invitation a couple of times before smiling. Apparently Kostan Towers had won an award for the most livable building in Los Angeles and he was throwing a party for all the tenants this weekend. Maybe he wouldn't have to venture out after all. But he would have to be very careful. Someone from the building might draw a lot of attention.

Josef walked over to the back wing where she had lived for over 40 years. Darrian didn't like attention and didn't want to be known.
"Well, well, well. Josef Kostan as I live and pretend breathe!" She joked allowing him into her private haven.
"Darrian. How beautiful you look! How are you? Is there anything you need?" Josef asked.
"No. I'm perfectly fine Josef. But now I'm curious. What brings you here after all this time?" She asked taking a sip of her drink.
"I'm a father. I just had a little boy named Gideon" Josef said. Her eyes opened wide and let out a loud laugh.
"You're joking?!" She asked in shock. "Who is this woman who had the child of Josef Kostan? I MUST MEET HER!" She said.
"Of course. But I have something to ask you. We have a tenant here who is most likely killing women". Josef began to say.
"Yes. Mr. Hooper. A very damaged young rake he is. I've heard what a bore erectile issues are but killing women simply because you can't perform is atrocious!" Darrian said in disgust.
"Henry Hooper? He's the one?" Josef asked.
"That is what I said Josef" She replied.
"My son said he has killed a lot of women. Here in the building" Josef said.
"Your son? How old is this boy?" she asked.
"3 months" Josef said. Darrian looked at Josef in surprise and downed her drink.
"I'd like to meet this boy who knows such things" She said waving her hand and locking the door behind her as they as walked out.

Josef took Darrian to his penthouse carefully keeping her out of sight which she insisted on.
"Daddy!" He heard Gideon yell out as he ran towards the door. Gideon stopped short when he saw the woman walk in behind Josef.
"You named him Gideon?" Darrian asked.
"He chose the name" Josef explained.
"Hello Master Gideon. My name is Darrian O'Toole" She said. Gideon stared up at the strange woman in the unusual clothing for a long while before speaking.
"Can you show me some tricks?" Gideon asked with a smile. Darrian stooped down and held Gideon's hands.
"Oh yes. I will show you many things." She said to him softly. Bridgett came downstairs and walked towards the strange woman holding the hands of her son. "So you are the woman who bore the child of Josef Kostan? You certainly are tenacious!" She joked throwing her head back and laughing.
Bridgett said nothing but tried to get a read on the woman. "So, it is from you that Master Gideon gets his gifts from? How exciting this is turning out to be!" She said standing and clapping her hands.
"Josef, I need a brandy" She said walking into the penthouse and taking a seat on the sofa.
"I can play your favorite song!" Gideon said running over to the piano.
"And do you know my favorite song?" Darrian asked.
"That's easy! Danse Macabre Saint-Saëns. But it will sound different on the piano" Gideon said taking his seat and playing the song.
"He is remarkable Josef" Darrian whispered to Josef. "Simply remarkable"

Bridgett didn't take her eyes off the woman who sat at Josef's side. Bridgett could feel her anger boiling. She inhaled deeply and fixed her eyes on her son. When Gideon had played the piece to completion, Darrian stood and clapped.
"Well done Master Gideon!" She said as she turned to face Bridgett. "Josef please talk to your woman before she cooks me to a crisp" She said with a smile. Josef jumped up remembering he had told Bridgett nothing about this woman.
"Bridgett, this Darrian O'Toole. A very old friend of mine. She is also a very powerful sorcerer like Katrina but much more dangerous" Josef said with a smirk. "She's going to help with our tenant problem" He explained. He saw Bridgett's features soften.
"It's an honor to meet you" Bridgett said holding out her hand. Darrian stared at Bridgett.
"She is very beautiful Josef. Much like a virgin milkmaid from Iceland my Connor had an eye for, before I blinded him for being disrespectful!" She laughed. She walked all around the penthouse still talking to Josef and looking at Gideon. "You all will be safe from this maggot, but you must clean this property when he is killed. None of that human prison nonsense! This man must be killed!" She said nodding at Josef. "Now I must go and prepare" She said snapping her fingers at Josef to take her back. Gideon jumped down from the piano and ran to the woman throwing his arms around her.
"Can I see you again?" Gideon asked. Darrian quickly pulled a small broach from her garment and placed it in Gideon's hand.
"With this, you can call on me at any time" She said softly to him, picking him up and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'll be right back" Josef said giving Bridgett a quick kiss.

"So what do you think?" Josef asked her when they reached her apartment.
"She is very beautiful and very innocent Josef. Too innocent for you!" She said. "She is quite strong as well. She is the type who will endure whatever you toss her way, but you must take care with this one Josef......she has the ability to turn you into a pile of well dressed ash" She said.
"What about Gideon?" Josef asked.
"Josef your son is powerful. You've been told about his power?" Darrian asked. Josef nodded.
"Something called a Third Eye?" Josef said.
"A silly name I think for something so powerful. Most seers can see only one circumstance or whatever they are focusing on, but your son sees all. He sees into the hearts and minds of everyone in this building. He's young so for now, it's like a television show playing in his mind, but when he gets older he will have a lot to tell you" Darrian said. "But I have made sure that no harm will come to you and your family. This Mr. Hooper is already making up his mind on another" She said as she closed her door.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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Brian was busy seeing to the details of the party, and while he spoke with endless people, he watched. And Brian didn't miss a single detail.
"Is everything ready?" Alma asked when he walked in.
"Yes. There's nothing more we can do but hope it works" Brian said kissing his wife. "Something is amiss." Brian said looking down at her. "What do you know?" He asked.
"Brian....." Alma said slowly. Brian held up one hand to silence her.
"No!. No lies. No secrets. Never between us" Brian said.
"Darrian O'Toole is her name. She is a powerful scorer and a very good friend of Josef's. She lives in this building in a part of the building that's not used. She's lived there for over 40 years. Josef has requested her "gifts" to protect everyone." Alma said.
"How long have you known about this?" Brian asked.
"Since you and Josef brought me here. She introduced herself to me. At first I was scared to death, because we were dealing with the Wendigo and I wasn't allowed to speak with anyone, but this woman just appeared and introduced herself. She binded me to secrecy but she has made herself known now." Alma said.
"What does Josef think she can do?" Brian asked.
"We will find out" Alma said.

Henry had seen the woman quite a few times in the building. She was pretty, but from the small conversations he had heard her in, he knew exactly the kind of woman she was. He followed her to the coffee bar and watched as she barked out a brisk order to the barista. Yep. She was perfect he thought to himself.

Gideon had discovered reading and was spending more and more time by himself. He closed his book for a moment and reached in his pocket pulling out the pin Darrian had given him. He stared at it then closed his eyes.
"Master Gideon. Good day to you" He heard her voice say.
"I'm sacred" Gideon said in a soft voice not wanting his mom to hear him.
"Tell me" Darrian said.
"I see scary things. All the time. There are some bad people that live here" He said starting to sob quietly.
"Hush now. The world is a very scary place. Always has been, but you have nothing to fear. You are a very strong child. You can do things that no one else can. Besides, I will protect you. Never fear."" She said to him a soothing voice.
"You promise?" He asked wiping his eyes.
"I always keep my promises Master Gideon" She said.

"Are you sure, you'll be alright?" Brian asked Alma.
"We'll be in the safest place in the entire building. It's you I worry about" Alma said sitting down to tie her sneakers.
"Contact me if anything and I mean anything happens that you don't like!" Brian said pulling her into his arms.
"Finish this Brian. We all need a break from the crazy" Alma said, lightly licking his ear as she walked towards the door. Brian nodded as she left.

Gideon was excited. He was going to see Darrian at her apartment!
"Mom hurry up! We're going to be late!" He wailed. Bridgett packed some blood and grabbed her jacket.
" all ready?" Josef said to Gideon when he hung up the phone.
"Yes. I'm ready" Gideon said.
"Good. Now I want you both to listen to whatever Darrian says. And do not leave her apartment for anything." Josef said looking firmly at them both.
"And you trust this woman Josef?" Bridgett asked one last time.
"Yes. Don't worry. She knows what she's doing" He replied kissing them both.

Darrian opened the door wide.
"Master Gideon! Welcome to my home!" She said allowing Gideon, Bridgett and Alma entrance.
"Three seers and a sorceress. This will be a fun time" She joked. She looked at Brian with curiosity.
"So you are the one that took his place?" Darrian said to herself. "Of course. I suppose he was destroyed. If ever there was one solely ruled by the flesh it was Dragos. I was always surprised he got anything accomplished. I can see you are of a serious demeanor. That's good. Josef needs you to protect them" She finished holding out her arms so Gideon could come to her.
Bridgett walked in with Alma feeling nervous walking into the woman's apartment.

Walking into the apartment was like walking into a castle. Everything was old as in ancient. Suits of armour, swords, goblets, helmet and tapestries. Alma smiled when she entered. This was indeed a safe place.
"Thank you for inviting us" Alma said. Darrian nodded as Gideon came towards her.
"Hi Darrian!" He said gleefully.
"Drinks!" Darrian said loudly. "Let's have a seat and get to know one another" She said leading them to the dining room where an assortment of drinks were waiting for them.
"I must go. Josef will call you when its over" Brian said turning to leave. When the door had shut behind him, Darrian turned towards her guests.
"Where did these drinks come from?" Bridgett asked slowly picking one up and examining it. "There was nothing on this table when when we first arrived." She said. Darrian waved her hand in a dismissive way.
"That does not matter" She said taking a seat nest to Gideon. "I will share with you a story of times in the beginning" She said taking a glass from the table and swallowing the contents.
"In the days of creation, there were many beings. Mortals are the finished product, but a long time ago there were many prototypes so to speak. God created the heavens and the earth. He created the Angels who were devoted to him and all the creatures on the earth. The first beings after what was, were what you now call fairies. They were created in the image of the Father but they had divine gifts like the gift of sight, or healing, but they could not be controlled. The next attempt were beings that were part animal. The Father loved these beings but again a mortal/divine combination always failed" She explained.
"Why did it fail?" Bridgett asked.
"Because Father always insisted on a free will. The animals on the earth do what they were created to do, but a free will......he never wanted to bend anything to his will, but that all should come to him willingly" She said. "So Mortals were created and the Father loved you all so much, but what a mess you've made of things" Darrian said.
"Are you an angel?" Gideon asked in wonder.
"No. I am too selfish to be an Angelic. I am the first. The first of the Fairy Folk" She explained.
"So are A Changeling?" Alma asked.
"No. Yes A Changeling is a type of fairy, but they are a tainted lot. Flighty beings for sure. Hopping from one thing to another with no purpose. I am a Dryad, a type of fairy or tree spirit. The Celtic "Druids" are said to have gotten their names from the Dryads. We revere nature and all of the Father's creations. There were many of us in the beginning. We'd run among the tress and the plants and kiss all the buds because our love was so great for he that created all, but in time Mortals began to fear us and we were hanged, or burned alive for practicing the ways of the beginning" She continued.
"How do you know Josef?" Bridgett asked. Darrian raised one eyebrow and smiled.
"After Lucifer and his followers were banished, they laid destruction in their wake. Josef was responsible for the majority of it. Fires burned day and night across the earth. Where I lived was devastated. I had to take form to survive, but many fairy were killed. When Josef saw that one Fairy was left, he hated what he had done and he left Lucifer and Dragos" She said.
"That's why Josef raises so much money for the environment?" Bridgett asked out loud thinking of the many parties and gatherings that raised money for rain forests around the world.
Alma simply sat and listened. This story explained many things about Josef for sure, but no one was talking about what needed to be done.
"Look, this is an exciting story, but we need to deal with the psychopath who's killing women." Alma said.
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Re: Papa Kostan

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"Of course. But let me feed you." Darrian said. "Food!" She called out and suddenly the table was filled with an assortment of different foods.

Henry couldn't decide if he wanted to dress up for this party, but decided to put on his best suit. Might as well make an effort to blend. He just couldn't wrap his mind around Josef Kostan throwing a party for the building. This was unprecedented to say the least, but he might as well get this over with. Who knows, it may work out in his favor!

Brian and Josef stood on the lobby floor as tenants began to show up. Josef shook the hand of each and every tenant and thanked them for continuing to reside at Kostan Towers. Brian weaved all around looking at everything and everyone. Josef saw the elevators open and Henry Hooper stepped out. He said hello to the security guards, but Josef noticed that no one spoke to him and he didn't speak to anyone. He spied a couple he knew and walked over towards them.
"Lana! Nancy! How lovely you both look!" Josef said kissing them each on the cheek.
"Alright. What gives Josef? This is random. Even for you" Lana said.
"I've turned over a new leaf ladies. Fatherhood does that to you" He said.
"Sure it does" Nancy said rolling her eyes. "So where are you hiding her Josef? I hear she's quite lovely" Nancy said.
"If you're referring to the mother of my child and soon to be wife, I'm keeping her far away from you two seductresses" Josef joked. "Hey, let me ask you a question. You're on the 15, what can you tell me about Henry Hooper?" Josef asked. They both rolled their eyes.
"Why are you asking about that weirdo?" Lana asked.
"He's weird. Especially around women. I was on the elevator with him and he walked as far away from me that the elevator would allow. I mean he was pinned in the corner until I got off" She said.
"Well, he's not gay or anything. In fact, I'd say he was pretty popular with the ladies. He brings a lady home at least twice a week" Nancy said. "Remember that drop dead gorgeous red head?" Lana said.
"Is he friends with anyone on the floor?" Josef asked.
"Nope. The man keeps himself to himself. He must be rich to afford living here" Lana said.
"Thanks ladies! Try some of the dessert. It's actually called "death by Chocolate Torte" Josef said pointing at the delicious looking torte.
"If we were straight we'd be all over you Josef Kostan!" Lana laughed.

Henry was bored in half and hour. None of the women were to his liking. He sipped the gin and tonic he ordered and looked around. Kostan had security everywhere he looked. Maybe he should skip tonight after all. He was just sitting his drink down when he saw her. She was by the elevators. She seemed to be looking at the artwork. Henry, slowly walked to the elevators trying not to draw attention to himself. He saw her again. She looked to be going to the terrace out back.

"Clean up!" Darrian said loudly and everything on the table vanished before their eyes.
"Can you teach me how to do that?" Gideon asked staring at her in wonder.
"No no. Master Gideon. That is my gift alone. You have your own gift" She said. Gideon looked at her puzzled for a moment.
"Oh that! That's not a gift" He said.
"How do you know? Have you ever tried it on anyone?" She asked.
"No. I don't want to know that kind of stuff" He said.
"No one gets to choose their gift. It just is. When the time comes, you will see exactly what you can do". Darrian said finally.

Henry slowly followed the woman who seemed to know exactly where she was going. Henry had never seen this part of the building before. He heard a giggle and he smiled. She wanted him to follow her. Stupid little tease! He thought to himself. Henry followed her into the building. He looked all around. This must be a part of the building that Kostan didn't know about. The idiot contractors probably didn't know what they were doing. From the looks of, Kostan Towers used to be a hotel because what he had just walked into appeared to be the main lobby of the building. Henry began to think about how much fun he could have here. Take the focus away from him and his apartment. He started to walk around forgetting about the reason he come.
"Hello" Her voice called to him.
"Hello" He answered looking all around for where she was hiding herself. "Why don't you come out? I'd really like to meet you" Henry said in a warm tone.
"Why would you want to meet me?" She asked with a chuckle.
"Well, you look like you're just as bored as I am" He said with a smile.
"You are right about that." She said stepping out from the pillar where she stood. Henry smiled when he got a good look at her. She was beautiful. Her long red hair hung just below her shoulders, but it was filled with wild curls. He felt himself becoming aroused and it surprised him.

Gideon was no longer following what the grown ups were saying. He had a definite picture in his mind. He followed what was being said very carefully. Bridgett got up to see what was going on but Darrian and Alma stopped her.
"He's learning. You can't stop him" Alma said.

Josef and Brian had spent the past hour finding out about Henry Hooper. Every tenant that had interaction with him had said the same thing. "Creepy" Had been the main theme. Now it was time to speak with Mr. Hooper but they saw that he had slipped away. Josef placed the building on high alert and everything was locked down.

"He's coming" Gideon said softly. Bridgett quickly stood up and picked up her son.

"What are you going to do to me?" The woman asked looking at him coyly.
"I'm not sure. I'm confused" Henry said placing his hands in his pockets to hide his growing erection.
The woman laughed at his confusion. Henry looked up suddenly at the woman. Another bitch laughing at him!
"Don't laugh at me?" Henry ordered.
"You an't tell me what to do" She said turning her back on him and walking up a flight of stairs. Henry quickly took off after her but when he got to the top of the stairs she had vanished. He was going to make her pay for this!! He thought to himself as he walked closer to a door at the end of the hall. She went in their for sure, because he saw a light underneath the door.

He went to the door and found it open, so he flung it wide. Inside staring at him was Kostan's girlfriend, their son and two women he didn't know.
"What the hell are you doing in here?" He yelled. "What did you do with the woman?" He asked.
"We don't know what you're talking about" Alma said calmly.
"Bullshit! She's in here! There's no other place for her to hide" Henry said. Gideon stood up and faced the man.
"I don't like you" He said. Henry looked at the little boy and laughed.
"I don't care!" Henry said lightly pushing the child down. Bridgett immediately ran at the man. Darrian quickly stopped her. Gideon stood back up and quickly grabbed Henry's hand. Henry froze. Unable to move. Then he started to scream as if he were scared to death.

Josef looked at Brian.
"We need to check on the women" He said as he took off with Brian right behind him.
Josef and Brian saw the scene before them. Something was happening to Henry and judging by the look on Gideon's face he was the cause for the man's torment.
"He's ready to show you Daddy" Gideon said running to Josef as he scoop-ed him up in his arms.
"Ready to show me bad things?" Josef asked. Gideon nodded his head.
"He's a really bad man Daddy" Gideon said.

When Carl was called, the Crime Scene Unit had discovered what Henry had been up to. They found partial remains of two women and blood in the bathroom.
"I can't believe he did all this, and no one knew about it" Carl said.
"You know, I was all for allowing tenants to have their privacy, but I see I can't do that anymore" Josef said. Carl looked at the little boy in Josef's arms.
"So who's this little guy?" Carl said ruffing the boys hair. Alma and Bridgett looked at Carl in surprise. No one had told him. "Where's Isabelle? Did she catch this guy?" Carl asked.
"Carl, I'd like you to meet my son Gideon Mishka Kostan" Josef said. Carl stared at Josef in surprise. He looked at the little boy.
"He's got your eyes Josef" Carl said with a smile.
"So they keep telling me" Josef said letting Gideon down as he walked up to Carl and held out his hand.
"Hi!" Gideon said with a grin.
"Hello Gideon. I'm Captain Carl Davis. I'm a friend of your dad's" Carl said.
"I know that!" Gideon said. "You're a good man Captain Carl" Gideon said finally.
"I try to be" Carl said.

Darrian sat down with Josef, Bridgett, Alma and Brian to explain.
"First, let's state the obvious question. What the hell did he do?" Josef asked.
"Gideon has what's knows as the "Death Stare" Only very powerful seers are able to do this. Like the old woman who taught you Alma, I'm sure she was well versed in this. Gideon saw all the evil Henry had committed and he reversed it. So all of Henry's victims were coming to kill him. I hear the "Death Stare" can give people heart attacks or make them irreversibly insane which I think Henry will be" Darrian said.
"How did he......I mean where did this gift come from? I couldn't have come from me!" Bridgett said.
"I don't think you could have given him this talent even if you knew how to. It simply is. But how you and Josef cultivate it will be the true test" Darrian said. "Drinks!" She said loudly and drinks appeared.
"Let's drink to our success and do it quick before my home kicks you out" She said downing her drink in one gulp.
"Kick us out?" Alma said. "How would that happen?" She said and in an instant, they were back in Josef's penthouse.
"Oh she is going to be so much fun!!!" Alma said laughing!!
"You don't know the half of it" Josef said with a smile.

The End
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