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Good News

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
Good News
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When Bridgett and Phillip realize what they can do together, Josef tries to calm them down.

Alma stared at the siblings anxious to see what it was they could do, but the two just sat and stared at each other.
"Are we waiting for them to do something specific?" Mick asked looking at everyone.
"They're talking to each other. We must wait" Brian said.
"What do you mean talking? I don't hear anything" Mick replied.
"Almost all twins speak a language that is only known to them. A sort of made up language. They speak it in the womb to one another. I honestly believe that other than the language of the birds, twinspeak is the only other language that will never be deciphered." Brian said.
"Language of the birds?" Beth asked.
"The very first language that was spoken before God decided that we would speak many" Brain explained.
"Got it. The Tower of Babel" Mick said.

Bridgett and Phillip continued to stare at one another then they smiled and ran to each other and hugged.
"Brian, thank you for this" Bridgett said with tears in her eyes.
"Sorry, this was mom and dad's doing" Brian said as her and her brother ran over to hug both Mick and Beth.
"So what happens now?" Phillip asked.
"Josef will have to be told of course, then we will have to decide where to place you?" Brian said.
"What do you mean? Place us where?" Bridgett said suddenly.
"You can't live where you are. Someone will find out about the two of you, and as neither of you are vampires, you won't be able to protect yourselves from them. And believe me when I say supernatural entities are drawn to each other. You will be discovered" Brian explained.
"But we need to work!" Bridgett said.
"Josef will explain everything to you. Has he ever misled you?" Brian asked.

Josef came over to Mick's with Isabelle.
"Well, isn't this just a grand hoorah?" He said with a smile. "Twin seers? Alma are they the first?" Josef asked.
"Oh no, but it is extremely rare." She said
"Alright. Let's get down to details. As Brian may have told you, you're not safe in your apartments. Vamps will be drawn to you both like magnets, so you'll both be given an apartments in Kostan Towers. About first instinct is to tell you no to the working, but as Bridgett has been with us for a long while and nothing has happened to her, I'll say let's see how it goes. With the two you together, it may be a whole other story" Josef said " I have already started on moving both of you out of your apartments"
"Right now?" Phillip asked.
"I like to stay on top of things" Josef said. "Now Kostan Towers is secure. No one gets in unless they live there or have a meeting. My security is extra tight now that I've lost my secret service detail. So no one's getting in there. As for work, you both will be relocated to our highest security floor. Again, I have already taken care of the move." Josef finished.
"What about my hobby?" Phillip asked.
"Sorry Puma. You'll have to retire". Josef said. "I have an errand to run. Can you see they get to their apartments safely?" Josef asked.
"Yes my darling" Isabelle replied watching him leave wondering where he was going at this time of night.
"He's going to mass". Alma said.
"Excuse me?" Mick asked in a loud voice.
"He is not ready to share this with you. But it is something that is very important to him" Alma said giving them a stern look that told them to back off.

"Is there any way we can share an apartment?" Both Phillip and Bridgett asked simultaneously.
"Ahh, you two are growing closer by the minute" Alma said clapping her hands.
"I see no problem with that. I will call and have you moved into a large suite" Isabelle said pulling out her mobile.

Josef walked into the church which was quiet right now. He saw two older men kneeling down with their heads bowed. Josef dipped his finger in the holy water and made the sign of the cross before sitting down. He was amazed that this ritual was still firmly ingrained in his memory. He took a seat in the far back row and began to do something he hadn't done since leaving Ireland. He prayed.

Bridgett and Phillip walked into their new apartment and stood in amazement.
"Are they for real?" Phillip asked in surprise. "How are we suppose to pay rent here? This place is massive!" He said walking towards the kitchen.
"We don't" Bridgett said. "I think most people who live here are upper management, or gifted people of some sort. And they don't pay rent." She replied.
"What do you think they're going to do with us?" Phillip asked.
"I have no idea" She said going to look at the bedrooms.
"I'm going to have a scotch. You want one sis?" Phillip said casually surprised that he addressed her like they had grown up together.
"Yeah heavy on the soda though" She called out. A few second later she heard something smash and she ran back to the kitchen. The scotch bottle was in pieces on the floor and Phillip was just staring straight ahead. Bridgett quickly ran over to him and grabbed his hand.

Chris Martin had been trying to get into Kostan Towers for some time now but Kostan's security was tight! But tonight he was going to hit pay dirt! His old friend from the neighborhood had gotten a job as a security guard and for the promise of one night with Becky Collins, he gave up the security codes for the back entrance. He was thinking of all the things he would most likely find. Some fine jewelry for sure. Rich people kept all kind of stuff that could be hocked or sold online. He pulled the cap over his face and started to punch in the code.

Bridgett and Phillips looked closely at each other and took off out of the apartment, taking the express elevator to the garage. Chris Martin was just making his way to the elevators when he ran into the couple. Both Bridgett and Phillip stared hard at the man. Chris tried to turn around and run out of garage, but something was happening to his body. He felt like he was on fire! He broke out into a sweat and droplets started to drip down his face.
"Hey! What the hell are you doing to me?!" He screamed in a panicked voice.

Isabelle decided she would check once more on the twins and see how they were adapting. Josef thought she was worrying for no reason but when they went down to the floor they were on and saw the apartment door wide open!
"Oh no Josef!" Isabelle said. "What had happened? Could the building be compromised?" She asked thinking the worse.
"Let's go back up and check surveillance" Josef said quickly.

When they got back up to the penthouse Josef quickly pulled up the security camera and found them in the garage. Someone was there with them.
"Look at the other my darling" Isabelle said pointing at the man in the garage with them. Chris took off his mask throwing it to the ground. He appeared to be screaming something at the twins. Suddenly the man spontaneously caught fire!
"What the hell!!!" Josef yelled out. "Did they just set fire to a man with their minds?"
Isabelle said nothing, but continued to see what reaction they would have. As if snapping out of dream, they both looked at each other and ran away.

When they made it back to their apartment, they saw Josef, Isabelle, Brian and Alma were waiting for them.
"How did you do this?" Alma asked. They both said nothing but Brian knew they were speaking to each other.
"We don't know" Bridgett said.
"Why were you in the garage in the first place?" Josef asked.
"I was fixing us a drink then I saw that man trying to break in" Phillip said. "Then sis was holding my hand and we both knew we had to stop him" He said.
"How were you going to stop him?" Isabelle asked.
"I don't know." Bridgett said.
"Ok. How did you light him up?" Josef asked.
"I wasn't trying to set a man on fire. I just really hated what he was doing. It wasn't right" Bridgett said.
"I hate anyone who tries to steal what doesn't belong to them" Phillips.
"Wow. And that hate was strong enough to BBQ a man!" Josef said in awe.
Bridgett's eyes opened wide. Oh God! What had she done? Yeah the guy shouldn't have been breaking in, but no one deserves to be set on fire! She looked at Phillip and he could see the tears in her eyes.
"Sis, don't do this. You didn't know. We didn't know. We couldn't help it" Phillip pleased with her.
"And why do keep calling me sis? We just me this evening!!" She cried out
"What are you talking about? I've always called you that!" He yelled back. Suddenly everyone stopped and stared at him.
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Re: Good News

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"I thought so" Alma whispered quietly. "Bridgett and Phillip are "past life seers" They are reborn again and again, but always together. But in this cycle their mother placed them up for adoption and they were for the first time separated. Phillip means what he says when he states sis is what he has always called her. That is true" Alma said to everyone.
"Look, this is getting really creepy!" Bridgett yelled.
"All supernatural things are.....creepy" Alma said with a smile. "You two are born seers. I'm not. This life was thrust upon me by someone who saw me as something more than I was. So yeah, I get it, the whole being creeped out. But it passes" Alma finished holding Brian's hand.

"Bridgett, you have been with me for quite a while now" Josef said walking over to her. "You've seen me as I am, and I know that can be pretty damn scary, but you handled it like a trooper. You need to keep being strong. This is just another part of you, but it doesn't have to rule you. And on the bright side, you have a brother! Why do you think you both asked if you could share an apartment? Not only did you both ask, but asked simultaneously! That there should tell you all you need to know. Your lives will come back to you. Just give it some time." Josef said giving her a hug.
"Do you remember anything Phillip?" Isabelle asked.
"Bits and pieces keep coming into my mind, but I don't know if these are memories or just something leftover I might have seen in a movie or on T.V."
"Like what?" Bridgett asked.
"We were in New York City. A long time ago. Like the 1920's or something. We were running really fast down the streets and we hid in a dirty alley......we were hungry....I think.." Phillip said trying to recall the image.
"You stole two apples from a store!! You promised you would get us something to eat! I remember!!" Bridgett said.
"You two will remember more things together" Brian said finally speaking. "But you must stay in the building. No more leaving" They both promised they would stay in the apartment.

"Josef. You must fire your newest security person" Alma said over her shoulder. "He gave up the security codes for the garage so he could get laid"

Over the next month Bridgett and Phillip learned and remembered a lot about each other. This far they had recalled their lives in the early 1700's to the 1960's.
"Do you remember who's idea it was to follow the Grateful Dead?" Bridgett asked.
"That was all you sis" Phillip laughed. "I just went along so you wouldn't get in any trouble"
"Oh my! That was my idea!. How horrible. What was I thinking?" She said starting to laugh herself.
"So what do you think they're going to make us do?" Phillip asked thinking they would have to talk about it sooner or later.
"They wont make us do anything. I've worked with Mr. Kostan for over 10 years and he treats his employees better than any other company." She said.
"Of that I have no doubt judging by this apartment! But surely he's going to want something from us" He said.
"When I first found out about my ability and I was found out, they didn't ask me to do anything. I think they just want us to be on the lookout for trouble, but that's stuff we would have done anyway" She explained.
"When did he find out what you could do?" He asked.
"Not too long ago. Mr. Kostan had hired a new employee and she turned out to be a Succubus. For real. And she was doing awful things in the office. Everyone saw her as this drop dead gorgeous woman, but when I looked at her, I could see what she was underneath and it was terrifying. So I called Alma and then we enlisted the help of Lisa Belfour who was an Army Ranger Sniper, and we killed her. Well, not me or Alma personally, but Lisa took care of her" She said. Phillip stared at her in surprise.
"Are you saying you put a hit out?" He asked.
"Yeah. I suppose we did" She said.
"Wow sis! you're hardcore" He joked.

"Do you think we should start surveillance on them?" Isabelle asked.
"No. I don't see a need. Bridgett has always been completely loyal. I can count on her to teach her brother" Josef said finishing his drink.
"What do you plan to do with them?" Isabelle asked thinking that these particular seers could be dangerous. "Their ability was very unpredictable. And what would happen if they became angry or unhappy with vampires? "I do not wish to be negative, as I'm sure they will most likely pick up on that very quickly" Isabelle explained.
"Yeah I get that. Pissing them off could be very explosive for all involved.......let me ponder that" Josef said with a seductive grin walking towards her. Isabelle had to wonder about her husband. One minute he is thinking about a threat to vampires and in a matter of seconds he is amorous!

Alma was also thinking about the twins. At first she was excited by the thought of them and their abilities, but she had received Isabelle's urgent thought. Making someone burst into flames was quite a different story. Alma would have to consult Emma. She felt she was way out of her league on this! matter.

Alma lit the seeing herbs and waited to hear Emma's familiar voice.
"You already know that answer!" Emma said in a forceful voice.
"So they are dangerous for us?" Alma said quietly.
"Lord yes! Those two don't know how they do what they do. As long as they was separate they could be controlled, but now that they been put back together their power is greater." Emma said.
"But why would they come against vampires? Especially Bridgett who has been working for Josef for so long?"
"Listen girlie, they are a lot of supernatural beings and only a handful actually get on with one another, but their nature is to live, rule and defend them own selves. No matter what the cost. That just be the way it always had been. The only thing you gotta now do is show the other's that not every new being is to be invited into your world! And you tell Josef to stop being so greedy!! Not everything is to do his bidding!" Emma said. "Bringing them together was a mistake on your part, but you can't separate them. Much like the Changeling, you gonna have to give them something that's gonna make them happy" She finished.
"But what?" Alma said but she was too late. Emma had left her. Alma lit the herbs again trying to establish contact again, but she knew Emma wouldn't come back. Alma had forgot her offering. You gotta give spirits something to get something in return. It's like wishing for a sandwich and getting only a quarter of one. Yeah you can eat it, but you need a lot more. And something told her there was something else that Emma was supposed to tell her.

Phillip woke up abruptly. He had seen the woman getting dressed. She was going to meet a man she had met online and this man was bad news. Serious bad news. Phillip quickly put on his Puma clothes and took off for the location that wasn't too far from where he was. Why would a woman take such a risk like this? He thought to himself. Love was the answer. He saw the woman approaching the park bench. She sat down looking nervously all around. She knew she shouldn't have agreed to meet Friendlyface1000 in a public park. She didn't see anyone around. She was about to get up and go to the WineBar across the street when she saw someone walking towards her.
"Hi. Are you Kate?" The man asked. She didn't know what made her feel so uneasy but she lied.
"No I'm not" She answered.
"Then way are you in a park at 9pm?" He asked smiling and showing a perfect row of white even teeth.
"I was across the street" She said pointing at the Wine Bar. "I just came to get some air. What is it to you?" She said trying to sound feisty. He took a step in front of her.

Why is it I don't believe you?" He said tilting his head to one side "I have to admit that you don't look anything like your description. But that's okay. Everyone lies on those things. He said smiling and grabbing her tightly in his grip. She tried to scream but he quickly placed his hand over mouth.
Out of nowhere then man was knocked to the ground. And a figure in black stuck blow after blow to the man's body and face. He then turned to the woman.
"Why are you out so late alone?" He said in a low growl. He saw the tears fall from the woman's eyes.
"I know, I know.....but he sounded so nice online" She said in between giant sobs.
"Don't be a fool again!" He said before taking off. The police showed up very shortly after. They took the man away and had paramedics look at the woman. Kate had learned her lesson. No more online dates! And it turns out the guy who just grabbed her is wanted in connection with a slew of rapes and missing women!
"Thank you Puma" She said to herself.

Bridgett knew Phillip had got up and left the apartment. And he had gone without her. At first she was furious but then she remembered that her brother had begun a mission. A very important mission and knowing he was out doing some good in the world, she closed her eyes and went back to bed.
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Re: Good News

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Alma got up early and went to speak with Josef.
"Alma, it's 5:00 in the morning!" Josef said becoming frustrated at the interruption. Alma ignored him and walked into his penthouse.
"Yes Josef, I'm sorry I interrupted your early morning grind, but this is important. Emma said that we must send the twins away and she also wanted me to tell you to stop being greedy!" Alma said.
"What brought this on?" Josef asked.
"Look, last night I had a lingering feeling about the twins. So I called upon Emma and she said that they were dangerous and that they had some crazy amount of power. She said when they didn't know each other, they could be controlled, but now that they know each other, their power will grow. She also said they don't know how to control it and that they could use that power on us" Emma explained.
"That's just great!" Josef said. "I had just worked out how to keep them at Kostan Industries" Josef said.
"Did you not hear the part about you not being greedy?" Alma asked. "Now Emma cut off before I could get more....I forgot her offering" She said "I'm going to try again tonight"
"The old girl loved her whiskey. You can't for get that" Josef said.
"She also said that we don't have to invite every supernatural being into our club so to speak"
Josef stared at Alma for a long while.
"Tell me Alma what kind of vibe do you get from the twins?" he asked.
"I have to admit Josef, at first I was thrilled that there were others besides me. It takes a lot out of me to focus on every supernatural entity and keeping them away from us, but two more seers, I thought would lift the burden from me, but after we all left for home, Isabelle told me what they had done here, then I started getting all kinds of weird visions and feelings. I had to contact Emma" She said.

Well, I trust you and I trust Emma. So Isabelle, Brian and I will work on an exit strategy" Josef said. "But see what else you can get from Emma". Josef said.

Bridgett woke up to smell of something burning. She immediately got up and ran out of her bedroom to see Phillip waving a towel over something charred in a skillet. She walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder.
"What was it?" She asked quietly walking over to the balcony to open the French Doors.
"Bacon. Sorry Sis. I found out how to work the Entertainment system and I forgot I had it on the stove" He said sheepishly.
"With Peyton Manning retired The Broncos don't stand a chance" She said with a grin.
"Now how did you know I got distracted by football scores?" He asked.
"It's elementary my dear brother. It's too late for baseball season as the Yankees already won the world series. It's too early for hockey season, so that leaves the NFL and everyone knows Peyton carried that entire team" She said grabbing a mug out of the cabinet to pour herself some coffee and took a tentative sip. After swallowing, she dumped the coffee into the sink. "And you will stay away from the kitchen" She joked. "Go sit down. I'll make breakfast" She said throwing the damaged pan in the garbage. "I heard you get up way early, was something wrong?" She asked pulling things out of the refrigerator"
"I wasn't very tired. I couldn't sleep so I just walked around the building. It's very impressive" Phillip lied. He didn't even know why he lied to his sister, but he got the impression that she wouldn't like what he was doing. Bridgett froze as she was poured the egg mixture into a hot skillet.

Why would Phillip lie to her? She stirred the eggs in anger.

Alma stopped at a liquor store to pick up Emma's favorite Blanton's Original Single Bottle Bourbon Whiskey, she also picked up some peach cobbler from Sammy's. Alma was laying it on thick tonight for the old woman.

"Okay, what do we do with the twins? Something has to be decided quick before they do something that requires them to be destroyed" Josef said speaking to Brian, Isabelle and Gabriel.
"So I'm guessing that relocation isn't enough?" Gabriel asked.
"I suppose we could give them something that they really wanted but I don't think that does anything to curb their abilities" Josef said.
"I think we spend too much time discussing moral ways to deal with problems. We are becoming more and more like humans" Isabelle said in a frustrated tone. Josef agreed, but this full disclosure came with a lot of playing nice.
"Is there anyway we can turn them against one another?" Gabriel asked. "They've been apart since their adoption and although they may remember past lives together, from what you've told me, they know next to nothing about each other now. So there are going to be some trust issues" Gabriel said.
"And that can be manipulated" Josef said thinking of a plan immediately.

Bridgett ate her breakfast slowly.
"What did you see in the building?" She asked with a smile.
"Oh......well they have a very nice gym.....and a pool." He said quickly thinking every high rise would have those features.
"Cool. I heard they had just put in a steam room" She said taking a drink of orange juice.
"Oh yeah. It's pretty sweet" He said finishing his breakfast and washing out his plate. "Hey, I'm going to work out in the gym. You wanna come with?" Hee asked with a smile.
"No thanks. I don't do the work out thing" She said shaking her head and standing up.
"Suit yourself. See ya later" He said leaving the apartment.
Bridgett now knew that her brother was a liar! There was no steam room in this building! She went upstairs to dress. She was going to work!

When Josef, Isabelle and Gabriel walked out of his office they saw Bridgett sitting at her desk in front of Josef's office.
"Bridgett, what are you doing here?" Josef asked. Bridgett slowly looked at Josef as if her mind was far away on something.
"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Kostan. What did you say?" She asked in a confused voice.
"I asked what you were doing here? Where's Phillip?" Josef asked.
"I remembered the Odessa Report needed to be typed and submitted today and Phillip is working out in he gym" She said tensing up as she said it.
"Oh crap! I forgot about that report!" Josef said. "How long would it take to?" He asked. She looked to the file on the right of her which was huge.
"Even with my 97 words per minute speed, I'm going to need at least till 2pm" She said. Josef thought if anyone else could do it, but Bridgett was the fastest typist they had.
"Okay. Try and get that done as quickly as you can. Thanks for remembering that Bridgett" Josef said walking into his office. Isabelle and Gabriel followed and shut the door behind them. Isabelle raised up her hand for them not to speak. She spoke to Gabriel's mind as he nodded and left. He walked up to Bridgett's desk.
"Mr. Kostan would like a bottle of champagne. Chilled." Gabriel said with a wink. Bridgett rolled her eyes and smiled.
"Coming right up" She said getting up from her desk. She wondered what would it be like to be loved by Josef Kostan. He was brilliant for sure, but he was also a stone cold fox! Isabelle was a lucky woman she thought as she retrieved a bottle of Moet from the refrigerator along with two chilled flutes.

Gabriel quickly went to his office and shut the door and began to type what Isabelle had told him.
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Re: Good News

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Isabelle had got the impression that Bridgett was beginning to become suspicious. So for the time being, private conversations were to held away from her presence. Gabriel got the distinct feeling that the twins were going to be proven too volatile for them to keep around. It was a shame. he had always really liked Bridgett. He felt that she was the most devout employee at Kostan Industries.

Alma got home and went into her meditation room to set up the alter. She had all of things that Emma loved. Her whiskey, a large slice of peach cobbler and a pearl broach that was to be her birthday present if she had not been murdered. She placed all of these items in the middle of the circle then lit the seeing herbs.
"I see you done learned your lesson." Emma laughed.
"I have to ask about the twins again. What are they going to do?" Alma asked.
"Well that boy is the one you gotta be on the look out for. They done spent all this time apart. They didn't have each other to draw upon. He's going to the dark side. He done already started lying to her and she know about it. It ain't going to be long before he make his mind up about you all" She said. "Get them apart. That girl is stronger than him. She will do what's right for Josef cause she loves him. She don't trust that boy." Emma finished.
"Wait Emma, one more thing" Alma called out.
"Girlie you don't need anymore help from the likes of me! I go things to do without you calling all the time! Be the woman them's counting on!" Emma said harshly and was gone.

Alma called Isabelle and told her what she learned.

Isabelle thought for a long time about what Alma had told her. She smiled and shook her head. Why must women always be in love with Josef?

Phillip felt better once Bridgett left for work. At first he was going to get dressed and go as well, but he really didn't feel like it. Besides, he had seen what he needed to do and he would have to prepare for it.

"Bridgett. Can I see you for a moment?" Josef said popping his head out his office. "I need to make a trip to my Retreat to speak personally with my Swiss partners. I'll need you to come with" Josef said. He saw Bridgett's eyes grow wide.
"To the Alps?" She asked.
"Yeah. That's not a problem is it?" He asked.
"Oh no Mr. Kostan. When were you looking at leaving?" She asked.
"ASAP. I need you to go back to your apartment and pack a bag for at least a week" Josef said shutting his door. Bridgett stood up quickly and ran to the garage.

She got back to the apartment and saw that Phillip was still gone. She eagerly grabbed a suitcase and started throwing in items of clothing. She was going to the Swiss Alps!! This was a dream come true!! She thought to herself as she hurried quickly back to her car.

"So why can't you come along?" Josef asked.
"Because you need to be alone with Bridgett my darling. She is in love with you" Isabelle said. Josef frowned.
"Oh....ok, what am I to do with that?" He asked
"You may have to turn her if that is truly what she wants, or you may simply have to take one for the team" Isabelle said shrugging her shoulders while still typing on her computer.
"Excuse me?" Josef asked loudly.
"Hush my darling. Bridgett is on her way back in" She said.
"Where is this coming from?" Josef asked.
"Emma said that Phillip is turning dark, but Bridgett can be saved because he loves you, so you must do what you always do with women" She said finally looking up.
"And what exactly is that?" Josef asked. Isabelle stood up and walked over to him.
"My love, I am not the jealous type. I know that women always fall in love in with you. They are attracted to how you see them. And you see all women as beautiful creations. We sense that about you. It cannot be helped but you will have to use this reign Bridgett back to us." Isabelle said.
"Why do I feel used?" Josef said under his breath.
"Oh my poor darling. You must seduce a beautiful young woman. So sad and harsh is your existence" Isabelle said smiling.

Puma saw the man take the young girl from the back seat. She looked no more than 15 years old. The man smacked her hard in the face yelling at her to make some money! Puma ran at full speed towards the man. He punched and kicked the man with a vengeance he had never known. He knocked the knife out of his hand then picked it up and stabbed him in the stomach. He saw the blood spurt out from his lips as Puma tossed his aside. He turned to the girl who had hid on the other side of the car.
"Why are you here?" He asked in anger. The girl stood and Puma saw her face clearly. She was drugged out.
"Thanks man" She said wiping the blood from her mouth. "You want a date?" She said walking closer to him. Puma took the knife that was still in his hands and sliced the young girl's throat.
"Worthless!" He said as he took off.

Phillip walked into the apartment and saw that Bridgett wasn't home. He saw the envelope on the dining table. She had gone to help Josef on a business trip and would be gone for a week. He placed the note back in the envelope and sighed. He could totally deal with some alone time. The first thing he did was take a shower, change his clothes and then went in search of something to eat.

When they pulled up to the Chalet, Bridgett almost fainted. Never had she seen anything as beautiful as this. Harold took their luggage inside then left them alone.
"Would you like a drink?" Josef asked walking over to the bar.
"A small whiskey and soda" She said marveling at everything around her.
"A woman after my own heart" Josef said handing her the drink. "Okay, we'll have dinner then I have a conference call with Franz" Josef said. "Do you have something to wear for dinner?" Josef asked. Bridgett stared at him surprise.
"No. I didn't bring anything like that" She said sadly.
"Don't worry sweetheart, I got you covered" Josef said taking out his mobile and making a call. In 30 minutes two older women came in with dresses for Bridgett to choose from. She chose one and ran up stairs to shower and change. When she came down Josef looked up and swallowed.
Bridgett looked amazing. The deep emerald of the dress brought out the deep blue in her eyes.
"Bridgett, you look amazing" Josef said walking towards her and taking her hands to turn her around.
"Mr. Kostan this dress is beautiful! I'll try hard not to spill anything on it" She joked. Josef held out his arm for her to take as they walked out. Bridgett took a deep breath. Josef Kostan was taking her out to dinner!!! Her head was spinning. And Mr. Kostan kept looking at her like she was beautiful. With him, she truly felt beautiful.
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Re: Good News

Postby Ella713 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:40 pm

Isabelle met with Beth to let her know what was going on. Beth sat the glass of wine she had just poured herself and stared at her friend.
"Josef is doing what?" She asked in surprise. "Isabelle are you sure this is the right way to approach this matter?"
"Women fall in love with Josef. They have since I've known him. He can use that to all our advantage." Isabelle answered.
"That I get, but Isabelle is it wise?"
"Beth, my husband is what he is. That can't be changed. Sure if this marriage were more like you and Mick, what I just proposed would have been unbearable. But Josef and I have a union that is like no other vampire union. I am aware of his appeal. It is very potent. I know that you too fell under his spell for a short while." Isabelle said. Beth held her head down in shame and tried to explain but Isabelle shook her head.
"Don't. There is no need to explain. It was more my fault and Mick's fault". She said.
"Are you going to be okay with this when they return?" Beth asked.
"That depends on how well it worked" Isabelle said with a smile.

Josef took Bridgett out for an amazing meal. Everything was unlike anything she'd ever tasted before.
"I can't believe you're able to eat now. I noticed one other time you ate a muffin but I thought perhaps it was some vamp trick" Bridgett said laying her fork down.
"It's not something I can do all the time, but once a month seems to suit" Josef smiled. "So tell me about your brother. How are things with the living situation. I noticed that you're not as positive about it all" Josef said. Then he reached over and place his hand over hers. "If something doesn't feel right you can tell me Bridgett" Josef said in a soothing tone. Bridgett took a deep breath.
"I can't explain it Mr. Kostan but all of a sudden, I knew I couldn't trust him. He snuck out the other night, then lied to me when I asked about it. I mean why lie?" She asked.
"Well, you two have been apart in this life. For the first time. Being born twins but raised apart I'm sure has something to do with it" Josef said.
"I don't know Mr. Kostan.....something just isn't right" She said.
"Would you like me to move you into separate units? I could have that done pretty quickly" Josef said.
"No. He might get angry or something. I'll just see what happens." She said.
"Ok. As you wish, but if you start to get fearful, call me right away. I really would be devastated if he harmed you. Hell, I don't think I'd be able to function without you" Josef joked. Bridgett sat still.
Was this really happening? She asked herself.

Phillip sat at the bar looking around. This really wasn't the kind of place that he would habit but something drew him here. A woman sat next to him.
"Hey Preppy, what the hell you doing here?" A loud voice said to him. Phillip turned and saw the muscular man approaching.
"Having a drink that I paid too much money for" Phillip replied.
"Really? If you don't like the price, why don't you get the hell out of here?" He said.
"Why? What's your problem?" Phillip asked with a smile.
"I don't like you rich jerks thinking you can just slide in here and pick up a piece of low rent tail! Why don't you stay in your own neighborhood!" He yelled, getting more angry by the second.
"All I was doing was having a drink. I wasn't looking to talk to anyone" Phillip said.
"What, now you too good to talk anybody here?" The guy said getting in Phillip's face.
"Wait a minute. You're mad if I talk to someone and mad if I don't? I can't win with you can I?" Phillips laughed. The man went to throw a punch, but Phillip blocked the punch and grabbed the man by the neck, bounced his head off the bar counter and calmly picked up his drink back up as the guy fell to the ground. The bartender pulled money out of the register and gave Phillip his money back.
"For that move, your drink is on the house. However when his friends get here, I suggest you try another bar". The bartender said.

Josef and Bridgett got back to the Chalet and Josef took on her on a tour of the place.
"Wow! This kitchen is enormous!" She said in awe.
"This isn't just a vacation spot. When I served in office, I held many parties and benefits. Trust me when I say, every square inch of this place gets used" He laughed. He led her through another door and exposed his music room. "Harry Connick Jr. played here when we were raising money for the New Orleans Preservation Society. Man that guy can play" Josef said touching the Steinway.
"Do you play Mr. Kostan?" Bridgett asked
"What a silly question" He joked as he took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and sat down to play.
Josef began to play a slow jazzy version of My Favorite Things. As if hypnotized Bridgett slowly sat down next to him while he played letting the melody enter her soul. And as soon as the music started it stopped and Josef Kostan was staring at her. Her eyelids slowly closed as she felt Josef's hands on her face and his lips pressed against hers. She felt his breath in her mouth and she fainted.
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Re: Good News

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Josef caught her before she fell backwards then carried her upstairs to the master suite. He laid her down softly on the king sized bed and very carefully took her dress off. He looked at her for a long while. She really was a beautiful young woman. Josef hadn't really noticed before, but now....he sighed, pulled a blanket on top of her and kissed her on the forehead. He went into another bedroom took off all of his clothes and ran a very very cold shower. He was going to need it.

The Bartender and Phillip carried the jerk into a back room and laid him down on an old sofa.
"I'll just tell his troublemaking buddies that their friend took off. I really don't need those losers starting trouble." He said "You handled yourself pretty well out there" He said.
"It definitely comes in handy here in Los Angeles" Phillip said.
"How long you been here?" The Bartender asked.
"Not long enough for this crap to be happening to me" Phillip joked.
"Well thanks for your help" He said leading Phillip back out bar area. When they walked back they saw that the jerk's buddies had already arrived. The bartender reached in his pocket for his mobile but Phillip stopped him.
"I got this" He said walking towards the men.

"Where's Mark?" One of the men asked.
"He's in back laying down. He bumped his head" Phillip said.
"Yeah, I heard it was you that bumped it for him asshole!" He said walking towards him with a switchblade knife. Phillip looked at the Bartender.
"Hey can I have another beer?" He asked. The Bartender nodded and started to pour him another draft. "I'm going to finish that when I'm done with all of you" Phillip said pointing to them.
The guy with the knife came at Phillip hard and fast. Phillip quickly grabbed his hand and broke it. He screamed as the knife fell out of his hand. Phillip kicked it quickly under the bar. The other guys stood back and did nothing.
"Kick the shit out of him!!!" The knife guy screamed holding his hand in agony. Phillip stood calmly in front of them.
"You kick the shit out of him Terry! I'm outta here" One of the guys said turning for the door as the rest followed.
"It's a cold world all by yourself" Phillip said.
"Screw you!" He yelled.
"You might as well call the cops. When they retrieve that very dangerous knife from under the bar with his fingerprints all over it, I don't think he's going to be in here anymore" Phillip said as the Bartender called the police.

Josef stayed in the shower for almost an hour. There was a time when bedding a young woman would have been a no brainer for him. But things had changed. Hell he had changed. Something told him that married angels didn't make a habit of fornicating with women that weren't his wife. He grabbed a towel and phoned Isabelle.
"Hello my darling" Isabelle said. "Have you bedded her?" She asked.
"Hello wife." Josef said "No I have not." He said.
"Was I wrong? Did she not want you?"
"I don't know. Maybe. Look, I think this is wrong on so many levels." Josef said leaving the bathroom.
"I do not understand" Isabelle said.
"I don't understand either. It's not that I didn't want's just....I love you Izzy. This feels wrong" Josef said in frustration
"I know my love. I felt the same way when it was up to me to save you, but now darling you must save us all" She said.
"Damn it!!" Josef yelled hanging up the phone. He walked over to the master suite completely naked. He opened the door and got into the bed next to Bridgett. In her sleep she snuggled closer to him. Her hand softly brushing over him.
"Oh God" He said to himself. Bridgett's eyes opened a little and she saw that Josef was lying next to her. She quickly looked under the cover and saw that she was naked. Then she looked over and saw that her boss was also naked.
"What have I done?" She whispered.
"You haven't done anything". Josef answered. "I very well couldn't ravage you while you were unconscious." Josef joked.
"Mr. Kostan....I.."
"Bridgett, we're lying in bed together naked. I think you should call me Josef" He said turning towards her. She placed her hand over her mouth and started to laugh. "You have a beautiful laugh" Josef said staring at her.
"Thank you. You have a beautiful...everything" She said with a sigh.
"I bet you say that to all the guys" Josef joked.
"I've actually never said it to anyone before" She said. Josef leaned towards her and kissed her deeply. God forgive me he said to himself as he let his hormones take over.
Bridgett couldn't believe this was happening! This was finally happening! She had dreamed and fantasized about it since she first started working for Kostan Industries, but what chance would a mortal like her stand? All she could ever offer Josef was nourishment which she had on occasion when it was needed, but right now as she felt his hands covering her body and his lips kissing her all over, she really did believe in miracles.
Josef wasn't aware of the situation until it was too late. He felt the resistance and the shocked expression on her face. Bridgett was a virgin! He couldn't stop himself and he knew it was too late. He felt her adjust to the size of him then cling tightly to him. The Father would never forgive the taking of a woman's innocence! When Josef felt the climax take over her, there was nothing he could do but submit to the overwhelming need.

As they lay silent next to one another, Josef turned towards her.
"Oh Bridgett. You should have told me. I feel like a real jerk. I took something special from you" Josef said hating himself for what he'd done.
"Mr. Kostan....I mean Josef, you didn't take anything from me. I gave it to you willingly" Bridgett said.
"You're 28. You know how rare that is? In Los Angeles! You're like a Unicorn!" He said.
"I decided a long time ago that if I were going to be intimate with any man in that way, I wanted it to be you. And if that wasn't ever going to happen then I would stay a virgin" She said. Josef stared at her in shock.
"For me?" He asked his voice breaking up.
"I love you Mr. Kostan. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you" Bridgett said. And Josef knew those were the words he had to hear, but what he did to her was so wrong. He briefly closed his eyes. "Mr. Kostan, you have a wife. A very beautiful wife that you adore. And I know why you did this and to be honest, making love to me wasn't necessary, but I'm glad you did. I know my brother for whatever reason is going to a very dark place and that he's going to come against vampires. I would never be a part of that Mr. Kostan twin or not!" She said with feeling.
And Josef felt himself falling in love with Bridgett.
"I love you too Bridgett" He said holding her in his arms.

Phillip made it back to the apartment feeling good about his late night. He had caught up with the guys who had fled the bar and burnt them to a crisp! And here he thought he was only capable of that with his sister's help, but apparently it was him all along! He had thought about asking his sister to join him, but he didn't think she would be up for it, plus she seemed to be in way deep with the vamps. He wasn't really sure he felt about them. Sure they were all rich and employed thousands of people, but those freaks drank blood! He wondered if they had drank his sister's blood.....if so, that changed things. Changed things quite a bit.

Isabelle eagerly awaited Josef's call, but had heard nothing yet. Gabriel whose mind reading abilities had been amplified knew the moment he walked into the office.
"Isabelle....say it's not true" He said closing her door and taking a seat.
"I cannot tell you that little one. This has to be done. I know you're views on marriages, but surely these ideas do not apply to your Uncle Josef" She said knowingly. Gabriel sighed.
"I had hoped" Gabriel said. "How are you doing? Will you be okay?" He asked.
"Yes. The protection of our kind is more important" She said.
"I understand, but knowing Josef's divine nature, you must realize these things are not as easy as they once were, or enjoyable" Gabriel reminded. Isabelle froze. She had totally forgotten. that was why Josef had called earlier.
"Oh! I had forgotten. This must be horrible for him" She said.
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Re: Good News

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Josef held Bridgett while she slept, marveling at the things she told him. How could her and Isabelle love a cad like him? Since becoming a vampire, he cared little for the feelings of others and pretty much did whatever he wanted. And these two remarkable women loved him with all their hearts. And the most important thing Isabelle's love had taught him, is that when you accept someone's great love, you accept responsibility for that love and certain things must be done and denied. He slowly got up trying not to wake her. He needed blood. And not from her. He just couldn't bring himself to take that as well. He put on a robe and went to his office to make a call . In 15 minutes Giselle was at his door offering what he so badly needed. Then he phoned Isabelle.
"Hello Josef" She said "How are you?" She asked in a concerned tone.
"I'm fine Izzy. Everything is good. Can you get word to Alma to ring me?"
"Of course my darling. What has happened?" Isabelle asked becoming alarmed.
"Bridgett was a virgin" Josef said sadly.
"But how can that be? She is very lovely...." Isabelle began to say.
"She was saving herself. For me". He said.
"Goodness! She really does love you" Isabelle said.
"Yes. And I love her too" Josef said. Isabelle said nothing for a few minutes.
"I understand my darling" She replied.
"I didn't want to lie to you. I'm done with that" Josef said.
"Then I await your return" Isabelle said finally and hung up.

Phillip walked into the Kostan Industries and was stopped at the Security Desk.
"I was told that you wouldn't be in for a while" The Security Guard said.
"Oh, that was nothing. I feel much better now" Phillip said attempting to walk past the guard.
"I'm sorry, but I'll have to call Mrs. Kostan and Mr. Petzer" The Guard said. Phillip's first instinct was to burn him up. But he needed information.
"Sure thing. Do you have any idea when my sister will be back?" He asked.
"No. You'll have to speak with...."
"Mrs. Kostan and Mr. Petzer" Phillip repeated. He saw them both exit the Executive elevator.
"Phillip, why are you here?" Brian asked.
"It's boring without Bridgett. I just thought there would be something I could do here" Phillip said.
"Well Bridgett will be back in a couple of days. I have just heard the trip was successful and she is leaving tomorrow." Isabelle said. "Is there something else you needed?" Isabelle asked.
"Actually, I wondered if I could be moved into an apartment of my own?" He asked finally.
"Of course. Is this truly what you want? What will your sister think?" Isabelle asked.
"Well, I hope she see's that we are both grown ups and we might be needing private space" He replied.
"Ahh. Of course." Brian said. "Isabelle can you take care of this?" he asked.
"Yes. It can be done within an hour" Isabelle said walking away.
"Thanks!" Phillip called out to them before they got back on the elevator.

"Tricky little bastard. He's already dumping his sister" Brian said.

Alma called Josef immediately.
"Hello Josef" She said quietly.
"What's going to happen Alma?" Josef asked
"Josef...." Alma said pausing to take a breath. "You know there was already so much that girl would have done for you".
"Yes. I know." Josef said.
"She has conceived. You're going to be a father Josef. You're going to have a son. He will be born vampire, but he will have the Third Eye. Meaning he will see all. Nothing will be hidden" Alma said.
"Where is Isabelle in all of this?" Josef asked.
"She will be with you always Josef" Alma said happy in what the last card revealed. She heard Josef sigh with relief.
"So what do I do now?"
"Well, you have to keep her away from her brother. He already suspects that vampires are keeping her hidden for their own purposes. He also knows that he doesn't need her anymore. He's already burnt up a few people all on his own. When he realizes that fire can kill vampires, he will consider it his mission to rid humanity of all of us. He will start with the ones he knows. Keep Bridgett there with you. Isabelle, Brian and Gabriel will deal with the brother. I'm sorry Josef, but Bridgett will not survive the birth of a vampire baby". Alma said.
"Thank you Alma" Josef said as he hung up the phone.

He walked into the bedroom and looked at Bridgett as she slept. How could he possibly raise a baby without the mother!
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Re: Good News

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The next day Bridgett woke up and saw a beautiful bouquet of orchids sitting right next to the bed. She smiled but when she tried to sit up she fell back on the bed. She must have drank a lot. She grabbed the blanket and pulled it up over her. She was freezing for some reason. Maybe the heating was on the fritz. She had just closed her eyes when she heard the door open and saw Mr. Kostan walking in with a tall glass.
"Bridgett. Glad to see you're up. How do you feel?" He asked sitting down next to her.
"I feel like I drank way too much last night." She said taking the glass he handed her and drinking it down in one gulp before she really tasted it. "What was that? Tomato juice? It was pretty good" She said with a smile, her head feeling a little better.
"Bridgett, I have to tell you something." Josef said taking her hand in his. "I spoke with Alma last night." Josef began to say.
"Oh no. It's Phillip. What did he do? Did he kill someone?" She asked.
"That's not it. Alma told me, that you had conceived and that you would have a child. My child. A vampire child.....but you wouldn't survive the birth. I mean no mortal woman could survive that. And I didn't want you to go through that because of I turned you." Josef said. He saw her eyes grow wide.
"You turned me into a vampire?" She asked.
"Yes. That was the only way to make sure that the child wouldn't kill you. Now I don't know if you ever wanted to have children before, but it wouldn't have been I turned you to save you. And also, because I think my life is so much better with you in it" Josef finished. He saw the tears in her eyes as she leaned forward to lay her head on his chest. "It will be okay. I'll take care of you" Josef said holding her in his arms.

All of Phillip's things had been moved into another apartment on the Southeast wing. The view wasn't as good as the other unit, but at least it was all his. And he would stay here until he figured out what to do about his sister and the vampires. It was apparent that the entire building was under surveillance, so he would have to be careful when he was in the building. He'd play the good tenant for now, he thought.

"What happens now?" Bridgett asked. "I mean what's the plan?"
"For you personally or vampires?" Josef asked looking up from his packing.
"All of it I guess" She said zipping up her travel bag.
"As your pregnant that depends on you. How much you want to work, or if you would just rather hold off on working until after you've given birth. Regarding your brother, we.....I especially, think its best if you two separated. No one's sure what's in his mind right now and I don't want to risk any harm coming to you or the baby" Josef explained. Bridgette sighed. Josef had an annoying way of answering questions without really giving you a solid answer. Perhaps that came from being a politician.
"What happens to me Mr. K.....Josef?" She asked. Josef saw that she was scared. Scared to face everyone, and them knowing what happened between her and the boss. People thinking she was a home wrecker who had been sucking up to Josef for purpose of bedding him and getting knocked up.
It was horrible the way the mortal mind worked, but what it came down to is that she would be branded a whore and Josef as always would walk away scot free of any blame! Something had to be done.

Isabelle stayed awake the whole of the night thinking about what Josef said. He was truly in love with Bridgett. She had always known that women fell in love with her husband, but that was more carnal lust, and not true deep down love. But she could tell by the tone of his voice that he was truly in love and it was all her fault. She had felt so guilty about her betrayal of their vows that she somehow thought that perhaps Josef should be allowed this turn. But she had read the situation wrong and the cost was dear. She stood up straight up and turned around to face Katrina.
"Are you ready to return sister?" Katrina asked. Isabelle looked all around the luxurious penthouse one last time, then nodded her head and the other cleaners began to relocate all of her things.
"Goodbye my darling" She whispered to herself and closed the door behind her.

Brian and Alma waited in Josef's penthouse waiting for his return.
"Isabelle's gone then?" Brian asked his wife seeing how without Isabelle the place seemed even emptier.
"From this apartment? Yes. But Isabelle is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She will always be at Josef's side as his friend and as someone who will defend him with her last breath. But she realized that the union she once shared with him could be no more." Alma said.
"Did you know Alma that this would happen?" Brian asked sadly.
"No. The visions are rarely black and white. You get little bits of a larger picture and you can't guess or speculate what it is. Usually I know when you do, although sometimes what I get is a more defined vision, then I know ahead of time." She explained. Brian walked over towards her and held her in his arms.
"I never fully realized how truly hard it is to do what do you. The things you must hold inside. You Alma, are the strongest woman I know" Brian said kissing her. They heard the lock turn and they both saw Josef and Bridgett as they walked in.
"Welcome back sir" Brian said walking towards him. "I hear congratulations are in order" Brian said with a small smile. "Bridgett, welcome" He said giving her a brief hug. "Sir, may I have a word?" he said as Josef led him into his office.
"Hi Bridgett" Alma said smiling at her. "May I?" She asked pointing to her stomach. Bridgett nodded and walked over next to her. Alma placed her hands on her now flat stomach and closed her eyes.
"Oh my!" Alma said with a smile.
"What?! Is something wrong?" Bridgett asked in surprise.
"No. Nothing at all is wrong. You are having a boy. A strong healthy boy. He will have his father's eyes, but everything else will come fronm you. And, you will have the very first pain free birth" Alma said taking her hand from her stomach.
"I don't understand" Bridgett said shaking her head.
"You need to go to church Bridgett. You are having a child by a divine body. There is no sin in this union" Alma said.
"I still don't understand what you're talking about" Bridgett said.
"Come. Sit." Alma said motioning for her to sit on the sofa. "When God created the heavens and the Earth, he had already created his angels. And when they started to listen to the lies of Lucifer, they were banished from heaven to live in darkness and feed on the blood of animals. These fallen ones are now called Vampires. Of course all of the vampires you are familiar with are just the children of other vampires. But for the few that have been since the beginning, they are Angels. And that's what Josef is" Bridgett stared wide eyed at Alma as tears fell from her eyes.
"I have committed a great sin!" She said suddenly. Alma placed her hand on her shoulder.
"No. You've committed no sin. You have nothing to fear". Alma said soothingly.
"But I have. I may not understand church but I do understand adultery" She said wiping the tears from her eyes.
"Josef and Isabelle's union while legal was never blessed by God" Alma explained.
"What if I'm not right for him and Isabelle was the woman he should be with?" She asked.
"If that were true, then she would be here and you wouldn't be up the pole" Alma said with smile.
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Re: Good News

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Brian poured Josef his drink of choice and sat down next to him.
"She's gone isn't she?" Josef asked taking the drink from Brian.
"Yes sir. I think that your Angelic state was always hard for her to wrap her mind around. She simply saw you as Josef Kostan. Vampire". Brian said. "And also she still had a lot of guilt regarding her own actions."
"I never held that against her. How could I? I wasn't exactly a faithful husband" Josef said. "And now Bridgett will have to face all the talking behind her back and all the hate whispering" Josef said.
"No she won't. Dad and Gabriel took care of that. In Kostan industries, people will understand and go on with their jobs" Brian said.
"Thank you Brian. I don't know what to say" Josef replied.
"Now to bring you up to speed. Phillip resigned this morning. He said he did not feel up to working and needed to focus on different things. I gave him a generous pay packet and he left the apartment. He failed to turn in his key card, so we de-activated it so he could not get into the offices or the apartment building. And I have also heightened the building on both to code yellow for the time being" Brian said.
"Good job Brian. Also can you make a sweep of the apartment he occupied to make sure nothing was planted. Hell, do a sweep of the entire building including common areas and the garage" Josef said finishing his drink and standing up. They walked back out and saw Alma and Bridgett testing names.
"Anything so far?" Josef asked.
"No. Josef, I tell you your son is obstinate!" Alma said. We are into the Letter G and nothing"
"I would expect nothing else." Josef said walking over to Bridgett and placing his hand on her stomach as well. "What's the next name?" Josef asked.
"Gideon" Bridgett said. "Oh!" She said looking quickly at Josef. "Did you feel that?" She asked.
"Yeah I did. Say it again" Josef asked.
"Gideon" She said. And again they felt the movement.
"I like that name. What was is your father's name?" Josef asked.
"Mr. Kos.....I mean Josef, my family is Romanian. You might not like the names." She said nervously.
"Tell me" Josef said again.
"Mishka" She said. They again felt the movement.
"Well we can't argue with the boy. Gideon Mishka Kostan he is!" Josef said holding Bridgett and kissing her cheek! Brian looked at Alma and she knew they had to leave.
"We'll give you two some privacy. We have to go now" Alma said giving Bridgett a hug. "Take care of that little guy" She said. "Bye Josef" She said giving him a hug.
"Thanks for everything" Josef said as he shut the door behind them. "How do you feel? Are you tired?" Josef asked.
"I feel super tired but kind of hungry" She said.
"I think I know exactly what you want. This is not my first vampire pregnancy rodeo" He said taking out his phone and making a call.

"How do you think your parents are going to take this news?" Alma asked as they walked up to the apartment door.
"I have no idea, but we're about to find out" He said as he knocked on the door.

The sun had set and Phillip was preparing himself battle. Instead of saving women, he set his sights on seeing if he could go toe to toe with a vampire. He had the name of the vamp bar. Apparently some it was a seedy dive bar, where humans went to offer themselves! How messed up was that! Giving some freak permission to drink your blood! Well, that crap was going to stop if he had anything to do with it.

"Brian! Alma! What brings you two here?" Beth said giving them both a hug and ushering them into the living room.
"We have something to tell you and dad" Brian said carefully.
"Something tells me we're not going to like this" She said as Mick came into the room.
"Hey guys! What's going on?" He said sensing there was something serious going on. Alma took her time telling them what was going on, wanting them to really hear her and understand what had happened.
"Oh Isabelle!" Beth said. "I tried to warn her" Beth sighed.
"So Josef is going to be father?" Mick asked hardly believing it himself. "Wow! This is huge"
"Mick, we should invite them over. He's our best friend. We have to let him know he's not alone" Beth said. "And I'll call Isabelle. I can't imagine what's going on in her mind" Beth said sadly.
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Re: Good News

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Phillip walked into the bar and took a seat. He noticed immediately that three guys who were sitting at a table studied him and started to talk amongst themselves. A pretty bartender tossed a coaster towards him.
"What can I get for you?" she asked.
"Whatever you have on tap is fine" He replied.
"If you're looking for a partner, Freshie Night is on Thursday and Fridays" She said.
"No. That's not my scene" Phillips said shaking his head.
"I was wondering, because we never get mortals in here any other time. They think it's dangerous"
"Do you think it's dangerous?" He asked.
"Well no, but I work here." She explained. "So if you're not looking to get pricked, why come?" She asked. "Because I think table #6 is pretty interested in you, judging by the look on their faces". She said. "You have about 5 more minutes to decide or they will decide for you" She said sitting the beer in front of him. It took less than five minutes before a vampire from table #6 walked towards him and sat down next to him at the bar.
"What you looking for?" He asked looking at Phillip's neck. "Everyone's got a reason for coming here, so what's yours?"
"Beer" Phillip said and took a long drink.
"There are a million bars in Los Angeles. You came here for a reason" The vampire said with a smile.
"Nope. Just beer" Phillip said, showing absolutely no fear at the vampires words.
The vampire quickly looked at his companions who walked over to join the conversation.
"So what you got here Drake?" One vampire asked. "You trying to keep him all to yourself?" He asked
"Not at all. I think he's just a little shy" He replied placing his hand on Phillip's arm.
"I'm not interested in being pricked or whatever you devils want to call it" Phillip said calmly.
"What if I told you we don't care what you're interested in" The vampire replied smacking Phillip across the floor. Phillip quickly stood up and didn't move.
"Oh this mortal's got some fight in him" One replied as they ran at Phillip. They suddenly all burst into flames! The bartender screamed and tried to quickly grab the phone to call 911, but soon she too burst into flames. Phillip found another exit leading to the parking lot. He went to his car parked across the street and drove off feeling very satisfied!

"Would you like to sleep in a guest room? If you feel uncomfortable sleeping with me" Josef asked.
"I would very much like to sleep next to you." She said walking over to the large bed and sitting down.
"So you are an angel?" She finally asked.
"Yes I am."
"Do you have wings or is that just a metaphor?"
"Yes, I do have wings so its not just a metaphor" Josef replied. "Would you like to see?" He asked.
Bridgett stared at Josef suddenly fearful but she nodded her head slowly. Josef took off his shirt and stood in the middle of the large bedroom. He closed his eyes briefly and glaring white wing appeared on his back. Bridgett made the sign of the cross and fell to her knees afraid to look at him.
"Don't be afraid" Josef said mildly. "Don't ever be afraid of me" He said gently touching her arm and standing her up.
"Sunteţi frumoasă" Bridgett said softly
"Thank you. So are you" He said smiling.
"How did you know what I said?" She asked raising her eyebrow.
"Angels speak every language. Even the first language" Josef said with a smile.
"Hebrew?" She asked.
"The first language ever. The language that Adam and Eve spoke and their children and their children's children" He said.
"You are going to be a fantastic father" She said grabbing his hands and pulling him towards the bed.

Alma sat up quickly. Brian looked at her.
"What is it?" He asked.
"It has begun. Phillip has killed vampires" She said. Brian quickly alerted Isabelle and The Cleaners.
Phillip had just decided his fate.
"Where?" Katrina asked when they all appeared.
"A dive bar on Western. I do not know the name but there will be fire" Alma said.

Katrina told the others to stay back as she walked towards the bar which was now on fire. Then she turned around.
"Four vampires were killed here. These were troublesome vampires. He came here because he knew trouble would come to him quite easily."
"With this be come his method?" Isabelle asked.
"For a time. But he has Josef and Kostan Industries on his hit list. Soon he will come for him. And his sister who he now feels has been brainwashed or overpowered by vampires" Katrina said.
"We must find him" Nadia said trying to locate a single smell.
"Can you find him?" Katrina asked.
"No. The smoke is too strong. You'll have to use the location spell" Nadia said.
Katrina walked away from the building and hid in an alley and in 10 minutes she had his location.
"I have his location, but he is too strong for a binding spell" She said.
"Bring the sister" Nadia said.
"But she is with child!" Isabelle said.
"What matter is that to us?" Katrina said as they went to Josef's"
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Re: Good News

Postby Ella713 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:41 pm

The knock at the door startled them both.
"It's Phillip. He's done something awful!" Bridgett said jumping out of the bed and putting on clothes.
"Bridgett your can't do this" Josef said getting dressed himself and running downstairs to open the door. "Isabelle!" Josef said in surprise
"Hello Josef. We need Bridgett" Isabelle said with no emotion. Josef held the door open so they could enter. Bridgett walked down the stairs, her pregnant belly beginning to show.
"He has killed someone?" Bridgett asked. Katrina stepped forward and surveyed the young woman.
"He has destroyed 4 vampires" Nadia replied.
"And now he will be after Josef, Brian, Alma" Bridgett said sadly. "And me when he discovers"
"It appears he set the vamps on fire, now I was told that this was something you did together?" Katrina asked.
"Phillip has found a way to accomplish this without my help" Bridgett said
"Are you also able to this alone?" Isabelle asked, speaking to Bridgett for the first time.
"I don't know" She said.
"You must come with us" Isabelle said taking hold of her arm. She noticed Josef's resistance. "I will bring her and your baby back to you Josef" She said walking out the door with Bridgett and the others. Katrina walked over to Josef.
"My sister is a woman of her word Josef. Do not worry" She said before taking off.

Phillip now stalked the streets looking for other vampires. His keen eyes poured over everyone he passed and so far nothing. He thought of going to Kostan Industries, but they would be empty at this time of night. He'd have to wait until morning, but he thought about the building that Kostan lived in! Of course! There were at least 10 vampires that he knew of personally who lived there. That's where he would begin and then come for the others in the morning!

He sensed his sister was trying to find him! He made his way back to the apartment building.

The Cleaners took Bridgett to their secluded meeting place. Bridgett looked all around nervously. The room was dark and had a dungeon like feel to it.
"Bridgett we need to see for ourselves what you can do" Katrina said.
"I honestly don't know if I can do anything. Maybe what Phillip did is his own power that's separate from me" Bridgett said.
"Well, we will have to test it and see" She said pointing to a punching bag hanging from the ceiling. "I want you to think about your brother. You know he will come to you. And when he finds out that you are now vampire and about to give birth to a vampire child, he will kill you. But with is state of mind now, he will kill Josef first. In front of you" Katrina said calmly.
"He won't kill me!" Bridgett said.
"Why? He's already lied to you. You're a vampire. You mean nothing to him, if you ever meant anything to him before. Josef and the baby will burn. You can count on that" Isabelle said.
"NO!!" Bridgett cried out and punching bag lit up in flames. Nadia quickly put the fire out.

"Hi! I'm sorry, I left my key upstairs. I forgot your name, but me and my sister live on the 9th floor" Phillip said to the security guard.
"Of course. Can I see your I.D.?" The guard asked.
"That's upstairs as well" Phillip lied.
"I'm sorry sir but the building is on alert. No one can get in without their key card, even if they are known to live here" The Security Guard replied.
"Are you serious? You're going to make me sleep outside like a bum?" Phillip asked in anger.
"I'm sorry sir. I really am, but I'll lose my job if I let you in" The guard replied.
"Can I use a phone to call my sister?"
"Of course. We have a house phone right to your upper left" The guard said pointing. Great! Phillip thought. He couldn't even get into the lobby without his card, but Bridgett would let him in.

Bridgett felt her mobile vibrate.
"Hello" She answered.
"Sis, can you come down and let me in? I left my card upstairs." He lied.
"Sure. Just let put some clothes on. I'll be right down." She said hanging up her phone. She turned to speak with Katrina when she saw Brian standing next to her.
"We must move this altercation away from Kostan Towers" Brain said.
"Can you do a quick grab and dump?" Katrina asked. Brian nodded.
"Where would like this take place?"
"El Matador State Beach" Nadia said. "It's very secluded".
"Consider it done" Brian said vanishing. He quickly grabbed Phillip and dumped him on the sand at El Matador and quickly grabbed the hand of Katrina who had all the Cleaners and Bridgett link arms and dropped them off in the exact same place.
"What the hell!!" Phillip yelled as he looked around at all the women surrounding him. Shit! They were all stone cold foxes! He suddenly saw Kostan's wife and she had his sister in her grasp. "You want to take your hands off my sister?" He said slowly walking towards the women.
"Stop!" Nadia said. "Can't you see your sister is with child?" She asked. Phillip looked down at his sister and saw the small baby bump.
"Bull shit! She's not pregnant!" He laughed. Isabelle raised up Bridgett's shirt.
"See for yourself" She said backing away from here. Phillip kept a careful eye on this as he approached his sister.
"Is this for real sis?" He asked walking over and placing his hand on her stomach. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.
"It's a boy" She said with a small smile. "You know this is the first time we have ever had a blood relative. In all that time. Not one baby" She said.
"You're right" He said, remembering them being alone. Even as adults. "I wonder what this means for us?" He said thinking of all the implications.
"It means that I will continue alone from now on. There will be no more coming back Phillip and you will die." She said looking at him with tears falling down her cheeks.
"I don't think so sis" He said staring at all of them getting ready to see them explode in a ball of fire. He felt bad about the baby, but she had left him no choice. "You chose the wrong side" He said with sinister grin. He stared and nothing happened. He tried again and still nothing happened.
The cleaners all ran towards him and began to tear his limbs off and drain him of blood.

Isabelle quickly ran over to Bridgett.
"Are you harmed? Did he do anything to the baby?" Isabelle asked.
"No. I'm fine Mrs. K..." Bridgett began to say.
"You can call me Isabelle" She said waiting for Brian to return.
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Re: Good News

Postby Ella713 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:24 am

Brian brought Isabelle and Bridgett back to the penthouse. Josef opened the door, saw Bridgett and threw his arms around her.
"I told you I would bring her back" Isabelle said.
"Yes you did. Thank you" Josef said walking towards her to give her a hug, but Isabelle recoiled. Josef knew that Isabelle had become again what she once was. And Cleaners did not like to be touched by anyone.
"Wow" Bridgett said. "That's a lot of movement in there. How fast do vampire babies grow?"
"4-8 weeks we've been told, but I don't think anyone really knows" Brian said.
"So, two weeks is unheard of?" Bridgett asked.
"Why do you ask?" Josef asked looking at her.
"Because I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby right now" She said. Brian looked at Josef in complete fear.
"I'm out of here" He said quickly taking off.
"Great!" Josef said.
"I will help her" Isabelle said.
"No Isabelle. I couldn't ask you to do this" Josef said shaking his head.
"You cannot do this alone. Now come. We must lay her down" Isabelle said picking Bridgett up and laying her on the sofa. "Your sofa will be ruined Josef" Isabelle said over her shoulder quickly removing Bridgett shoes and pants. "Josef I will need a clean towel and some warm water" She said. Isabelle opened Bridgett's legs. "Oh he is already crowning. It will not be much longer". She said, getting up and going to wash her hands. Josef came out of kitchen with towels and warm water.
"You may push now Bridgett." Isabelle said. Bridgett began to push as she looked at Josef. She couldn't believe that Josef Kostan the Billionaire Playboy was going to be a father! "Just two more times should be sufficient." Isabelle coached. Bridgett gave two more long pushes and the baby was out. Isabelle quickly dipped the clean towels in warm water and began to clean the baby up. He did have Josef's eyes. The little one let out a wail letting everyone know that he had indeed arrived.
She then cut his cord to his mother, placed the baby in a clean towel and handed him over to Bridgett.
"I have a son" Josef said in disbelief as he looked over at the baby in Bridgett's arms.
"What is his name?" Isabelle asked.
"Gideon Mishka" Josef said.
"Well done" She said standing to go and wash her hands. She slowly crept out of the bathroom and slipped out the front door. "You will be happy Josef Kostan" Isabelle whispered to herself as she closed the door.

The End
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