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Blood Brothers Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:05 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Blood Brothers
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When a new vampire comes to Los Angeles, Mick realizes its an old friend from his army days.

Mick was watching the news listening to a story about a 92 year old war veteran who had stopped two men from robbing his home, Mick had to smile. He loved hearing about some old guy showing some young punk that they can't push everybody around. And when the reporter started talking about fallen soldiers from WWII, Mick turned the volume up. There was to be an unveiling of a war memorial
in Echo Park and Mick made up his mind that he would be there.
"Hey babe!" He called out. "How would you feel about going to Echo Park?" Mick asked Beth popped her head round the corner.
"Am I to know why I'm going to Echo Park?" She joked.
"They are unveiling a war memorial. I'd like to be there for the ceremony" Mick explained. Beth often forgot that Mick served in the Military.
"I would be honored" She said with a wide smile.

James watched the news. Before he saw that segment he would have bet that no one was around to care about that memorial and most people simply forgot that there ever was a war. Everyone was so focused on ISIS and the Middle East. But James could remember a time where serving in the Military was an honor, a privilege. Nowadays, it was an embarrassment. Tons of Vets were homeless and drug addicted. No one cared anymore, but he would go. He would see this tribute to the many lives lost he said turning off the TV. He walked into the bedroom and stared at the couple he had tied to the bed.
"Now what should I do about you? He grinned.

Carl got the call first thing in the morning. Body of a couple found beaten to death in their own home.
When he walked up to the house, he quickly covered his shoes with protective booties and walked inside.
"Alright Randall, tell me what you got" Carl said.
"The victims are male and female, tied together and beaten very severely. Repeated blunt force trauma. It's a massacre up there Captain" He warned. "We can't tell if they're the residents of the house. We'll have to wait for I.D." He finished. Carl slowly walked up the stairs and saw bloody trail down the hallway. He stepped inside the what he thought was the master bedroom and stopped. As an officer, you like to think you've seen it all, then you come across this. Carl closed his eyes and said a short prayer. He opened his eyes and walked inside the room.
"Carl, I don't know who these people were, but someone unleashed Hell on them" Felix said as he wrote in his chart. "They really loved each other. Look at the hands" Felix said as he pointed to their joined hands. "Looks like they held each other's hand all through the attack" Felix said. Carl shook his head slowly.
"Do you have an age?" Carl asked.
"Well judging from the naked eye, I'd guess and say 45-50, but I'll know more once I get them back." Felix said. The paramedics zipped the bodies up.
"Who'd you two piss off?" Carl asked to himself.

Shock Jocks is what they were called and James thought they were revolting! So argumentative, so loud. And the lies they told each day? Well this wasn't what he fought for. He thought of all the brave young men he had fought with some barely in their teen years! This is not why they fought! He waited for the potty mouthed fool to walk out of the radio station doors, and when he saw him, it was his quickest kill yet which sucked, because he would've enjoyed taking his time with that scumbag!

Mick and Beth sat watching the ceremony with at least 700 people. Most retired Military. Some unable to walk due to declining health, but all sat straight up and were very proud of what they had done.
When the Mayor had taken the sheet off the sculpture a few people screamed and a few people swore out loud. Someone had defaced the entire structure and written liars allover it in red and bright yellow spray paint. Beth quickly looked at Mick and saw his expression and knew he was ticked off.

Everyone was talking about the war memorial the next day. Carl and The Chief of Police were securing any video footage they could come up with and pleading with anyone who was around the Echo Park area to come forward, but still they came back with nothing. Then Carl got word that popular Shock Jock Derrick Jones had been found behind the radio station torn apart! By coyotes the officer said.

Carl pulled out his phone deciding he would need some help. Some very specialized help, because he knew from experience that coyotes didn't do this.
"Mick, it's Carl. I need to see you immediately" Carl said.
"Where are you?" Mick asked.
"I'm in front of KKRT Radio"
"I'll see you in a few minutes" Mick replied grabbing his keys and taking off.

Carl had Felix hold the body so Mick could view it before taking it to the morgue.
"Carl!" Mick yelled stepping out of his car and walking towards him. "What's up?"
Carl had the examiner unzip the body bag. Mick looked at the body and knew right away that a vampire had done this.
"Great! And on merry-go round again" Carl said.
"I tell you what Carl. I'll solve your homicide, if you'll look into something for me. Someone vandalized the new war memorial statue in Echo Park. Can you find out who did it?" Mick said anxiously.
"That really upsets you" Carl said noticing Mick expression.
"Yeah it does. Man, there were Vets there from WWII! Can you imagine what they felt when they saw it?"
"Okay. You got it Mick" Carl said.
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Re: Blood Brothers Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:44 pm

Carl first talked to the officer who was handling the case.
"Do you have any leads yet?" Carl asked the officer.
"Nothing yet Captain. We had some uniforms canvas the area and get a list of what business were open and whether they saw anyone. So far nothing. We have a total of 5 businesses that have surveillance around the memorial, we just got the tapes in" The Officer finished.
"Great. Let's take a look" Carl said going into the viewing room. The two restaurants who offered up their surveillance, were a no go. The angle of the their cameras gave them nothing on the area where the memorial stood. The Wells Fargo Bank was close. They could clearly see a shadow walking towards the statue. The looked at the tape from a nearby high-rise and they hit pay dirt! Carl leaned forward in his chair.
"Does that look like a uniform to you?" Carl asked the officer pointing at the screen.
"Yes sir. It's an Army Ranger uniform" He replied.
"You served?"" Carl asked him
"Yes sir. Three tours of Afghanistan"
"And you would know." Carl said still watching the tape. "Is there a way he can zoom in on his face?" Carl asked.
"We can but it will blur the image" He explained.
"We'll just have to work with what he have. It's a start" Carl said.

Mick went inside the radio station to speak with people who worked with Derrick.
"Did he have any enemies? Any harassing letters, phone calls?" Mick asked.
"Of course he did!" His producer said. "That was his job. To get people mad as hell. We'd get at least 2 death threats per day!"
"What about his home life? Divorce or custody issues. Alimony?" Mick asked.
"That ship sailed a long time ago. He was married, but they divorced 10 years ago. She got custody of the kid. A daughter, going to some college in the East. Rhode Island I think"
"Girlfriend?" Mick asked.
"Yeah, a boatload of them. Do I think any of them caught a crazy train express and started eating him? The answers no." She said. "But hey, I thought they were saying a wild animal did this?" She asked.
"We have to check into everything." Mick said. He noticed a young woman passing out coffee to everyone. She stared at him for a long while then walked away. "Thank you for your time" Mick said walking over to the young woman. "Did you know the victim?" Mick asked.
"Of course I did. I worked for him!" She said rolling her eyes.
"Do you know anything about what happened?" Mick asked.
"I'll tell you what I saw" She said sitting down. "First of all Derrick wasn't even supposed to be here.
His show is from 7-9am. After that he leaves. I'm a fact checker. So I listen to the show and make sure I fact check everything that's been stated on the air. And I work from 7pm til 3am. I heard Derrick come in. He was with a some floozy. I heard them go into his office, make a few illicit sounds and 15 minutes later, she takes a taxi. Then Derrick comes out and he's walking towards his car and out of nowhere this homeless guy comes out of nowhere!"
"How'd you know he was homeless?" Mick asked.
"Because he was wearing an Army jacket. Every homeless man I've met, has one of those jackets. They'll buy them from a Goodwill because they think everyone one will give money to a vet."
"Did you get a good look at him?" Mick asked quickly.
"Yeah I did. He was clean shaven which is weird for a homeless guy, I mean they always look like the guys from ZZ Top. I couldn't tell what color his hair was because it was dark, but it definitely wasn't blonde. He was taller than Derrick by at least 2 inches or so." She said.

"Okay Mick, I just heard from the Mayor that they're going to remove the memorial statue for cleaning and it's going to be housed some place safe for the time being. How are things with you on the murder/animal attack?" Carl asked.
"Well, from what people are telling me Derrick was a total snake. I don't think anyone liked him very much and I was told he received something like 2 death threats per day, but I'm going to check with Felix and see what he's got to report." Mick said.

But before Mick went to the Medical Examiner, he decided to take a walk through Rio de Los Angeles State Park. A lot of homeless Vets favored that park. As Mick walked the trail he saw lots of older men wearing army jackets or coats, but Mick could spot a man who had truly served his country. It was in his eyes. And no one could fake that! An old man saw Mick and asked him if he could spare a dollar. Mick walked over to him and looked him in the eye.
"Hey, you wanna grab a bite to eat with me?" Mick asked him. And at the man's nod, Mick took him to a diner that had outdoor seating which he knew they would need. They were not going to let this man inside. "So what are you hungry for?" Mick asked with a grin.
"It don't matter when you're hungry young man" He replied. Mick nodded in understanding and placed the order for Philly Cheesesteak and fries. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Mick asked.
"Sure." The man said in between large bites.
"Army or Marines?" Mick asked.
"Army Corp. Served six years in Vietnam. Thought I was going be a hero when I got back home" He said taking a long swallow of coffee.
"What happened when you got back?" Mick asked
"Same story as anybody else. The nightmares started as soon as I got back. Then, no one wanted to hire me anywhere. You know for a time, the government was placing those that got back in flop houses. But after where'd we'd been, even that roach infested dump felt like a palace. Then you start drinking, just so you can sleep and pretty soon, they started kicking everybody out on their butts." He said.
"So you're out here every night?" Mick asked.
"You know the police tries to boot everyone out by 9pm, but most just kind of walk around a bit then come back by ain't gonna tell anybody are you?" He asked suddenly.
"Your secret is safe with me. Did you hear about the war memorial that was spray painted over?"
"Yeah. Don't surprise me much. Kids today ain't got no respect for anybody!" He barked.
"I was talking to a young woman who thinks she saw the man who did it. Said he was wearing an army jacket" Mick explained.
"That don't mean nothing! Folks that ain't even served a second in the military can buy those jackets!"
"Well she said this man was different. She said he had dark hair and was clean shaven. And she thought was that was strange because most men living on the street don't have much of a chance to shave." Mick said.
"I know who she talking about. That sounds like a guy named Roger. He young. About 30. He be saying that he served but nobody believes him" He said finishing his fries.
"Will he be around later tonight?" Mick asked.
"Yeah, he might be back here tonight. He always stay gone all day but come back at night" He said.
"Let me put you up in Motel. Get you off the streets for a few nights. Will you let me do that?" Mick asked.
"Why you wanna be helping me?" The old man asked wondering what it was that this young man wanted from him.
"Because you spent a long time fighting for this country and I want to pay you back, even if no one else will" Mick said ordering some more food for the man to take with him.
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Re: Blood Brothers Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:18 pm

"Hey Felix" Mick said walking into the morgue.
"How's it going Mick? Man, things are crazy this week!" He said writing something down on a chart. "What can I help you with? Are you here to see the DJ or the couple?" Felix asked.
"Let me see both" Mick said.
"Okay. Let's start with the couple. As I said before, this was a straightforward beat down, and with something heavy like a crowbar or some sort of pipe. They suffered extensive cranial damage and when the perp was done beating their heads, he broke both their feet. The wife died instantly with the first blow, her husband wasn't so lucky. He bled out for about half and hour or so". Felix said. "Then we come to this clown. He was literally torn apart which is why they were saying it was an animal attack, but all I found was human saliva around the wounds. And just an FYI he had 80% blood loss but their was hardly any blood at the scene." Felix finished.
"So, this was a vampire?"
"For the DJ definitely, the couple? I don't know......but I did find out some interesting information on what they had in common. Derrick was bashing the homeless, especially homeless Vets, said taxpayers were tired of paying for them and they needed to work for a living. The couple is Donald and Janet Moline." Felix said.
"They took their son off life support" Mick said.
"Yeah. They flew him back here after his unit was under heavy enemy fire. The son took one to the head. He was in a coma for almost a month." Felix said.
"So somebody thinks these epople didn't take care of our Veterans. The perp has to be ex-military himself" Mick said to himself.
"And if these two crimes are indeed related, he's an ex-military vampire" Felix said placing the sheet back over the victims.

Collin was just getting back from the beach with his daughter Matilda. He wanted to make sure she learned all the necessary water skills. As they dripped water into the house, Haley came out to greet them. Frowning as she looked down at the floor.
"We'll clean it up mama" Matilda smiled grinning at Collin.
"You're lucky I'm so nice!" She laughed picking up their daughter. "Honey, Grandpa is in the study. He needs to talk to you" She whispered.
"Hello Mick. What's going on?" He asked sitting down across from him.
"When you served in the War, did you ever run across any enlisted vamps" Mick asked. Collin thought for a moment.
"Can't say that I have. Why what's wrong?" Collin asked.
"Well, we've got three dead bodies and it looks to be a vampire that served in the military" Mick replied.
"If this vampire is young in age, you could get the information from Zoe. You see, any time a vampire wants to enlist, they have to first go to Counsel and ask permission. And since Zoe is handling all of those documents, she would be the one to ask. But if it's a pretty old vampire, you'll have to dig up records in Vienna. Counsel kept meticulous records." Collin finished.
"What about vampires in the military that went crazy?" Mick asked grasping at straws.
"I seem to recall...........but I think I heard he was destroyed." Collin said.
"Who was it Collin?" Mick asked.
"I don't know if this was his real name, but all the guys called Captain Terry. He was around 35-40 years in age and he loved being in the military. A lot! He served in the WWII and the Korean war and was just being pulled out of the Vietnam war. Let's just say the guy was intense" Collin finished.
Mick stared at Collin remembering a pal from a very long time ago.
"Terrance Walters is his name." Mick said quietly.
"Yeah! That was it! Wait, you think that guy is killing people? I don't see it Mick. This man loved the military and would do nothing to embarrass it" Collin said.
"I still have to check it out." Mick said walking back to his car. Terrance Walters. Mick remembered when they first met in boot camp. They were young and full of piss and vinegar as his grandfather used to say. Neither of them knew a damn thing about vampires and look at them both now.

"How's the case going?" Beth asked Mick when he came home.
"I never told you about the time I was in the war did I?" Mick asked. Beth walked over to the side table and poured two brandy's. Something told her this was going to be a brandy conversation. She handed him the drink as she took a seat next to him.
"No you haven't. I know war memories are often hard memories to tell to someone, so I never wanted to push" She said.
"Things were different then. To go into military service was an honor. People looked up to you and of course after the end of the 2nd World War, everyone was so filled with pride at what we were able to accomplish. I felt proud to do it and almost was going to do it again......I had a bunkmate, named Terrance Walters. We were both 25 and we had all of these dreams about life after the war. The usual stuff really. The house, the great job, the kids, the whole thing. But when you get back from the war you're not a big hero. After a while people forget what you helped achieve. They forget about the sacrifices you had to make. And that's mind blowing. I mean the things you go through in a war would sicken people to hear about." Mick said taking a long drink letting the alcohol burn his throat. "And it changes you babe. You come back home and you see things and people and life in a different way and a lot of it isn't for the better. You see people taking advantage of others, ripping families apart, breaking the law in horrible ways and you wonder if that sacrifice you made was worth it. And for a lot of Vets, the answer is no.....I think that both the statue being defaced and the murders were committed by someone who served. Someone who believed in America 100%".
"Okay, I get it. But how are you going to catch him? I mean you have the "why" part but you still need the "who" part" Beth said rubbing his hand.
"Oh I know who did it, I just need to figure out how I'm going to catch him" Mick said sadly.

Mick made his way back to Rio de Los Park and as the old man said it was filled with area homeless. Mick quickly scanned the area trying to focus on the smell that would give up the identity of the perp. Mick talked to a few people for a while before noticing what he was looking for. He slowly turned around and saw his friend. The man quickly took off the hat he was wearing.
"Mick St. John. Well, aren't you just a sight for sore eyes" He said not sounding happy at all to see him.
"Terrence. We need to talk" Mick said.
"So that's it? That's all I get from someone I served the country with?" He said with smirk.
"This is best done in private" Mick responded.
"Aren't you going to compliment me on how young I look? Oh, and let me add, you have held on to your youthful looks as well. But this is Los Angeles. Maybe you had some work done. I've been hearing how everyone is really into doing that these days" He said staring intently at Mick.
"Terrence, we really need to talk and I don't want all these people around. Their lives are hard enough" Mick explained.
"Now, why would I want to talk to you? You got a secret to tell me? I bet you do!" He teased.
"Come on man, don't make me do this here" Mick pleaded. Terrence turned to face everyone and barred his fangs. People screamed and took off running in every direction.
"How's that for privacy?" He sneered at Mick. Mick knew that this was going to be a violent confrontation.
"Why are you doing this man? You loved being soldier, you loved the military!" Mick asked.
"Let me tell you a story Mick. A story about a man that was pulled out of a war. A war we shouldn't have been in, but that's neither here nor there. So trying to figure out what he was going to do with the rest of his life, he met a girl. A beautiful, stunning girl. I told this girl my story over drinks, told her about the war, my life, my dreams. And she just listened. Didn't try and give me lame advice, didn't try to fix me. She just heard me. And for the first time, I thought someone truly understood me and that she loved me. She told me she knew someone who also had served and he was so sad all the time and she made him feel better.......I bet you know where this story is going?" He mocked. Mick shook his head and waited for him to finish. "We fell in love or at least I thought so. She was a vampire Mick. Can you believe that? Well, of course you can. Anyway, after the bitch took my life she told me the truth. She didn't love me, she loved her friend and since he fought for his country she thought I could help her get him back" Terrence said. Crap! Mick thought. Please don't let it be Coraline! He thought to himself. "So you can imagine how I felt? Right? She took my life and it was all to get an ex back! This entire world is filled with liars Mick! The government lies about helping people who have served this country, banks are stealing people's money and houses, no one can afford to pursue their own happiness because the price is too high! Then I come here and see people pretending to be war vets just to get money! Who are they to make light of what I did in combat?!!"
"So what are you going to do Terrence? You're just going to kill everyone who ever disrespected a veteran? That's a hell of a lot of people! There are rules in California for vampires! And you can't just keep killing people because you're angry!! The powers that be won't allow that to happen! I won't allow that to happen!" Mick yelled at him.
"Then I guess you become a casualty of war" Terrence said as he sped towards to Mick.
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Re: Blood Brothers Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:44 pm

Carl went over the notes that Mick had left with him, then he drove to the radio station to speak with this so-called fact checker.

"Hello. I'm Captain Carl Davis, I need to speak with Elisa Turner" Carl said showing the security guard his badge. In a few moment Elisa quietly walked up to the front desk.
"Can I help you? Is this about Derrick again?" She sighed.
"It's more about the homeless man you saw. I wondered if you would work with a police sketch artist and see what we come up with" Carl explained.
"Alright. Whatever it's going to take". She said. "But I told the other guy, that I didn't get a good look at his face because it was kind of dark" She continued.
"Just do the best the you can" Carl said calling over the sketch artist.

When they had a working sketch, Carl gathered some officers and told them to canvas the area parks and shelters.

Terrence flew at Mick in a rage. Throwing punch after punch. Mick ducked and blocked as best he could, finally having enough Mick leaped to the roof of a nearby public restroom, and when Terrence followed, but before he could land Mick quickly pulled out high voltage Taser and shot it at Terrence's chest. His body quickly started to convulse and accidentally rolled off the roof plunging below on top of a large sculpture made to look like icicles. Mick quickly called Brian for help and placed him with the Veselie who were entrapped surrounded by silver in the four points.
"You know Josef wants to find a secure area and design a vampire prison of sorts" Brian said.
"That's not a bad idea." Mick replied staring at the man that used to be a really good friend.
"We shall have to come up with a valid court system. Something humans will feel at ease with." Brian said trying to get more of response out of his father.
"Right now son, I really don't care about it". Mick said walking away. He pulled out his phone. "It's over Carl" He said and hung up. Mick went back to the park and simply sat on a bench and watched at all the lonely, sick disabled people walk around him.
"Hey now" He heard a man call out to him. Mick turned and saw it was the man he had taken out to lunch. "Are you gonna become a permanent fixture in this park?" He joked.
"I may very well do that" Mick said with a weak smile.
"Do you got kids?" He asked.
"Yes. I have two sons" Mick replied.
"Then this ain't the place for you" He said firmly. "This place is for them that don't got anybody. We talk to each other, share stories and even cry sometimes if it calls for it. But you ain't gonna find what you looking for here" He said finally.
"I need a drink. You want to come?" Mick asked.
"I ain't got nothing else to do." He said.
"You like Prime Rib?" Mick asked with a small smile
"Is that beef?" He asked.
"Oh yeah. It's the best! And I'll throw in a baked potato!" Mick said placing his arm around the man's shoulder.
"I think I'm gonna like being your friend. My name is Hank" The old man joked.
"Mick St. John"

Maybe this was how you made a difference.
Just one person at a time. Mick thought to himself.

The End
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