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Moonlight Fanfiction
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

After thinking that Brian had destroyed all the Veselie, a small group from Romania, come to Los Angeles and try to kill Brian.

It started as a joke or so everyone at Kostan Industries thought. Josef did like to pull pranks occasionally, but this was odd even for Josef Kostan but oh well everyone thought. Might as well enjoy it! Brian had been handling things in Kostan's Tokyo office and was just returning. He paused for a moment. He heard loud thumping dance music. coming from the trading floor. Brian slowly walked in and saw no one. He walked to the area where he heard the music. It was coming from the Large Conference Facility. He heard hollering and whistling as he approached the door. When he burst through the doors he saw all of his male traders watching a naked woman dancing on the conference room table. When everyone turned and saw Brian they went still.
"What the hell is going on here?" Brian roared. They all stood around looking at each other not knowing what to say. "What makes you think you can carry on like this in Kostan Industries?" Brian asked. The naked woman in the cheap shoes walked over to Brian.
"Look Sweetie, you're wasting time. Josef Kostan paid me for a whole two-hour set" She said signaling the music again and continuing her dance. Brian stared at the woman. Did she say Josef paid her to come here? Brian walked out of the office and went to find Gabriel, but remembered that he and Zoe had taken a trip to Astoria for a week. He walked over to Isabelle's office and saw it empty, but again he heard music coming from the other large conference room in the East Wing. This time he heard women screaming and laughing. Brian opened the door and saw a half naked man dressed as a cowboy taking off his clothes. When they saw Brian everyone stopped. Jessica turned off the music.
"What the hell is going on? Have you all lost your minds?" Brian yelled.
"Mr. Petzer sir. Isabelle said that there was to be no work today. That her and Josef had a party planed for the men and the women" Jessica said. Brian looked at all the women. Some he had known since he had first started. They wouldn't lie to him about this. The male stripper looked over at Brian.
"I might as well finish what I was paid for" He said. Brian walked out closing the door behind him.

Where in the hell were Josef and Isabelle? Brian walked into his office and shut the door. He picked up the phone and began to call Josef.
"Brian, how were things in Japan?" Josef's asked.
"Fine. Sir.........I just pulled into the office.....and well, there are strippers in the conference rooms" Brian said.
"I'm sorry Brian, we must have a bad connection. Did you say there are strippers in the conference rooms?" Josef asked thinking Brian was telling a joke, then thought he had never Ever heard Brian tell a joke of any kind since becoming a vampire.
"Yes. A male stripper in the East Conference Room and a female in the Main Conference Room and they both say that you paid them to be here" Brian explained.
"What?!! Brian keep them there. I'm on my way!" Josef said standing up to put his clothes on.
"What is wrong my darling?" Isabelle said holding sheet in place.
"Someone hired strippers and said that I'm the one who paid for them!" Josef yelled, grabbing his keys and taking off out the door.

Brian saw Josef walk into the office and took him to the Main Conference Room and opened the door.
"Turn this crap off!!!" Josef roared. All the male employees stopped and began to straighten their ties and tuck in their shirts. "Why in the hell are you all not making the money I generously pay you to bring to me?" Josef asked, eyes glowing red! "Somebody better speak up or every single one of you is fired!" Harmon Frey who worked in his Acquisitions Department stepped forward.
"Sir, you sent everyone this email this morning?" He said pulling it up on his iPhone. And Josef saw with own eyes, the email on the Kostan server, informing the gentlemen and ladies of the firm to enjoy Vegas Party today at 11am. Josef handed the phone to Brian so he could look at it. "First of all, are all of you insane? When have I ever put this firms reputation in a compromising position? All of you, get back to work! And you will make up this time" Josef said in anger walking over to the stripper who was standing there picking her clothing up off the floor. "And you!!" Josef said pointing at her. "You better start making some sense of this right now!" The young woman looked up and saw Josef's glaring red eyes and sharp fangs and began to shake with fear.
"Look, don't get angry with me. You're the one who came to Daisy Dukes and hired me personally from the owner. Said you wanted to do something special for the guys at work. Paid me $1,000 for a two hour set" She said trying to put her skirt back on in spite of her trembling hands. Josef nodded at Brian who walked over towards the woman and closed his eyes.
"She's telling the truth sir" Brian replied.
"Of course I'm telling the truth you idiot! Who would lie about something like that?" She said now fully dressed.
"Brian take this woman to our legal department and make sure certain forms are signed." Josef said. Brian nodded and escorted the lady out of the conference room. Josef heard more music coming from as Brian said the East Wing Conference Room. Josef threw open the door and saw a completely naked young man doing something that disgust Josef so much, he had to stop himself from draining the jerk. When they saw Josef there was a collective gasp then silence. Josef picked up the young man's clothing and tossed it at him.
"You just stand right there!" Josef said pointing at the man. "The rest of you get back to work now!!" He screamed as all the women quickly ran to their stations. Brian came into the room and took the young man to the legal department.
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Re: Imposter

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Dominykas looked at his lover and partner Matas.
"We will begin again tomorrow. There's nothing more that can be done tonight" Dominykas said with a grin.
"We will avenge Lucius" Matas said laying her head in his lap.
"Both Kostan and Dragos will burn for their crimes against Abbas" Dominykas said.

After Gabriel had heard what had happened he immediately got the two strippers personal information and went to pay them a visit and Gabriel had to agree that both of them said they spoke to Josef Kostan and his wife Isabelle. He then picked up his phone and told his wife to search the scrolls for any new entities that may have arrived.

Mick and Carl busted out laughing when they heard of what happened.
"Josef, I don't mean to laugh at your expense, although it's hella funny!" Carl said. "But who would have death wish like this? I mean this was more than a prank. This took time and execution" Carl said suddenly not laughing anymore thinking about the cleverness of the plan. "Someone wants to hurt you Josef" Carl said.
"Well good luck with that. I'm an Angel" Josef shrugged. Mick looked at Carl and started to follow his train of thought.
"There are more than one way to hurt someone like you." Mick said. "It looks like they want harm to come to your company and your reputation." Mick said.
"It never ends does it guys?" Josef said shaking his head.
"I don't think so Josef" Carl said.

Two days later the phones at Kostan Industries lit up like wildfire. even Bridgett who was always calm and polite was ready to explode.
"What the hell is going on?" Josef yelled.
"Sir, you must come look at this" Brian said turning on the television.

"This just in. Isabelle Kostan was spotted beating a young woman at a local Denny's restaurant. The woman is in Mercy General with serious injuries." The reporter said. Isabelle watched the news with her husband with a blank expression.
"What is a Denny's?" She asked Brian.
"It is a diner that serves pancakes" Brian replied.
"What is a pancake?" She asked in confusion looking at Josef. Josef shrugged shaking his head.
"It's like a waffle............It's a place you both know nothing about and would never go to" Brian said always forgetting that all older vampires had no idea what these things were. "But someone is trying very hard to make it look like you were there. Where were you Isabelle at the time reported?" Brian asked.
"My schedule does not change. I am at the gym from 4am to 5:30am and to the office by 6am always never changing unless I am out of town" Isabelle replied.
"I will call the gym and make sure that the video footage is available for the police." Brian said. "If you two go anywhere, make sure you are in full view of cameras and other people" Brian said walking out of the office. Isabelle's eyes opened very wide.
"You are speaking of a Pfannkuchen!!" Isabelle said with a nod.
"Or pancóg" Josef said.
"Can you two stop saying pancake in various languages!" Brian said.
"In Vienna my mama would serve them with clotted cream and honey" Isabelle said with a small smile remembering something she hadn't thought of in hundreds of years.
"My ma would serve pancóg thin with onion and wrapped around sausages!" Josef said joining in.
"Enough with the pancakes!!!" Brian yelled. Both Josef and Isabelle stopped and looked at Brian in surprise. "Ok! The answer is yes! After all of this is over, I will take you to eat pancakes!" Brian said finally. "But right now, we have to find out who's behind this" Brian said going to his office to do some more research. Josef and Isabelle looked at each other.
"Pancakes do sound delicious" Josef said.

Brian left his office and went to speak with his brother.
"Gabe, you got a minute?" He said poking his head in.
"Sure Brian." Gabe said. "Have you found anything out yet?" He asked.
"Nothing, other than now Josef and Isabelle want to eat pancakes" Brian said.
"That one is on you brother. Now that you made food possible some of the time, of course they're going to crave it" Gabriel said with a grin. "But I found out something from Zoe" Gabriel said motioning Brian to the chair in front of him.
"Thank you Zoe!" Brian said.
"Before you thank her, the entities that are causing trouble for Josef are The Veselie" Gabriel said.
"Is she correct? Gabe The Veselie died. They said their numbers were down to 5 vamps only. How can there be more?"
"Zoe said that all vampiric bloodlines are linked to one another like the Nosferatu. And The Veselie are no different. With their abilities they are especially strong in their bond. When you destroyed them, it alerted others in their bloodline and Zoe thinks they are now here to kill you Brian. And most likely Josef and Isabelle as well" Gabriel explained.
"But how do they know who we are. They've never seen us I assume?" Brian asked.
"I don't know." Gabriel said. Brian stood up. "You have to go talk to your wife. If there's a threat to her husband, she'll pick it up quickly" Gabriel said.

Alma dealt the cards with precision and laid them out. The first one she turned over came with a startling vision that she didn't understand. She turned over the second card and she then saw it all. She put her cards away and ran to the bedroom for her mobile, when she heard Brian coming through the door.
"Brian!!" She said throwing herself into his arms "I have something to tell you!" She said.
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Re: Imposter

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Carl went to Kostan Industries to speak with Isabelle about the charges that were being filed against her. Bridgett looked at Carl trying to ascertain his motives.
"You know she didn't do this right?" Bridgett asked him.
"Yeah, I know, but the only problem is now I have to find the person. And according to our victim, that person looks exactly like Isabelle" Carl said. Then he stared at Bridgett. "You're a seer....don't you....see anything?" Carl asked quietly.
"I tried the moment it happened but all I see is a old man. And he's bald" She said slowly.
"Did you tell anyone?" Carl asked.
"Tell them what? An old bald man is behind this? I thought I would try and narrow things down a little" Bridgett replied.
"Good point" Carl said before going into Josef's Office.

"Carl, let me guess why you're here?" Josef said. "You're here to arrest my wife who has never been to a Denny's in her life" Josef said.
"Yeah, I found that hard to believe myself when they told me...they serve pancakes right?" Carl said.
"They are called Pfannkuchen" Isabelle said.
"...fanku-what?" Carl asked.
"That doesn't matter" Josef said waving his hand in the air. "We can prove Isabelle's innocence. She does the same thing each and every morning. Here are the names and numbers of each of those places. And I think they all have video surveillance" Josef said handing Carl the sheet of paper.
"Alright. I'll have my men check this out. And for the record, I believe you. I know you wouldn't do this, and if you had, know one would no about it." Carl said.

Dominykas Felt like it was his turn to do something amazing. He stared in the mirror and watched his entire shape change into the swank shape of one Josef Kostan.
"Very nice" he said quietly.

Dominykas slipped quickly into the bank and locked the door. He then barred his fangs and pulled out a gun telling everyone to shut up and get on the floor.

"Breaking News Philanthropist and former President of the United States Josef Kostan was seen this afternoon robbing a downtown Bank of America a little after 1pm. Witnesses say Mr. Kostan walked in locked the door and then pulled out a large handgun ordering everyone to the ground. Police at this time have no motive" The News Reporter said.

Zoe was with Julian studying an ancient script of the Roma when the news bulletin came across the television screen. They both stood in stunned silence as they heard the report.
"The Veselie it seems have as you say "upped their game" Julian said.
"We have to stop them" Zoe said.

Bridgett rang Josef's office as soon as she heard.
"Mr. Kostan, you're on the news" She said.
"Bridgett said I'm on the news?" Josef said turning on the television in his office.

"We have just received this footage from Federal Agents on the case. This surveillance video footage shows Mr. Kostan walking into the bank and turning to lock the door then pulling out a large handgun" The news reporter said. "Over a hundred thousand dollars was taken from this bank so the Governor has requested that all banks in the city be closed until further notice"

Josef stood up and threw the remote against the wall.
"How do we even begin to fight these guys?" Josef said.
"Look Josef, I got your back on this one" Carl said calling The Chief of Police.

"Captain Davis, I understand that you have a close relationship with the........vampires, but the footage speaks volumes. I'm afraid my hands are tied" The Chief said.
"Sir, I came to Kostan industries to interview Josef Kostan and he has been in my sight for over an hour! He didn't leave and rob a bank and come back to Kostan Industries and finish his interview. He never left! And not to mention what motive does he have to rob a bank? The man's a multi Billionaire! Somehow I don't think he's running low on funds. This is a set up! A brilliant set up!" Carl argued. The Chief thought about what Carl was saying. Motive for a bank robbery was weak against a man who could buy the bank that was being robbed and no jury would convict Kostan on the charge.
"Davis, I'm giving you a week to find out who's behind this or it will be out of my hands!" He said hanging up.
"Thanks Carl" Josef said shaking his hand. Carl nodded his head.
"I'll do everything I can" He said. Then looking down at Josef's hand. "Hey, what's that?" Carl asked pointing to a crescent scar on Josef's wrist. "I thought you all healed right away"
"That's from my human life. Happened when I was.........12 or so I think"
"So this gypsy vampire can only mimic what you look like now, not what you looked like before?" Carl said.
"So we catch this fraud and show everyone it's not you" Carl said snapping photos of Josef's scar with his phone. "I need Brian" Carl said.

Brian sat with Alma waiting for her news.
"Lucius Abbas. You know that name don't you?" Alma asked. Brian nodded his head slowly. "But these vamps don't care about your money making ability. Because you destroyed their own, they want you, Isabelle and Josef destroyed. And they will continue on with these rampages until your reputations are in ruin and when you have exhausted every resource they will destroy you all. I've seen their plans Brian and it is a clever one. It's also a bloody and violent one. Many people will be killed" Alma finished.
"Tell me this plan" Brian demanded.
"They will go to a local Elementary school and hold children hostage demanding that a news crew be there. Then disguised as Josef and Isabelle Kostan they're going to slaughter all the children they hold. I think The Veselie know how the public is going to respond. It will be swift and deadly for humans and vampires"
"They're going to cause all this damage just because a few from their coven were destroyed?" Brian asked in frustration.
"They want what they want. And what they've always wanted. Money and power." Alma replied.
"Do you know which school will be attacked?" Brian asked.
"Briar Country Day" Alma replied.
"Briar? Why that tiny school when the public schools are filled to the brim with children?" Brian asked.
"6 children attending are children of Kostan Industries Board of Directors. You, they want to kill for revenge, but destroying Josef is strictly for money" She said. Brian was more than angry at this revelation. He heard his phone chime and saw that it was from Carl. He quickly kissed his wife.
"Kick their assess Brian" Alma said sternly.
"It will be done" Brian said taking off to meet with Carl.
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Re: Imposter

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Dominykas laughed out loud when he watched the local news. Josef Kostan would have a hard time explaining that! He thought to himself. Matas had told him of a plan that was sure to bring Kostan Industries to it's knees!

The Police had put out warnings to everyone to not walk alone and to beware of strangers. Things were tense in Los Angeles. Francis was hesitant to be out in the evening, but she had no choice. She was slammed at Ruby Tuesdays and of course they were short staffed again! She couldn't complain, she made a killing in tips! Her largest amount in her four years there. She looked around for other people and saw a couple holding hands and kissing each other briefly. Francis smiled. Couples in love always made her smile. Now all she had to do was find her one true love! She walked a little faster and felt a strong arm grab her from behind and when she woke up, she was in the hospital.
"What happened?" She asked straining to speak. The nurse looked over at her.
"I'm sorry to tell you, but you were attacked" the nurse said.
"How long have I been here?" Francis asked.
"For an hour. Now that you're awake the Doctor is going to come in and speak with you. So just lay back and rest" The nurse said quickly listening to her heartbeat and walking out. Suddenly a tall doctor walked in and sat next to her and picked up her chart.
"Hello Francis, I'm Dr. Humphrey. Do you remember what happened to you?" He asked softly.
"I had just left work and was walking back to my apartment.......I don't remember anything else." She said. "Wait, what happened to me? I was mugged?" She said fearing that jerk had made off with the largest amount of tips she ever would make again.
" were physically assaulted" The doctor said. He saw Francis' eyes grow wide.
"Was I raped?" She said in a cracked voice, trying to stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.
"Yes. I'm afraid you were. We completed a pelvic exam and there is trauma to your privates. We swabbed you for semen but found no trace. We also checked your body and clothing for hair and fibers, but the results won't be back for a while. Is there anyone you need to call?" He asked.
"No" She answered feeling very alone right now. "Do the police know who did this to me?" She asked.
"Yes. They caught the man from surveillance video of the coffee shop next door. An officer will be in momentarily to take a statement" He said writing some things down on her chart and standing up.
Francis waited until the door had shut completely then started to cry.

Carl was sitting in his office watching the video and according to this evidence, Josef Kostan had just raped a Ruby Tuesday waitress. And as inflammatory as this video was, Carl knew Josef wasn't responsible. But everyone else would believe he was.

Brian had been making phone calls all morning long and he finally hit pay dirt. Deacon Caulfield his contact from Consular Affairs had told him of a small pure blood coven of Veselie, who practiced the ways of their Roma ancestors. And who had recently come to the United States.
"What is their age?" Brian asked.
"From what I'm told, they are around Balthazar's age."
"Well we know they can adopt appearances, what else are they capable of?" Brian asked.
"As with any Gypsy coven they are full of tricks, but in sheer power, they are low on the shelf. If they have really studied their sires, they can cloud the mind and that will confuse a vampire, but they are easily defeated which is why their numbers had shrunk in first place." Deacon replied. "What do you think you will do?" Deacon asked.
"I'm going to find The Changeling" Brian said finally.
"I beg your pardon......did you say find a Changeling?" Deacon asked in surprise. "Do you know such an entity?"
"She used to work for Kostan Industries" Brian replied.
"Things are definitely changing" He said and bid his goodbye.

"How long do you think it will be before Kostan is arrested?" Matas asked.
"Any minute now. This culture favors the protection of women." Dominykas said with a smile thinking that women needed no protection.
"Yes. They are very curious here and most confusing" Matas replied.

"Dragos!" Silas said in surprise. "What brings you here?" Kimberly came up from their kitchen and stopped suddenly when she saw Brian.
"Mr. Petzer, what's wrong?" She asked anxiously.
"We are up against a dire threat. A small vampire coven from Romania has declared war in a very public way" Brian began. "They are from a Roma culture and their particular brand of trickery is to imitate others. And they have chosen Josef and Isabelle" Brian explained. "So far they robbed a bank, beat a young woman and raped another young woman" He finished.
"What do you want done to them?" Silas asked not wanting to partake in any violence. He had never been a warrior vampire so the thought of killing turned his stomach so to speak.
"We need to borrow your wife" Brian said.
"How did you know we were wed?" Silas asked in shock.
"It was to be expected, you know" Brian said giving him a small smile.
"Alright Mr. Petzer. Let's go" Kimberly said looking at Silas. "Will you be okay?" She asked.
"Yes. I'll be lonely but I'll be fine" He said giving her a kiss.

"So this is the life of a vampire? How can you stand all the constant drama? It would drive me bonkers to have to defend what's mine 24/7" Kimberly said.
"Threats are everywhere Kimberly. Most are minor transgressions like stealing money. Those things can be handled quite quickly with no bloodshed, and no knowledge to others, but this is such a very public array of serious offenses, that we must act appropriately" Brian explained. He felt kind of sorry for Kimberly being brought in like this, but something had to be done.
"Well, I owe you all a huge debt, so whatever you need, if I'm able" She said with a smile trying not to think of the danger she could be headed in. When she saw she was in Josef's apartment building she paused. "Your wife?" She said anxiously. "Have I done something wrong? What did I do?!" She said loudly frozen in fear.
"What are you talking about?" Brian asked looking at her in confusion.
"Am I to be judged?" She asked in a shaky voice. Then it dawned on Brian. The Changeling knew that Brian and Alma were at the head of all supernatural beings.
"Kimberly, we are only asking for help. There is no judgment planned for you" Brian replied calmly, opening the door to his apartment. Alma was sitting calmly on the sofa waiting for them. She opened her eyes and saw Kimberly.
"Hello! I am so glad to finally meet you!" Alma said walking towards her with her arms outstretched. "You don't know how exciting this is, but I wish it were under more happier circumstances" Alma said. Kimberly stared at the woman who looked young. Even younger than herself.
"How old are you" Kimberly asked. Brian and Alma burst out laughing at her question.
"23. Why does that surprise you? The youngest seer was only 6 years old when she was used for good" Alma smiled. "But enough chit chat. We have a lot to do! Sit down." Alma said handing her a cup of tea. "What do you know about gypsies?" Alma asked.
"They can't be trusted. Even in the earliest of days. Gypsies are originally from Egypt then known as Nomads. They love money and will do whatever they must to get it. Although I've never heard of ones who turn themselves into someone else" Kimberly said. But somehow it sounded familiar somehow...
"You've remembered" Alma said. Kimberly nodded her head slowly.
"Azazel!" Kimberly said placing her hands to her mouth.
"Who is this?" Brian asked.
"A fallen one. He was at the right hand of Lucifer for thousands of years. It was Azazel that lured the Egyptians into the worship of many Gods. And their greed and their cruelty. And they are here for money. Always money" Kimberly said. "It was so cruel in Egypt. Killing entire families! Women and children...babies! Nothing was spared. It would have killed us had it not been for our ability to divine the stars"
"So this is all about money? Josef's money?" Brian asked.
"They wanted to destroy you, but have since changed their minds. Once Josef and Isabelle are destroyed for their crimes, they will come for you and you will be made to make money for them" Kimberly said.
"These people never give up" Brian said.
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Re: Imposter

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Alma thought as one of the heads of all things supernatural she should have something to offer, but whenever she tried, she failed miserably. "Emma definitely chose the wrong gal" she said to herself as both Brian and Kimberly looked her way to see what she would say. But she was so tired of this life. There had to be something more. She closed her eyes and saw Emma on her front porch in her rocking chair, knitting like she always did.
"You gotta be strong girlie. Nobody told ye life was all sunshine and chocolate!" Emma said to her.
"I don't think I'm the one you should have chosen for all this." Alma said.
"Now ain't you bold as brass tellin Emma she don't know what she doing! I been doing this way before you were even thought of! And I was doing it before your mama and daddy were brought forth! Now you stop felling sorry for yourself and focus on what you were taught! It's time for you to take charge and stop acting like some brat that needs her diaper changed!" Emma said sternly. Suddenly Alma's eyes popped open and smiled.
"Boy oh boy are they going to be sorry that screwed with wrong family!" She said standing up and going into her special room to prepare. Brian hadn't seen Alma this excited since they came up against Camael and Forneous.
"My wife is back" Brian said with a smile. "And something tells me she'll be packing heat!"

Alma first cleansed her chakra thoroughly and made the circle of change. Then she recited the words and waited for the transformation. Kimberly and Brian waited patiently and when they heard the door open, they both stood up. Both their mouths fell open when they saw a man walk out of the room.
"Who are you?" Brian asked preparing to fight.
"I am Dominykas." The figure said. "Now I need my mate" It said pointing to Kimberly. Brian was hesitant, but Kimberly turned towards him.
"I know what's happening. And it's pure genius" She said walking with Dominykas towards the room and when she came out Brian was amazed.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"I am Matas" She said.
"And now we must go" Dominykas said offering his arm to Matas.
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Re: Imposter

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"Good afternoon, this Phillip Stone with Action News. And today we have two vampires who wanted to interviewed on the air, so without further adieu.......Hello." Phillip said as the camera panned over to the vampire couple. "What are your names?" He asked.
"I am Dominykas and this is my lover Matas" He said.
"And why are you here?" He asked.
"I hate Josef Kostan, so I came here to frame him for crimes that I know you humans don't like." He said. Phillip sat up straight in his chair.
"Wait, are you saying that you committed the beatings and the rape?" He asked in surprised.
"Yes. Well I did the beatings." Matas said.
"Why do you hate Josef Kostan so much? What has he done to you?" Phillip asked.
"He protects one that we very much would like to kill. Kostan has protected him since he was a boy"
"I'm sorry. I don't understand. This all seems kind of foolish." Phillip began to say. Dominykas stood up in anger.
"No one calls a Veselie a fool!!" He said as he threw himself on Phillip and began to tear his neck apart! The whole studio audience screamed in terror and all ran for their lives.

Everyone in California saw the shocking footage and everyone knew what the vampires looked like. Brian gave a press conference and told the press that these vampires can change their appearance to look like anyone they choose to
"Why do you think he chose to out himself?" One reporter asked.
"I think he knew that everyone would have a hard time believing that Josef Kostan robbed a bank or raped a young woman. So I can't say I know why they would reveal themselves" Brian said.

When Carl was told what Alma and Kimberly had done he started preparing an assault team. The LAPD had received a call from a frightened Hotel Manager who said that the couple on the Phillip Stone show were staying in one of his suites and hadn't checked out. Carl had the entire hotel evacuated with exception to Suite 1210.

Dominykas sighed as he slowly woke up as the ice cubes had melted and while still very cold, just wasn't enough for full sleep. Matas heard him wake and decided she would wake as well.
"It is so very quiet this evening" She said finding her robe and throwing it on. Dominykas chuckled.
"Then it can only be football. This country comes to a standstill for it. If anyone wanted to attack America, they should wait for the Super bowl" He laughed. "Let us call for someone to eat" Dominykas said.

Ted refused to be scared or nervous. When Brian called him and told him what was going on, Ted immediately said he would do whatever they needed. He met with Carl at the hotel and put on a hotel bell boy uniform. He took a deep breath. He knew that Brian and Isabelle would be there before anything happened. He could always count on them. When Dominykas called the front desk requesting a bell boy, he was told that the bell boy they had was on vacation, but they would send another.

Ted buzzed the room and a tall very pretty woman can to the door. Ted straightened his tie.
"Hi, I'm Ted. You requested some help?" He said in a nervous voice.
"Yes. We need help with dinner" She said closing the door and showing him in.
"You want a recommendation or something?" Ted asked.
"We already know what we want, we were deciding between three places" Dominykas said coming into the living room.
"Oh...ok. Which three?" Ted asked.
"Well, the neck was always my favorite" Matas said.
"You are very old school my dear. Everyone knows the wrist is better. Although I've been told that the groin is the best of them all" He said with a smile. Ted stared at the couple.
"I've never heard of any of those places. Are they night clubs? Yeah we don't really know anyone from that crowd." Ted said as he was walking towards the door. "I'll ask someone else if they can come up and help you" Ted said screaming in his mind for Brian and Isabelle to come up. "Ok, bye" Ted said and closed his eyes for what was to come. Dominykas flew over to Ted before he could reach the door and grabbed him from behind. Pulling his head back and exposing his creamy throat, a low growl came from Dominykas.
"He almost smells like virgin blood Matas! Could we really be that lucky?" He laughed. He quickly bent his head and pierced Ted's throat! He felt the woman's teeth puncture his arm and even though this was all being done to him, still he knew that his best friend and Isabelle would be there to save him. Suddenly Dominykas and Mata let Ted go. As Ted fell to the ground, he got up and made it to the door. The blood they had drank from him burned their tongues and throats. The pain was excruciating!
"What have you done?" Dominykas cried out as he sank to the floor. Brian and Isabelle came in and while Brian placed the silver braces around their necks, Carl and his officers took both Dominykas and Mata out on stretchers.
"Are these the vampires who framed President Kostan?" One reporter screamed. "Did you catch them?" "What's going to happen to them?" The reporters all yelled out.

Isabelle walked over to Ted.
"You did so very well Theodore. But come, let me help" She said as she licked Ted's arms and neck as Brian watched the wounds heal immediately.
"Isabelle? What was that?" Brian asked in surprise.
"Did you know that female vampires have enzymes in their saliva that heal wounds?" Isabelle asked.
"No." Brian said. Ted watched the wound heal as if it had never been there.
"That is so amazing Isabelle!" Ted said walking away but turning around before he got to the door. "Try and stay out of trouble guys. whatever are you all going to do without me?" Ted joked as he walked out the door.
"Oh he is definitely a part of the family now!" Isabelle said with a small smile.

Carl, the Mayor and the Governor had a meeting about what would be done with the vampires.
"Look, no one expects us to try them in court. I think it's best if we let the vampires handle their own criminals. We aren't capable of handling them." Carl said.
"I agree, but the public is going to demand some kind of action! If we keep the public out of it, they're going to think that vampires are hiding something" The Mayor said.
"Governor, I agree with the Mayor. We can't leave the public out of it, but vampires need to handle these two. Trust me, you don't want to get involved in this". Carl said.

"How do you feel Alma? You and Kimberly took a huge chance" Brian said stroking her hair as she lay next to him.
"We killed a man. An innocent man. I don't know how I feel about that" She said sadly. "But I guess the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" She said with a huge sigh. Brian was surprised by her statement. He had heard it somewhere before.
"Really Brian, I expected more from someone with so much "geek cred" Alma said. "Spock said it in the Wrath of Kahn" She replied. Brian nodded.
"Oh course". He smiled kissing her.

"What do want done to them? They are the last" Katrina said looking at them.
"That we know of. They were the last the first time we dealt with them" Josef said.
"Do you think there will be more?" Katrina asked.
"It's best to err on the side of caution" Josef said.
"Well they will never bounce back from the silver in Theodore's blood, and they are surrounded by silver in the four directions, but their abilities are tiresome. I will think of something Josef" Katrina said walking away. How many more could there be? Josef thought to himself.

The End
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