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Full House

Postby Ella713 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:57 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Full House
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

A celebrity Poker event turns into violence and a kidnapping and Mick has to step in and save everyone.

The Georgian Mansion that had been leased was decked out to look like a Monte Carlo casino. Josef had cameras hooked up in every room that was open to them. He had hired some security on loan from the Bellagio in Las Vegas to make sure people realized that this even was for charity and not for profit. He turned when he saw Isabelle approaching in very sexy gold lace dress. She immediately saw the look in Josef's eyes and held up on slender hand.
"Not yet my darling. If this dress comes off, it stays off. It took a lifetime to get into it" She said with seductive smile.
"How did you get into it?" Josef asked seeing that the dress was designed to look as if it were your own skin.
"I had to slather an entire jar of Honey Body Butter all over my body so it............."Isabelle looked at Josef and stopped talking. She walked up to him and kissed the top of his nose. "Later my love" She said as she turned for the entrance and prepare to meet the guest. Josef shook his head.
"That woman will be the death of me" he said chuckling to himself.

At 8pm the event was in full swing. The champagne poured freely and the appetizers continued to be passed out. Zoe was so excited. She had never in her life gambled. Not real gambling. She played slot machines once and walked away with three dollars, but tonight she was going to play and win big!
Amy, who was decked out in an unbelievable sapphire blue dress with a dramatic side slit had every male head turning her way.
"Everyone's staring at you Amy" Zoe whispered.
"It feels weird. I'm not used to being stared at. Zoe you were always the prettiest girl in school"
"Please! Remember all those weird freckles I had on my face? Chester would call me measles girl" She said laughing.
"Oh! I forgot all about that. Chester Davies. What ever happened to that loser?" Amy said.
"Shot his wife in a drunken rage, serving life in prison" Zoe said.
"No! Really?"
"Yeah, Page O'Neil printed the story in the Alumni News" Zoe said.
"Of course she did" Amy said rolling her eyes. "So what do you want start with?"
"Roulette?" Zoe said.
"Let's do it!"

Carmine DeBenedetto came from a long line of Italian business men. Dabbling in local politics, sanitation, dry cleaning and Liquor sales. In other words he was a legit businessman and when he saw how many a-listers were going to Kostan's charity event, he finagled an invitation. He walked into the mansion with his nephew Vinnie Corigliano and his adviser Carlos Freeman. Isabelle noticed them immediately and went to alert Josef.
"My darling. The Italians are here" She whispered to him.
"Which ones" Josef asked.
"The local Italians" Isabelle said. Josef groaned. Those thugs always trying to show people how legit they are. "Play nice love. The press are here" She said walking away. Josef slowly made his way over to the entrance where Carmine and his crew were giving their coats to the Hostess.
"Carmine! I had no idea you were interested in giving to the Neediest Kids of All!" Josef said holding his hand out for him to shake.
"Kostan, you know me. I love kids. I got 4 nephews and 3 nieces. I could take one day off to give something to those less fortunate" He said.
"Of course" Josef said getting a little closer to Carmine to whisper in his ear. "Be cool" Josef said.
Carmine nodded his head and led his crew to the open bar.

"Are you sure you don't want to go?" Beth said not wanting Mick to stay home just because of her.
"Babe, the last time we went to one of Josef's gambling events, someone ended up dead. And besides, I gave up the casino life a long time ago" Mick explained.

Zoe and Amy tried playing Roulette but found that it was just a waste of money.
"How can anyone win at that game? It's so random!" Zoe said frowning.
"I agree. But it was kind of fun" Amy said in reply. "So what should we do next?"
"Well, how are you at Poker?" Zoe asked.
"Ok I guess. Ted taught me how to play Texas Hold Em'" She said shrugging her shoulders.
"Then Texas Hold Em it is!" Zoe said taking her arm and heading for the card tables.

Carmine saw the two lovely ladies sitting at the card table and decided to play a couple of hands. Why not. Both were obviously married but he could admire them he thought to himself. The dealer shuffled the cards and told them the house rules. When everyone nodded, he began to deal out the cards. Amy looked at cards. It was a pretty good hand. She placed her bid and studied the other players. One gentleman she recognized from the news as The Superintendent of Public School, another was a Councilmember and she didn't recognize the man who was sitting across from her, but she could see he really didn't know enough about the game to be playing. Zoe folded and decided to play the slot machines because she was familiar with it. Amy won the first three hands and two people left the table and were replaced by two others. Carmine won a large hand on a bluff. And now that he knew that this particular card game was all about the bluff, he started bidding more confidently. Amy knew she was doing a bit better than the others but she still made conservative bids. After an hour a crowd gathered at the table to watch.

"My darling, did you know that Amy was a fantastic Poker player?" Isabelle asked Josef. He turned his head towards the card tables.
"Our Amy? No, I had no idea. Is she doing well?" Josef asked taking Isabelle's hand in his and walking over.
"She is winning." Isabelle said.

Amy won the last three hands of the hour and they had to change Dealers. According to the chips in front of her, Amy had won $675,000.00! And all would go to charity!
"Amy you're doing great! Who would have known that you were a card shark!" Zoe said.
"I'm not really, but Ted is a very very good player and I am his favorite student!" She said with a bright smile.

Carmine was starting bid small now. The pretty woman had schooled him pretty hard the last few rounds, but as he looked at the cards in his hand and the cards on the table, he knew that this last big round was his and he certainly wasn't donating this win to some street rat kids. he laid down his cards with sly grin as the other people around the table gasped in surprise. Amy then laid down her cards to reveal solid straight. Some people groaned and others applauded.
"Winner Amy Ferguson!" The dealer yelled out. Zoe jumped up and down and screamed in joy!
"Holy smokes Amy!!! That was amazing!!" She said hugging her while still jumping. Carmine stood up and went straight to the bar.
"That's some tough luck" The bartender said handing him a drink and waving his hand. "On the house." His said.
"Who is that woman?" Carmine asked pointing at Amy as she collected her coins.
"Not sure about the name, but her husband is a very good friend of Mr. Kostan's" He said.
"What does the husband do?" Carmine asked.
"He's with some big fancy law firm I heard" He said turning to take care of someone else.

So Kostan's running a con! He thought. There's no way some broad is that good at cards! He signaled for his two guys and told them what was going on. Let's see how Kostan handle things when someone took something from him.

Daniel Negreanu the world's greatest poker player came over to Amy to tell her she played a damn good game!
"Seriously, if you ever want to come to Vegas and play in the league, let me know" He said to her. Amy blushed at all the attention she was getting.
"Wow Amy!" Josef called over to her "I didn't know you could play poker?" He asked.
"Ted's been teaching me. This was kind of my first time by myself" Amy said.
"You're like a young Doyle Brunson!" Josef said. Amy frowned for a moment.
"Who is that?" Amy asked. Josef laughed out loud!
"Forget it. You're good Amy. And you just raked in $1,123,964. 03 cents! So what do you want to do?"
"Give it all to NKOA" Amy said with a broad smile. She looked around for Zoe but saw the man who was playing with her. He was staring at her with intent expression on his face. It kind of worried her.
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Re: Full House

Postby Ella713 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:28 pm

Towards the end of the evening Josef was settling the amount that had been accumulated. He has he would have to speak with Carmine who had lost a considerable amount.
"$3,275,000.00 To be exact" Isabelle said. "Will he pay?" She asked.
"Carmine's not a total ass! This is for charity. He doesn't want any bad press smearing his "business man" image. Yeah, I think he'll cough it up" Josef said with a smile.

Zoe and Amy were making their way outside to their car.
"Oops! Hang tight Amy. I left my shawl at the bar" Zoe said running back inside quickly to retrieve it.
Amy suddenly felt a large hand cover her mouth and a tight grip around her waist as someone carried her off. She felt something hit her very hard and she was out. Zoe came back, shawl in hand.
"Amy?" She called out looking around. Thinking she went back inside for some reason she doubled back and waited at the entry. After 10 minutes Zoe started looking around the large structure and when she couldn't find Amy she ran over to Josef.
"Amy's missing!" She said.
"What do you mean she's missing?" Josef said quickly scanning the area.
"We were getting ready to leave and I remembered I left my shawl and ran back to grab it. Josef I was only gone for a couple of minutes!" She said becoming frightened.
"Call Brian....and call Ted" Josef said.

"Are you sure she's not playing a joke on Zoe and she's just sitting someplace in the Mansion?" Ted asked, knowing that his wife and Zoe had a very long history of playing practical jokes on one another.
"Ted. She isn't anywhere in the Mansion" Brian said stoically. He saw Ted's face tighten. "Ted. I will find her" Brian said sternly letting Ted know that his word was his bond. Brian took his hand and took him to where Josef, Isabelle and Zoe were waiting.
"Ted, I'm so sorry! It was all my fault!!" Zoe cried as she ran over to him.

"What you wanna do with her Boss?" Vinnie asked.
"Take her to the Loft. It's vacant for the summer." Carmine said.
"She's really hot" Vinnie said with a smile.
"And you can stop that crap right now!! Nobody defiles a woman on my watch, you understand?" Carmine thundered at his nephew. "Your Ma would kill you for sure!" He said. Carmine had principals. And sexual assault was a definite No-No!

"I don't understand. Why would anyone kidnap Amy" Ted asked.
"We don't know if she did anything. Zoe, did you notice anyone getting mad at Amy tonight?" Josef asked.
"I wasn't looking! I was so busy watching her play, I didn't notice anyone!" Zoe sobbed.
"Who was she playing tonight? Anyone get upset because she won?" Brian asked.
"I thought this was charity?" Ted said now wishing he had of come with his wife.
"It was, but whatever amount you lost, that amount had to be given to the charity". Josef said.
"So how many people lost tonight?" Ted asked. Isabelle went to collect the receipts.
"19 individuals lost over $100,00.00" Isabelle said reading from the papers.
"Who lost the most?" Ted asked. Josef closed his eyes.
"Carmine DeBenedetto" Josef said. "I swear to God if he had anything to do with this, I will end him!!!" Josef said walking away and making a phone call.

Ted knew that name.
DeBenedetto. I know that name.......I read an article about him somewhere....." Ted said trying to remember. "Oh God! Is his father Manny DeBenedetto? Josef you have to find Amy!! They'll do awful things to her!!" Ted began to wail. Josef got off the phone and walked back towards everyone.
Carmine said he had no idea where Amy was and that he was coming back tomorrow with the money" Josef said not believing a word of it. "Brian, Isabelle. Find Amy and make him pay" Josef said in a voice made everyone fear for their lives. Brian and Isabelle left and Josef walked up to Ted.
"Don't worry. They'll bring Amy back" Josef said.
"I know. I have faith in all of you" Ted said taking a seat. Josef had to admire Ted. When he first became a member of their tribe, he would faint at a moments notice. Now he looked like solid man, he should have been all along. Josef walked over to the bar and poured him a drink.
"Here Ted drink this" He said handing him the whiskey.

"Alright Isabelle. I have 4 possible location where Carmine might be holding Amy" Brian said showing her a list of properties. "I take these two and you take the other two." Brian said. "Now let's go get Amy!" Brian said quickly taking off.

Amy slowly woke up but something wasn't right. She couldn't move and saw that she was tied up on a bed. She quickly looked at her clothes and saw that she wasn't naked. She saw the door open.
"I thought I heard you wake up. Are you thirsty? You must be." He said walking towards her with a cup and a straw. "Drink this" He said.
"Who are you? Why did you bring me here? I don't have any money or anything" Amy said desperately.
"Drink this" He said.
"What is it?" Amy asked.
"7-up. I don't like dark colas. That stuff will kill you" He said placing the straw to her lips. Amy took a small sip of the soda. It was cold and sweet.
"Thanks. Who are you?" Amy asked looking at the man who looked to be young. Maybe 25 at the most. "You really have to untie me. People are going to be looking for me. Pretty bad ass people" Amy said hoping to scare him. The man just shrugged and left the room.

"Hello may I speak with Mr. Kostan?" A voice said.
"You're speaking with Kostan! Who the hell is this?" Josef said.
"There seems to be a misunderstanding between you and someone I know. He feels cheated. Like perhaps you took advantage of a situation. Now I know you to be a fair man Mr. Kostan. You wouldn't knowing place a pro in a charity game, so maybe this woman has no ties to you. And if that's the case, trust me we will handle her in our own way" The voice said.
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Re: Full House

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"Amy has nothing to do with anything! She was just a guest!" Josef yelled.
"Come Mr. Kostan. You can do better than that. Everyone knows a seasoned player when they see one" The voice said.
"Carmine when I find you I will eat the heart right out of you!! Do you understand me!" Josef roared. The line went dead. Ted simply sat in the chair staring out the window.
"We'll get her back" Josef said walking back into his office.

"Are you hungry? I was going to get some food. You gotta be hungry." The young man said.
"I am actually" Amy said. "What are you having?"
"A burger and fries." He said with a small smile.
"That sounds good" Amy said.
"I thought a rich chick like you would want something fancier" He said in mild surprise.
"What makes you think I'm rich? I grew up in East L.A.?" Amy asked in surprise. The young man said nothing and walked back out.

Josef's phone rang again.
"Josef." Carmine said.
"Where is she Carmine? I want to talk to her now!" Josef screamed.
"Alright." Carmine said. Josef quickly put the phone on speaker.
"Ted! Zoe! I'm fine. I'm not hurt" Amy said sounding calm.
"Baby, I'll do anything to get you back. What do they want?" Ted asked anxiously.
"I don't know Ted. I don't know" Amy said starting to cry.
"Just stay calm. We will come for you!!" Ted yelled.
"As you can see Josef the woman hasn't been harmed." Carmine said.
"What do you want?" Josef asked. "Is this anger over losing a poker game?" Josef asked in surprise.
"You may call $3mil just a poker game but in my line of work that's a lot of grief" Carmine said.
"Alright. I have extended the Mansion for another night. I'll give you a chance to get your money back" Josef said.
"Ok. But the woman stays put until I get my money" Carmine said.
"Deal. New players. New game." Josef said.
"Good. Because I was talking with Daniel Negreanu tonight and I think he would be down with playing anyone you place in front of him" Carmine said.
"6pm tomorrow same place. And no guns Carmine. I see one piece and getting your money back will be the least of your problems" Josef said hanging up.
"Josef, Daniel Negreanu is the best poker player in the world! He's unbeatable!" Ted said becoming scared.
"My guy is better" Josef said calling Mick.

When Mick heard his phone ring he was tempted not to pick it up, but he always worried that something was going wrong and he would be needed.
"Mick I need you to come to my The Georgian Mansions right away!" Josef said.
"Josef what's wrong?" Mick asked grabbing his keys.
"Carmine DeBenedetto kidnapped Amy!" Josef said. Mick hung up the phone and left right away

"My Lord, both properties are as they should be and there has not been any recent traffic" Isabelle said. Brian looked at his phone.
"Josef wants us back" He said taking her hand.
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Re: Full House

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Mick pulled up at the large estate in record time.
"What's going on?" He said running in. He saw Ted sitting quietly in a chair looking freaked out. He quietly walked over to him and kneeled down.
"Ted. Look at me" Mick said. "I'm going to get her back. You hear me? I promise" Mick said standing up.
"Carmine lost in Texas Hold Em to Amy. And he lost lost big. A little over 3million. He thinks I rigged the game with a pro and he wants a rematch. He wants someone to play Daniel Negreanu"
"How does Daniel Negreanu fit in all of this?" Mick asked.
"Nowhere. He was just one of the many celebrities here playing for charity. I'm sure Carmine told him that the game was fixed and now he wants to play just on principle".
"It's been a while since I played." Micks said.

"Okay, listen. I'm going to untie one hand so you can eat. Okay?" The young man said. Amy nodded her head. "Alright" He said walking slowly over and taking one hand out of the restraints. Then he sat pillows behind her back so she could sit up, and sat the burger container on her lap.
"Thanks. This smells great." She said taking a bite.
"I wasn't sure what you liked on your burger, so I got everything on side" he said in a soft voice.
"Thank you. But I like everything on my burgers" Amy said with a small smile taking another bite and popping a fry in her mouth. Amy took a quick drink of the soda he left for her.
"You seem like a really nice man. Why are you working for someone who would do something like this?" Amy said trying to find out as much as she could.
"Look, you don't know anything about me! That dress you're wearing probably cost over grand easy! And all that jewelry! You don't know a thing about life in my shoes, so cut the getting to know me crap!" He yelled.
Amy threw the remainder of her burger at him.
"Screw you asshole! My dad beat my mom to bloody pulp almost every night until she finally got up the courage to leave his sorry ass. And the only place we could afford was in the projects in East L.A. where we were surrounded by drug dealers and gangs!! And for your information I borrowed the dress and the jewelry from my friend who is rich so I could look nice for once in my life!!" Amy screamed. The young man looked at Amy sadly. Hell her life didn't sound like it was any better than his.
"Alright. I'm sorry. Truce okay?" He said holding up his hands. "So why does my boss think you cheated him out of money? He didn't just kidnap you because he liked your friend's dress" He said.
"I don't even know who you're talking about. And I certainly didn't trick anyone out of any money" She said.
"I heard you play Texas Hold Em like a shark" The young man replied.
"I had a very good teacher but tonight was the first time I played in front of anyone" Amy said.
He looked at Amy in shock. Something told him that this woman was telling the truth.

Josef saw that even more people were showing up for his Fundraiser the following night. He stood at the entrance waiting for Carmine or Daniel to show. Finally at 7:45pm Daniel Negreanu walked through the entrance with 2 very lovely ladies on each arm. He kissed both women on the cheek and told them to amuse themselves.
"Good evening Mr. Kostan. Is your man ready?" He asked with a grand smile that came along with six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour championship titles.
"Right this way" Josef said leading him into the card room. Mick stood at the table dressed in black looking down on Daniel who stood a mere 5'8" to Micks overpowering 6'1". "The game is Texas Hold Em, there's a $5,000.00 buy in and a new dealer will be in place every new hand" Josef said walking away. Zane Stutts was the first dealer. He dealt out the cards and waited for the gentlemen to bid.

"So, you obviously have a husband. Any kids?" The young man asked.
"I have one daughter." Amy replied.
"How come just one?"
"Well I had a difficult time with my pregnancy. My daughter was born early and was in a coma for a few days. We didn't think she was going to make it. But she did." Amy said tearing up at the memory.
The man finished his drink and sat it down. This woman hadn't done anything. It looked like Carmine was wrong. Dead wrong. He stood up ready to untie her other arm when there was a loud boom. Like an explosion.
"What the hell was that?" He yelled and pulled out his gun. "Stay put. Don't say a word" He whispered to Amy. Amy was scared at first, but she quickly realized that be the Calvary approaching. Isabelle appeared with the young man in her grip lifted high off the ground.
"Amy!" Brian came running to her side. "Are you hurt? Did he defile you?" Brian asked in an angry voice looking at the man Isabelle was holding.
"Brian, no! He did nothing to me. I think he was about to let me go when you two arrived" Amy said standing up and straightening her dress.
"Why did you bring her here?" Brian asked in anger.
"I didn't. Carmine brought her here he just asked me to watch her. That's all!" He pleaded.
"Please don't hurt him! He was just caught up in a bad situation" Amy begged.
"You are very lucky." Isabelle said slowly lowering him to the ground. "But we need information, or there's nothing Amy can say that will save you" She said.

Brian sped Amy back to Josef's apartment where Ted was anxiously waiting news. He turned when he heard the door open. And there was his best friend bringing his wife back to him. Ted quickly ran to her and held her tightly in his arms. He looked up at Brian.
"How did you find her?" He asked
"She is your one and only. There was nothing I would not do to find her for you" Brian said. Ted walked over to shake Brian's hand but Brian stopped his attempt at a handshake. "Ted, you are family. Never forget that." He said hugging Ted in a brotherly embrace.

Mick and Daniel started out slow, but now were in a heated competition. Mick was up slightly by $10,000 but Daniel had just won the hand which brought him within $200.00 for a tie. Daniel was his usual animated self. Cracking jokes and peppering Mick with questions trying to throw Mick off his game.
"You know, you are almost likeable except you talk too much" Mick said with a small smile letting him know there would be no hard feelings. Mick had to admit. Daniel was an outstanding player!! He could never get a read on if he was bluffing or not.

Josef had got the call from Isabelle letting him know the Amy had been located and taken back home and they had one of Carmine's men in possession. Josef smiled. You're in a shitload of trouble now Carmine. Josef thought to himself.

The game kept going on with Daniel ahead for a while then Mick making a comeback, now at close to midnight the final hand was played. Daniel was tired but he kept his face unreadable. When the dealer dealt the final card and turned over a Jack of Hearts, Mick knew that the game was his. Mick was looking at a Straight Flush and the only thing that could beat him was Five of Kind which he knew Daniel didn't have. Daniel looked briefly at his card and raised the stakes boldly.
"You sure you want to do that?" Mick asked smugly.
"The way I see it, you can either show your hand or raise me" Daniel said smiling.
"Well, it's late. No use wasting anymore time" Mick said with a sigh. Daniel heard the sigh and the expression on St. John's face and knew the game was his. Mick laid down his cards revealing a Straight Flush. Daniel threw his card down in disgust. The crowd applauded and whistled. Daniel stood up and shook Mick's hand.
"That was one hell of a game he said laughing.
"Yeah it was." Mick said looking for Josef but didn't see him anywhere.
"So you want me to write you a check?" Daniel asked.
"No man. Just give some to the kids. However much you'd like." Mick said walking over to Isabelle.
"Where is Amy? Is she safe?" Mick asked.
"Yes. Brian and I found her, she was being held in on of Carmine's lofts at the Pier"
"Good!" Mick said. As everyone was gathering their coast and handbags, Carmine came through the door with three men holding assault rifles.
"No body move!!!" Carmine yelled. Everyone screamed and tried to find a way out, but stopped in their tracks when Carmine fired a single shot into the air. "Nobody's getting out of here until I get my money!! Where is Kostan? Kostan!! Come out you piece of shit!!" He screamed. "Or maybe I'll shoot your beautiful wife in the head!" He continued. Women started to sob and some of the men whispered to one another.
"Listen. Kostan isn't here, but what if we all wrote you a check to cover your loss. I'm sure we could raise the amount between us" Garret Morgan said. Carmine walked up to the wealthy playboy.
"Shut up you arrogant ass! I don't want your money, I want my money!!" Carmine yelled and stuck the man with the butt of his gun.

Mick stopped his tour of the house. Something was going on downstairs. He quickly sped downstairs and saw Carmine and his men with rifles and one man bleeding on the floor. Mick quickly knocked the rifles out of all of their hands and barred his fangs. The three me that came with Carmine immediately ran for the door, but when they opened it Isabelle was standing right in front of it.
Mick walked up to Carmine.
"You really don't know how much trouble you're in do you? You kidnapped a woman, committed assault and held some very very wealthy people hostage! Now I know they won't want the police called because who wants to deal with that sort of publicity, but I also know that they have absolute faith in Josef Kostan to handle this situation accordingly" Mick said.
"And that I will" Mick heard Josef say from behind him. Brian was now at Isabelle's side. Josef told them to take the men away to someplace quiet. Josef walked over to Garrett.
"Are you alright Garrett?" Josef said stooping down to where he was. "It looks like you're going to need some stitches. Let me call a doctor" Josef said calling Julian.

"Can you believe Carmine caused all over a poker loss?" Josef said in frustration.
"Gambling brings out the worst in people" Mick said sadly.
"Well, we raised a lot of money for the charity, Amy is back home safe and sound, Carmine will get what's coming to him and you! You! Mick St. John! Beat Daniel Negreanu in no stakes poker!! That's big!" Josef said.
"I cheated Josef." Mick said Josef stopped smiling and stared at Mick.
"Excuse me?" He asked.
"I had Logan hack into the video cameras and he told me what Daniel had" Mick explained.
"Bullshit!" Josef exclaimed.
"You honestly think I could ever beat a six time world champion poker player?" Mick said shaking his head.

The End
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