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Beauty Kills Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:36 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Beauty Kills
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When a drop dead gorgeous woman comes to work for Kostan Industries trouble arises and many women began to plot her demise.

Margaret Fields was excited about her first day at Kostan Industries. She had worked her ass off to get where she was. She waited endless tables and was the only woman in existence who had stripped and was actually saving the money for college. So she felt confident that she would excel in her new post and if her looks opened a few more doors, amen to that!

She walked up to the Receptionist and was told to have a seat. She quietly sat down and crossed her long shapely legs. A man walking by with a cup of coffee was so busy staring at her that he ran into another man and both were doused with very hot coffee.

"Ms. Fields. Please come with me" An attractive woman said to her, leading her into a very plush office. "Mr. Petzer will be with you momentarily" She said walking back to her desk. Brian walked in shortly after with her resume in his hand. He walked into the office and stopped suddenly. The woman sitting there was so stunning it stunned him, but quickly gaining control he approached her.
"Welcome to Kostan Industries Miss Fields. I'm Brian Petzer" He said holding out his hand.
"Good morning Mr. Petzer" She said in a voice that was so beautiful and melodic. "Thank you for this opportunity" She noted Brian's stiff demeanor and sensed that he was nervous. She could use that to her advantage. She slowly crossed her legs again for maximum effect.
"We have you starting in Mergers and Acquisitions and that's where you will begin your training. You will meet with Sean Decker who is heading that department" Brian said finally finding his rhythm back.
After she was escorted to her work area, he immediately went to see Josef to tell him about this woman. What was Josef thinking?

"Sir, a moment?" He said stepping into Josef's office. "I have just met your latest addition to Acquisitions and sir, I feel she is the last person we should have here at Kostan Industries" Brian said quickly.
"Why? What's wrong with her?" Josef said looking up at Brian's tortured face.
"I take it you never met with Miss Fields personally?"
"No. Due to her finishing her post at Farstorps Sparbank in Sweden we spoke via conference calls. What's the problem?" Josef asked again. At that moment Sean Decker came walking by.
"Mr. Kostan sir. May I introduce Margaret Fields" He said with a bright smile. Josef looked over at woman and saw the reason for Brian's concern. He was floored by her beauty! He would never say this to Isabelle, but this woman's beauty surpassed even hers. No Brian was correct. This woman couldn't be hired.
"Miss Fields, welcome to Kostan Industries. I hope you find your tenure here worthwhile" Josef said walking over to her to shake her hand.
"Thank you. And I must say what an honor it is to meet you in person. I've been fascinated with your work for quite a while" She said with seductive smile. Josef saw nothing but trouble ahead.

Isabelle saw the woman and her eyes narrowed. This would not be good. And as Margaret walked past, Isabelle saw every pair of female eyes follow her. And each was thinking the same thing. Miss Fields had to go.

After a month the office became tense. Kostan Industries was always a very industrious company but the employees also fun and lively as well. Since the arrival of Miss Fields.....well the atmosphere had changed. But her work was first rate and no one could accuse her of using her beauty to her advantage. Still Josef had to wonder what her angle was. Hell a beautiful woman like that didn't have to work as ordinary women must. She could marry any number of wealthy men and do nothing but stay home and work on her tan. So why was she here?

Margaret knocked on Gabriel's door.
"Excuse me Mr. St. John may I have consult?" She said sticking her beautiful head inside his office. Gabriel briefly looked up.
"Yes. What can I help you with?" Gabriel asked politely. Margaret took the chair in front of his desk. She pulled out some papers and leaned over showing her ample bosom.
"Actually it's the Belmont Acquisition. There appear to be some land rights that are array" She said softly. Gabriel quickly looked over the documents.
"Oh yes. These need the Governor's approval before we can proceed on ownership. I will take care of these" Gabriel said "Is there anything else?" He asked. Margaret sat there shocked.
"No. I suppose that's it" She said in a confused tone as she stood up and walked out of his office.
Gabriel watched her walk out of his office wondering about this new employee.

Isabelle was having drinks with Beth, Zoe and Alma after work and she told them of this woman.
"So she's pretty. Kostan Industries is filled with beautiful people" Beth said with a shrug.
"This one is different" Isabelle said trying to explain. "She is wanting something in particular" She finished. Alma said nothing although she felt that she should. She knew why this woman had come and it scared her. She loved Brian with all her heart, but she knew she was not a great beauty. Not like Isabelle or Beth or Zoe. What would she do if this woman chose her husband?
"Alma, are you okay?" Beth asked looking at her expression.
"Oh yeah. Just lost in thought" She said casually. When she returned home she was intent on using the "seeing herbs" to get clarity on the situation. She walked into the apartment and saw a very long set of shapely legs sitting on her sofa. She stood frozen as she saw the woman talking to her husband.
Brian stood up.
"Alma, come meet a new employee of Kostan Industries." Brian said with relief in his eyes. "Margaret, I'd like you to meet my wife Alma" He said.
"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you! Aren't you adorable!?" She said in a slightly condescending way.
Alma looked down at her jeans and Doc Martens and felt like a high school student. Alma walked to the bar and poured herself a stiff drink, downed the glass and walked into the meditation room.
"Margaret. These documents look good. Please take them to be notarized." he said quickly ushering her out. He walked to the door of Alma's special room and saw that the door was locked and he got the feeling that the door would be locked all night.
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Re: Beauty Kills Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:47 pm

"Beth tells me you've acquired a vixen" Mick said to Josef.
"Yeah and I can't figure out what her game plans is. There's something she wants but its not clear"
"Can't you just sack her?" mick asked
"Not unless I want to risk a hefty lawsuit and tons of bad press from women's groups"
"You'll figure it out Josef". Mick said
"You should stop by the office and see her for yourself" Josef quipped.
"You know Josef I found out a while ago, that it's a lot easier to deny yourself all together than to stop yourself once you've started" Mick said.
"You could have told me that earlier" Josef joked.

Josef's secretary Bridgett didn't like the woman as well, but not because of her beauty. She didn't like her because she knew from experience that the woman wanted something more that a career. She had been lacking something in her life for a very long time. And she was feeding here. How long would Mr. Kostan let her remain? Surely he saw it as well.

Everyday Margaret found a way to go to Gabriel with a problem. Each day she tried another tactic and Gabriel was becoming amused by her. He saw his wife approaching as they were going to lunch and prepared for one of Zoe's stinging comments.
"Gabe are you ready?" Zoe said walking past the woman and kissing her husband firmly on the lips.
"Yes I am. Zoe, let me introduce Margaret Fields our newest employee" Gabriel said. Zoe looked over her should nonchalantly.
"Oh, I didn't know you had an underling here" Zoe said showing Margaret how snubbing was done by a professional. "We really have to go honey. We're going to be late" Zoe said taking Gabe's arm and pulling him out the door.
"Did you just call her an underling?" Gabriel laughed engulfing her in a hug.
"I'm not in high school anymore. I know how to handle these women" Zoe said with a firm nod of her head.

Alma lit the "seeing herbs" one last time. She knew that Margaret was an Aztec Xocotzin. An entity of pure desire. Being around them causes an insatiable lust in all males and intense hatred in females. This was a dangerous being that could slowly wreck havoc on them all. She could see that Gabriel was immune to this being, but why he was she didn't know. Brian was barely hanging on and she knew that Josef felt himself becoming weaker so he and Isabelle decided to take a short trip. Something had to be done and it had to be done by her.

Margaret was becoming frustrated. Nothing seemed to be working, and if it was working at all, it was on the wrong people. She had been here for three months and neither Josef, Brian or Gabriel had succumbed. Gabriel especially confused her. She was dealing with special beings. Something in addition to vampirism.

A group fo Kostan employees met at their favorite coffee shop.
"I think we should kick the crap out of her!" Jennifer said maliciously.
"She's actually doing a really good job which makes it all the worse" Mandy said sadly.
"I just don't understand why Mr. Kostan hired her!" Josef's secretary Bridgett piped in. "I mean I get him trying to show Kostan Inc. as a glamorous firm and all, but she's a little too va-va-voom. Why bring a Playboy Bunny into the firm?" Bridgett finished.
"We have to do something. She simply can't stay!" Jennifer said drinking her coffee.

Margaret saw Brian heading for the elevator so she followed him. If they could be enclosed inside with no one else, he was hers! The elevator opened and Brian walked inside but heard someone yelling for him to hold it. He saw it was Margaret. He held the door open.
"Thank you Mr. Petzer" She said in breathless whisper. Brian knew something was happening and he was going to be in a very small place with the doors were slowly closing, Brian slipped off quickly.
"I forgot something in my office" He said walking back towards his office.
"I can hold it for you!" She yelled.
"No thank you. I may be a while. Have a pleasant evening" Brian said in a very controlled voice.
"Damn!" She whispered to herself.

Brian quickly shut himself in his office and locked the door. Then he rang his wife but got no answer. He was on his own he thought, so he sat behind his desk and started working again. Margaret wouldn't stay in the office all night he thought.

Josef and Isabelle got back from their trip very early in the morning and Josef wanted to stop by the office first. Isabelle insisted on going with him as he made his way to his office. Josef's noticed Brian's office light on.
"I swear, that boy will work all the hours in a given day" Josef said walking towards his door and turning the handle. He noticed it was locked so he pulled out his spare key and opened the door. Brian was asleep on the floor. Isabelle slowly spoke to his mind and he woke up.
"Good morning sir. Welcome back" Brian said standing up and straightening his suit.
"Brian do I have to remind you that you have a very lovely wife at home waiting for you?" Josef said with a smile.
"I'm afraid I had no choice. Margaret seemed determined to make her move". Brian explained.
"Go home Brian. Before she gets in. We will try and handle this" Josef said. Brian nodded his head and picked up his briefcase. As he headed towards Reception he saw Margaret. Sprawled out on the floor with a large gash to her head. He yelled out to Josef and when he and Isabelle came forth they saw Margaret.
"That's one way surprisingly I hadn't thought of" Josef quipped.

Carl took the elevator to the Executive Floor and saw Josef, Isabelle and Brian waiting with police officers and giving statements.
"What happened Josef?" Carl asked preparing for yet another cover up of some kind.
"I'm as much in the dark as you are Carl. Isabelle and I were in Santa Barbara and just returned this morning" Josef explained.
"Well, who is she?" Carl said walking towards the body and noticing that the woman was beautiful, even in death.
"A new employee named Margaret Fields. She hasn't even been here 6 months." Josef said.
"I'm going to need to see all your surveillance" Carl said.
"Will do" Josef said taking him to Security.

Kostan employees were coming into the office prepared to work, but were met by officers who led them to a large conference room for questioning. As far as Carl could figure out, the woman wasn't very much liked by anyone. While all the men thought she was a definite beauty, they mostly said that they didn't feel like they could trust her and that she scared them. All the female employees said Margaret was nothing but trouble! She went overboard on the flirting and caused a lot of ill will. Carl took over the questioning for Josef's immediate staff.
"Captain Davis, I think I'm the wrong person to ask about her personality" Bridgett said in all seriousness.
"Look, I know this woman was disliked, we're just trying to figure out why" Carl said. Bridgett paused as if she was trying to find a way to say what she really meant.
"Well let me say first of all that she was too beautiful......and I don't mean beautiful in the way Mrs. Kostan is. This woman was beautiful but you could see what she really looked like, well at least I could. She seemed to be up to something. I know she was trying really hard to seduce Gabriel St. John, but he wasn't interested in her a bit. Then she tried the same game with Mr. Kostan, but Isabelle took him on a last minute trip. And that left Mr. Petzer. I think she said or tried something with Mt. Petzer last night because he held the elevator door open for her then right before the door was closing Mr. Petzer stepped off and went back to his office" Bridgett said.

"Brian, can I talk to you for a moment?" Carl said sticking his head into Brian's office.
"Yes. What can I help you with?" Brain asked.
"Last night, you were on the elevator with the victim, did she say anything to you that made you step off the elevator?" Carl asked.
"At first I was trying to be polite. She was running to catch the elevator so I held it until she stepped inside. She said thank you Mr. Petzer, but there was something in her tone that put me on alert. So I made an excuse and went back to my office. I locked myself in because I got the feeling that she wasn't going to leave. That she was going to wait for me. So I left a message for Alma, then I started to do some work before I laid to rest. Isabelle and Josef woke me up"
"What was it about this woman?" Carl asked more to himself.
"I don't know." Brian said shaking his head. "Listen Carl, can I get home? I need to see my wife." Brian asked.
"Sure. I'll get back with you later" Carl said.

Carl checked all the surveillance footage from Kostan Industries from 8am till 5am this morning. He saw nothing suspicious. But the lack of evidence on video made him sure that a Kostan employee killed Margaret Fields and he knew he had to tread lightly.

"Alma! I need to speak with you!" Brian said in a very stern somewhat frightening voice when he saw that the door to Alma's mediation room was once again locked. He saw the door handle slowly turn.
"Yes Brian" She said.
"There will be no more locked doors between us!" He said looking deeply at her. "You are mine and I am yours until the end." Brian said. Alma sighed and ran into his arms.
"I'm sorry Brian, but that new employee....she...." Alma began to say.
"Is dead. Someone murdered her last night" Brian said. Alma placed her hands to her mouth.
Brian knew immediately that his wife was not responsible.
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Re: Beauty Kills Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:46 pm

"Have the police found the killer yet?" Mandy asked Bridgett in a whispering tone.
"No. They're going over all the surveillance footage now" Bridgett replied.
"This is awful. Really awful. Things like this shouldn't happen here!" Mandy said. Jennifer came rushing over towards them.
"Is it true? Ding dong the tramp is dead!" Jennifer said throwing her head back in laughter.
"Jen! Stop it!" Mandy replied. "The police will think you had something to do with it!"
"So. I'm not going to pretend that I'm sad over the death of one skank. Whoever did kill her, I'm personally taking them out to dinner!"
"You're being foolish with your words Jennifer they will get you into trouble" Bridgett said walking away and heading for her desk.
"What's with her? She didn't like her either!" Jennifer said.
"She's Mr. Kostan's secretary. She can't just participate in idle chatter. Especially about something so despicable as this." Mandy explained.
"Well, I for one will not shed any tears. Now we can get back to the way things were" Jennifer said walking back to her station.

"Good Morning Mr. Kostan." Bridgett said handing him the meeting minutes he requested.
"Thanks Bridgett. Can you hold all my calls unless it's from the circle?" Josef said walking to his office.
And of course his phone line rang all day long from someone wanting to know if their money was safe, or if this was a terror attack, or needing reassurance. Bridgett knew that what it really came down to is that people didn't trust vampires. Every incident was due to vampires being bloodthirsty killers.

Carl must have looked at the video over a hundred times and just couldn't see how this woman was murdered, but looking at her background he understood more why she was murdered. Margaret Fields was a very beautiful woman who toyed with the feelings of other on a pretty regular basis. Speaking with her last employers in Stockholm, her search for work in the United States came after a string of incidents involving Margaret cozying up to male employees and causing rifts in the office. But Carl just didn't get it! The woman was super great at her job. Her boss said as far as her work concerned she was first rate. One of his best employees, but seemed to not be able to control herself around men. And also Carl found out that she never dated anyone in the office. So why all the flirting?

"Alma you have to tell me what you know. That woman just didn't pop out of nowhere" Brian said.
"Margaret was a Aztec Xocotzin. A succubus. A pure sexual being. She wouldn't have been able to stop what she was doing. To her, she was playing a very fun game and of course she would move on to someplace else"
"But what's the purpose? I don't get it" Brian asked frustrated.
"Merriment, disruption. It doesn't really matter why they exists but they can make life troublesome. Most likely because these are cursed beings. They are virgins until the day they die which can make them really irritating. They enjoy the game they're playing. It makes them happy." Alma explained.
"And someone murdered her. In the office." Brian said pulling Alma close and hugging her tightly.

A group of men in the Mergers Department were discussing Margaret and how much they would miss her.
"Look, I know you all were all over that woman but I thought she was sneaky malicious little tart" Dylan said who never fell for Margaret's charms seeing how he was happy playing for the other team.
"Who care about her personality! The woman was beyond beautiful!!" Henry said.
"Antonio said he was with her a couple of times" Dylan said.
"No he wasn't!" They all said out loud.
"I'm serious! He said he was working late after the Perkins and Coie meeting, he gave her a ride home, she invited him up for a drink and well.....I'm sure you gents know what happened" Dylan said walking away.
"Dylan's lying!" Caleb said remembering how it was him Margaret had chosen after the Perkins meeting.
"He sounded pretty specific" Henry said laughing out loud. Caleb balled up his fist and punched Henry right in the nose.
"Take it back you bastard!!!. Take it back!!" Caleb screamed beating the crap out of Henry. Isabelle walked calmly in the break area and shoved both men away from each other simultaneously. She could see that Henry's nose was broken and ordered him to be driving to the hospital. She turned to face Caleb who until now had been one of her favorites.
"Explain" Was all she said.
"He said some things about someone and they weren't true. I just thought he should not be spouting off innuendo and speculation" Caleb said.
"And you chose to physically educate a man 10 years older and 30 pounds lighter? That is not how we handle things here". Isabelle said.
"Well maybe you should" Caleb whispered softly to himself. Isabelle turned quickly around.
"And you are terminated. We will collect all of your things and have them messengered to you." Isabelle said motioning for Security to escort the man off Kostan policy. Isabelle didn't ask what the altercation was about but she could guess it was about Margaret. Even in death this woman was wrecking havoc!
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Re: Beauty Kills Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:58 pm

Josef and Brian heard about what happened the next morning.
"Caleb was a good broker" Brian said.
"Yeah, but we can't have brawls in the office! This isn't high school!" Josef said.
"Are you sure Henry said Antonio was with Margaret?" Brian asked remembering what his wife said.
"Yes. It was after the Perkins Coie meeting" Isabelle related. "Why? Has something come to you Mr. Lord?"
"Alma told me last night that Margaret was a Succubus..." Brian said.
"So Margaret wasn't with anyone" Isabelle said.
"How do you know?" Josef asked. "I mean I know men will brag about any woman, but Henry's pretty honest"
"The Succubus is a virgin entity. They do not themselves have sex, but drive others into madness with sexual desire" Brian explained.
"So some sex creature just decides to fly from another country for the sole purpose of coming here and causing fights among my staff?" Josef asked.
"Someone sent her here sir" Brian said.
"Find out who and throw them into the tar pits!" Josef said walking back to his office.

Brian flew to Sweden and made an appointment to speak with the head of Farstorps Sparbank.
"Mr. Petzer! It is such an honor to meet you!" He said excitedly.
"I wondered if you might be able to give us some information on a former employee of yours?" Brian asked.
"Of course. We are so very proud that someone from Farstorps Sparbank has made it to the Americas!" He laughed.
"Her name is Margaret Fields" Brian said. He watched the man's expression turn white in fear. "Ms. Fields no longer works for us." He said standing up quickly.
"Sit down!!!" Brian said in a sinister voice that had to be obeyed. "She came to our firm with the highest recommendations from Your firm!"
"Mr. Petzer, her work was and still is some of the best we have ever seen. There was no falsehood." He said nervously.
"Then why did she leave?"
"We could not have her any longer, no matter how brilliant she was. In the 3years that she was here she had broken up 4 marriages! We had employees resigning. We had no choice." He said.
"So you just pawned her off on some other company? Without any warning?" Brian said.
"Is she coming back to Sweden!?" He asked suddenly.
"No. She was murdered" Brian said as he took notice of the relief on the man's face at this news.
"Thank God" He said quietly.

"So tell me, how did she come to you? She was an American was she not?" Brian asked.
"She was recommended by Uruguay Shipping International. She had so many letters of recommendations and as I said she was very bright and knew her duties. She was really unparalleled". He explained.
"South America" Brian said nodding his head. "Thank you for your cooperation" Brian said preparing to leave.
"Tell Mr. Kostan that he has my sincerest apologies" He said sadly. Brian said nothing.
Brian then went to his friend Deacon Caulfield who worked for The Bureau of Consular Affairs.
"Brian! Hello old friend!" He said warmly offering him a seat. "What can I do for you?" He said
"I am trying to track a woman who came to the United States from Sweden. A Miss Margaret Fields. Here is her personal information as it was told to us. She worked for Farstorps Sparbank" Brian said.
Deacon began to type in the information he was given then he paused and looked at Brian.
"I have a Margaret Z. Fields who worked for Uruguay Shipping, Inc. She survived a mass shooting. The son of the owner of Uruguay Shipping was obsessed with her. He walked into his father's building and began to shoot everyone inside. Over 80 people including the father were murdered. And the son took his own life". Deacon explained.
"How long ago was this?" Brian asked.
"7 years ago. Then she pops up in Sweden, but there's nothing on her prior to Uruguay. No birth records, parents, siblings nothing" Deacon said.
"Looks like I'm going to Uruguay"
"Indeed" Deacon replied staring at the photo on the desktop screen.
"She's dead Deacon" Brian said when he saw the expression on his face.
"Pity" He said with a smile.

Brian arrived in Uruguay a few hours later. In fluent Spanish he asked for a recommendation on a hotel to a local couple but they stared at him and shook their heads no. Then Brian began to speck Patois which was a mixture of French and Italian and they understood and told him of a location. Once he checked in he asked the hotel Concierge about the Uruguay Shipping Building and was told that the building had been torn down and rebuilt and gave him the address.

Brian stood in front of what used to be Uruguay Shipping. From the pictures on the Memorial stone, it was a beautiful old building.
"It was tragedy was it not?" Brian heard behind him. He turned and saw an older gentleman looking over Brian's shoulder.
"I've only just heard of it, but it is as you say a tragedy" Brian replied.
"My son worked for them. And he like this structure, is no more" He said sadly.
"I heard it was all about a woman" Brian asked.
"She was not a woman. She was a demon! She drove the men crazy with desire and she made each man think he was the only one who could have her....evil is what she was" He said.
"I know. She was working with me in America. She was murdered" Brian said.
"Good" He replied "Who was the woman who killed her?" He asked. Brian raised one eyebrow.
"Why do you think she died at the hands of a woman?"
"Because women are the only ones who can kill it. A man would be so enraptured with the demon, he could not do. Would not do it"
"Do you know where they come from?"
"I'll take you Conurata. She will tell you" The man said.

Brian and the old man walked into the coffee bar and they asked for the woman and was told to walk through a door.
"Who is this with you!!" She screamed. And as Brian walked closer to her she stopped. She turned to the old man standing next to Brian. "You are either very brave or very stupid to bring the dead along side you" She said to him tilting her head. The old man quickly pulled the crucifix from under his shirt and held it out to Brian as he walked out of the room. Brian watched him leave then slowly turned round to face her.
"A Succubus came to America via Uruguay and I wanted to know where it came from" Brian asked.
"That will cost you" She said with a smile.
"$10,000 is what I have and what I will give" Brian said letting her know that he could drain her before her body hit the floor.
"Faruk Aswegan sold her soul to the devil for beauty the world had never seen before. But with this beauty came the evil. All would love her but she would never love them. They drive men crazy and take their wealth and move to the next. This is all they do." She said. "So the one that was here is now with you?" She asked.
"Not anymore. She was murdered." Brian replied.
"And you do not know by who. That is why you are here" She said.
"Well do you?" Brian asked
"How am I supposed to know when I live here and you live there?"
"Is there anything at all you can tell me? Brian asked beginning to think he would give her no money." Brian said.
" one sent her to you. Them beings travel as they will because they enjoy what they're doing, but the one that killed her, hated the sight and the idea of that being. She saw right away what she was. And to save you all, it was murdered. She may be a seer of some kind but doesn't know it yet. But she saw right through that demon." She said opening her eyes.
"Who was it?" Brian asked.
"You will know when you return" She said holding out her hand. Brian reached in his pocket and pulled out a stack of bills and placed it in her hands. "Now you must go." She said walking away from him seeming to disappear in the mist.

Brian was on his flight thinking what the woman had said. Every woman in the company hated Margaret....he went over that night again in his mind....remembering what he saw. What he heard. And in a flash he saw who had killed Margaret Fields!
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Re: Beauty Kills Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:10 pm

"Welcome back My Lord" Isabelle said when Brian walked through the door. "Have you news?" She asked.
"Plenty, but I need you to ring Carl Davis. We will need his help" Brian said. Walking to Josef's office.
Jennifer saw Brian walk in and wondered where he had been for over the past week.
"Look who's back?" She whispered to Mandy as they were walking towards Bridgette's desk.
"Back from where?" Mandy asked. She paid very little attention to the coming and goings of upper management.

"Brian. Glad you're back. Is everything taken care of?" he asked looking up from his computer.
"In a way." he said sitting down and telling Josef what he had found out. There was knock on the door and Carl and Isabelle came in.
"Alright Brian. Do you know who killed the woman?" Carl asked.
"Yes. It was a conspiracy of 3 somebodies. All known to us." He said. "I will go retrieve them" Brian said disappearing quickly and coming back just a quickly with Bridgette, Alma and Lisa. The three of them stood in Josef's office looking at everyone.
"Brian are you sure?" Josef asked standing up at Brian's nod.
"Alright. You know. I killed her" Lisa said with shrug.
"Lisa why would do this? You didn't even know the woman" Josef said in disbelief. Brian walked over to Lisa.
"This is how it happened." Brian said. "Bridgett has abilities. Has had them for some time, but didn't know what it meant. She saw Margaret for what she was. What she truly was and knew that she had to something before this demon tore Kostan Industries apart. She called Alma who already knew what Margaret was and knew something had to be done but didn't know where to start. Once they talked about what had to be done, they needed someone they could trust and someone with execution stype skills. So they met with Lisa and told her what needed to be done. Alma preformed a camouflage spell and this hid Lisa from the surveillance cameras and she struck Margaret twice on the head with the butt of her assault rifle. And the problem of the Succubus was resolved" Brian said.
No one said anything for a moment.
"Well done ladies" Carl said finally glad to be able to put this case to rest.
"If you want me to say I'm sorry, I'm not going to. That woman wasn't even doing it to get laid which I would understand, but she was doing it for shits and giggles! And this is my family she was screwing with. So yeah I offed her. And I'm not sorry." Lisa said defiantly. Josef looked at Lisa with a smile.
"Wow! I'm impressed" Josef said chuckling.
"I'm sorry." Alma said. "But I saw what she was doing and what she was trying to do. With my husband and Zoe's. And both you and Josef we're barely holding on.....I had to do something!" Alma said. Brian walked over to her and hugged her.
"Thank you Alma" He said kissing her lips.
"Am I fired?" Bridgett finally said. Josef walked over to her.
"Are you fired? Are you serious? You're a freaking Seer! You honestly think we're letting you go?" Josef said. "In fact, I think you need a raise!"

The End
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