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Moonlight Fan Fiction
Rated PG
By Ella

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When a television producer approaches Mick about turning his PI work into a television series, Mick gets stuck with a star struck leading lady and a partying leading man! :shrug:

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this Josef!" Mick said after speaking with the Production crew.
"Of course you should do this! This is going to make your Private Investigation Business go through the roof! You'll be the Magnum PI of Los Angeles...minus the facial hair" Josef joked.
"So, they're sending over their choices for the leads. I've never heard of any of these people" Mick said.
"Who'd they pick?" Josef asked leaning forward.
"Bethany Carlisle for the lead actress and Josh McKellan for the part of me" Mick said reading the file they sent him.
"First off Bethany is gorgeous!! And she's got the body to match. Josh McKellan is a good looking kid. He wouldn't be my first pick to play you but he's not awful" Josef said.
"Okay. Now I'm interested. Who would be your pick?" Mick laughed.
"Off the top of my head.......? Alex O'Loughlin for sure" Josef said with a smile.
"I've never heard of him" Mick said rolling his eyes.
"Trust me you will" Josef said.

ABC was very interested in Mick St. John P.I. The pitch had been just what they were looking for and after meeting the real Mick St. John everyone was ready to get this series made. They got some great stories from some people at the LAPD who St. John had assisted and they even had a way to tie in the whole vampire thing. This series was going to be great!!
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Re: And..........................Action!

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:snicker: :teeth:
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Re: And..........................Action!

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Oh, if only this had been the scenario... :teeth: :happysigh: :hearts:
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:31 pm

Mick pulled into the studio but stayed in his car trying to gather his thoughts. Slowly he took out the key and got out of the car. A slight woman hurried towards him.
"Oh Mr. St. John! You're here! Come with me, everyone's waiting for you in Mr. Silverman's office" She said in a hurried voice walking quickly in her high heeled pumps.
"Can I get you anything?.......Oh! I'm so sorry!" She said covering her mouth with her hand. "I.....didn't...mean.." She stammered.
"No worries" Mick said with a smile as he followed her into the office.
Barry Silverman stood up and walked towards Mick.
"Mr. St. John! This is indeed a pleasure! It's not every day that I get to meet a legitimate bloodsucker who's not an attorney!" He joked laughing hysterically at his own joke. "Come. Let me introduce you to everyone you'll be working with. This is the very lovely Bethany Carlisle who will be playing Beth St. John nee' Turner." He said as the actress stood up in front of Mick.
"It's an honor to meet you Mr. St. John" She said in a seductive voice as she shook his hand a little too long. "And this is Josh McKellan who will be playing you of course." Barry continued.
"Nice to meet you dude" Josh said. Mick noticed he smelled of alcohol.
"And this is Simon Helberg who will be playing Josef Kostan" Barry said. "He's taking a break from the Big Bang Theory to do this series" Barry said with a smile.
"I've seen that show. You play Howard right?" Mick asked with a smile thinking that Josef was going to have a fit when he found out who was playing him!!
"Yeah. But I think its time we have a Jewish vampire. Am I right?" He joked looking at everyone as they chuckled.
"So, Mr. St. John now that you've met everyone, we wanted to go over the plot for the pilot. It is based on one of your cases. We're going to do a quick read through and if something isn't correct or is missing something crucial you just let us know." Barry said taking a seat the table.

Mick learned that a read through, was when all the actors just read their parts to get a feel for the story. It was going to be a long evening!

Alma was in her meditation room when the vision came to her.
Brian heard her laughing hysterically when he came home from work. He knocked on the door and waited. When she didn't answer he slowly opened the door and peaked in.
"Alma what's going on?" he asked walking towards her.
"Poor Mick!!" She laughed with tears streaming down her cheeks.
"What's going on?" Brian asked in confusion.
"The T.V. show!!" She continued to laugh. Brian just shook his head with a smile. He didn't even want to know. "They're calling it Midnight L.A.!" She finished.
"Hollywood" Brian said with his eyes closed.

The read through was unbearable! Josh mumbled his way through his lines trying to channel his inner James Dean, and Bethany looked directly at Mick whenever she had a line. The whole ordeal made Mick feel vulnerable and very foolish. Why would Josef think this was a good idea? But he knew why. If this would make vampires relatable people would no longer fear them, which was dumb, because they had every right to fear vampires! Bethany was saying her final line.
"I don't believe in vampires. I'm a reporter. I believe in facts. Science" She said.
"It doesn't matter what you believe". Josh said. "But I will always protect you" He finished.
"And scene!" Barry said clapping his hands. "Well done!! Great job everyone!" He said looking at Mick.
"So what did you think?" Barry asked. Mick didn't even know where to start!
"Did you read the case file?" Mick asked.
"Yes. We had to cut some of it out, but we left the most important parts. Professor Ellis killing his female students and the ritual blood dinking" Barry said.
"But Professor Ellis never killed any of his students. It was his teacher's assistant." Mick explained.
"Yes, but this makes for better T.V." Barry said dismissing Mick's complaints. "Trust me. People are going to love this!" He said lighting a cigar.

And this is why television sucked! Mick thought walking out the door.

"Howard Wolowitz!!!! Are you freaking serious?!!" Josef yelled. "Those idiots! This has to be changed!"
"Well, I don't know if anything is set in stone yet, but it seems to be happening" Mick said at least getting satisfaction that the role of Josef Kostan wasn't to his liking. "And it's not just your part that I find unbelievable, this kid that they have playing me was drunk during the reading and the woman kept undressing me with her eyes. This pilot is going to be a huge joke!" Mick said.
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:57 pm

Josh McKellan wasn't an idiot. He knew this vampire detective thing was going to be huge, but for some reason he just couldn't take television seriously. He had just come off Battle Bot which was a huge summer blockbuster and The Magician's Sword which was also a hit. He should have had his choice of plum roles! But on the other hand, if ABC could really make this series provocative and hard hitting, he wouldn't mind committing to it, but if the read through was any indication, they would be canceled after the pilot episode. He pulled up to The Boulevard3 and tossed his keys to the Valet.
"Josh!!! Josh we love you!!" A group of young women screamed while snapping his picture.

Bethany wasn't exactly thrilled with the storyline, but after being recognized as the best friend on the series Cotter's Lane, she was happy to throw away her teen role for good. And vampires were big right now. Hell vampires were big at anytime and she planned to make the most of this role. She watched the Buzzwire footage of Beth St. John repeatedly until she had every mannerism down.
She wondered if Mick would help her with some things? She read the script that told of the Black Crystal drug. It seems that Beth had taken a bit of the drug and showed up at Mick's place wearing a nightie......she wondered for a while about that scene.

"So how did it go?" Beth said hugging Mick tightly then handing him some blood.
"Babe, this is a mess. Everything about this series is wrong. Their cutting vital parts out of the case files and the actors are all wrong."
"This is just the beginning honey. They will make a thousand changes before they're ready to shoot." She said grabbing her coat.
"Where are you off to?" Mick asked in surprise.
"I promised Angela I'd help her with the kids while she's doing some baking for the street fair tomorrow. I won't be but........however long it takes to bake cookies and cakes" She laughed giving Mick a sloppy kiss before leaving.

Josef was on the phone with the head of ABC telling him what he thought of his choices.
"Mr. Kostan calm down. I'm sure that this casting decision was not made for any other choice tham the feeling that Simon was better for the part" He explained.
"What about my choice Ryan Gossling? He's perfect!" Josef raged.
"Ryan Gossling is also over our budget"
"Then I will expand your budget!!" Josef yelled.
"Mr. Kostan, I understand how you feel. You want to be represented accurately, but this what Hollywood calls creative licensing. The Producers feel strongly that this is the right way to go" He said knowing that Josef Kostan would make his life a living hell.
"We'll see about that!" Josef screamed and hung up the phone.

Mick sat back and sipped a drink while listening to Nina Simone when the bell rang.
He opened the door and saw Bethany herself walking into his apartment taking her coat off.
"I walked all the way here" She said laying the coat on the sofa.
"Bethany what are you doing here?"
"I wanted to feel the night. Is this the way you feel all the time?" She said walking towards him. Then it dawned on Mick this what Beth had said after taking the Black Crystal drug. As Bethany walked closer Mick put out his hands to stop her.
"Bethany, you can't be here. You need to leave" Mick said sternly
"I want you to turn me into what you are" She said wiggling away from Mick's hands and placing her arms around his shoulders. Mick had had enough.
"Knock it off or I'll toss your shapely little butt out the window!" Mick yelled. Bethany stopped.
"If you're not going to take this seriously Mr. St. John how do you expect me to do a good job?" She said folding her arms.
"You do it some other way that doesn't include you coming to my home and trying to ruin my marriage!" Mick yelled. She studied Mick for a few seconds.
"You know that was great! Do it again and I'll record it for Josh. He needs to see this!" She said pulling out her iPhone and setting the video on record".
"What the hell is wrong with you people?!! Get out!! Now!!" Mick said taking her arm and picking up her coat and throwing it over her shoulder. "And Bethany. Don't come back!" mick said slamming the door.

"Yes, can I speak with Mr. Josef Kostan please?" The voice said to Rosa Josef's housekeeper.
"Who may I tell Mr. Kostan is calling?" Rosa asked.
" Ryan Gossling" He said. Josef picked up the phone.
"Hello Mr. Gossling" Josef said
"Hello to you as well.....Mr. former President..." He began to say.
"Josef will suffice."
"Well, I'm flattered that someone like you would be trying to get in contact with me, but I'm confused as to why?" He said
"I actually have a proposition for you" Josef said with a smile.

Josh woke up in his hotel room, with three people in his bed and throbbing headache! He pulled the cover back and saw three naked girls! Thank God for that! He had woken up once with a guy in his bed and swore he would never do that again. He pulled back the shower curtain to take a quick shower and that's when he saw it!! He immediately got sick and threw up all over the body that was resting in his bathtub. He slowly picked up the phone to the front desk and told them to get up here pronto!

Soon the police were surrounding the Belvedere Hotel as well as the Press. Carl got out of his car and walked up to the Policeman guarding the entrance. he saw Mick pull up right after him so Carl waved him in.
"What are doing here Mick?"
"I just met this guy yesterday. He was hired to do a television series about my work." Mick said as they waked through the lobby area.
"Are you kidding me?"
"I wish I were." Mick said as they go on the elevator
"What have you got?" Carl asked Felix when they went inside the hotel room and saw the body.
"Not a whole lot. Turns out Mr. Hollywood over there threw up all over the body. It's completely contaminated for hairs and fibers. But the cause of death looks to be blunt force trauma. I can't tell you any more than that" Felix said.
"Wait, so you're in a T.V. show?" Carl asked.
"No. Mr. Hollywood over there is playing me in a T.V. show" Mick said.
"But he's an awful actor" Carl said turning away.

Barry turned off the news in disgust. What in the hell had Josh done? The series was going to be ruined now with all the bad press. And Simon called and said CBS wouldn't let him out of his contract so they were short someone to play Josef Kostan! Then he got a brilliant idea. What if Mr. St. John were interested in playing himself in the series? Now that would be a fantastic stroke of good luck and good PR!
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:31 pm

Mick headed back home to retrieve some files. He saw Beth sitting on the sofa reading through a newspaper. He stole up behind her and wrapped his long arms around her and planted a kiss on her ear.
"Babe, it's been one hell of a morning" He said with a sigh.
"Mick! what are you doing?" He heard Beth call out with a smile.
The woman turned to face him and he saw it was Bethany! Again.
"Damn it Bethany! I thought I told you not to come back here!" Mick yelled.
"Mick she came here to see me to go over some Buzzwire notes not to be sexually assaulted" Beth said with a laugh.
"Sexual? I thought she was you!" Mick said beginning to get flustered.
"Obviously. What are you doing back anyway?"
"There was a murder in Josh McKellan's hotel room last night" Mick explained.
"Oh God!" Bethany said standing up. "I better go back and see if Josh is okay" She said quickly. "Beth can I take a rain check?" She asked hurrying out the door.
"So you think this is the end of the TV show?" Beth asked.
"One can only hope" Mick said.
"You didn't kill someone last night did you?" She asked with a smile.
"Wouldn't you like to know" Mick teased coyly.

Josh was held at the police station going over the events of last night.
"I'm telling you, I got to Boulevard3 at about 10pm. I met up right away the Jarrett sisters and we were together the whole time at the bar. We were drinking a lot, so I left my car at the club and called a limo to take us back to the hotel. Then I wake up and there's a dead girl in my shower!" He said.
"And you so happened to throw up all over the victim" The Officer said.
"Look first of all, I had at least a fifth of Rum last night! My head was spinning and then I see a dead bloody body right in front of me, damn right I threw up! Who wouldn't?" He said placing his fingers to him temples.
"And you have no idea who this woman was?"
"Maybe if I saw of photo of what she looked like know" Josh said.

It didn't take ABC long to pull Josh McKellan from the series pending legal complications and Josef saw his plan come to life.

"Ryan Gossling?!!!" Bethany's best friend screamed in her ear. "Shut up!!!"
"That's what I was told. They're turning the series into a two hour movie and Ryan Gossling agreed to play the role of Josef Kostan" Bethany replied.
"I am so jealous! So who going to play your vamp boyfriend?"
"The studio is trying to get Mick St. John to play himself" She replied.
"Shut up!!!!! Now I'm really jealous!! So you get to kiss Ryan Gossling and Mick St. John and get paid a boatload of cash to do it? Life is unfair!" She wailed.
When Bethany thought about it, she was pretty damn lucky!

"So why are you so upset with fake Beth?" Beth asked.
"She's taking this role too seriously for one. And she keeps looking at me in this intense way. And she came over here just wearing a coat and nightie saying she wanted to feel the night. She's just weird" Mick tried to explain.
"She's probably "method acting" just trying to get really into the core of the part." Beth said with a shrug.
"I don't care. I just don't want her over here anymore" Mick said.

Bethany sat up in her car. She looked around and still saw Mick's car in the garage. So he was still in the apartment. She stick around for a little while longer.
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby allegrita » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:40 pm

Mick writes a note to self... always do the sexy sniffing thing BEFOREHAND. :snicker:
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:32 pm

"Alright. We finally got an I.D. on the victim. Her name is Amy Kendricks, age 26 from Orange County. She works at Toscana a very high end restaurant. Her boss said last night was usual night off. Her photograph was recognized at Boulevard3, by the doorman. Said she was with another girl." Carl said.
"Well, that's a start. Is the hotel finished gathering all the surveillance footage?"
"It should be here by 2pm" Carl said.
"I'm going to check something out, I'll be right back" Mick said as he left the Police Station.
Mick made two stops. First stop Logan.
"Logan I need you to find a physical address for one Amy Kendricks. Works for Toscana Restaurant downtown. And Logan, I need this fast" Mick said.
"You got it Mick" Logan said as he began to type away. The next stop was Ted and Samantha.
"Okay you two, I need a complete work up on Amy Kendricks. Where she grew up, where she went to high school and all relatives. I want this woman's life laid out from birth to death" Mick said.
"Give us two hours" Ted said as he and Samantha went to work.

"Mr. St. John. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice. As you may have heard Josh McKellan has stepped down from the role of...well, you and we all think that's for the best. We would like you to consider stepping into the role, which would be easy because you're playing yourself and...." he started to say.
"Mr. Silverman. The answer is no. I'm not an actor and I will not put myself in a position that could cause more harm than good. I'm sorry, but the case files are the only things I am interested in giving to you". Mick replied.
"Well, it was worth a shot. You are a hard man to copy" Barry said sadly.

"Okay guys what did you find?" Mick asked as he went back to ted and Sam's office.
"Lots!" Sam said. "First of all her name isn't Amy Hendricks. It's Alice Conner from Tempe, Arizona"
"She grew up in the Foster system all her life. Bounced around from one home to the next. She was more or less a Grifter. She conned her way through most of the Southwest" Ted said.
"She stole the real Amy Hendrick's I.D. around three years ago. The real Amy Hendricks is in a coma in Laredo, Texas. She was a college student and cheer captain, who fell 30ft in a pyramid. She's been comatose for close to 4 years" Sam said.
"So I guess Alice decided since she wasn't using her identification and she wasn't technically dead, she used it to come to Los Angeles" Ted finished
"This is great! Anything else?"
"Yeah. She had a sister. When their mother died, they had no father to speak of or any other family so they were placed in Foster care. The younger sister was adopted right away, but those records are sealed tight. I mean tight. As in the sister never wanted to be found. All we could find is a caseworker name who is still living who might want to talk" Ted said.
"What's the name?" Mick asked
"Jessica Mendiola in Tuscon" Sam said sliding the file over to him.
"Thanks guys. Great work" Mick said.

Ryan Gossling met with Josef as soon as his flight set down in Los Angeles.
"Ryan, thank you for meeting with me before your meeting at ABC Studios" Josef said shaking his hand.
"It's a pleasure Mr. Kostan." Ryan replied.
"Please, call me Josef. You're going to be playing me after all." Josef said leading him to a chair.
"I have to tell you Ryan, I think you're an incredible actor. I've loved every role you've been in."
"Thank you sir, but you do know that my primary interest is in film" Ryan said.
"Yes, yes I do. I also know that you are looking for more in the stage field now that La La Land is scoring quite well" Josef said with a smile.
"How did you know that?" Ryan asked in surprise.
"It was very easy actually. Everyone knows the Oscars are rigged for the most part. If they weren't, you would have won for your brilliant role in Lars and the Real Girl, which I think was a crime by the by, but after showing the world that you can sing and dance as well as act, the stage would be the net option for you"
"I haven't let on to anyone that that is something I'm looking into" Ryan said.
"And trust me. It will stay that way. All I want you to do is one television movie. Now I know you don't care for money and are very serious in your craft, but I happen to know that my good friend Roman Polanski was looking for a leading man for his newest film Dying in the Past. I recommended you" Josef said. Ryan's eyes opened wide. It had been a dream of his to work with Polanski.
"What is this film about?" Ryan asked.
"Its about a boy who was placed in a concentration camp along with his family, his family is killed but he survived and was rescued when the U.S. came to release him. The boy grows up with a distant aunt who lives in Moscow. But the boy sees the SS Officer who killed his family, hiding in Russia and plots to kill him" Josef explained.
"That sounds amazing". Ryan said knowing he would do what Josef wanted him to do for this opportunity. "Okay Mr. Kostan. You got me. I'll do it." Ryan said with a smile.
"I knew you would" Josef replied as he picked up his phone to make all the necessary arrangements.

Mick knocked on the door of one Jessica Mendiola. The woman who answered looked young for her age.
"Yes, may I help you?" She asked.
"Yes. We spoke on the phone. I'm Mick St. John.."
"Oh yes, please come right in" She said opening the door wider. Once Mick had taken a seat, she sat down opposite him. "Now you were looking for information on Alice Conner?" She said.
"And her sister" Mick added.
"I can't give you much information on the younger sister, but Alice was one of our more problem children. We had a very hard trying to find a family for her. Her younger sister of course was adopted right away due to her being much younger, but we often have a harder time with the older children. Alice was stubborn and sneaky. She stole constantly and manipulated other children that were in the house. She was trying to work up enough money to find her sister, but she was only 10 years old, it's not like she could have taken care of her sister. As she got older the trouble increased and she was thrown out of her last Foster Home, and she just disappeared." Jessica explained. "Why these questions now. Has Alice done something?" She asked.
"Yeah. She was murdered in a hotel room" Mick said. Jessica crossed herself.
"Jesus wept" She said.
"Do you know where I can find the sister? As her next of kin we have to notify her"
"Well, adoption records are sealed and this family didn't want the sister to have any contact with any family members"
"I know, but this is her sister. She has to be told. And she is after all an adult. We can't keep this information from her. She'll want to pay her respects" Mick said.
"You're right" She said softly getting up from her chair.

Mick flew back to Los Angeles lost in thought. This was going to be heartbreaking for the sister and he hated delivering bad news. Especially about the death of a family member.

Ryan Gossling was up to his neck in media attention, more than usual. he spent the past month shadowing Josef and he had to admit this role was amazing. A billionaire, former President of the United States, philanthropist, and vampire! He shook his head smiling.

Mick was at the studio for the first scene having agreed to play himself in the movie. He was a little nervous but didn't understand why he was. They were his case files and notes. If he couldn't play himself then all hope was lost. His scenes with Ryan were amazing. It was like being in Josef's office speaking to him. Ryan displayed every mannerism, every tick and every move that made Josef Kostan....Josef Kostan. Bethany had obviously studied Beth on tape and in real life because her portrayal rang true to everything Beth did during those days.

He had no luck in finding Alice's sister. She had been living in Billings Montana for most of her childhood, but after college at Berkeley she had fell off the map.
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:13 pm

"So Mr. St. John, have you found out anything about that body in Josh's room? You think they would of found a suspect or something" Bethany said as they were walking off set.
"I don't think so. This may be just one of those senseless crimes that pop up occasionally?" Mick said.
"Yeah I guess. You know this is my first time to Los Angeles. All the filming for Cotter's Lane was filmed in Vancouver" She said sounding a little sad.
"Well, be careful. Los Angeles is not Canada. This can be a very dangerous city" Mick said in a warning voice.
"Trust me I will be" She said walking away but turning to glance again at Mick as he walked away.

"Damn! That girl is all kinds of creepy" Mick uttered under his breath.

"You know Josef, whatever you did to get Ryan Gossling to do this movie was worth it! I mean this guy is you! I don't know how actors can do it so convincingly, but it really felt like I was talking to you!"
"I know. I thought of him right away. How are things working out with the murder?" Josef asked.
"We're drawing a blank on the sister angle. Considering they haven't seen one another since they were children, I don't know if that's viable angle to pursue anymore". Mick said.
"And they spoke to the other Barbie's in Josh's little love party?" Josef asked.
"Yeah. None of them were adopted or have any other tie to the victim either under her fake name or her original name". Mick replied.
"Don't worry. You'll figure it out. You always do. To pull off a successful murder you have to be either smart, rich or a vampire. And even that's no guarantee"" Josef joked.

To make matters worse, Mick was now followed by photographers every where he went!. Why would anyone want to put themselves in this business was beyond him! If you ignored them, it made them follow you more. If you cooperated, they thought you were hiding something, and if you didn't respond, they simply made up whatever they wanted to. As he stepped out of his car on his way to see Carl, he noticed some photographers across the street but they made no effort to get close to him. He walked into the Police Station and thought "Thank you Josef!"

"How long they been following you?" Carl said seeing them across the street.
"A little over a month, but I think Josef scared the hell out of them because they are at least staying the legally mandated amount of yards away" Mick said.
"Thank goodness. It would have been a real nightmare arresting them all and holding them for 48 hours." Carl responded.
"So you have any news for me?" Mick asked.
"Well, after eliminating everyone on set, we started to do some background work ups on everyone associated with this movie. From scriptwriters, wardrobe hell even personal assistants. Everyone one comes up clean. How are you doing? Is Brittany still giving you the lustful looks?"
"Yeah. I still get the looks but she seems to have backed off some."
"Well, go get some rest. If anything pops up I'll call you first thing" Carl said.

It had been a couple of months and the murder was forgotten. Josh McKellan was in Asia filming another Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel and "Fake Beth" was going to be working on a film adaptation of Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome. By all appearances everything was back to normal, except there was a murder that hadn't been solved.

But everything was going to come to a head when the television movie was soon to be aired.

"Are you nervous about the movie?" Josef asked.
"No. The public is a finicky beast. You can't gage their likes and dislikes on anything". Mick said.
"Well with a face like yours, it could be the worst thing since Ed Wood and women would still say the movie was the greatest thing they'd ever seen" Josef said with a grin.
"Yeah, we'll see about that". Mick said.
"You want another?" Josef said pointing to his empty glass.
"Yeah, one more" Mick said looking at the people walking past the window.
"Mick St. John!!" A familiar voice called out. It was Kimberly Swift walking towards him with a bright smile. "Mr. Kostan!!" She said running up to them both and giving them a huge hug.
"So how's sailing around the world?" Mick asked.
"It's wonderful! Silas is enjoying being able to be out in public again without any women falling at his feet. He was scared and apprehensive for a while but now he's up for cliff diving and sword fishing!"
"So what brings you back to the mainland?" Josef joked.
"Much needed supplies. We were running on empty so time to refuel" Kimberly said.
"Where is Silas anyway?" Mick said looking around.
"Oh he wanted to stop by and see Julian, so I told him I would do some shopping."
"Well, let's start with a champagne toast, to you and Silas!" Josef said signaling the bartender.

After a couple of hours drinking and catching up, Kimberly had to leave to pick up Silas from Julian's house.
"Are you sure you and Silas don't want to rejoin the human race?" Josef asked.
"No thank you Mr. Kostan. We've already spent a lifetime apart." Kimberly said with a shy smile.
"Alright. Give my best to your good man" Josef said kissing her cheek.
"It was nice seeing you both!" Kimberly said giving Mick a big hug and laying her lips lightly on his.
"Tell everyone I said hello!" She said walking out the door.
"Well, look at that. Looks like you're nothing but a fond memory for Miss Kimberly" Josef joked.
"That's a relief. Now all I have to worry about is "fake Beth", but that will be ending as soon as we shoot the last scene" Mick said.
"Yeah, it's so hard being beautiful" Josef laughed.
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:17 pm

As they were heading up to the final shoot, Mick was more comfortable being onscreen. As time went on he had very few re-takes and he could tell that both the director and the producer were glad. The final scene was the case surrounding Maureen's murder. Bethany was on point throughout the whole scene. Then came the passionate kiss at the end. Mick had reservations about the whole thing and wanted a double for the scene, but after speaking with Beth and her assurance that she could look beyond one pretend kiss he guessed he was ready to proceed. He had been told by Josef that movie kissing actors never use tongues and that was to tame possible sexual reactions. So after sitting alone in his car for an hour, he finally walked into the studio for make up.

"Alright Mr. St. John, you sexy beast, this is the final scene. After leaving Beth's apartment and she shuts the door, you take a few steps towards the elevators and quickly turn around and burst open the door, grab her head and kiss her deeply. Now this will be passion that you've never felt before. It surprises you yet consumes you." The director explained trying to set the correct mood.
"Now Bethany. You have been holding your feelings back for Mr. St. John. You're afraid of his vampire side, but you love him deeply and you fear that he will never love you back because you are a mere mortal woman. You desperately want his love, need his love. And when he comes through your door, you submit to him body and soul. You must have him possess him." He continued walking quickly back to his camera. "Okay places everyone...........Action!!" He yelled loudly.

Mick looked at Bethany with his hand against the wall.
"It won't work. You know this. You're a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life! There are things you want that I can't give you". Mick said quickly looking away. He saw the tears streak down her face.
"You're right Mick......I can't live in your world...not the way I am." Bethany said "Goodbye Mick St. John" She said as she slowly closed the door. Mick turned to leave and took a few steps toward he elevator, then turned around and walked quickly back up to the door, broke it open and grabbed Bethany in his long arms and kissed her. Bethany placed her arms around him slowly then began to hug him as tight as she could. Mick felt her tongue slide out and he pulled away from her with a confused look on his face.
"Cut!!" he heard the director say. "Magnificent!! Absolutely marvelous!!" He yelled as everyone clapped. Mick turned quickly to leave. He stopped at a nearby water fountain and splashed the cold water all over his face. Mick went back into the studio.
"Thank you all for this experience but I'd like to get home to my wife" He said turning to leave.
"Wait!! Mr. St. John don't you want your pay?" The producer called out to him.
"Donate it to a children's charity" Mick said as he walked quickly to his car started it and drove away.

He saw that Beth was already home by the time he arrived.
"How was the final shoot?" She asked seeing the look on Mick's face.
"I need to take a shower Babe. You wanna help me?" He added with a sly grin.
"You had me at you had to take a shower" She joked taking his hand as they walked upstairs.

Just as they reached the top of the stairs, Mick's phone began to ring. he sighed before picking it up.
"Mick. We got a problem. Someone just whacked Kimberly on the head at the pier. They just took her to Mercy General!" Josef said.
"I'll meet you there" He said quickly.
"Honey what wrong?" Beth asked.
"Someone just attacked Kimberly Swift! She's in the hospital." He said running out the door.

When Mick arrived he saw Josef, Brian and Isabelle already there.
"Is she going to be okay?" Mick asked anxiously.
"She's stable, but with any blunt force trauma, their worried about hemorrhaging or brain damage" Josef said.
"We could heal her" Isabelle said knowing that the others were thinking"
"She's a Changeling. We don't know what affect that will have on her transformation." Josef said.
"Brian can you contact Alma and find out if this would be difficult?" Isabelle asked.
"Don't you think we should hold off on anything supernatural until we hear from the doctor?" Mick asked not wanting Kimberly to be burden by the Dark Gift just as she was starting a new life with the man she loved.

Dr. Francis looked at Kimberly's ex-ray and something looked familiar about the wound.
"Felix. Dr. Francis here. Can you bring me your autopsy notes on the victim in that hotel attack? I'm looking at an assault victim that looks to have the same pattern fracture on her head"
"Similar or close to being exact?" Felix asked.
"Two heads are better than one. Let's compare files" Dr. Francis said.
Felix came up immediately.
"Alright. This is all I have on the Hotel victim" He said laying the file on Dr. Francis' desk
"Look at this Felix and tell what you think." Dr. Francis said. He watched as Felix went over the entire file, then looked up.
"The wounds are exactly the same" Felix said. "We have to let Carl know" He said picking up the phone.

Carl walked into the Emergency Room and saw everyone standing around pacing.
"Carl what are you doing here?" Mick asked.
"Felix called to let me know that a friend of yours was attacked and the wound is exactly the same as the hotel victim. Who is it? Who got hurt?" Carl asked in a rush.
"Kimberly Swift" Mick said. Carl closed his eyes briefly and shook his head.
"I didn't even know she was back in town." Carl said.
"We didn't know either until she saw Josef and I having a drink at the Canteen...oh God! Brian, no one has spoken to Silas! Can you get him at Julian's?" Mick asked.

Brian showed up in Julian's sitting room.
"Brian. What has happened?" Julian said suddenly.
"Its Kimberly. Silas she in the hospital. She was attacked and it's pretty serious" Brian said sadly. "Come we must go" Brian said grabbing their hands. As soon as Silas appeared, at least a dozen women surrounded him, all claiming love and devotion to him.
"On no!" Mick said. "Brian get him out of here!" Mick said.
"So it looks like as long as Kimberly is in the hospital, her want for Silas to be left alone only works while she is awake and in control" Josef said. Brian reappeared. "Brian what did Alma say about Kimberly?" Josef asked.
"She said that giving Kimberly vampire blood was not needed. That as a Changeling, she has the power to restore herself. But it is not instantaneous like us. Kimberly will be back to normal in another day or so" Brian said.
"Well that's good for Silas' sake, but more importantly Mick, Carl you need to find out who's behind this" Josef.
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Re: And..........................Action!

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:01 am

Mick and Carl went back to the Police Station to go over the evidence again.
"These are all the alibis for everyone associated with studio and these are the alibis for everyone on set, yourself excluded" Carl said. Just then Mick phone rang and he answered it quickly praying for good news.
"Honey it's me" Beth said sounding a little strange.
"Babe what's wrong?" Mick said fearing the worse. She wasn't answering.
"Hello Mr. St. John." A voice said to him. Mick grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote "Fake Beth at my place send help" and slid it in front of Carl who took off.
"Bethany? Can you put my wife back on the phone please?" Mick said trying to sound calm.
"I was too careless I know." She said Then all of sudden, Mick realized what was going on. Bethany was the missing sister!
"Why did you kill her? Was she blackmailing you?" Mick asked.
"Blackmailing me? She was my sister! Of course she wasn't blackmailing me, but she did want back in my life and I couldn't have that. She would have ruined everything! My image, my career! No one would want to hire me once they found about her criminal past! She was going to ruin me!" She said as if she was justified.
"Why in Josh's room? You almost ruined his career? Mick said accusingly.
"Please! You do know Josh is an awful actor? He would have ruined this project!"
"Why did you try and murder my friend? I know it was you." Mick said becoming angry.
"I saw her with you and your friend. I saw the way she looked at you and when she kissed you, it just pissed me off. I couldn't control myself. Is she dead?" Bethany asked.
"No she's not" Mick replied.
"I'm glad. I didn't mean to hurt her" She said softly.
"Ok, so what are going to do with my wife? What good is she to you?"
"You know I knew about you way before this T.V. idea?"
"So you lied. This wasn't your first time to Los Angeles?" Mick said thinking he should have known. What are the chances that a well known actress had never been to Los Angeles.
"Of course not. I very well couldn't get any work if I'd never come here? But anyhow, I met you at a Kostan Industries fundraiser....something for the blue whale or whatever nonsense, you were with Beth, of course and you most likely don't remember me, but I served you your drink. Nobody drinks Old Fashions anymore. That should of been my first hint that you were something other than a typical man. I gotta say. you were and still are the most beautiful man anyone's ever seen." She finished.
"So what do you want Bethany?" Mick asked in frustration.
"Well I would say my freedom, but I guess its too late for that. When you have no options, it frees you. Really it does. Right now, I could do whatever I wanted and it wouldn't matter. It might matter to your wife, but that's it" Bethany said sounding tired.
"So it looks like you're at the end of your rope Bethany" Mick said hanging up the phone and heading for his car.
Bethany stared at the phone in her hand, stunned that Mick St. John had hung up on her. She looked at his wife who was calmly sitting on the sofa flipping through a magazine looking bored.
"How do you put up with him?" She said looking at Beth.
"Practice, patience and love. That's all anyone can do" Beth answered. "I'm going to get something to drink. Do you mind?" Beth asked. Bethany shrugged her shoulders. Beth went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of white wine and poured two glasses. She walked over to Bethany. "You might as well have something to drink" Beth said.
"I don't really drink" She said.
"Does that really matter now?" Beth said walking towards her slowly barring her fangs. She watched Bethany's eyes grow wide with the recognition that Mick St. John's wife was also a vampire! Bethany quickly put the gun to her temple and pulled the trigger as Carl was bursting through the door.

Mick came running down the hall and into the apartment and saw the scene in front of him.
"She killed herself Mick" Carl said pulling out his mobile and calling for a bus.
"Are you okay Babe?" Mick said walking over to Beth and hugging her.
"I really know now how Isabelle feels" Beth said looking at Mick.
"Feels about what?" Mick asked in confusion.
"All women wanting her husband so desperately. And there's nothing either you or Josef can do about it" Beth said sighing.

The movie was canceled under the weight of the murders, but ABC was kind enough to give Josef a copy of the final results for his viewing. He invited everyone over including Ryan Gossling. Zoe, Amy, Haley, Lisa, Mila, Beth, Alma and Isabelle were all excited to meet Ryan. And the night of the viewing, each woman had a brand new outfit and hairdo for the occasion. When Ryan finally arrived all the women went over to shake his hand or give him a hug.
Josef and Mick sat back staring at the spectacle.
"I don't get it" Mick said shaking his head.
"I know! There's no way Ryan is better looking than me!" Josef said frowning. "Alex O'Loughlin maybe, but not Ryan"
"I have to find out who that guy is" Mick said.

The End
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