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A New Start

Postby Ella713 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:42 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
A New Start
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

As the New Year approaches Josef throws the biggest gala Los Angeles had ever seen, but when an unexpected guest arrives, Angels and vampires team up to deal with the threat.

"Sir, you have really outdone yourself" Brian said looking around in awe. "Do we have an accurate head count?"
"Bridgett said she was up to 10,000 confirmed RSVP's, but she expects more will come closer to the event". Josef replied. "Isabelle and Beth are going shopping for gowns and I told them to take Alma with them by any force necessary" Josef quipped.
"I wish them luck with that endeavor. My wife it seems, is allergic to finery" Brian said with a smile.
"All men should be so lucky" Josef said.

"I feel really uncomfortable with this....I'm sure I can find something at a local mall or something" Alma said in the back seat of Beth's car.
"I forbid you to buy a dress from the mall!" Isabelle said.
"Malls are not bad Isabelle. I found a lovely coat at Macy's for 75% off" Alma replied. When they stopped at a red light, Beth looked back at Alma.
"I get it. You're uncomfortable with the wealth. I was too at first. I mean I never thought I would be able to just buy whatever I wanted all the time, but you can't live like a pauper either". Beth explained.
"I know........I just feel so inadequate compared to all of you" Alma said.
"You are at the head of all things supernatural and you dress like a college freshman. That is no longer acceptable" Isabelle said firmly.
"You can't say no where Isabelle and Josef are concerned. When it comes to fashion and appearance, they are the Court of Last Appeals" Beth said laughing.
"First we must figure out which designer is fit for you" Isabelle said as they walked down Rodeo Drive. "We will try Gucci, then Badgley Mischka and perhaps Dior, but their spring line was a disappointment." Isabelle said opening the door to the first boutique. Sales people noting that Isabelle had walked in started pulling the best merchandise for her to view. Isabelle waved everything away. They walked into Badgley Mischka and that's where they scored.
"Brian's not going to like how much this gown cost. Brian is very careful" Alma said thinking maybe she made a mistake.
"Then consider it my gift to you". Isabelle said placing the bags in the trunk of the car.

He looked around. He had never liked the Americas, but he was bored. Time for fun!

He looked at the girl and shuddered. When did women take pains to disfigure themselves so?
"Hey, do you have the time?" She asked him.
"I beg your pardon?" He replied in confusion. She smiled brightly at him and really liking his accent.
"Do you know what time it is?" She asked.
"Oh. No I do not. I don't carry a timepiece" He said.
"A what?" She said frowning at the man and walking away. "What a freak" She thought to herself.
"My apologies." He said walking to catch up with her. "I am visiting from Europe and a lot of the things said here I do not quite understand" He said with a smile. She smiled.
"So what brings you here? Business?" She asked.
"It is the City of Angels! I couldn't stay away on any account!" He said with a grin.

Carl was tired. Jackson was going through the terrible two's and he was taking a brunt of it, so when he heard that a body had been found Johnston park, he sighed and followed his officers out.
When they approached the park Carl saw Felix with the body.
"Give it to me straight Felix" Carl said.
"Well, her purse was found not too far from body. Her name is Calley Morris, age 29, resides in West Hollywood. COD strangulation and I mean she was strangled with such force her esophagus was pulverized. Who ever this bastard is, he's unbelievably strong. I'll know more once I get her on the table" Felix said throwing the sheet back over her body.
"Great" Carl muttered to himself. And only 2 days before New Years Eve!
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Re: A New Start

Postby Ella713 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:34 pm

Brian watched as his wife came into the apartment carrying multiple shopping bags.
"Looks like you had fun" Brian said walking over to kiss her.
"Isabelle has no problems with spending a fortune. And that's just on clothing!" Alma said. "I just kind of feel like a spoiled housewife or something"
"That is not how anyone sees you. With the things you must go through to keep us all safe, there is nothing in this world that you shouldn't have!" Brian said earnestly. "So show me what you got?" Brian smiled.

He stood on the roof of the building and looked down on Los Angeles. So many people he thought to himself. So many plans, but now he was hungry.

"You know what Reilly, you're an idiot!" Taylor Eckman said in anger.
"Chill out Taylor! I didn't tell her that you liked her" Reilly said, however everyone knew he was lying.
"I'm out of here." Taylor said walking away.
"Wait man! How are we going to get home?" Reilly yelled.
"Don't know. Don't care" Taylor said opening his car door and locking them up.
"Great Reilly! Why couldn't you just leave him alone for once?!" A friend said.
"Screw him! I don't need him to drive me around" He said looking at where he was and starting to walk home. He really didn't mind walking but Los Angeles was kind of creepy at night. He just had to pass that driving test this time! If failed one more time, he would have to wait a whole 6 months while he went to driving school again!
"Excuse me, do you know where I could have a drink around here?"he heard a voice ask him.
"No dude" he replied and continued to walk then stopped. "You could try McDaniel's. It's a Irish pup."
"Could you point me in the direction?" He asked. Reilly sighed.
"Come on. I'll show you?" Reilly said. "It's much faster cutting through this park, but don't do it on the way back. It's real dangerous at dark so just take a taxi" Reilly finished heading for the park.

Carl got the call that another body had been found and before he left for the crime scene, he called Mick and asked him to meet him there. Mick and Carl arrived within minutes of one another.
"Hey Mick. Thanks for meeting me. Let's take a look at the victim before I tell you the rest." Carl said walking towards Felix.
"Good morning Captain. Hey Mick". Felix said.
"What you got this time?" Carl asked.
"Same as the one a few days ago. Everything is exactly the same except the victim is a teenaged boy. Maybe about 16-17 years old. No I.D. on him, but I'm sure someone's going to be looking for this guy" Felix said having the body taken away.

"Ok Mick what we have is a killer that's crushing people's throats. Felix said the young woman who was murdered first looked like her throat had been pulverized. So we're talking about someone with incredible strength. An athlete or a body builder" Carl said.
"Or a vampire" Mick finished.
"There's no blood loss or fang marks on either victim" Carl said.
"Let's see what we can find out from the parents." Mick said.

"Do you know why your son was in the park?" Carl asked the mother.
"No. He left with his friends to see a movie" She said sobbing.
"We're going to need their names" Carl said.

Taylor Eckman stared at both Carl and Mick when he was told that Reilly was dead.
"I shouldn't have left him" Taylor said shaking his head.
"Tell us what happened." Mick said.
"We went to the Galleria to see the Marvel movie and then Reilly started being......well, Reilly. He told a girl from our class that I really liked her as a joke. I mean that's not cool at all. And well, I got mad at him and Barry, so I left them. They weren't far from their houses." Taylor said hanging his head in shame.
"What time did you leave them?" Mick asked.
"It was before sunset. Maybe 5 or a little after" He replied.
"You're going to have to come to the station to make a formal statement" Carl said to the boy.
"This friend Barry. Where does he live?" Mick asked.
"Right across the street" Taylor said pointing. "But he's home. He called me this morning to apologize"
"We'll need to speak with him anyway" Carl said walking towards the house he pointed out.
"Poor kid. He's going to live with that mistake for the rest of his life" Mick said knocking on the door.
A burly man answered the door and rolled his eyes.
"What did he do now?" He asked.
"We're here about his friend Reilly Parks"
"What about him?" The man asked.
"He was found dead early this morning"
"What! You think Barry's got something to do with his death?"
"We just wanted to ask him some questions. Maybe he noticed something that wasn't a big deal then but very well could be now" Carl explained. The man called Barry down stairs. Barry pushed his glasses up on his nose.
"What's up dad?" He said.
"These men are policemen. Reilly was murdered. They want to ask you some questions" His father said.
"What? Reilly's dead?" He asked in stunned belief. "I told him we should walk together, but he said he wanted to walk by the car dealership to look at a car he was going to buy"
"Did you notice anyone standing around you all?
"No. There was a man across the street who was looking around like he was lost. But I didn't notice anyone standing near us"
"Alright. We're going to need you to make a formal statement tomorrow." Carl said.
"How did you get home?" Mick asked suddenly.
"I caught a taxi. When Reilly said he wanted to be alone, I wasn't going to walk the mile by myself! It was going to be dark soon, so I had to use the rest of my allowance money to get home" He explained.
"Do you know the name of the cab company?" Mick asked.
"No, but they were green" He said.
"Alright. Thank you for your help" Carl said.
"Was his blood missing?" Barry asked.
"No. Why would you ask?" Mick asked in surprised.
"Because the guy across the street that looked lost, kind of looked like a vampire"
"What did this man look like?" Carl said taking out his notepad again.
"Tall like him" He said pointing at Mick. "But this guy was so pale, his hair was even white, but he was dressed all in black"
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Re: A New Start

Postby Ella713 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:07 am

Carl and Mick went to see Brian who they were sure could shed some light on the case.

"Brian, we may need you and Alma's help with a case. We have the bodies of two people with their throats crushed. So bad the neck couldn't support the head. We may have someone who saw the perp. He said he looked like a vampire. But the way he described him was unusual" Mick said.
"Pale. White hair?" Brian asked frowning.
"Yeah. That's exactly how he was described" Carl said.
"Baal. He's a fallen angel. Very ruthless if I remember correctly. He has no reason other than he enjoys killing mortals. He won't stop." Brian said.
"Looks like we won't be going to Josef's party" Mick said.
"He'll understand" Carl said grimly.
"No he won't" Brian and Mick simultaneously.

The vision came to Alma like a slap in the face. Something was coming. Something evil. She came from the bedroom and saw Brian speaking with his dad and Carl. He looked quickly at his wife.
"What did you see Alma?" Brian asked.
"A fallen one has arrived. This one loves discourse, mayhem and fear. Fear above all. He goes by many names, but his true name is Legion" Alma said.
"For we are many" Mick said quietly.
"I fear our tricks will not work on this one." Alma said looking at Brian fearfully.
"Then we need a brand new trick" Carl said.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Josef wailed. There's no way that rat bastard Baal is going to ruin my party!"
"What are you suggesting?" Carl asked.
"Ripping his body apart and feeding him to the crows!" Josef said.
"You did say he was an angel right?" Carl asked Mick in a whisper.
"I know what is needed my love" Isabelle said addressing everyone.
"Is it deadly?" Carl asked.
"Most assuredly". She said with a smile that made everyone nervous. Seeing the Cleaner mind at work was a very chilling thing.

Katrina came from a long line of sorceress. She was accused of witchcraft in Salem, MA and was to be drowned. They tied her hands and shackled her feet and she was tossed in the Atlantic. But through a very powerful spell she survived. And it was on her way back to Salem to punish the hanging committee, Dragos came upon her. After she was turned and began training, the only thing she wanted was to go back to Salem. So when her training was finished, Dragos unleashed her on the world. She made her way back to her hometown and there they all were. Drinking! So called Puritans!
She shrieked and charged at them making mincemeat of them all! And when they were just bloodied heaps in the middle of the street, she cursed the entire town. Salem would forever be known for what these so called Godly people had done. And no one would forget it!

"Katrina. We must speak" Isabelle said sitting down in front of her.
"Yes sister" She replied.
"A fallen one has come to Los Angeles?" Isabelle said. She saw Katrina's eyebrows go up in mild surprise.
"They are falling at an alarming rate it seems". She said.
"Indeed. But this one will rain blood in this city. A city that will blame all vampires" Isabelle explained. Katrina waved her hand. She never needed the hard sell to destroy something or someone.
"What is the name of this being?" Katrina asked.
"Baal, or Legion" Isabelle replied. Recognizing the name Katrina smiled sinisterly.
"Pray sister, it shall be done" She said fading into the shadows.

He was thinking of something grander now. Something from the olden times. he thought with a grin.

Elisa Camp felt her daughter's head. She was definitely burning up. She would have to take her daughter to the doctor right away.
The doctor examined the little girl thoroughly.
"She definitely has some kind of flu bug. You say she has eaten anything at all today or last night?" he asked writing things down in the girl's chart.
"Do you think it's something serious like the mumps? I heard it was making a comeback". Elisa said nervously.
"No. No swollen lymph nodes. I'm prescribing a very strong antibiotic, she should be on the mend in 21-48 hours" he said confidentially.

Elisa kept checking on her daughter, but fell asleep sitting next to her bed. She woke up suddenly thinking she heard a noise. She looked over at her daughter. She wasn't in her bed! She jumped up looking all around and when she heard a noise she looked up. He daughter was crawling on the ceiling.
Elisa let out a blood curdling scream and fainted.

The Caterers arrived early which was good, because Josef hated for humans to be without food. Very much like vampires they were grumpy when they haven't fed. Everything was going perfectly.
"Sir" Brian said urgently. "We have a demon possession" he said.
"Here?" Josef asked with a chuckle.
"Three different people sir. The Archbishop was called so this is indeed very serious. He's considering calling the Vatican" Brian explained.
"Vatican officials don't take a stance on demon possession" Josef said.
"They will on these" Brian said placing a dvd in the player.
The television showed a young girl who looked to be maybe preteen years smacking grown men across the room, screaming in what Brian said was Latin. She crawled up the walls and vomited all over the few below. Then the little girl looked directly at the camera and started to speak in a menacing voice but the words Josef Kostan were clearly spoken.
"What did she say Brian?" Josef asked with a smirk on his face.
"She said I'm not finished. There is more to come" Brian answered. Josef walked over to the television and turned it off.
"Bring it on Baal" Josef said calmly walking away.
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Re: A New Start

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Cardinal Hunnicutt had been briefed on the situation in Los Angeles and as he watched the videos he said a silent prayer. As a missionary in Africa, he had seen first hand demon possession whether His Grace would agree or not. So after a week long fast he finished his prayers and packed up to fly to Los Angeles, California.

When the Cardinal arrived at the first home he was surrounded by the media.
"Cardinal! Are these girls possessed?"
"Will the church do an exorcism?"
They all screamed at him. He would say nothing until he saw with his own eyes and even after he would remain silent. These poor families did not need vultures at their doorsteps.

"Oh Father!" the mother said when she opened the door and fell to her feet. "You have to help us" She cried.
"Where is the child?" The Cardinal asked softly.
"Come. She's upstairs" The mother said slowly leading Priest upstairs. Father Hunnicutt silently said prayers until he reached the door.
"You must go" He ordered the mother.
"Come in oh man of God!!!!" He heard a sinister voice call out to him.
Father Hunnicutt opened the door and stepped inside. He slowly opened his book and began to recite the prayer. The demon hissed at him. "Shut up!!! Those words mean nothing to me!!" the demon screamed loudly.

Katrina walked quickly into Kostan Towers.
"What are you dong here?" Josef asked.
"I need to speak with Brian" She said stoically taking Brian aside. After she had spoken Brian turned to Josef.
"Sir, I must go" Brian said in a controlled tone. Josef looked at them both and nodded his head.
"Kick his ass" Josef ordered.

Father Hunnicutt was relentless in his prayers and whatever the demon did to him the strong priest withstood it. He heard the demon scream out.
"No!!! Go away!!" It screamed. Then the priest saw the two figures in the room. He quickly made the sign of the cross and stepped back.
"So this is Baal?" Katrina said with a smirk. "Possessing a little girl?"
"Don't test me witch!!!" Baal screamed.
"I'll do whatever I want to. And I will eat your heart out of you!" Katrina said staring at the demon.
"I am Legion and we are many!! More will come after me!!!"
Brian quickly went over to the Priest and turned him around.
"W....what is she doing? This is not the Lord's work!" He said to Brian becoming frightened.
"But it still must be done" Brian said covering the Priest's eyes with his hand. Katrina held the demon's gaze as her eyes became opaque, and when the demon saw his own reflection in her eyes Katrina knew she had him. The demon continued to stare at its reflection and the child's body went limp as her eyes opened and she cried out to her mother. Katrina quickly went the girl's vanity mirror and stared into it as the demon became trapped in the mirror image. The priest threw Brian's hands off his eyes and turned to look.
"No!" Brian yelled loudly. "Do not look!! Once it sees you it will remember you" Brian said to the Priest who quickly fell to his knees in prayer to God.
"We must leave. I have to dispose of him." Katrina said picking up the mirror and taking Brian's hand.
The Priest went to the girl to clam her.
"You're alright now" He said drawing the sign of the cross on her forehead. "All is well, by the grace of God" He said softly.

Kostan Towers New Year's Eve Ball was in full effect by the time Brian arrived back.
"I assume Baal is taken care of?" Josef asked.
"Yes. Without a heart if Katrina is true to her words, which I'm very sure she is. She is a very formidable woman." Brian said in admiration.
"Yes she is" Josef said walking away to speak with the Mayor.

"May I ask what you are?" A voice said to Brian from behind. Brian turned and saw Cardinal Hunnicutt.
"Help. In troubling times." Brian responded with sigh.
"What will I tell authorities?" He asked.
"You must tell the truth in all things Cardinal, but I fear that no one will believe your words. Unfortunately, this is the way of man since the beginning. It is only when things are right in front of them do they believe" Brian replied allowing the veil to be lifted from the priest's eyes who now saw Brian as he was. The Cardinal's eyes grew large as he held his crucifix tightly in his grip. "Do not be afraid" Brian said to him. The Cardinal looked around noticing that he was the only one who could see this young man for what he truly was. "You must be strong. Many will come in the name of Baal and we all must prepare" Brian said vanishing before the man's very eyes.

The End
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