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Over Time Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:40 pm

Moonlight Fan fiction
Over Time
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mick thwarts a home robbery only to find something from his mortal past. :gasp:

"Congratulations Carl!! I can't tell you how happy Beth and I are for you and Angela! Did you decide on a name yet?" Mick asked handing Carl the congratulatory cigar with the wrapper "it's a girl"
"Sylvia Rose Davis" Carl said with a large smile.
"That's beautiful man" Mick said hugging his friend.
"I'm just dumbfounded. I can't believe I get this blessed in life" Carl said shaking his head softly.
"No one deserves it more that you Carl" Mick said, happy with how things turned out for him. Maybe Josef interfering in love lives can be a good thing.
"Are you busy right now?" Carl asked.
"No, what you need?" Mick asked.
"I was hoping you would want to join me in spreading a little holiday cheer. For about five years the LAPD has worked with Food Lifeline, to bring some much needed meals to the elderly and my partner this year is out with that flu bug, so I'm short a pair of hands". Carl said.
"Carl I'd love to! That's really great the police department does this!" Mick said.
"We'll be going through some pretty impoverished areas" He said trying to explain him loading his weapon. "We like to be prepared." Carl said.

As they got all the trays of food loaded and took off.
"So who prepares the food? It looked pretty good?" Mick asked.
"Josef. He had a team of top chefs prepare all the food. We have 5 trucks all loaded up with great meals for the elderly. Some of these people have lost their savings due to the recession and live off Top Ramen most of the times. So Josef really wanted them to have a really good holiday meal" Carl said. Mick had to give his best friend some props for what he was doing. he was really turning into the Angel that he once was. They pulled up to the first house and knocked on the door. The woman who opened the door was old and frail but when Carl handed her the tray she began to cry and Mick felt his chest tighten as he watched the woman hug Carl and give him many thanks.
"I see why you do this" Mick said becoming choked up.
"Yeah, it's pretty amazing" Carl said wiping a tear from his eye. Mick heard a muffled yelp and he quickly closed his eyes and saw that an elderly woman was being robbed across the street. Mick took off and burst through the door. The man had a gun and pointed it at Mick. Mick quickly raced to the man before he could get a shot off and broke his arm as the gun fell to the ground. Carl told the officers to guard the truck while he went to see what was going on.
"Mick! Are you alright?" Carl called out.
"I'm fine. This dirt bag was robbing this woman. He smacked her with the butt of his gun so she's going to need medical attention" Mick said. Carl quickly called for paramedics.
"Mam, can you hear me?" Carl said finding something on her bed to place against her head wound.
Carl walked around to find a bathroom and he saw where the crook had pulled open all the doors and drawers looking for what? He thought. This woman didn't look to have much at all. He walked past a small room and opened the door and turned on the light. There all over the walls were pictures of Mick! Some looked to be really old possibly from his human life but others were current.
Who the hell was this woman?

The paramedics came immediately and took the woman to be checked out. When officers had completed taking Mick's statement Carl called him over.
"Mick man, you need to see this". Carl whispered showing him the small room. Mick eyes widened when he saw the photographs.
"What the hell!" He said. 'You think she was stalking me?" Mick asked but he could hardly believe the words he spoke.
"Any other time I'd say hell yeah, but that woman doesn't look like she does much covert operations. She has to be 90 at least". Carl replied. "Do you recognize these photos?" Mick looked closely at each photo.
"Wow! That was one of my first shows" He said taking the photo off the wall and turning it over. "1952 at The Roxy....and this one is from the Blues Festival in New Orleans...did you get this woman's name?"
"Yeah" Carl said opening up his notepad "Cindy Gottlieb according to her Sate I.D."
"Cindy!" Mick said in surprise placing his hands over his mouth.
"Mick, who is she?" Carl asked.
"She was the girl I was going to marry". Mick said softly.
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Re: Over Time Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:29 pm

Mick sat at her bed and thought about the time they had first met.

Mick was playing with a Jazz Quartet called Deep Blues and they had acquired a large following. They were playing at a jazz supper club in San Bernardino and Cindy came up to request a song. She requested Didn't it Rain. Mick was surprised by her choice.
"What does a slip of girl like you know about Rosetta Tharpe"? Mick asked with a smile.
"Well anyone with good taste in music would have to ask for Rosetta Tharpe or Big Mamma Thornton" She replied with a shy grin. And after that show Mick and Cindy talked all through the night about the great blues and jazz artist and found out they had similar taste in music. Cindy was the first person he had ever met who was just a 100% good person. She always offered help to those in need and gave away a quarter if a quarter was all she had. Mick had promised her marriage and babies and a good life filled with music and laughter. Her parents had paid for the gown, the flowers, the food, the venue....all Mick had to do was show up at Holy Trinity Church and say I do. But He had one last gig to play at some rich woman's party in Los Angeles. After that, Mick forgot all about Cindy and the promise he made to her,

"You came back" Mick heard a whispered voice say. He turned and looked down on her.
"Hi Cindy" Mick said taking her wrinkled hand and bringing it to his lips. "Cindy, I'm so sorry" Mick tried to say.
"Shhh." She said. "I wanted to keep you in a cage. But birds like you were meant to live" She said. Mick looked at her hand and noticed she still wore the ring he had given her. "I never stopped wearing it. never took it off" She said.
"Why didn't you talk to me?" He asked.
"Look at me Micky" She said calling him the name that no one had called him. "I lived the safe life. Did safe things. When you do that for so long, you realized you never lived at all. I'm a corpse. I'm just waiting to die" She said sadly.
"Don't say that Cindy." Mick said.
"It needs to be said. I just wished I had of been brave enough bold enough" She said.
"Cindy.....you haven't asked......." Mick started to say.
"I don't need to know. You look beautiful. You were always beautiful" She said closing her eyes.
Mick would let her rest but he would make sure her life improved.

Mick went home and told Beth his story. And very much like Cindy herself, Beth wanted to help her.
"First thing, I'm going to find her more secure housing. That neighborhood where she lived is just too dangerous for her" Beth said. And by the end of the week, Beth had arranged for large airy three bedroom condo. She had all of Cindy's things moved into it and so new things as well. She had the bathrooms and kitchen modified for her age and had stocked it to brim with food, books and the music she loved. "Do you think she's going to love it Mick?" Beth asked when she was done.
"I hope so babe. I hope so" Mick replied.

"Micky what are doing here?" She said as the nurse placed her in the wheelchair.
"I've come to make sure you get home alright my dear" Mick said bowing at the waist.
After getting her settled in his car he started to drive her to her new home.
"As far as I know my house is not this way" She said looking around as Mick pulled into the parking garage.
"Just wait Cindy" Mick said as he placed her in her chair and wheeled her to the elevators.
"Micky what have you done?" She said anxiously. When they got to the floor her unit was one he put the key in the door and held the door open. "Oh my!" She said with hands over her heart.
"Cindy this is your home now" Mick said. Beth came out of the bedroom with a potted plant and placed it on her coffee table. "Cindy, I'd like you to meet my wife Beth" Mick said nervously.
"Hello. I am very pleased to meet you" Beth said walking towards her and enveloping her in a hug.
"It is nice to meet you too" Cindy said with a smile.
"If you don't like the way it looks we can always change it" Beth said.
"I think it looks beautiful" She said with tears in her eyes. She wiped her eyes and looked at Mick.
"Play Didn't it Rain for me" She said.
"What's a slip of a girl like you know about Rosetta Tharpe?" Mick said with a smile.

The End
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