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Picture Perfect Rated PG (Mild Language)

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:46 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Picture Perfect
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

A photographer wants to create a Sexiest Vampire calendar and tries to get Josef on board.

Lucy Cameron was a fantastic photographer. She was called on to take photos of Firemen, Mailmen, UPS drivers and whoever was willing to sellout their profession to make a buck for charity, but it just dawned on her one day. Why not create a sex vampire calendar with all the proceeds going to whatever charity they wanted. She pitched the idea to her boss who immediately fell in love with the idea.
"Lucy, I'm going to let you run with this idea, but be careful. You are talking about vampires. You don't want to end up on the menu" He warned.
"I will keep holy water with me at all times" She joked walking out the door.

"Now who should I see first?" She asked herself getting into her car. "Josef Kostan of course!" She said starting her car and heading for Kostan Industries.

"I'm sorry, who's on the line?" Josef asked looking up from his laptop.
"A Ms. Lucy Cameron from OnPoint Publications" His assistant replied. None of that rang a bell but Josef told his assistant to put the call through.
"Kostan" He said.
"Oh...Mr. Kostan, my name if Lucy....." She began to say.
"Yes I was told who you are, but what do you want? An interview?" He asked.
"No nothing like that. You see I'm a photographer and I do a lot of work for charities, like Firefighter raising money for Toys for Tots by doing calendars and My boos is interested in doing a sassiest vampire calendar for charity" She said all at once inhaling deeply after she finished. Josef chuckled a little.
"The 12 sexiest vampires?" He laughed.
"Well yes. I think it would bring in a ton of money for charity. After all vampires are totally hot right now".
"Much to my dismay.....which charity are you speaking of?"
"We I figured you could pick out the organization that you feel would benefit the most from this endeavor". Josef thought for a moment. Yeah it sounded cheesy but if they could raise a lot of money for someone what could be the harm. There was an organization that he was really into that built tiny homes for the homeless that could benefit from some funds.
"I'll tell you what Ms. Cameron, let me run this buy a few people. Call me tomorrow and I'll have an answer for you" He said.
"Thank you so much Mr. Kostan!" She said hanging up and calling her lighting assistant .

"So what's going on Josef" Mick said as he walked in and saw Brian, Gabriel, Gideon and Ted sitting down in his office.
"You ever hear of OnPoint Publications?"
"Yeah, don't they do those cheesy calendars of mailmen and UPS drivers?" He asked then seeing the look on Josef's face he began to step back and shake his head. "No way Josef! I'm not doing that!" He said.
"Come on Mick! It's for charity! And all proceeds go to the Tiny Home Foundation to help homeless vets and homeless single mothers" Josef said knowing that even though Mick would hate the idea he would never say no to a Vet or a single woman with children.
"Damn Josef!" He yelled. "And all of you are on board?" He asked.
"Oh course we are Mick! Come on, it'll be fun" Ted said happy that he was included.
"Who else are asking?" Mick asked.
"Logan, Guillermo and I'm hoping to get Kellan Madison if he's back from his tour Asian tour". Josef said.
"Fine! I'll do it" Mick said storming out of the office.
"Told ya he would" Josef smiled.

At the end of the month Josef had submitted 12 of who he thought were the most beautiful vampires in Los Angeles and waited for Lucy to get back with him.

Trey Longren had heard rumors of what was going on and was certain that someone would call him. On any given night he could have any woman or man he wanted without using his vamp powers and his bed was never cold. He checked himself out before he walked out of his apartment. Just getting on the elevator he could feel everyone's heart start to beat rapidly as he brushed a lock of his golden hair out of his eyes! When he was getting off the elevator he heard a woman whisper "Hot damn!" Trey smiled and walked out the door.

Mick looked over at the photos Josef had submitted.
"What about Trey? You know he's going to be pissed if you exclude him" Mick said.
"Trey's an ass! He'll show up and start taking over the shoot! Telling everyone how to pose and what to wear! No. No way!" Josef replied.
"If you say so but you know he's going freak out"
"I don't care"
"Are you still upset over the whole Brittney thing?" Mick asked. A long time ago a very pretty young thing by the name of Brittney Holley emerged into the scene and Josef made it his mission to make her his, until Trey showed up and began to block Josef's every attempt and walked away with the prize.
"Upset? Do I look human to you? I just don't trust the guy. Never have and never will".

After Mick left Josef thought about what he said. Was he excluding Trey based on the whole Brittney situation? Perhaps he was, but Josef still didn't trust the guy as he picked up the phone to ring the asshole!
"Kostan! How grand to hear from you after all this time!" Trey said merrily.
"I'm sure you heard of the plans with OnPoint publications for a sexiest vampires calendar and I would like to extend an invitation" He said through clenched teeth.
"I had in fact heard rumors of something of the sort and I am truly flattered you think me worthy of such an endeavor" He said chuckling to himself. Trey knew that Josef didn't want to call him.
"Wonderful. It takes place in OnPoint's studio in Hollywood. 3pm" Josef said without feeling.
"I will be there with bells on Kostan!" He said hanging up the phone and deciding exactly what he would do for a bit of fun.
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Re: Picture Perfect Rated PG (Mild Language)

Postby Ella713 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:56 pm

When Ted told Amy what Josef was planning she was thrilled.
"This is a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see the photos!" She said with a bright smile.
"You know to be honest, I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. I'm not tall, I'm not muscular or anything....." Ted started to say, but Amy held up her hand.
"Stop! Ted you have to start believing in yourself. You're gorgeous, your skin is flawless and your amazing pale blue eyes can hypnotize any woman on the planet!" Amy said holding his hands.
"So you think so?" He asked with a grin.
"Yes I do!" She said pulling him close to her.

Everyone met at studio and began talk amongst themselves.
"How long will this take? I have a lot of work to do" Brian said hating to miss out on a day of trading.
"I'll make sure you go first" Josef said chuckling. "Where is Ted?" He said looking around.
"I talked to him last night and he was really excited about it all" Brian said.
"I'm sure he's just running late. Maybe stuck in traffic" Gabriel said, although he had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Brian quickly looked at him and them pulled out his mobile and called Amy.
"Amy, has Ted left yet?" He asked.
"Yes he did. He left about half and hour ago. He's not there yet?" She asked.
"No. I'm sure he's just stuck in traffic" He replied.
"Well call me when he shows up" Amy said.

Lucy came in began to tell them where they would be standing.
"We're missing someone" She said looking around and counting how many men where there.
"Ted hasn't shown up yet" Josef said.
"Well, we'll get started without him and shoot him last. Okay Mr. January is Mr. Mick St. John" She said pointing to the area where he would be standing. Behind him was a snowy back drop. An assistant draped a scarf around his neck and placed gloves on his hands. "Ok, I'd like you to kneel down like you're making a snowball" Lucy said as she snapped photo after photo. "That was great!! She said looking at the digital photos. "Now Josef Kostan is Mr. February" She said pointing to the Valentine backdrop. She walked over to Josef and took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. "Hold this" She said giving him a box of candy with a large bow. "Now look directly at me like you're giving me something very special for Valentine Day" She said. Josef had no problem seducing the camera and the woman behind it. "O...okay...t..that was great" She said stammering as Mick rolled his eyes at Josef.
"Okay, Trey, you're going to be Mr. November" Lucy said directing him to the spot they had set up for his shoot. Trey sighed heavily in disgust.
"November? Surely you can see that I am indeed Christmas material" He said in contempt.
"Well......these picks were already determined and I'm afraid they can't be changed...." She said nervously, not wanting a vampire to become angry with her as she looked around. "However, since..Ted Ferguson is a no show, I don't see why you couldn't be December's choice" She stuttered. Brian knew something wasn't right. Ted was one of the most dependable people he knew.
"Can we halt this for a day? We will make sure you're compensated for the delay" Brian said firmly.
Josef looked up quickly. He knew that tone.
"Yes. Surely one day won't halt production that much" He said.
"Speaking for myself, I don't have as much time to waste as most of you.." Trey said with small grin.
"Be that as it may, we have to make sure nothing has happened to our dear friend who is for all intents and purposes a member of our family" Josef said staring hard at Trey making sure he got the point. Trey nodded his head and said no more. "Find him Brian" Josef said through clenched teeth.

Ted woke up and had no idea where he was. He tried to stand up but fell back down on a mattress. He looked at his surroundings and saw that he looked to be in some sort of attic. He heard scurrying and saw a racoon peak out and slowly walk towards him. In his former life this situation would have caused him to scream bloody murder as he tried to climb up the wall, but now all he saw was food and at the creature came closer to him Ted quickly reached out and began to drain the poor animal. While the blood itself was horrid, it did give him a bit of energy. Trying to remember everything that Amy had taught him, he tried to communicate with her.

Amy immediately stopped what she was doing. Ted was trying to reach her, something was very very wrong. She grabbed her phone and punched in Brian's number.
"Amy! Have you heard from Ted?" He asked quickly.
"Sort of. He's trying to contact me....but.....I don't..." She began to say frantically.
"Slow down and breathe. Count to 10 with your eyes closed and focus. Block out all other sounds you hear and listen for only Ted's voice" Brian said calmly to her. Amy did what she was told and heard Ted's voice faintly in the background.
"He's saying he's in trouble. He thinks he was drugged or something. He's in an attic but he doesn't know where" She said.
"Does he know who drugged him?" Brian asked.
"He said he thinks it was a police officer!" Amy said. "He said he was speeding a little because he was running late and a police officer pulled him over and that's all he remembers" She said with tears running down her face.
"Tell him I'm coming for him" Brian said firmly.
"Hold on baby! Brian is coming to get you" She said and opened her eyes. "How are you going to find him?" She asked.
"We're going to find him. All you have to do is keep focusing on your husband. Connect to him completely and you will be able to locate him and I'll be right at your side" Brian said as he appeared next to Amy.
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