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Contagion By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:26 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

In the middle of a pandemic, vampires fear that they will no longer be able to feed on humans

When Josef first heard the news he wasn't worried at all. He had seen many pandemics in his days and they all seemed worse than they were, but after a nationwide quarantine he began to get nervous.
Surely the Father would have alerted them that the times was near, but they had heard nothing. And then after 3 months they had their first vampire casualty. A vampire of 250 years had fell gravelly ill after feeding from someone who had been diagnosed with the virus.
"Okay! Calm down!" Josef said to everyone. "I've been on the phone with both the Mayor and the Governor and they have assured me that things are getting back on track. But for the time being, if you have a freshie, you need to offer them housing if you can. If you don't have a freshie, you'll have to get retail until this is all over. After what happened to Devan Kyle, it's not wise to feed on anyone you don't know" He said. Lots of people groaned and said it was unfair. "Look, I know this sucks, but this is the hand we've been dealt! Now I've lived through quite a few plagues, Influenza, The Yellow Fever pandemic, AIDS, and H1N1 and I can tell you, this will pass, but only if we're careful" Josef said looking at Mick who stood to address everyone.
"Now, as far as retail is concerned, we've gotten hold of a lot of blood that we'll give to you but don't get crazy on it, because you'll have to ration it or try to eat human food in the interim" He said.
"What if we don't want to stay in the states? Can we go elsewhere?" One vampire asked.
"You'll have to make that decision on your own although flying anywhere will be hard with all the travel restrictions" Mick said and after 2 hours of conversation the meeting was over.
"You know a lot of vampires are going to die don't you?" Alma said to both Josef and Mick
"We've done what we could. If they take precautions, everything should be fine. But if they don't then it's their own fault" Josef said. "All we can do is wait and hope, to quote Dumas" Josef said.
"I think I chose the wrong time to become a vampire" Ted said shaking his head.

As time went on and the virus was still running rampant through Los Angeles, Josef saw that mortals were never going to take heed and he began to think about relocation for the first time in a very long time.
"Where would go?" Bridgett asked nervously.
"Somewhere that people aren't is a good idea. Our island, but that only works for us and Gideon and his family, but there are other remote locations like Nova Scotia. And of course there's always Cuba, but that might be tricky" He said placing his arm around her shoulders. "We'll just wait a bit longer then decide".

Abigail and Zach were on the phone for a long time with questions about a vaccine, but they had no luck. They had tried one very promising drug on an older gentleman who had contracted the virus through an underlining condition he already had. Diabetes. He volunteered to participate in this trial and all they had successfully done was cure him of diabetes and no one was really interested in that cure right now.
"I can't believe nothing works on this virus! Not even vampire blood" Abigail said with a sigh.
"We have to keep trying" Zach said looking through another medical book.

Damon Powell had a hatred for the undead. An intense hatred. He never thought that someday mortals would be an endangered species and with the disclosure that vampires really do exist, he felt his mortality more with each passing day. When he heard the rumor that this virus was killing both mortals and vampires, a plan sprang into motion. While working at Mercy General, he was able to obtain a list of names of people who had the virus but were not suffering any of the devastating symptoms and it would these people that he would appeal to. Why should vampires have all the breaks in life? Wealth, fame, women and God knows what else these filthy bloodsuckers were able to obtain. It was time for some payback! He looked at the men and women who were hanging onto his every word. They would hand out his swift judgement.
"So are there any vampires in particular you want taken out?" Heidi Foster asked. Heidi's brother was killed by female vamp and she saw her diagnosis as a way to get even.
"Well known vampires are too well guarded to feed on someone they don't know, but the low level ones die as well as the known, but don't feel like you have to discriminate. If you have access to one of the more powerful ones.......offer them a drink as well. This is a battle that we must win! Failing isn't an option, because if we fail, we are no more"
"But if we fail, won't vampires die as well considering we are their food source?" Richard Blake asked who was having some reservations about this plan. While he found the whole vampire thing creep as hell, he saw no reason to kill them off. Some vampires were actually good people. Like that vampire college student who had discovered a cure for cancer actually saving his grandmother's life. And wasn't it Josef Kostan who made the drug available to everyone for free?
"Well, let me ask you this, what do you think is going to happen when vampires make their way through all the healthy people and all that is left is someone like you? Do you think they will show you mercy when it's their existence on the line?" Damon asked staring him directly in the eye. Richard held his head down and slowly shook his head no. "Alright then. You have in your hands an updated list of vampire hangouts, bars and restaurants. Check out one of these establishments and see if anyone is interested in you. I'm very sure that a few of you will be approached on the first night." He said.
"Will this hurt?" Sandy Potter asked.
"From the conversations I've had with people who offered vampires the blood willingly, each one stated that it doesn't. In fact 4 of them said and I quote" He said looking down at his notes. "It was orgasmic" He said in disgust.
"What if a vampire tries to take all our blood? I mean aren't they supposed to be hella strong?" Amy Parker a college student asked.
"Silver is how you solve that problem. Keep something pure silver on you at all times and when you start to feel dizzy, place the silver on the face of the vampire. Trust me, silver is like their kryptonite! Not only does it burn like hell fire, it poisons them makes them weak enough that you can get away quickly" He said.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:15 pm

Logan and Lucky heard the news first. A gamer vampire pal of theirs's had died from the virus.
"I can't believer this! Pete was almost OCD in his feeding. He would never drink from a stranger" Lucky said.
"Maybe he couldn't find any retail and got desperate" Logan replied although he was thinking the same as his girlfriend.
"Again, this is Pete we're talking about. His routine never changed for anything! Pete would have stood in the middle of the desert happily instead of drinking a stranger's blood" She said and Logan knew she was correct.
"Let me call Mick. He'll figure it out" He said calling Mick immediately. "Hey Mick, can you drop by today? It's kind of important" Logan said.
"Sure Logan. Give me 20 minutes" Mick said hanging up and grabbing his keys. In 20 minutes he was at Logan's place. "What's going on?" He asked.
"One of our friends just died of the virus. He was a vamp but he would never feed on a stranger. Ever" Luck explained.
"Desperate times guys...." Mick began to say.
"No Mick, you don't understand. Pete had a really messed up disorder dude. He would never feed on someone he didn't know. He really couldn't do it" Logan said.
"Wait! Pete Marshall? The guy who washed his hands like 50 times a day?"
"Yeah. So you know how meticulous that guy was". Mick didn't know Pete personally but heard quite a few vamps say dealings with him would make you want to kill yourself.
"Are you sure it's because of the virus?"
"Yeah. Julian confirmed it"
"Where did Pete live?"
"We don't know. He was very secretive. No one knew where he lived" Logan said.
"Okay, let me check with Zoe. I think she has a running database on all the vamps in the area. I'll let you know what I find" Mick said thinking that this did deserve to be looked into. Vampires were creatures of habit and never changed their routine unless they were hiding or going in ground. Being on the run or being buried in being buried in the earth would have caused a vamp like Pete to end his existence in another way. One that involved no touching whatsoever.
"Zoe, it's Mick. Do you have any records on a vamp named Pete or Peter Marshall?" he asked.
"The name sounds familiar, hang on a sec" She said going through her records. "Yeah, Peter Marshall. Lives in Beverly Hills. He had a particular disorder that required us to keep and eye on him. Extreme OCD to the point of suicidal. Counsel didn't want him to cause a scene, however with disclosure we didn't have to worry that much anymore"
"Well, Logan said he died of the virus, so if this guy wouldn't feed on a stranger how did he die from it?"
"Could someone have injected him with the virus?" She asked.
"If he had OCD so bad that counsel had to keep an eye of him, how would anyone get close enough to inject him?"
"Good point.....I guess you should figure that out but if you find anything worth noting, be sure and let me know so I can update my records. Don't forget!" She said hanging up. The next call Mick made was to Josef.
"Do you know a vamp by the name of Peter Marshall?"
"Yeah, he's a pain the ass" Josef said.
"Well he died of the virus"
"That can't be true. First he never leaves his apartment and second he'd never get close enough to anyone to contract the virus so there's a mistake somewhere"
"How did he get his blood if he couldn't get it from the source?" Mick asked.
"Well, we handled his portfolio which was substantial so I assumed he purchased retail. There are legitimate vendors out there or maybe he had his own freshie. I assume the latter because that guys was too afraid of everything. I can check his bank records and see if he was paying out to anyone specific"
"That would be great Josef. Let me know what you find out" Mick said.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:32 pm

Ted had always thought vampirism was......well kind of repulsive, but now that Amy had brought him across he could kick himself for not doing this sooner. And now it seemed like vampires were on their way out.
"What you thinking about?" Amy asked kissing his neck.
"Wasted much wasted time. Look at how much of my life was spent being against vampires. Being against our friends! So I take this huge step towards a better life and now it may all be over" He said sadly, thinking he had waited too long.
"We don't know what's going to happen. Every country is working on a vaccine, I'm sure something is going to come up". She said rubbing his shoulders.
"I hope so because I'm not ready to give up forever with you" Ted said. "I waited too long to tell you how I felt about you then waited too long to join you. That's really the story of my life. Always a day late and a dollar short" He joked without thinking it funny at all.
"I have an idea! Why don't we take a long trip somewhere exotic like Siri Lanka, or Istanbul! Or what about Australia?"
"I always wanted to see the land down under! But how would we get there? America's kind of shut off from the rest of the world" He said.
"What's the point of being best friends with a teleporting angel if not to get you to foreign lands?" Amy joked laughing out loud.
"You definitely have a point there!" Ted laughed.

Damon had set up the fake website and it looked good. Real good. And within an hour he got his first communication. An older vamp wanted to set up a situation with good looking younger woman who was free from all diseases for long term arrangement. Room and board and salary provided. $5k a month!! To let someone drink your blood!! That was almost a quarter of a million bucks!! Those rich bastards! He thought to himself.
"Heidi, you're up! Are you ready to do this?" He asked.
"I was born ready" The beautiful blonde said as Damon began setting up the appointment.

Douglas waited patiently at the bistro becoming nervous. He didn't want to be swindled although the company had testimonials from some of the upper echelon in Los Angeles culture so that was good enough for him. He saw a loin stirringly beautiful blonde walk in and look all around. That can't be her he said to himself, but the host brought her right over to his table.
"A Ms. Gresham sir" The host said pulling out her chair for her.
"You must be Douglas. It's a pleasure to meet you. Savanah Gresham" She said holding out her hand.
"Charmed. would you like something to drink?" He asked politely.
"No thank you. I don't drink. That won't be a problem will it?" she asked demurely.
"No. Not at all. In fact I admire your choice. Too often young people waste their times and talents with alcohol and drugs. Tell me about yourself Ms. Gresham" He asked.
"I'm a New England girl. Born and raised in Martha's Vineyard, the daughter of my Surgeon father and school teacher mother. Graduated from Wellesley obtaining my Master's Degree in Political Science. I was working for the Los Angeles Superior Courts until the pandemic and I was laid off. For the past two months I've just been bouncing from one temporary job to the other" She said.
"Yes, this pandemic has been forcing everyone to adapt, but I must ask have you ever been a vampire companion before?"
"No.......and I have to say the idea intriguing but I do have some concerns of course"
"And so you should, but I have a contract here that stipulates the terms of our arrangements. You will have a suite to yourself with private bath and kitchen. You'll have access to the entire house and the surrounding grounds pool, stable and one car for running errands for me every now and again" He said showing her the contract. She took a deep breath and began to read the contract which was very straight forward. She took his very expensive gold pen and signed her name.
" know? I'm not sure how your diet works. Is it three meals a day like us?" She asked timidly.
"I am a very old vampire. The older you are the less blood you require. I'd say one a week to once every other week is adequate" He said feeling ashamed saying it out loud. She placed her hand on top of his.
"We'll figure it out together" She said in a soothing voice that at once placed his fears aside. "When would you want me to report?"
"Let's agree on Saturday afternoon. Say 4pm? This is my address. My Housekeeper will show you to your suite and I'll see you around 7pm if that will suffice?"
She nodded her head and slowly got up.
"I'll see you Saturday evening" She said walking away thinking that was surprisingly easy.

Savanah had the taxi drop her off at around 3:30pm so she'd have a little bit of time to wonder around and become acquainted with the large mansion. She got out and rang the doorbell. An older woman answered the door.
"Good evening! My name is Savanah Gresham" She said.
"Yes. Please come in" She said allowing Savanah entry.
"My name is Mrs. Collier and I'm the Housekeeper and Secretary. Let me show you to your suite" She said fishing some keys out of her pocket. Savanah remained calm as she looked at the magnificent structure. Whoever this vamp was he was loaded. She kind of wished she wasn't a carrier for this virus, because she would have made this a permanent position! Mrs. Collier Opened the door and handed Savanah the key.
"There you are. I hope you find this satisfactory. When you're done unpacking meet me downstairs and I will give you a tour of the house" She said with smile shutting the door behind her.
The suite was huge! And beautifully decorated. She sat down on the king sized bed and lost herself to the luxuriousness.

By 7pm, she had showered and put on a very pretty dress. Sprayed herself with a favorite fragrance and made her way down stairs. Mrs. Collier was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs with a glass of orange juice sitting on top of a silver platter. She opened the study doors and found Douglas reading a book at his desk. Mrs. Collier sat the tray down and walked out shutting the door behind her.
"So Savanah, what do you think? Could you be happy here?" He asked.
"Yes. I think so" She said.
"Let's have a seat on the sofa" He said leading her to the long mahogany brown leather sofa. She sat down quietly and took a deep breath. Douglas ran his fingers along her arm so lightly it felt like a whisper. Her skin tingled and she felt the goosebumps appear. She closed her eyes as he began to slowly kiss her arm seductively. Now she understood why so many women chose to do this. She felt the sharp prick of his fangs but there was no pain involved simply pleasure. Her hand found his cheek and she found that she wanted him to take more, but soon it was over and she felt a little lightheaded. He stood and handed her the glass of orange juice which she drank and felt better.

The next day Douglas felt horrible and he was confused as to why he felt this way. He tried to sit up but fell back down on his bed. He tried reaching for the phone but fell from his bed knocking over his nightstand and that is where Mrs. Collier found him found him in the morning. She ran to Savanah's room and found it completely empty. She yelled to her husband to come help. She feared her boss was dead and that woman was behind it!
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 6:33 pm

Eric Westbrook had been on the Comedy circuit for over 20 years and he finally was making the transition to films after many many hard knocks. He looked over at the agent he had just signed on to represent him, hardly believing this was real.
"So, if your first film does well you can pretty much pick and choose from that point. Are ready to be famous?" She said looking up at him for the first time. Eric thought about how he'd left Montana for Los Angeles holding tightly to a dream he had to make it doing comedy. He had played all the comedy clubs in Montana, Washington state and Vancouver. When he first arrived, he didn't think he would make it at all. You really had to sell your soul to the devil to make it in Hollywood and he had done some things that would make his mother exile. "So are you going to let everyone know you're a vampire or do you want that to stay hidden?" She asked.
"You know?" He asked in surprise. "How?"
"This is Hollywood. There are no secrets. So how do you want to handle it? On the one hand you won't have the family market but on the other hand you'll grab the #1 demographic which is young adults ages 15-25. That's where the big bucks are" She said. After thinking for a moment he made his decision.
"I think I'd like to keep it hidden. I haven't even explained to my folks that particular detail" He said sadly.
"Alright. Fine by me, but if you're really choosing this news to be out of the press, you can't be caught out doing what vampires do. You may want to employ a companion who will travel with you wherever you go so you're not out of the streets or anything"
"You sounds like you've represented vampires before?"
"Hard to do business in this town without vampires. Josef Kostan is the main shareholder in Warner Brothers Studio. So are you ready? You look a little pale. Have you fed?" She asked. Eric had totally forgot, he had been so busy this morning. "Look we don't have time to find somebody. Here take some from me and let's head over to Samuel Meek's office" She said rolling up her sleeve and placing her arm in front him. Eric was nervous. He had heard that vampires were dying to this virus. "Come on Eric! We want to have this already in the bag so when things go back to normal, you'll already be on the fast track" She said rolling her eyes at him for taking too long. He held her arm and inhaled her scent. She smelled great. So great, it was intoxicating with him even drinking her blood. His fangs started to protrude and he sank into her arm reveling in the taste and smell of his agent. She let him have a good long drink before she pulled away and pulled some band aids out of her desk drawer and placed a bandage on. Then she walked over to her sideboard and poured herself a stiff drink. She downed it quickly. "Alright, you look better already. Okay you sit tight, I'm going to grab Samuel. I'll be back in 15 minutes" She said walking out the door and closing it behind her.

Kelly Reynolds was running late. Her baby decided that today of all days she was going to be difficult. She hoped that Comedian Eric Westbrook was still waiting for her. She really wanted to sign that guy in a big way. Westbrook could be the next Jim Carrey. She made it to work with 3 minutes to spare and saw that her door was open. The cleaning crew most likely forgot to lock it she thought. She stepped into her office and saw Eric Westbrook on her floor gasping for air. She quickly ran to her phone and dialed 911.

Lt. Barbara Lyons was a decorated officer for the LAPD and she was also a very private vampire. While Captain Carl knew about her vampire state even before he was turned, she had never told anyone about it and thought it was her own personal business and as long as it didn't interfere with her job duties why would anyone care. I mean it's hard enough for women in the police force without her adding another reason for the male officers to look down on her. She looked at her freshie lying in her bed fast asleep. He really was beautiful. She had met Kevin Tooms after she had busted him in a mail theft ring that was going on is southern Los Angeles. Kevin was all of 25 and she could tell that he had been dealt a harsh blow in life and the world of crime was all he had, but Barbara had seen something in the young man. An overwhelming desire to have a different kind of life. So after he got out of jail, Barbara approached him one afternoon and asked him if he wanted a chance at a better life. Turned out that Kevin was an amazing artist and really wanted to go to art school and what began as just a simple friendship, turned into something more. When she finally confessed to him about her true self, their relationship became true love and they were both so happy they had found one another. Kevin however was unaware that he was a carrier and when he woke up the next morning, Barbara laid truly dead at his side. He cried and held her stiff body in his arms knowing that she had been his only chance at love. Finally Kevin got dressed and drove to Kostan Inc. to tell someone what had happened.

"Mick I need you at my office" Josef said "Another vamp is dead. It's Barbara Lyons" He said sadly.
"I'm on my way" Mick said but he stopped at Carl's place to let him know. They both drove to Josef's office.
"How did this happen?" Carl said then turned to see Kevin sitting in a chair with tears streaming down his face.
"I don't know. She was fine when we went to bed and when I woke up she....was...." Kevin said but could not finish.
"Kevin do you have the virus?" Mick asked.
"No. Barb and I went to get me tested when all of this stuff started to happen and I haven't been anywhere since. All my courses are online" He said.
"Was Barbara seeing any other freshies that you know of?" Josef asked.
"We had an agreement that she wouldn't discuss that with me....I mean I didn't want to know" He cried.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

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Damon was both happy and surprised at how well his hit squad was doing. So far three vampires were no more and he had his eyes set on the prize. Josef Kostan. He knew that if he could cut off the head of vampires the rest would be much easier to get rid of. But he would have to be very very careful. With Kostan's money and network of high ranking humans, this would not be an easy task, but he would end Kostan if it was the last thing he ever did!

Mick was trying to find out how these three vamps were connected. Going over everything that was said in the meeting he stumbled upon two things that made the most sense. Either someone was selling infected blood to vampires, or someone who was infected was carrying out a deadly blow to all vampires!
First thing he would have to get to Logan and find out if anyone was selling black market blood.
"Hey Mick! How are things?" Logan asked.
"Not good. We are losing more vamps. Eric Westbrook, Douglas Hayes and Barbara Lyons" Mick said.
"Barbara's gone? Shit man!" Logan said.
"Yeah I know. I need you to search around for any black market blood that's being sold. If someone's doing this on purpose, we need to shut them down quick"
"I'm on it Mick" Logan said starting to get to work. Mick was walking out the door when he thought of something.
"Hey, I know that Josef encouraged everyone to get a freshie until this was all over, so are their any websites that offer a freshie service? It will probably be a relatively new site and I'm sure that they will offer very beautiful men and women"
"I'll also check dating sites" Logan said. "It could be someone with a profile directed at vampires" He said still typing quickly.
"Thanks Logan. How long do you think it will take?" Mick asked.
"Finished" Logan said looking up. "Okay there's nothing on the major dating websites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish but I found something on Craigslist. It's under Women seeking Men. A young woman age 26 is looking for a discreet situation with a vampire of substance. It reads she's a non smoker, non drinker or drug user and college educated" He read.
"Answer the ad and use me" Mick said as the camera went off in his face.
"Sorry Mick, I need a photo with the ad. I don't know too many women who'd say no to your face." He laughed as he typed up the ad listing Mick's stats. "There. Done. Now all we do is wait for a reply" he said.
"Let me know as soon as you hear back" Mick said. By the end of the day someone had answered his ad so he rushed back to Logan's. "What you got?"
"A woman with a stunning photograph responded. She said she's out of work due to the pandemic and that she's facing eviction and wanted to enter into an arrangement with well to do vampire. She's blonde, 5'7, 120 pounds, blue eyes and she has a clean bill of health from her doctor. You want me to answer?"
"Yeah, tell her I'm interested in meeting with her tomorrow afternoon at Oliver's. Say 1pm" Mick said as Logan typed away.
"Wow! That was fast!" Logan said as he saw that she had already responded. "She said that sounds great and she'll be wearing a navy blue dress"
"What's her name?" Mick asked.
"Lori Barns her email reads".

Lori looked at herself one last time making sure that she looked her very best. She knew who this vampire was and he was best friends with Josef Kostan! So she knew he had to be loaded. She grabbed her blood work papers and the the results of her latest virus results. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad she thought. When she drove up to Oliver's she stopped in shock. This place was one of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles! She took a deep breath and parked her car herself because she could never afford valet parking. She stepped inside and told the host she was hear to see Mick St. John. The host showed her to the table Mick had reserved. She was early due to traffic not being as horrid as it can be on most days. A menu was sat in front of her and she took a quick peak and was blown away by the prices! People actually paid $30 for a salad?
"Miss Barns" A voice said from behind her. She turned and was face to face with Mr. Mick St. John!
"Mr. St. John! It's very nice to meet you" She said nervously as he pulled out his chair and sat across from her.
"It's nice to meet you too" He said with a melt the panties off of you smile! "Lunch is my treat so order whatever you want" He said. Lori looked at the menu and she had no idea what to order in a place like this. She kept looking at the menu more baffled than before.
"um....I'll have....I'm sorry Mr. St. John but I don't know what most of these items are" She said honestly.
"What do you normally like to eat?" He asked with a grin.
"Lately it's been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grilled cheese. Things have been pretty tight since the pandemic" She said holding her head down.
"Let me order for you. Do you like chicken? Fish?"
"I love seafood" She said with a shy smile. The server came over and Mick placed an order for Shrimp Scampi and a sparkling water.
"So Lori, tell me why you placed your ad?" He asked.
"The same as everyone else. Laid off, no work, no money. I'm down to my last dollar in the bank and some woman that I met in the unemployment office told me about a group she belonged to offering people for live in companion positions for vampires. She said that more than likely they were looking for someone to have on hand and they would pay a very good salary" She said.
"Yeah this pandemic has hit everyone really hard" Mick said knowing that she was telling the absolute truth. She wasn't the one they were looking for. "But why didn't you sign up with the group? I mean I'm sure you would have been hired by them. You're quite beautiful" He said.
"What she was offering sounded too good to be true almost. It's not that I thought they were slimy or anything, but I just had a bad feeling about that woman. She was beautiful but seemed to be totally uncaring. And when she told me what they offering.....she didn't sound like she was excited to employed there, not to mention she was asking some very personal questions about my health and love life. It was just weird" She finished as her entrée arrived and she stared at it with complete longing.
"Go ahead. Don't worry about me" He said picking up his drink. He watched her dig into her dish with abandon. She looked up and laid her fork down and wiped her mouth with her napkin.
"I'm's been a while since I've had anything this good" She said.
"Where are you from originally?" Mick asked.
"Cincinnati, Ohio. My parents were against it, but what young person doesn't want to move to California? Everything was working out great. I got a nice apartment in a respectable part of town. Had a good job and then the other shoe dropped so to speak" She said quietly.
"Do you have the name of the place that woman was trying to get you to work for?" Mick asked. He saw Lori's eyes blink and tear up.
"I have references. And I brought a copy of my latest physical and blood work" She said in a panicked voice digging into her bag for her paperwork and sliding it in front of him. "Look, I know you don't know me, but I won't cause trouble or do anything bad and I'll do exactly what you to do" She said in a whisper as a tear slowly slid down her cheek.
"Lori. Don't cry. I'm hiring you. Okay? I just wanted to pass the information to some friends" He said.
"Oh! Thank you so much Mr. St. John! I swear I'll be a good companion" She said with relief shining over her face. When she had finished her lunch Mick paid the bill and suggested that she follow him to his place. It took them surprisingly no time at all and Lori was in shock at the size of the building. She followed Mick into Kostan Towers.
"Hello Stan. This is Lori Barns and she'll be working for me and she needs a building and parking pass" Mick said.
"Yes sir Mr. St. John" Stan said shaking Lori's hand.
"Okay he's going to take your photo and get you set up in the system. When you're done walk into that office over there" He said pointing at MAC Investigations and walking into his office. He quickly called Logan and gave him the information that Lori had provided.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

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Heidi had destroyed two more vampires and she told Damon she needed a few days off.
"You can't do this to me right now! I need you!" He pleaded.
"I know but I need at least a week to recover" She said showing him her arm which was bruised and very unattractive.
"Crap!" He yelled. His top guy Trae Louis had also said he needed to take some time off for the very same reason. "I'm going to have to try some more names on this list" He said looking at the list and seeing that most of the names on the list were either too old or too young. "We're gonna have to suspend things for a bit until we either get someone new or you and Trae get back" He said sadly.

Lori had been given her building and garage access card and she went to where Mick had directed her.
"Hey Lori. Stan got you all set up?" He asked.
"Yes he did" She replied.
"Alright. So this will be your desk so feel free to bring personal items if you wish" He said.
"You're giving me a job job?" She asked in confusion.
"Yeah I am. Look I could tell you were trying to be brave but you didn't want to be a companion, no matter how well it paid. And at least with this job, you get a studio in this building" Mick said.
"Are you serious? Why would you do this? I mean you don't even know me" She asked in surprise.
Mick knew that Logan would give her background a very thorough check and he said she was good to go.
"Times are hard. And the only way we're going to get through it all is by helping each other out. So your hours are 8-5pm with an hour for lunch. You get medical, dental and 401k. Myself and Carl are the managing partners. We have an accountant who handles the finances and we may employ a contract employee for anything else that occurs. But mainly, you'll be answering the phones which can be very busy at times, ordering lunches for clients, making dinner reservations as needed and making sure the office is presentable at all times. You know the standard kind of thing".
"I don't think I'm able to afford the rent here Mr. St. John...." She started to say.
"Don't worry about the cost. I know the owner and I think I can get him down to $600 a month if that's okay?" He said. Lori eyes opened wide and she kept blinking. Did he just say her rent would be $600 per month! That's lower than she ever paid since arriving in Los Angeles.
"Yes! Thank you so much Mr. St. John!!" She said grabbing him and giving him a big hug. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do...."
"No worries. Come on, I'll show you your new apartment". He said getting the key from Security. "And don't worry about your apartment. We'll have your things here by 8pm tonight. So give me your keys and I will send the movers over there right now. Just jot down your address" Mick said.

Logan and Lucky had been working all night getting info on companion services. The first one was vampire run so they knew that was it, but this second one seemed to fit.
"Hey Mick, I think we got your companion service" Logan said.
"I'll be right there" Mick said heading for the garage.
"Okay guys what you got?" Mick said entering their house.
"Now this place is called Discreet Companions and they opened up last month. The website looks professional, but it's got a lot of bogus testimonials from people who don't exist and a few who are dead. So someone has taken a lot of care to get vampires to to this site. There's no phone number or address and you can only contact them via email which is really shady" Logan said.
"And that means they don't want anything with a name attached to it. Lucky said. "And they look to be piggybacking on the city of Los Angeles wifi" She said typing some more. "Do you have any gorgeous friends to send in undercover?" She asked and Mick immediately thought of Lisa.
"Yeah. I know the perfect person!" Mick said taking out his phone and ringing his granddaughter.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

Postby Ella713 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 11:05 pm

"Are you kidding? Of course I will!" Lisa yelled! She loved undercover work no matter who needed it.
"Alright, so your cover story is your sister was killed by a vampire and you want them all dead. You got your diagnoses last month and you think it's time for some payback"
"Okay. That's easy enough. How did I find them?" Lisa asked.
"A friend of yours Lori Barns was approached by a woman in the unemployment line and told her it was a great way to make money" Mick said. "Now I'm assuming that all of these people most likely have the virus so keep a mask on and don't take a sip of anyone associated there!" Mick said. Logan and Lucky sent an email with a photo of Lisa. Someone responded within 30 minutes and asked a slew of medical questions. With questions answered and a fake doctor's report of her condition she was ready to meet.
Lisa thought long and hard about what she was going to wear. She refused to dress sexy because she hated that look and she was never a girlie girl, so she put on her best tomboy chic and was on her way.

Damon liked Lisa immediately. He could tell that she had been hurt by her sister's death and he could see the vengeance in her eyes. When she walked in Damon immediately handed her a glass of water.
"What's this? I didn't ask for anything to drink" She said with a frown.
"Just something that we figured would be smart to start doing." Damon said studying her reaction.
I bet its holy water Lisa thought to herself.
"Whatever! But it better not be alcohol because I do have to go to work later!" She said as she downed the glass of water. "Now what? Are we going to talk business or what?" She asked with her hands on her hips.
"You're married?" He asked noticing the ring on her finger.
"Not for much longer. He wants a divorce. Said I'm too hung up on my sister's death" She said rolling her eyes. "But for the record, I'll let the filthy bloodsuckers drink my blood but I'm not having sex with them!" She said looking his straight in the eye.
"God no! We don't expect you to do that. Just let them drink your blood and they'll be dead pretty quickly. I really think that when we get more members, we can wipe out vampires for good!" He said with a smile.
"When do I start?" She asked.
"This Saturday. And it's a big one. Some fancy boy attorney in Beverly Hills. I'll text you the address"
"Great!" She said walking out with an evil grin on her face. As soon as she was in her car she texted Mick the address and after that she drove to meet fancy boy Attorney and let him know how close he came to destruction.

Within days Damon had met with a some millionaire stock trader who also hated vampires and was willing to bankroll a new office and put him in contact with other people who were systematic as well.
Damon sat in his new office speaking with a very ruggedly handsome young man who anxious to "kick some vamp butt!"
"So, are you sure you're ready for this?" Damon asked.
"Yeah I'm ready. I've been ready for a long time all those bloodsuckers should be sent straight to hell!" He said.
"Well, go send her there. Here's the address. You got your silver?" He asked.
"Right here" The young man said pulling the heavy silver chain out of his pocket.
"Off you go" Damon said as the young man practically ran from the office. So far 9 vampires were indeed in hell and many more would be joining them he thought to himself with a smile.

Mick staked out the new building which was much nicer than the first. The owner/murderer was always in the office very early in the morning and was the last to leave. He had now accumulated over 20 people with the virus to hand out his deranged style of justice and it had to end but something was holding him back and he knew what it was. As an angel he could not willingly kill a mortal....nor could he have someone else do it for him although he knew many vampires who would gladly take on the task on behalf of all vampires. He was just about top get out of his car when his phone rang.
"Mick St. John" He answered.
"Mick! It's Abigail. Zach and I need you to come to our place right now!" She said urgently.
"Give me 25 minutes" Mick said getting back in his car and driving away. He sped quickly to Abigail's and was soon knocking on her door.
"We did it! We created a vaccine!!" She said jumping up and down.
"Are you serious?"
"Yes I'm serious" She said pulling him into the house and closing the door behind him.
"Hey Mick, did Abby tell you the good news?" Zach said coming down the stairs.
"Yeah she did. Now you guys are sure it works? I mean have you tested it on anyone?"
"Trent Byers. He works for Joseph and he found out that he could pass the virus volunteered to help with the trial. We gave him the vaccine and it worked! He no longer carries the virus gene!" Abigail said.
"Well do you think you guys can create about 21 vials of the drug? Right away?"
"Joseph already is working on it . We can get you as many as you need by tomorrow afternoon" She said.
"Great! I have to call your dad" He said running out with phone in hand.

"Damon got word of the vampire death numbers and he was pleased. His count was now up to over 25 vamps destroyed. He thought this deserved a celebration. He told everyone that they would be having a small party to celebrate what they all had been able to accomplish and on this upcoming Friday they would close early and have a real par-tay! Lisa showed up at the meeting and was told of the upcoming party.
"So are you going?" Heidi asked to a group of them.
"Yeah, I'll be's free food and drink right?" Dylan asked.
"One would assume" Lisa replied.
"You don't look so happy about this?" Heidi asked with her eyes narrowing in suspicion.
"Hey don't get me wrong a win is a win when it comes to destroying vampires, but I just don't think we should be so cocky" Lisa said carefully.
"I agree. I think this party is bit too early in the game, but if he wants to throw us a party I'm all for it" Heidi said with a grin. "And ever since he got that millionaire dude footing the bill so be it" She finished.
"Yeah I guess you're right" She said smiling at everyone. Lisa was going to have play this the right way. Heidi had already looked at her a couple of times in suspicion. At first she thought it was because she was jealous of the new girl or something, but now she was convinced that Heidi just didn't trust her.
"How come your arm isn't all blue like the rest of us?" Heidi asked as her eyes rested on Lisa's unblemished arm. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and pulled a salve out of her purse.
"It's probably this" She said handing out the jar for everyone to see. "This company in Hollywood sales it. The main ingredient they say is vampire blood and it's supposed to heal any wound"
"Let me see that!" Heidi said said sternly as she snatched away from Lisa's hand. She opened it up and took a whiff. It smelled of lavender and something spicy that she couldn't place. She took off her bandage and dab a small amount onto her arm and in a matter of minutes her skin looked as if she had never been bitten at all. "This is fucking amazing!" She yelled passing to everyone who took turns dabbing the cream on themselves. "Can you get more of this?" She asked.
"I'll try. Apparently they have a few problems on production and she only sells one per person but I could ask her" Lisa said.
"Do and tell her if she says yes, she'll have more money than she'll know what to do with" Heidi said taking the jar into Damon's office and telling him about it. She came back out. "Damon said to purchase every jar she has on hand and we'll pay her 200k for her entire stock" She said.
"Okay. I'll do it now" Lis said knowing that Heidi was most likely going to have her followed.
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

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Lisa got into her car and immediately knew that someone had been inside. She took a discreet sniff and knew it was Damon. Most likely he had planted a bug in her car. She turned the radio on and luckily for her, her favorite song began to play, so she cranked up the volume and sang loudly as she drove to Hollywood. She parked and quickly got out. She knew that Heidi was following her so once she was out of her car she darted down an alley and quickly jumped up to a nearby roof and waited. In five minutes Heidi and Brad came down the alley looking for her.
"Where the hell did she go?" Heidi yelled out.
"Are you even sure she walked this way?" Brad asked looking all around. Lisa heard them below so she quickly dialed Mick.
"Gramps, I got two of them. They're in an alley right off Vine St. and Hollywood Blvd." She said and hung up. Mick was there within minutes with Brian who immediately grabbed hold of both Heidi and Brad's hands and whisked them away to Darrian's old apartment at Kostan Towers.
Heidi let out a loud scream when she realized what had happened.
"Get the hell away from me!!!" She screamed. Brad saw a lamp on the nearby table and tried to smash it over Brian's head but Brian quickly got away in time for the lamp to land squarely on Heidi's head. She crumbled to ground and Brad saw that he was alone with a very mean looking vampire.
"You son a bitch! Look what you made me do!!" He yelled and stared to run towards Brian who he saw had again stepped out of sight right as he ran into a wall knocking himself out. Mick walked into the apartment and pulled out the vials that Abigail had given him. He injected both Heidi and Brad then he and Brian left.

Heidi slowly began to move her eyes opening looking all around to see where she was. She saw Brad lying next to her and she reached out to shove him. She saw his hand move slightly.
"Wake up you idiot!" She yelled at him while checking herself for vampire bites.
"W.....where are we?" He croaked out.
"The hell if I know! Are you hurt?"
"My head feels like someone knocked me over with something heavy" He said rubbing his forehead. He looked quickly at Heidi and noticed blood. "Heidi, you got blood running down your cheek!" He said trying to stand as the door opened suddenly and they saw a Security Guard shining a light in their faces.
"Stan, I found a couple of squatters in L2. One is bleeding. You better call 911 and tell them to get here quickly" He said into his two way radio. Paramedics arrived within four minutes to look after the young couple.
"Can you tell us what happened?" One EMT asked Heidi as he was tending to her wound.
"I don't know" She said in anger as he wrapped a bandage around her head.
You got a deep laceration. You're going to need a few stitches" He said writing down the information as the other EMT went to check on Brad.
"We're going to admit both of them. He's got a very large knot on his head. He may have a concussion" He said calling it in. A police officer came in and began to question them both.
"Look! I already said I don't know how we got here wherever here is!" She yelled as they laid her on a stretcher. "And I want to talk to my lawyer!" She screamed.
"You're not under arrest right now but that depends on what the owner of this building wants to do. You should probably pray that he's an understanding person" The officer said walking away. It wasn't until they were wheeled out of the building that they saw where they were.

Lisa drove back to speak with Damon and noticed that he was pacing back and forth.
"Lisa, have you seen Heidi?" He asked. urgently.
"No. I went to go speak with the shop owner about the salve. She said she would sell you as much of much of the salve as you wanted" She said with a big smile but noticing that something was wrong. "Why? What's going on? Did I miss something?" She asked.
"Heidi and Brad haven't checked in" He said. "And it's been over 3 hours!"
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Re: Contagion By Ella713

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"Does Heidi have a cell phone?" Lisa asked.
"Why?" Damon asked becoming immediately suspicious.
"Because you can call whoever her carrier is and have them locate her via GPS" Lisa said rolling her eyes.
"That's a great suggestion Lisa" He said sliding a folder in front of her. "Here is another vamp for you, it should be very easy. He's old and very rich. Claude Brewster" He said getting ready to call the Apple store. Lisa picked up the folder and began to read. She knew who Claude was and he was a good friend to Uncle Josef.
"I'll take care of it" She said with a nod of her head walking out of the office. In 45 minutes she at Claude's stately home. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Lisa standing at his door.
"Well hello!" He said smiling down at her. Lisa held out her hand to him.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Brewster" She said staring at him hoping he played along.
"The pleasure is all mine. Please come in" He said in a mild voice as he let her in and shut the door. He led Lisa into his drawing room and waited.
"That company you contacted today is spreading the virus all throughout the vampire community" She said.
"So you've saved me" He said with grin.
"You should really have your own freshie" Lisa said confused as to why such a prominent vampire did not.
"A momentary weakness I'm afraid. You see my Bio-Lab has created a synthetic blood which I thought would help vampires during this pandemic and it is adequate, but after a month I craved something....richer"
"Can vampires exist on it?"
"Yes. It does take away hunger pains so to speak, but it's not fulfilling. After a while you become ravenous which will cause you to make errors in judgement as I did" He explained.
"Well, I'm working undercover at this agency per Mick's request" She said.
"So am I to die?" He asked with a grin.
"Yes sir you are".

Heidi was tired of laying in a hospital bed even though the pain medication they'd given her had worn off and her stitches were killing her. She sat up just as a nurse was walking in.
"So how you feeling?" The nurse asked in a cheerful yet clipped tone.
"I feel like I have stitches and it hurts like a son of bitch!" She said.
"Well, the doctor will be in shortly to give you a once over then You'll be released" She said after checking her blood pressure.
"How is Brad doing? We came in together" She said.
"You'll have to ask the doctor about that" She said walking out. Heidi had had enough so she took out her IV and began to search for her clothes. After she was dressed she peaked out her door to make sure no one was watching and headed for the exit.
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