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New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:31 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
New in Town
Rated PG
By: Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Beth's old college roommate comes to visit and sets her eyes on Mick!

Melissa Walters stepped off the plane and sighed. She had always hated Los Angeles and went to the first college that had accepted her with one requirement. It had to be far from the state of California.
She knew that people still flocked to the state even now with all the problems it had it never stopped people from dreaming. She wouldn't have come this time had it not been for her friend Beth Turner. Without Beth, she would have dropped out and become another cautionary tale, but it was Beth who stayed up all night with her listening to her about her crazy mother who was locked up for trying to poison her family and he father who had some new bimbo every other month. Beth had shared with her the horror of her abduction and fantasies of the brave man who rescued her. They were glued to each other for 4 years, then Melissa went to University of Toronto to complete her Masters and Beth had taken a job with a Public Access channel. She walked past an airport souvenir shop and saw her reflection. She looked old she laughed to herself. She never thought her and Beth would be middle aged ladies!

"So tell me about this old friend" Mick said with a grin.
"Why? Are you jealous?" Beth teased. Mick pulled her into his arms.
"Hell yes I'm jealous of anyone who takes you away from me. Even if it's only for the evening" He kissed her passionately.
"Well Melissa Walters is my old college roommate and I haven't seen her since graduation!" Beth said excitedly.
"Well, have fun and stay out of trouble" He said.

Beth pulled up to swank bistro and walked inside. She looked around and didn't see Melissa anywhere, so she had a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. She was just picking up her glass to take sip when a woman sat down next to her.
"Who's this foxy lady?" She heard the woman say remembering how they had talked about how men would be saying that to them someday.
"Melissa!!" Beth said jumping up to hug her. "How was your flight? Are you jet lagged? Can I get you anything?...." Beth said.
"So many questions as usual" Melissa joked. "Wow Beth! You look amazing!" She said taking in the dewy features of her friend and wondered if she had had any work done.
"So do you Melissa! I almost didn't recognize you!" Beth said squeezing her hand.
"Well come on, we have a table over here" She said pulling Beth up. After they placed their orders Melissa took a small sip of her drink. "So tell me everything and don't you dare leave a thing out!" She said.
"Well, I was working with an internet news outfit Buzzwire and I loved it, but they were bought out by some jerk who didn't really care about journalism at all so I quit, then did a stint at Action News then I was the Press Secretary for Josef Kostan during his Governorship and then when he became President, but I've since retired". Beth said.
"Wow! You were the Press Secretary for the President? That's huge Beth! I'm so lost on the affairs of the United States." Melissa said.
"So, how is Canada? Do you love it?"
"You know I never thought that I would ever live in Canada, but after I finished my studies, I just didn't want to leave. I live in Montreal and its amazing! So vibrant!" She gushed then noticed the ring on Beth's finger. "And you got married!!! Was it Paul?"
"Paul Lyons? Ah...nope. He turned out to be bad news but you remember me telling you the story about my kidnapping and the man who recued me? Well, I married his son and I have two children. Both boys and they're grown up with children of their own!" She said.
"So you're a grandma?!.......wait! Did you say you married the son of the guy who rescued you?"
"'s complicated....but I want to hear all about what you've been doing" Beth said.
"Well, after I finished my masters I went to medical school and became a licensed Psychiatrist. I focus on children and young adults mostly"
"Wow! Dr. Walters! Oh if they could see us now!" Beth laughed. "So what are your plans for you visit?"
"I have to stop by and say hello to my father. Can you believe he's on wife number 7?!"
"You're kidding!! Is he going for a record?" Beth asked.
"Who knows. But he put me through college so I owe him a hello at least" She said.
"Well call me and I'll show you the best spots in town!"

"Mick! Can you pick up your disturbing crime scene photos and put them away?" Beth yelled.
"Oh, sorry about that babe!. I'll get out of your hair. Carl and I have some things to talk about" Mick said picking up the folder and walking towards the door. "Have fun with your friend" He said then opened the door to see a pretty woman standing there.
"He.....hello...I'm here to see Beth" She said with her mouth wide open.
"Hi! I'm Mick St. John Beth's husband. You must be Melissa?" He said holding out his hand. Melissa stared at Mick and could not for the life of her remember what she was doing. "You are Melissa?" mick asked.
"Melissa!" Beth said walking over to the door. Beth saw the slight dazed look on her face and chuckled to herself. "Mick, don't you have someplace to be?" She said lightly pushing him out the door.
"Yeah" He said giving her a quick kiss. "Have fun" He said hurrying to the elevator.
"That's your husband??" She asked in shock.
"Yeah that's him." Beth laughed.
"What the heck did his father look like?"
"Exactly like his son strange enough. Have a seat" She said.
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Re: New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:21 pm

Melissa made it back to her hotel room feeling as if she were floating. Beth had taken her to the spa in her building and splurged on the works for her. All the stress she had been feeling over work and her cheating boyfriend had been banished from her mind after the deep tissue massage, body scrub manicure and haircut. But what a surprise it was to see Beth again who looked like she had stopped aging altogether! And that husband! As God was her witness she had never seen a man so beautiful in her entire life! She wondered what he did for living, not that it mattered when you looked like him. Hell he could be a garbage collector and not a woman on earth would mind it.

"Did you have fun visiting with your friend?" Mick asked as he laid down next to her in bed.
"Yes. It was great seeing her after all this time. She was stunned however by your beauty". She chuckled remembering the look on Melissa's face. It always blew Beth's mind the effect that Mick had on women.
"Yeah right" He said turning to face her.
"You really have no idea what that face does to people".
"I think you exaggerate babe" He said shaking his head.
"You're so humble, that's why I love you" Beth said kissing him until they both forgot what they were talking about.

Melissa walked into the Kostan Towers and reported to the security desk. The building Beth lived in was as secure at Ft. Knox! She was shown to the elevators and as they were closing she saw a large hand stop the doors from closing and Mick St. John stepped in looking like perfection on two legs.
"Oh, hello Melissa. Mind if ride with you?" He said with a sexy grin.
"No. Not at all. It's nice to see you again" She said nervously. She hadn't been this nervous talking to a man since she was in high school!
"Beth tells me you're a psychiatrist" He said.
"Yes I am"
"Well if you have a minute, I'd like to get your expert advice on something" Mick said.
"What did you have in mind?" She asked looking at him and taking a deep breath.
"Well, first of all, I'm a Private Detective and I have this case. We have a client who says that he was beaten severely by a teenager. I believe my client. He definitely was beaten by someone, but whether or not it was this kid is the $10,000 question. The police disclosed the teen's interrogation and we can't tell if he's lying or not. Would you take a look at the tape and tell us if you spot anything?"
"You'd like me to be your expert witness?" She asked.
"Yeah, I mean would you?"
"Sure why not" She said as Mick pressed the button to go back downstairs.
"My office is in the lobby" He said smiling. When they walked into his office they ran into Carl.
"Hey Carl, this is Melissa Walters. She's a friend of Beth's and she's a psychiatrist, she's going to take a look at the Kinsey tape" Mick explained.
"Sure thing. Hello Melissa. It's a pleasure to meet you" Carl said. Melissa stared at Carl and thought
Jesus! Where were all these good looking men when she was living here her whole life? Carl showed her into a plush office and sat her down. "Would you like anything to drink?" He asked.
"An espresso" She said and Mick went off to get it. Carl turned on the tape and she watched the footage. Mick handed her the coffee and sat at her side. She said nothing for the whole hour it took to view the tape and when it was finished she turned to look at them both. "In my professional opinion I think that kid is lying and I think he did have something to do with the beating. His body language when he was asked about Mr. Kinsey was immediately hostile. He folds his arms in front of him and he never looks the officer in the eye which means he's afraid to do so because it will give him away. And you see how never simply answers the question. He first holds his head back and looks upward. He's trying to come up with the correct response" She said. "He behaves like a classic Sociopath. Also, look in his past. I'm positive this isn't his first altercation. Cases like this usually start at the age of 7 or 8" She said.
"That's great!!" Carl said writing everything down. "Too bad you can't work for us, you could help us clear up a boatload of cases!" Carl joked.
"Well, I better get upstairs, Beth's probably wondering what's taking me so long" She said.
"I called her and let her know you were helping us with something" Mick said as she stood up and gathered her things. "And Melissa, thanks a lot!" He said with a dazzling smile that took her breath away as got back on the elevator. Holy smokes that man was sexy enough to give a woman a heart attack!
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Re: New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 10:28 pm

By the time she made it up to Beth's floor she had contained herself somewhat.
"Finally, they let you go! You're gonna have to be careful with those two. They will have you up to your ear in casework!" Beth laughed.
"Hey no problem. Anything to help" She said. "So what's on the agenda for today?"
"Whatever you want! The choice is yours"
"What's going on at Madame Tussauds?" She asked.
"Tons of new stuff! Let's head there" Beth said grabbing her purse.
"So how did you meet your husband? Does he know his dad rescued you?" Melissa asked.
"We met at a crime scene I was covering for Buzzwire. He looked so familiar. At first I thought he was a detective but I figured it out pretty quickly and we worked together for a while but I was already seeing another guy named Josh Lindsay. He was the ADA for Los Angeles. He asked me to marry him, but I was already falling in love with Mick and then some low life drug dealer shot Josh and he died" Beth said amazed that that story still managed to make her cry. "But Mick caught the drug dealer and they went to jail" She said.
"Wow! That's some story....I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend. That had to be hard"
"It was" Beth said clearing her throat. Melissa stood up to look at the photos on the mantel. "Those are my sons. That's Gabriel and that's Brian". She said.
"What happened after I left Los Angeles? Did every drop dead gorgeous person decide to move here after I left?" She joked standing up and stretching. "Better head back to the hotel. I'm exhausted"
"Probably Jet lagged. Go get some rest. I'll see you later" Beth said walking her to the door.
Melissa got on the elevator and when she got to the lobby she walked right over to Mick's office.
"Oh, hey Melissa. Is there something I can help you with?" Mick said.
"No. But I'm going to be here for 3 weeks or more, so if you need any more help with your's my card." She said sliding it over to him.
"That's great Melissa! If you're sure we're not getting in the way of any of your plans".
"No. Call any time" She said with a bright smile that she rarely used.
"Thanks we will" He said as he watched her leave. Well that was really nice Mick thought to himself.

Melissa thought about Mick most of the night. What was it like to be loved by Mick St. John? One could only imagine....then she thought about Beth....they were dear friends, but look at all the good fortune that seemed to fall out of sky into Beth's lap. A great looking boyfriend, then she marries a supermodel looking husband and gave birth to two beautiful young men! Surely she didn't need all of it?

"Did you have fun with Melissa?" Mick asked as he began to take off his clothes.
"Mick it was so much fun! You know I haven't had any really close friends since Isabelle, so it was nice to have someone who already knows everything about you. It felt like old times" She said laying down on the bed.
"I'm glad. She's a nice lady. Her evaluation of our suspect was so on point that we were able to lay the groundwork for a rock solid case!" Mick said. "Carl was trying to recruit her to work for us" He joked.
"Well, I don't see an issue with that! Melissa is a very intelligent woman who has worked hard to get where she is. She'd be an asset, but she hates California. Always has. I think Carl's attempts will fall on deaf ears" She said snuggling up next to Mick when he laid down.

The next afternoon Melissa walked into Kostan Towers with a definite plan in her mind. She said hello to the security guard and walked into MAC Investigations and ran into Carl.
"Oh, hi Melissa! Did you need something?" He asked.
"Well, I wanted to run something by you if you don't mind?" She said.
"Sure. Have a seat" Carl said then sat down in front of her. "What's on your mind?"
"I'm thinking of relocating back to California and...." She began to say. Carl stood up suddenly.
"You're hired!" He said with a smile.
"Don't you want to look at my resume?" She said pulling on out of her handbag.
"Don't need to. You're hired. We have an empty office right over there that we aren't using, so you can set up there" He said.
"Don't you want to hear my salary requirements?" She asked in surprise.
"We'll double whatever it is you're currently making" Carl said. Melissa looked at Carl for a long while before answering.
"Alright, I accept" She said standing up.
"We'll speak with Josef about relocating your things down here and we'll show you an apartment here at Kostan Towers" He said.
"Let me go upstairs and tell Beth the good news" She said with a bright smile.

Beth was waiting for her when she got off the elevator.
"You're here early. What's up?" Beth asked as Melissa walked into the apartment just in time to see Mick coming into the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel and a lot of sexy! Melissa stopped and dropped her handbag. Mick suddenly turned around and as luck would have it, his towel fell from his body. He quickly bent down to pick it up and wrapped it around his torso.
"Excuse me...I didn't know you were expecting anyone babe" He said and ran back upstairs.
"Mick!!" Beth yelled at his fleeing form. "I'm so sorry Melissa" She said bending down to pick up Melissa's purse. "Would you like coffee or something? Or let's go to breakfast" She said grabbing her own purse and pushing Melissa out the apartment. Melissa turned to look at her still in shock at what she'd seen.
"You are the luckiest woman in the world. You know that right?" She said.
"A lot of time I feel cursed" Beth joked as they got onto the elevator.
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Re: New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:43 pm

"Its about time you made it down here!" Carl said the moment Mick walked into the office. "I hired Melissa by the way and she accepted" He said happily. Mick closed his eyes as if he had a headache. "Wait, what's wrong?" Carl asked quickly.
"Melissa saw me naked." He said shaking his head slowly.
"What?!!! Damn it man, did you have to do this now?" Carl yelled.
"Look, Beth didn't tell me that she coming by this morning and I had just gotten out of the shower and went downstairs to grab some blood.......and well, the towel fell off" He said sadly.
"That's just perfect! You know she's going to be useless to us that she's seen your Thor-like physique!" Carl said sitting down in his chair.
"Look maybe this will still work out. Not every woman wants to throw herself at me and maybe Melissa doesn't want to either. We're probably worrying about nothing." Mick said but to be honest, he thought they had a lot of worry about.

"Melissa, again I am so sorry for what happened. I should have let Mick know you were coming over" Beth said. Melissa was still stunned to say the least but she managed a weak smile.
"Don't apologize. It was no one's fault, just one of those random things. In any case I wanted to let you know, that I've decided to move back to Los Angeles". She said.
"Really? I thought you'd never move back to quote: God forsaken hell hole unquote?" Beth laughed.
"I need to stop running away. I mean I only wanted to leave because of what happened in my family...... I just wanted to go someplace where no one knew and no one cared about it. But being here now and seeing you just made me miss California more than I ever thought I would" She said pouring cream in her coffee. Beth smiled at her words, totally understanding her meaning.
"I understand. California definitely has it bad points, but the good points overshadow everything else" She said and Mick St. John definitely covered everything so all you saw was him. And his perfect form.
"And I was offered a job!" Melissa said suddenly. "Carl said he wanted me to come on board since he was impressed with my evaluation, so it looks like I will be staying here permanently" Melissa said with a smile.
"That's fantastic!! We should have a fun filled girl's night out! I can introduce you to some women I'm good friends with who live in Kostan Towers of course two are my daughter in laws" She said.
"Beth, that sounds like so much fun! Carl said I'll have an apartment in the building so we'll be seeing each other all the time". She said as her food arrived.

Melissa Walters was all moved in by the beginning of the next week and while Beth was ecstatic, Mick was apprehensive. And when she showed up for the first day of work, Mick made sure he was far away from the office following leads, but somehow he ended up at Josef's office.
"Hey Mick, how's the Shrink working out?" Josef asked.
"I don't know. I haven't been to the office" He said taking a seat.
"Uh oh, I know that look. What's wrong now?"
"We may have to let Melissa go".
"What? Why! I just moved her here because you and Carl couldn't stop talking about how great she was!"
"She accidentally saw me naked" Mick said.
"Shit! You just can't keep it in your pants can you?"
"Again, it was an accident! I wasn't told she was there and then it was too late. My towel fell off"
"Good night nurse Mick!! You and your fangirls are becoming too much to handle. How do you want to handle this?"
"In a way that doesn't cause Beth hurt feelings. I don't want her hurt by this" He said sadly.
"Let me see what I can dig up" Josef said finally.

Melissa went through all the case files that Carl had handed her making notes in each one. She stood up to get another coffee and noticed that Mick wasn't in the office today. Carl noticed her looking around.
"Did you need something Melissa?" He asked.
"No....I just wandering where Mick was. I haven't seen him in over a week" She said trying to sound casual.
"When Mick's on a case, you won't see him. He literally works until the case is solved" He said seeing her smile had faded after the news. "Hey what do you say to dinner tonight with me and Angela? I'd love for you to meet my wife, she's been getting on me for not inviting you over" He said.
"I'm sorry.....what did you say?"
"Dinner with me and my wife?"
"Oh...that sounds lovely" She finally said.
"Great! I'll let Angela know you're coming. 7pm" He said going back into his office.
Melissa grabbed her coffee and went back to her office, but she wondered if Mick was avoiding her.

At 7pm Melissa walked into Carl apartment and stared in awe. Just how rich were these people?
Carl's wife Angela engulfed her in a big hug.
"It is so nice to meet you! Carl's been raving about you! I hope you're hungry" She said. "We actually have the apartment to ourselves for once. Jackson is staying the night with a friend and Sylvia is with my parents for the next two weeks!" She said placing a glass of wine in her hand and running to the kitchen.
"So, has Los Angeles changed much?" Carl asked as he sat down across from her.
"Not really. I mean sure there are some new businesses but it still feels the same" She said. Carl noticed her discomfort. She really didn't like Los Angeles. He's have to have a word with Beth and get the whole story. "So what made you study psychiatry?" He asked.
"Well, I had a very confusing childhood and I always felt like there had to be a reason why it was, then that of course brings up whether is was confusing in just my mind, or was it confusing because of something my parents did, or was it environment. And trust me, that's not an easy thing to come to a conclusion over and the more I sought out information the more I became hooked". She explained.
"I can see that. I think every kid wants to know what it all means, but not all of them go through the hard work to find out". He said. "And did you find out?"
"I've come close but was never happy with the conclusions I came up with". She said as Angela was telling them it was time for dinner.

Mick called Beth to make sure the coast was clear before he came home.
"And where have you been all day?" Beth asked in mock anger.
"Uh...with your friend coming by tonight?" He asked.
"No. She called and said she's having dinner with Carl and Angela tonight" She said and noticed look of relief on Mick's face. "What's going on Mick? Are you worried about the towel incident? Speaking of that, I bought you a robe, so please wear it" She said laughing at his expression.
"Thank you" He said pulling her into his arms. "But if it's all the same, I'd like some warning when Melissa is coming over"
"Babe you work with her! It's not like you can't see her"
"I know, I know". He mumbled still thinking of ways he could stay out of sight.

Melissa actually had a great time. Angela was a delight to talk to and kept the conversation flowing with many stories about her own upbringing and the game her and brother had invented where they would pick out 5 random food items and the other person had to turn it into something edible.
"Needless to say, I won the final round when he couldn't come up with anything for radishes, ocean perch, granny smith apples, peanut butter and couscous!" She laughed.
"I honestly thought I had her one time when I chose a bottle of red wine, pears, spinach, horseradish and scallops but it took her all of 45 minutes and she had everything ready" Carl said shaking his head.
After a few hours Melissa begged off to go back to the office to work on a case for a while. She unlocked the office door and saw Mick's office light on. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Mick opened his door thinking it was Carl but saw it was Melissa.
"Mr. St. John, I think we need to clear the air. I'm really sorry for what happened, I know it was embarrassing, but we're both adults, there's no need to be ashamed or anything" She said trying to sound confident.
"Look, it was my fault. I should have known something like that could have easily happened. So from now on clothes at all times shall be worn in my home". He laughed glad that this wouldn't be as big a deal as he thought.
'Well that would be shame" Mick heard her say under her breath as she walked into her office.
Here comes trouble Mick thought to himself.

'So when are we going to meet this wunderkind friend of yours?" Zoe said.
"Maybe Saturday. It depends on her schedule. Mick and Carl are keeping her pretty busy" Beth said.
Alma and Bridgett were staring at each other but not saying anything and Zoe knew what that meant.
Something awful was about to happen.
"Spill it you two! I see you both in "vision mode" so fess up" Zoe said. Alma slowly shook her head at Bridgett. They couldn't say anything now. Nothing had been done, but there was the thought. That one single thought in Melissa's mind, but they surely couldn't condemn a person for a single thought. It might have been a passing thought. "There's nothing to tell. These visions don't come fully packaged you know" Alma said, but she knew that both her and Bridgett would keep an eye on Beth's college friend.
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Re: New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:25 pm

Melissa looked in the mirror for a long time. While she knew she wasn't a drop dead beauty like Beth, a couple of guys she dated she had the most amazing eyes they had ever seen. She saw a few gray hairs and a few frown lines.....oh well, no time like the present she thought as she made her way downstairs to the spa. She was going to get the full body makeover and maybe do a bit of shopping.

After three hours the stylist turned her around to look at herself again and she almost cried.
"That's really me?" She said with tears in her eyes.
"This is the new you girl!" He said with a broad smile. "Go ahead and play with it" He encouraged.
She touched her hair and it felt as soft as silk.
"I don't know how to thank you" She said throwing her arms around the stylist who was used to this sort of reaction by now.
"You were already a knock out, you just needed an update! Now get out of here and knock that man's socks off!"
Melissa stood feeling really confident for the first time. She smiled at the man and walked out. She immediately ran into Carl and Angela who were on their way out.
"Oh my God Melissa!! You look amazing!!" Angela said running to look at her. "I love your hair!!" She gushed.
"Angela's right Melissa! You look like a million bucks!" Carl said.
"Thank you both. I needed an update. I hadn't cut my hair in years!" She said feeling positive that with her new look, she would be able to capture Mick's heart.

Melissa walked to the office and casually picked up the newspaper as Mick walked in. He instantly noticed her improved appearance and knew what he said to her right now would shape their working relationship.
"Hey Melissa! Did you see the Mullaney file yet? We really need to know as soon as possible if this man is fit to stand trial" He said looking right at her waiting for her to answer. At first she simply stood there not saying anything but after a few more seconds she sighed.
"Yeah, I looked at it last night and wrote up my notes. They're on your desk" She said walking into kitchen to get a cup of coffee.
"Thanks! You're a life saver" Mick said walking into his office and shutting the door.
"What the hell!" She mumbled to herself becoming angry for trying.

After Mick closed his door he sat at his desk. Melissa gave herself a complete makeover and she looked really pretty, but Mick sure as hell wasn't going to tell her that.......then he got an idea. He picked up the phone and called Gabriel.
"Hey Gabe! Do you think you can come to office before you leave for work? I need to ask you something." He said.
"Sure Dad, what's up?" He replied.
"Do you still have your contacts at Danvers? Because I have a great recommendation for them. Carl and I hired a Psychiatrist to help us out on a few cases and well, I don't think we have enough to keep her full time or even part time. So do you think you can arrange something for her?"
Gabriel chuckled to himself. He knew exactly why his dad was calling him.
"Dad, I'll see what I can do. You got a resume to show me?"
"Sending it to you now" Mick said.
"Okay. Got it" He said looking over the document. "Wait, does she know mom?"
"Yeah. They were college roommates"
"Say no more. I'll make some calls and get back with you" He said hanging up still chuckling to himself.

"So how are you liking being back in Los Angeles? It's growing on you isn't it?" Beth asked.
"Well.....I'm not going to lie. It feels good to be back. So much has changed" She said laying down her fork. "Something happened today....I received a call from a law firm wanting to hire me full time. The salary is more than I've ever made in my entire career"
"That's great!! What's the name of the firm?"
"Danvers Mitchell and Roy. I checked up on them online and this is the largest firm in Los Angeles!"
"That's fantastic!! A new job to go along with your new super model look! It looks like LA is pulling out the red carpet for you" Beth said.
"Do you think I should take it? I mean I really do like working for Carl and Mick"
"Not to mention the commute is better with them for sure, but Danvers could really open some doors for you. Their clientele is impressive to say the least, not to mention all the perks!"
"I'll think about it for another day before I decide" She said turning her attention back to her lunch.

Beth knew that her friend had it bad for Mick and honestly she couldn't blame her. Where Mick and Josef were concerned they were catnip for all females. This wasn't the first time she had to face someone falling in love with Mick, but Melissa seemed to have it pretty bad. She remembered what Bridgett went through with her own sister trying to bed her husband and it resulted in her demise and it was for that very reason that Beth decided to speak.
"Melissa, I wanted to talk to you about something.......what happened with Mick..." She began to say. " It was a very unfortunate situation and I hope you won't take this wrong way...but I love my husband and I know what other women in the past have tried to do and I really hope that won't be the case here" Beth finished.
"What are you trying to say Beth?" She asked loudly "Do you think I'm like my father and that I'll just sleep with anyone's spouse?"
"I never said that"
"It sounds like that's exactly what you're saying!" She yelled. "You know what, I'm not hungry anymore" She said in anger and walked out of the restaurant.
"And here we go again" Beth said shaking her head slowly.

Melissa fumed all the way to her car. The nerve of Beth accusing her like that! Even if she had toyed with idea. Suddenly she was back in college when all of those snooty sorority girls said awful things about her and she thought of now was getting Mick St. John in her bed!
"By hook or by crook" She said to herself as drove away.
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Re: New in Town Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:03 pm

Mick looked up as Carl was banging on his door.
"Hey Carl, what's up?"
"Is Melissa going to be in today?" Carl asked as he noticed the look of alarm on Mick's face.
"I don't know. Is she?" He said grabbing his jacket and heading out.
"Damn man! This woman really has you on edge!" Carl laughed. "Has she made a move on you?"
"No thank God for that but I just think it's best if I'm around her as little as possible" He said with a sigh.
"I know, I sucks being beautiful" Carl laughed out loud. "You can't hide away forever, I mean she does work here".
"But after what I went through with Kimberly Swift, I just don't want that to happen again" Mick said.
"Well, if it starts to get hairy you can scare the crap out of her, if you know what I mean?"
"I'm sure she already knows"
"Come on man! She shows up here out of the blue and sees her college roommate still looking like she did in college while she looks...well her age, then she sees you naked and all of sudden she gets a complete makeover. When a woman does that, I think we all know what she has on her mind" Carl said. Mick thought about it. What Carl said made a lot of sense. Maybe vamping out was his only option. He was having that thought when Melissa came into the office.
"Do you your two need me for anything?" She asked politely not looking at Mick at all.
"Nope. You can enjoy your evening. See a movie grab a bite" Carl said
"That's great idea. Thanks Carl" She said.
"Oh! Melissa, did you finish that summary on the Malcolm Davis case?" Carl asked.
"Yeah I did. I'll run up and grab it" She said turning to leave.
"This is your chance. Offer to go with her know" Carl whispered. Mick closed his eyes briefly.
"Hey, I'll go up with you" He said. He saw her eyes light up.
"Sure thing" She said as Mick followed her to the elevator. They rode up in silence until they reached her door. Melissa reached into her purse for something and Mick felt a sharp pin prick in his thigh.
"What the hell was that?!" Mick yelled and suddenly felt woozy. Melissa helped him in the apartment and sat him down on the sofa.
"I'll be right back with file" She said walking into her bedroom. Mick felt dizzy and he knew that Melissa had just drugged him with something and he passed out. Melissa came out and saw Mick passed put on her sofa.
"Look at that face" She said herself licking her lips. She walked over to him and began to remove his clothing.
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