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Not Yet Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:03 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Not Yet
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Bridgett buys and antique mirror from a antique shop that appears to sell cursed objects.

Beth, Bridgett and Alma come across and unusual antique store that was tucked into an alley near Beverly Hills. It looked to be like one of those charming curio shops you'd find in France.
"I've never seen this place before" Beth said looking in the window. "Look at that Victrola!" She squealed. "Mick would love that".
"Let's go inside" Bridgett said opening up the door. They slowly walked in and gazed at all treasures that were stacked inside.
"Is there anything I can help you find?" A voice said suddenly from behind them making them jump.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. My name is Victor Trouller and this is my shop" He said bowing slightly at the waist.
"Pleased to meet you. We were just looking around" Alma said quickly knowing what kind of con was pulled in establishments like this. Victor frowned a bit at Alma.
"If you need help with something, please let me know" He said walking over towards the register. Beth walked over to the Victrola.
"Does this work?" She asked.
"Indeed it does. Let me bring forth a record" He said walking quickly to where all his lp's were grabbed one without looking and placed it on the turntable. He cranked the handle and played the record for them.
"I have to get this for Mick, he's going to love it!" She gushed. "How much do you want for it?" She asked.
"The price is firm at $75 and you can choose whatever records you want from my collection" Victor said with a smile.
"I'll take it!" She said going through her purse trying to find her wallet. "Do you deliver?"
"I'm afraid I don't, but I suppose I can try and work something out..." He said. Beth waved her hand.
"No problem. I'll take a care of it" She smiled. Bridgett was walking over to where the jewelry was and was looking at each piece then her eyes spotted something.
"What a lovely compact" She said as Victor walked quickly over towards her. He unlocked the case and pulled out the compact and placed it in her hands. It was such an attractive antique vanity in very good condition. It looked to be made somewhere in the early 1900's. The lid was decorated by floral stylized motifs which have a foil like appearance. The edges had embossed laurel leaves & floral motifs. The original puff & sifter were in place and they were in good condition. The base was gilt with an impressed guilloche design. "It looks like it's never been used!" Bridgett exclaimed.
"Indeed it was never used. This was made for Lord Grathemore who commissioned it for his bride Lady Carmella, but she died of consumption before they wed. A very tragic tale" He said shaking his head.
"So she never got to see it?" Bridgett asked as she opened it up. "It's so beautiful. How much is it?"
"I've had many offers to purchase this item but I never felt anyone was worthy of it, but something tells me that you will truly appreciate it. $100 is the price for that" He said as Bridgett was pulling the money from her handbag. "And do you see anything to your liking?" He said to Alma.
"No thank you" She said politely, but she didn't like this store and certainly didn't think they should be buying anything from it. Victor stared at the pretty woman.
"I have a wonderful variety of stylish hats from the 1920's" He said with charming smile.
"No. I'm just looking" She said finally. "Have you two seen enough? We have to get back" She said turning to leave.
"What are your hours?" Beth asked.
"I close at 5pm this evening, but can stay open a bit later than that if you need me to" He answered.
"Great! I'll have my husband come by this afternoon and pick it up" She said as they all took their leave.
"Please be sure to tell your friends about my little store" He said with a wide smile that was a cross between friendly and demonic. He watched them walk out and stared until they were out of sight.

Alma was frowning and Beth noticed it right away.
"What's going on Alma? You don't like antiques?" She joked. Alma turned.
"I think they're lovely on the Antique Roadshow but they have been known to be let's just say bothersome to own"
"How so?" Beth asked.
"Some are haunted you know" Alma said. Both Beth and Bridgett began to laugh out loud.
"You're joking right?" Beth said wiping the tears from her eyes.
"You've been warned" Alma said with a raise of her eyebrow.
"Well let's hurry up and get back, I'm anxious to see what happens after dark!" Bridgett said still laughing.

"How was your day my love?" Brian said as he walked into their apartment.
"That remains to be seen?"
"What does that mean?"
"I was out with Beth and Bridgett and we passed a small antique store. The place really gave me the willies but they both bought items and the owner was spooky" She tried to explain.
"Spooky how?" Alma tried to explain how she felt but couldn't find the exact words.
"I don't know......he was just....he seemed shady" She finally said throwing herself onto the sofa.
"Well most antique stores are like that". He said walking into his office.
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Re: Not Yet Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:24 pm

When Bridgett got home the first thing she did was pull out her compact to give it a very thorough polishing. When she was done she opened it up to look at the mirror. Her reflection was smiling at her.
"Hello beautiful" She heard herself say. And for hours she simply sat in a chair looking at her own reflection. Jose finally arrived and saw Bridgett sitting at living room table looking at something.
"What you got there honey?" He said as he stole up behind her. Bridgett snapped to and smiled at Josef.
"Oh just a little trinket I bought at a little shop in Beverly Hills. I think it's really old she said holding her hand out so he could see it. Josef looked at the small compact and could tell that it was from the late 1800's or early 1900's.
"Looks like you found something pretty rare indeed. I haven't seen one of these since 1889 I think" He said kissing her cheek.
"Really. You think it's that old?"
"Yeah. If you'd like I can have it appraised" He offered.
"No. That's alright. I love it, I don't care how old it is" She said.
"Well, I have to make a call so I'm going to be a while" He said walking towards his office but turned to look at her once more. She had flipped open the lid and stared at her reflection.

Mick was still working so she asked Josef's driver Harold to pick up the Victrola. He came up their apartment and placed it in the corner of their apartment right across from the jukebox.
"I think Mick is going love that" Harold said as he walked out. When he had left Beth put on one of the records from someone called Leadbelly. The music was so incredible she had to play it over and over.
she had never heard anything that sounded this good in her life. When Mick made it home he found Beth sitting on the floor with a pile of 78 records. She put a record on and closed her eyes as she swayed from side to side.
"Where did you get this?" He asked enjoying the sounds of Bessie Smith.
"I went to a little shoppe with Alma and Bridgett and came across this and thought it would be just perfect for the apartment. The owner even threw in all these records! For free!" She said grinning.
"Babe, this music is sooo good" She said closing her eyes again and concentrating on the music. She didn't think she could listen to current music ever again! When Mick went to lie down he knew that Beth was still downstairs listening to records. He smiled to himself. He had been trying for some time to get her to enjoy the music he loved and now it looked like she was hooked.

Josef woke up and saw that Bridgett wasn't in bed. He quickly got up and went downstairs. She wasn't there either. He heard faint voices coming from somewhere in the penthouse. He went back up stairs to search the rooms. Bridgett heard Josef coming so she put the compact away and waited for him to open the door.
"Bridgett, what are you doing in here?" He asked.
"I couldn't sleep so I decided to to take a page from Alma's book and meditate" She said sweetly. "She said it helps"
"I thought I heard someone talking" He said looking at her strangely.
"It's my mantra Josef! You have to say it over and over to get results" She replied "So do you want to join me?" She asked knowing that he would say no.
"No! No thanks!" He chuckled turning and going back to bed. And when she was sure he had gone she pulled out the compact.
"You can't tell him about us. He won't understand. He'll try and take me away from you" Her reflection said.
"I'll kill him if he tries" Bridgett said with a sinister grin.

Mick began to toss and turn. He kept hearing music. He sat up and saw that Beth wasn't in bed. He tossed on his robe and made his way downstairs. Still sitting cross legged on the floor was Beth.
"Babe, you're still listening to records?" He asked. She slowly turned her head.
"I'll be up in a minute. I just wanted to hear this one record" She said.
"O.......k" He said turning to go back upstairs thinking Beth was acting a little obsessed. He stopped for a moment. "How many records did you get?" He said noticing that there were more records on the floor.
"Over 100" She said. "I'm only up to record 52" She said staring at him with bright blue eyes. "I'll be up after this one's over. I promise" She said and started going through the pile again. Mick shook his head deciding he would deal with this later, but right now he needed to rest.

Beth heard Mick beginning to stir and knew that he would be up soon, so she neatly gathered up all the records and put them away. She heard him get into the shower so she quickly got in bed and fell into a deep sleep. Mick came out of the bathroom and saw Beth asleep in bed.
"She stayed up all night listening to those damn records" He chuckled to himself thinking Beth was now going to be his jazz and blues partner. He got dressed and went to meet Carl in the office.
"Hey Mick, wants on the agenda today?" Carl said hanging up his blazer.
"Not much. Everything fine with you and Angela?"
"Sort of. Jackson made the junior football team and she doesn't want him to play. Of course you know I'm all for it and there is where we are at the moment" He said.
"Well, get this. Beth bought an old Victrola from some antique shop in town and it came with a 100 records and she stayed up all night listening to them. Old blues records"
"Beth? Listening to the blues? That doesn't sound like her although I know it makes you pleased as punch" Carl laughed.
"Let's just say, I'm not hating this new Beth at all!" He said.

Josef woke up and heard whispering but saw that Bridgett was sleeping and whispering softly to herself. He kissed her cheek and got up to go to work and the moment he was gone she pulled the compact from under her pillow and opened it.
"He doesn't suspect a thing" Her reflection said to her.
Mick walked into Josef's office later that afternoon.
"Hey Josef! Still keeping us all filthy rich?" He said sitting down across from him.
"Someone has to do it" Josef said with a trademark smirk. "Especially if the women folk are going to be antique shopping all the time" He joked.
"You know, Beth purchased an old Victrola and all these old records that went with it and she stayed up all night listening to Skip James and Blind Lemon Jefferson" He said with a wide smile.
"Oh so you're in seventh heaven aren't you? Well, Bridgett purchased an antique compact that looks to be really really old and she's obsessed with it"
"Whatever keeps them happy right?" Mick said.

"Did you have fun yesterday?" Brian asked when he saw Alma in the morning.
"No. And I think we have a problem. Beth, Bridgett and I were walking around Beverly Hills and we saw this really quaint antique shop and Brian this place was weird. I kept getting all of these strange vibes the entire time we were there and I didn't trust the shop owner at all". Brian looked at her for a moment.
"What kind of vibe was it?"
"Lots of screaming. Like everything in the store had some kind of bizarre tragic story and they were all screaming at once". She explained.
"Well if that's the case it's a good thing you didn't buy didn't right?" He asked.
"I didn't but Beth and Bridgett did" She said.
"I'll talk to Josef and Mick and see if they have anything to say" He said as he left for work but over the course of the day he was so busy he forgot all about the strange antique store.
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Re: Not Yet Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:37 pm

Alma decided to pay Beth a visit, so she knocked on the door and waited. Beth opened up the door in a hurry and yanked Alma in.
"Alma, you have to hear this!!" She said running over to the Victrola. Alma stood next to her and listened to the old recording.
"Is that Papa Charlie Jackson?" She asked.
"You know who he is?" Beth asked in surprise.
"I'm from New Orleans Beth, everyone who was born and raised there knows about him" She said.
"This man is amazing!! I've been listening to him and the way he plays and sings makes you feel like you're right there with him"
"Well, I thought you might like to go to the movies with me. They're showing Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven one of your favorites" Alma teased.
"How can I be bothered with movies when I have all these wonderful records to go through" Beth said shaking her head.
"You can't stay cooped up here all day listening to old records?"
"Oh yes I can" Beth said as she closed her eyes and swayed to the music. "Lock the door on your way out" She said walking away. Alma then went up to the penthouse to check on Bridgett. She knocked on the door repeatedly and was about to leave when she suddenly heard the door open a crack.
"Oh, hi Alma" She said not letting Alma in.
"What's going on Bridgett" She said pushing the door open and looking at the mess all around the apartment. "What the hell happened here? Are you alight Bridgett?" She said.
"Oh Alma I'm fine. I was looking for something and got carried away....but you better go. I need to clean this all up before Josef gets home" She said walking Alma back tot he door.
"Bridgett you know you can talk to me about anything?" She asked.
"Of course I know that...." She said but Alma interrupted her.
"Hey, you never let me see what you bought at the antique shop" Alma said. Bridgett's eyes opened in delight hearing about her purchase. She ran over to the dining room table and picked it up.
"Josef said he thinks it's even older than the old guy said" She said opening her compact.
"Can I hold it?" Alma asked.
"NO!......I m...mean, it's very fragile. I don't want too many people handling it" She lied.
"Oh, ok..." Alma said then very quickly plucked the compact from Bridgett's hands.
"NO!!! Give it to me!!!" She screamed barring her fangs ready to fight to the death for the object. Alma studied her for a moment then tossed the compact back to her and walked out of the apartment thinking she should head back to that damn store! She was just about to leave the building when she thought of something.

Alma lit the seeing herbs and waited.
"You know you done messed up!" She heard Emma say to her.
"I know. I never should have let them go into that store. I think that the man who owns the store is..."
"I don't care about that unfortunate soul. It's them trinkets I worry bout. They be cursed as the day is long and that fool be setting up shop all over California selling that crap!"
"Can the curse be broken?" Alma asked.
"Some can some can't." She said. "You gotta find out who had them items before and take Zoe's husband with you, cause that man will lie and tell you tales that make no matter. Make him tell the truth" Emma said finally.

Brian walked into Josef's office and saw his dad was already there.
"Good you're both here. We may have a problem. Alma is quite concerned with the purchases that Beth and Bridgett made yesterday. She said she had a strange feeling about the antique shop and all the items inside were screaming" He said. Both Mick and Josef looked at each other suddenly.
"Are you talking about haunted objects?" Josef asked.
"Possibly, or perhaps cursed. Have you noticed anything different?"
"Well, Beth has become enthralled with blues music but that's no big deal" Mick said shrugging his shoulders.
"And Bridgett was fine. I didn't notice her acting any differently" Josef said.
"That's good. Maybe Alma's worried for no reason, but I thought I should tell you so you could be on the lookout for strange behavior" He said walking out of the office.
"Should we be worried?" Josef asked.
"Look, I'll check out this antique store and see what's up" Mick said getting up and preparing to leave. He pulled out his phone and called Beth.
"Hey Babe, that antique store you went to yesterday, what was the name of it?" He asked.
"Why?" Beth asked simply.
"Uh....I was thinking of checking it out. See if they have any more records" He lied but he could hear the relief in her voice.
"That's a great idea Mick! Get as many as you can!" She squealed in excitement. "The place is right off Sunset Blvd. In an alley. You can't miss it!" She said and hung up. Maybe Brian was right about this store he thought to himself as he made his way to his car.

Mick parked his car and walked down the alley until he saw the store Hidden Gems. He slowly opened the door but saw no one.
"Hello?" He said then an old man came slowly from behind a curtain.
"Yes. How may I help you? Are you looking for something in particular?" He said with small smile.
"I just kind of wanted to look you have any old records?" Mick asked.
"I'm afraid we're all sold out, but I do have an old radio that only plays old music if you're interested?" He said.
"Sure, I'll take a look at it" Mick said as the man went behind a counter and retrieved a radio that looked to be over 100 years old and sat it down on the counter. He dusted it off then turned it on.
It began playing some old timey music that Mick had never heard before.
"What radio station plays that kind of music?"
"None currently"
"Then how is it playing?" Mick asked.
"I truly do not know, but play it does" He replied. Mick walked over to radio and changed the station but the same song continued to play no matter where the dial was placed.
"So it only gets this one station that doesn't exist?" Mick asked with grin. "Okay, how much you want for it?"
"I can let you have it for $50" The man said as he saw another customer come in. "I'll be right with you sir" He said. Mick pulled the money from his wallet, handed it to the man and left with his purchase.
"Now let's just see what you can do" He said walking to his car. He pulled out his phone to call Josef.

"Alright, let's see what you got" Josef said as he and Brian stared at the radio. "Are we waiting for it to do something?" Mick shrugged his shoulders as he turned it on and the old timey music began to play. They all stood around it waiting but nothing weird happened.
"Is it supposed to do something?" Mick asked as Alma came into Josef's office.
"Hey do you know where Gabriel......" She started to say then she stared at the radio. "Where did that come from!" She yelled in anger and walked over to Mick and slapped his face hard.
"What the hell Alama!" Mick yelled.
"You stupid, ignorant man!! I'll kill you!!!" She screamed charging at Mick. Brian quickly wrapped his arms around her tightly.
"Alma be still!" Brian roared and Alma went limp in his arms.
"What if these items only affect women?" Brian said softly
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