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Future Con Rated PG

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
Future Con
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

An unwilling psychic finds himself in trouble when he sees something he wasn't meant to

Thomas woke up this morning feeling every one of his 69 years. Hell he felt 69 when he was teenager because it was at the tender age of 13 when most boys were discovering the delight of what was in their pants, he was supporting a family of 8 and making sure they had enough food to eat and that the lights stayed on. Thomas saw things. All kinds of things and for the life of him he didn't know why. More importantly he didn't know how to stop it and he wanted to stop it more than anything. Each day he woke up thinking this could be the day......but it never was. He saw his mailman stealing checks from the daily mail, he saw the policeman who was dealing drugs, the fireman who was a closet arsonist and the politician who had two other wives. At first his folks didn't believe him, until he told them of a neighbor who had been snatching little girls around town and was keeping them in his cellar. His father tanned his hide for telling tales out of school, but Thomas stood his ground and when it was discovered that everything he said was true, his daddy saw a gold mine standing in front of him. From that day on, Thomas was paraded on every television show, every talk show. Of course being hailed as the "Boy Who Saw All" did nothing for him personally. He had no friends because other kids were afraid of him and teachers didn't want him in their classrooms. So he suffered through a barrage of tutors who he soon discovered knew very little about anything. When he finally became 18, he broke away from his parent's hold and went to Las Vegas. There he re-invented himself becoming "Future Man" People came in droves to find out what he saw in their future and he made a boatload of money. So much that he walked away from it at the age of 45 and lived a life of utter solitude.

He slowly got up and made a pot of coffee which he would drink all of it before finally settling down to have a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. He peaked out his window to see what was going on and that's when it came to him. Thomas was shocked because he hadn't had a vision in almost 15 years, but as always the vision was crystal clear. Had this vision been ordinary drama, he would have placed it out of his mind and went on with his day, but this vision demanded action so he called the airline and booked a seat on the next flight to Los Angeles California.

Josef hung up the phone confused by the conversation he just had. He quickly picked up his phone and rang Alma.
"Good morning Josef what can I do for you?" Alma answered.
"Can you do that thing you do to find out stuff?" He said. Alma chuckled thinking that after all this time Josef really had no idea what it was she did for him.
"What exactly do you want me to find?" She asked.
"Well, I just received a phone call from someone named Thomas Wilder and he said he needed to speak with me regarding a vision he had about me"
"Let me guess, he didn't tell you what the vision was, but stressed the importance of meeting with you in person". She replied.
"Yes he did as a matter of fact"
"Josef, this is a con. I know because it used to be me pulling it. You never give the mark the entire story but enough to scare them or make them want to hear more. If this is a long con which could go on for years for a steady payout, or a short your life is in danger con which requires you to pay a lot up front, but its still a con"
"Well this guy sounded like he had one foot in the grave already, so I don't think he has a lot of time left for games, but I looked him up and it seems he was the real deal at least from what I could find ....but I'd like you to sit in on the meeting. He's going to be Los Angeles tomorrow morning"
"Will do Josef" Alma said thinking about the situation. Surely everyone knew that trying to scam a vampire was a one way ticket to the tar pits.....but still...it was very odd, even for Josef so she pulled out her laptop and did a little research of her own on Thomas Wilder.

"Hey Mick, what do you know about psychics?" Alma asked.
"Don't give them any money" Mick said with chuckle. "Isn't this what you do Alma?"
"Close but not quite. I get my visions from an old ghost woman. Without her, I'd just be Madam Von Die reading tarot cards on Venice Beach. I mean an honest to goodness psychic. Have you ever come across one?"
"No. The only ones I've come across were con men who were working some kind of angle. Why? Have you found one?" He asked.
"An old man by the name of Thomas Wilder called Josef......"
"He's still alive?!" Mick asked in shock.
"You've heard of him?"
"Well he was a big deal back in the day. Everyone who spoke to him sang his praises. I mean everyone was gaga over this guy. He helped solve a lot of cases for LAPD, not to mention he helped with the Charlie Starkweather case and he was just a little kid then so I'd say if there ever was a real psychic, he would be at the top of the list" Mick said "Why did he contact Josef?"
"He said he had a vision of Josef and wanted to speak with him in person"
"You want me there?" Mick asked.
"Yes. Seeing how you already know about this guy, you may get a better read on him than I can". Alma said.

Mick remembered hearing about the famous "Boy Who Saw All" and being kind of freaked out by him. What was this man's life like? Having all that information in his head all the time? He had admit he was definitely interested in meeting the man.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:26 pm

Both Alma and Mick showed up at Josef's office the next day.
"Well, well well! The gangs all here" Josef quipped.
"Where's Brian? I thought you'd want him to be here as well" Mick asked looking around.
"Brian's in Mountain View for the rest of day, but when I told him about all this...he was very....concerned I think is the word I'm looking for" Josef replied. His secretary walked in shortly after.
"Mr. Wilder has arrived" She said ushering the older gentleman into Josef's office.
"Mr. Wilder, welcome to Kostan Industries. I'm Josef Kostan and these two are my associates Alma Petzer and Mick St. John. Please have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?"
"A strong black coffee would be nice" He said softly. And when he was handed the coffee he drank the entire scalding beverage in one gulp.
"Thanks" he said sitting the cup down. "I don't know if you have ever heard of me or not" He began to say.
"The Boy Who Saw All" Mick said staring at the man trying to remember the photographs he had seen of the man in his youth. His eyes looked exactly the same. Almost a translucent blue.
"Yeah. That was the name they gave me back then" He grinned showing a teeth that were much too perfect be real.
"You said you had some information for me?" Josef asked.
"Jonathan Hartley is his name." Thomas said. Josef's eyes widened after hearing that name.
"How do you know Mr. Hartley?" Josef asked.
"I don't know the man from Adam, but he's coming for you. He got hate welled up in him over something you did to his daddy. And sleeping with his mamma certainly didn't help your case but this man has amassed a fortune and he will spend every last dime on seeing you buried in the ground".
"Well, that may be a little hard for him to accomplish" Josef said confidently.
"Anyone with a lot of information can cause heartache to anybody at any time" Thomas said sternly.
"Mr. Wilder, I thank you for the information....did you want money or something?" Josef asked with a smirk.
"I've done quite well for myself, I don't need any more of it. I've done my part." He said slowly standing up. "But this man done already made contact with your wife" He said walking out the door. Josef looked at Mick quickly and nodded and then Mick took off to tail the old man.
"Well that was certainly interesting" Josef said with chuckle but Alma could see that he was worried.
"I will call on Emma and see what I can find out". Alma said walking to Josef's sideboard and taking a bottle of whiskey with her.

Josef picked up the phone to call Bridgett.
"Hello Josef!" She said brightly. Josef knew she was smiling because he could hear it in her voice.
"Hello Gorgeous! Meet me for lunch today." He said.
"What's wrong? Is it Gideon?" She asked in a sudden panic.
"No. I miss you and I need to ask you something" He said.
"Ok, what time?"
"How about 1pm?"
"You got it" She said still smiling as she hung up the phone.

Bridgett was five minutes late. She was never able to compete with Josef's ability to be right on time all the time.
"There's my beautiful bride" Josef said walking over to her. He quickly took a short sniff and could detect nothing amiss but the smell of sour milk. She must have noticed Josef's little frown.
"I know I smell awful. I was holding Kelly Carmichael's little one and he spit up down the front of my jacket" She said taking a whiff of the spot herself and taking the jacket off quickly. "So what's up?" She asked taking a seat.
"In Romania, did you ever come across a psychic?" He asked.
"Certainly. There were many such people although they were not called psychics. They are called clarvăzător. Soothsayers. Why? Don't tell me you need one?" She grinned.
"One came to see me. A pretty famous one. Everyone that I've spoken with said this guy is the real thing". He replied. "Do you believe in them"?
"Yes I do. There are people with this gift and I imagine life is never easy for them" Bridgett said.
"Well the one that came to see me today said a man is going to try and destroy me and that he had already been in contact with you" He said. Bridgett's eye's opened wide then she frowned as if she were trying to recall everyone one that she had spoken to.
"I'm sorry Josef but I've not spoken to anyone who wasn't known to me" She said seriously.
"I didn't think so but I had to ask anyway" He said with a wave of his hand.
"And you say this psychic told you I had spoken with the man coming to destroy you? That's very strange because I rarely leave the building unless it is to meet with Beth or Lisa". Then Josef started to think, what if the man was someone under his employ?

Mick called Josef back an hour later.
"Josef, I followed the old man and he's staying at a Holiday Inn close to the LAX. I checked at the front desk and he's leaving first thing in the morning" Mick said.
"Mick, I'd like to invite him over to my place for dinner. You and Beth come along as well"
"Are you saying you believe him?" Mick asked.
"I don't believe anything right now". Josef said with a heavy sigh, thinking that this Hartley guy probably had every right to be upset with him and bedding his mom didn't sound good, but wanting him destroyed was a very serious matter. "But I would like to talk to him some more" Josef said.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Mick quietly knocked on the door and waited for Thomas to answer. The door slowly opened and Mick saw the tiny maid open the door.
"Where is the man who was staying here?" Mick asked. The maid shrugged her shoulders.
"I was told that he was leaving and to clean the room" She said. Mick ran back to the front desk.
"Hey I was trying to catch you" The desk clerk said. "Right as you walked out the door the guy you were looking for checked out". He said.
"Did he give any reason?"
"No. Just that his business here was done"
"Did you see him leave?"
"No. But his room key was laying here so someone accepted it" He said and turned to help a guest.
Mick pulled out his phone to ring Josef.
"Thomas is gone! The Front Desk said he checked out right after left to call you"
"Well this is just perfect!" Josef yelled. "Can you come back to my place? Alma will be here soon with some information"
"See ya in a few minutes" Mick said and took off for Josef's place.

Alma poured a tumbler of whiskey and lit the seeing herbs and waited.
"Well it took you long enough!" She heard Emma say out loud. Alma shook her head. One moment Emma was saying that Alma needed to step up to the plate and now she was saying she should have called on her sooner. It was hopeless trying to appease the dead.
"I was only made aware of the situation" Alma said.
"Well that foolish boy done got himself in a heap of trouble!"
"His actions were from long ago...." Alma began to say.
"You think that matters? When somebody feels that they been wronged, they will hold onto that hate till they dead and buried. Sometimes even after" She said. Alma knew firsthand what someone who felt they were wronged by Josef were capable of doing. "And find this man with the sight! He not going to make it easy for you. He ain't never come to terms with his gift and he don't want to use it even when it helps. You gonna have to make him see" Emma said and she was gone. Alma thought once again how she and Thomas were kind of in the same boat, because she was also at odds with what had been bestowed on her.

Thomas sat down in hotel room knowing that leaving the other hotel was the right thing to do. He knew that Kostan was going to ask him to do more and he felt he did all that was necessary. All his life he had been running from people who only wanted to use him for their own gain. All his life he felt he was playing an elaborate game of hide and go seek.

Jonathan waited patiently for Kostan's latest wife to come by and pick up her weekly bouquet. He paid a fortune for the floral shop that was within walking distance of Kostan Towers. He had spied the woman a couple of years ago walking into the shop to purchase flowers and she kept this routine each week, so he offered the owner a King's ransom to sell him the shop, then set about his plan. The woman was very pretty and he went out of his way to be extra nice to her when she came in. He knew he had no chance of seducing the woman, and while he definitely wasn't an ugly man, he knew that he could not compare to the excitement of Josef Kostan. He began to arrange her usual pickup so all she had to do was pay. He was discovering that little gestures like this made people see you in a more favorable light.
"Hello Johnny!" He heard her say from behind him.
"Right on time! I was just finishing up your order, unless you wanted to change your arrangement?" He said with a wide grin.
"Not a chance Johnny! Your gardenias make the whole apartment smell like heaven!" Bridgett said with a smile.
"Glad to hear it!" He said wrapping the the flowers and handing them to her. Bridgett inhaled the intoxicating scent of the flowers and closed her eyes. Then she felt something hard hit her head and she fell to the floor. Jonathan quickly carried her towards the back of the shop and placed her in the trunk of his car. He went back into the store and rang his part time assistant and asked if she wanted to work more hours.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Alma was standing in line at her favorite bookstore when suddenly she dropped everything and ran out into the street, pulling her phone out of her pocket calling Josef.
"Josef, Bridgett has been taken!"
"What do mean taken?" He yelled.
"I just had a vision of her being hit over head and stuffed in the trunk of silver SUV!"
"I'm on it!" Josef said slamming the phone down and running out of the office yelling for Brian, who was at his side in no time.
"Alma said that Bridgett was taken by someone!!" He said frantically as Brian took his hand and they were in the lobby of Kostan Towers.
"Sam did you see my wife leave today?" He asked.
"Yes sir, she left about 10:30 to pick up flowers from the place down the street...." His Security Manager said looking worried when he saw the time. "She's always back by now". Josef and Brian took off and spotted the florist store just two blocks away. Josef rushed in and saw a young woman helping some guy pick out flowers for his wife. Josef nodded at Brian who walked up to man and pulled him aside. He handed the man three crisp $100 bills.
"Get your wife something better than flowers" He said. The young man smiled and ran out of the store.
"I'm looking for my wife!!" Josef yelled.
"And?" The woman said angrily thinking of the sale she just lost.
"She was here around 10:30 this morning!" Josef said.
"Well, I wasn't here then. My boss called me and said he had to run errands and wanted me to work his shift"
"Who the hell is your boss?" Josef thundered in anger. The woman looked at Josef and then it dawned on her. This was Josef freaking Kostan!
"Uh....Mr. Hartley" She said thinking that her boss was in big trouble if he was screwing around the wife of Josef Kostan.
"Brian, I want you to find Thomas Wilder and bring him to me!" Josef said as he pulled out his phone to call Mick and Carl.

Mick and Carl ran quickly to Josef's apartment.
"What do you mean Bridgett's taken?" Mick asked anxiously.
"Turns out that the Hartley guy owns the floral shop down the street and Bridgett goes there once a week for flowers, so when she told me that she hadn't spoken to anyone that she didn't already know she meant it! This guy was setting her up the whole time!!" Josef yelled thinking that he would not be responsible for his actions when he found this guy.
"Josef, what do you need us to do?" Carl asked.
"Find Jonathan Hartley and bring my wife back! Please!" Josef said as they saw the tears fall from his eyes. First thing they did was go to Logan and ask him to very quickly pull up as much information about Jonathan Hartley! Logan and Lucky worked quickly and found out about the Hartley family and what their connections was with Josef.
"Okay Mick, first of all Phillip Hartley the father ran a corporation called Hartley Manufacturing, but dude was shady as hell. He was heavily in debt and basically robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak. From what I pulled up, it looks like he tried to run a con on Kostan Industries, making his company seem more profitable than it was". Logan said. "Josef wanted to acquire the company when he started working with Tesla. Phillip promised him controlling stock. When the ink was dry and Josef forked over the money, Hartley Manufacturing tanked hard"
"How much did Josef lose?" Carl asked.
"Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 mil" Logan said, thinking that if this dude was dead then he definitely had it coming.
"Supposedly Hartley had a wife?" Mick asked.
"Yeah, and she was a fox" Lucky said turning her laptop around so they could view the photo. "She looked to be a little flighty. Liked parties and all the stuff rich people just love to do. She took a trip with some friends and met one Josef Kostan. I don't think she knew about the crap her husband pulled, but Josef pulled out all the stops on the romance thing. Private jet flights to Paris for dinner, dancing in nightclubs in Monte Carlo and Tangier. Needless to say she fell hard for Josef. Told her husband she wanted a divorce. She even left her son. She went to Monte Carlo with Josef and he proceeded with the old hump and dump and she was devastated. She killed herself by throwing herself from the top of the hotel she was staying in" Lucky finished.
"Phillip of course loved his wife very much and her death really shook him up and of course he still had to deal with Josef, so he took his son and fled the country. He was staying in Brussels and doing very well in the hotel business, but once a crook always a crook, he started hanging out with this Egyptian businessman who was heavy into diamonds. Blood diamonds and he sank all his funds into this business scheme and somehow the government started coming down hard on blood diamonds and he lost everything! Then he found out that Josef was the one responsible for it all. The Egyptian business man, worked for Josef. He sent his son back to the states to live with his grandmother and then shortly after Phillip was murdered by the rebel group the Revolutionary United Front, that was in charge of the blood diamond trade" Logan finished.
"Jesus Josef" Carl said to himself shaking his head.
"What happened to the son?" Mick asked.
"Well of course pretty much everyone knew that Phillip was doing some shady stuff with everyone, and no one could place Josef in any of it, but there was talk of course. When Jonathan grew up, he made a name for himself in software design and made a pretty good fortune, then started doing over the top stuff like kick boxing, jujitsu, parkour and all kinds of self defense and weaponry. This guy is prepared to battle to the end" Lucky said handing him the papers that she printed. "This is a list of all his properties. Everything is in California".
"Thanks guys" Mick said.
"Bring her back Mick" Logan said.
"We will" Carl said.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Jonathan looked down at the young woman. Maybe he had given her too much chloroform, but he really didn't care. He was going to kill her anyway. Kostan had to know by now that his wife was missing and he had to prepare. When Kostan stormed in to save his love, the entire room would be flooded with water with concentrated amount of silver. He would not make the same mistake his parents made. Yeah his dad was a con man, but this entire world was built by such men, but the steps Kostan took were....unforgivable. Kostan and his wife would pay! Fucking vampires!

Mick and Carl had divided the list and Carl had finished with his and had discovered nothing, but Mick soon contacted him and said he thought he found the place so Carl met up with him as quickly as he could.
"I scanned all around the perimeter and this guy has some heavy duty surveillance around this place" Mick said.
"How do you want this to play out?" Carl asked.
"You used to be the Captain for the LAPD, so tell him that your looking into the disappearance of Bridgett Kostan. Keep him talking, I'm going to find a way in" Mick said. Carl took off and walked up the stairs of the mansion and rang the bell. A man in his early 20's answered the door.
"Hello. My name is Carl Davis and I'm working with the police trying to find a missing woman who was last seen in the floral shop owned by Jonathan Hartley" Carl said all business. "Is he home?"
"You think she's here?" The young man joked.
"We need to speak with Mr. Hartley" Carl said thinking that the young man's response was suspicious.
"I'll see if he's receiving visitors. Wait here" The young man said allowing Carl to stand in the hallway.
Jonathan walked towards Carl slowly.
"What is it you need officer?" Jonathan said casually but Carl could hear his heartbeat speed up.
"I just have some questions about a kidnapping of a young woman who was last seen at your florist shop this morning around 10:30 or so" Carl said.
"Do you have this woman's name? Maybe that will help" Jonathan said.
"Bridgett Kostan" Carl said.
"Oh, yeah! She comes in once a week to pick up an arrangement" He said.
"So you did see her this morning?" Carl asked
"Yeah. She stopped by picked up her flowers and left. I was already working on her arrangement so all I had to do was hand them to her and cash her out" He said with shrug of his shoulders.
"Did you see anyone following her?"
"No.....but I wasn't really paying attention once she left".
"Can I ask, why are you working in a floral shop? I mean judging by this house, you don't need the money" Carl said.
"My late mother loved flowers. All kinds......it was just something I felt compelled to do" Jonathan replied. Carl was writing everything down and noticed that Jonathan had made one mistake. Any time anyone has just found out that someone has been kidnapped or taken against their will, people ask a lot of questions but more importantly, they are shocked by the news and the only time they're not is when they themselves were responsible. Carl hoped that Mick was able to make inside the sprawling structure.
Mick took another quick sweep of the grounds and saw a window open on the third floor and quickly made his way into the house. He closed his eyes quickly and took a deep breath. A woman was definitely here. He flew into each room then eased his was down the stairs. He saw Carl in the hallway speaking to a man who was most likely Hartley so he silently eased his way behind them.

Carl saw Mick disappear quickly behind where Jonathan was standing so he knew he had to keep the man talking.
"Can you tell me what she was wearing? A dress, shorts whatever?" Carl asked.
"I don't really notice things like that......but I think she was wearing black pants and some kind of silk like shirt....I can't remember the color. Look, I'm sorry that the young lady is missing, but I have to get back to work. I'm expecting a call from Sweden any moment now" Jonathan said thinking he had answered all the officers questions without coming off suspicious. Mick noticed a door at the very back of the house and he smelled something else.....something strong......Silver!! He quickly dialed Brian's number and told him where he was and the danger Bridgett could very well be in.

Brian stood in front of Thomas Wilder's hotel when he received the call. Dad needed him right away! He appeared immediately by Mick's side. Brian dissolved and made his round around the house. Bridgett was tied to a table that would be activated the moment she moved. Brian stood in front of Bridgett and pressed his fingers to his lips.
"Do not move!" He whispered urgently. "He has highly concentrated silver rigged to flood this room the moment you are moved". Brian said thinking of his options. He would have to be quicker than he had ever been before.

Mick raced to the hallway to grab Hartley before he did something rash. Carl saw Mick approaching as he saw Hartley pull something from his jacket pocket. Mick ran at Hartley quickly, tackled him to the floor and slapped the object from his hand.
"What the hell!" Hartley yelled. "Get the hell off me! Don't you know who I am?"
"Yeah. Jonathan Hartley, software mogul and kidnapper of women. Sound about right?" Mick said holding him tighter. "What were you reaching for...huh?"
Carl slowly bent down to examine the object.
"It's a flask" Carl said starting to open the container.
"Don't!!!" Mick yelled out to him. "It's more than likely silver" Mick said pulling the young man up.
"Son of a bitch! You were going to douse silver on me?" Carl asked in disbelief. "You little shit!" He said walking towards the young man but Jonathan wasn't afraid.
"I'm not afraid of you filthy blood sucker! Let me go and you'll see just how unafraid I am!" He said struggling to break free.
"You better start praying that my son was able to get Bridgett out of your little death chamber" Mick said taking him out of the house while Carl called the LAPD.

Brian had his eyes closed for some time harnessing all of his power. When his eyes opened he saw Bridgett silently weeping. Brian quickly dissolved into mist and hovered over Bridgett's body allowing himself to lightly graze over her arm then firmly taking hold her as he willed them both out of the room and in front of Kostan Towers. When Bridgett saw where they were she collapsed in Brian's arms. He quickly brought her to Alma and alerted Julian to come right away. Julian arrived within minutes and immediately began to make sure Bridgett was alright.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Josef was at Brian's within seconds with tears streaming down his face.
"Is she alright?" He asked Julian urgently as he grabbed Bridgett's hand.
"Yes. He knocked her out with Chloroform and it will take a little time for it to completely leave her system, but she is well" Julian said putting away his instruments.
'I'm so sorry this happened to you" Josef said rubbing her face and kissing her lips.
"She will need complete rest" Julian said as Brian began making phone calls to prepare her ice bath. "She will need to be submerged for at least 24 hours" Julian finished as he stood up. "Well done Brian" He said shaking his hand and taking his leave.
"Thank you Julian for everything" Josef said still clinging to Bridgett's hand. "Where is Hartley?" Josef asked angrily.
"Dad and Carl have taken him to the Cleaners. What do you want done?" Brian asked.
"I need to speak with him". Josef said as he and Brian prepared the bath.


Josef walked into the facility and nodded to Isabelle as she walked him into the holding cell. Josef stood looking at the young man and noticed the swelling at his eye.
"What happened to him?" He asked.
"Katrina happened" Isabelle said simply.
"Could you leave us for a moment?" Josef asked. Isabelle bowed her head a little and walked out closing the door behind her. Josef saw a wooden chair in the corner and he picked it up and sat down in front of the cell.
"Jonathan. There are some things we need to discuss" Josef said looking at the young man with sadness. Jonathan looked at the man he had grown to loathe.
"Discuss? Really? That's the way you're playing this? We have nothing to discuss!! Just be quick about it because I can't stand the sight of you!!" He yelled. Josef straightened his tie and stood up.
"Your father was a cheat. I'm sure you know this by now. He conned quite a few people out of hundreds of millions of dollars myself included and he wasn't going to stop. As long as he was getting what he wanted, he was always going to do it. I know losing a father is hard. Especially when you're young as you were, but your father was going to be brought down regardless. Money is a dangerous occupation. If you've never had it, you are determined to keep it at all costs and if you've always had it, then you also have the connections to insure that you continue to have it. Your father knew this all too well and yet he decided to con Kostan Industries out of over $100 million dollars. It wasn't so much the money, because......well, its just money, but by doing what he did so brazenly let the world know that Josef Kostan could be had. I'm very sorry for what happened to your mom I really am" Josef said.
"My mother was a floozy!" Jonathan yelled.
"No she wasn't. Your mother simply wanted to be loved. That's all she ever wanted. I'm sure that's all you ever wanted, but your father's schemes always got in the way" Josef said.
"You ruined my life!" Jonathan said as he sank to the ground.
"Yeah I did. And for that I am so very sorry. You never wanted any of this" Josef said "I remember your mom telling me you wanted to be a concert pianist and how proud she was to watch you play" Josef remembered.
"She told you that?" Jonathan said looking at Josef in surprise, looking like the little boy he once was.
"Yeah. She told me you played Erik Satie Trois Gymnopedies better than Satie himself" He said.
"That was always her favorite". Jonathan said wiping his eyes. "Is Bridgett alright?" He finally asked.
"I'm sure she'll be fine. Let me worry about her. So,what are we going to do?" Josef asked. "Because if you still wish to kill me, I won't fight you."
"You'd let me destroy you?" Jonathan asked.
"Yes I would" Josef said honestly. "Vengeance like money is a dangerous thing and I'd rather sacrifice myself to save the people I love". He finished as he unlocked the cell and stood in front of the young man waiting to see what he would choose. Jonathan stared at the man he for so long hated with every fiber of his being and he just couldn't do it. He knew his dad was crooked. That was one of first things he found out as he'd gotten older, but it didn't change the fact that both his parents died because of Josef Kostan and here the man standing in front of him didn't appear to be the monster he had created in his own mind.
"I'm sorry" Jonathan heard himself say finally. Josef stared at the young man and held out his hand.
"Go live your life fully" Josef said.
"And you as well" Jonathan said with a small grin thinking how silly it sounded to tell a vampire to live his life! Josef knocked on the door alerting Isabelle that he was ready to leave.
"What do you want done?" Isabelle asked.
"Let him go and let him be" Josef said and ran off to see his wife. Josef quickly made it to his apartment and saw Brian and Alma waiting for him.
"How is she?" He asked anxiously watching their somber expressions. "What is it? What's wrong?" Josef asked.
"Bridgett has left." Brian said. Josef's eyes widened.
"What do you mean? Left where?" He asked.
"She said she needed some time. That she was overwhelmed by the danger that was surrounding her all the time" Alma said quietly. Josef looked stunned as he took in their words.
"She left me". Josef said in disbelief.
"She just needs time Josef. She'll come back. She just needs to figure things out" Alma said.
"I don't think she will" Josef said sadly.

The End
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:35 pm

It had been over 6 months and Bridgett had not come back and Josef was devastated at her being gone. He wanted to respect the fact that she wanted to figure things out of her own, but maybe he would have to face the fact that Bridgett had had enough. He spoke with Gideon who assured him that Bridgett was safe and no harm would come to her.
"Come Josef!" He heard Darrian call out to him as soon as he rounded the corner. "Oh my! How despondent you look" She said noticing his demeanor. "Come Josef sit" She said patting the space next to her on the sofa. "Try this. It will make you feel a tad better" She said handing him the glass. He took a long sip of the exceptional brandy and gave a sad grin.
"Is this Remy Martin Louis XIII?" He asked. "Where did you get this?" He asked.
"And after all this time you still ask such questions" Darrian said waving her hand in the air. "Josef you must understand. Bridgett is..........very afraid of all the things that surround her in your world. She wonders if its all been a horrid mistake and that she is the wrong mate for you". Darrian said.
"But why would she even think that for a moment?" Josef asked not really expecting an answer.
"Josef my dear, I love you immensely but you are a bit slow! Put yourself in your wife's shoes. From afar she has loved you and most likely imagined a happy life with you, but your world and your life are very rarely happy and it is always filled with danger and trouble. That is a lot of anyone to deal with on a daily basis" Darrian said.
"We should have never come back to the states". Josef said.
"Do you think that would matter at all? Trouble will always find you. Now when you were Josef Kostan vampire, you would have gladly welcomed the trouble and dealt with it accordingly, but now that you know your true self, to simply rip someone apart horrifies you. Angels were always flawed in that regard" She said taking a long sip of her brandy.
"Do you think she will return?" He asked.
"Of course she will. She does not know how to be without you and it has been that way since she first came to you. Do not worry. She will not find another love or any such thing. She simply needs to be somewhere that she does not fear everyday". Darrian said.
"Thank you Darrian. I needed to hear that" Josef said finishing his drink and standing to go but stopped to say something.
"Gideon knows where she is at all times and will make sure his mother is safe. Do not worry" Darrian and bidding him goodbye. Josef had to admit that he felt a lot better after speaking to the fairy. Maybe things would be alright after all.

Bridgett stepped out of her cabin in Northern Quebec and looked all around the vast landscape that surrounded. In this tiny town population 414 she felt safe for the first time since being married to Josef. The sun was starting to rise so she stepped back inside, fixed herself a glass of blood, grabbed her old copy of Withering Heights and sat down to read about someone else's problem for a change. She smiled to herself and opened the book.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Brian knocked on Josef's office door and slowly peaked inside. Josef was sitting behind his massive desk laughing at something someone had said.
"My apologies sir" Brian said backing away.
"No, Brian I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine. Simone Walker-Lambert, this is my right hand guy Brian Petzer"
"Hello" Brian said looking at the very pretty lady.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Brian" Simone said rising to shake his hand..."Oh! You're Mick's son!" She said in surprise recalling what Beth had told her. Brian nodded to the woman.
"She is Chief Counsel for Joshua Lambert's firm as well as his wife" Josef said with a grin.
"Of course, I'm sorry...I do remember you" Brian said feeling relived that Josef's relationship with this woman would pose no problems.
"Well, look Josef, I've got to run, but don't forget you owe me dinner big time and I don't come cheap!" She laughed, picking up her briefcase. "Nice to meet you again Brian" She said as he waved once more to Josef and walked out. Brian quietly took a seat and waited for Josef to speak.
"What's on your mind Brian?" Josef asked looking up at him in amusement.
"I just wanted to see if there was anything you needed?"
"Oh Brian, there are lots of things I need" Josef said with a smirk going back to work. Brian shook his head and walked out. He didn't want to see Josef revert back to his former ways, but he was hurting. He just hoped the Father wasn't too upset.

Thomas walked into the small cottage where he lived, very happy to be alone again. He had purchased quite a few bags of very strong espresso that he could only get in California. That's the only thing that seemed to keep the visions from hitting him hard, good strong coffee which he didn't mind a bit! Walking over to his state of the art espresso machine, he was hit hard with a vision. So hard in fact that it knocked him to the ground. When they came on like that, he was compelled to help.
"Damn it!" He said in anger, but he turned around and prepared to head back to the airport.

Brian and Alma met later in the evening with Mick and Beth.
"No!!" Beth said in surprise as Mick looked over at her with sad eyes that read he understood exactly why Bridgett too off. "Has she said when she'll return?" She asked.
"No. Only that she needed some time to think" Alma said.
"Is Josef okay?" Beth asked wanting to call him and let him know that she would be there for him.
"He's made arrangements to take Simone Walker-Lambert to dinner" Brian said carefully looking to see if Mick and Beth saw how dangerous that situation would be to all involved. They both looked up in surprise. Mick shook his head slowly.
"Crap Josef!" He said, knowing all to well of Josef's very short attention span when it came to relationships. Bridgett may very well find herself out of sight out of mind.
"He wouldn't" Beth said with confidence. "Surely not now. And not with Simone of all people".
"They do have a very long history together" Brian said.
"I know but she's married now. Mick and I were there as was Josef!' Beth said as if trying to convince everyone of something they all thought was very possible. Mick knew that Josef loved Bridgett with all his heart, but when Josef felt slighted in any way much like a child he would lash out and Josef's form of lashing out primarily had to do with parties and orgies. "Mick we need to talk to him" Beth said urgently.
"Alright. Let's go" Mick said standing up and taking Brian's hand. Soon they were standing in the Lobby of Kostan Towers.
"Hey Jake" Mick said to the Security Guard. "I'm going up to see Josef" Mick said.
"Sorry Mr. St. John. Mr. Kostan said he was not to be disturbed. He's having a dinner meeting" The guard explained.
"With who?" Mick asked.
"She called herself......He said looking down at this log. "Simone Walker-Lambert" He finished.
"We're going up. Right now!" Brian said as they all held hands and were quickly on the top floor. They heard a loud squeal and they raced into the Penthouse.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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They all stood in the middle of Josef's apartment watching him and Simone playing a boxing video game on his large projection size television. Simone let out a loud scream when her boxer knocked Josef's out. She jumped and danced around the room.
"In your face Josef Kostan!!" She wailed. They turned and saw Mick, Beth, Alma and Brian just staring at them.
"Hey, you guys want a turn? Everyone but Beth" Josef said with a smile remembering that Beth also kicked his butt the last time he played. Beth breathed a sigh of relief.
"You suck at video games Josef" She said chuckling. "Did I ever tell you how I creamed him when we were bowling?" Beth asked looking at everyone.
"That's enough of that" Josef said "What's up?" He asked looking at Mick.
"We just wanted to come up and see what you were up to tonight". Mick said casually. A little too casually for Mick Josef thought.
"o....Okay....who wants a drink?" Josef said walking to the bar.
"I have to get going. I have to pick Joshua up from the airport. Thanks for dinner Josef! By everyone!" She said walking out the door.
"Ok, so tell me why you're really here?" Josef asked with a grin as he poured himself a drink. "Let me guess...you thought that the lovely Simone and I were taking advantage of my short term freedom" He said.
"We were concerned is all. You and Simone were a pretty big deal back in the day" Mick said.
"Simone and I are friends and after what happened with Hartley, I don't think I'll ever bed another man's wife ever again. I'm hurt that you'd think I'd be so heartless" He said placing a hand over his heart.
"Well if it's any consolation, Beth was the only one who disagreed" Alma said flippantly. Josef smiled and blew a kiss Beth's way.
"Beth always has my back" He joked. "Look, I appreciate you all being worried but please knock it off!" Josef said as he saw them to the door.

Thomas enjoyed the cold weather. Always had, but Canada had a coldness that snowmen would think twice about. He walked up to the small rustic cabin and knocked loudly. Bridgett had just awaken and was surprised to hear someone at the door. She only had one visitor since she arrived in Quebec and that had been Lisa Belfour. Maybe something had happened to Josef or Gideon. She quickly threw open the door and saw a very old man standing on her stoop.
"May I help you?" Bridgett asked.
"My name is Thomas Wilder and I'm glad that man didn't kill you" He said.
"I'm sorry what are you talking about?" She asked.
"That fellow from the flower store that took you". Thomas said.
"How do you know about that" Bridgett asked becoming a little frightened....then she remembered what Josef had told her about a psychic coming to visit. "You're the psychic" Bridgett said. "Come in". She said holding door open so he could enter. "Have a seat. Can I get you anything?" She asked.
"I don't suppose you have some coffee?" Thomas asked. Bridgett nodded her head and went into the tiny kitchen to make him a cup of coffee. She sat it in front of him.
"I don't have any cream or sugar" She said.
"None needed" He said as he guzzled the entire cup of scalding hot coffee. After drinking it he sighed in relief.
"How did you find me?" Bridgett asked then remembered that the man was a psychic.
"That doesn't matter, but what does is that you have to get back to your husband and do it soon!" he said.
"Thomas......I appreciate you coming all this way but..."
"Within 5 days! No later". He said.
"Why? Is Josef in danger?" She asked.
"What danger can a vampire be in? You're already dead". He said plainly.
"Thomas, I believe in your ability. You told Josef that I had already spoken to the man who was trying to destroy him and you were correct, so whatever you tell me I will abide by"
"Then you know about your husband's true self. I know he can't tell you all he knows, but you two need to be as one. You can't walk away from a divine plan!" Thomas said. "You want to bring havoc on all just because you're afraid?" He saw Bridgett's eyes tear up and he knew that he had her.
"But it never ends. I'm always in danger....all the time!" She said wiping her eyes.
"Aren't we all". He said.
"Your husband for all his riches and all his knowledge, needs you more than you can fathom. To undo what has already been determined can have devastating consequences" He said.
"And you came all this way to tell me this?" She asked.
"I didn't want to believe that, but this vision knocked me off my feet that's when I know I have to do something. You see things too. You know what its like" Thomas said. Bridgett did know somewhat what he was speaking of but her sight was in actually seeing what a person was truly like, not seeing the future. Had she been able to pull that off she wouldn't have been kidnapped in the first place.
"You really don't understand who you are? Do you know how many women would love to slit your throat and take your place? Too many to name. You bring a completion to a grander plan and it can only happen when you are at your husband's side, so pack your things and get back!" Thomas said.

Marilyn Hennese was a sexpot freshie that Josef delighted in for a long while. A statuesque voluptuous redhead, who now found her way back to Los Angeles. She modeled in Italy when the fashion industry had finally come to it's senses that no one wanted to see boyish stick figures in dresses anymore. Marilyn quickly made a fortune and ventured her gains into real estate quite successfully, but the fashion world went back to stick figures for some reason and she was no longer in vogue.
"Mr. Kostan, I have a Ms. Marilyn Hennese here to see you" His assistant said. Josef smiled.
"Yes, send her in" Josef said standing from his seat. Marilyn had mastered her signature walk while she was still in high school and Josef had seen no one even come close to her confident swagger.
"Josef!" She said in her throaty voice that promised pleasure that one could imagine, walking slowly towards him in a form fitting sheath dress in her favorite color turquoise.
"Marilyn! How great to see you!! How have you been? Can I get you anything?" Josef asked.
"No. I just stopped by to see how you were" She said sitting down and crossing her beautiful long legs!
"How is Italy?"
"Josef, I have't been in Italy since my modeling career ended. I now live Madrid and it is divine! You really should come sometime" She said
"Have they banned bullfighting as Barcelona did?"
"No and good for them! This is a part of their rich culture" She said.
"I used to love a good bullfight" Josef said with a grin remembering his nights drinking with Manolete. "So what brings you back to Los Angeles?" Josef asked.
"Boredom. After doing everything you swore to yourself you would do, what"s left?" She said with a shrug.
'You bored?. I heard you were dating Antonio Banderas!"
"Devoted Catholic I'm afraid. He wants marriage and I don't possess a single monogamous bone in my body" She said with chuckle. "No one wants to play anymore. Everyone is so serious all the time. What in the hell has happened to the world?" She sighed.
"I myself wonder that very same thing?" Josef said with a grin.
"Dine with me and show me what has changed in the city of angels" She said. Josef thought for a moment then stood up to ring his assistant.
"Taylor, I'm taking the afternoon off. Route all calls to Brian" He said and offered his arm to Marilyn.
Every man in the office stared at Marilyn as if she were the only cool glass of water and they were all trapped in the desert. "Every eye is on you my dear" Josef whispered to her.
"How boring it is to know this" She said with a seductive giggle as they walked to the elevators.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Mick walked into the lobby and saw Carl staring out the doorway of their office. He turned to see what he was looking at when he saw Josef and Marilyn walking towards him. Seeing him approaching Marilyn walked quickly up to him.
"Mick St. John!! How lovely to see you!!" She said wrapping her arms around him.
"Hey Marilyn! I thought you lived in Italy? Did you move back?" Mick asked.
"No, just here for a short visit. I live in Madrid now and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else! If you're not busy come join us!" She said always having a slight fancy for Mick St. John. Mick wanted to come along but after having a long conversation with Brian, this would be a testing for Josef alone.
"I wish I could, but I'm working on a case right now, but have fun! maybe my wife and I could meet you both later?" Mick said walking straight to his office.
"Looks like its just the two of us" Marilyn said grabbing his arm. "So where are you taking me?" She asked.
"Let me show you Pour Vous. It's quickly becoming my little secret escape joint" Josef said with a smile.
"Then let's go!" Marilyn said with a bright smile.

Bridgett sat in the first class cabin wondering what she would say to Josef when she returned. Would he be furious? Throw divorce papers in her face? Kick her out on the street? She tried to calm her breathing as she really started to become disappointed in her decision to run off. What if he didn't believe her.

They pulled up to the almost hidden structure.
"Well this is it!" Josef said pulling up to a bland structure across the street from a burger joint. Marilyn looked all around and saw nothing of interest but followed Josef to a door.
"You've brought me to Speakeasy? How exciting!" She said grabbing his arm.
"More like a Parisian Cabaret" Josef said with wink. And when the door opened Marilyn couldn't believe her eyes.
"Oh Josef! This is a hidden gem!!" She said as they were shown to a private area.
"What would you like?" Josef asked with a grin.
"I'd like a Ginger Rose if they have it?"
"A Ginger Rose! I haven't had one of those since they were banned in Paris for being too potent!"
"They're all the rage in Spain."
"Then let's be hedonistic!" Josef said and ordered two drinks.
"So can you get drunk Josef Kostan?" She asked after her first sip and finding it to be amazing.
"Not the way that you're familiar with, but excessive alcohol does something to vampires that isn't very pretty. It makes you lose control in anger, but there isn't any falling over and passing out. Just rage" Josef explained.
"Well that doesn't sound like any fun" She said pouting a bit.
"It isn't and it's frowned upon"
"So how many can you consume before you......hulk out?" She laughed.
"I'll let you know" He said.

"So who in the hell was that woman with Josef" Carl asked
"Marilyn Hennese" Mick replied.
"Where does Josef find these women? I mean I thought Isabelle was something!" Carl said in wonder.
"Yeah she's beautiful but Josef doesn't need this right now. Not with Bridgett gone" He said.
"Gone? Where to?" He asked.
"No one knows. She took off right after we bought her back. Said she needed some time" Mick explained.
"How long has she been gone?"
"A little over 6 months" Mick said.
"Damn, I had no idea. But you must think she's coming back or you wouldn't be concerned about Josef's amazing hook up"
"Things are different now. I don't know how this is going to play out in the heavenly realm....I still can't believe I'm saying that"
"Can you step in......and..you know cock block him so to speak?"
"Can I what?" Mick asked looking at Carl in confusion.
"You know, cut in. Stop his game........oh for Pete's sake Mick! Steal the girl!"
"Brian said we shouldn't interfere but I think this is too much for Josef. First Simone and now Marilyn. That would be too much for any man!"
"Well, God must have given you that face for a reason. Maybe this is it" Carl said with a smile. Mick sighed and turned towards the door.
"You wanna come with?" Mick asked with grin.
"I would but Angela's working late with Brian and Jackson's having a sleep over"
"Great!" Mick said leaving for Pour Vous.

"So tell me about your wife" Marilyn said.
"Bridgett. She used to be my Assistant." Josef said.
"That's it? She worked for you?"
"Yes. Is there anything else you want to know?" Josef asked with a smile.
"Does she make you happy? Does she accept who your are? Does she please you?" Marilyn said coyly thinking of the amazing tie her and Josef shared.
"Yes, maybe, yes. In that order" He replied.
"Uh oh! Sounds like you two are still trying to figure each other out". She said.
"She's having issues with all the crap that comes with being with me, I mean in a way I don't blame her feeling that way, but it is what it is". Josef said.
"You really love her don't you?" She asked. Josef nodded. "So why are you letting me try to seduce you?"
"I just didn't want to think about it" Josef said then turned to signal the waitress and saw Mick walking towards their table. "Mick, what are doing here?" He asked.
"Carl said he had finished up already so I thought why not hang out for a bit" Mick said smiling at Marilyn and the woman melted in her seat. "what are you having?" Mick said pointing to the glass.
"Ginger Rose" Josef said.
"Aren't those banned or something? I'll have a whiskey neat" He said as he signaled for the server and gave his order. "So tell me about Spain. I've always wanted to travel there" Mick said focusing only on Marilyn. Josef rolled his eyes. He knew what Mick was doing and secretly he was grateful for it. Somehow, flirting with an old lover seemed like a really crappy thing to be doing. When was Bridgett coming back? he thought.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Thomas sat on the plane back home glad to be finally done. He was confident that the young woman would do what was right. He drank the hot black coffee in one gulp no bother and closed his eyes to complete darkness. He could tell that someone sat next to him, but he enjoyed this moment of seeing nothing too much to spoil it with idle chit chat.
"We need to talk" He heard the deep voice say to him. Thomas sighed and turned to face the young man.
"I did everything I could. There's nothing more" Thomas said.
"You're dying" Brian said.
"Yes I am. What of it? This is the way life works' He said turning to look out the window. "How did you find me?" He asked.
"Does it matter?" Brian replied.
"I know what you and your friends want and I already told ya, I'm done. I don't need your money, I just want to be left alone" He said.
"And yet you chose to come to Los Angeles to warn Mr. Kostan of the danger that was coming. I do not believe you want to die". Brian said. "I can change that."
"Nah, although I can see the irony in what your offering. After so many years of people using me, the tables would be turned". Thomas said with a small smile.
"I'm not speaking of immortality" Brian said.
"Just what are you talking about son?" Thomas said beginning to get fed up with the riddles and innuendo.
"You do know why you have the pain?" Brian asked.
"Of course, I'm an old man. It comes with the body" He said flippantly.
"No. You were blessed with a gift from God himself. A divine gift in a mortal. Your physical form can only endure a bit of these visions and as more sights come to you, your body will pay the price" Brian explained. "Does the coffee help?" Brian asked noticing the coffee cup in front of him.
"Yes it does but only for short while." He said. "It quiets the visions, but I drink so much I don't sleep well.....or at all most days". He said.
"I am sorry for all of this. Truly I am" Brian said then reached into his jacket pocket. "If you ever want to talk more, please feel free to call on me at any time". Brian said. Thomas studied the card then placed it in his shirt pocket, then Thomas Wilder for the very first time in his long life shut his eyes and went to sleep. Beautiful uninterrupted sleep.

Bridgett walked slowly into the Penthouse seeing that all the lights were off. She sat her bags down and took off her boots trying to make as little noise as possible.
"So the prodigal wife returns" She heard Josef say although she could not see him in the dark.
"She has" Was all Bridgett could think of to say. "Josef....." She began to explain.
"No. Don't say anything" He said placing his arms around her. "Just let me hold you" He said running his hand in her hair and nuzzling her neck. Josef held Bridgett in his arms for a long time before he walked her to the sofa. Josef laid his head in her lap and said nothing.
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Re: Future Con Rated PG

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Thomas woke up and looked all around. Surely he didn't sleep through the whole flight he thought to himself but when he saw people opening up the compartments he realized that it was so.
"Sir, do you require assistance" A Flight Attendant asked.
"No but thank you" He said standing up and seeing that his knees no longer felt stiff. His mother always said that a sound sleep could cure all ills and he was seeing that she was correct. He quickly walked off the plane and called for a taxi. Maybe his doctor was wrong about the cancer spreading, or maybe he was in remission which he had heard happens for some reason. Whatever it was, he would rejoice in it. Then he thought what if that young man did something to him while his eyes were closed on the flight!
He quickly ran to an airport diner and ordered breakfast, impatiently tapping his foot until it came. He gobbled up the scrambled eggs and shoved a piece of buttered toast in his mouth. Everything tasted the same and all of it was delicious. He sighed heavily and threw some money on the table and left the airport. So he wan't a vampire. At least the young man hadn't damned him, considering he had been working since he was child he already felt like he had been living too long. The taxi pulled up to his small home and he saw a woman ringing his doorbell. He got out of the taxi as she turned to face him.
"May I help you?" Thomas asked, looking at the older woman who appeared to be around his age.
"Do you live here?...of course you do I mean...uh my name is Ruth Hendricks and I bought the house over there from the Murray family...and I hope this doesn't sound too silly, but could I borrow a cup of sugar? I forgot to pack mine" She said looking at the handsome gentleman.
"I didn't know the Murray's were selling" He said wondering if this woman was on the up and up.
"Well Merriam their daughter got the job at Pricewaterhouse Cooper and she wanted her parents with her, especially after David's back surgery and I was looking to move someplace quiet and remote" She said.
"Oh come in! I didn't mean to keep you out in the cold" Thomas said opening his door and went into the kitchen and poured sugar into the bowl she was holding. "There you are. Do you need more?" He asked.
"No. This is plenty. Thank you. I'm trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I use but it's kind of hard to make Key Lime pie without it. Thanks again" She said turning to leave but stopped as she got to the door. "Would you like to come over for dinner? Nothing fancy, just beef stew and biscuits" She said shyly.
"I'd like that Ruth. What time?" Thomas asked with a smile.
"How about 6pm?" She said
"Do I need to bring anything?" He asked.
"A good sense of humor is all that's required" She said grinning. "See you later" She said walking quickly to the small house on the other side of his property. Thomas watched her cute little frame step lightly up the stairs. She turned and waved to him as she walked in the front door.
"Well isn't that something?" He chuckled. Looks like today was going to be his day. His body felt like it had healed itself and now a very pretty woman moves in next door!

Josef opened his eyes and saw he was still on the sofa. He sat up and saw Bridgett was no where to be found. "Great, now I'm going crazy" He said.
"No offense Josef, but you were always crazy" Bridgett said holding a glass of blood. Josef stared at her in disbelief.
"Am I dreaming?" He asked.
"Do we dream? I've never thought of that before" She said walking towards him. Josef ran toward her and grabbed hold of her causing her to drop the glass.
"Josef that will stain!..." She said in surprise.
"I don't care!" He said kissing her deeply and scooping her up in his arms and running upstairs.

"So how did dad do?" Gideon asked looking at both Brian and Darrian.
"The Boy King did very well. He truly loves Bridgett very much. And what a grand thing you did for the seer" Darrian said.
"He's carried that burden long enough" Brian said simply.
"Will he continue to see....? Gideon began to ask.
"No. He won't notice it at first but he will come realize that he no longer has that ability"
"And a woman to boot, you clever man!" Darrin laughed out loud.
"Pricewaterhouse was going to hire the woman already, I just expedited the process" He said.
"She's an awful cook, but Thomas won't mind a bit!" Gideon said.
"Well, we can't win them all" Darrian said tossing back her brandy.

The End
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