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Paradise Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:34 pm

Moonlight FanFiction
By Ella713
Rated PG

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mick and Beth take a trip with Lisa and Steve to Hawaii and find it's quite hard to have a peaceful vacation!

"When was the last time you were in Hawaii?" Beth asked as she held up two dresses trying to decide which she should take. Mick was looking through a file that Josef had given him.
"I'm sorry, what did you say babe?" He said finally taking his eyes from the pages in front of him.
"I was just wondering if you had ever been to Hawaii" She said finally deciding that she would take both dresses.
"Oh........its been a long time.....I think the last time I was there was with Josef for some big Kostan Industries type gala." He said, turning his attention back to the file. Beth walked over to him and quickly snatched the file from him.
"What has taken all your attention from your beautiful wife packing string bikini's for a wonderfully decadent vacation to Maui?" She asked with a smile. Mick looked up quickly upon hearing the
the words string bikini.
"Nothing that can't wait" He said reaching over and grabbing her by the waist and pulling her close to him.
"Good because there will be no work on this vacation! I mean it!" She said in mock anger.
"I love it when you get bossy" Mick teased kissing her deeply.

"What time do you want to hit the waves?" Lisa asked stuffing just a few things into a backpack.
"That's all you're packing?" Steve asked.
"How much stuff do you need in Hawaii? I plan on being naked most of the time" She said over her shoulder. Steve's eyes widened at her remark.
"Do you know how much I love you?" He asked.
"It better be a lot" She joked turning around. "You know, Devon got us passes
to the set of Hawaii 5-0 so we get to watch the filming. How cool is that?" Lisa
said excitedly.
"Very cool! Book em' Dano!" He joked.

Sitting in the first class cabin, they talked about all the cool things they were going to do.
"I want to stay away from the touristy stuff" Beth said.
"Well that stuff is usually booked way in advance, but there are some great sites to see. We're going to
go horseback riding and zip lining for sure!" Lisa said sipping her beer.

"What hotel did you book us in?" Mick asked.
"The Montage Kapaula" Steve said with a smile. "You're going to love this place!" Steve said with a large grin.

Conner Carson casually glanced at everyone in first class. There was an older couple who were nagging one another. A few suits, a woman who looked like she had one the lottery or something because everything she had on displayed a designer logo of some kind and then there were two couples
who confused him. He prided himself in his ability to read almost anyone but these four baffled him. The first couple looked young but he noticed the wedding bands so they had to be in their 20's or there about. The guy looked like a typical SoCal blue collar type, but the way he casually dropped the name
of the most expensive hotel in all of Hawaii gave him pause. The other couple looked to be in their 30's. The guy looked like a runway model. He was muscular and held himself like someone
who could take care of his family.......but he certainly wasn't bullet proof Conner thought to himself with a smile. The women were very lovely and would bring a very high price. He discreetly snapped a quick photo the two women. Yeah, they would work out nicely!

Mick heard the snap of a camera phone and quickly looked around. Everyone was either talking to the person next to them or simply staring out the window at the beautiful scenery. He could have swore he heard the sound of a picture being taken. Maybe someone was taking an aerial shot he thought and in 15 minutes they were landing on the island.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:39 pm

They landed and after they retrieved their luggage they waited for the car they arranged to pick them up.
"Oh this is so beautiful" Beth said smiling as she pulled her sunglasses over her eyes.
"Yeah it is. It's good to get away from LA for a bit" Mick said placing his arm around her.
"There's our ride" Steve pointed as the limo approached.

Conner quickly snapped a shot of the plates on the limo, then got into the rental car that was waiting for him.

"The sun's going down in a bit, we should head out to the Blue Note" Lisa said knowing that Mick would want to hear some jazz.
"That sounds great Lisa!" Mick said looking at Beth. They all nodded in agreement. When they pulled up to the hotel Mick whistled. "Damn Steve!" He said. "This place looks amazing!" He said.
"Yeah, it's definitely something! And they provide something special for vampires" Steve said with knowing smile.
"Josef doesn't own this hotel does he?" Mick asked in surprise.
"He does now. He thought property in Hawaii would be a good way to diversify even more" Steve explained.
"Josef thinks of everything" Beth said rolling her eyes with a grin.
"So, we'll unpack get some rest and meet back here at 9pm?" Steve said and they each made their way their rooms.

"I'm telling you these two women are perfect! Much better than the usual drunken frat tease we always find. These two are high end, six figures each!" Conner said excitedly.
"Make this one clean. No screw ups. Hawaii is a big island. Lots of places to hide a body" The voice said.
"You got it" Conner said with a smile hanging up.

At 9pm they met to grab a table to hear the Magic of Polynesia which told of ancient folklore and supernatural intrigue. Then they went on a Caves at Night tour and then finished up at Hona Hou Bar.
"Alright. Tomorrow is zip lining and I know Daredevil is down, what about you Beth?" Steve asked knowing she would no. Beth was always afraid of heights.
"Sounds good. I'm game" Beth said with a smile. Steve looked at her in surprise.
"No way!! Now this I have to see!" He said cracking up.

Beth and Lisa were out fitted in proper gear and after a thorough tutorial were ready to zip away. Beth had to admit, she was a little afraid but she wasn't going to let Steve see her chicken out.
"Okay, when you're ready just lift your feet and enjoy the ride. My partner Guy Fellows is at the bottom to unhook you" The trainer said. Beth sucked in a deep breath and lifted her feet away from the ground. She took off down the line quickly. She closed her eyes at first but then opened them and took in the beautiful view. This was amazing she thought. She saw that someone was waiting at the end for her as she slowed down.
"Oh my God!! That was amazing!! Can I go again?" She asked as the man went behind her to take off her harness. Suddenly she felt a pinch at her neck then total darkness.
"Me next!" Lisa jumped ahead of Steve as he placed the harness on her. The instructor was about to give Lisa some last minute instructions but Lisa jumped off and raced quickly down the line yelping the whole way across. When she got to the bottom she didn't see Beth.
"Where's Beth?" Lisa asked then she felt the pinch and fell to the ground.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:04 pm

"They should have been back by now" Steve said looking behind them to see if the jeep was pulling up with the women safe and sound.
"You don't think anything happened to them?" Mick said suddenly.
"Let's go" Steve said becoming scared. They ran quickly down the hill and to the drop off point where the girl's would land, but nothing was there but the harnesses and their helmets. Mick immediately stooped down and surveyed the scene and caught a whiff of blood.
"There's blood right there" He said pointing to the ground "But it isn't Beth's or Lisa's"
"You think someone abducted them?" Steve asked but hardly thinking that would be the case, seeing as Lisa was well trained in various ways to end someone's life and Beth wasn't a damsel in distress as well.
"Maybe they saw someone hurt and took them to the hospital, there is blood here. Male." Mick said with his eyes closed.
"Let's go back up and speak with the instructor. Steve said as they ran back to the spot where they all were. They saw the instructor on his mobile phone and he didn't look to be happy.
"I'm sorry but we're going to have to shut down. My partner isn't answering his phone so I'm thinking he quit on me." He said grabbing his gear in anger.
"Does that happen a lot?" Mick asked.
"Enough where I'm not surprised anymore. I'm lucky if I'm able to keep someone for a year. People see the add, think it sounds like a great way to spend the summer working in Hawaii, but then they find out that you're working all the time and don't have a whole lot of time to hang out and sight see. But they usually have enough decency to wait until the end of day and not in the middle of a class!" He said.
"What can you tell me about this guy?" Mick asked.
"Guy Fellows. From Staten Island. Went to NYU, was trying to earn some money for a trip to Amsterdam" The instructor said.
"Do you know where he's staying?" Steve asked.
"He's staying in my spare room" He replied. "Why do you care about some college guy?" He asked with a confused frown.
"Because our wives were last seen with him" Mick said.
"Your wives didn't come back?" He asked in shock "If something happened....if someone was hurt...I mean...maybe they're at the hospital!" He said fishing his keys out of his pocket and opening the door to his jeep "Get in I'll drive you there!" He yelled.

"I'm sorry, we don't have anyone who fits that description being admitted, did you try North Hawaii Community...." She was saying.
"We tried that one!" Steve yelled.
"Are there any other hospitals or clinics or urgent care facilities in the area?" Mick asked urgently.
"I'm afraid not, however if there was a very serious injury they would be airlifted to the big island" She said knowing that her answer would only make them more upset. "I can try calling the EMT" She offered.
Mick nodded his head and tried to focus on where Beth might be. All he could pick up on was that she wasn't destroyed. So she was somewhere on the island. All he had to do was pinpoint where.

Beth began to slowly come to. What the hell happened? She thought to herself. She sat up and tried to focus. She saw that her hands were tied so she broke free and tried to stand. She saw someone laying next to her and knew right away it was Lisa. She stooped down and patted Lisa lightly on the cheek.
"Lisa! Lisa!" She whispered urgently. She saw Lisa's head move a bit and relief filled her body.
"What the hell happened?" Lisa asked looking at the zip ties that held her hands together. She quickly broke free, stood up and started to look around. "I think we've been kidnapped" Beth said.
"Well that's just perfect!" Lisa said brushing dirt from her shirt. "I feel sorry for whoever they are, because Mick and Steve will rip them apart!" She said with gleeful smile.
"But why us? I mean it's not like we're young college kids on a bender. Tons of people saw us with our husbands, so I'm kind of shocked they would take a chance like this" Beth said.
"And more importantly, how did they know that we'd be zip lining today?" Lisa said frowning a little knowing what this meant.
"You think we were being followed?" Beth asked in surprise.
"Yep I do. Its easy enough to ease drop on conversations and plan your attack. Kidnappings take a lot of planning, its not a spur of the moment crime" Lisa explained.
"Okay Officer Belfaur what do you think we should do?" Beth asked
"A part of me would like to wait until the jerk shows up and we can take his head off, but I'm sure the guys are worried sick about us, so one of us should take off and let the guys know what happened". Lisa said.
"You want me to go don't you?" Beth said rolling her eyes. Lisa grinned as Beth took off.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:12 pm

Mick could hear Beth trying to communicate with him.
"Steve, I think I got something!" He said pulling him aside where they could speak in private. "Beth said they were kidnapped, but she said they're fine". Mick said closing his eyes still trying to understand what Beth was saying.
"Where are they?" Steve asked. When Mick heard what all Beth had to say he froze. What Lisa was trying to was dangerous.
"They split up. Lisa made Beth leave to find us while Lisa stayed to find out more about who took them" Mick said shaking his head.
"She what??!! What if its another vamp?" Steve said in a panicked voice.
"That's why we have to go meet Beth, she said she's near something called The Lava Caves? You know where that is?" Mick asked. At Steve's nod they took off to find their wives.

Conner made his way down the steep stairwell, balancing the tray on one hand. He opened the door at the bottom of the stairs and quietly made his way into the damp room. As he sat the tray down and walked toward the women he was stunned. Only one woman remained. He quickly ran over to the sleeping girl and shook her violently.
"Where is the other one?!" He screamed. The girl looked at him in sleepy confusion.
"W...what?" Lisa said slowly looking around. "She left me?!" Lisa yelled starting to struggle against her restraints. "What do you want?" Lisa asked in a shaky voice. Connor looked at the young woman in disgust. He had promised two women. Now he would have to find another, or maybe he would take the jeep and find the runaway. She couldn't have gone far and she was miles away from anything.
"You are going to be in big trouble when my husband finds out what you've done!" Lisa said.
"Oh and who is your husband?" Conner asked.
"He's the Station Manager for the a very large news corporation" She said in a smug tone.
"Oh, so no one important". He joked.
"What are you going to do with me?" Lisa asked.
"You my little sweet, are going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, of course what happens to you after that isn't really my concern, but if it's any consolation, all my customers are some of the riches men in the world, so it won't be all bad" He explained.
"So you kidnap women and sell them?"
"Well.....back in the day you could always promise a woman a future acting or modeling gig, but now that doesn't see to hold much weight these days, so kidnapping becomes necessary, but trust me if there was another way to get my customers what they wanted, I would" He said with a fake smile."And Hawaii is the perfect place. Beautiful young things arrive daily".
"Look, maybe I can help you" Lisa said.
"Help me how?"
"Well, I know lots of very pretty women and they would love to come to Hawaii for some fun" She said teasingly.
"Damn, you're one cold hearted bitch!" He laughed placing the tray in front of her. "Eat up. I want you to look healthy" He said walking out the door. Lisa kicked the tray over and broke free from the ties again. Moments later she heard a car start up and drive away. Now she could look around and get the lay of area.
"Lisa!! Lisa!!" She heard Steve calling out. Lisa opened the door and ran towards his voice and saw Steve, Mick and Beth walking towards the cave. Steve grabbed her tightly and wrapped his arms around her. "Are you alright? Did they do anything to you?" He asked frantically.
"Other than bore me, no he did nothing, but I did get some information. It turns out this creep is kidnapping young women and auctioning them off, so Beth and I aren't the first" She said.
"Steve and I found the zip line guy. He's dead." Mick said looking all around trying to establish where exactly they were. "Can you show us where you were held?" Mick asked as they took off back to the cave opening.

They went down the stairs and saw the room at the bottom.
"Someone built this a long time ago" Mick said looking all around the room. "Most likely drugs or gun running" He finished. "You hear that?" He said suddenly.
"Sounds like a vacuum cleaner, but where is it coming from?" Beth said. Steve paused for a moment.
"That's not a vacuum, that's an ammunition loading machine. I know what those sound like" He said.
"How do you know?" Beth asked.
"I used to run with a crew when I was younger who made their own amo and the machine they used sounds exactly like that" He replied. Mick looked over at Steve is shock.
"Sweet Jesus Steve! What was your life man!?" Mick asked staring at him.
"Unusual" He said with a smile. "Come on, let's go. Those machines ain't cheap and if their auctioning women to keep up the cost, then they have a buyer. Chances are an enemy of the state kind of buyer" He said grabbing Lisa's hand.

Conner drove all around the area for some time and could find no trace of the beautiful blonde. If she slid down the ravine......well...there was nothing he could do about that and he was convinced that was what happened. She wouldn't have been able to make it far on foot and no one but him and his team drove around out here. After a few more minutes he turned the jeep around and headed back to the compound. He would go out tonight and grab another young lady. Ivan said he wanted two women.

They ran up the large hill and came up over the other side and saw that someone had indeed built a very large house which was hidden by lush trees and overgrown bushes.
"The only reason for someone to build something like this out here in the middle of nowhere ...." Steve started to say.
"They don't want to be found" Mick finished stopping to take a quick whiff of the surrounding area.
"What do you want to do gramps? We have to stop them" Lisa said.
"Lisa, I want you to stay here, see what you can find inside. Anything, documents, tapes. Then go back to the cave. Something tells me he's going to find another woman." Mick said.
"Mick, do you think this is wise.....I mean..." Steve said nervously.
"Steve you do remember that your wife is a vampire and a cop! Even before she was vamp she could drop a man with one punch" Mick said with a wink at Lisa.
"Damn straight!" Lisa said with a bright smile.
"Just be very careful Daredevil. If something doesn't feel right, bolt the hell out of there!" Steve said pulling her into his arms.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Mon May 06, 2019 11:55 pm

Dusk began to fall sweetly on the island as Conner walked into the lounge to scope out who would suffice. He saw the perfect woman immediately. She looked a little like the one he already had. Blonde hair bright blue eyes and one heck of a smile. He watched as the bartender and several bar backs
all stood and stared at the young woman. Conner rose from his seat and walked up to her with a big smile.
"Looks like you have acquired your own fan club" He joked. The blonde looked up at him with surprise.
"Who me?" She asked in confusion.
"Every man young and old stopped what they were doing to stare at you as you walked in" He said.
She turned and looked all around and did see a quite a few men glancing her way. She
shrugged her shoulders.
"Ok........I don't know what to say to that" She stammered.
"It's probably for the best that you say nothing. For I fear that if they heard the voice that goes along with the beautiful face, you would get no peace on this gorgeous island" He said with a small smile.
"Well perhaps if someone were to sit with me, that would keep the wolves at bay so to speak" She said
with a teasing grin. Conner placed a hand over his heart.
"You honor me" He said signaling for a waiter and taking the chair across from her. After their drink orders were placed the woman smiled at him.
"So what brings you to paradise?" She asked taking a small sip of her drink.
"Work, which is a shame to be cursed with work in a place as beautiful as this" He said.
"Well that's too bad....I'm on my own...I was on a trip with my best friend, but she had a bad allergic reaction to spider bite and had to be flown back home so here I am" She said.
"You didn't wish to go with your friend?" He asked.
"Well, I was going to but she insisted that I finish up the trip since everything was already paid for" She explained.
"What a very nice friend to have. I do hope she is okay, but because of her, I get to enjoy your company" He said holding up his glass to clink hers. "To new friends" He said.
"To new friends" She said taking another sip. "So what's your name?" She asked.
"Conner" He said holding out his hand to her.
"Haley" She said with a smile as she shook his hand.

Lisa very quietly sped though the enormous compound. Steve was correct on the amo. They were making boatloads of what looked to be 50 caliber amo and that was for maximum firepower. Kill shots they called them in the military. So who were these guys trying to kill? She thought to herself.

"So I take it you're a college student?" Conner asked.
"Guilty as charged" Haley laughed. "My best friend and I are both enrolled at UCLA. Lisa....that's my friend's name she's been to Hawaii a lot of times with her family so she kind of treated me to this trip." She said.
"I see. Your friend is wealthy" He said with a knowing nod.
"Well...yeah. I never would have been able to afford this hotel and this trip!" She chuckled. "I'm just a poor orphan girl on scholarship"
"I am sorry" He said. Haley waved her hand.
"It used to bother me at first, but look at me now! Getting ready to graduate and enjoying an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii!"
"Let's toast then. To Hawaii and all its splendor!" He said, thinking it was going to be very easy to take this girl. She finished her drink rather quickly as many young people often do and he was there to make sure her hand was never empty of a drink. Then he would offer to show her something of great interest and that would be that.

"Hey, I'm going to take a look around, just make sure no one's nosing around" One man said stretching his arms to his sides.
"Grab me a beer on your way back" Another man called out to him as he walked out the door. Jimmy lit a smoke and breathed in deeply loving the taste of strong tobacco, but a noise made him stop in his tracks. He listened carefully and heard something in the tall blades. Most likely some creature hunting for food. He ignored it and continued to enjoy his last smoke until daybreak. He began to think about what he would do with his share of the funds when they were done. There was a Harley Davidson that he had his eye on. He couldn't wait to buy that sweet ride and take it out on a very long trip he was thinking then his neck snapped and his dreams were no more.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG (Reworking)

Postby Ella713 » Thu May 09, 2019 3:33 pm

"Where the hell is Jimmy?" One man said looking around. "He better not be sleeping! Conner wanted double the amount of shells tonight! Go bring his lazy ass back here!" He yelled.

Conner watched the young woman try to stifle yawns.
"I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I'm still jet lagged" She said with a weak smile.
"Let me see you home. Its the least I can do" He said helping her out of her chair. "Are you staying here at this hotel?" He asked.
"No. I just walked over here to see what it was like. I'm down the block at the Maui Regency" She said.
"Here, I'll drive you over. You're in no condition to walk" He said holding onto her arm.
"Thank you. I probably shouldn't have had so much to drink, but that's what vacation are for right?" She joked.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have insisted on that last round, but a good night sleep and a lot of liquids in the morning will get you back to fighting fit" He said laughing as he walked her over to his rental car. After making sure she was buckled in he drove away from the hotel. In five minutes she was knocked out.
Conner drove faster to the compound. Ivan would be arriving in an hour and he had to make sure the women would be ready.

"I don't see him anywhere boss" The young man said.
"Son of a bitch!!" He yelled "Well get over here and help package this crap up!"

Conner pulled up to the compound and quickly zip tied the young woman's hands and feet and laid her down on the ground. He lightly shook Lisa.
"I brought you someone to talk to" Conner said with a grin. "I'll bring you dinner but eat up quickly, your buyer will be here soon" He said leaving and pulling the door closed. Haley opened her eyes.
"That guy was pretty smooth, I'm sure he's been effective in luring tons of women down here.....wherever this is" She said looking around. "So what's the plan?" Lisa stared at her sister in shock.
"Haley, what the hell are you doing here?" She asked.
"Gramps sent a bat signal to Josef and he's orchestrating a plan, but it involved me getting here and letting some creep rufie me!" She explained. "But some guy is coming soon to pick us up and we are meant to let him take us" She said
"Looks like they want the boss man....ok, sounds good, but we're going to have to make it look real sis"
"Waterworks and hysteria?" Haley joked.
"Yeppers" Lisa said with a smile, remembering Haley's talent for turning on the tears at the drop of a hat!

"Alright, the bartender said that Haley left with the guy about half and hour ago" Mick said hanging up his mobile.
"Let's get to the bunker!" Steve said

"What do you mean he's gone?!" Conner yelled.
"Jimmy said he was gonna grab a smoke and he never came back"
"That's just perfect!!!" He said thinking that he saw that punk again he was going to rip him limb from limb! "We'll deal with that later. Is all the amo packed up and ready to go?"
"Yeah. It's loaded on the truck" He nodded.
"Great. Ivan will be here any moment to pay us for the women so we can be ready to start the next batch" He said smiling as he heard a car pull up. "That's him now" He said walking to the window and peering from behind the curtains.

"Ivan! Glad to see you again!" He said when he opened the door.
"You have women?" He asked in his deep voice.
"This way. I think you will like these two. They are very beautiful" Conner said with a smile.
"I will see" He said dismissively as Conner led him to cave beneath them. Lisa heard them approaching.
"Turn it on sis" She whispered. And right on cue tears started to flow from Haley's eyes right as the door opened. Haley started to sob loudly when she saw the men approaching. She started to squirm and kick her feet.
"No!! No!!" She wailed. Ivan stared at the young women.
"I like when they fight back" He said with sinister smile "But I will break them so they learn to do what they are told" He said walking towards Lisa. "Why you no fight and cry like your friend?" He asked jokingly.
"Because it would change nothing" Lisa said staring right at him.
"That one was wanting to offer up her friends" Conner explained.
"In exchange for what?"
"I ignored her offer" Conner said. Ivan looked at Lisa with questioning eyes.
"You would do this to your friends?" He asked trying to get a clear read on her.
"Better them than me" Lisa shrugged. Ivan laughed out loud.
"I like" He said pointing at her. "I take both" He said pulling out the envelope and handing it to Conner as he quickly looked inside.
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Re: Paradise Rated PG

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Steve rubbed some mud on Beth's face and clothes.
"Hold on! You need to look like you've been toughing it out in the wilderness" He said grabbing some grass and twigs and rubbing them in her hair. "Now you look properly jacked up" Steve said.
"Alright babe, you know what to do" Mick said quickly taking off. Beth stumbled around for a moment then began to scream.
"Can anybody hear me?!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!" She screamed as loud as she could. "Somebody please help me!!!!"

Conner heard the screams and knew it was the woman who had escaped! In her haste to free herself, she had forgotten she was in the middle of the woods with no one around for miles and all she managed to do was circle back. This was perfect. He quickly ran out to retrieve the woman. He easily followed her screams. When Beth saw him, she ran right towards him.
"You have to help me!! I've been kidnapped, me and my friend! Call the police quick!!" Beth said in a frightened voice.
"Of course" Conner said taking off his jacket and placing it around her shoulders "We can wait at my house right over here" He said walking her towards the door.
"Hey!! Wait...." Beth said suddenly as the man shoved her in and shut the door behind them.
"I found my missing blonde" He said with a bright smile, glancing at Ivan.
"Three women! And this one is!........" He said placing his fingers to his lips "Delicious"

Mick heard the police quietly making their way to the compound.
"Are you Mr. St. John?" One officer asked.
"Yeah. Thanks for coming out this way" Mick said.
"Well, the Captain said Mr. Kostan needed us to check out this place. Something about illegal arms and sex trafficking" He said.
"We've been watching them for a while. Looks like they have 3 young women being held right through there and two guys drove up and they sounded Russian or something" Steve said. The officer nodded and directed his men to different areas then they quietly approached the door. The officer motioned to the others and on the count of three they kicked open the door. Mick and Steve quickly grabbed Conner and Ivan while Lisa and Beth ran outside to capture Conner's men. Within minutes they found a treasure trove of evidence to a multitude of crimes including kidnapping, rape, murder and selling weapons and ammunition to Iran! All punishable by a lifetime in prison.

"Well this vacation turned out to be a major bust!" Lisa said with a sigh, but still delighted at being able to lock some scumbags up for a long time.
"We still have time to check out the filming. Josef said the guy playing Steve McGarrett is a dead ringer for Mick. So this I gotta see!" Steve said pulling her hand. Steve and Lisa met Mick and Beth outside and saw Mick surrounded by adoring fans.
"You got the wrong guy!!" They heard Mick yell out.
"What's going on?" Lisa asked Beth who was chuckling to herself.
"I guess they're filming an episode of Hawaii Five-O right outside and when Mick and I stepped out a group of women started to scream and ran towards him for autographs. It's been like this for 10 minutes" She said with a smile.
"Wow, I guess Josef was right. That actor must be Mick's twin!" Steve said watching the scene in front of him. Mick peered over the girls, his eyes begging for help.
"Come on. Let's go save him" Beth said shaking her head.

The End
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