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Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:23 am

Moonlight Fanfiction
Cat and Mouse
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Someone from both Mick and Josef's pasts resurfaces and they wonder what she's up to

Guillermo had been working on the body for over and hour and was looking forward to going home and getting some rest. They had been shorthanded lately and he was the only person capable of pulling a 24 hour shift without making any major mistakes, but right now he felt like his body was preparing to shut down. Suddenly he looked up. There was a vampire nearby. He quickly sniffed the air and ran out of the morgue and looked up and down the hall. He knew that scent but as quickly as it was there, it was now gone.

Dr. Eckberg looked down at the woman's qualifications which were vast.
"Well, I must say, your resume and letters of recommendations are top notch, but what made you want to leave St. Thomas' Hospital? They are one of the world leaders in Elder Care Medicine" He asked.
"To be honest, I missed my family. Working in London at St. Thoms was a dream come true and I learned quite a lot, but the United States is where I belong" She said with a shy smile.
"Well, we are grateful that you've returned. When can you start?" He asked.
"I should be ready in about three weeks if that suits?"
"That would be grand!" He said standing up and shaking her hand.

Catherine really liked her new apartment. It was off the beaten path and very tranquil with large trees providing lots of shade. She opened the very large closet and found the small door that lead to tight storage area. She placed her arm in and felt around until her fingers came into contact with box she had been told about. She pulled it out and blew the dust off of it. She carefully untied the string and smiled when she saw what was inside. Oh this was going to be fun.

Mick was pulling out of the garage on his way to Kostan Industries to speak with Josef. As he pulled out into the street he stepped on his brakes screeching to a halt. He stared at the woman walking quickly past him. No way! He thought. It can't be! He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. He inhaled as the faint aroma of Fleur Qui Meurt filled his nostrils. He jumped out of his car and ran trying to catch up with the woman who just passed him, but he saw nothing. He stood for the few more moment hoping to catch her if she walked into one of the many shops on the street. He heard car horns honking loudly and realized that he had left his car in the middle of the street. He quickly ran to his car and jumped in speeding to Josef's office.

Josef stood up when Mick charged into his office.
"First I'm going to ask a question. Are you high?" Josef asked
"Josef I'm telling you what I saw!" Mick yelled
"Or what you think you saw. Listen man, Coraline is destroyed. No more. I'm sorry, how do you know this Josef? Oh yeah, I killed her myself and threw her into a fiery furnace!" Josef replied. Mick sat down.
"I'm telling you Josef it was her. I could even smell her perfume. The one they don't make anymore, anywhere!"
"Look Mick, I'm not going to deny what you saw or what you smelled, but I know for a fact it wasn't Coraline. I do think you saw a woman who reminded you of Coraline and you were so sure it was her, your mind tricked you into conjuring up her scent. The brain is an amazing thing, it tricks people all the time, or vampires in this case" Josef said. Mick had to admit everything Josef said made total sense and deep down he knew that Coraline was no more, as she was his sire, he felt her destruction deep inside himself.
"It was so real man." Mick said with a heavy sigh.
"You and Carl need a big juicy murder to fill your time.....I could make a few calls" Josef joked. "Why don't you and Beth get out of town for weekend, go stay in my place in Newport Beach." He said tossing Mick a key ring.
"Thanks man. Your right, a weekend away from LA sounds good. Sounds really good" He said waving at Josef as he left his office. Mick got into his car and thought about what Josef said. If his mind was indeed playing tricks on him, why would it start now?

Joseph's home in Newport Beach was nothing less than exceptional as Mick expected it to be.
"Mick, this is beautiful!!!" Beth gushed taking in the large structure. It was very modern with large floor to ceiling windows and what looked to be a revolving patio, with a small waterfall below it. They parked in the garage and practically ran inside to check out everything inside. Beth let her bag fall at her side when she saw the view of the beach towards the back. "This is heaven!" She said with squeal.
"So what do you want to do first?" Mick asked. Beth looked at him quickly and began to take off all her clothes and ran for the beach. Mick laughed at her delight and quickly grabbed some towels from the bathroom and joined his wife.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:47 am

"So Catherine is the name you've chosen?" He said smiling at her.
"It's easy for me to remember". Catherine replied.
" I take it you've heard?" He asked. When she nodded he continued. "She was stupid. Do not follow in her footsteps" He said.
"I wonder, why has it taken you so long to avenge her?" She asked.
"Well, I suppose at first, I thought Coraline had gotten what she deserved. Such a stupid thing to do to give this St. John the cure! And then running away to come back to St. John! She really wasted her life. So yes, I did not care that she had been destroyed, but now that some time has passed I see what I must do" He said.
"Mick St. John and Josef Kostan are very formidable Don't be fooled" Catherine warned.
"They are mere children to me, but let's continue to have some fun before we destroy them" He said handing her the stone. Catherine grabbed the stone and held it tightly as she closed her eyes and slowly she changed into Coraline. "You look exquisite my darling" He smiled pulling her towards him for a passionate kiss.

"Welcome back from the land of extravagance" Guillermo joked when Mick walked into the morgue. "You here to see the girl?" He asked as he pulled the drawer open.
"She's just a kid!" Mick exclaimed sadly.
"Yeah, 13 years old man" Guillermo replied shaking his head. Suddenly he turned quickly. "Hey man, you smell that?" He asked. Mick sniffed the air and frowned. "That's not...." Guillermo began to say.
"No! She was destroyed" Mick said firmly trying to not get upset.
"You know this isn't the first time. Earlier last week, I was sure she was standing right by the door. I mean her scent was strong!" He said.
"I was leaving home and tried to follow a woman who I would have sworn was Coraline, but she was gone before I could grab her" Mick said.
"I can't believe I'm asking this but are you sure she's destroyed?" Guillermo asked.
"Yeah. I felt it the moment it happened. It's like no other feeling in the world" He said.
"Maybe it's just paranoia. Coraline put everybody through hell, I guess it's easy to think she found a way to come back...anyway, you want a copy of the autopsy report?"
"Yeah, send it to me" Mick said turning for the door.

Upon returning to his car his phone began to ring and he saw it was Carl.
"Yeah man, what's up?" Mick said starting his car.
"We have a case. A child abduction. I thought you'd want to know" Carl said knowing that Mick would say yes.
"Tell them yes, I'll be there in 10 minutes" Mick said hurrying to the office.

Mick rushed into the office and saw Carl speaking with a woman. Carl saw him walk in and waved him over. Mick walked into Carl's office and froze. Sitting directly across from him was Coraline! Carl noticed the look on Mick's face and knew something was up.
"Do you know each other?" Carl asked the woman.
"Hi Mick." She said in her lazy tone standing up.
"This can't be happening" Mick muttered to himself, staring in disbelief.
"I think my ex-husband didn't really expect to see me again Mr. Davis" She said with a small smile. "I can tell that Mick wants to explain to you why you can't take my case, so I'll be leaving. Thank you for your time Mr. Davis" She said standing up and turning to face Mick. "Tell Beth I said hi" She said with a smile and walked out the door. Mick said nothing for a long while.
"Mick man, talk to me. Who was that? Was that really your ex-wife?" Carl asked.
"Yeah. I killed her once. Brian killed her the second time and Josef killed her the third time" He said slowly.
"And I take it she doesn't have a kid?" Carl asked
"No. Not unless she kidnapped one like she did with Beth" Mick said still staring at nothing.
"Wait a minute! That woman was responsible for Beth's kidnapping as a child?" He asked remembering the story Beth told him when they first met.
"Yeah. She thought that if we had a family I would stay with her" He said. pulling out his mobile to call Josef and let him know that Coraline was back. Again.

Beth stood frozen in place when Mick told her the news.
"That can't be....s..she was destroyed! By Josef!! you're wrong!" She yelled out beginning to pace furiously.
"She's back. I don't know how....but she's back" Mick said sadly.
"Did you tell Josef?" She asked. "Forget it! I'm calling Brian!" She screamed picking up the phone and punching in Brian's number.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:21 am

Brian had reached his parents apartment before Beth had hung up the phone.
"How is this possible?" He said looking that them both. Mick shook his head slowly.
"I can't tell you how, all I know is that she's back. She was sitting in our agency talking to Carl telling him some bull about her child being abducted" Mick explained.
"Dad, are you sure it her and perhaps not some vesile trying to test us.....I mean, she was your sire, you'd know her before anyone else" Brian said, already putting into motion what could be done.
"Brian, I'm telling you it was her. She stood right in front of me" Mick said. Beth jumped into the conversation.
"Brian can't you do something? You're in charge of all vampires can't you just get rid of her permanently?" Beth asked in frustration.
"Yes I can, but to make sure her siblings will not retaliate, I would need them all in front of me" Brian said.
"Lance, Victor and Irena will not step foot in the States after Coraline set up her own twin for destruction. In fact I would find it hard to believe they would care about her at all at this point" Mick said.
"All we can do right now is wait and see what she has planned. She's definitely here for a reason and it most likely involves the both of you" Brian said as he turned to see Josef coming into the apartment with a stunned look on his face.
"What sort of fresh hell is she bringing with her?" Josef quipped in anger.
"I don't know yet. She was talking to Carl telling him some story about her child being abducted, which is a crock" Mick said.
"Maybe she was setting up some kind of trap for you" Beth said.
"What the hell did you do to this woman to make her all Fatal Attraction?" Josef yelled out. Mick didn't answer because he too was baffled at what she was willing to do win him back.....or make him pay for leaving her. It really made no sense.....unless.
"What is it babe?" Beth asked suddenly recognizing the look on Mick's face.
"Could this be about Edward Farmington's money?" Mick said.
"Damn it! She could have just asked for it! Why all the games?" Josef said in frustration. "How much of the money is left?"
"The Foundation has not yet made it to 75 Million" Brian calculated.
"Fine! If it's the money she wants give it to her Mick and I'll make up the difference to make her go on her way" Josef said.
"As nice as that sounds Josef, I don't think money is the reason why she's back" Beth whispered more to herself that to anyone else.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:40 pm

Guillermo was talking to an orderly when he felt the presence of a vampire somewhere close. He excused himself from the conversation and walked quickly to where he sensed the vampire was. All he saw was the Human Resource Manager speaking to a female doctor he hadn't seen before. He got a little closer and the doctor quickly turned around.
"And who might you be?" The beautiful blonde woman asked. Vincent the HR Manager turned around to see who she was talking to.
"Oh! That is Guillermo Ramirez he is one of our forensic science technicians. Guillermo, this is Catherine Drake she will be heading our Elder Care division" He said.
"It is a pleasure to meet you Guillermo" She said with a soft smile. Guillermo simply nodded his head and offered his hand. He knew who this woman was and he had to tell Mick right away. "Have we met before? It's been a long time since I was in Los Angeles, but you do look familiar" She said with a smile.
"No. I would have remembered you" Guillermo said.
"Well, I don't suppose we'll be working together. My goal is to keep the Elderly community healthy" She joked as she turned to walk away. As Guillermo watched them make their way down the corridor he walked to his office and called Mick.
"Mick, you might want to come down to the morgue. Coraline's friend Cynthia just got a job here" He said leaving a message on Mick's voicemail. It took Mick 10 minutes to ring him back letting him know he was on his way.

Mick showed up at the morgue in record time.
"Where is she?" Mick asked as soon as he walked through the door.
"She's going by the name Katherine Drake and she's working on the 8th floor in our Elder Care department, HR was showing her around. Mick if Cynthia is here then you know Coraline is not far behind" Guillermo said shaking his head slowly. "This is bad"
"Let me find out" Mick said in anger as he took off quickly to find her. He found her pretty quickly sitting behind a desk looking at a computer screen.
"What the hell are you doing her Cynthia?" Mick asked standing the doorway.
"Well, Mick St. John!" She said standing up. "What are you doing here?" She asked with a small smile.
"I don't want to play any games Cyndi so cut the crap! Where is she?" He asked.
"Am I supposed to know who you're talking about?" She asked.
"Coraline! Where the hell is she?" He asked. Cynthia stared at him with a surprised look on her face.
"Mick I was told she'd been destroyed. I haven't seen Coraline since her marriage to Eddie" She said.
"You know what, fine! But let me tell you this. If you and Coraline are up to something I will end you both and there will be no coming back Ever!" He yelled.
"Mick you're obviously still angry at Coraline and I have to say, she deserves it after everything she put you through, but I honestly don't have any idea what you're talking about" She said earnestly.
"Somehow I remember you telling me that very same thing the last time I saw you" He said accusingly.
"I was helping a friend out of a very dangerous situation. Humans weren't so hospitable to vampires back then" She explained.
"Whatever Cyndi. I meant what I said" Mick said and took off. Cynthia smiled when he left and pulled out her mobile to make a phone call.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

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"Josef, we have a problem" Mick said walking straight into Josef's office. Josef looked up from his work suddenly.
"What you got?" He said pushing his work to the side of him.
"Cynthia Davis is back. Guillermo just told me she took a position at the hospital".
"So, knowing that her and Coraline are virtually inseparable, this is double trouble" He said standing up and reaching for his jacket. "Did she give you any hint as to what she's up to?" Josef asked.
"She said she hadn't seen Coraline since her marriage to Edward, but I know that's a load of bull. She swears that Coraline is destroyed" Mick explained.
"What was she doing in the hospital?" Josef asked.
"Guillermo said she was just hired in their Elder Care Department".
"That makes no sense. Cynthia has no patience for that sort of thing. What the hell is she up to there?" He said more to himself than to Mick. "Let's see if Alma can pick up anything" He said grabbing his sunglasses and heading for the door.

Brian took a rare day off to be with Alma and was wanted everything to be perfect. He ran her bath with all her favorite salts and oils and when she slid into the water she purred like a kitten.
"This feels like what I imagine Heaven to be like" She said with a eyelids closing. "It's almost perfect" She said with a small smile.
"Is something amiss? Tell me what you want and I move the mountains to retrieve it" Brian said.
"I wish you to join me" Alma said opening her eyes and staring at him. Brain began to tear away at the clothing he had on and when nothing was left he stepped into the tub placing himself behind her.
Alma sighed in pleasure then froze.
"What is it?" Brian asked then frowned as he realized that Josef and his dad were on their way up. He quickly stood from the tub and reached for a towel to wrap around himself.
"You can go to the door like that!" Alma laughed out pointing at the tent Brain was pitching for all to see.
"Damn!" Brian yelled at reaching for the clothing he had just taken off.
"You better hurry because Beth is coming as well" Alma said standing.
"What!!" Brian yelled and began to to fumble with the clothing.
"Calm down Brian. I only said that to help the situation. One mention of a man's mother and......let's just say your tent has been kicked over" She said chuckling. Brian looked down and sighed.
"Many thanks" He said walking out of the bathroom to finish dressing.

Brian opened the door and Josef looked at him briefly.
"Sorry to interrupt" He said with a knowing smile "But this is important" Josef said.
"Of course" Brian said closing the door behind them.
"Coraline is back" Mick said hardly believing that it was true. "We don't know how..."
"Is it possible that Coraline worked something out with Lucifer....I mean have you or Alma ever heard of anything like that?" Josef asked.
"Are you sure it's her?" Alma asked quietly appearing beside her husband.
"Yeah. She stood right in front of me. I talked to her" Mick said sighing heavily, thinking that Beth was going to be furious and rightfully so.
"What do you think she wants?" Brian asked although he knew the answer to the question. She wanted Mick.
"It might have something to do with Edward Farmington's estate and if it does, she can have it!" Mick said.
"I am offering to make up the difference as well so she can be on her way to wherever the hell she came from" Josef said in anger. Alma closed her eyes for a moment.
"Who is the blonde woman?" She asked.
"Cynthia. She was Coraline's best friend" Mick replied. Alma said nothing but walked into her meditation room and shut the door.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

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It was close to an hour before Alma opened the door.
"Alright. Tell us what she's up to" Josef said standing up.
"Sorry Josef. It doesn't work that way, but what I can tell you is that Coraline has returned" Alma said sadly.
"How many damn lives does this woman have?!" Josef yelled out
"And her brother is in Los Angeles" She said.
"Of course he is" Mick said not looking forward to have another confrontation with Lance.
"And he does fault you Mick..." Alma began to say.
"What did I do? She made my life a living hell! And all I ever did was try to help her whenever she got caught up in some crap that she herself orchestrated!" Mick yelled in frustration.
"That is the reason why he blames you Mick. If you had of been some kind of jerk like......Josef, no offense but Coraline would have gotten over you like most women do, but you always had a definite hold on Coraline and she just couldn't let you go" Alma explained.
"So he wants to destroy me because I cared for his sister?" Mick asked throwing up his hands.
"Mick you have to understand that everything Coraline did was because of you. Beth's kidnapping, Scott Slade, deals with Lucifer. All of it was a plan she had to have you back in her life. You were a drug habit she couldn't kick. So yeah, he sees you as the cause for his sisters failings"
"Unbelievable" Mick muttered. They all turned when they heard someone at the door. Brian walked over to open the door then stopped.
"It's Coraline" He said to his dad and when he opened the door there in the flesh was Coraline"
"Hi Josef. Long time no see" She said. "Hi Mick" She said.
"What are you doing here?" Mick asked.
"Forget that! How in the hell did you know he was here?!" Josef yelled. Coraline rolled her eyes.
"Josef really?" Coraline said with a smile.
"What do you want?" Mick asked with a sneer.
"Why do you think I have to want something?" She asked.
"Maybe because you keep coming back to start shit!" Josef said taking off his jacket. "Things have changed since you were last here!" He said. Brian lightly touched Josef arm stopping him from doing what he thought he was going to do.
"We must wait" Brian said to Josef quietly. Alma studied them all then walked over to the sideboard to pour two glasses of wine.
"Well, Coraline Duvall my name is Alma Petzer. It's wonderful to finally meet you in person. You have quite the reputation" Alma said handing her the glass of wine and leading her to the sofa.
"Thank you" Coraline said accepting the wineglass and joining Alma on the sofa.
"I was sorry to hear about your husband" Alma said.
"Edward was a wonderful man but he never could quite adapt to the vampire life" She said taking a sip of the wine.
"Some don't, but there's nothing you can do about that" Alma said pointedly making a veiled reference to Mick.
"Perhaps". She said with a shrug of her shoulders.
"Is there something you need help with while you're here? Edward's estate was turned into a charitable trust that is now yours". Alma said.
"Money doesn't interest me. I have some other things I'm working on, but for now I must go. Thank you for the wine" She said standing up and walking to the door. She turned slowly. "Nice to see you
again Josef. Bye Mick" She said sweetly blowing him a kiss and walking out the door.
"What the hell Alma!! Why were you so nice to her?" Mick said.
"I needed her to do what I wanted her to do" Alma said picking up Coraline's wine glass and taking a sniff. "That should be just enough" She said walking back to her meditation room.
"Just what is it you plan on doing Alma?" Josef asked before she reached the door.
"Something she won't see coming" Alma replied with a smile.

Alma stayed in her room for three days before Brian could take no more and knocked on the door. When the door slowly opened he stood in shock. There before him was Coraline Duvall. Brian closed his eyes and smiled.
"This is a party trick, nothing more" Alma said sounding exactly like Coraline. "So now let us have some fun" She said with sly smile.

All day Coraline was seen everywhere that she was known. Reporters followed her everywhere she went and yelled questions at her.
"Mrs. Farmington!!! Where have you been all this time?" "Are you here to claim your husband's fortune?" "What happened to your husband's body?" Alma stood still with a frozen look on her face before walking quickly away and ducking into a clothing store and quickly changing back to herself.
She stepped out of the store and hailed a taxi for Kostan Industries to check in with Josef.

"So how was your day?" Josef asked with a smile when she walked into his office.
"Kind of frivolous to be honest. I don't see how people can go through a day with being seen as the only goal for the day. I first went to Gucci, then Cristos, then to Doris Leslie Blau to look at Persian rugs that cost $140,00.00! For a rug!! Something you wipe your feet on!" She said in disbelief.
"Well, believe it or not for some people that is what they do all day and they enjoy the heck out of it"
Josef said with a smile. "But those are places that Coraline ventured to a lot" He said .
"And the paparazzi and press followed me screaming out all sort of questions, so pretty soon whoever is behind this will soon begin to wonder who the second imposter is". Alma said.
"And let the games begin" Josef said with a smile.

Lance had heard that Cynthia was seen in Beverly Hills! They had discussed keeping a low profile and focusing on Mick St. John and Josef Kostan! What the hell was she doing? He thought to himself.

Cynthia froze when she heard on the news that Coraline Farmington had been seen shopping in Beverly Hills. Could this be? She thought. She smiled brightly. Coraline hadn't been destroyed as Kostan had said! She quickly stopped what she was doing and went to see Lance.

"Low profile!!! We agreed to a low profile my dear! What in hell do you think you're doing?" Lance boomed when he saw her approaching.
"It was not I" Cynthia said shaking her head and looking at him hopefully. Lance stopped and picked up the paper and stared hard at the photograph. Then he smiled.
"My sister it appears has a very good end game" He said with a sinister smile. "She always was the clever one in the family".
"But where has she been all this time?" Cynthia said more to herself than to Lance.
"That matters not, but the reason why she is here is the more interesting question. I'm sure she has already been in contact with Kostan and St. John.....surely they will come to you for information" He said, turning to take a bite of the freshie that was seated next to him.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

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"Guillermo right?" Cynthia said with a smile. Guillermo looked up from the body he was preparing and placed the sheet over it. "Ok, let's not play games any longer. You know who I am so let's just cut the bullshit. I'm not here to cause trouble for anyone and I certainly don't have a "Coraline" mission" She said making the air quotation gesture. "I'm just as shocked as you that she managed to survive yet another attack. The woman truly has more lives than a cat." She jokingly said. "But please let Mick and Josef know that I had no idea that Coraline was back. Honestly" She said looking innocently at Guillermo. "So are we good here? I mean, can we be civil to one another?" She asked.
"Yeah" Guillermo said to her but under his breath he said "for now" as he watched her leave the room and he immediately called Josef.

Josef listened to everything Guillermo said with interest as a plan came to mind.
"Brian, it's been a while since you've seen your sister. Do you think she might want to visit for a couple of weeks?" Josef said. "We need someone to shadow Cynthia and who better than an undetectable water vamp?" He said with a grin as Brian pulled out his mobile.
"Helen, it's Brian. We have a situation that needs your special skills" He said.
"And what pray tell are these skills?" She said chuckling to herself.
"Nothing dangerous. In fact, no one will know you're there" He said.
"Come and get me" She said thinking that her baby brother and his friends always managed to find trouble no matter where they were.

Cynthia was typing up her patient notes and getting ready to go home when she sensed a presence. She quickly stood up and walked quickly to her office door and yanked it open to find Coraline standing right in front of her.
"You really are back" She said in a shocked whisper.
"Hey Cyn." She said smiling. Cynthia grabbed hold of her and hugged her tightly inhaling the scent that was singular to Coraline only.
"Come in" She said pulling her into her office.
"What are you doing here?" Coraline asked in wonder.
"Lance". She said. Coraline rolled her eyes.
"He never quits. Something tells me he wants Mick and Josef to pay for my destruction right?"
"That was the plan. However now that you're back, I think that's all on hold. Listen, now that we're on the subject of Mick, you're not here to try and win him back again are you?" She asked.
"No" She said with a long sigh. "I get it. Mick was never going to forgive me for turning him and he never loved me. Not like he loves Beth. We never had that" She said sadly.
"Good. There are literally many more fish in the proverbial sea for the taking. Let's take a trip like we used to. Somewhere exotic and exciting like.......Morocco or Casablanca! It's been so long since we were there!" She said excitedly.
"You know, that sounds like a great idea. I have to meet with my attorneys to release some funds to me, but let's leave tomorrow evening?" Coraline said with eyes shining brightly.
"Oh Coraline, it is so wonderful to have you back!" She said hugging her again.
"Now I need you to tell Lance that I am going someplace far away and I'm never coming back" Coralie said with a sly grin. "Go now" She said heading for the door. "Soon we will be done with the States"
Cynthia jumped with her hands in the air at the thought of never coming to Los Angeles again! Just her and her best friend travelling the world with billions of dollars at their disposal. She quickly grabbed her things and left to speak with Lance. For the last time!

Cynthia drove over to the sprawling estate and very quickly ran into the house unannounced. A very large vampire was next to her in mere seconds and pressed her up against the door.
"Oh get the hell off me you ass!" She screamed.
"Release her!" Lance said in his cool calm voice. "What is it?" He asked.
"Coraline came to my office just a little while ago" She said with a bright breathless smile.
"And what did my sister have to say for herself?" He said with devious grin.
"She said that she was not back to cause any trouble for Mick St. John and that she accepts that he simply didn't love her as she loved him. She came for Edward's estate that is all. When her business is concluded, she will be going somewhere far away from Los Angeles. She hinted that she would be leaving the country." Cynthia said.
"Does she now? Well I wouldn't be too ecstatic just yet Cindy dear. My sister forgets she must answer for her crimes and they are many" He said chuckling.
"Lance, can't you just leave her alone? Is this still anger over that formula, because what's the point? I mean now that Dragos wields the power to overturn vampirism, is this still such a big deal for you? The woman has lost everything. Mick St. John has found love and happiness with another and wants nothing to do with her so why not let her just be on her way?" Cynthia said becoming angry over his pettiness where his sister was concerned.
"Always her champion aren't you Cynthia? Tell me, has my sister's plight caused you to fall for her charms?" He joked.
"I'm done. Coraline is back so I'm serving no purpose here" She said turning to leave. When she reached the door Lance had quickly grabbed her from behind.
"Pretty soon Cynthia, you are going to have to choose a side" He whispered in her ear sinisterly then he opened the door and pushed her out. "Give my sister my regards" She heard him say as she quickly ran out of the house.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:14 am

"What's going on?" Josef asked as Alma walked into his office.
"She really thinks Coraline is back" Alma said with a smile.
"Well be careful. Cynthia is no fool that's for sure. If something doesn't feel right, either get out of Dodge or alert Brian or myself" Josef said, thinking that maybe this plan was working a bit too easily.
"She went directly to see Lance and didn't know that Helen and Jeff were on her tail. Here's the address" She said handing Josef the slip of paper.
"What's the next plan and please say that it includes the complete destruction of all parties involved"
"If it comes to that certainly, but I was thinking something a tad more interesting" Alma said smiling to herself.
"When I see your mind working like that Alma, It makes me want to devour you" Josef joked.
"You will like this Josef. I promise" She said heading for the door.

"So what's going on? And tell me the truth!" Beth said sitting on the sofa crossing her legs.
"Babe, I have no idea what's going on. Alma is working on something top secret that only her and Brian know about. Maybe Josef knows, but I don't know what it is, and I don't care! I want nothing more to do with Coraline" He said.
"You know as angry as I am with with her, I do have to give her thanks for one thing. If she had never kidnapped me, I never would have been introduced to you, so as traumatic as that whole thing was, it brought us together" Beth said.
"Saying something good about the ex" Mick said remembering Josef's words to him some time ago.
"No. Just that some good came out of it all. Seeing you changed my life forever" She said wrapping her arms around his neck.

When Alma had finished explaining her plan to Brian she waited for him to respond. His face was unreadable as always, which she still couldn't tell whether that was good or bad.
"I agree with your plan. It does seem to be the only option available" Brian said.
"This would be best for all parties. We certainly don't want a war, but Lance and his family are going to continue doing shady things" Alma said. Brian nodded his head. He knew that Lance could never be trusted and he would not be willing to come to a truce.
"So be it" Brian said kissing her on the top of her head and stood back watching her once again become Coraline.
"It's showtime" She said with a smile.

Lance was yelling at his servant for taking too long disposing of the young woman he had just drained.
He turned quickly around.
"Hello sister dear" He said, his eyes narrowing. He very swiftly inhaled. It was definitely Coraline he thought to himself. "Tell me, how did you manage to evade destruction this time? I'm afraid you weren't born triplets" He chuckled.
"Does it really matter how I did it? All that matters is that I'm here.....for now" She said.
"Yes, yes. Cynthia told me of your plans to live somewhere far away. May I ask where?" He said.
"I don't want to tell you" She said simply.
"Do these plans involve Mick St. John?" He asked with a smirk. He had always thought that Mick was beneath them.
"No. For once they don't. Mick can live his pseudo vampire life......I can honestly say that Mick St. John was a mistake" She said with remorse in her voice.
"I do believe you are telling the truth!" Lance said in surprise clapping his hands.
"Must you always be so mean?" Coraline said with a sigh.
"What I am is realistic. You arranged the death of our sister for your own gain, you partnered with Lucifer and you are responsible for the destruction of Leopold. I'm afraid it's time for you to answer for your crimes" He said walking towards her.
"Wait! I have something to give you! It's actually the reason why I'm here" She said hastily.
"What is it Coraline?" He asked.
"Gold bars. Part of Edward's estate is gold bars." She said watching his eyes light up.
"I now see why you so very quickly married the old man!" He laughed in delight. "So you are offering me this treasure in return for your freedom?" He asked.
"You can have it all. Just let me go. That's all I ask" She said. Lance paced a bit before
answering. Returning to Paris with gold bars would restore the Duvall name.....
"Alright sister. You have a deal as the Americans say. Where are these gold bars?" He asked.
"I will retrieve them for you" She said as turned to leave. Lance quickly grabbed her arm tightly.
"Oh no my sweet Coraline. My servants and I will accompany you" He said motioning to his staff as they followed her off the property. "So how many gold bars did Edward possess"?
"He once told me that it was a couple of million in gold alone. He said that if anything were to happen to him I was to empty the entire chamber" She said.
"And how were you planning to move it all?" He asked
"I've arranged for a barge....." She began to say.
"Which I will be needing of course" He snapped "Tell me now where it is"
"It's in storage underneath his home" She said and in an instant they were in front of the Farmington estate. Lance eyed and structure with an appreciative eye.
"You did very well for yourself sister" He said as she led him to the front door and pressed in the alarm code. She opened the door and Lance and his servants walked in behind her.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:33 pm

"Well, well well" Lance muttered under his breath. "I should have sought you out sooner" He said with a vicious smile, knowing that he would destroy his sister for good and take all that she had. "Show me around" He ordered.
"Look for yourself. I will most likely sell it at some point" she said casually.
"Guard her as if your lives depended on it....which is does." Lance said then quickly flew around the large mansion. Coraline stayed still and patiently waited for him to return. "This is a wonderful structure" He said walking back up to her.
"Then it yours. Take it with my blessing" She said.
"I the gold" He said grabbing her by the arm.
"This way" Coraline said taking them down a long hallway. "It's down these stairs" She said holding the door open for them.
"After you sister. I insist" He said pushing her with great force down the stairs. Lance heard her land with a thud as he jumped down the stairs prepared to finish her off, but he saw nothing. He looked around and all he saw were brick walls. Coraline had tricked him! He tried to flee back towards the stairs but was frozen in place.
"I'm afraid you're trapped" He heard her say.
"What have you done?" He thundered as he tried to communicate with his servants.
"They can't save you. They've been destroyed so you see, you're on your own" She said walking up to him and turning on the light.
"Sister, let us discuss things" He said in a soft voice.
"What is there to discuss? But I do think you should apologize for all the horrid things you did to me" She said.
"Coraline, we have always had our differences, but we are family...." He said looking at her earnestly.
"Differences?......I suppose that's one way to describe our relationship. But I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I finally figured it all out. It was you that drove me, not love for Mick. Every terrible decision I made was out of being starved for love. No one loved in our family. We played games and toyed with people, but never loved. Do you even know what that's like brother? Of course you don't.
How could we? Spoiled little deviants that we were" She said slowly walking up to him. "And now, dear Lance, a decision has been made. You are no longer a vampire." She said staring at him with a sly smile. His eyes widened at her words. She couldn't be serious. She didn't have such power? He tried to move towards her and was still unable. It seems Coraline had been learning the Dark Arts.
"You know you cannot hold me here indefinitely?" He said.

Cynthia began to become worried. Coraline said she would be back after securing her funds, but its been hours now she thought. She sensed someone was coming without hesitating she flung open the door. Her expression fell flat immediately.
"You again? Really Mick. why are you bothering me?" She said with a bored expression on her face.
"Probably because you keep lying to me. Coraline came to see me so just save the denials" Mick said walking into her home.
"Alright fine! But look, Coraline is not here for you. She's done with all that! We're going away and won't be returning to the states ever! No offence Mick, but I always thought her obsession with you was
not worth the trouble, but alas Coraline was always a romantic" She joked.
"Well, I'm glad you were entertained as least" He said.
"Oh come on Mick, it was just a little prank. Lance really does see you as the root of everything wrong
with Coraline. You can't fault him for disliking you" She said with a knowing smirk.
"Actually I can. And so can they" He said as the cleaners rushed forward and grabbed her. "You see, things are really different now. You and Lance brought a lot of attention to us....again and unlike the
LAPD, there is no three strike rule" He said nodding to them to take her away.
"You can't do this!!!!" She screamed trying to break free but failing to pull herself away. "I'll give
you anything!!!.....Mick!! I'm sorry!! I won't!!!!..." Was the last thing Mick heard her scream as she was taken away.

Mick was done. Finished with this chapter of his life. He knew that he had thought that before, but now he was sure.

Coraline took a seat in the chair across from Lance while he still struggled to break free. She stood up suddenly.
"I've been told that I can let you go" She said with a smile. Lance felt the barriers fall away and he prepared to run over to Coraline before she could escape yet again....but something was wrong. He began to run his hands over his arms and legs.
"What have you done Coraline?" He asked becoming fearful.
"I told you already. You are vampire no more" She said as she slowly began to change. Lance's eyes grew large as he saw his sister change into a woman he did not know. He fell to his knees in
"No!!!!!!!!!!!! What have you done??!!!" He screamed out.
"Dragos has judged you to be not worthy. What happens to you now will be by your own hand...and well, and mortal hands" She joked.
"You cannot do this to me!! I am from a royal bloodline!!!....." He screamed.
"So you should have known better. With your intelligence I'm sure you'll be able to maneuver amongst
mortals. Oh and let me add, that no vampire will turn you. Anywhere. Good luck" She said heading for the stairs.

Alma shut the door to his screams and thought maybe now Mick and Beth would get the peace they deserved.

The End
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