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Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:23 am

Moonlight Fanfiction
Cat and Mouse
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Someone from both Mick and Josef's pasts resurfaces and they wonder what she's up to

Guillermo had been working on the body for over and hour and was looking forward to going home and getting some rest. They had been shorthanded lately and he was the only person capable of pulling a 24 hour shift without making any major mistakes, but right now he felt like his body was preparing to shut down. Suddenly he looked up. There was a vampire nearby. He quickly sniffed the air and ran out of the morgue and looked up and down the hall. He knew that scent but as quickly as it was there, it was now gone.

Dr. Eckberg looked down at the woman's qualifications which were vast.
"Well, I must say, your resume and letters of recommendations are top notch, but what made you want to leave St. Thomas' Hospital? They are one of the world leaders in Elder Care Medicine" He asked.
"To be honest, I missed my family. Working in London at St. Thoms was a dream come true and I learned quite a lot, but the United States is where I belong" She said with a shy smile.
"Well, we are grateful that you've returned. When can you start?" He asked.
"I should be ready in about three weeks if that suits?"
"That would be grand!" He said standing up and shaking her hand.

Catherine really liked her new apartment. It was off the beaten path and very tranquil with large trees providing lots of shade. She opened the very large closet and found the small door that lead to tight storage area. She placed her arm in and felt around until her fingers came into contact with box she had been told about. She pulled it out and blew the dust off of it. She carefully untied the string and smiled when she saw what was inside. Oh this was going to be fun.

Mick was pulling out of the garage on his way to Kostan Industries to speak with Josef. As he pulled out into the street he stepped on his brakes screeching to a halt. He stared at the woman walking quickly past him. No way! He thought. It can't be! He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. He inhaled as the faint aroma of Fleur Qui Meurt filled his nostrils. He jumped out of his car and ran trying to catch up with the woman who just passed him, but he saw nothing. He stood for the few more moment hoping to catch her if she walked into one of the many shops on the street. He heard car horns honking loudly and realized that he had left his car in the middle of the street. He quickly ran to his car and jumped in speeding to Josef's office.

Josef stood up when Mick charged into his office.
"First I'm going to ask a question. Are you high?" Josef asked
"Josef I'm telling you what I saw!" Mick yelled
"Or what you think you saw. Listen man, Coraline is destroyed. No more. I'm sorry, how do you know this Josef? Oh yeah, I killed her myself and threw her into a fiery furnace!" Josef replied. Mick sat down.
"I'm telling you Josef it was her. I could even smell her perfume. The one they don't make anymore, anywhere!"
"Look Mick, I'm not going to deny what you saw or what you smelled, but I know for a fact it wasn't Coraline. I do think you saw a woman who reminded you of Coraline and you were so sure it was her, your mind tricked you into conjuring up her scent. The brain is an amazing thing, it tricks people all the time, or vampires in this case" Josef said. Mick had to admit everything Josef said made total sense and deep down he knew that Coraline was no more, as she was his sire, he felt her destruction deep inside himself.
"It was so real man." Mick said with a heavy sigh.
"You and Carl need a big juicy murder to fill your time.....I could make a few calls" Josef joked. "Why don't you and Beth get out of town for weekend, go stay in my place in Newport Beach." He said tossing Mick a key ring.
"Thanks man. Your right, a weekend away from LA sounds good. Sounds really good" He said waving at Josef as he left his office. Mick got into his car and thought about what Josef said. If his mind was indeed playing tricks on him, why would it start now?

Joseph's home in Newport Beach was nothing less than exceptional as Mick expected it to be.
"Mick, this is beautiful!!!" Beth gushed taking in the large structure. It was very modern with large floor to ceiling windows and what looked to be a revolving patio, with a small waterfall below it. They parked in the garage and practically ran inside to check out everything inside. Beth let her bag fall at her side when she saw the view of the beach towards the back. "This is heaven!" She said with squeal.
"So what do you want to do first?" Mick asked. Beth looked at him quickly and began to take off all her clothes and ran for the beach. Mick laughed at her delight and quickly grabbed some towels from the bathroom and joined his wife.
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Re: Cat and Mouse Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:47 am

"So Catherine is the name you've chosen?" He said smiling at her.
"It's easy for me to remember". Catherine replied.
" I take it you've heard?" He asked. When she nodded he continued. "She was stupid. Do not follow in her footsteps" He said.
"I wonder, why has it taken you so long to avenge her?" She asked.
"Well, I suppose at first, I thought Coraline had gotten what she deserved. Such a stupid thing to do to give this St. John the cure! And then running away to come back to St. John! She really wasted her life. So yes, I did not care that she had been destroyed, but now that some time has passed I see what I must do" He said.
"Mick St. John and Josef Kostan are very formidable Don't be fooled" Catherine warned.
"They are mere children to me, but let's continue to have some fun before we destroy them" He said handing her the stone. Catherine grabbed the stone and held it tightly as she closed her eyes and slowly she changed into Coraline. "You look exquisite my darling" He smiled pulling her towards him for a passionate kiss.

"Welcome back from the land of extravagance" Guillermo joked when Mick walked into the morgue. "You here to see the girl?" He asked as he pulled the drawer open.
"She's just a kid!" Mick exclaimed sadly.
"Yeah, 13 years old man" Guillermo replied shaking his head. Suddenly he turned quickly. "Hey man, you smell that?" He asked. Mick sniffed the air and frowned. "That's not...." Guillermo began to say.
"No! She was destroyed" Mick said firmly trying to not get upset.
"You know this isn't the first time. Earlier last week, I was sure she was standing right by the door. I mean her scent was strong!" He said.
"I was leaving home and tried to follow a woman who I would have sworn was Coraline, but she was gone before I could grab her" Mick said.
"I can't believe I'm asking this but are you sure she's destroyed?" Guillermo asked.
"Yeah. I felt it the moment it happened. It's like no other feeling in the world" He said.
"Maybe it's just paranoia. Coraline put everybody through hell, I guess it's easy to think she found a way to come back...anyway, you want a copy of the autopsy report?"
"Yeah, send it to me" Mick said turning for the door.

Upon returning to his car his phone began to ring and he saw it was Carl.
"Yeah man, what's up?" Mick said starting his car.
"We have a case. A child abduction. I thought you'd want to know" Carl said knowing that Mick would say yes.
"Tell them yes, I'll be there in 10 minutes" Mick said hurrying to the office.

Mick rushed into the office and saw Carl speaking with a woman. Carl saw him walk in and waved him over. Mick walked into Carl's office and froze. Sitting directly across from him was Coraline! Carl noticed the look on Mick's face and knew something was up.
"Do you know each other?" Carl asked the woman.
"Hi Mick." She said in her lazy tone standing up.
"This can't be happening" Mick muttered to himself, staring in disbelief.
"I think my ex-husband didn't really expect to see me again Mr. Davis" She said with a small smile. "I can tell that Mick wants to explain to you why you can't take my case, so I'll be leaving. Thank you for your time Mr. Davis" She said standing up and turning to face Mick. "Tell Beth I said hi" She said with a smile and walked out the door. Mick said nothing for a long while.
"Mick man, talk to me. Who was that? Was that really your ex-wife?" Carl asked.
"Yeah. I killed her once. Brian killed her the second time and Josef killed her the third time" He said slowly.
"And I take it she doesn't have a kid?" Carl asked
"No. Not unless she kidnapped one like she did with Beth" Mick said still staring at nothing.
"Wait a minute! That woman was responsible for Beth's kidnapping as a child?" He asked remembering the story Beth told him when they first met.
"Yeah. She thought that if we had a family I would stay with her" He said. pulling out his mobile to call Josef and let him know that Coraline was back. Again.

Beth stood frozen in place when Mick told her the news.
"That can't be....s..she was destroyed! By Josef!! you're wrong!" She yelled out beginning to pace furiously.
"She's back. I don't know how....but she's back" Mick said sadly.
"Did you tell Josef?" She asked. "Forget it! I'm calling Brian!" She screamed picking up the phone and punching in Brian's number.
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