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Elegance Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:41 am

Moonlight Fan Fiction
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

A mysterious nightclub opens in Downtown Los Angeles to much fanfare, but when people are turning up missing Josef ask Mick to look into things.

The flyers were up all over town and people became very excited to see what this new nightclub would be like. Forever in search of the next big thing, people talked about nothing else, each speculating on who was heading up the project. Perhaps it was Tom Cruise who was rumored to be looking into opening a restaurant, or David Beckman who was heard talking about opening his own tavern, but whoever was in charge of the project kept things very hush hush.

Mick made his way to Josef's office hoping he had something he could dive into. He and Carl hadn't had a case in over a month, and while their business wasn't really dependent on income, they still liked to be busy.
"Mick. Have a seat. Tell me what's been going on" Josef said with a smile.
"Nothing. I was kind of hoping you had some shady dealings that needed my expertise" Mick said.
"Shady? Mick, surely you don't think I would be involved in anything shady of the sort?" He replied. Mick just rolled his eyes. "But since you're here, have you heard anything about the new nightclub opening up on Sunset?" He asked.
"Carl got some info from a cop buddy of his. Said the owner is a woman from New York and she's spending a boatload of capital to open this place up. You want me to look into it?" Mick asked anxious to work on something, even something as trivial as this.
"Nah. No need. I just don't like the secrecy. It makes me nervous" Josef said picking up his drink which was empty.
"Well, if people start to go missing or turning up in ditches, I'll hop right on it" Mick said, but he too wondered why there was so much secrecy about this place. New clubs and restaurants opened every day in L.A. and this one shouldn't be any different. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that maybe checking things out wouldn't be a bad idea.

He made it back to his office and saw Carl speaking with a guy who looked to be a construction worker. Carl waved him over.
"This is my partner Mick St. John. Mick this is Gary Palmer. A man on his crew has been missing for three days and no one's heard from him" Carl explained.
"We had just finished up our job over on Sunset at that new club opening up. We were paid and we packed up. We were all suppose to get started on the new public pool over in Highline, but Brad never showed up. His landlady said she hadn't seen him and if he doesn't come back and pay her the rent she's throwing all his stuff on the street" He said. Now Mick knew he had to look into this new venue.

Josephine looked all around the space. It was turning out perfectly. It looked exactly like her old club in Chelsea. Los Angeles could use a little sophistication she thought. Everything was so artificial here....but she would make it her own. She walked over to her table and sat down and began to eat what was on her plate. She turned to look at the handsome man who had provided her with what she needed. On the floor across from her laid Brad something or another. A gaping hole where is heart should have been.

Mick and Carl drove to the site that Construction worker had directed them. The structure was enormous and looked more like a hotel rather than a nightclub. The owner must have a substantial amount of dough Mick thought. They parked the car and walked casually towards the building.
"Let's circle the block and see if we can find a way to get inside" Carl said. The place was locked up tight "Mick, you smell that?" Carl asked suddenly.
"Yeah. That's blood" He said looking all around for way to get inside. "Let's try the roof" Mick said spying the fire escape. He and Carl very quietly and quickly made their way to the top of the building and as luck would have it, the construction had not made it to the very top of the building yet. A large window had yet to be repaired. "Let's go" Carl said pointing at the window. Mick climbed through and waited for Carl. The first thing they noticed is that room they were in was set up as a bedroom. A very elaborate bedroom. "This doesn't make any sense" Carl said still marvelling at how luxurious the room was. "Who would put this much thought and detail into this one room and leave the window busted up?" He asked.
"Someone who isn't afraid of the danger" Mick said closing his eyes and taking a quick sniff of the air.
"Are you thinking another vamp?" Carl asked.
"Whatever she is, she isn't a vamp" Mick said frowning a bit as he turned around and saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him.
"Hello" She said in a voice that was almost a whisper, with bright wide eyes staring at them. She stood still waiting for them to reply.
"Hello" Mick said.
"Are all people in Los Angeles as mute as you two?" She said with a small smile. "You're in my home for what reason?" She asked.
"We're trying to find a construction worker you hired how has now gone missing" Mick said.
"Why on earth would be here? I gather you are detectives hot on the trail?" She asked with a slight chuckle. "Well rest assured there are no constructions workers here at the present, however tomorrow morning there will be a slew of them under foot if you would like to return?" She said walking over to her sette and taking a seat. "Is there anything else you wish to know?" She whispered.
"No." Carl said quickly.
"Actually, would you mind giving us a look at the building?" Mick asked waiting to see how she responded. Her face brightened.
"Of course! Although you must come back when it is complete! I'm sure there will be nothing like it in the all of Los Angeles" She said standing up and leading them downstairs. The floor beneath her room was designed as a lounge area, done up in muted shades of gray and midnight blue. A couple of snooker tables were placed in back. Mick could tell just by glancing at it that this nightclub would be for the idle rich as was everything in Los Angeles these days. They walked down to the next level and saw what would be the main floor. An immense mahogany bar took up most of the wall and the space was filled with tables and chair sets for no more than 4 people per table. "As you can see, I am quite close to opening and I would consider it an honor to invite you both" She said. Mick continued to look around. He smelled blood and it was stronger in her bedroom, but he would have to come back and see what he could find. "I really hope you find this construction worker" She said slowly walking them to the door. "Please feel free to come to me again if I can be of any help" She said. And when they turned, she had vanished. An older gentleman came from behind a door.
"This way please" He said in an accent neither Carl not Mick could recognize.
"Who are you?" Carl asked surprised that they didn't sense his presence.
"I am Grigorie" He said opening the door for them and when they both walked out he shut the door and locked it. "They are gone madam" He said. Josephine appeared.
"What a glorious surprise that was" She said laughing to herself.
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Re: Elegance Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:48 pm

Mick didn't know what it was about Josephine but he knew in his heart she had killed the construction worker, but he would think about it some more before he acted on anything. It was obvious the woman was something supernatural and whatever it was, he would need to proceed with caution.
"I don't trust that woman" Carl said breaking through Mick's thoughts.
"Why?" Mick asked. After working with Carl for a long time he knew that his instincts were always on point.
"First of all, something about that window bothers me. It just doesn't make sense. Second the smell of blood was kind of hard to miss and third, she had no smell. I mean nothing." Carl said. And that's when Mick knew that Carl had just hit on something. Everything and everyone had a smell. Even supernatural entities, hell even Darrian had a faint smell. So what was it about this woman. "And she's drop dead beautiful, so that means....." Carl said.
"We should talk to Josef" Mick said nodding his head and turning around to drive to Kostand Towers.

"Hey! What's going on?" Josef asked as he was working on his golf swing yet again, which he did when he had lots of downtime. "Fix yourself a drink" He said studding the shot he was about to make.
"Have you heard of this new club that's opening downtown?" Carl asked.
"Yep. It's the talk of the town. What about it?" Josef asked looking away from his shot.
"We got a missing construction worker who was working on the building, so we snuck in to check it out and smelled a lot of blood" Carl began to say.
"Well that's a no no. You think it's by human hands or vamp hands?" He asked finding nothing exciting about the conversation and going back to studying his put.
"The woman who owns this club is not a vampire, but she's not mortal either. We don't know what she is. She has no smell" Mick said "At least none that we could detect". Josef stopped what he was doing.
"No smell?" Josef asked. Now that was exciting he thought.
"She's beautiful so we thought she might be one of your conquests" Carl said with smirk.
"Not me! I learned a long time ago that if it has no smell, you stay far away" Josef said.
"Why? What could possibly exist that leaves no trace of a smell?" Mick asked.
"Time to talk to Zoe on this guys" Josef said feeling himself becoming a tad afraid, because he knew what didn't give off a smell and he wasn't going down that road again. And Mick knew as well, as Josef saw his face change and his eyes get wide.
"Spirits, ghosts" He said under his breath. Like Josef he wasn't all that excited about going down that path again.
"No way!" Carl said. We both saw her standing in front of us talking to us, showing us around" He said not believing what Mick said.
"Let's talk to Zoe and see if she can pull up anything" Mick said finally. Mick didn't like not knowing how things would turn out. All of his immortal life he could count on one thing. He would go on, but when it came to this particular topic, he wasn't sure of anything and he didn't feel like taking chances.

As they were driving to Zoe's Carl decided to address the elephant in the room.
"What are you and Josef talking about Mick?" He asked. Mick looked over at him quickly and cleared his throat.
"A while ago, Josef bought this old house that was rumored to really haunted. One of the conditions of the sale was the interested party had to spend 3 nights in the house before taking possession of it. At first I thought it was just an urban legends, you know one of those stories that gets distorted over time. Beth and I went with Josef and Isabelle to stay in the house and ......well both Josef and I were sexually assaulted by the ghost in the house...and they possessed Isabelle, Beth and Alma who was just coming to give us some information. It took Brian coming over to get us out. It's something that neither one of us wants to revisit so hopefully Zoe can tell us what we're dealing with and how to stop it from killing people".
"Damn man. Why didn't you tell me?" Carl asked in shock.
"It's not something we ever wanted to discuss with anyone even each other" Mick tried to explain. Carl knew how he felt. He'd spoken with many victims of sexual assault and they all said the same thing.

Zoe met them at the door.
"Okay, I started going through the archives as soon as I got off the phone with you" She said showing them into the apartment. "First of all spirits come in many forms. Most are just lost souls and they have have no idea where they are and just kind of hang around a particular place doing the same things they did when they were alive. Then we progress to spirits who've been wronged and this is where things get a tad freaky. Because they have so much pent up anger, they can actually force items material objects like moving chairs or turning things over. It's pretty scary stuff for the average mortal, but even those spirits can be silenced by someone who has experience dealing with them, then we move to demonic spirits and these are very very difficult to banish. As mortals they were probably very evil already and have done unspeakable things and for whatever reason the want to continue on has trapped them in between this plane and the one they should be in so they can hop from one to the other. Since they really can't exist in this plane the way we can, they require the services of a mortal who either is in love with the entity or who has sold its soul to the their bidding".
"The old man! Carl said suddenly.
"How old was this man?" Zoe asked flipping through some pages in a large book.
"In his late 50's maybe?" Mick said.
"Well demonics always choose to align themselves with people they knew in their human life, so this is a relatively young demonic compared to most" Zoe said still flipping through pages. "Can you guys take a seat, I need to check one more thing" She said disappearing into another room. After going through to other books, Zoe finally faced them. "I've got it! Many demonic spirits are from hell, so their purpose is to torment the living. Make their lives unbearable so that they do the unbearable, offer their souls or simply commit suicide and these spirits will not stop" Zoe explained.
"But can they be stopped? I mean, their not living so can they be exorcised or whatever?" Mick asked.
"Yes, but it would have to be a 100% devout person of faith. Someone who cannot be tormented and that's tricky, because this spirit already knows what what scares you and will use it in full force, so most priest and people of God, often fail, because there is always something that scares them." Zoe finished.
"So, we have to find someone fearless? Well, right off the bat I'd say Brian, but something tells me that even he has something he's afraid of" Mick said. Zoe nodded.
"And that's the problem. Even vampires were once mortal and even though we're damned, whatever scared us in our human form, will continue to scare us today" She said.
"So it looks like the killing will continue" Carl said shaking his head.
"But why kill this guy at all? I mean what was so special about this one guy?" Mick said in confusion.
"He most likely invited her in" Zoe explained. "I take it this spirit is beautiful? She most likely walked around the site watching the men work and one took notice of her. Intense notice of her. Once she established that he was very interested, she probably put thoughts into his mind that drove him insane with desire for her, then he would have been easy pickings" Zoe said.
"We smelled blood all throughout the building but it was strong coming from her private floor" Carl said.
"But I don't understand....how is she taking form? She looked pretty darn real to us" Mick said.
"Well, to take form for an extended time, she probably removed a body part and fed on it. If she plans on staying around for long while, you guys can expect to find many more missing people" She said.
"So how many men are we talking about before she..........whatever she's doing this for?"
"I suspect that she doesn't just seek out males, although most female demonics have a distinct taste for men, others won't discriminate. So you'll find both male and females with a body part missing"
"The city will be in a panic" Mick said.
"I think that is her purpose Mick" Zoe said closing her book.

Josephine considered going out. She very well couldn't risk taking another worker, not with detectives snooping around. Grigorie brought her wrap and placed it around her shoulders.
"I've not much time" She said in her distinct whisper that sent chills up his arms.
"You must do something about the upper level" He said cautiously.
"That will be a task for another time. To do it now would arouse suspicion, but not to worry, I will take care of our undead friends" She said clutching the wrap and venturing outdoors. Los Angeles had score of people, mostly young things trying to play at being something they were not. Several men looked her way with interest, but she was in no mood for men. Perhaps something fresher was what she needed.
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Re: Elegance Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:06 pm

Lucas Crawford didn't feel like going home. He knew his mother would be passed out drunk, the place would be a mess and the television on her "programs" which were total garbage! At 13 years old, he felt like he was an old man. He had been cleaning and taking care of his mom when it was she who was supposed to be taking care of him, but this was his life as screwed up as it was he thought as he walked into the corner store to get something to eat.
"What's up little man!" The store clerk called out to him.
"Hi Mr. Cortez" He mumbled looking down feeling ashamed that the only food he ever got to eat was either at school, or from Mr. Cortez who would let him eat anything he wanted from his sandwich cart.
"Hey! You don't want to be eating that junk! Come over here! My Maria made me some enchiladas" He said waving him over along side the counter. "Get yourself a drink" He said pulling out a paper plate and loading some food onto it. "How was that test today?" Mr. Cortez asked with a raised eyebrow. Lucas smiled at the man.
"I got a A-" He said happily as he took the plate from him.
"I told you if you studied hard you could get a good grade! You keep it up and don't get mixed up with those malo out there!" he said sternly pointing out over the streets.
"Yes sir" Lucas said.
"Now let's pray" Mr. Cortez said as he said a prayer in spanish that Lucas didn't understand, but when Mr. Cortez kissed his beads he knew to say Amen before he dug into the delicious food that his Maria had made. They both turned when they saw the beautiful woman walk in.
"I'm sorry to bother you but I appear to be lost" She said in a barely audible whisper. Mr. Cortez frowned like she said something he didn't like, but to Lucas a pretty lady who also looked rich was a pretty lady no matter what she said.
"Where do you need to go?" Lucas asked.
"Avalon Blvd." She replied. Lucas stood up quickly.
"I can walk you there it's not far" He said but Mr. Cortez placed his arm in front of him and shook his head.
"We can write it down for you. It's too late for him to be out" He said in a very stern voice as he reached for a notepad and wrote out the instructions on how to get there. "There" He said slamming the paper down on the counter in front of the woman. "Now go! Finish your dinner!" he said to Lucas who was confused as he had only seen Mr. Cortez become that angry with kids who were trying to steal from his store. The woman looked angry but snatched up the paper and walked out.
"Why were you so mean to her" He asked.
"You stay away from that woman! She is not what she looks to be!" He said going to his store front and shutting the door turning the sign around. He walked quickly into his back office, pulled out a candle and lit it all the while speaking in spanish. And when he was done, he turned the open sign over and opened the door.
"What's wrong?" Lucas asked becoming scared. Mr. Cortez came over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
"That woman was fantasma! She wanted to kill you but I won't let her! Tonight, you will come to my home and stay the night, your mother will not mind. Eat your dinner pequeño" He said smiling.
Lucas shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating his dinner. Tonight he would be sleeping somewhere clean where roaches weren't crawling over him!

Josephine was furious! How dare that man stop her from getting what she needed! But she knew she would not be able to kill him. He knew exactly what she was which meant he also knew how to protect himself as well as the boy! But she found what she was seeking. A group of teenage girls were huddled together passing around a cigarette amongst themselves. One was dancing to music playing from a nearby electronic store.
"Pardon me, but are you a professional dancer?" Josephine asked. The girls looked at each other then started to laugh. "I don't mean to intrude, but I'm opening up a nightclub and wanted to hire a few people to dance" She said.
"We ain't no strippers lady!" The one who was dancing said frowning at the lady who looked like she was filthy rich.
"Oh! You misunderstand me. I surely don't mean anything like that. It's not that sort of club, but I hope to appeal to a younger sort of crowd. This would just be dancing.....fully clothed. Nothing more. You would be paid quite well of course" She said knowing that they would be hooked.
"How much?" One asked.
"$1,000 per night. Each." She said. All five of the young girls stared in shock at the woman.
"Are you serious?" One asked.
"Very. We open tomorrow and I haven't been able to find anyone" Josephine said.
"Where is this club?" Another asked, not ready to believe that this was a real gig. Josephine gave them the address and they all knew that this club was in a ritzy part of Los Angeles. "When would we have to show up?" She asked.
"The club opens at 8pm tomorrow and we close at 3am, however we won't need you to dance that long. If you want to come with me and fill out your paperwork, you can see the club for yourselves" Josephine said feeling positive that she was close to getting all of them. The one girl who had been dancing didn't look sold on the idea. "I'm afraid I need five dancers total...so if the answer is no, I will look elsewhere" She said. The girls all looked at their friend trying to convince her. This woman was talking about one thousand dollars which was more money than they had ever seen in their lives.
"Alright. Let's go see the club" The girls said finally. Josephine mentally alerted Grigorie to pick her up in the limo.
"Well, let's see some more dancing" Josephine said with a smile as the rest of the girls got up and started dancing a routine. Within 15 minutes a long stretch limo pulled up and Grigorie got out and opened the door for them. The girls giggled as they got inside the limo, thinking that they were finally getting the break they had wanted all their lives. "My club is going to be very exclusive. So you will be dancing for the Hollywood elite" Josephine lied. The girls smiled widely at her claim and when they pulled up to club they were convinced that the woman was telling the truth as they got out of the limo and looked at the large building. "Well, come and take a look at where you'll be working" Josephine said opening up the door.

Mr. Cortez closed up his store and locked it up pulling the gate down over the front of the store. He was saddened by the fact that such measures had to be taken each and every night, but times were very different. He carefully looked around, his hand on Lucas' shoulder leading him to his car in front of the store. When he parked in front of his house he looked a little more relaxed.
"We have an extra bedroom for you pequeño. Did you do your homework?" he asked.
"Yes sir. I finished it at the rec center" Lucas said proudly. Mr. Cortez smiled. He knew that Lucas was a good boy but his mother was nothing but a godless drunk. Many times he had spoken to his wife Maria about the boy's living conditions hoping that his wife would finally open her heart to him. When they walked into the house his wife had made mugs of her special hot chocolate that she sat on the table for her husband and his guest.
"How was work?" She asked as she kissed him on the cheek.
"Not bad" He said motioning for Lucas to sit down and drink his hot chocolate. "He needs a place to sleep tonight. I'll tell you about it later" He whispered to her. Maria smiled and nodded her head. She had gotten use to seeing her husband and Lucas together.
"I'll make up the spare room" She said kissing Lucas on the cheek "Empanadas for breakfast" She said knowing they were his favorites.

The girls gasped at the inside of the club and they could tell that this place would be strictly for rich people.
"Grigorie make the girls something to drink and I will get the applications" She said walking quickly away.
"What is the name of this club?" A girl with pale blonde hair asked.
"The name of the place will be Elegance" He said pouring the drinks for the girls. Another girl took out her mobile ready to take pictures. "No!!" Grigorie said. "No one must see the venue until opening night!" He said. The girls sat down at the table as he set the drinks in front of them.
"What this?" The more bolder one asked.
"These are our non alcoholic drinks. Not everyone in Los Angeles is a drinker and I'm sure that you all are not of legal age for consumption" He said although he was quite sure all of them had been intoxicated before. "These are called "Mint Horizons" He said knowing that they would love the dark chocolate liqueur that was very potent.

Within 1 week's time all anyone could speak of was Elegance. The nightclub was on the cover of every newspaper and on every magazine. And no one remembered the story of 5 teenage girls that were missing.
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