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All the Money in the World Rated PG

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Moonlight Fan Fiction
All the Money in the World Rated PG
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mick and Carl get their first high profile case when a very famous Hollywood actress is kidnapped and held for ransom.

Fiona Barkley wasn't just your regular Hollywood starlet, she was a breathtaking vision to behold, along with two Academy Awards under her belt for both acting and directing. She was admired for her humanitarian work and was always spending her time in remote locations teaching children or raising awareness for some crisis. Fiona had told herself a long time ago that she would not be tabloid babble for the masses. You would never see her out drinking with a posse of fake friends, getting drunk and arguing with lovers. She had seen that crap first hand at home. She grew up outside of Dublin with two very hard drinking parents who spent their lives drinking and beating the crap out of their kids and each other. She was discovered by a photographer who was scouting the area for a location shoot when she walked by with her siblings in tow. Miles Hardgrove was mesmerized by her beauty and insisted on bringing her to the States to make her a star, but Fiona had conditions. First was that she was allowed to bring her brothers and sisters with her and 2. their parents would never bother them again. Miles had spoken to his boss and when he showed him the photos of Fiona, he was all too ready to arrange emancipation and a qualified caretaker for her siblings.

At first she suffered through the awfulness of modeling which she felt was degrading, but it was when she received a small role in an independent film that she really began to shine. She loved acting and she was a natural. Critics said "she was able to pull you into the role with her and experience it the way the character was experiencing it" . She won her first Academy Award for her role as a struggling mother in rural Ireland. Fiona had no trouble with the role since it was her life more or less, but 5 years later she tried her hand at directing and that became a passion. When you grow up very pretty, you simply get fed up with being seen....or at least she did. So many times she prayed to God to strike her with some sort of affliction that would take away her looks but she had never been that lucky, but behind the camera she flourished and won her second Academy Award for a film of a little girl who was convinced she was so ugly to the point of wearing a bag over head all of her life. After she finished that film she had decided she would spend some quality time with her brothers and sisters and take them with her to Kenya to help dig wells, but she never arrived to pick them up. And the police had no leads. Then came the ransom note. 5 Million dollars or she dies. But it had now been over a week and the LAPD and FBI had nothing.........

Carl walked into MAC Investigations and saw that Mick was already speaking with someone. He saw Mick wave him over so he walked into the office.
"Carl, this is Louis Rossmiller of MGM Studios. He wants to hire us to find that actress that was kidnapped." Mick said.
"Fiona Barkley" Carl said nodding his head.
"Yes" Louis said urgently. "This isn't just about the studio losing its biggest star, Fiona was so much more than that. Everyone adores her. She does so much to help everyone. The UNICEF Ambassador herself said that finding Fiona should be given top priority. The LAPD, I'm afraid see this as a starlet's attempt to get publicity, but Fiona hates publicity and all that comes with it. The only times she's seen in public is when she's forced to promote a film and when I saw force that's exactly what I mean. We have to have that stipulated that in her contract or she won't do it. Not to mention her brothers and sisters! She'd never do this to them. Ever! This is a real kidnapping" He said in all seriousness. "We were sent this today" He said sliding over the tape for them to view. Mick played the tape which showed Fiona tied to a chair, bound with duct tape with a propped up in her lap, it read 5 million with something else that had been written but scribbled out with black marker.
"Have the kidnappers contacted you with a drop location or wire instructions?" Carl asked.
"No. And that's the most baffling part. We are more than willing to put up the money, so I'm totally lost right now" He said. Mick was still studying the video when Carl spoke.
"We will find Fiona" He said shaking the man's hand and walking him to the door when the door closed Mick turned round to face him.
"Okay, what you got?"
"I've worked on many kidnapping cases and they want the money and they want it fast. That's the goal, get the money and give the hostage back unharmed. So the long hold up is all wrong. This tells me it's either personal or it's a scam" Carl hated saying those words because he considered Fiona Barkley as one of the classy actresses in Hollywood. You never had to worry that you'd be hearing her doing some of the foolish Lindsay Lohan antics. Hell, she headed a vocational foundation to help inner city girls get training for jobs and rallied a number of powerful women in Hollywood to help her.
"And if it's personal who could possibly hate this woman?" Mick said. "We're going to have to hire Ted and Sam to find some background information" He said.
"Where's Logan?" Carl asked.
"Lucky took him to Washington State to go on the Twilight Tour" Mick replied with a smile.
"You're kidding!?" Carl said laughing.
"She thought it would be a hoot to take a real vamp on the tour" Mick laughed.
"What's wrong with that girl?" Carl said shaking his head.

Fiona had stopped being afraid days ago. She knew she would get out of this alive. God would not allow this to happen to her after she worked so hard to take care of her brothers and sisters! He wouldn't! She silently prayed to herself.
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Re: All the Money in the World Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:41 pm

Mick and Carl met with Ted a few hours later.
"Okay guys, Sam and I had to speak with quite few people in Ireland, but everyone said the same story. Fiona Barkley was a quiet girl devoted to her brother and sisters. Her parents were alcoholics to the extreme. They beat the kids daily and nightly in between being farmers. Fiona was responsible for everything. Housework, farm work, raising the siblings the whole deal. Her father when he was drunk swore that his wife was cheating on him to produce a child that was that beautiful. Here's a photo of the parents". He said handing them the photo and noticing their expressions. "Yeah, I couldn't believe it either, I mean how the heck did that beautiful girl come from these two. And Fiona looks nothing like her siblings, but they all look exactly like the parents" He said shaking his head. "But other than a raw deal on the home front, she was a very good student, could have gone to Trinity had she stayed, but was discovered by a Vogue photographer while scouting for a location shoot. Had her and her siblings brought to the U.S. handled her emancipation and immigration papers. They all became citizens in 2011. The kids all attended private school, do well, go to mass every week without fail. Fiona has had no relationships with males or females. No nasty talk about her sleeping her way to the top. Just a nice girl, devoted to hard work and her family. That's it". Ted said handing the files to Carl.
"This is messed up. I mean the girl is beaten by alcoholics parents, but still turns out to be an upstanding citizen.....why take her...this can't be just about money" Carl said.
"I agree. What about the parents? Have they come to U.S. looking for a little money?" Mick asked.
"I checked, but they don't even have passports" Ted replied.
"There's something we're missing?" Carl said studying the file. "What about jealous co-workers? Some actress who has it in for her? Hollywood is filled with that kind of stuff going on" He said.
"As I said, nothing. Not one person had anything bad to say about her. On every set she's been on, other actors said working with her was a joy. She was open honest, she wasn't catty or full of herself, even when she won the Oscar." Ted explained. "If they were giving out nicest woman in the world awards, she would win it hands down"
"I think we're going to have to go Dublin and talk with the people there. I'm sure its made news over there" Mick said.
"I'll go ask Brian so we're not wasting time waiting in Security at the airport". Carl said.

Brian dropped them off in Dublin and had arranged for a car to take them all about the city.
"Welcome to Dublin!" Their driver called out to them with a smile. "Now Brian said I'm to take you and help you with all you need to do. My name is Mr. Connor O'Connor at your service" He joked.
"That's really your name?" Mick asked with a smile.
"Me parents God rest their souls, did nae have the Irish quick wit" He laughed opening the car door for them. "So what brings you fine gentlemen to the Emerald Isle?" He asked driving away.
"We're here to find out about Fiona Barkley" Carl said.
"Oh! We just heard about that. What a shame. Fiona were a good girl" He said.
"Do you know where we can find her parents?" Mick asked.
"I don't really know much about them, but I can take you to where they live thereabouts" He said merrily. They drove for about 20 minutes when they pulled up to a farm that looked to be crumbling before them.
"Jeez! This is where she grew up?" Carl asked.
"Yea. Her and her 5 brothers and sisters" Connor replied. Mick had seen people living in horrid conditions before but this was unbelievable. He noticed some emaciated looking cows that could barely stand on their own. "You want me to wait for ye?" Connor asked.
"Yeah. We'll be right back" Mick said with anger in his eyes as Carl followed him to the property. Mick didn't even bother to knock but walked right inside. The foul smells was almost too much to bear. He saw the parents, long dead sitting on the sofa in front of the television which was still on. "Go ask Connor to call the police" Mick said sadly. He walked closer to the bodies and could see they had been dead for at least week.
"We should check the other rooms. Something tells me they were posed there after they were killed" Carl said walking back into the house. They gingerly stepped through the disgusting house where both food and drink had been left out un-refrigerated. Flies and maggots crawled over everything.

The police were there within the hour and they ushered Mick and Carl out of the home. The lead detective brought them in for questioning, but after receiving phone call after phone call from every high powered government official they were soon released. They walked out of the police station and saw Connor waiting for them.
"Man, you were still waiting for us all this time?" Carl asked in surprise.
"An O'Connor never breaks his word!" He said barring his fangs. "Dragos said to take you wherever you needed to go. So where to now then?" He asked.
"Neighbors. We need to talk to people who knew them" Mick said.
"Well, now you're talking! That would be McManns Tavern. You can talk to all the locals" He said opening the door for them again. The tavern didn't look like much on the outside, but once you entered it looked quite plush. Lots of hardwood and brass fixtures. When they entered all conversations halted. Connor walked in front of them. "These gents are here on behalf of Fiona Barkley. All they want is information on the family" He said.
"Them Barkley's were nice folk until Fiona was born. Everybody be thinking that Martha was stepping out on her man, but she wasn't much to look at. Not too many men would be trying to get a leg over on her". He said as the men in the bar all nodded their heads.
"So Fiona is theirs?" Carl asked.
"He said nuttin of the sort. It was them pixies that came to her whilst she slept and filled her belly. It's been done before" Another older gentleman said.
"Wait! you're saying a fairy impregnated her?" Carl asked in disbelief.
"As he said. It's happened before. You can always tell when the wee un is born. Such beauty as ever seen. That's how you know them women was pixie-eyed" A man said. Mick was shaking his head. Not because he didn't believe what they were saying but he really didn't want to deal with another fairy.
"Pixie-eyed is what they believe they do to confuse people or make them see things that aren't there" Connor explained.
"Did anyone hate the Barkley's?" Mick asked.
"Not hate. But we know to keep ourselves to ourselves far from them" The first man said finishing his pint and walking out.
"That was Kylan. He is the only boy that was ever seen with Fiona" Connor said.

"I have an idea!" Mick said when they drove away from the tavern. "We need to get back to Los Angeles" He said. Brian brought them back. "Brian, I need you to get me 10 million dollars in cash. Carl I need you call Action News and tell them we need to give a message to the kidnappers. Tell them we have the money for them" Mick said. Within 1 hour Brian had secured the cash and Mick was schedule to go live on the air at 4pm.
"What's the plan?" Carl asked.
"I'm going to give them my number, tell them I'm speaking on behalf of MGM. I have the money and we're ready to buy Fiona's freedom. When I get the location of the drop, you need to speed there first and check it out, make sure they're on the up and up. If anyone shows up.......well, do whatever's needed". Mick said.

Fiona ate the cold spaghetti that clearly came from a can with gusto since they weren't exactly feeding her gourmet food.
"Could I have something to drink?" She asked quietly. The man poured her some of his beer and held it to her lips. "I don't drink alcohol" She said. The man picked the cup up and threw it hard at the wall. "That's all we have" He said and walked away shutting the door and locking it behind him. "When are we getting rid of her? She gives me the creeps" He said to his friend.
"When they give us the cash we'll give them her location, but not before we get the hell out of America" He said nervously, thinking that her final location would be at the bottom of the Pacific.
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Re: All the Money in the World Rated PG

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"Alright, you're going on in five" A cameraman was saying to Mick as he began adjusting the lighting. "Ok, we're ready in five, four, three, two and..." He pointed at Mick to begin.
"Hello, I'm Mick St. John of MAC Investigations and I'm working on the Fiona Barkley case. I have 10 million dollars in cash for the safe return of Fiona. No questions asked, just hand her over and take the money. You can reach me at this number 310-755-7543. The money isn't marked or booby trapped. Just turn Fiona over and you can disappear with 10 million dollars cash". Mick said and the camera turned off.
"Now all we do is wait" Mick said sitting silently.

"Did you hear that?" He asked in surprise, jumping out of his chair. "10 million dollars for that bitch!"
"It's a trap. That's all" The other replied.
"I think we should call the number and be done with this. I want to go back home and think of what we can do for our family with 10 million dollars!" He urged.
"Stop talking you eejit! Kylan said we are to wait and that's what we're doing!" He yelled back switching the channel. "Go check on her and if she's hungry give her some of that crap over their" He said pointing to a bag of potato chips. He turned to his brother quickly. "Liam, I'm sorry I yelled at you, but remember why we're doing this." He said apologetically. He watched his baby brother take off to where that thing was being held. Liam poked his head into the room.
"Are you hungry?" He asked showing her the bag of chips.
"Yes please." Fiona responded quietly.
"Look here, I'm going to untie your hands so I'm not stuck sitting here feeding you, but if you try anything......" He started to say.
"I won't" She replied. Liam carefully cut the duct tape to free her arms. " you have to...uh" He said nodding towards the lavatory.
"Yes I do" She said. Liam cut the rest of duct tape from her body and walked her to the room which he stood in, but turned his back as she undid her pants. "Did they really offer 10 million dollars for my life?" Fiona asked quietly as she pulled back up her pants and went to the sink to wash her hands.
"You heard that did you? It was some Private Investigator" Liam said.
"Most likely hired by the movie studio" She said lightly tapping him on the shoulder. He jumped at her touch but knew it was too late. He would do whatever she asked. Derek had warned him not to let her touch his skin. If he did, he would be helpless to refuse her anything. "I think you should tie me back up before your bother comes in here" She said. He nodded his head and gently moved her back to the chair and began to tie the duct tape back around her. "When you brother falls asleep, you have to call that number and tell the Investigator everything. Okay?" She asked looking at him sadly. He nodded and walked out of the room.
"What took you so long?" Derek said looking at him suspiciously.
"She had to use the lavatory" Liam said quietly.
"You cut her loose?" He asked sitting up in his chair.
"Well, she certainly couldn't go in the chair and I sure wasn't going to clean that up!" He said frowning. Liam didn't like Derek's casual attitude toward Fiona.
"She didn't touch you did she?" He asked.
"No. She didn't even try" He answered. Derek sighed and poured himself another glass of whiskey. "It's almost time for Kylan to call, so start throwing all this crap away and clean anything that might have fingerprints" Derek said sternly. Liam noticed that his brother was already hitting the Jamesons, which mean he was celebrating, but he couldn't let him kill Fiona!! But Derek was is brother.....he couldn't harm his own blood, but the thought of him ending Fiona's life nearly brought him to tears to think of it. Now he understood what Kylan was talking about. It took him 10 years before he was free of her hold.

Kylan called them and told them exactly what to do. Fiona had be drowned. That was the only way to make sure she would never do anything to any other people, then they would spit up. They would take the money to a friend of his Da's and he would take care of getting it to them legally, then Derek would go to London and Liam would go visit his friend Ian who lived in Glasgow. They would wait for a couple of weeks then fly separately back to Dublin. Derek smiled happy that this would be all over tomorrow morning! That creepy bitch would drown!
"Come on Liam! Lets celebrate with a toast!" He called out. Fiona had told him that drinking dulled your senses and you couldn't think straight.
"When this all over, then I'll have a drink" Liam said rubbing his hands together.
"What's wrong with you?" Derek asked standing up and walking over to him. "Liam tell me the truth. Did she touch you?" He asked standing right in front of his brother.
"NO! I'm just scared! We're about to commit murder! That might not affect you but it scares the hell out of me!" Liam answered.
"We're doing this for our family honor! Do you remember what Kylan was like after she broke up with him? He scared to go outside or talk to anyone! And he kept hearing all those strange voices all the time. He had to quit his job because he couldn't be around people any longer. And he kept uttering "She told me this would happen". Da almost had him taken to the asylum! And for what? Just because he was trying to get a leg over on a witch!" Derek said in anger staring at his brother looking for signs that maybe he was pixie-eyed.

Mick still sat in the TV station waiting for his phone to ring. It had been over an hour and just when he began to think that maybe his plan wouldn't work, his phone rang.
"Mick St. John" Mick answered.
"I know where the girl is" A muffled voice said.
"Just tell and the money's yours" Mick said.
"Come to the Chowder Barge. You'll see an abandoned boat named Sea Turtle. Drop the money on the deck in exchange for the girl. And come alone or she's dead" The voice continued.
"I'm on my way" Mick said hanging up having already let Carl know where he was going.

Carl took off at record speed for the Chowder Barge. Located in Leeward Bay Marina.

Mick took his time driving to the marina. He wanted to give Carl enough time to survey the entire area. He finally pulled up to the Chowder Barge, got out of his car and popped the trunk. People had no idea how heavy cash was, he thought to himself and 10 million dollars was equivalent to trying to run at top speed with a dead body in your arms. Carl spotted Mick's arrival and from where he was perched, he could see if anyone was coming from any angle. He closed his eyes briefly and heard a car in the distance. Then he heard a car door open and close quietly. He quickly took off in the direction of the car. Mick had dropped the bag in the spot they requested but he jumped to the roof of a warehouse right next to it. He saw a man crouching in between parked cars. He looked young. Maybe 17 or 18 at best. Mick closed his eyes and shook his head sadly, hoping Carl would find Fiona unharmed.

Carl saw the car but there was no one in it. Damn! he thought. Fiona was probably dead already and the perp was going to run off with the cash. He was going to turn to warn Mick but he heard something from behind him.
"And who the hell are you?!" The young man asked in a sinister voice. Carl saw the beautiful young woman next to him. Her hands and feet tied.
"Are you alright Fiona?" Carl asked. Fiona looked at him with pleading eyes and nodded her head.
"I told the detective to come alone! Since he lied...bye bye Fiona" He said with gleam in his eye as he gave her a hard push into the bay and took off running. The man knew that Carl would not give chase because Fiona would drown, if she hadn't already. Carl dived into the bay trying to rescue the young woman, he finally spotted her frantically trying to free herself, he grabbed her by the waist and jetted to the surface. He ripped the gag from her mouth so she could breathe. She coughed and sputtered limply in Carl's arms as he brought her back to the dock. He quickly laid her down and ran back to the car to find it gone.

Mick jumped in front of young man.
"Where's the girl?" Mick said in anger. The man looked at Mick completely baffled.
"Dude, what girl?"" He asked.
"Is this your boat?" Mick asked.
"Yeah, what of it?" .
"This boat is being used in a ransom drop and you know nothing about this?" Mick asked, already not going to buy whatever the young man was about to say.
"What?!! Hey man....this boat was a gift from my dad, but it had to stay in dock until I got my boating license". He said showing Mick the newly registered boating I.D. Mick looked hard at the identification, then reached over in the boat and retrieved the bag. "That's not mine whatever that is!" The young man said in shock.
"Call the police and tell them to dust your boat for fingerprints. It may have been used in a kidnapping" Mick said walking away. "Tell them to contact Mick St. John. They have the number" Mick said walking away quickly to find Carl.

Mick saw Fiona wrapped up in a blanket sitting on the dock shivering.
"Fiona!" He called out to her. "Hello. I'm Mick St. John. The studio hired....."He started to say when he saw Carl walking over with a bag of clothes and some towels. "We were hired to find you. Are you okay?" He asked.

"Breaking News, Hollywood Actress Fiona Barkley was rescued from two un named suspects who were holding her captive. Private Investigators Mick St. John and Carl Davis former Captain of the LAPD found Ms. Barkley bound and gagged at Leeward Bay Marina. Ms. Barkley is recovering from her abduction at a undisclosed Los Angeles hospital. This is Andy Cochran at Action News" The report stated, and all of Hollywood breather a sigh of relief, but both Mick and Carl knew this was far from over.

"Okay, so we got the girl and the money but no perps, now I'm willing to accept that because all hostage situations should be so easy, but I'm guessing you think they're coming back to finish the job" Carl said.
"I talked to the perp at the dock" Mick said finally.
"What! Why didn't you take him in?" Carl asked.
"Well, I didn't know if it was truly the kidnapper and he had a pretty truthful story as to why he was there. It was his boat that was a present from his father and it was only at the dock until he got a license to drive it, which he showed me and it was legit, but after just talking to the police, I'm convinced he was the kidnapper. I told him to contact the police informing them that his boat had been used as a drop off point for a ransom and to ask them to dust for prints" Mick said.
"And no call was ever made". Carl said.
"So I'm going back to the marina, I want you to stay and protect Fiona" Mick said.
"You got it" Carl said standing at Fiona's door.

"Captain Davis! What are you doing here?" An Officer called out to Carl.
"Lt. Barns, I'm no longer a Captain". Carl said with a smile.
"You'll always be Captain, but why are you here?"
"I work as a P.I. now with Mick St. John and we were hired by MGM to find Fiona Barkley" Carl explained. "And I just want to make sure she's okay". Barns studied the man he had worked with for 7 years and he knew that wasn't the whole story.
"You think her life is still in danger?" He asked.
"Let's just say I want to be sure. I know the squad is stretched pretty thin and they can't assign someone to watch her 24/7" Carl replied.
"You got it Captain" Barns said. "You want some coffee or something.....I mean....." He stammered.
"Coffee sounds good. Thanks" Carl said.

Mick waited all night at the docks and no one showed up. He pulled out his mobile and called Carl to check in.
"Hey Carl, how's everything?" Mick asked.
"Everything's fine. Fiona is resting. No one but hospital staff have been by." He answered.
"Why don't you go home and get some rest, I'll call Alma and see if she can take over the day shift." Mick said but he heard Carl talking to someone.
"Alma's here Mick" Carl said handing his phone over to her.
"I'm here Mick" She said "I'll handle things while you two take rest, and I do mean take rest. You can't protect the girl if you're both dead on your feet.....excuse the pun" She said hanging up the phone and passing it back to Carl. "And that goes double for you" She said taking a seat and closing her eyes.

Fiona awoke with a start and looked around. Her hospital room door slowly opened and she saw a very pretty young woman calmly walk inside and sit on her bed.
"So when did you know?" Alma asked.
"Know what?" Fiona asked. Alma said nothing but stared at Fiona waiting to hear what the woman would say. Fiona sighed heavily. "I was 13 when I realized, but I never knew before. No one came to me and told me anything. I only heard the awful things that were said against me back home" She said. "I made sure I stayed away from everyone, I never wanted to cause harm"
"Fairies are troublesome" Alma said shaking her head slowly, thinking about all she had read about them stealing babies and replacing them with evil demon babies, or mesmerizing folks so they could seduce them and plant their seed!
"Will I be banished? I sense that you will see to it" Fiona said sadly.
"No. I think you may be the first fae who has not caused any trouble". Alma said with a small smile. "Do you know who took you?"
"No, but they were from me own town. There aren't many that speak as we" Fiona answered.
"You know your parents are dead?" Alma asked.
"No. I didn't know" She said. "My brothers and sisters will be heartbroken" She said, hoping that the doctor would release her soon so she could see them.
"They had been dead for some time, so it stands to reason that whoever kidnapped you, also killed your parents. Do you know of any reason anyone would do that?"
"Me ma and da had their own cross to bare, with people saying that me ma cheated on my da and everything. Adultery is something that will cause all to stay away from your family. Even when it weren't true" She said sadly.
"Well, rest up. My friends will find out whose to blame" Alma said standing up and patting her hand.
"Can you....? Fiona began to say.
"I will have someone pick them up" Alma said understanding what she was going to ask. "Don't worry. I know where they are. You rest" Alma said walking out the door and closing it behind her.
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Re: All the Money in the World Rated PG

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Derrick was furious! They didn't get the money and according to the news Fiona had been rescued, now Liam was nowhere to be found. He knew there wasn't a chance in hell they would risk trying to snatch Fiona again, but as he hid behind the enormous shrub on the side of the craftsman home, he knew he had a grand chance of snatching one of her siblings. Derrick quickly ducked down as he heard a car pull into the driveway. He peaked to see who it was, perhaps it was someone coming to take the children to Fiona. The pretty blonde with the pixie cut walked up the stairs and rang the buzzer. He saw her speak momentarily with an older woman who answered the door, then walk inside.
"Hello, my name is Alma Petzer and I've come to take the children to see their sister" Alma explained.
"Yes, Fiona rang and said you would be stopping by, please come in. How is Fi doing?" She asked.
"A little shaken up, but doing very well. I think a visit from her siblings would make her feel a whole lot better" Alma said with a smile as she heard a gaggle of footsteps approaching. Alma stood to greet them.
"Hello" Alma said. The children said nothing. "I'm here to take you the hospital to see Fiona" Alma said with a smile, but still no reaction from the children. Alma looked over to the older woman, who looked extremely apologetic. "Don't you want to see your older sister?" She asked. The oldest a boy of perhaps 12 years spoke up.
"No we don't" He said clearly. Alma was stunned because she knew she had read how devoted Fiona was to her brothers and sisters. "Ya know she weren't really our sister? She took us away from ma and da and said we could never go back" He said. Alma looked at the other children and their expressions said that the brother was speaking the truth. Alma sat back down on the sofa. "Come, tell me everything" She said and something in the way she said it made the children tell her what they knew.

"What is your name?" She asked the oldest boy.
"Colm". He replied.
"Tell me about Fiona" Alma said calmly, preparing herself to hear some made up stories.
"She's not right ya know. When she wants others to see her as nice she makes herself right pretty, but with us she's a devil" He said. Alma sat up.
"What does she look like?" Alma asked.
"She looks like a devil with the face of a horse" A little girl said.
"Nuckelavee" Alma said whispered in awe. This poses a problem she thought.

Alma alerted Brian that they needed to have a meeting at as soon as possible.
"What is your name?" Alma asked woman. "And how did you come to know Fiona?"
"Rosalee. I used to work for the studio but I retired right after her first movie and she asked if I could take care of the children until the shooting had finished. I agreed. I love children. Plus she was paying more than I ever made at the studio. But each time she was done with shooting, the children refused to go to her. She could have easily picked them up, but she always said that keeping them here together while she worked would be best. I still don't understand what's going on or why the children think their sister is so evil" She said with a heavy sigh.
"That's a long story, but I'm going to need you all to come with me" Alma said, thinking she would have to call Zoe to find out more about this Nuckelavee. "Quickly!"
"I can't leave my house!"" Rosalee said looking all around.
"Then Fiona will more than likely kill you". Alma said turning to look at the children. "Are you ready to leave? I'm taking you someplace safe" She said. Colm looked at his younger siblings.
"I trust her. She will protect us" He said. They all nodded as Alma looked at the older woman one last time.
"Alright. I can't leave the children" She said grabbing her purse and keys and locking the front door.

Mick arose and saw that Beth was gone. He walked downstairs and spied her note sitting on the counter.
"Come to Josef's when you wake--Beth"

Mick got up quickly and called Carl so he could meet him upstairs. Mick saw Alma with an older woman and several children.
"Okay, something serious is going on" Mick said
"Fiona is a fae. A very evil fae. Everything she told you, hell everything she told everyone is a lie" Alma said. Zoe came in with a scroll in her hand.
"A Nuckelavee! Are you kidding?!" She said in shock. "These creatures are evil! And for some reason they are obsessed with children" Zoe said carefully looking at Bridget and Josef. Bridgett nodded her head.
"Hey! You guys want to watch a movie? Josef has the largest video collection I've ever seen!" she said with a smile. "Come on!" She said leading the children down the hall to the theatre room.
"Rosalee, you might want to go with the children" Alma said to the older woman who remained standing.
"I need to know how to protect them" She said firmly. Alma nodded and began to speak in a language no one understood very quickly and Rosalee fell to the ground.
"What the hell is going on?!" Carl yelled. Suddenly, Rosalee's body changed into something hideous.
Zoe looked at scroll and looked at the body again.
"Yep. That's a Nuckelavee" She said turning the scrolls so everyone would see the rendering. "How did you know Alma?" Zoe asked.
"I didn't believe her story about Fiona just leaving the kids with her. It sounded......fake. No sister who had taken her siblings away from abusive parents would have just left them with someone she met at the studio. She left the children with someone she could trust and since she is a Nuckelavee, she would only trust another like her" Alma explained.
"You're saying that beautiful young woman is one of those things?" Carl asked in shock. "Hell I'm sorry I rescued her"
"This Nuckelavee was very old. Whatever it is the children possess that they feed on, would have meant very little to this one. Fiona is the changeling child. It is she who wants the children" Zoe explained.
"We must prepare. Rosalee most likely already alerted Fiona to her location" Alma said.

Dereck got in his car and followed the woman driving the children away and slowed down when he saw this pull up to large highrise. He would have to figure out how to enter the building which looked pretty damn secure. He pulled into a parking space down from the building and thought of a plan.

Fiona was patient while the nurse checked her temperature and checked her heartbeat.
"Well, you sound perfectly healthy. I think the doctor will release you today, I know you're getting a little stir crazy" The nurse said.
"I'm anxious to see me brothers and sisters. I know when I'm able to see them, I will be as good as new" Fiona said with a smile, thinking that Colm was ready. She had heard his voice changing and knew that he was able to give her what she needed. "Can I get dressed?" She asked.
"The doctor will be here in about 5 minutes to give you your discharge papers. Once you sign those, you can get dressed. Is someone coming to pick you up?" She asked.
"Yes. The studio is sending someone".
"Great. I'll tell the doctor to get right over here............I know I'm not supposed to do this....but could I have your autograph? You're my favorite actress" The nurse gushed handing over a notepad and a pen. Fiona smiled shyly.
"Of course" She said taking the notepad and scribbling her familiar signature, handing it back to the woman.
"Thank you!" she said walking quickly out the room.
Fiona slowly sat up and pulled the covers away from her body.
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Re: All the Money in the World Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:37 pm

"Man, did you two pick the wrong client" Josef said. "I'm going to pop down to Darrian's and see what she has to say" Josef said turning to leave.
"That's actually a great idea" Alma said. "I'm going with you. Oh and guys, don't touch the door" She said opening it.
"Why not? Mick asked.
"Electrocution spell. And while technically you're both dead already it will most likely hurt like hell" She said laughing as she Josef walked out.

"Enter!" Darrian said as the door opened on it's own. "Now what have you both been up to? I have felt something sinister lurking Kostan Towers" She said
"A Nuckelavee was among us" Alma said. Darrian's eyes opened wide and she sat her drink down and stood up.
"I thought I smelled something wretched in the air!. Where is this demon?" She asked.
"In my apartment. Alma destroyed it" Josef said.
"Take me to it! I must purify your apartment before others come. Quickly!" She said grabbing their hands and appearing in Josef's main room. She dropped their hands and walked around the remainings. "Someone give me some salt" She said as Beth ran into the kitchen and pulled out a container of salt. Darrian said something that didn't understand, sliced her hand with dagger she pulled out of her robe and allowed her blood to drop on the carcass then waved her hand and the body was gone. Then she rubbed her hands together quickly and everyone saw smoked rising from her palms which she blew into the air. "Now someone explain to me how this came about" She said walking over the Josef's sidebar, poured herself a large brandy and sat down waiting.
"I guess it was Carl and me. We were hired by a movie studio to find an actress that had been kidnapped. We found her but it turns out she's a demon fairy...." Mick said, then judging by the look on Darrian's face, he knew he had misspoke.
"Nuckelavee are no Fairy Mick St. John!!!!" She said in anger!! "These are not of the Father! These vile beings came into existence when one of Lucifer's demons impregnated a fae and she gave birth to these creatures!" She yelled at Mick who quickly apologized.
"Why do they hate children? This one fae is after her five brothers and sisters" Alma said.
"They do not hate children, but need them to live. A child who has not yet physically become a young man or woman, they suck the life force from them. They usually hide themselves in plain sight as holy people, or nurses, missionaries, teachers, nannies and the like, always surrounded by children ready to be plucked. That one was more than likely her maker. When there is one, there is another not far from them" Darrian explained. Zoe was frantically writing down everything Darrian said, making sure she got every detail for the archives. "That one would have died quite soon in any case. After they become a certain age they can no longer take the life force and so soon their bodies will wither and die which is why Alma disintegration spell worked rather quickly. But the younger demon will come and she will be quite difficult to deal with" Darrian said.

Fiona was patient and composed as she went through the tediousness of being discharged. As promised, the studio had sent a car and driver for her and when she had finally been wheeled out the hospital doors she took in a long breath. The driver politely opened the door for her, but something was wrong. Usually when young men had gazed upon her they couldn't.......well stop gazing upon her. But this young man simply nodded his head her way and opened the door. When he had gotten in and drove away, she quickly glanced at her reflection in the window. She needed those children immediately!! Where had Rosalee taken them?

Carl had just taken a phone call and excused himself to the kitchen to speak privately for a few moments.
"Fiona was released a few moments ago" Carl said when he walked back in. "The studio sent a car and driver for her, so she's probably headed to the studio" He said picking up his jacket from the sofa.
"I don't think she will go to the studio. She's searching for the children. She hasn't fed in days, her stunning looks are more than likely starting the decay" Alma said.
"The wife of Dragos is correct. She will be desperate at this point. She will tell her driver to let her off at the nearest school to. Middle school I believe it is called" Darrian said.
"The closet one to the hospital is Greenberg Country Day!" Carl said anxiously as he and Mick took off.

Liam had been walking around in for for what seemed like weeks but as he returned more and more to himself, he realized that that that woman had indeed bewitched him. He contacted Derick immediately.
"Where the hell have you been?" His brother screamed out in anger.
"I think that demon did something to me" Liam replied.
"I knew she had bewitched you, Liam you eejit! I followed a woman who gathered all Fiona's siblings and took them to a huge apartment building downtown called Kostan Towers. Are you near there?" He asked.
"I'm not far from there, I'll see you in a few minutes" He said hanging up his mobile and sprinting to the Highrise.

"Where are the children?" Darrian asked. "There should be one, most likely male that she has been stealing the life force from for some time" She said, as Josef went into the theatre room and asked for the children to come with him. They all appeared frightened that Fiona was going to take them again.
"Hello little ones. My name is Darrian. Come sit with me and tell me of your sister" She said. The children stayed near to Bridgett and didn't move. Darrina sighed. "Candy!" She said and a bounty of candy sat all around her. They eagarly ran to the candy a grabbed pieces. Fiona never let them have sweet foods.
"Now tell me about her so we can destroy her" Darrian said firmly. Colm looked at her seriously as he wiped the chocolate from his mouth.
"You promise?" He said looking her hopefully.
"I always mean what I say young man" She said taking hold of his hand and seeing that Fiona had been feeding on him for about 3 years judging by his complexion and stature. Colm felt his arm tingling at her touch and quickly pulled it away. "Do not be afraid. I am nothing like your sister. I am giving you the gift of life, not taking it away." Darrian said gently taking his arm again. Colm looked at the pale blue glow that ran up his arm and quickly glanced at his siblings in surprise. The color in his face returned to normal and his eyes were no longer sunken. "There" Darrian said with a smile. "Now you look like the heartbreaker you will grow up to be" She said with a laugh. "Now all of you come so I can repair what she has taken from you".

"Driver, I need you to take me to the school closest to where we are" She said sweetly.
"Greenberg?" The driver asked while keeping his eyes on the road ahead.
"Yes. I will need to pick up my siblings" She lied.
"Sure thing." He said making a right turn. "I'll have you there in about 15 minutes" The driver said, carefully watching her in the rearview mirror.

Louis Rossmiller looked at his watch. Fiona should have been here by now, the news crews would be here momentarily. He tried to call the driver once more and still no answer. He called the hospital to see if they could give him any word.
"I'm sorry Mr. Rossmiller, but she was released about 30 minutes ago. A limo picked her up" The lead nurse replied.
"Alright, I'm sorry. It's just she's been through so much" He said.
"Well, there was a head on collision that was announced on the news about 20 minutes ago. I think traffic is going to be delayed for a bit" The nurse said
'Right you are. Thank you so much for your help. I'm very sorry to have bothered you" He said hanging up the phone. He would just have to stall the reporters.

Darrina had taken the hand of each child and restored their life force just as Josef walked in the door with hamburgers for all the children. Bridgett led them to the dining room as they sat excitedly around the long table.
"Mike from Security tells me that two young men have been eyeing the building" Josef whispered to Darrian.
"Yes, I felt their troublesome presence. Two imbeciles of the highest order. They remind me of Odell the Conqueror, I always so ready to take revenge without knowing the full scope of the situation" Darrian said shaking her head. "Have Dragos bring them to me" She said to Josef, who alerted Brian right away.

Brian caught the two young men as they tried to enter from the service entrance.
"May I help you?" Brian said suddenly appearing behind them. They both jumped and turned around to see the well dressed young man who stood in front of them. Liam tried to run around the man, but Brian halted him with one arm slamming him up against the wall. Derrek came after Brian but was also stopped quickly by a blow to the gut that had Derrek doubling over in pain. Brian dragged them both into the building and out the back way to Darrian's apartment. Brian walked through Darrian's open door with each man in one of his hands, throwing them down to the carpet.
"Thank you Dragos!" Darrian said with a smile. She watched as they struggled to stand up, quickly looking all around the strange apartment. Derek quickly crossed himself thinking they were in the presence of something ungodly. "Before you start to do something that you will regret, tell me what the girl has done to seek your utterly inadequate vengeance?" Darrian said to them.
"She ruined our brother" Liam said in a meek voice. Darrian closed her eyes and nodded her head.
"He is marked" Darrian said.
"Marked how?" Mick asked.
"She had been stealing his life force for a long time, keep in mind she was providing for herself and her maker and after all that time, the brother is no longer able...." She explained.
"He's impotent". Mick said with a heavy sigh.
"And in his culture he is in fact cursed for life. No woman will ever be his. In the days of old, these fae could kill off entire villages, which I always thought was rather silly considering they need wee uns to live". She said.
"That witch must die!!" Derek said in anger.

Fiona looked at the window and saw they were not near a school but what looked to be a tall high rise of some sort. She tapped on the limo window alerting the driver.
"Where are we? I thought you were taking me to the school?" She asked in anger.
"You said you wanted to pick up your siblings and this is where they are" He said unbuckling his seatbelt.
"My siblings aren't here, what are you having at?" She demanded.
"Mr. Rossmiller told me to take you to here to pick them up." He said getting out of the car and opening the door for her. "They are on the penthouse floor" He said helping her out of the car and directing her to the security desk. She slowly walked into the lobby seeing that the driver didn't follow her but got back in the vehicle and drove away. She sighed with relief.
"Hello" She said to the security guard.
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Re: All the Money in the World Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:42 am

"May I help you" The security guard asked.
"I'm not quite sure who I'm here to see, but my boss at the studio said my brothers and sisters were here?" She asked nervously.
"Oh! Of course! I was told that you would be arriving, I'll take you the penthouse elevators" He said taking out his key card and leading her down the hall. "This elevator goes directly to the top level" He said watching the doors close. He quickly ran back to desk to alert Mr. Kostan. "Mr. Kostan that actress is on her way up" He said hanging up the phone.
"Bridgett, take the children down to the safe room" Darrian said.
"Come with me! Quickly!" Bridgett said ushering the children safely downstairs.
"What about us?" Liam asked not anxious to be around Fiona again.
"Your brother may stay, you however have been touched so you cannot be here" She said. Josef took Liam by the arm and led him upstairs. Mick heard the elevator in the hallway.
"Here she comes" Carl said with excitement in his eyes to see what would happen. The door opened and Fiona walked very slowly into the apartment.
"Where are my siblings?" She asked quietly. Mick and Carl stared at the young woman who didn't look like she did when they first saw here.
"Fiona, what happened to you?" Mick asked.
"I know I don't look my best. But it's been a very trying time. I just need to get some rest" She said looking at Darrian with hesitation.
"Would you like a drink? Perhaps some wine?" Darrian offered.
"No thank you. I don't touch the alcohol" Fiona said looking all around the luxurious apartment. "Are my brothers and sisters here? I think the studio brought them here?" She asked beginning to slowly walk around.
"You really don't look well my dear. Are you sure I can't get something, or someone?" Darrian said with a smile, her eyes glowing yellow. Fiona stepped back and gasped at Darrian. She took her original form and hissed at her.
"Don't take that tone with me Nuckelavee!!" Darrian said smiling as she very slyly gave her dagger to Derek behind her back.
"Children!! Children!!" The Nuckelavee squealed loudly turning to look at everyone trying to see who would advance towards her first. Mick saw the long sharp claws she possessed when he took a step forward. She swiped at him nearly missing his skin. Carl stepped towards her and she swiped at him, not seeing that Derek had slowly stepped behind her. Realizing that she had lost her advantage she quickly turned around and Derek stuck the blade deep in her belly, but not before she was able to drag her claws down his chest. Darrian moved to the boy quickly before the venom had a chance to seep into his blood, placing her hands over the wounds. Carl ran behind Fiona and twisted her neck until he heard the snap and Mick plunged the dagger deeper into her. Suddenly they heard all the children scream as if in pain.
"What the hell!" Mick said running down the stairs to see what was wrong with Carl not far behind. Bridgett pressed to button for the door and ran out shutting it behind them.
"I don't know what's going on!" She said in a panicked voice "They just started screaming and hitting one another!" She said. Darrina floated down the stairs.
"Well that is something I did not see". Darrian said in surprise. "These are not her brothers and sisters. These are her children. She wasn't stealing life force from them, but giving it to them" Darrian said.
"What!" Carl said in amazement. "She had five children?"
"She was not a woman Captain" Darrian said.
"What's going to happen to them?" Mick asked.
"Since they are not being fed, they will die, but they must stay locked up until they do. Just one little Nuckelavee could kill every child in this building, then be placed in care of the state where anyplace would be a never ending feast for them".
"Wait a minute you're losing me" Carl said.
"Let us return up stairs. Zoe will explain it to you" Darrian said.

Zoe sat at a table writing in a tablet very quickly with her head bent down unaware that they had returned.
"Zoe" Mick said. "What the hell just happened?"
"Hold on once sec" She said still scribbling and didn't look up until she had finished. "Wow! I just had to get this all down.....what were you saying Mick?" She asked looking at him confused.
"What happened? I don't understand any of this!" He said becoming frustrated.
"Nuckelavee. I'm glad I got to see one up close! I mean this is a first hand account! It's going in the archives!....." She was saying and seeing Mick expression she stopped. "Okay. The Nuckelavee. They are a Fae of the Changeling family. I'm sure you've heard about the baby swap? In Ireland especially, Nuckelavee would sneak into the home of a newborn and swap it for one of their demon babies. This baby would be raised in a mortal home and if the family had a large family as most Irish Catholics did, they would steal the life force of these children and when they had stolen enough, they would give it to there maker to extend their life. I think the maker found this family and swapped out every child they had with one of theirs. Fiona as the oldest was responsible for getting these children "fattened up" so to speak so they could give it to the one that Alma destroyed. If you check the school where those children attended you will find quite a few of the children who attend school there to be seriously ill"
"I blame myself. I should have guessed that" Darrian said fixing herself a drink again. Derek stood up from his chair.
"So she's gone? Truly?" He asked.
"Yes" Zoe said. "You might find your brother uncursed as well. Usually the destroying of the Nuckelavee family reverses whatever havoc they have reigned on others" Zoe said. "Bridgett, go get Josef and the brother" Darrian replied. Josef walked down the stairs slowly.
"Are all the supernatural being out of my house?" He said with a smirk.
"Well the little ones will be dead by tomorrow I'm guessing" Zoe said.
"It's over!" Derek said to his brother throwing his arms around him.
"Thank the blessed virgins! Can we return home?" Liam said.
"Sure! Let's go" Derek said taking his brother's arm anxious to leave the States once and for all. "Thank you so much" He said walking out the door. Zoe stared at the pair until they were gone.
"Zoe what's wrong?" Carl asked. She looked down at the book she had in her hand and looked at Darrian.
"The brother. The younger one was touched......I think....."
"The children in his town" Darrian said looking at both Mick and Carl.

"Alma, I think your husband needs to take us back to Ireland" Carl said nodding his head at Mick.

The End
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