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And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu May 31, 2018 4:05 pm

Moonlight Fan Fiction
And He Served
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mick's old service buddy escapes from Vampire holding with one thing on his mind. Kill Mick St. John

Summer was in full swing in Los Angeles which meant tourist, traffic and crime. As much as Mick and Carl loved their fair city, they always hated that it's beauty could attract so much bitterness. In two weeks prior to the beginning of Summer, Mick had helped Carl with a child trafficking ring and a huge Identity theft group who were targeting senior citizens. At times Mick felt that he wasn't doing enough...he was surrounded by three powerful Angels, a slew of kick-ass cleaners, a terrifying fairy and her hand of God husband and it seemed that they were doing very little to make life better.

So when Mick turned on the television and heard the reporter talk about a horrendous murder in South Beach, he wasn't surprised, but after listening a bit more he was on high alert. The murderer had left a message and that message was "that's one". Mick didn't know why that freaked him out. Killers especially serial killers often left messages at a crime scene, almost taunting the police to catch them. But this message seemed to be more than a teasing. This message was personal and for a reason he couldn't explain, Mick knew it was for him.

Terrence looked all around. He had no idea where he was. His eyes were still burning from being surrounded by silver. He had wanted to free the friends he had made but something told him that the Veselie could not be trusted and he wanted Mick all to himself! he didn't care about his son if that were even possible for Vampires to have children which he doubted.......he turned quickly and hid himself from the sound he heard coming from behind him. Two hikers were just making it up to the ridge. Terrence could smell the sweat and perspiration from both of them...and they smelled delicious!!

Katrina was livid when she was told. The cleaners prided themselves on never making mistakes! She looked at her sister laying broken and twisted on the floor. What this vampire had done meant destruction. And that destruction would be in the cruelest way imaginable!
"My Lord. A prisoner has escaped." She said to Brian over the phone.
"Who was on watch?" Brian asked in anger.
"Gala....she has been destroyed" Katrina replied. "It was Terrence Walters My Lord"
"I will alert my father" Brian said hanging up. Mick was still damaged by the war like most of the men who served, but having to destroy a good friend he served with would be devastating.

After his meal Terrence felt powerful once again, but he still had no idea where he was, but from looking around he knew he would have to seek shelter fast, because the sun was bright. From what he could tell, it looked like he was in the tropics somewhere which was pretty clever for a vampire prison. He should have asked the hikers, but he was starving and wasted very little time in devouring them. He made his way through the swamp like conditions, grabbing what creatures he could find and draining them as he walked. He heard voices and quickly ran towards them.
"Hey!!" He yelled out. "Hey you!!!" He said trotting towards them and stopping. It looked like the vampire prison was in Asia somewhere and of course he didn't speak the language. He smiled what he had hoped was a friendly smile.
"English?" He asked hopefully.

Mick and Carl had just broken up a dog fighting gang and after the gang was arrested they started emptying the cages that the dogs were houses.
"How the hell could they do something like this?" Mick said in anger.
"Don't lay all the fault on Jose and his crew. People pay huge bucks to watch dog fighting" Carl said shaking his head.
"Its barbaric!" Mick replied seeing that one dog did not make it, but had 7 pups all around the dead body.
The ASPCA will be here to make sure these guys get a get home" Carl said. One little puppy ran over to Mick and started to nip on the toe of his boot.
"Hey little man" Mick said bending over to scoop him up in his hands. "I think Beth would love you" He said rubbing the dog behind his ear. "They won't miss one will they" He asked
No. Just go. I'll take care of this" Carl said smiling, watching Mick place the puppy in his coat pocket.

Mick was excited to bring the little dog to Beth who he knew would love it no matter where he came from. He walked into his apartment ready to jump all over his wife when he saw the sour faces of Beth, Josef, Katrina, and Alma sitting down in his living room.
"What now?!" He asked throwing his hands up in the air. Katrina stood up and walked towards him.
"Terrence Walters has escaped" She said. Mick slowly began to lower his arms.
"How long do you think we have?" Mick asked getting right down to it.
"If he doesn't get fried in the heat, I would say 5 days. If he possesses the ability to glamour anyone perhaps 2 -3 days" Katrina said. "My Lord has taken off to scan the Continent" She said.
"Look Mick, I want you and Beth to stay at Kostan Towers until this guy is caught. With Darrian and Gideon and Brian close by they can protect you both". Josef said. "And before you say something like "I think I can handle things with guy" let me tell you, I wasn't just suggesting" Josef said firmly.
"I've placed a very strong protection spell over not just your apartment but the entire building. He will not be able to cross the threshold" Alma said standing up to light some odd twig and blow the smoke all around the apartment.
"Should I ask what the hell that is" Mick asked.
"You could, but what would it matter" Alma answered continuing her spell.
"I've already packed our things and I called Carl to let him know, so he can be on his guard as well" Beth said taking his hand.

Brian appeared suddenly.
"He is no longer in Asia, but he is not in Los Angeles. Mom and Dad, let Josef take you to Kostan Towers. I've already arranged a suite for you both. I'm taking Alma to the Police station and to Carl and Angela's. We need to make sure that everyone who has had contact with this vamp is protected." Brian said.

Mick sat on the sofa in the luxurious suite Josef had provided and thought about the time when he and Terrance were on the front lines of Normandy and later Oradour-Sur-Glane. In those days service men were called Blood Brothers, each willing to die for one another as well as their country. We were fearless Mick remembered. Trained for one singular purpose. Destroy the enemy. And right now Terrance saw him as the enemy and only Mick's destruction would appease him. Beth knew that Mick was worried beyond belief. A decorated soldier he took everything about service in the military seriously. Most would never know or appreciate what the military had done to ensure that everyone was safe and that left him bewildered. She walked over to him and sat down.
"You want to talk about it?" She asked quietly.
"I just don't get it. Terrance was my best friend. We've been through so much together. You can't serve under those conditions and come out of it hating your brothers. Self-hate? Yeah I get that, and trust me a lot of soldiers came out of the war hating themselves for what they did, but they never hated another soldier"
"I can't imagine what that was like honey. I'm sure it was horrific for you all, but your friend is very angry and not just with you" Beth said. Mick sat up slowly.
"But why is he angry?" Mick said staring into space for a moment. He suddenly turned quickly to Beth.
"I'm going to run out for a moment. I'll be right back" He said kissing her on lips and running for the door.

Terrance looked all around and smiled. Finally he was back in Los Angeles. As much as he hated the city, he glad to be back on American soil. He felt a little guilty over the mess he left behind, but he was famished and being surrounded by silver had weakened him considerably. Now however, it was time to seek his revenge. While imprisoned, he had learned from the Veselie that Mick had a wife as well as two sons, not to mention a slew of friends.....but before he took on his old friend, he would pay a visit to the Detective Davis! Turns out the mortal Officer was a dear friend to Mick St. John.....yes, he would kill him first. he was sure that his friend was already aware of his escape and would be preparing for his attack, but there was little he could do for the Detective..........
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:19 am

"Hey Dylan! Make sure you get that forensic report to me first thing. If Felix is not giving this all of his time, tell him he's going to hear it from me!" Carl yelled as he was walking out.
"Yes sir Captain. I'll go talk to him right now" Officer Dylan replied.

Carl was dead tired. he and his officers had finally laid down an airtight profile of the man they were looking for in a slew of muggings. Any other time this would have been low on their list, but the last victim had fought back, and now she was dead. It always made Carl angry when women were killed in this way. Times were tight, and not everyone woman in Los Angeles was ready to hand over whatever was in their purse willingly to some jerk! While he never advised women to fight back, some women had done just that and were successful in thwarting the suspect, but this woman........he closed his eyes briefly and shook his head sadly. He heard a noise behind him so he quickly turned around.
"Who's there?" He yelled out into the empty parking garage. He placed his hand on his service weapon and unsnapped the holder. If someone was down here trying to jack cars they were in big time trouble. Suddenly he was grabbed from behind by strong arms. He went for his gun but it was slapped out of his hands with such force it broke his hand. He screamed out in pain and felt the hand cover his mouth.
"He's not going to be able to save you" Carl heard the man whisper in his ear as he felt the fangs sink into his throat.....
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Moonlightsonata » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:16 am

I just wanted to tell you I am enjoying your story. I feel badly about Carl. Can we expect other chapters?
Thank you Coco for the lovely banner.
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:28 pm

Moonlightsonata wrote:I just wanted to tell you I am enjoying your story. I feel badly about Carl. Can we expect other chapters?

Yes you can! More on the way soon!
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:33 pm

Mick got the call a little after 6pm and he froze when the officer told him.
"Honey, what's wrong?" Beth asked seeing the expression on his face. "Mick! Tell me!" She yelled starting to become afraid. Mick didn't want to tell her. He knew how close Beth and Carl have always been.
"Babe, it's C...Carl.....he's been attacked by a vampire. He's being rushed to Mercy General" He said reaching for his keys. "Come on, we have to go" He said grabbing her hand and running to the garage.

Mick and Beth made it to the emergency room at the same time as Josef, Angela and Bridgett and soon after their arrival they were met by Brian, Alma, Zoe, Gabriel, Amy, Ted, Ben Talbot, Isabelle, Katrina, Lisa, Steve, Haley, Collin and a slew of LAPD officers. No one uttered a word, but each anxiously awaited news of the man they so dearly loved.

Josef called the very best surgeons in the world and ordered them to take on Carl's case, even when a nurse tried to assure him that Carl was receiving the best care in California, Josef still insisted on the best that all the money in world could afford. Angela stared at the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks. Mick walked quietly over to her and pulled her out his chair.
"Come on Angela" He said gently walking her away from everyone. "I want you to know that everyone in the waiting room loves Carl. He's family. And we'll do whatever you want us to do" Mick said carefully with his throat tightening at the thought of his good friend hating him forever for turning him against his wishes.
"When I was turned Carl made me promise that he would never be turned into a vampire....but things are different now...I....I don't want to lose him" She wailed and fell into Mick's arms.
"I know" He said holding her tightly. Mick looked up and saw a doctor approaching them.
"Mrs. Davis?" He called out into the room.
"Yes" Angela said slowly walking towards him.
"Can I speak to you in private?" The doctor said looking down at his chart.
"No. All of Carl's family needs to know what's going on" She said firmly wiping her eyes with a tissue.
"Alright. Your husband was attacked savagely. We were able to stop the bleeding but he has lost a tremendous amount of blood....I'm sorry, but he won't make it through the night" The doctor said sadly. Angela felt like everything was spinning and she collapsed as Mick caught her before she fell to the floor.

As the hospital staff found an empty room to lie Angela down the conversations began.
"We have to make a decision now or Carl is going die!" Josef said staring at everyone. While they all agreed, no one wanted to be the one to take Carl's life away from him, turning a strong Allie into an immortal enemy.
"Angela just told me that Carl begged her never to turn him. As much as this hurts I think we should abide by his wishes" Mick said.
"When did he say that?" Beth asked.
"When Angela was just turned" Mick replied.
"Oh come on!" Josef said. "He was a mess when he found out about Angela, that's different than saving his life" He argued.
"This isn't saving his life Josef! It's taking his life!" Mick said.
"I think we should do it" Beth said quietly. Gabriel stood up and kneeled down in front of his mother.
"Mom, are you sure? We know you've known Carl longer than any of us, do you really think he would be okay with this decision?" Gabriel asked.
"I know that Carl would want to live for his family no matter what" Beth said looking at all of them. Mick turned around and shook his head. He had had this argument with Beth once before over Josh and he almost lost her. He wasn't going to have it again over someone else she loved. This would have to be her decision and she alone would bear the wrath.
"I need to speak with Angela" Beth said standing up and walking over to the room where they had placed Angela. She quietly opened the door and closed it behind her.

Josef walked over to Mick.
"Mick, this needs to happen. It should have happened a long time ago." He said placing his hand on Mick's shoulder.
"I know, I are we going to deal with the situation if Carl hates what we've done?"
"Everyone hates it at first, but in time he will see the logic of it. They always do". Josef replied.

Beth walked over to the bed where Angela was and saw that she wasn't asleep anymore, but simply staring at the ceiling.
"Has it been decided?" She asked in a soft voice.
"Yes Angela it has. I'm going to turn my best friend and pray to God that he forgives us both" Beth said taking her hand in hers.
"Save my husband" Angela sobbed. Beth kissed her cheek and walked out. With a nod of her head Brian and Alma went with her to Carl's room.

" do I do this...I mean" Beth stammered.
"You know that as Carl's sire you will be responsible for his training and teaching?" Brian said to her.
"You will be able to sense when he is in danger and you will be compelled to come to his aid" Alma said.
"Yes. I understand" Beth said.
"Very well. Let's begin" Brian said. Alma did a shadowing spell so they would not be seen by hospital staff and Brian walked her through the steps. When she placed her arm to Carl's mouth she saw his lips began to move as he drank her blood and when Brian said it was enough she pulled her arm away. Beth felt a strange sensation all throughout her body that she couldn't really explain.
"That is both your spirits connecting. Do not be afraid. You two are now friends for eternity" Alma said with a small smile. For she knew what Beth and Brian did not. Emma had told her a long time ago that Carl would be turned. And that Beth would be his sire.

Mick saw the look on Beth's face and knew that she was trying to come to terms with what she had just done.
"Are you okay babe?" Mick said wrapping his arms around her.
"I....don't know. I think I have a better understanding of your decision not to turn Josh. I hope I made the right choice. I don't lose want to lose Carl" She said. When they saw doctors and nurses rush into Carl's room with the crash cart, she knew she just killed her best friend.
"He'll be okay Beth" Josef said walking over to her.
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:41 pm

Carl's emergency room doctor approached Angela.
'Your husband died at 9:32 pm, but I won't be signing a death certificate for obvious reasons" he said looking around at all the vampires in the waiting room. "So.......I suppose he's in stable condition if that's what it's called. We've unhooked the IV and pain medication and no staff is allowed to enter the room. From here it's up to all of you to make sure he stays contained until he's able to be moved". He said walking away.
"Thank you" Angela said holding Josef's hand tightly.
"Get some rest" Josef said pointing to the room she had been in earlier. "We'll watch over him" he said leading her to the room.
"Lisa and I are going to pick up Jackson and Sylvia. Angela left the kids with her neighbor Barbara" Steve said.
"That's a good idea Steve. Thanks" Josef said as Steve and Lisa walked away. "Mick, I'm going to need you to get some retail from Guillermo. Carl's going to be a hungry boy when he comes to" Josef said.
"Josef, do you think we should call Gideon and Darrian?" Bridgett asked.
"They already know" Brian said overhearing the conversation. "Alma spoke to them during the night"
"Alright then. We need to be here in case Carl wakes up so we should feed in shifts. Katrina, Isabelle, Mick and Beth go first, Then Bridgett, Brian , Alma and myself will go next" Josef said. By noon the Officers had went back to their jobs and everyone else still waited.

Terrance had found Mick St. John's apartment quite easily. It's amazing what a vampire could find out from humans when their lives were on the line and they always spilled the beans. He laughed when they looked at him in surprise when he drained them anyways. "But I told you the truth!" They always screamed. As if that mattered! He broke the lock on the apartment door and looked all around. His friend certainly lived well. Not overly well like some vampires he had known, but well enough. He spied the massive record collection. All jazz and blues. Mick certainly hadn't changed his taste in music. He spied the wedding photo on a nearby table. And he was married, he thought with a smile. And children, but he didn't want to dwell on how Mick managed that being undead. But a wife. A beautiful young bride......he could do a lot with that. He thought licking his lips.

Mick felt something was wrong the moment he pulled into their garage.
"Look, I need to stop at the morgue and speak with Guillermo first okay?" He said turning the car around and exiting the garage, not wanting to upset Beth any more then she already was. He glanced quickly at her as she lay her head against the window of the car, her eyes far away in thought. Mick knew was she was feeling and it was same thing that went through most vamps mind when they tuned someone. The main thought is what if they think you didn't give them a choice? But in this circumstance it was clear that Carl didn't have a choice and as Josef had told him countless times, [i]you have to stop hating who you are. The choice would be Carl's alone on how he wanted to handle this new life.

Carl slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was morning. He slowly turned his head and saw Angela sleeping on the bed next to him. He tried to speak but his throat felt so dry and sore. He sat up and saw the glass of tomato juice sitting on the tray in front of him. He really didn't like tomato juice but he quickly grabbed the glass and drank the entire contents down. He felt a little better. He looked at glass for a long time. Then looked all around. He was in a hospital room.
"Ang" He said in a loud whisper. She twisted around and ran to sit on Carl's bed. "What happened?" Carl asked knowing he wasn't going to like what she said. He saw the tear began to fall from Angela's beautiful eyes.
"A vampire attacked you and drained you to the point of death. You were admitted two days ago" She said.
"Was it Terrance?" He asked stoically.
"Everyone believes it is. All of the LAPD is searching for him as well as Isabelle and Katrina.....I...I thought I was going to lose you" Angela sobbed placing her head in both he hands. Carl stroked her hair.
"That wasn't tomato juice was it?" He said sadly. Angela didn't raise her head, not wanting to see the hurt in his eyes but she nodded her head without looking at him. Carl laid his head back on pillow. He still felt like he was dying of thirst and from what he could remember Mick saying, he would need to drink more. "I think I need some more...jui....blood and quick" He said calmly. Angela ran to the waiting room where Josef and others were and signaled them in.

Guillermo looked up from the body he was working on when Mick and Beth came into the room.
"How's Carl?" He asked, hoping the detective was okay. Mick didn't say anything.
"I turned my friend" Beth said finally breaking down for the first time. Mick held her tightly while she sobbed and nodded to to Guillermo to let them have some privacy for a bit. Guillermo quickly covered the body he was working on and left the room. "It's alright honey. I know its a lot of take in" Mick said softly rubbing her back.
"He's going to hate me" She cried.
"No he won't" Mick said.
"You hated Coraline for turning you against your will" She said.
"Babe, this is entirely different. Carl was dying, I wasn't it....Carl will understand in time". Mick replied hoping with all hope that was true.

Josef poked his head into Carl's room.
"You decent?" Joked even though the smile never reached his eyes.
"Where's Mick?" Carl asked.
"He took Beth to feed. He'll be back soon. They were both here all night. They refused to leave" Josef said. "And don't worry about Jackson and Sylvia. Steve and Lisa went to pick them up from the babysitter and they're with your mom right now" Josef said.
" was it you or Mick who did this to me?" He asked sadly. Carl's eyes widened in shock.
"It wasn't Terrance was it?" He asked.
Josef shook his head."It was Beth" He said.
"Beth?" He asked in complete surprise, then realizing that Beth was truly his dearest friend he smiled.
"Why are you surprised? After what happened with Josh, she was finally able to save someone she loved and cared deeply for" Josef said. Carl nodded his head. He remembered the nights he and Beth stayed up crying and talking about Josh. His death had hurt them both deeply. "And if you really want to know, this wasn't an easy decision for her or Angela. The doctor said you wouldn't make through the night. So now that you're all vamp all the time, you're going to help us end this Terrance guy for good! No jail, no stripping him of being a vamp. Just destruction!" Josef said with a sinister grin. Carl felt his fangs lengthen.
"Definitely" Carl said in anger.
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:09 pm

Mick and Beth made it back to the hospital anxious to know how Carl was doing.
"How is he?" Beth asked Josef as soon as she saw him.
"He wants to talk to you" Josef said laying his hand on her shoulder. Josef saw Mick moving to join his wife but Josef stopped him. "He just wants to see Beth right now" He said. Mick gave his wife a light kiss in support as she walked into the room not sure what she would be facing. She quietly walked in and saw Carl sitting up talking on his phone.
"Listen, I have go now, but I'll call you back" Carl said hanging up the phone. "Hi Beth" He said. Beth walked towards the bed.
"How are you feeling?" She asked, holding her head down not yet wanting to look at him.
"How do I feel? That's your question for me? How do I feel?" Carl said in a tone that Beth didn't understand. It wasn't anger or sadness.....just indifference. "Physically, I feel great....mentally....let's just say I'm trying to cope.....listen Beth, I want you to know that I'm not mad at you. From what the doctors told me, I would have been dead last night and I can't think of what that would have been like for Angela and the kids, so I don't want you to feel guilty or anything. You made the right decision, but I'm going to need some time process everything that's going on right now. So don't mistake that for anger or anything" Carl said trying hard to explain how he felt. Beth sat next to him and held his hand.
"You're my best friend Carl. We've been through so much together and when I got the was ..." She said stopping to wipe her eyes.
"It was like Josh all over again" Carl finished for her. She nodded and continued to cry. Carl embraced her.
"Thank you Beth. Thank you for caring about me and my family" Carl said hugging her tightly.
"'re going to have to let me go before you crush me to death" She said.
"Oh! I'm sorry. I forgot.....newbie strength" Carl said with a grin. Beth got up and called Mick in. He could tell by the look in her eyes, that everything was going to be alright. Mick walked over to Carl and hugged him briefly before speaking.
"Anything. You hear me? Anything, anytime. Just call". Mick said.
"Thanks man. That means a lot". Carl replied.
"I brought you some refreshments" Mick said opening up his bag to show Carl the blood. Carl's eyes gleamed, but he stopped himself for a moment as if counting to 10.
"Yeah Mick. Thanks" he said although Mick could tell Carl was on the edge of his self control. Mick took out a bag and gave it to Carl. He quickly drank it down then Mick handed him another one before Carl begged off. "I never thought I would ever say this, but damn that was good!" Carl said laying back on the bed.
"So listen Carl, Beth and I want you to stay with us until you get your hunger under complete control. It's better for the kids this way. They're too young to handle seeing their dad in full on vamp mode". Mick said.
"You need to train me?" Carl asked.
"Yes we do" Beth said with a smile.

Terrance grew tired of waiting for Mick to return so he decided to go out on the town and have a little fun. Maybe leave Mick a little present at his door of things soon to come. he laughed out loud just thinking about it. This was going to be fun!!

Josef made sure that all mortals were not present as they relocated Carl. Katrina and Isabelle swept the surrounding area to make sure they were safe and unseen.
"I've secured a large suite at Kostan Towers for all of you" Josef said as Harold his driver started to drive off. Josef held up his hand. "I know what all of you are going to say, but Kostan Towers is the safest place for a newbie. Vampire tenants and Dragos and Alma close by. It doesn't get any more secure than that" he replied.
"Josef's right Mick. We'd also have the space for a complete training" Beth said.

And when Josef showed them up to the 3-bedroom suite Carl whistled.
"Damn Josef! This is incredible. How much is it to live here?" He asked laughing.
"For you, it's free rent" Josef said seriously. Carl quickly turned to look at them.
"No seriously?" Carl asked again.
"Carl, when I knew Beth would turn you, I had my maintenance team work on this suite for the sole purpose of reserving it for you and your family. And again, you are charged no rent" Josef said.
"Josef, you know as a Police Captain, I can't accept freaking cool as this is, it would be considered a bribe". Carl said sadly.
"Then resign and work for me?" Josef said. "Hear me out. We've been having a ton of trouble with security. We had one guy who compromised safety for sex, we had a serial rapist/killer living here and a slew of other robberies and I need someone that I can trust and quite frankly, I don't trust anyone outside of the people in this apartment with me right now" Josef said. "You'll get a substantial pay, full benefits, free access to day care and kindergarten for the kids, plus access to vacation homes all over the world free to stay in, free college tuition for the kids at any university they want to attend and a company car....I think we up graded to Lexus this year...and..."
"Josef stop!" Carl said laughing. "I think that is more than enough" Carl replied.
"Look, all I'm trying to say is that, this is a whole new chapter in your life. Things are no longer the same. And if you still feel that policing bug creeping up on you, Mick I'm sure has an active caseload that he will need help on" Josef said with a smirk at Mick.
"Let me think about this okay? And talk to Angela" Carl said sitting on the large leather sofa thinking how amazing that this was being offered to him.

The next 72 hours Carl had learned quite a lot about being a vampire. He met with Julian and Brian and talked about vampire protocol in all matters, as well as vampire hierarchy and Counsel.
He and Beth worked on using their connection to alert each other on what was going on and when all was said in done, Carl was ready see his family again. Angela and the kids met him at the suite that may or may not be their new residence. When Carl opened the door, Jackson ran towards him.
"Daddy!!!" He screamed loudly. "You're all better!!" He said running into Carl's outstretched arms. Carl held his son tightly.
"Yeah, I'm all better" He said turning to look at his daughter who was still standing next to Angela, almost not willing to believe her dad was standing right in front of her, after what grandma had told them of him being attacked my a criminal. Sylvia looked at his face, neck and arms and not seeing any wounds, she ran to her daddy and jumped into his arms.
"I knew you'd be okay. I prayed really hard" She said sounding funny because of a couple of missing teeth.
"Thank you for praying for me sweetheart" He said holding her in his arms and inhaling her special scent that was pure innocence. "I see your missing some teeth" He said smiling at her. She giggled.
"I was eating a pear and they came out, it was so funny!" She said laughing.

Mick and Beth finally made their way home.
"I don't know about you babe but I'm ready to hit the sack as soon as we hit the apartment" Mick said with sleepy smile.
"Me too" Beth said as Mick started to place the key in the door, he stopped. Someone had been in the apartment. Brian appeared next them and pushed them away from the door. He sped threw the apartment and raced back to them in the hallway.
"A vampire was here. He didn't go up stairs or enter any rooms, he just stayed in this main room here. He touched both pictures of Gabriel and myself and touched you and mom's wedding photo" Brian said.
"He has made a decision to destroy mom" Brian said frowning. "Sorry guys, but you can't stay here" He said grabbing their hands and taking them back to Kostan Towers. Josef turned around.
"I thought you guys were going home?" He asked.
"Their apartment's been compromised" Brian said. "Terrence was there sir"
"Looks like your taking the other suite that's down on the 57th fl." Josef said opening up a drawer and going through a lot of keys. finding the right one, he tossed them to Mick. "Stay as long as you need to" Josef said. Brian took them down to the suite and unlocked the door.
"Holy smokes!" Beth said. She looked all around the extremely large apartment that was very tastefully decorated. Huge Jacob Lawrence paintings of jazz clubs and an vintage inspired Jukebox in the corner. "This looks like it could be your apartment Mick!" She said noticing the color scheme even matched Mick's tastes.
"I think Josef is trying to tell us something" Mick muttered.

Brian went back to Josef's apartment.
"Sir, we need to talk" Brian said
"What is it" Josef replied.
"There are two dead women in mom and dad's apartment. I didn't tell them. I thought it would be better if I didn't" Brian said.
"Take me there" Josef said quickly calling Katrina and Isabelle for a clean up.

Josef groaned looking at the two females who had been savagely torn apart.
"How much time would you need for a relocation?" Josef asked Katrina.
"To have all of this moved to Kostan Towers? 5-6 hours" Katrina replied.
"Make it happen and I'll pay your triple" He said. "Brian go get your folks and take them to Si Argentina. Tell them its a surprise and its important" He said.
"Will do sir" Brian said taking off.
"Did Terrance do this?" Isabelle asked. At Josef's nod, she began to speak telepathically with her sister and Josef knew that Terrance Walters minutes were numbered.
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Re: And He Served Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:56 pm

Mick was a little tired but the minute they walked into the decadent restaurant and he smelled the flavors of smoked meat mingling with peppers and cumin, he was anxious to eat food. It had been awhile for he and Beth. He had heard that some vampires ate a little mortal food everyday, but he and Beth decided they would only do it for special occasions. Beth looked all around the exclusive restaurant in awe.
"Have you ever been here before?" She asked.
"No, I always wanted to but just couldn't justify spending $200 for a steak, I don't care how delicious it was"
"You're kidding. For a steak? That must be some steak" Beth laughed. They ordered their drinks and watched the flamenco dancers before they ordered their meal. Josef and Brian joined them short after the dancers left the floor.
"Okay Josef why this surprise dinner? Not that I'm going to refuse but what gives?" Mick said with a smile. Josef looked at Brian and nodded for him to take it from there.
"I found two dead women in your apartment. Terrence we know is responsible. Josef and I feel that you should take the suite at Kostan Towers permanently. I know you love your place but living separate makes you more vulnerable. Even Gabriel and Zoe have moved back for this reason. I for one would rest better knowing that you and mom were close by" Brian finished. Mick and Beth looked at each other seeing the reason for his argument and they would not resist.
"Okay. We'll get packing...." Mick began to say. "You already have people there don't you?" Mick asked.
"Isabelle and Katrina are taking this relocation on personally" Josef said.
"We have to end this Josef" Mick said forcefully.
"We will" Josef said. "Now I'm starving so lets have the most decadent meal we can afford?"
"What can't you afford Josef?" Beth asked with a smile.
"True" Josef quipped back.

Katrina, Isabelle and the other Cleaners had Mick and Beth's apartment cleared out quicker than they expected.
"Sister, do you think we should stay and see if Terrence shows up?" Isabelle asked.
"This Terrence is a very intelligent vampire. Vampires who have served their country are always quite cunning. I do not believe he will return here. Remember he is a friend of Mick's. He knows Mick's mind and how it works. He most likely knows that Mick has a family. He will start there" Katrina replied.
"He knows nothing of Dragos and the little one's true self, so if he is indeed trying to come up against them, this will be over with quite quickly, but if he continues spilling blood we will have to find him before mortals decide having vampires around are too much of a danger"

Terrence was in the Library doing research. Mick's wife Beth St. John was a very fascinating woman. A former internet reporter turned news anchor to press secretary for the President of the United States. What an ambitious woman. Beauty as well as brains. That was a rare combination he thought. She was beginning to become more tempting by the second, but he had to take care of the detective's wife and children, then this Beth St. John. And when Mick was all alone, he would finish this once and for all.
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