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Two Women Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:15 pm

Moonlight Fanfiction
Two Women
Rated PG
By Ella713

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Isabelle helps Josef catch a thief and feelings start to resurface.

"I know I placed it right there" Bridgett said beginning to open every drawer in the bedroom.
"When was the last time you wore it?" Josef asked thinking that this wasn't a big deal and he could easily replace the necklace.
"Two weeks ago when we went to Opening of The Barber of Seville with Mick and Beth" She replied becoming frustrated. The necklace was an Anniversary present and cost somewhere in the neighborhood on $150,000! She didn't want Josef to think she was careless with his gifts. It made her look like a spoiled brat who didn't appreciate anything.
"Look Bridgett, I can easily buy you another necklace. Try not to worry so much about it. Most likely the clasp came undone at the Opera and you just made some Usher's wife the happiest woman in the world!" Josef joked kissing her before he went down to his office.

Bridgett continued looking for the necklace retracing her steps and trying to remember if she had indeed placed it in the jewelry cabinet at all.

Faith Carver was the wife of one of Josef's top Engineers and she knew right away they had been robbed. She was meticulous and obsessed with keeping their apartment in pristine condition, for while Josef's visits to them were rare, she always kept their apartment looking it's best just in case he did stop by for a chat. She shivered thinking of Barb Hansen who never cleaned her apartment and Josef came to speak with her husband and brought along a client from Monaco. Needless to say, Josef had not been pleased at all! She thought about where the diamond broach could be for a few more seconds before picking up the phone to call Security.

Alma had heard from Pamela on the 32nd floor that she had some jewelry that appeared to be missing from her apartment and wanted to know if Alma could see anything. Alma lit the seeing herbs and waited for the vision to appear. He eyes snapped open and she called for a driver to take her to Kostan Industries.

"Brian, I'm talking about an increase of 1.3% overall, not each quarter" Josef explained and Brian was about to respond when Alma came charging through Josef's office. "Alma please tell your husband that he is not always right about everything" Josef said with a grin looking at Brian's stoic expression.
"I'd love to Josef but it would be a lie. But I have something to tell" She said looking at them both. "We have a thief at Kostan Towers. All jewelry from 6 different apartments." Alma said. Josef blinked.
"Did they call the police?" Josef asked.
"No. Faith Carver has alerted Security, but I'm assuming that everyone thought they had simply misplaced the items, but Pam called and asked if I could see anything and I saw someone stealing the jewelry from 6 separate apartments".
"Do you see someone actually breaking into the apartments?" Brian asked.
"No. I don't even have a clear picture on who the person is, but they are simply in the apartment taking the jewelry" She said.
"You know Bridgett is missing the necklace I got her for our Anniversary" Josef said
"Then whoever this person is, they are certainly bold enough to rob the boss" Alma said.
"Are you missing anything Alma?" Josef asked.
"My wife has no patience for baubles" Brian said with a grin remembering the last disagreement they had was over him wanting to buy her some emerald earrings.
"So that tells me that the perp knew who had finery and who didn't, which means its an inside job.....again!" Josef said standing up, picking up the phone and calling the head of his Security.

Kostan Towers was now on a 72 Hour lock down. That meant that no one got in without a key card and those were given to tenants and security. Even packages were held at the loading dock and held in the lobby office for tenants to pick up. Josef was taking no chances.

"So are you sure you're not missing anything?" Brian asked Alma although he could sense that things in their unit were as they should be.
"Well, my Batman decoder ring that I've had since I was 6 was still on my vanity unless you're trying to tell me something" Alma joked. Brian smiled at his wife.
"I think your ring will remain safe." He laughed.

She pulled out the sapphire necklace and tried it on. Oh my! She exclaimed to herself. This was a truly beautiful treasure. She noticed that Josef had tightened security around his building, as if that could ever deter her from entering. She was going to the ballet tomorrow evening and needed something truly stunning.

Three other apartments had been hit by the end of the week and Josef was on edge.
"Sir, this might be the work of a vampire" Brian said thinking of all the vampires in Kostan Towers. Not one vampire residing there had the ability to project himself at will. Josef was shaking his head.
"No one here is able other than you and I know you aren't interested in jewelry" Josef said. "Alma still can see anything?" He asked.
"No. Something is blocking her sight" Brian replied. "Do you think Katrina might be able to help?" Brian offered. "She might be able to do a location spell or something like that"
"That's great thinking Brian!" Josef said taking out his mobile phone.

Katrina frowned after she spoke with Josef. She drove to Kostan Towers and quickly went through every floor of the building. A vampire she didn't know had been here. A female vampire! Well that was no surprise, she thought to herself. Josef and his harem of women were annoying to say the least, but this thief would be caught and destroyed!
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Re: Two Women Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:29 am

"Brian told me you've got a thief at Kostan Towers?" Mick asked Josef when they met for drinks.
"Oh yeah. Hey Mick, I've been meaning to tell you, I've got a thief at Kostan Towers who likes to steal jewelry" Josef said with a grin. Mick rolled his eyes.
"How many people have been hit?" Mick asked.
"7 and counting. And this creep knows exactly who has the best swag which makes me think that one of my own tenants is turning my building into his very own grab bag" Josef said becoming a bit ticked off. When this guy was found, there would be no mercy!
"You want me to check things out?" Mick asked.
"Alma thinks its a vamp, so I called Katrina" Josef said.
"Well, I think this creep's thieving days are pretty much at an end" Mick said knowing the Katrina would find the perp very quickly.

A construction worker in San Diego had lost control of his newbie who in turn was killing everyone in his path. Katrina was called to bring the newbie to Dragos which left Josef and his "what woman did I screw over this time" problem high and dry. Isabelle who was returning from a sabbatical in Budapest was called to help Josef find the thief.

"Oh my!" Darrian said to herself laughing out loud. "The boy king will be most put out" She said when the vision came to her. Gideon walked into the apartment and saw Darrian laughing to herself.
"What has my dad done this time" He asked walking over and sitting beside her.
"He has actually done nothing which is why this so amusing. Trouble does love to seek him out continually" She said. Gideon, understanding her meaning simply shook his head.
"A woman from the past" He said with a smile.
"We will have to keep a sharp eye out for this one. She is not to be meddled with" Darrian said.

Three more apartments were hit in spite of Josef having the building on lock down. Security surveyed the surveillance tapes again and again and could find no one entering or leaving the building that did not live or work there.
"Vincent have you got something?" Josef asked in frustration, looking at his newest Head of Security.
"Mr. Kostan, whoever it is they aren't mortal because they would have triggered the motion alarms on every floor, so ninja's aside you're definitely looking for a supernatural being of some kind, because I have just found out we can't even pull fingerprints" He said.
"So you're saying I have a ghost with extravagant taste roaming around Kostan Towers?" Josef joked but not finding any humor in the situation. Vincent nodded his head, but then looked back at the video screen. "What is it?" Josef asked suddenly.
"Your comment about a ghost being in the building just made me thing of something. We could try correlated-photon imaging. Its what paranormal investigators use to detect ghost" He said.
"I thought that stuff was just made up for T.V." Josef said.
"It's very real sir. It's a technique that produces an image of an object by combining information from two light detectors. So anyone creeping through the halls will show up on the imaging screen" He replied. "The equipment isn't cheap though" He finished.
"It doesn't sound like it would be. Get it installed here on every single floor including the common areas as well" Josef said.
"Will do" Vincent said picking up the phone to make the call.

Isabelle walked into Kostan Towers and presented herself to the Security Guard.
"Hello Mrs. Ko......" The Guard started to say but stopped himself. "I will ring Mr. Kostan" He said quickly picking up the phone. Josef came out to the Lobby a little confused to see Isabelle again.
"Isabelle!" Josef said in surprise. "What are you doing here?" He asked noticing she was back in her cleaner attire of all black.
"Katrina said I am to help you with your burglary problem. She has been called away" She said looking all around the lobby.
"Okay. What do you need from me?" Josef asked.
"I will need an empty unit to set up" She said.
"We have an empty studio on 11 that was just vacated. Will that do?" He asked.
"Yes." She said. Josef looked over to the security desk.
"Call James and have him show Isabelle 1101" Josef said taking a deep breath wondering how he would explain to Bridgett that Isabelle was staying in the building.
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Re: Two Women Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:05 pm

"Come!" Bridgett heard Darrian say as the door opened before she could knock. "Master Gideon will be arriving shortly. He had to meet with Captain Carl regarding a most deplorable man who simply could not understand that when a woman says no she does not mean yes, like the romance novels would have you believe! I personally would like to throw all romance novelist off a very high cliff!" Darrian said in disgust.
"I agree with you! Some woman at Kostan Inc. tried to force upon me Fifty Shades of Gray!" Bridgett said taking a seat.
"A very silly book not worthy of the paper that was wasted" Darrian agreed. "You have come to ask something." Darrian said. "I do not know who this thief is but I do know what she is taking from you all" She said.
"So its a woman?" Bridgett asked knowing somehow that it would be a woman. "is it a woman known to Josef?" She asked also knowing the answer to that question.
"Of course it is, that you already know. The boy king, before you came along of course was a rake of the highest, but have no fear. That life is behind him. Unfortunately when you have lived as long as Josef has, those left behind will continually seek you out. This is such a woman." She said. Gideon walked through the door and saw his mother sitting with Darrian.
"Mom what are doing here?" He said walking over and giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"I just had some questions about the burglaries in the building" She said.
"Don't worry. That woman will be caught soon" Gideon said. "Come. I'll walk you back home. I need to speak with Dad" Gideon said before walking over to Darrian and kissing her. "I'll be right back" He whispered.

As they walked down the long hallway Bridgett just had to ask.
"How are you Gideon? I mean how are things going?" She asked.
"Mom you're still speaking of sex". Gideon said.
"Well.....sort of....I just want to know if you're happy" She asked.
"Yes I am. I love Darrian and she loves me, but you can't think of our relationship like yours with dad" Gideon said with a small smile. Bridgett just looked at her son who was the spitting image of Josef and squeezed his arm.
"Okay." She said softly.
"I'm still a virgin mom, just so you know" Gideon said swiping the card that would access the Penthouse floor. Bridgett sighed not knowing why she felt so happy at his reply.

"Bridgett! I was wondering where you'd gone off to" Josef said walking over to her and enveloping her in his arms.
"I popped down to see Darrian and Gideon" She said kissing his cheek and turning to go upstairs. "I'll leave you both" She said. Josef looked at his son.
"What's up Gideon?" He asked.
"Isabelle. How is this going to work?" He asked mildly.
"Hopefully It will work with Izzy catching the perp and going quickly home" Josef said firmly.
"Are you going to tell mom about her being here?" Gideon asked.
"Yeah. I have to. I can't lie to her. I won't" Josef said. "How did everything go with Carl?"
"Very well. In addition to Mr. Clifton who confessed, he also ratted out his entire goon squad, so they're all going down for a very long time." Gideon said.
"How are things with Darrian?" Josef asked.
"Everything is going very well. Darrian's amazing! Talking to her is like reading the most fascinating history book ever written! She never gets tried of answering questions" He said.
"Really? Darrian hates questions" Josef asked with a chuckle.
"Not any more" Gideon said with a knowing smile.

Isabelle set up the things she would need to track the vamp. She had to work hard to block out all the surrounding vibrations at Kostan Towers. Supernatural creatures seemed to be drawn to this structure for reasons her and Katrina couldn't figure out. It was most likely because of Josef Kostan himself. She had heard talk of him being a divine being. Otherworldly creatures were drawn to divine entities like moths to a flame. Using all her power she blocked everything out. Suddenly she stood and ran to Josef's penthouse. He could be in danger!

"And just what have you been up to all day?" Josef said taking Bridgett in his arms.
"I think you should be the last person asking questions like that this close to Christmas" Bridgett teased lifting her lips to his.
"So you think I won't figure it out? If memory serves it is actually Josef Kostan 5 to your 0."
"But now that I know all your sneaky tricks, I've taken extra precautions. Oh, Alma is off limits" She said with a raise eyebrow.
"You know about that huh? Ok, I cheated a little. So let's say Josef 4, Bridgett 1" He said kissing her deeply. Suddenly the door flew open and there was Isabelle standing in the doorway watching them both. She said nothing at first but then took off speeding throughout the Penthouse.
"Your thief was here today. Not very long ago" She said looking at both Josef and Bridgett with and expression that was unreadable. Bridgett placed her hands to her mouth and looked at Josef in shock.
"Bridgett.........Katrina was called away and Isabelle was assigned to help catch our thief" Josef explained. Bridgett remained frozen not knowing what to say and still feeling nothing but shame where Isabelle was concerned.
"She has taken your father's ring" Isabelle said. Josef ran up stairs to the master bedroom and saw that the ring was indeed gone. He sighed and came back downstairs and saw Isabelle walk closer to Bridgett. "You look familiar. Who are you?" Isabelle said. Bridgett swallowed before she replied.
"My name is Bridgett. I work......." She began to say.
"You are the Secretary" Isabelle said staring at the young woman on the verge of remembering something important.
"So the ring is gone!" Josef said loudly racing down the stairs.
"This vampire is angry with you Josef" Isabelle said finally looking at Josef.
"I have done nothing that would warrant..." Josef started to say but Isabelle raised up an elegant hand.
"I care not Josef" Isabelle said closing her eyes and shutting herself down. Josef walked over to the door and seeing that the lock was broken pulled out his mobile and arranged for a Locksmith to come right away. He called for a freshie so he and Bridget could feed while they waited for Isabelle to respond. Suddenly her eyes opened and she spoke with her back to both of them. "I will stay here tonight" She said walking out the door. "I will return" She said shutting the door behind her. Josef stared at her as she left,then shook his head with a grin. Isabelle never ceased to amaze him.
Bridgett looked over at Josef and saw his expression and she became very very worried.
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Re: Two Women Rated PG

Postby Ella713 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:42 am

"Did she mean stay in this apartment?" Bridgett asked. Josef was still looking at the door.
"Yeah, I think that's exactly what she meant" Josef replied.
"Mr. Kostan....I mean Josef" Bridgett began to say becoming nervous and reverting back to calling him Mr. "I...I feel very nervous about her staying in this apartment with us" She said with pleading eyes. Josef suddenly turned to look at her and his eyes softened.
"Look, I know this situation isn't ideal, but this thief has to be caught and Isabelle unfortunately is the only one in Katrina's absence who can" Josef explained. Bridgett slipped out his arms and began to pace.
"I know, but this is.....I mean she was your wife!" Bridgett said with urgency in her voice.
"Honey, I know you feel uncomfortable about this, but Isabelle went through a purging just to rid herself of all of her former feelings for me. She didn't even remember you. I think she's here to simply catch a thief and she'll be back with her sisters" Josef said walking towards her and wrapping her in his arms. "You are my one and only love. Forever" He whispered as he kissed her forehead.

Isabelle went to retrieve the things she needed but something weighed on her mind but she couldn't grasp what it was. She turned when she heard a knock on the door. She closed her eyes briefly then opened the door.
"Come in" She said as Alma walked in.
"I heard you were watching over Josef and his wife and I wanted to lend a hand" Alma said with a smile.
"Can my Lord spare you?" Isabelle asked bowing her head to the vampire who was the wife of Dragos.
"He says I am at your disposal" Alma said. "Are you ready? We must prepare" She finished as she walked towards the door. Isabelle forgot whatever was weighing on her mind and focused on the mission at hand.

She put on the wedding gown that her family had purchased for her wedding, so sure she was that Josef would propose, but there it hung in the same garment bag it had been dropped off in. Sometimes she would take it out and try it on thinking about what her wedding would have been like. Her father would have spared no expense. As she looked at herself, she noticed that the style was little dated but still very beautiful. She fixed her lipstick and put on all the jewelry she had stolen. She picked up the bouquet that carefully held a stake. Josef would be first, then she'd deal with this bride. She smoothed the material over her hips liking what she saw.
"It's time" She whispered to herself.

The locksmith was just finishing when Josef heard a knock on the door. He smiled brightly when he saw that Alma was with Isabelle.
"So you've come to deal with the thief as well?" Josef joked.
"Yes. I thought I could be of use" She said looking directly at Josef knowing what was in his mind. Josef let out a small sigh.
"Thank you" He said.
"I will go speak with Bridgett" Alma said and found her in the kitchen cooking which is what she did when she became nervous.
"So what's on the menu tonight?" Alma said with a small smile. Bridgett smiled back and walked over to give her a hug.
"Garlic Mushroom Ravioli" She said walking back to the counter.
"You are a marvel. Brian told me that Jamie Oliver is a vampire you know?" She said.
"No way! Are you serious?" Bridgett asked in shock.
"Yes. Josef didn't think he had a chance. I mean who's heard of a vampire chef?" Alma laughed then touched Bridgett's shoulder. "I will be here with Isabelle all night" She whispered. Bridgett mouthed the words"thank you" as she got back to her recipe.

"I know who this thief is Josef. It is a woman by the name of Madeline Cross" Isabelle said looking at him. Josef closed his eyes momentarily.
"That Bitch!" He said in anger.
"She is obsessed with you and has been for a very long time." Isabelle said. "Do not worry. I will catch her." She said walking towards the side table to pour herself a drink. After downing the entire contents, she turned to look at Josef. "Must all women want you so desperately my love?" Josef stopped and looked at her suddenly.
"What did you say?" He asked remembering those familiar words she had spoken to him on more than one occasion. Isabelle said nothing as she saw Alma come back to the living room.
"Now Josef, you and Bridgett are going to Darrian's to eat the delicious meal she just prepared and Isabelle and I will take care of your thief" Alma said sternly. Josef nodded his head and went to help Bridgett pack up the food and within 10 minutes they had left. When they were alone Alma turned to face Isabelle. "When did your memories return?" She asked.
"A month ago" She said. "I will not purge myself again" She answered with sadness in her voice.
"No, I don't suppose you would." Alma said. "We will talk about this later, right now we gotta catch this Madeline Cross woman" She said pulling out a satchel from her handbag and began drawing a circle in the middle of the floor.
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