Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

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Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

Postby MickBethKiss » Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:29 pm

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Title: Out of the Blue Chapter 1
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This is supposed to follow Maybe We Can be Normal part 1, because it has the very beginning of this story. I put an extra title, Out of the Blue prequel, but it’s not really a prequel since in order for this story to make sense, you’ll have to read that first...

Chapter 1
“Who… Who are you?” Josef trembled, unable to even attempt at a cool approach. Josef hadn’t been this freaked since before he was a vampire!
“I’m Andrea, at least that’s what people call me nowadays. I’ve had too many names to remember them all, or to count.” The girl said. Josef took deep breaths, trying to avoid hyperventilation. But he was calming down a bit, taking comfort from the fact that Andrea at least had a normal name. It helped him wrap his head around the fact that there were vampires ten times as old as him. Josef hadn’t realized there were vampires so old; he thought all vampires alive today were no older than six hundred years.
“Okay, Andrea. What are you doing here, and what do you want?” Josef’s terrified eyes searched her for something that would give her away, something to tell him who she was, to no avail.
“I’m here to talk to you. You need help. Not only are you seriously public, but you’re four hundred years old. Do you think people don’t catch onto things like that?” Andrea asked scathingly.
“Well, I’m pretty careful. And I’ve only been here for a few years. Nothing to attract attention. Plus, who would look closely enough to find that I’m in a few pictures and paintings from a while back? The only ones who would would be vampires and they would know.” Andrea looked extremely frustrated. Josef scoffed to think that she had come all the way just to tell him something that didn’t change anything.
“I think I’d know if some humans are getting suspicious.” Andrea said.
“Look, even if some humans are getting a bit confused, it won’t make any difference. No one in their right mind would ever think I’m a vampire.” Josef rolled his eyes.
“It’s threat to our secrecy.”
“Trust me, I know all about that.”
“I know a lot more than you do, Mr. Smart Aleck. Don’t forget how much I outrank you.” Josef glared.
“You can go. I know what I’m doing.”
“No, I don’t think you do.” Andrea looked him straight in the eye when she said that.
“Yes, I know exactly what I’m doing! If you haven’t noticed, I’m rich and more powerful than most vampires here in L.A. I’m careful and I have a guy that deals with relocations. I don’t keep close human friends, and I can play down almost any accusation.” Josef raised an angry eyebrow, accompanied with a furious glare. He didn’t like being told he wasn’t good enough, that someone was better.
“You don’t understand!” she shouted, looking afraid. Josef was confused. Was she telling him he needed to relocate or something else?
“What do you mean?” he asked warily.
“I… Oh, well, I might as well tell you. Your old acquaintance… Well, she’s pissed and wants you dead. She’s been scouring the globe for you, thinking you’d be lying low, but she’s caught on, and intends on killing you herself. Josef stared, and then snorted.
“Sure. My dead acquaintance is coming to kill me. I don’t know if you didn’t notice, but I killed her, only a few years after I met her. So no, you can’t get me to get out of L.A.” Josef turned his back on her and tried to pretend she wasn’t as old as she said she was, but the smell of her decay filled the room. It was hard to escape. “You can go.” Josef said, organizing some papers on his desk.
“You are so thick, Josef. It’s not that hard to realize she’s coming after you! How did you kill her, huh? Are you completely sure she’s dead?” Andrea asked. Come to think of it, Josef wasn’t sure she was dead. It had been over three hundred years ago, and Josef hadn’t thought about it for over two hundred years. After getting on Mick’s back about not checking Coraline’s ashes and Spalding, Josef started to feel like a real idiot. He’d left Mirabelle slightly silvered in a building that was collapsing and on fire, but not where she was. Josef had known the fire would spread, and even if the silver didn’t paralyze her, she wouldn’t be very strong, so it would be extremely hard for her to escape in time. Mirabelle was trying to kill Josef then. He’d never really figured out why. Josef had assumed she’d died, but he’d been young and a lot more naïve and stupid back then.
“You’re not telling me…” Josef said fearfully a few minutes later.
“Yeah. She’s even more pissed and coming after you. I’m not gonna help her, but I don’t think I’ll do anything more on your behalf. I don’t want to get killed trying to save you. No offense, but I think I’d like to stay one of the oldest vampires still alive today. Actually, some people would be surprised that there’re only a few vampires from my time still around. Some pharaohs of Egypt ordered for hundreds of vampires to be created at a time, so they could win the war. Of course, after some time, the enemies caught on and forced some of the vampires to create their own army. They also started bringing fire to the fight. Greece created a new race capable of killing vampires with no competition. The vampires couldn’t stand up against them, and the vampires raised for fights were slaughtered, ending in a much smaller population. After Greece won the war, they only kept two of the vampire slayers, just in case they were needed. Otherwise, they killed the rest of them off. It took a lot of work and lives, but it could be done if you knew what you were doing.” Andrea looked solemn.
“What were they?” Josef asked timidly. He hadn’t known any species capable of killing vampires like it was nothing.
“Dogs, wolves. You could call them werewolves, but that’s not what they were originally called. It was a cross species, vampire and werewolf.” She was looking at the floor when she said that, but glanced up and added, “Don’t ask.”
“So you were… Around back then?” Josef asked.
“Yeah. I was three when Egypt conquered Nubia. It was around 1500 B.C. So when the war happened, I was over 1100 years old. So right now, I’m around 3500 years old.” She flashed a unhappy smile, and Josef took a step back.
“Three thousand years old?”
“About that, yeah.” Josef just stared, startled, and then shook his head, trying to make sense of all of it. He wasn’t usually this caught off guard!
“So you’re… Here to save my butt?” Josef asked, getting his bearings. “You’d just do that?” He asked, with a weird face.
“Hey, don’t get cocky. I’m not here to win a date, smart one. I just figured I’d do something productive, something that would do some good in the world.” At first, Andrea looked at his face, but halfway through the sentence, she looked down at the ground. Josef shook off the strange feeling he had, then sauntered over to his desk again. Taking deep breaths, he organized his thoughts.
“What the hell am I supposed to do?” Josef’s eyes popped wide, and realized Mirabelle would do anything to get what she wanted. She was never one to try to hide the fact she was a vampire, or minimize damage or even refrain from doing something drastic. She must’ve made Josef paranoid; after all, even he knew how careful he was.
Josef’s mind wandered back to 1682, the closest it ever came to the secret of their vampirism getting out. Mirabelle had drunk five men dry; Josef had only had half of a young woman. The rest of the time he was begging, pleading, asking, and actually trying to drag Mirabelle away from the tiny, rundown, recently un-abandoned house where there was a small supply of extremely drunk men. Josef knew she had intended in draining all of the men.
“Josef, trust me,” Mirabelle purred, holding his hand and dragging him into the small house, on an overcrowded street. Josef had used the name ‘Josef’ several times during his existence, and this had been the first time. Mirabelle, on the other hand, never changed her name. She didn’t really care. Josef tried pulling away, but it a weak attempt and they both knew he had already given in.
“Mirabelle, are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked reluctantly. Josef had been a whole lot more insecure back then.
“Oh, Josef. You know I wouldn’t get you into any real trouble” she smiled wickedly. Josef sighed and followed her in. The men were sitting on small wooden stools, the ‘bar’ in front of them covered in unofficial bottles, some full and some empty, of alcohol. Josef wrinkled his nose at the smell wafting off of them. Mirabelle smiled at him and then turned to the first of them, definitely drunk. Mirabelle was gorgeous, and the men easily fell for her, especially when drunk, so she had free reign. No one could follow very far on ‘leads’, as not many people were left alive from these raids. Mirabelle actually had more control over the police station than they did over the town. Mirabelle dragged the man off of the stool, over to the back of the small room, and drained him in only a few minutes. Josef just stood awkwardly in the corner, until after Mirabelle’s third, when she noticed him.
“Josef, darling. Why aren’t you drinking? Aren’t you thirsty?” Mirabelle asked in a tone that Josef hated, because he couldn’t refuse. “Here.” Mirabelle pushed a young, blonde woman towards him. “Umm…” Josef replied. “Drink up, honey.” Mirabelle said, and spun around to grab the next unlucky drunk. Josef reluctantly sank him teeth into the girl’s neck, and pulled some of her sweet blood forward, but as soon as Mirabelle became obsessed with the next man, Josef stopped and hid the girl behind the counter with a glass of water. She’d come around eventually.
“Mirabelle, it’s time to go.” Josef tried to convince her to leave.
‘” Now, darling, what makes you think that? Are you already done with the girl?” Mirabelle asked.
“I, uh, let’s just go!” Josef moaned. He could hear the police force outside, each step getting closer to unveiling Mirabelle’s stash. Josef yanked Mirabelle’s hand away from the man, and tried dragging her out the back door.
“What the hell are you doing?” Mirabelle snarled, and back-handed Josef in the face.
“Trying to avoid being discovered!” he shouted back, the tension already at a boiling point.
“I don’t care about being discovered! It’s only too easy to kill off the ones who discovered us!”
“Do you want to start a riot? Vampires are already getting popular, people are noticing. Most of that is our fault! Twenty, thirty, forty years we could be discovered, the whole planet could know, and we won’t be able to escape. They might figure out how to kill us! You know paranoid everyone is! Witches already came into style, who says we aren’t next?” Josef’s rampage cut off short, as the door got kicked in by a man with a gun.
Mirabelle’s blood stained face and dress, her milky eyes, sharp teeth and growl were enough to have anyone scream “VAMPIRE!” and, the shot gun rang out, three times, and Mirabelle’s brown, wavy hair was splattered with blood. Her wounds did no difference to her health; she snarled and was next to the man in only a moment. Four more men had poured into the bar by then, and she snapped the first’s neck, while Josef stood behind, a terrified expression filling his face. Another man saw Josef, and the blood stain on his shirt was enough for two more gunshots to pierce the air, leaving two holes in Josef’s chest. That was the breaking point – Josef snatched the gun, and shot him in the chest, and two seconds later, all four men were dead.
Mirabelle dashed outside, glanced around, and several others noticed her. She fled, along with Josef on her heels. They kept running, straight through a river to lose the scent, and by morning, Josef was sure the humans couldn’t follow them. He and Mirabelle would have to find another town. They would go on until Josef would get the brain to kill her…
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Re: Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

Postby jen » Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:01 pm


This truly came out of the blue!!!

In this brief chapter, you have widely expanded the Moonlight world that we knew, as Josef, who believes he is the top of the food chain and that Lola was the oldest vampire he had ever met at 500 years old, learns that there are vampires much. MUCH older!

We have seen how being a vampire has effected Josef and a few others, who move through cultures being a part of the world around them, and yet not, but how would their 'immortality' effect a vampire who had seen empires rise and fall, and the world shift and change before their eyes. Is there anything left of the personality who once stood in the sunlight without discomfort, ate and occupied the mortal coil?

All questions soon to be answered!

Thank you!


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Re: Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

Postby Marigold » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:58 am

Well done, MBK! :rose:

I love reading about vampires' pasts. Because they can have such long lives, they have the opportunity to see and do so much. Andrea's life is fascinating!

It was great to learn a bit more about Josef's early days as a vamp. His paranoia was already evident in 1682, which helps to explain how he managed to survive for so long.

Thank you! :hug: I look forward to reading more! I really want to meet Mirabelle! :hearts:
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Re: Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

Postby francis » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:46 pm

Mirabelle sounds like such a fun, fluffy character - not! And now that she's back Josef will need to find her before she finds him, and destroy her. Maybe Andrea will help.
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Re: Out of the Blue - PG-13 Chp. 1

Postby maggatha3 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:34 pm

:eek2: What can one say about that woman in Josef's life... :noway: That was his sire? No wonder he can feel for Mick..
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