Moonlight's Third Anniversary - Tuesday, Sept. 28th--PARTY!!

Re: Moonlight's Third Anniversary - Tuesday, Sept. 28th--PARTY!!

Postby Tam » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:56 am

allegrita wrote:And today Phoenix made me an admin! :woohoo: I'm so proud and scared and excited. :nails: :nosee: :teeth: :blushing: :cloud9: I promise to try to do a really good job. :hearts:

Woo! Cool :) I already wondered why your name showed up red (though it's too early for rational thought here). Congrats!
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Re: Moonlight's Third Anniversary - Tuesday, Sept. 28th--PARTY!!

Postby HotMicks » Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:49 am

Didn't have time today to watch, but since I almost know it by heart :snicker: , let me just say that it's been fun reading through this thread and seeing how much everyone still enjoys "our little show." :hearts:

And Alle, I have always loved your "ouch" banner, but he had me at "Not if I can help it" (burst into flame). :snicker:

I was a goner from the first episode, and remember thinking, "Who is that guy?" and "Why have I never seen him before?" And I just really, really loved the spunky reporter who is a modern-day woman. And Josef's pad, man, I was impressed (and sufficiently intrigued to want to know what this dude was all about). And I totally didn't get any indication from that short little clip of the story that was to come involving Coraline, but wow, what a story!

It holds up over time, and I still enjoy revisiting the episodes when I have a little free time.

LONG LIVE MOONLIGHT (in our :heart: and in our :bulb: and here at our ML home)!
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