Interview with WFS #71 (FreshieFic) PG-13

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Interview with WFS #71 (FreshieFic) PG-13

Postby VG99 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:10 pm

No infringement intended. CBS and Silver Pictures owns Moonlight. I only own VG.

This story came out of a need for some sort of backstory when RP was alive and thriving.

Interview with WFS #71

VG got off the elevator not really knowing what to expect. How do you dress for such an interview? She decided on her black suit, trendy but professional. It looked lovely on her small 5’5” frame. She added simple gold jewelry…her blond hair in a tousled bob and simple natural make-up. She walked down a long hallway noticing the interesting artwork on the walls. She passed one doorway. Obviously a residence, she thought to herself. She gets up to the door… Mick St. John, Private Investigations. Wondering just what she expected to find here, she almost turned around but curiosity got the better of her. She raised her hand to knock on the door, but a tall gentleman with wavy brown hair, beautiful blue green eyes, and an infectious smile opened it first. He guided her into his office.

“I’m Mick St. John.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. St. John.”

VG shook his hand…he had a firm but gentle grip. So far she was impressed.

“Please, call me Mick.”


“So Miss Vi…”

“Just, VG, please…it’s what everyone calls me. No one uses my real name anymore.”

“VG…OK, so tell me about yourself.” Mick asked looking down at her faxed application.

“There isn’t that much to tell, really. I grew up in the Midwest. I went to nursing school at a university in my home town. I really haven’t left there except for family vacations. I was feeling completely bored and stifled there. There was never anything new. It was always the same. Everyone knew everyone else. I really wanted more from my life. Luckily, with nursing you can go anywhere and get a decent paying job. I said goodbye to my family and hopped on a plane to LA. I thought this was as good a place as any to start my adventure. I love to dance and often frequent the clubs around here...I usually go to Club Valis or Pulse, but I like Club Valis better the clientele isn’t so seedy. I make friends easily. I have a glass half-full outlook. I can be impulsive at times, but I always follow my heart…it never leads me astray. My occupation…I’m a cardiac nurse…I really like this field. I get a lot of enjoyment from my work. I work nights…so I usually sleep during the day. Is that what you want to know about me? I really don’t know what else to say...I’m not really that interesting.

“How did you learn about being a willing freshie?” Mick questioned.

“Hmm…as I said I like to go to clubs. For some reason, I was always allowed in…I guess I passed muster.” She smiled. “One night I somehow got shuffled into a corner of a back room. I didn’t mean to, but there I was. I was trying to figure out how to get back to the main dance floor again when a man and woman found their way back there too. I didn’t want to disturb them…they were…um…busy, and I’ll admit it, my inner voyeur came out.” VG blushed a bit. “I sat very still…but I still thought the gentleman knew I was there…I don’t know why, but I’m sure he did. They were umm…getting…more involved…heavily… but then he changed. It was amazing. His eyes…then the fangs…his color became pale like a ghost. I was entranced. I watched as his fangs expertly found their target on her neck. Her expression is what caught me by surprise. I was thinking that it had to hurt, and I think initially it must have. She briefly gasped and then this completely aroused, calm, blissful look came across her face. It was intense and beautiful…I wanted to be her. They left, but I swore he smiled at me…just my imagination, I’m sure. I found my way out to the main floor and began dancing and pondering what I had just witnessed. I couldn’t believe it…but I saw it…right in front of me…a vampire…and I still wanted to be that woman. Later that evening she found me in the crowd and pushed this card into my hand. She gave me a smile and walked away.”

VG fumbled in her purse and pulled out the card. She handed it to the PI. Mick took the card…WFS #38. On the back, it said, Call 555-3188 and make an appointment. You won’t regret it. Mick smiled to himself…Lucky.

Mick’s cell rang and he looked at the caller ID…Josef. “I’m sorry I really need to take this. I’ll be just a moment.”

“OK, take your time.”

With that Mick smiled and walked out of his office into his home.

“Joz’f, what’s the idea of sending me a yet to be bitten freshie? Have you seen my place? It’s crawling with freshies already. I have more than enough. What makes you think I need one more…and especially one that hasn’t been bitten? You know what first bitten freshies are like. ”

“You’re welcome…enjoy her. There’s a lot to be said for being a freshie’s first…the devotion, the intensity, the blood is so much sweeter, my friend…enjoy. I had half a mind to keep her for myself, but the wide-eyed innocent look seemed to be more your speed anyway. How can you not like her?”

“It’s not that I don’t like her…I don’t need another freshie. I’m having enough problems with the ones I already have, or have you forgotten about the latest drama.”

“Hey, look she may not know it and I’m sure she doesn’t but she needs you more than you need her. Did she tell you about her hanging out at Club Valis?”


“Well, a couple months ago, I just started seeing her around. She’s a great dancer. I would bribe the bouncers to keep an eye on her…not let her get into too much trouble. What can I say, I liked to watch her dance. Then, Damon, Derek, and Devon started sniffing around her. You know what they’re like with freshies. The last one they tied up to a chair for weeks and took just enough blood to keep her half dead until they finally drained her. We need to cultivate good freshies! I really think she’s going to be a good bite. I have a sense for these things. Did she tell you about that night at Club Valis?

“You mean the night she saw you?”

“Yes. The three vamps were starting to circle her about to make their move. I had Tim push her into that room. I pulled Lucky in there with me. I thought once I showed some fang she would have been out of there…imagine how shocked I was that she totally got into it. You never know about some girls. I thought about keeping her for myself but I looked at my three ladies and thought they would eat her alive. Your freshies are more accepting of new girls. So I had Lucky send her your way. Mick, keep her out of the clubs at least until she has an affiliation with you. I would hate to see something happen to the kid. Hey, maybe she’ll develop a more sophisticated taste and drop your angst-ridden ass. Who knows? Well, enjoy her, my friend.”

“Thanks, I owe you.” Mick said sarcastically.

Mick returned to his office.

“Sorry. Where were we?”

“Honestly, I really don’t know. Do you need to know anymore about me? I’m really very normal.”

“I get that. I’m just wondering what attracts someone like you to a life like this?”

She silently thought for a moment trying to find the words that had eluded her since she started asking herself the exact same question. “From the moment I saw the vampire drink from that woman, I wanted to be her, experience what she felt. I can’t stop thinking about it actually. I’m so intrigued by the whole notion…I want to be what she is. I hope that makes sense to you. I don’t know how else to explain it. That’s why I’m here. But now I have a question for you. I need to know if you are a worthy recipient of my blood. Blood is life. In my job, I’m keenly aware of this.”

Mick, a little caught of guard by her directness. Usually the freshies he interviews are quiet and seem a bit intimidated by him…this one seems completely at ease.

“Sure…what would you like to know?”

“So you’re a PI right? Are you like one of those seedy guys just trying to make a buck off of people’s misery or do you actually care and take cases on merit instead of money?

Mick ran his fingers through his hair trying to decide how best to answer this. “I’ve been a PI for…well, let’s just say a long time. It is a business. I have to make a living, but I do want to help people. I have been known to take a case that wasn’t fiscally worth my while, but the case was important and needed to be solved.”

Mick could see the relief wash across her face with his answer, then her face got serious, and she bombarded him with questions.

“OK so how does this work…am I like at your beck and call 24/7…do I have to carry a pager or something? How much blood do you drink? How many…freshies…that’s such a funny term…do you have? I’m really trying to understand the lifestyle…Can I keep my job? Do I just feed you, or are there others that I’m required to feed?”

“Whoa…slow down.” Mick shakes his head trying to figure out where to start. “You are not at my beck and call 24/7. I have several ladies who run in and out of my place. And I also have the bottled stuff. It’s up to you if you decide to…um.” Mick started to realize he never really had to answer these questions before and was slightly uncomfortable. Usually, his interviews were with experienced 100% freshies.

“You mean feed you?” VG chimed in. She thought it was funny that he seemed just as uncomfortable with this interview process as she did.

“Right...that. You can definitely keep your job. Most of the freshies just wander in and out of my home at their leisure. I only take the blood I need. As for feeding other vampires, that is your decision. Am I to understand this correctly, you have never fed a vampire before?”

“No…is that OK? I know I’m new to this, but I’ve never been more sure of anything especially now. I really want to do this. I don’t know why, but my heart is telling me I belong here. ”

Mick smiled at her eagerness. Through the whole interview he listened to her heart beating fast from her nervousness but never wavering. Her body expressed the resolve of her mind. “One last question…What’s your blood type?”


“Well that concludes the interview, VG. I will have Andy, my secretary, call you with my decision. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

“It was very nice to meet you, too. Goodbye, Mr. St. John.”

“Mick…” He corrected.

“Sorry, Goodbye, Mick.”

With one last handshake, VG got up and walked to the door. A beautiful woman walked through it before VG got there.

“Mick, your 2 o’clock just walked in.” She hands Mick a file.

“OK, Lilly, thanks.”

VG animatedly greeted this new woman. VG took her hand, and despite the woman’s timid nature, she allowed her.

“Hi, I’m VG. I hope to meet you again.”

“Uh…me to.” Blushing, she looks up at Mick. He just smiles at the two women.

VG turned and walked down the long hall, tripping slightly. She turned back, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders. She disappeared into the elevator. His secretary, Andy, walked up as she left.

Mick turns to Lilly and Andy. “So what did you think?”

Andy quipped, “Does it really matter what I think? I think you like her. She’s cute…not like everyone here. She’s very…normal, but sort of funny.”

“She actually turned the interview around on me.” Mick said with incredulity “I couldn’t believe it. She had a lot of questions. My only concern…she hasn’t been bitten yet.”

“Do you really think that will be a problem, Mick?” Andy said. “Everyone has to have a first time. I think she’ll be fine. What do you think, Lilly?”

“Well, she’s not…afraid…and Mick, well…It’s your decision.” Lilly said unable to look up at him again.

“OK, Andy, call her back…Invite her to the party tonight.”
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Re: Interview with WFS #71 (FreshieFic) PG-13

Postby jen » Sun May 02, 2010 12:43 am

This is quite wonderful. I really wish you would continue it.

A very nice look into that facet of vampire society.

Thank you!

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