Important Information for New Members - Please Read!

Important Information for New Members - Please Read!

Postby allegrita » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:19 pm

Dear new member,

Welcome to! :ghug: We're glad you've decided to join us, and we hope you'll become an active member here. Here's some important information that will help you get started.

It's all about Moonlight

This board was started by Moonlight fans, for Moonlight fans. Our main focus is on the show, and on fanfic and art inspired by the show. We also follow the careers of the talented actors, writers, and crew who worked on Moonlight, but our main emphasis is on the show itself. If you're a fan of Moonlight, we're pretty sure you'll love this board. If you have any questions, feel free to send a PM to any of the Mod/Admin staff.

First post needs moderator approval

We're proud that our board is almost totally spam-free. One of the ways we keep it that way is to require every new member to have their first post approved by a moderator. Our moderators keep an eye out for first-time posts, and we do our best to approve them as soon as possible.

If you have a post waiting for approval, and it hasn't appeared within a few hours, please feel free to PM any of the Mod/Admin staff to ask for their help.

How do I find out what's happening?

To see the topics that are currently under discussion, click on the View active topics link at the top of the main Index page. (On some skins, this link is available on all pages.) This is a great way to jump into the most active discussions.

If you prefer to browse around the site, here's a breakdown of the organization of our board:

Moonlightaholics Guidelines: Here you'll find announcements, rules and guidelines, a Help section, info on how to contact your Admin/Mod staff via e-mail, and a suggestion box.

Welcome: This is the place where you can introduce yourself, and get to know other members. It's a great place to make your first post!

100% Moonlight: Here you'll find sections devoted to each main character, including picture and discussion threads. There's also a section devoted to all the other characters on the show. In addition, there are "ship" threads dedicated to different "pairings" of characters. There are sections dedicated to episode discussions, filming locations, music, style and ambiance, and even fun and games. Please browse around this part of the forum - there are lots of treasures here.

The Library: Our founder, Phoenix, is a fanfic writer, as is every member of the Admin/Mod staff, and we are very proud of our Library. We have sections devoted to Moonlight fanfic, poetry, original fiction, and even a Periodicals section devoted to Moonlight-themed magazines. Additionally, you'll find our Coffee House, where interested members can meet to discuss fanfic on different themes. Check out the Fanfic Info and Fanfic Indexes section for indexes of fic by author and by subject, as well as recommendation and announcement threads.

If you would like to post your writing in the Library, please see this thread for information and guidelines.

The Workshop: This is the place to discuss the craft of writing, including reader-writer discussion threads and fanfic Champagne Challenges on different themes.

The Studio: This is the artists' equivalent of the Library. We have some amazing graphic and video artists here at MLA, and we encourage our members to browse around and appreciate the beautiful things they have created. We also have graphic and video Champagne Challenges, and a section devoted to the wonderful art of Snark.

If you would like to post your art or videos in the Studio, please see this thread for information and guidelines.

Moonlightforum auf Deutsch: Here you'll find episode discussions, fanfic, and general discussion of all things Moonlight, in the German language.

Moonlight en EspaƱol: Here you'll find episode discussions, fanfic, and general discussion of all things Moonlight, in the Spanish language.

Media Links: We are compiling indexes of media links (audio, video and print references) for each of the main actors, as well as for Moonlight in general. This is a huge project, and we would love our members' help in keeping these indexes up to date!

Our Beloved Moonlight Cast, Writers, & Crew: If you're a fan of the actors, writers, and other talented people who brought Moonlight to life, you'll find information on their careers here, including picture and discussion threads.

Off the Moonlit Path: Even in a forum devoted to all things Moonlight, there's room to talk about real-life stuff. This forum is devoted to books, non-Moonlight TV and movies, real-life adventures, birthdays and other celebrations, and that sort of thing. And there's a wonderful, wacky world of fun inside the Chez Fleur & Grace subforum, including a Random thread that is devoted to... well, random stuff. :teeth:

Special Occasion Archive: If you want to see how we've celebrated various occasions in the past, this is the place.

Is it OK to just lurk?

Of course it is! We have many members who visit regularly and never post a word. But we encourage you to say hello. You might be surprised at how much fun it is to participate... and the more members we have actively participating, the livelier and more enjoyable the board will be for everyone. Also, if you enjoy the fanfic and artwork you see here, we hope you'll leave comments to encourage those creative people to keep producing the things you like.

But if you just feel too shy, don't worry! You're always welcome here. :ghug:

Your MLA admin / mod team: Allegrita, Librarian_7, Lilly, and PNWgal
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