Signature and Avatar Guidelines

Signature and Avatar Guidelines

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Avatars may be up to 150 x 150 pixels in size, and may be animated. The image can be whatever you like, as long as it doesn’t violate our general board guidelines. If in doubt, please ask one of the admin/mod staff.


Signatures may be up to 500 pixels in height. They can include any or all of the following: one or two banners, a tag (a small graphic, typically 50 pixels high by 300 pixels wide), and text, including smileys/emoticons.

The text portion of a signature may include one line that is in a large-size font. We don't specifically limit the number of lines of text allowed in a signature, but please be aware that if you have a large banner, the text portion of your signature needs to be limited in order to conform to the 500-pixel signature height limit--a good rule of thumb is no more than 3 or 4 lines of text, including blank lines.

The banner portion of a signature can be up to 400 pixels in height, and up to 700 pixels wide, with the total banner size not to exceed 240,000 pixels. (More information on banner size below.) If you like, you may use two small banners, as long as the two don’t exceed the maximum banner dimensions.

If you need help determining whether your signature fits within these size guidelines, please ask any of the admin/mod staff for help.

More information on signature banner size

Previously, signature banners were limited to 600 pixels wide. We want to allow wider signature banners without burdening the server with huge graphics, so we've decided to limit the total number of pixels. Signature banners can be up to 400 pixels high and up to 700 pixels wide, but the total number of pixels cannot be more than 240,000. This sounds confusing, but it's easy to figure out. Just think of basic multiplication. For example, a banner can be 400 pixels high x 600 pixels wide, because 400 x 600 = 240,000. However, a 700-pixel-wide banner can’t be more than 342 pixels high, because 342 x 700 = just under 240,000. A 650-pixel-wide banner can be up to 369 pixels high.

Our preference is for banners that aren’t so tall, because tall banners tend to be somewhat visually overwhelming. If you are planning to make new banners, we suggest that you try making them about 300 pixels high.

Signature banner art subject guidelines

~ In keeping with our board guidelines, banner content must be rated PG-13 or lower.

~ Moonlight-specific banners are strongly preferred, since this is a Moonlight fan site.

~ All vampires must be Moonlight vampires.

~ Personal photos of the MLA member and one or more Moonlight-related personalities are permitted in signature banners.

~ Signature banners may feature a Moonlight actor in multiple roles, as long as the primary focus is on the Moonlight character. (See Example 1 below.)

~ Signature banners featuring Moonlight actors without a Moonlight reference are permitted, as long as the photo/likeness is of the actor as him- or herself, not playing a non-Moonlight character. (See Example 2 below.)

~ Animated banners are permitted during the month of December only. (Animated avatars may be used all year.)

~ Special occasion banners: From time to time, at the discretion of the Admin/Mod team, special, temporary banners may be allowed, in order to celebrate significant events. These banners will have their own guidelines specific to the occasion.

If you have any questions, or would like help with banners, tags, avatars, or signature guidelines, please don't hesitate to contact any of us.

Your MLA Admin/Mod Team


Thank you to mwj01 for sample banner 1.

Thank you to SirenSong for sample banner 2.
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