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Après Fools - Sequel to Cast of Thousands (PG)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:33 am
by MickLifeCrisis
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or any of its characters.
Rated PG
A/N: When I saw the post of Minor Character Fics from April Fool's two years ago, I thought we needed to find out what happened to everyone in my Cast of Thousands story. Which you should read again to refresh you memory. (Don't worry, it's short! :laugh: )

So I bring you:

Après Fools

TIME: 48 hours later

PLACE: Same Conference Room. MLC sits at the table as a group of people talking and laughing in the hallway approach the door and push their way inside.

MLC (looks up as Ray and Lilah enter, arms entwined around each other): Ray and Lilah! Welcome back. I see you two made up.

Ray (smiling at Lilah as he pulls out a chair for her and helps her sit down): Yes, Lilah explained it all to me.

MLC: And you’re okay with how everything turned out?

Ray: I was mad at first, of course. But then, I did ask Mick to take care of her, if anything happened to me. And he did make himself scarce when I returned. I don’t know if I could have manned up like he did.

MLC: Glad to hear you worked it out. (Looks up at doorway.) Lance! And Maureen? You two weren’t here the other day.

Lance: We meant to be, but then we met each other in the hallway outside…

Maureen (giggling): …and never made it into the room. His cold, hard stare from that one eye and I was a goner. (She pulls out a chair and sits down.) MLC, I gotta tell you, though, I wish I had been allowed some vampire interaction before they knocked me off! No one ever told me they could be so…so…

MLC: Alluring? Seductive? Perpetually cool?

Maureen: Yes! All that! And the biting! (She pulls at her collar, exposing several bit marks on her neck.) And the sex! It was exhilarating! And okay, a little rough, but I like…

MLC: Ahem, yes, we get the picture, thank you, Maureen. Glad it worked out for you two. Ah, here’s Cynthia and Logan. Logan, I didn’t think we’d see you outside of your basement again!

Logan: Yeah, well, I decided I needed to get out in the fresh air a little more.

Cynthia: Oh, Logan, don’t be so modest. These people don’t care. (Turns to the room.) See, when I caught up with him I convinced, well more liked dragged, him with me to this little secluded glen not far from here and we stripped down au naturel, well, okay, maybe I had to help Logan strip…

MLC: Okay, okay, we get the idea, Cynthia. TMI! (Looks toward door.) Josh and Marissa! Come in and sit down. (Notices they are wearing the same clothes as when they left two days before.) You seem a bit, um, rumpled.

Marissa (giggling): We went straight from here to Josh’s car…

Josh (grinning): Where we had a quickie…

Marissa (blushing and swatting at Josh): Josh! They didn’t need to know that! (Turns to room.) But as long as he told you, yes, we did. But everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be doing it in a car…

Ray (holding Lilah’s hand): Hey, speak for yourself. We didn’t do that back in MY day.

Lilah (whispering to Ray): Um, honey? We did that one time, remember? After we got engaged?

Ray (blushing): Oh, yeah. (Clears throat.)

Marissa: Do you mind? I was speaking. So Josh and I were in such a hurry we drove to a hotel without even stopping for a change of clothes. (Notices everyone staring at her and Josh.)

Josh: Hey! Hotels have toothbrushes and toothpaste for guests!

Marissa: Just not underwear. (She bursts out laughing.)

Josh: Ha-ha, right. Anyway, it didn’t have a sunken tub like Cynthia suggested, but it did have a room with a Jacuzzi…

Marissa: And that was just as fun.

MLC: Yes, it certainly sounds like it. (Turns to Guillermo, Carl and Ben.) And what about you guys? Who won at poker?

Carl and Ben together (pointing at Guillermo): He did.

Guillermo (grinning): Hey, man, what can I say? When you’ve been playing poker as long as I have you learn some things.

Carl: He bled us dry.

MLC: You mean that figuratively, right?

Ben: No, literally.

MLC (incredulously): You gave him your blood?

Carl: He said he’d forgive all we owed him if we each gave him two pints.

MLC: Two pints each? That’s kind of a lot, isn’t it?

Ben (shrugging): Well, we both owed him a few hundred, so it was worth it.

Marissa: Told you he was a pesky vampire.

MLC: Well, everyone, it seems you have done an excellent job of writing your own stories and I don’t have to do a thing! Thanks for coming in!


Re: Après Fools - Sequel to Cast of Thousands (PG)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:44 am
by allegrita
MLC!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: You hit it out of the park, woman!! :highfive: I love this follow-on to the original Cast of Thousands story, And you even explained what happened to Maureen and Lance! :laugh: I absolutely love this. :notworthy: :clapping: :thumbs:

And what can I say? Of course Guillermo won the poker game. :teeth:

Re: Après Fools - Sequel to Cast of Thousands (PG)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:28 pm
by MickLifeCrisis
:snicker: :curtsey:

Thanks, Alle!

Re: Après Fools - Sequel to Cast of Thousands (PG)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:36 pm
by Lilly
Ohhhh, this is JUST what I needed today!! :yahoo: :heart: Well, this and re-reading the first one. :snicker: :hug:

This is fabulous and the voices are just as clear and true here in the follow-up. :notworthy: :flowers:

The visual of Josh's face on this line made me laugh out loud...
MickLifeCrisis wrote:Josh (grinning): Where we had a quickie…

You rock, MLC!! :thanks:

Re: Après Fools - Sequel to Cast of Thousands (PG)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:47 am
by MickLifeCrisis
Thanks, Lilly! I'm glad it was a day brightener for you! :flowers: