Ulukau .....ML/H5o Crossover PG 13 Chapter 1

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Ulukau .....ML/H5o Crossover PG 13 Chapter 1

Postby Lucy » Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:54 am

I own nothing, just playing in the sands brought forth by the benefactors of ML

I intimated there might be a continuance to Nine Ladies Dancing and Beth wanted to go to Hawaii before she headed east to Nawlins.

Here's a glossary of native words I've injected:
Kuʻu aku - relax
pāheahea -To call, especially to invite someone to eat; hospitality.
In the same way that unexplained supernatural interpretive powers can be divinely given to a person, so knowledge and understanding can come to the person who makes the effort.

Mick St. John closed the front door behind his friend, Josef Kostan. When he turned around, his gaze swept over sheet covered furniture and a few securely packed boxes forming a gauntlet in his foyer. I cannot believe I have to leave all this behind. Yeah, sure, Beth is looking forward to the move. The girl is young and in love and somehow Kostan has convinced her, this is high adventure.

Mick stared at the empty book case, all those books were sorted just the way he liked them, but now they were in boxes being sent to the Hearst College Library. Next week, when they vacated the premises... Time for the slab, I’m going to hit the freezer and not think about this.

Days later
Cynthia turned the sedan up into the hills. As much as she detested Josef Kostan, Coraline’s dying wish was that the remainder of the serum that negated the indications of vampirism be given to Mick. Coraline was terminated for her latest rape-turn, the high council decreed it, and Cynthia half expected her lover to release a pre-sentence email implicating Mick St John in some odd way so he could be rounded up and slaughtered right beside her. If it works, it works. That little blonde chippy can saunter off with her sweetheart, at least one of us will be happy.


The island breeze swept Steve McGarrett into a much needed nap. It was only when the Longboard beer spilled into his lap from his relaxed hand that he jolted awake. The sun set in streaks of purple and pink and he silently expressed his gratitude for another day of doing what he loved, being the Commander of a special task force on the island he called home. He checked his watch, eighteen thirty-nine hours, he’d catch a shower and then meet Danno at a fundraiser for Typhoon Relief.


Danno stood at valet stand, tapping his foot, hands in his pockets as Steve drove up and handed the keys to the valet. “When you say eight in the evening, mean it.” Danno waved the tickets at Steve as he felt the commander’s assessing gaze. “What, are you the only one who can wear an aloha shirt? This happens to be a copy of the shirt worn by Thomas Magnum. I look good in red, don’t I?” Danno fell into step next to Steve and the two of them passed through the lobby and out to a luxurious area defined by plants shielded the buffet tables and bar areas.

“Commander McGarrett, Detective Williams, here’s the silent auction list. Thank-you Commander for the chance for a beach party at your home. You’ll be sitting with your benefactors at the Wong table.” The bright eyed hostess waved her graceful hand toward the dais and they saw their place cards as they approached the crowds of revelers.

“We’re on display?” Danno grimaced as he took in the two hundred people bouncing to the music in full party mode. “Who’s Wong? I thought we were, naw, never mind...” Danno’s interest trailed off as soon as a server passed with bottles of beer. He plucked two off the tray and handed one to Steve. “I gotta dial it back, I know, this is down time.” Steve chuckled as he took the first long draw on the Longboard Lager.

“So, our conversation hit home? I’m trying to dial it down, too. We’ll both live longer.” Steve’s gaze trailed a quartet of suntanned mainlanders. “We’re here to make nice, press some flesh with some corporate types and, yes, Joey Wong is our host tonight. He’s the contractor responsible for the rebuilding efforts. We don’t have speak, just smile and shake hands.”

“Jeez, Steve, that is not my forte. It’s a Friday and Grace is out on a date…”

“With Grover’s son, and they are at Grover’s house. Kuʻu aku.”

“Kuʻu aku my hind end, wait till you have a daughter. But that would be impossible because, you don’t even have a woman at this place and time. Look around, find a rich one, retire and give free diving lessons.” Danno shook his head at tapped his beer bottle to Steve’s and sauntered off in search of chilled shrimp.


Steve’s mood swelled when he noticed a lovely young woman in brilliant white linen. Her waist length hair was braided and stacked high. She had the profile of a goddess and skin like pale satin. SPF-150 much? He noticed she was standing almost awkwardly under the branches of a coconut palm, just her small gold chain mail clutch in her hands. Keeping the circulating servers in his peripheral vision he made steps to the woman. “Aloha.” He switched the bottle in his hands and casually wiped his palm on his trouser’s thigh. “I’m Steve McGarrett.” Her jade green eyes sparkled and shyly she extended a light handshake.

“I’m Penny.”

Steve caught the end of her fingers and with a small shake gave her his best smile. “Penny? Penny from…”

Her laugh was smoky and deep, she was not a giggler. “Los Angeles…”

“Penny from Los Angeles, what a coincidence, I have some old friends there.”

“It’s a big city, Mr. McGarrett.” She nodded and before he could give her another dose of his charm, she tossed a look toward the ocean and nodded good-bye.

I did bathe today, there isn’t spinach in my teeth. Strike one.


“Ladies and gentlemen, wasn’t that a great meal? Nothing like a little pāheahea, right? We’re going to dig right into the silent auction tonight…”

Steve sat back, in full surveillance mode. From the raised table in the front of the room, he had a sweeping view of the twenty round tables as well as the musicians and door to the kitchens. It was impossible to step back one hundred percent and Danno had to tap him on the shoulder when Steve missed his cue.

“The most personal item up for bid tonight is a dinner for four on the private beach at the home of Commander Steven McGarrett.” Joey Wong grinned effusively as his hand swept toward his distracted table guest. With a jolt Steve sat erect and nodded with a wink. “The winning bid for this afternoon of island enjoyment goes to Penelope Skinner. We want to thank her for her ten thousand dollar donation.” Joey winked at Steve. “Can’t wait to see what you whip up for that menu, Commander.”

Steve’s gaze swept the gaily decorated room for the redhead in white linen. I wonder if Penny is Penelope?

“Hey, when you zone out, you zone out.” Danno’s knee bounced off Steve’s under the table as he nodded for Steve to join Joey Wong. Abruptly Steve rose and his eyebrows did a little comical dance as he shrugged his attention lapse.

“Come on up, Commander and tell us about the afternoon…”

The women in the audience registered audible sighs when Steve adjusted the microphone and spoke. His brow arched at the long list of bidders, mostly women, on the list. “Thank-you, Penelope Skinner,” he looked up once again seeking the redhead. “Before we talk menu, I want to say your day begins at one in the afternoon with beach side beverages, small plates.” His eyelashes fluttered as he chuckled, “Whatever that is,” the women connected with his personality through giggles and whispers and nods. “island music for you and your three guests. Around two thirty we’ll begin with Poke, caught right off my beach if I’m lucky, baked sweet potatoes, teriyaki chicken, kalua pork…”

From the back of the adoring audience there was the sound of shoving and then a long scream. People jerked out of their seats and pushed between the tables toward the exits. Steve stared into the bright lights to discern the disturbance. It wasn’t until the only woman clad in white stumbled between the floral guests at the back tables, careened off the vibrantly dressed guests, let out a labored groan, twisted and then fell over backward on a dining table. The woman she landed on was so focused on Steve, it took the bloody woman’s hand falling across the seated guest’s desert to break her concentration.

With a piercing shriek the surprised guest’s chair hit the floor with her seemingly supernatural flight from the ‘victim’.

“We can’t go anywhere can we?” Danno shook his head as he pulled out his phone to call 911.

Joey Wong grabbed Steve’s sleeve. “That’s Miss Skinner…”


“J’sef, I mean, Mr. Armand Trahan, you’re a little early.” Mick looked at the sunset streaking across his skylights as he opened his front door.

“I could have used my key and just knocked on the freezer, see, I’ve assumed a new identity and already my manners are improved.”

“Okay…” Mick led his guest into his kitchen, raised an empty glass in invitation and poured himself a tall glass of ‘dinner’.

“I haven’t changed that much, no, I ate on the ride over. Delightful brunette, 1996, I believe.” He kissed his fingertips in a continental gesture and smirked. “However, I bring you a gift, compliments of the recently deceased Coraline Duvall St. John. I flew back from the big easy this afternoon and Cynthia had made a visit. Glad I missed her, she is a whiner.”

Mick’s expression darkened as he halted mid-swallow. “Pardon?”

“My dear boy, either you sublimated it or were too involved with negotiations on your Louisiana abode. Your former wife and sire was caught and convicted. She had bagged her illegal limit of her third rape turn and this one was far more visible than a post war musician. She is no longer in the land of the undead.” Josef held out a box the size of a computer tower. “Go, ahead, she left it for you. Cynthia delivered it early this morning. With all her dramatics I expected to hear her all the way in my jet.” Mick accepted the box, piqued by the weight of it.

“Did you open it?” Mick’s brow rose in curiosity, looking at the markings and layers of strapping tape reinforcing the cardboard box. He took a knife from the drawer and setting it flat commenced to reveal the contents. Mick’s expression clouded initially at the rows of amber glass two ounce jars, stacked three deep. “Is this what I think it is?” He stood back from the island to see Josef, head down, his hands deep in the pockets of his charcoal suit trousers. Josef bit at his bottom lip as their gazes met.

“What do you think it is? MREs for vampires?” Josef’s voice lacked it’s usually snarky tone.

“The cure?” Mick extracted one jar and held it up to the bright kitchen light. “Don’t tell me this is the cure…”

“Good, glad you said that, now let me drop this down the incinerator chute and we can all leave for Nawlins.” He reached for the case, but vamp quick, Mick pulled it out of Josef’s grasp.

Mick’s tone was near reverent. “If this is the cure, this is what, a life time supply?”

“It’s enough for your next seventy years, you and Blondie can do the death do us part thing and ride out her years as the cute couple who still hold hands.” Josef’s tone was sorrowful, divulging his grief at losing the best friend he’d had in the past fifty years.

“But I don’t know enough about this, will I age? Will I die naturally, or will it wear off?” Mick’s mind whirled at the questions that he would never have answers for up front.

Josef’s expression saddened, his lips a thin straight line. “Nobody’s taken for that long, no info…” The cell in Rick’s pocket played a baroque tune. “S’cuse me.” He turned away from Mick and strode to the library area to take the call.


“When was this? Well, what took you so long? Now, it never is. I’m about to make the jump east.”

Mick’s eyes narrowed, he could hear the caller. Penelope Skinner was dead. The Kostan employee in charge of Freshie/Vamp relations was on the island scouting locations for a new nest of Freshies. While she was getting into island life at a fundraiser, she was brutally murdered. One name brought a smirk to Mick’s lips. McGarrett.

“You’ve alerted the Commander I’m coming out? Well never alone, Mick will be coming with me. Or at least that’s what we’re calling him this week. Next week’s another story.”

Josef turned to Mick. “You heard that, break out of those satin boxers, or at least put something over them, we have to bounce.”

“You think I’m flying to Hawaii without Beth?” Mick gestured to the cell, still in Josef’s hand. “When this is over, do you really want to face her that we went to Hawaii without her?”

The key moved in the front door and Beth, behind three full shopping bags hurried into the room. “I know you said I could get whatever I wanted in Louisiana, but I wanted to bring some… Oh, hi, Josef.”

“Hello, Blondie. I hope there’s a bikini in there, we’re going to Hawaii.”
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Re: Ulukau .....ML/H5o Crossover PG 13 Chapter 1

Postby Shadow » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:41 am

Well, I am not a fan of crossovers, and also I am not really interested in the H50 characters, so usually I don't even look at ML/H50 crossovers! But since this one was by Lucy, I did peek at the introduction.... and then when I discovered it was a sequel to "Nine Ladies Dancing", I had to start reading.

I was a little sad, seeing Mick all packed up and the bookcase empty. (Found myself wishing he was taking the bookcase with him ... I do love that bookcase.) Mick sure does not seem to be looking forward to this move, which is certainly very understandable.

It was so interesting to find out that Coraline was no longer among the undead .... and especially interesting that Mick didn't know anything about it. (Not to mention that Josef knew about it, and didn't say a word to Mick about it until it was all over. I wonder what Mick is going to think about that, once it all sinks in.) Though ten years on, it appears that perhaps Mick really had totally moved on from Coraline. But what a gift she left for him! A lifetime's worth of the cure ... wow.

Lucy wrote:“But I don’t know enough about this, will I age? Will I die naturally, or will it wear off?” Mick’s mind whirled at the questions that he would never have answers for up front.

Josef’s expression saddened, his lips a thin straight line. “Nobody’s taken for that long, no info…”

That's really intriguing! I wonder if it's true, that no one knows, that no one has taken it for that long. Seems like the cure has been around for quite a while.... But if it really is a total unknown, I wonder what Mick will choose to do with this treasure trove! And if he does use it, I'm really very interested as to what will happen in the long run.

(Hm, it seems that Josef, and Mick as well, are familiar with McGarrett. Wonder when that happened. )
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Re: Ulukau .....ML/H5o Crossover PG 13 Chapter 1

Postby Lucy » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:55 pm

Thank you, Shadow for your thoughtful comments.

Since this is my first ML/H5o crossover, I didn’t want to spill the secret or at this point explain Mick’s response to Coraline ‘s termination. That will be forthcoming

My mythology will unfold that the authorities are not fans of the Duvals ...

Meanwhile... I’m always hesitant to post... but the muse brought the story so I don’t want to cross the muse, she might not come back.
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