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Re: Worshipping Josef with words

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:52 am
by jen
There were facets to the Moonlight vamps that are wonderful gifts you only see when you spend some time...devoted to the series, as we are.

Okay, in my case a tad obsessed.

The age thing comes to mind first. Josef looks like he is years younger than Mick, as Jason was several years younger than Alex and yet we totally accepted that Josef was the older of the two and that is the result of the amazing acting and writing in this landmark series. They both played to the greater experience and age of Josef and so we aceepted it wihtout question.

Something that continues to fascinate me is the way Alex on ths show, who is (in case no one else has noticed...cough, choke) a very attractive man yet he has so little of the confidence and swagger that frequently accompanies this fact, as though some horrendous life event (the trauma of his Turning) had blasted the fact right out of his consciousness. We accept it without question, and yet are fascinated but it.

OK, I didn't express that very well...but you know what I mean?