mySpace - How do you insert graphics into messages

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mySpace - How do you insert graphics into messages

Postby HotMicks » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:52 pm

Okay, so I just found out I can't use the CM banner here, but since I spent the time to create it, I'd like to use it in messages and comments I send out on mySpace. However, I've never figured out how to insert graphics into mySpace (mail) messages.
I see (and use) the button to insert pictures in comments all the time, but the only button I see when I'm composing a mail message is to insert a video. If there's a button or menu or something I'm not noticing, please direct me to it :thumbs:

I'm thinking it's probably some code you insert into the body of the message along with your text. However, I'm not sure if I should be using the code for bulletin boards or the code for Web pages. And I'm afraid if I type in only the URL, it'll just show up as a link -- instead, I want to actually embed the graphic in the message (so that it shows up with the text when the reader opens it).

So, I'm not a programmer, but I'm thinking it's one of the following types of code (ignore all pound # signs... put there to avoid code execution).

Something like (bulletin board):

[url########=] [img][/img][/url]

or (Web page):

<a href########="" target="_blank"><img alt="Image Hosted by" title="Image hosted by" src="" /></a>

Any help from you Web experts would be greatly appreciated! :notworthy:

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Re: mySpace - How do you insert graphics into messages

Postby coco » Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:14 pm

I'm not sure myself but I would assume that if you have the pic loaded to a PB account you can just insert the IMG code that comes with the banner and paste this to your MySpace message.
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