eBay scripts with questionable autographs

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eBay scripts with questionable autographs

Postby allegrita » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:20 pm

MyImmortal has posted this warning on moonlightforever, and she gave permission to repost it. I'm posting it verbatim here, but I want to add a slight clarification to avoid confusion. The reference to "color covers" does NOT refer to the color of the paper (different colors of paper indicate which revision of a script you have). She was referring to the colored ink logos/pictures printed on the covers of some of the scripts the seller had auctioned, claiming that they were authentic. Authentic scripts are sold all the time with colored paper covers.

So... buyer beware! We are not saying the seller is definitely selling fake autographs, but this post gives you enough evidence to make up your own minds as to whether you want to spend money on this seller's scripts.

There's a user on ebay named shane32260 who I'm 99% sure is forging Alex's autographs on scripts for Moonlight, Back-Up Plan and Three Rivers. Here is my evidence; draw your own conclusions.

This person has auctioned about 10 scripts so far and has 3 scripts currently up for auction. They claim that they got all of the autographs in NYC on April 19-20 when Alex was doing the talk shows. Besides how unlikely it is that someone could get 10 or more scripts autographed in such a short space of a time... the autographs look almost exactly the same.

If you've ever seen pictures of Alex's autographs, you'll note that while they are similar, there is also a lot of variation depending on circumstances like how much of a hurry he is in, whether he is signing on a flat surface or a wobbly one, or heck, maybe even his mood that day.

Here are a bunch of photos with Alex's autographs. Notice how much variation there is:

Now, here are photos from shane32260's recently completed auctions. Notice how little variation there is. I include the link to the auctions, but you might not be able to view completed auctions unless you're an ebay member.

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/MOONLIGHT-SCRIPT-AUTHENTIC-AUTOGRAPHED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200486398466?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eadebaa02
Sold for: $202.50

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/BACK-UP-PLAN-SCRIPT-SIGNED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200486397603?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eadeba6a3
Sold for: $157.50

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/MOONLIGHT-SCRIPT-AUTHENTIC-AUTOGRAPHED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200486397058?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eadeba482
Sold for: $152.50

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/THREE-RIVERS-SCRIPT-WIN-LOSS-SIGNED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200483683835?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eadc23dfb
Sold for: $156.50

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/MOONLIGHT-SCRIPT-FLEUR-LIS-SIGNED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200483683268?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eadc23bc4
Sold for: $166.50

And here are the 3 scripts currently up for auction:

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/MOONLIGHT-SCRIPT-CLICK-AUTOGRAPHED-ALEX-OLOUGHLIN-/200489267190?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eae176ff6

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/MOONLIGHT-SCRIPT-THE-RINGER-AUTOGRAPHED-ALEX-OLOUGHL-/200489269123?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eae177783

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/THREE-RIVERS-SCRIPT-WIN-LOSS-AUTHENTIC-SIGNED-ALEX-/200489270348?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eae177c4c
(Yes, they are using the same picture for this 3R script auction as they used for the previous 3R script auction. Also, they're claiming these are authentic 3R scripts from the studio. I have purchased authentic scripts from a lot of TV shows, and I have never seen any with a color cover. Color covers, however, are common on reprint scripts sold on ebay as souvenirs. So the 3R scripts--and maybe the ML and BUP ones too--may be reprints too.)

I did not mention this before because, while I suspected the autographs were fake early on, I couldn't be sure until now. This person has made over $1000 so far auctioning scripts with what I believe are fake Alex autographs. If you believe that they're fake too, don't bid on them and pass the word to other Alex fans.

Feel free to copy/repost this warning.
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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby AggieVamp » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:50 pm

I think MyImmortal is 1000% on the money. There is NO WAY Alex's signature would be identical that many times! WOW! Those people who bought the scripts are going to be really pi**ed when they get them & realize they're a copy of a signature.


edited to add that the guy can't even spell Rachel RAY'S name right!
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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby wondergirl9847 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:28 pm

I've noticed this person on Ebay and thought all those were fake. There's no way on EARTH they got that many things autographed at one time. :no: You have to be soooo careful with autographed stuff on Ebay.

I'd rather get my stuff signed in person. :thumbs:

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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby ash » Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:30 am

I know this may have all but been forgotten but this is something that we should all be aware of. The accused party reached out to the ML/Alex Fan community and has her right to be heard as well. We are all intellegent adults and can choose for ourselves what to believe. I personally have no idea whom is on the side of right and wrong or worse, misunderstanding but Shane32260 has her right to speak as well so here is her post from MLAB or 6DOAOL

Hello to all members:
First I would like to apologize to all members on this forum for this lengthy message. Trust me it is not by choice. I was made aware of this situation via one of my ebay customers who was kind enough to advise me. You know who you are and I am deeply grateful for the heads up.
I am seller shane32260 on ebay who has been selling these autographed Alex O'Loughlin scripts. The member on this site "myimmortal" is making false accusations against me without the burden of proof on all of the Alex web sites. I have taken measures against this member with ebay since this individual is violating ebay policy and hindering my legitimate auctions. I have also contacted the appropriate authorities for this member is slandering my good name on the internet. I joined this forum today simply to set the record straight.
My evidence:
I do believe the pictures I posted with the scripts of Alex signing the scripts speak for themselves. Funny how this accuser did not post those pictures on this forum. The woman in black is myself. The blond back of head you see in one of the pics is one of my partners - Cindy, the person who took the pics is another partner - Janice. I also had a personal friend - Fran with us who was obtaining autographs. Since I am in the pics with Alex it is impossible for me to have also taken the pictures. I do believe these pictures are proof in a nut shell. I also taped all the shows and recorded them onto a DVD. You can clearly see myself & my partners in the crowd at the Today & Early Show. If anyone did record the shows you can take a look and at one point Mr Price (Early Show) was talking to a young girl with a poster who's father was in Iraq. My partners and I were standing right next to her. I am more than happy to send this DVD to anyone as further proof however I want it back since it is the only copy I have.
I work in an industry (non of anyone's business) were I am in constant contact with people of influence - actors, media, sport players, authors, socialites etc. I will be using first names only as I do not want to breach the confidentiality of my contacts & friends. The female you see in the pics with the baseball hat is Jackie and she works security at CBS studios and has been a long time friend of mine. I also know the camera man Brian for he is one of my neighbors. Mr Price is a friend of one of my best friends - Chantal of over 30 yrs who works for a well known NYT's best selling author and has many connections with the media herself. At NBC Studios I dated one of the editors, Conrad, for 2 1/2 yrs. I have two long time friends who work with RR - Cecelia (graphics) & Christopher (lighting). Due to my connections at the 3 locations, they made sure Alex came over to all of us to sign the scripts. In fact they had us stand in a particular place to make sure of it. Therefore, Alex had plenty of time with us for we were slightly removed from the pack of people there. I was made aware that Alex would be at these 3 shows a week prior to the taping ( 19th - The Early Show & Today Show & the 20th Today Show & RR). With 4 of us obtaining scripts we were able to obtain 4 signed scripts at each event (Alex was at the Today Show twice - the 19th & the 20th). We had 27 scripts all together and we managed to get 23 of them signed. One of my best friends Jeffrey works in the hotel industry. He advised me where Alex was staying. I will not disclose the name of the hotel for I feel that is infringing on Alex's personal life on the internet. Since we knew what hotel he was staying at we also camped out at his hotel and obtained more signatures from him. During his press junket on the Today Show Alex even made reference that he saw many of his fans at his hotel earlier that AM.
CBS studios is 10 minutes walking distance south from my home, NBC studios is another 5-10 minute walk further south, RR is a 10-15 minute walk east from NBC and the hotel is another 15-20 minute walk west from RR. Granted we are all speed walkers here. Check out a NYC map of each location and you will see for yourself that they are not far from each other. Alex arrived at each location via car. If you know anything about New York City traffic (especially during rush hour) you will know that you reach your destination faster walking. Since we are all natives we are used to walking 4-5 miles daily. Did we go from location to location - you bet we did. Did we get much sleep in 2 1/2 days - absolutely not. Never mind that is was in the low 40's those few days and it was very cold when you are just standing around for hours on end.
As for the pictures of the scripts posted on ebay. My own personal camera broke a few days before I was ready to photograph these scripts. I did mention this in my earlier auctions. Since the repair shop was not going to be able to return my camera for 3 weeks or so. I asked my neighbor Kerith to take the pics for me using her old cell phone. I do not know where she took the pics in her home or what kind of lighting was used. As you can see from the pics I posted on ebay they are blurry & the coloring is not accurate. The scripts for Three Rivers & Back-up Plan are indeed white and not colored as they appear in the pics. One of the scripts is pink and it does not look pink at all in the pics. These pics are also taken from different angles and the camera is not directly on top of the scripts which would have made them clearer. A professional camera would have taken better pics. I was not going to be picky about the situation since I was asking for a favor. I thought the pics were acceptable since you got the main idea of the item. I was also not about to ask Kerith to take 23 separate pics. Some people may be wasteful but I am not. She took a pic of the 7 scripts I had (I have multiple copies of each). I had 27 scripts and 23 of them were signed. I have been posting the same pictures of each script on my auctions posted on ebay.
As for the signatures - when I had all 23 scripts together you could see that the signatures varied slightly from one to the other. Since the pics are blurry it is impossible to see the signatures accurately. I have buyers who have won multiple scripts from my auctions and I am sure they will be able to tell you themselves that the signature is slightly different on all of them. All of the buyers have been extremely happy with their scripts. As for the curly cues in Alex's signature - I do not sit around diseceting someones signature for I have better things to do. The fact that we obtained these autographs in person and I have the pictures to prove it is enough.
As for this member "myimmortal" you obviously have nothing better to do with your life then throw false accusations around on web sites where the person being accused cannot defend themselves. Luckily I was informed of your childish antics. In any court of law in the USA accusations MUST be followed with the burden of proof. My proof is the the pictures of Alex signing the scripts and the fact that we were on national TV and I have a DVD to prove that as well. Is this not how wars are started - falsely accusing someone without proof? You must be related to GW Bush. I do not remember you tagging along with my 3 partners while we were going from venue to venue those 2 1/2 days. Therefore, you were not around to witness what actually transpired. You do not know us or the lives we live. It is however extremely obvious to the naked eye that you are an insecure, envious and violent individual. I would not be surprised at all that you are male. I will not go further into what I personally think about you for you are not worth my time and energy. I will let karma do her thing for me. So if you lead a miserable life (sounds like you do) it is about to get worse.
As for my auctions of the signed scripts - I have never done anything illegal on ebay ( I have 100% feedback) or forced anyone to purchase any item from me. People are entitles to do as they wish.
Once again I thank the members of this forum for their time in reading this. I know this member has also posted similar messages on other forums I will try my best to do the same on these other forums but since I am not a forum person if you could spread the word I would be eternally grateful. If not, no biggie.
May you all have a wonderful summer.
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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby allegrita » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:37 am

MyImmortal has posted a response to shane32260's post, on another board of which she is a member. Since she's not a member here, I've asked her and been granted her permission to duplicate it here. In my personal communication with MyImmortal on this subject, she had further comments that she gave me permission to post. The quotes below are her words.

I fervently hope that this issue will end here. Neither party is a member of MLA. They have both had their say. Look at the evidence provided and make up your own minds.

MyImmortal's response on another board:
I believe shane32260 was at those events and got at least one autograph. I believe the photographs of Alex signing for her are real. I just doubt that all those scripts have Alex's actual autograph because I just can't explain why someone who got so many of Alex's autographs at so many different places and times would have the signatures looking so similar when everyone else who has been able to get Alex's autographs got signatures that vary widely.

I may be hypersensitive to fraud because my job involves investigating bank fraud, and I'm a longtime ebay user who has seen tons of fraudulent auctions over the years. But there is just so much that doesn't add up... (And there's more stuff that doesn't add up in her reply, but since it's deleted, I won't get into that. But feel free to PM me.)

Anyway, I said in my post. I think they're forged. I posted my evidence. People can judge for themselves.

If anyone wants to buy shane32260's scripts, that's fine with me -- in the past, ML scripts without Alex's autograph have gone for much more than what shane32260 is getting -- I know because I bought some of those $$$$ scripts! So in that respect, shane32260's scripts are a "bargain". I just want people to make an informed decision.

(Feel free to repost this if you like.)

From private communication:
What I didn't mention, is that if she got Alex to sign her autographs away from the pack, then why are all the photographs of Alex signing (that she posted on ebay) are of him signing in a crowd of fans and at the same location? Why wasn't she able to get pics of Alex signing away from the pack and at different locations?

And she said she has a DVD that she'll send to people but she wants it back because it's her only copy? Why can't someone with so many media connections as her find someone who knows how to duplicate a DVD?

And why does she think she's protecting Alex's privacy by not mentioning his hotel, when he's no longer staying at the hotel??? If Alex stays at the same hotel whenever he's in NYC, well, there are already paparazzi pics out there of Alex leaving his hotel in NYC.
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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby Lucy » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:51 am

this is getting kind of ugly, isn't it?

Does this need to be back and forth on a board?

Shouldn't the accuser confront the seller on eBay, where that sort of thing gets hashed out regularly?

We all know to be careful when we buy anything anywhere..... this skates dangerously close to defamation especially since the Seller isn't here to defend themselves.

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Re: Warning: eBay scripts with possible forged Alex autographs

Postby francis » Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:15 am

I agree. Let them hash this out in private. Everyone knows that on ebay you need to be careful and that you have to use due dilligence with everything where money is involved.
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