FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

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FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

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FULL MOONLIGHT---Ch 19---Housebreaking, Part 3.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own ‘Moonlight’, or any of its wonderful characters. I’m just taking them out for a run! No copyright infringement is intended.

SUMMARY: A multi-chapter, action-adventure featuring Beth, Mick, Josef, Logan, Guillermo, Talbot, Simone, and a few really big werewolves, among others. Rated PG-13 for mild language and violence.

SPOILERS: Follows on from all 16 episodes of ‘Moonlight’, as aired on CBS. Follows on from Allegrita’s FanFic, ‘Presto Agitato’, Ch 1 & 2. (Mick and Beth ‘seal the deal’ and become lovers.) Follows on from Desdemona’s FanFic, ‘Silver’, Ch 1 thru 7 only. (Talbot finds out about vampires in general, and Mick in particular, the hard way! He also shares ‘The List’ with Mick and Josef.) Borrows the original character of ‘Karl’ from Eris’ many fine FanFics, with her kind permission.

Ready? Okay! Hold on! Here we go again!


As she was polishing off the last of her venison carcass, Beth began to slow down and pay attention to her surroundings. That’s when she noticed the small gray and rust colored housecat watching her from a sliding glass doorway that had been left partially open.

Oddly, the little thing didn’t seem frightened of her……it should be….. Beth hunkered lower over the carcass and snarled at the little cat….warning the tiny predator away from her kill. The little cat eyed her cautiously, but didn’t retreat. Its nose scented the air, clearly focused on the remnants of Beth’s meal. Beth snarled again, this time showing fangs, while sticking the tip of her tongue out between her enormous canines…… Wolf-speak for ‘MINE!’

Apparently, the little gray cat didn’t speak wolf. She ignored this warning and continued to sit there watching Beth eat. The elk-sized golden she-wolf blinked at the housecat for a moment. Suddenly, it occurred to Beth’s non-instinctive side just how ridiculous she was being. She snorted and shook her head, grinning at her own silliness. As if a little housecat could take her kill away from her?! Geepers…..

Beth refocused on the little cat, who had neither retreated or approached. Still just sitting there in the open doorway. Using the razor sharp talons on her oversized thumb and index finger, Beth carefully sliced and pulled a little fragment of meat from the remains of the carcass. She tossed the small strip of meat towards the cat.

The little cat quickly darted forward to sniff the offering. Then, apparently deciding that the meat was up to her usual culinary standards, she picked up the tiny strip of venison and turned around, padding back into the suite from which she had come.

“Not on the carpet!”, Beth protested, but of course, the cat ignored the instructions. Beth sighed.

She returned to her venison, savoring the last of it. When nothing was left but bones, she gathered them into a neat pile, and stood, looking around herself. She was in a very nice little private patio of sorts. It was screened off with ivy-covered walls similar to the ones around Josef’s big Terrace Garden. The concrete of the walls had designs cut into them, allowing sunlight to filter through, and of course, the sun shone down from above.

She knew Simone and Ben were probably worried sick….most likely having no idea where she had run off to……. She needed to get back to them. Beth glanced at the ivy-covered walls again, debating if she should just go back out the way she got in…..but decided against it when the thought of telescope-peering neighbors once again crossed her mind.

Through the house then. She stepped towards the sliding glass door and nosed it the rest of the way open, surveying the room, but not entering yet. It was a very large, and very feminine suite….. an apartment really. Creamy carpet, Victorian-style furniture and décor. The floor plan was open and airy. In a far corner, separated by tall mahogany bookcases, there was an elegant desk with a computer. Clearly, a woman lived here, with her cat….. Across the living room, there was an ornate front door, which probably led into the rest of Josef’s mansion.

Looking again at the thick, creamy carpet, Beth looked down at her own forepaws. They were a mess, sticky with the blood from the carcass……as were her forelegs, chest and muzzle. She needed to clean up, or she would leave nasty paw prints across that flawless rug. Josef would have a fit…..she just knew it…..and whoever lived in this gorgeous apartment would too.

Beth stepped back away from the threshold and surveyed the little enclosed patio. There was a large beach towel hanging from a rack next to the hot tub. There appeared to be no other option…….well…..what were spa filters for anyway?

Beth draped her front quarters into the hot tub, immersing her forelegs, chest, and muzzle. The chlorine smell was mildly offensive to her sensitive nose, but there was no other choice. Her long, silky golden fur swirled in the circulating current, as blood and bits of tissue were carried away. Remembering that she had been running around outside, she went ahead and just stepped all the way into the hot tub, washing the dirt and grass from her hind feet as well. She swished her body to and fro a couple times, and shook each paw in the current. Then she stepped out and backed away. Water sloshed from her thick fur, splashing onto the concrete beneath her. She shook herself vigorously, and immediately regretted it……seeing the spray hit the windows and sliding glass doors. Oops…….damn.

Grabbing the beach towel, Beth reared up onto her haunches and dried her fur, and paws, as best she could. There…..now at least she wouldn’t track blood through the house. As a final precaution, she dropped the towel on the ground and stepped on it, wiping her paws on it like a door mat, before stepping into the lavishly feminine apartment. As she approached the front door, she noticed there was a small pet door in the bottom panel of it. Looking back, she saw a similar pet door had been installed in the sliding glass door. She grinned…….that little cat certainly had it made!

The apartment’s front door was unlocked. Beth was able to use her large hand-like front paws to turn the doorknob, after a couple clumsy first attempts. She exited into a large vaulted hallway which seemed to go on forever in both directions. Wow! Josef’s house was ridiculously huge!

She lifted her muzzle and scented the air………..this way, to the left……she caught the scents of both Simone and Ben on the air, along with many others, mostly women. She broke into a trot, heading down the long hallway, following the scent of her friends. She passed room after room…..most smelling occupied by human females……this must be the freshie wing of the estate, she thought to herself.

A door up ahead opened, and a beautiful brunette girl in her early twenties stepped out, pulling the door shut behind her. She was wearing a pool jacket and carrying a towel.

The girl turned and saw the elk-sized golden wolf trotting towards her…….she knew better than to scream or run..…..but a startled squeak escaped her as she flattened herself against the wall, her eyes as wide as saucers.

Beth glanced at her as she trotted by, her large sapphire eyes curious…….the girl returned her gaze in terrified silence, holding her breath. Once Beth had passed by, the girl slid to the floor and sat gasping, trying to keep from hyperventilating and passing out. The werewolf was loose! It wasn’t supposed to be loose! What had happened!?

Heather listened as Ben and Simone tried to explain what they thought might have happened. As far as how Beth got out…..that was obvious. Ben described the Lexan bubble window having been torn from its frame. Was Mick Okay?, Heather had wanted to know. Yes….Ben told her he had checked on him, and that he was still sleeping like a baby. Why did she break out? Who knew? Ben said he suspected she had run out of meat down there, and had come upstairs looking for more, which she found.

Heather shuddered……thinking of what a close call Mick might have had, if the new werewolf had, indeed, run out of meat downstairs. Who had let that happen? Heather intended to find out. And yet, this new wolf appeared to have a lot of self-control, since Mick was okay, and no one upstairs had been harmed either. The werewolf pup had gone for the venison instead. The slender 55 year old Manager of Josef’s Harem was just about to ask Simone a question about Beth’s procurement of the venison carcass, when the golden she-wolf trotted into the room. Everyone froze, including Heather.

Beth stopped when she reached the freshie family room and kitchen area. The corners of her mouth turned up in a faint smile, relieved at seeing Simone and Ben again. Her fluffy half-tail waved back and forth.

But who was this? Beth turned her focus on the slender older woman with them. She was wearing a long flowing lavender caftan, and had an almost regal bearing. Her hair was salt and pepper black, and it hung to the middle of her back. Beth recognized the woman’s scent within seconds……..this was the person who lived in that beautiful apartment she had just come from………the woman whose hot tub she had just bathed in……ouch…….and the woman whose hot tub she had just left a pile of sticky bones beside…….oh dear….. Beth cringed slightly…..lowering her head just alittle.

Heather’s dark eyes narrowed, as if she knew Beth felt guilty about something.

“Umh….”, Simone said awkwardly, “Heather? This is Beth. Beth? Meet Heather, Josef’s Harem Manager.”

“Pleased to meet you, Heather.” The golden wolf murmured quietly, not meeting Heather’s eyes.

“Likewise, I’m sure.”, Heather replied, still eying Beth with suspicion. Now she could smell the chlorine fragrance coming off the wolf. The creature had obviously been in one of the pools or spas recently. Her fur still looked slightly damp………..

“Uhm…..”, Beth began, “I……I have a confession to make…..”

Guillermo arrived at Josef’s estate and pulled his bike down into the underground parking facility, sighing with relief once he was sheltered from the westering sun’s unforgiving rays again. There were still another couple hours of daylight left on this summer evening, but Guillermo wanted to come check on Beth before work. She should be through her first shift now, and back in human form. He wanted to be sure she was still doing okay. He was the closest thing she had to a doctor right now. He would not shirk that responsibility. He decided he would wait til the sun set before he left the estate again. The ride up here had been brutal.

Parking his bike, he decided to take the elevator up into the mansion. Both to avoid going outside in the sun again, and to wallow in the privilege of having an access code to said elevator now.

The elevator doors slid smoothly open onto the main entryway into the mansion. Expensive Italian marble flooring, tall marble columns, carved busts and assorted paintings and murals adorned the area. Designed to impress visitors, and to please Josef’s expensive tastes.
As he stepped off of the elevator, Guillermo noticed the faint wild musk that permeated the house, mingling with the familiar decay-musk of vampires. It was the scent of a werewolf’s lupine form. Must be left over from Beth’s first shift, or perhaps blowing in through some door or window from where Beth’s Sire had died. He dismissed it as an after-image.

A human servant approached him and asked if he could help. Guillermo requested to be taken to wherever Beth Turner was. The servant nodded and turned, leading the way.

Beth was sitting on her haunches beside the counter in the freshie kitchen. She had a plate of Simone’s chocolate chip cookies in front of her, and she was chuckling and talking quietly with Ben and Simone, who were also seated at the counter. They had their platter of cookies, and Beth had hers. There was another platter of cookies set off to the side and piled high, for the freshies. Simone had been busy.

Periodically, a freshie would wander cautiously in, take a cookie, and wander back out again, their eyes flicking to Beth at intervals. They were slowly getting used to her, in her lupine form, and slowly beginning to believe that she could be trusted.

Heather, on the other hand, had been furious about the abuse of her hot tub. She had called janitorial services right away and had stormed off down the hall to meet them at her apartment, with one final glare at Beth. Beth had winced and had called, ‘I’m sorry’, after her one more time. No doubt about it……she was in the dog house now! First the French chef, and now the Harem Manager. It didn’t dampen her spirits, though. She was well fed, and she felt good.

Beth was just reaching for another cookie when she caught a familiar scent coming towards them. She smiled and turned to face the hallway, her tall triangular ears pricked forward, her bright sapphire eyes shining. Her tail swished back and forth on the floor.

Guillermo followed the servant as he led him towards an area of the mansion that he was unfamiliar with……of course, he was unfamiliar with most of Josef’s mansion. The wild musk of werewolf was even stronger here. Guillermo wondered why the scent lingered so long. Perhaps Beth’s scent would always be that way now? Even when she was in her human form? The servant paused and stepped to one side in the hallway, indicating the room coming up.

“Right through there, sir.”, he said.


“My pleasure, sir.”

Guillermo stepped past the man and entered a cozy-looking family room, with its own little kitchen off to one side. Talbot and Simone were seated at the kitchen counter. Both attorneys turned towards him, smiling.

Guillermo froze. Sitting on her haunches at the end of the counter was a gigantic golden wolf. A soft smile played at the corners of her mouth on either side of her gracefully lupine muzzle. The little medical bag Guillermo had brought with him, just in case, slipped from his grasp and landed on the floor with a thump.

“Hi Guillermo!”, Beth greeted him happily, fluffy half-tail waving to and fro against the tile floor.

Guillermo struggled to respond intelligently…..his mouth had gone dry, his head spun……vampires weren’t supposed to be able to faint…..but he felt like that’s what he was about to do. It was daylight! She was supposed to be back in her human form now……wasn’t she? That was the whole reason he went through the discomfort of riding up to the estate during the day!

“Hey, Guillermo…..it’s okay….really….”, Simone encouraged, seeing Guillermo’s obvious shock, “She’s housebroken.”

Guillermo blinked at the human woman. She wasn’t afraid……wow….. That made him a very special kind of pansy! He swallowed hard, staring at the huge golden wolf….. and trying to remember how to speak. Her large, impossibly deep blue eyes were hypnotic.

Finally, he managed a choked, “Hi Beth……how’s my favorite land-shark today?” It felt like someone else was speaking.

“Still a land-shark, I’m afraid.”, Beth responded, sighing, and rolling those beautiful sapphire eyes, “But Josef said it’s normal for new werewolves to have prolonged first-shifts…….. so I’m trying not to worry.” She skewered another cookie from the platter with one long, curved talon and popped it into her mouth, chewing.

Guillermo watched her, trying to decide what was off about the image. Then it hit him. “Hey! You’re chewing side to side!” Canines can’t chew like that…..they can only champ up and down……. he thought.

Beth stopped in mid-chew, and swallowed, an expression of amusement on her lupine features. Then she smiled further, opening her jaws and working her lower jaw side to side in playful demonstration.

Guillermo paled, and his eyes wobbled to crystal-white and back again, feeling threatened. All he could see was teeth…. enormous, conical, and razor-sharp……inside a maw that would easily accommodate his entire head.

Realizing she had unintentionally frightened him, Beth closed her mouth and smiled softly, hoping to appear reassuring and friendly. “Yeah, I can chew like a human can.”, she said. “I have opposable thumbs too! See?!”, she proudly held up one hand and wiggled her thick, but very opposable, thumb back and forth across the palm-pad of her hand-like forepaw. Her white talon-like claws glinted in the lamp light.

Guillermo stared. “Wow…”, he said quietly. It was the claws that held his focus. He remained rooted to the spot where he had been when he first saw her.

Beth slowly rose to all fours, stepping away from the counter. Guillermo tensed, but held his ground. His eyes widened. Images of those little plastic buckets flashed through his mind, buckets containing the meager remains of the victims of Beth’s Sire. Beth’s Sire had eaten at least three vampires in LA alone…..and those were just the ones they had found…..there had probably been more.

But….. that monster is dead……he told himself……Beth killed him…….Beth is not her Sire. Beth is Beth……she’s a friend……….

The self-talk wasn’t helping………… As the golden wolf began to walk slowly towards Guillermo, he took one step backwards away from her…… his eyes widening further and washing out to crystal-white. His fangs descended. The sharp-spice of his fear rolled over Beth in waves. He was terrified. She slowed her approach.

“Easy Guillermo…..”, the huge she-wolf said softly, “I won’t hurt you…..I promise…..you’re my friend. I’m still me…..I’m still Beth.”

Simone and Ben watched in silence from the counter, hoping for the best. Ben knew exactly how Guillermo felt, having been there not too long ago himself.

Guillermo paled further to deathly white…..a vampire’s instinctive threat-display.

“Easy now……”, Beth murmured softly, trying to calm the frightened vampire, “Easy……I’m not going to hurt you……trust me……trust me………..you’re okay.”

Guillermo managed to stand his ground…..clinging to the golden wolf’s promises not to hurt him. This is Beth, he kept telling himself, over and over again. As she reached him, coming to stand in front of him, he realized he was trembling. The wolf’s deep sapphire eyes gazed down at him from slightly above his eye-level.

“There now….”, Beth said softly, “See? You’re okay…..no problem.” She smiled gently.

Guillermo stared up into the intense sapphire eyes, framed by the creamy golden fur of Beth’s lupine face. Damn……she was magnificent! What a beautiful animal! He struggled to compose himself…..to calm his own fear. He knew that reeking of fear around any predator was a bad idea……but Beth seemed to be coping with it okay. Slowly, he began to relax.

Beth’s smile widened slightly when she saw Guillermo’s olive skin tone return to normal…..he was settling down. She was careful not to show any teeth. Then Guillermo, his eyes still crystal, cautiously reached out a tentative hand and stroked the silky ruff around Beth’s neck. The golden wolf remained still. Guillermo’s eyes finally wobbled back to their normal dark brown. He relaxed, and smiled like a child up at Beth, his dark eyes filled with wonder.

The golden she-wolf winked at him as her fluffy half-tail waved slowly back and forth behind her.

It was alittle past 8 pm. The household’s vampires would be waking up soon. Beth, still in her lupine form, sat in the freshie family room with Ben, Simone, and Guillermo. Different freshies came and went, fixing snacks, helping themselves to Simone’s cookies, and readying themselves for another night at Josef’s mansion. They seemed to be taking the presence of an elk-sized wolf for granted now…….almost. Beth still received frequent nervous glances, but in general, the freshies appeared to be feeling more relaxed around her.

Heather, dressed for the evening in her usual tailored skirt and jacket with her hair pulled back in a neat bun, breezed through the room once. She glared at the golden she-wolf, and curtly informed her that the janitors had had to throw out the filter cartridge and drain the hot tub……the whole affair being hopelessly soiled with dirt, grass, blood, shreds of meat, and of course, hair. It was currently being sanitized for her protection. Beth grinned sheepishly and apologized again.

After Heather left the room, Beth sighed and laid down on the floor, stretching out on her side. Ben slouched down in his seat and set his stocking feet up on Beth’s shoulders. Both Simone and Guillermo gaped at him in astonishment.

Ben shrugged. “She works for me.”, he said, grinning.

Beth lifted her head and looked first at Ben’s feet, and then at him. “Arrogant bastard.”, she sniped in a playful tone.

“Hey!” Ben replied in mock seriousness, “That’s Mr. Arrogant Bastard to you!”

Everyone chuckled.

Then the cat, Smokey, padded silently into the room. She approached Beth’s hind quarters, and sat down, starring intently at the tip of Beth’s fluffy half-tail. Guillermo glanced at the little animal. What was a cat doing in Josef’s house?

Without warning, the little gray and rust cat abruptly pounced on the golden wolf’s tail, mauling it……..flopping onto her side, gripping the tail with her front paws while kicking at it madly with her hind feet. Beth sat up with a jolt, dislodging Ben’s feet, at looked behind her.

Smokey immediately went into the classic Halloween cat posture, back arched, tail curled, turned sideways, eyes wild…….. bouncing forward in a brazen challenge.

The huge she-wolf grinned. It was SO on!

Beth scrambled to her feet. The little cat turned and bolted from the room. Beth gave chase. The sound of claws digging into carpet could be heard down the hallway.

“Beth! NO!”, Simone yelled after her. Beth ignored the attorney, being totally absorbed in hot pursuit.

Beth was capable of Cheetah-speed, but she was playing, and her playmate could not run that fast. The golden she-wolf loped along in the little cat’s wake, chasing her, keeping her in sight, but allowing the tiny cat to remain out in front.

They tore through the house, up one flight of stairs, and back down another, past startled freshies who squealed and dove out of the way. Through grand ballrooms with marble floors…..claws skittering wildly……sliding sideways across glossy tiles…..sometimes colliding with furniture. Occasionally, something got knocked over, crashing to the floor and shattering. Beth’s large paws and powerful stride piled more than a few area rugs into corners and against walls. Smokey often darted under furniture in their path, whereas, the huge golden she-wolf chose to leap over obstacles, like a horse in a steeplechase. Beth was having the time of her life! Having four legs so totally rocked!

She heard one freshie behind them get on the intercom and say, “Heather! We have a situation! The wolf is chasing Smokey!”

As she rounded a corner, Beth nearly ran into a red-headed freshie. The girl screamed. Beth skidded to a halt, breathing hard, tail waving madly, tongue lolling.

The freshie gaped at her, eyes wide…….. “Beth?!” Had to be…..how many golden werewolves was Josef likely to have in his house?

“Yeah….”, Beth panted happily, “Have we met?”

“Sort of.”, the frightened freshie answered, “I’m April……we talked on the intercom a couple days ago? I helped you find the kitchen?”

“Oh, yeah! I remember that! Thanks!”

“You’re welcome.”

Beth peered around April and saw Smokey come stalking down the hallway towards them. She grinned and her tail waved faster.

Smokey crouched, and stalked forward, her green eyes wide and wild, her head wobbling rapidly side to side……..cat-speak for ‘I’m gonna get you!’

Beth was fluent in cat-speak. Before she even realized what she was doing, the golden she-wolf dropped into a play-bow, rump up in the air, front quarters and head down on the floor…….canine-speak for ‘let’s play!’ She yapped happily.

April squealed and stumbled back into the wall. Beth glanced at the freshie briefly, grinning, but quickly returned her attention to her opponent.

Smokey charged, rushing Beth. Beth bounded up and whirled around, taking off down the hall back the way she had just come. Now the cat was in hot pursuit! As before, Beth ran slowly enough for the little cat to be able to keep up. She could hear her back there, running hard. Beth couldn’t believe how much fun this was! She hadn’t played like this since she was a child. It felt great!

April stared mutely after them, watching as a 10 pound housecat chased a 700 pound wolf down the hallway, disappearing around a corner.

Once again….the strange pair of mismatched playmates rollicked through Josef’s grand mansion. A few more things got knocked over.

Mick woke with a start. He thought he’d heard something. Was Beth okay? He turned his head and glanced at the large bed. It was empty, but the bedspread had been disturbed. Beth had been there at some point.

Shoving the freezer lid open, he quickly climbed out and stepped into the bedroom. “Beth?”, he called. No answer.

He left the bedroom and started down the hall towards the Newbie Suite’s living room area. Halfway down the hall, it suddenly dawned on him that he had forgotten to put anything on in his haste to locate Beth. Not wanting to waste time going back for his clothes, he reached into the bathroom as he passed it, grabbing a burgundy bath towel and wrapping it around his waist.

As he stepped into the living room, he sucked in a startled breath……the bubble window had been torn out, and was now laying on the rug beside a gaping hole in the wall. His Beth was gone! Loose!

He darted to the hole in the wall, clutching at the towel, which he had nearly lost in his sudden movement. He scented the air……Beth was still in the house somewhere……and still lupine…...he could smell her wild musk.

He flinched at the sound of something crashing to the floor upstairs somewhere, followed by the startled shrieks of several freshies. Oh no…………. Horrified, Mick dove through the hole in the Newbie Suite’s wall, and rocketed up the stairs, hummingbird fast.

He arrived in the freshie family room, looking wildly about for any sign of Beth.

“Geeze, Mick!”, came Guillermo’s familiar voice, “Nobody here wants to see that!”

“Speak for yourself, morgue-boy!” That was Simone’s voice, sounding playful and very amused.

Mick struggled to calm himself and focus on his friends. Both Guillermo and Talbot were sitting on the couch, gaping at him in surprise. Simone was behind the kitchen counter, chewing a cookie, and smiling at him.

“St John……”, Ben said, smirking, “I think you forgot something.”

Only then did Mick realize that his towel had not survived the inhuman speed of his travel up the stairs. He’d lost it along the way, and was standing in the middle of the freshie family room without a stitch on. “Where’s Beth!?”, he demanded.

“Here and there….”, Simone answered coyly. “She’s been alittle rowdy, but no one’s been hurt. She’s playing with the cat right now.”

“Playing with the cat!?”, Mick was astonished.

Right on cue, the elk-sized golden she-wolf romped into the room and thundered past Mick, before skidding to a halt in the kitchen beside Simone, and spinning around to face Mick. She wore a tongue-lolling open-mouthed canine grin, and her half-tail was waving madly.

“Morning Mick!”, Beth said brightly. Her large sapphire eyes swept over him, head to toe, and the canine grin widened even further. “Oh my! I really need to get back into my human form right away!” She winked at him.

Mick was dumbfounded, and before he could respond, Beth abruptly swung her head to glare at Simone beside her, who immediately struggled to wipe the appreciative grin from her own face. “Put your eyes back in your head, Simone!”, Beth snapped, “He’s mine!”

“Of course!”, Simone blurted, “I was merely admiring…… You’re a lucky girl!” She grinned at Beth, and the huge she-wolf growled softly, but smiled back at Simone.

Just then, Smokey raced into the room, darting past Mick and heading straight for Beth. Beth turned her attention from Simone at the moment Smokey gathered herself and sprang.

The wild-eyed cat landed on top of the golden wolf’s head and raced down the length of her back, launching herself off of Beth’s rump, and landing behind her. Tag! You’re it! Then, claws skittering on the tile floor, she tore out of the room again….. bowed up, tail curled, running sideways…….heading down another hallway.

“Gotta go!”, Beth yapped happily. She spun and took off after the cat, once again the pursuer, instead of the pursued.

“What in the hell…..”, Mick began.

“Hey man…..”, Guillermo interrupted, “Do us all a favor, and go put some clothes on before you go chasing after your girl…..Okay?”

Even though his suite’s freezer room was sound-proof, Josef was still sure he heard something. He jolted awake……what was that? It had sounded like something breaking, shattering. Then he was sure he heard one of his freshies scream.

Josef was out of his plush freezer in an instant, grabbing and pulling on a pair of sleep-pants, and darting from his bedroom suite in a blur of motion.

Logan startled awake and sat up, cracking his head against the lid of the freezer case in his guest suite. He shoved the lid open and looked around the room, confused. Had he been dreaming? Or did he just hear a girl scream?

The sound came again……several girls squealed and shouted…..something crashed to the floor, breaking.

Logan scrambled out of the freezer and pulled on his bathrobe, darting out of his guest suite and into the hallway…………..

…….Just in time to see Heather’s cat come racing down the hallway straight at him. She sailed past the surprised young vampire without even glancing at him. What was she running from?, Logan wondered. The little cat didn’t smell afraid…..she smelled excited, but not afraid……like she was playing???

Logan didn’t have to wonder long. He heard her coming, the four-beat thumping of a large animal running hard……. The elk-sized golden wolf rounded the corner at the end of the hallway, galloping towards him with her tongue lolling happily from her mouth.

Time slowed for Logan…….he pressed himself against the wall and stared as the wolf neared his position. He knew this was Beth…..but his last experience with her had not been a good one……and what was she doing running loose?!

Beth turned her luminous sapphire eyes on him as she loped past. Those eyes were dancing with mirth, but abruptly took on a tinge of guilt.

“Sorry about earlier, Logan!”, the golden wolf called as she thundered past him, “I’ll make it up to you! I promise!”, and then she was gone, galloping out of sight around another corner at the opposite end of the hallway.

Logan sagged against the wall. Well….that was much better than his first encounter with Beth in her lupine form!

Josef was a blur as he ran through his large house, homing in on the racket of whatever was going on. He skidded to a halt in the middle of his main Grand Ballroom. It was the place where he hosted the majority of his gala events…..and it was a mess. He blinked, stunned, at the sight of a priceless Ming Dynasty vase in pieces on the floor. A deep snarl rumbled in his chest. What in the hell………… He scented the air……Yeah…..werewolf….very strong……..somebody was loose…..and somebody had been a very naughty girl! But, there was no scent of blood…..not human or vampire……so, hopefully, all he had lost was hundreds of thousands of dollars in antiques.

Another crash echoed through the mansion, followed by the startled cries of several freshies.

Trying not to think too much about the ruined Ming vase, Josef rocketed off again, heading towards the voices.

Mick, now wearing sleep pants, reached out and snatched up Smokey as she tried to dart past him in one of the larger formal living rooms. He held her until she stopped squirming, and then passed her off to Heather’s waiting arms.

Beth loped into the room, stopping when she saw that the cat was now in custody. She stood panting, a tongue-lolling grin on her face. Game over……so it would seem……and everyone……including Mick, was glowering at her. She sobered a bit, and sat down on her haunches, glancing from face to face, still panting happily. What was wrong with everyone? Why so serious? Heather was looking at her like she wished she had some silver bullets handy. Numerous freshies stood about eyeing her with sour expressions.

Suddenly, Josef was there…….arriving in a blur of motion. The freshies tensed. They knew he wasn’t going to be happy.

“What in the hell’s going on around here!?”, he bellowed, without preamble. No one spoke. Even in nothing but sleep pants, Josef was imposing in his authority.

Guillermo, Ben, Simone, and Logan all wandered into the large living room. They stood off to one side, watching as a group.

“I’ve seen a lot of broken and overturned collectables between my room and here……including a completely priceless……one of a kind…..Ming Dynasty vase!”, Josef thundered, “So, I ask again……what the hell is going on?!”

Heather clutched Smokey tight to her chest and buried her face in the little cat’s fur. Beth caught a sudden spike in the woman’s fear. Josef caught it too……….

“Heather?”, he asked quietly, “Did Smokey do this?”

“No!’, Beth said, standing up and stepping forward, placing her large lupine body between Josef and Heather, “I did it…..I’m sorry……I got carried away. Don’t blame the kitty! I’m the one who should have known better! We were playing. She’s just a cat, how was she supposed to know? It’s my fault.”

Josef glared at Beth, seeming to notice that she was there for the first time. Mick moved up beside the golden wolf in a show of support.

The huge she-wolf wilted under Josef’s stare, hanging her head and looking at the floor. Mick wove his fingers through her silky ruff and waited with her for the explosion.

The explosion never came. “Of course I won’t blame little Smokey….”, Josef said quietly. Heather looked up, hopeful.

“Smokey’s always been a very well-behaved cat.”, Josef continued, “Clearly, you, my dear Beth, are a bad influence on her.”

“Heather…..”, Josef said, “Take Smokey to your suite and close her pet door. She’s to have no access to the main house for a while.” Heather nodded gratefully, and quickly left the room with her cherished cat.

“Now, Beth……”, he continued, “I told you to stay in the Newbie Suite. Why didn’t you?”

“I ran out of meat!”, Beth said in a rush, “I was hungry! And there was nothing down there but…….” Her deep sapphire eyes flicked quickly to Mick, and back again.

“Ah…..I see.”, Josef replied, smiling slightly, “In that case……I’m very glad you decided to join us upstairs. Now then, shall we have an agreement, you and I?”

“What?”, Beth asked, suspicious.

“You don’t break any more of my priceless antiques, and I won’t eat your employer.”

Ben Talbot’s eyes widened, and he stepped behind Guillermo.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?”, Beth growled, “You promised!”

Josef shrugged. “Hey…..he’s a readily available hostage. So what do you say? Deal?” He grinned.

“Deal.”, Beth replied, sullen.

“Wait a minute!”, Ben shouted, “Does that mean that if she slips and breaks something…..then you’re going to………..”

Everyone was distracted when the golden wolf abruptly flinched, and staggered side to side like a drunken sailor, before toppling over to the floor with a thud.

“Beth!”, Mick said frantically, crouching beside the fallen wolf, clutching handfuls of her thick fur, “What’s wrong!?”

“Shifting…..I think….”, the golden she-wolf murmured.
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby mitzie » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:48 am

Oh, I love it! I can just see it now--Beth and Smokey running roughshod through the mansion!!
That was a riot!!! :coffee: Poor Beth being chastised by Josef!! :worship:

I love this story and can't wait for more... :yahoo: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :clapping: :clapping: :groupwave: :woohoo: :seesaw: :yahoo: :slappy: :dizzy: :yahoo: :yahoo: :cheer: :clapping: :clapping: :thud: :thud: :notworthy: :rose:

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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby NocturneInCMoll » Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:20 am

Wow, AWESOME chapter, Lions! I loved it.

Beth and Smokey playing were absolutely adorable--my cat, Westley, likes to do the same thing Smokey was doing to Beth's tail to the couch and Buttercup (the stuffed cat I bought him to play with), and once to my butt, even (ouch).

Hilarious that Mick literally couldn't keep his pants on to find out what the heck happened to Beth. Too bad Josef missed it.

I really can't wait for more. This is so much fun.
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby AussieJo » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:46 am

Oh Lions.
What a gorgeous chapter!!
Beth embracing her lupineness and having fun without blood being shed.
Just putting poor Josef into the poorhouse.( yeah, right!)
Mick showing of his wares to both an appreciative and jealous audience!
Beth was adorable! She's at home, and safe and was showing it.
I love your title banner, she is indeed beautiful.
It was sweet. it was funny.
It was good.Image
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby lionsonleashes » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:52 am

Ahh shucks... :rose: Thanks so much Mitzie and Nocturne! :ghug: I'm soooo glad you both enjoyed! :yahoo:

Mitzie..... :thanks: Your abundant use of the emoticons cracks me up! :coffee: You love them even more than I do.....and I love them alot! :hyper: Your feedbacks always make me grin from ear to ear! :rofl2: I'm glad you enjoyed WereBeth's romp with the cat! :snicker: I'll get another Chapter posted as soon as I can! :type:

Nocturne........ :devil: :rofl2: So? You have a cat like mine, huh!? Too funny! Sorry your butt got attacked, tho! :gasp: OUCH! My cat regularly stalks me, pounches on me, chases me.....basically acting just like 'Smokey' in this Chapter. Even tho I'm not a young woman anymore....I still sometimes give into the temptation to play along.....charging thru the house with him.....either running from him, or chasing him. :swords: That was the inspiration for the Smokey vs. WereBeth scene! :giggle:
And yeah......Mick forgetting his pants and then losing his towel...... :drool: With vampires' tendency to sleep in the buff in the Moonligh Universe......I figured something like that scene was bound to happen eventually! :rofl2:

Thanks again to both of you for reading and taking the time to post feedback! :thanks: It feeds my muse!
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby lionsonleashes » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:57 am

AussieJo wrote:Oh Lions.
What a gorgeous chapter!!
Beth embracing her lupineness and having fun without blood being shed.
Just putting poor Josef into the poorhouse.( yeah, right!)
Mick showing of his wares to both an appreciative and jealous audience!
Beth was adorable! She's at home, and safe and was showing it.
I love your title banner, she is indeed beautiful.
It was sweet. it was funny.
It was good.Image

Thanks Jo! :hug:
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the praise and encouragement! :rose:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby allegrita » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:31 am

Lions, what a wonderfully happy chapter. Beth and Smokey careening around the mansion, breaking precious objets d'art...Josef starting out with a sense of outrage, but ending up understanding; Ben, Simone, Beth, and Guillermo (a more unlikely foursome I may never meet again) coping with lupine Beth... and Heather--I thought I'd swallow my tongue laughing! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

But now she's gonna turn back--what will happen!!?? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby eris » Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:24 pm

LoL, lions, that was a great chapter. I wasn't too happy with the 2nd seson ideas circulated that included weres, one of the plusses for ML was that it didn't bog down in all of that additional supernatural "don't ask/don't tell/just accept our reality" style stuff that a lot of supernatural shows fall into. But your version is fun.

Not only were Beth and Smokey adorable, but I loved that image of Talbot with his feet on Beth's shoulders. He assimiliated the new reality quickly and made an effort to take control of the small part that was his. And you Guillermo was great.

(LoL again for Mick and his towel. The goof didn't think someone would wake him up if there was a serious problem with Beth?)
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby redwinter101 » Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:10 pm

Marvellous, Lions.

(And I'm with Eris on the Mick-towel :giggle: )


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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby lionsonleashes » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:18 pm

Hi Alle, Red, and Eris! :ghug:
Thanks soooo much for reading and posting feedback! :rose:
Eris.....It means alot to mean that you approve of my virtual season two concept that involves werewolves! :yahoo:
And Alle........Yup.....Beth is returning to human form.....for the time being. :yes: ;) As far as what will happen next? Heh, heh, heh! You'll just have to wait and see! :tongue:
Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful comments! :thanks: I'm so glad you found this Chapter entertaining! :woohoo:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby coco » Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:33 pm

Wonderful chapter lions :clapping:

Beth and Smokey was fabulous. Happy chapter for them.

Mick in the towel or lack of the towel was hilarious :rofl2:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby lionsonleashes » Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:08 am

Thanks Coco! :hug:
I appreciate your feedback so much! :woohoo:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby wollstonecraft61 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:23 pm

I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time!!! :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: The picture of Smokey and Beth racing through the house, a naked Mick standing in the room full of spectators, the soiled hot tub, the French chef...priceless!!!!!!! :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby lionsonleashes » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:16 am

Oh, thank you, Woll! :rose:
I'm so happy that you enjoyed! :yahoo: I intended this Chapter to be rather slapstick, and I'm pleased I suceeded! :woohoo:
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Re: FULL MOONLIGHT--Ch 19--Housebreaking, Part 3. (PG13)

Postby jen » Sat May 29, 2010 7:14 pm

Fabulous! Of course.

This chapter provided some absolutely charming comic relief with Beth playing with the cat. If she is comfortable enough to engage in play, that speaks really, really well to her comfort level overall. She has taken this change in stride. Amazing.

One line sums it all up

“I won’t hurt you…..I promise…..you’re my friend. I’m still me…..I’m still Beth.”

Simne was wonderful with her cookies. A lady lawyer who bakes cookies. Who knew?
When Mick wakes up and rushes downstairs, Guillermo's and Simone's reactions were priceless. So was Beth-the-wolf's response to Simone's appreciation.

Yes, there is a lot of similarity in Beth's manner and Phelan's relaxed acceptance. That bodes well for the future.

Very well.

But I am wondering about the werewolf community--will a representative show up and claim Beth as a part of their community?

But that is for later. Right now, the return of human Beth.

Thanks, Lions


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