FUll MOONLIGHT---Ch 31---Define Monster, Part 2. {PG-13}

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Re: FUll MOONLIGHT---Ch 31---Define Monster, Part 2. {PG-1

Postby allegrita » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:45 am

Hey Lions, so good to see that you're feeling and moving better. Take it slow and easy, and don't overdo, ok? Glad to know that you're visualizing that "NO" sign on ladders!

If Phelan ever offers to turn you, say yes. :teeth:
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Re: FUll MOONLIGHT---Ch 31---Define Monster, Part 2. {PG-1

Postby lionsonleashes » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:52 am

Oh, count on it, Alle! :hug:
If Phelan ever offers to Turn me.....I'll say YES in a heartbeat! :snicker: :twothumbs:

I'd love to be able to run thru the woods right now, pain free, on four legs, with a thick coat of fur to keep me warm. :dog: (It's snowing here right now!)

Chap 32 remains in the works, but my chances to work on it these days are few. :? My work schedule is very demanding now. :sigh: Keeping up with emails, bills, book keeping, laundry, and animal chores, are about the best I can do in my off duty time. :dizzy:
But, I'm working on it in my head whenever there's a pause in my day. Perhaps I'll have alittle time to write this evening. :pray:
Talk to you later.

Lions :mooncat:

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Re: FUll MOONLIGHT---Ch 31---Define Monster, Part 2. {PG-1

Postby Gayle C. » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:10 am

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Re: FUll MOONLIGHT---Ch 31---Define Monster, Part 2. {PG-1

Postby jen » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:06 am


This is such a wonderful, therapeutic pause in the action as Beth and Mick have a moment to emotionally reconnect and get their footing so to speak as the ground beneath their feet has shifted dramatically in this fabulous story! Certainly Beth considered some of the things that Mick faced in his greatly expanded lifespan and special abilities, but did not spend a lot of time applying those to herself until recent events thrust her into a different and yet similar situation.

Hopefully, she is coming to understand and accept that she is an important part in a much larger whole that will defend her as fiercely as she has defended them with all the resources at their disposal, but the true scope and power of their enemy remain hidden in shadow, and this is probably a good thing. They all need to rest, recover and reconnect.

Can't wait to hear more of Phelan and April, too. Such wonderful original characters, there are layers to them that we have not yet begun to discover.


Thank you!


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