D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

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D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

Postby cassysj » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:19 pm

I've been watching a lot of coverage of the D-Day ceremonies and realized that Mick was the age of The Greatest Generation. I do now own any Moonlight characters, no copyright infringement is intended.

Mick was watching the D-Day ceremonies on satellite television. He had been glued to the History Channel for the weeks leading up to June 6th. Beth was concerned he was getting depressed and asked Josef to talk to him.

Mick actually had tears running down his face as he watched the almost centurions be honored for their contribution to mankind.

Josef let himself into Mick’s apartment and sighed. He poured himself a glass of A positive and sat on the couch.

“Mick, it’s time to rejoin the 21st Century.”

Mick glared at Josef. “Don’t you understand?” These men were the Greatest Generation and they are dying off by leaps and bounds. I wish I had been part of something as important as D-Day

“You served your country.”

Mick growled. “As a medic.” “They changed the world.”

“You don’t think you changed the world for the people you saved?” Josef snapped. “I bet there were lots of mothers and wives whose world changed because their son or husband came home.

“I wasn’t a doctor, Josef.” I just patched them up. Aren’t you concerned that this generation is dying out? What will happen to our world?

“It will keep on turning, until it stops. Or the sun blows up. Or the moon moves away and life can’t be sustained on this planet.

“Josef, I’m serious.

“So am I. These men did great things but they aren’t the first and they aren’t the last”

“It’s not the same. When you look at kids these days…

Josef laughed. “Slow down Grandpa. I know you walked ten miles a day to school in the snow but don’t be jealous because little Tommy rides in a car.

“Josef, they have no work ethic and they aren’t willing to sacrifice for the greater good. Look how many people won’t even re-cycle? People are so lazy and selfish.

Josef leaped off the couch. “Lazy? You want to talk about lazy? He stormed into the kitchen and turned on the water. “When was the last time you had to walk two miles to fetch your water from the stream? Water that has fish, and algae, and wait for it…..fecal matter from people who took their monthly bath in the stream.

“Josef it’s not the same.”

Josef started turning on all the lights in the apartment. “Do you know the first time I had a house with electricity the freshies used to fight over who got to flip the switch at night? It was magic.


“The first time I used a telephone and could hear someone from miles away. My mind was blown. Nothing could ever be any better than that.

Mick frowned. “Josef, these men did something special. I don’t think it could ever happen again.

Josef growled. “I hope nothing like that ever happens again. I hope there is never another World War. I doubt it, but it’s a nice thought. “Mick, you’re not really impressed with these great men. “You’re depressed because your generation is dying out. It’s not because it’s “The Greatest Generation” To you it’s “The Greatest Generation because it’s yours. One day in the not too distant future, everyone you ever knew in your human life will be dead. You don’t “wish” you were at Normandy. You “wish” you could stop the clock.

“Don’t you?” Mick asked

“No, I like indoor plumbing, my smartphone, my Ferrari, Alexa, Siri, Cortana. I don’t want to live in the past. “Mick, its part of growing up.”

“Josef…..I wish…

“You wish you never met Coraline? You wish you died in 1990 of lung cancer. Or do you wish you were 97 and living alone in a nursing home because you never had kids or they lived in Boston or….

Josef can you honestly say you never wish?

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If you have a wish and it’s possible to achieve, work at it. I wished I was rich. I made it happen. If it’s impossible, accept the truth, otherwise you’re a toddler who wishes for Mom’s Ipad, his bottle, Spiderman. Now, come with me and appreciate the world these men fought to give you.

Mick stood up. He realized Josef was right, it wasn’t easy to leave the past but he’d come back to the present.
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Re: D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

Postby allegrita » Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:27 pm

Thank goodness Mick has Josef for a friend. He's impatient with Mick's moodiness, but I can tell he really sympathizes with Mick. It must be so hard to be at the end of your natural life, to see the last of your peers pass away. And Mick's right, even though he's overreacting. It really was a great generation, and the world is poorer for their loss. It's up to the young people to take care of the world now. I've got to say, I have hope that they will do a good job. (Maybe we older folks just need to stay out of their way!) :winky:

I love Josef's attitude. He has the wisdom of experience and the curiosity and vigor of a young man. He really is the perfect vampire. :heart:

This is such a great story, Carol--thank you so much for sharing it with us! :clapping: :hug: I love the way you answered the Challenge. :rose:
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Re: D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

Postby Luxe de Luxe » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:22 am

You've certainly given us a lot to think about here, cassy. I can sympathise with Mick's view that the world is going to hell in a hand basket with modern youth being so into immediate gratification. How does the modern world support the development of good character? He can be a little too broody and melancholic, however, which is where your Josef comes in. Be grateful for what you have. Delight in the new. Marvel at man's ingenuity. Accept reality the way it is. Josef certainly has his head screwed on right. Mick is lucky to have a friend like him.
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Re: D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

Postby choccyterri » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:27 pm

Carol, I love this. And I agree with the other ladies that Mick is lucky to have Josef as a friend and mentor. I could hear his voice in my head when he was showing Mick how much there is to be grateful for in the modern world. :heart: And goodness knows he's been through so much himself! I'm glad Mick came round to Josef's way of thinking in the end. Thanks so much for sharing! :flowers:

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Re: D-Day Champagne Challenge 178 PG-13

Postby MickLifeCrisis » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:02 am

Well done, Carol! This sums it up nicely:
Now, come with me and appreciate the world these men fought to give you.

Mick needs to appreciate the past, including his past, and recognize how it has helped to shape his "life" now and how it shapes the future.

Thanks for sharing this!
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